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Attica Ledger Press Newspaper Archives Feb 26 1915, Page 1

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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - February 26, 1915, Attica, Indiana Indiana state lib the Attica Ledger press Ross Brothers publisher Attica Indiana. Friday. February 26, 1915. Esta bushed 1851�?l.-p. Vol. 3, no. 22council orders sewer system besides upon improvement for North half of the Miles of laterals will Drain All North of main St. Will Cost in neighbourhood of s 12,000 and furnish service to some two Hundred business houses and Homes. What promises to be a Long step Forward was taken monday night by the City Council when a Resolution ordering the construction of a sanitary sewer system covering practically All of the Northern half of the City was past by unanimous vote of those present. Councilman Haller was absent in California but had he been Quot present his vote would or questionably have been cast in favor of the improvement As he has Long been interested in the proposition to j the matter had been Dii Cust at two j or three previous meetings and Engi i Neer Young had been instructed to pre i pare preliminary planet. Last summer with this improvement in View Mas or j Reed caused a of Splete Survey to be made and maps prepared showing tiie 1 Topography and a in Piete sewer system. V r the Lefiti recite. These plans will be in , Utho some Charig Vii be made in the de Tarifi. The a a a of so the portion this is to be i built at this time that future Axtt Nusi Ocan be Hui it Ami it the Quot Ritner. Phin Vav i i be and herein of Viu n a kit a Rion ent Dutrh to priv id r the or Vtha f tie City for or by Virs to cot Quot. The of. Is h to City g the it to . A porn Iii can \ to Iii a d t a Urr y to the Best to convard the Stream that runs thru City from Liavine Park. I View of shia a is Inch i main will Raj Laid from the River up Yount Street Shieh is the Street run Ning by the Lier to ii very barn to fifth Street ther be oing South a Short to ferry an i then East again to the in terse Tiomi it of Brady and Summit. This will constitute the main and i will be built at the expense if the in i tire City an App privation of to hav ing been included in the annual budget for this year for that purpose. The first lateral will extend up third Street from ferry to Logan thence East on Logan to the first Alley East of Perry and North in that Alley to my Berry Street. The lateral will j run up p Lith Street from Yount to West. Another runs up Brady from j ferry to West Street with a Branch j extending eastward on Columbia to its j intersection with Summit Street. Con i nesting with the Brady Street lateral at the Junction of Brady and West streets a line runs the full length of West Street and on Mulberry As far As the Alley East of Perry. Connecting with this Branch is another extending from West Street up Taylor Street to Hollosy. From the South end of West Street the line runs eastward on Summit to Hollosy. Branching off this at Canada Street is the line which runs up Canada to Ravine Park Avenue and thence East along the South Side of that Avenue one Block. From that Point the sewer will Branch off into Ravine Park running southeasterly thru the old gravel pit North of the Prairie dog Village and skirting the Side of the Hill around the Lagoon to a Point near the South West Corner of Andrew Brad Shaw s property thence crossing the Park southward and emerging at the Alley East of Don Young s new House. Running thence up the Alley East of Avenue three it will extend to Jackson Street thence Westward on Jackson to the Alley Between Joe Twiss and Paul Williamson s residences and northward along that Alley to the rear of minor Crone s lot which will be the head of the sewer. Between this Point and Perry Street there will be a fall of Over Uii feet. A Short Branch will sex i tend Down the Alley to Emory Hoover s lot and another will extend North in the i Alley Between avenues two three. I still another Branch will leave Jackson Street at the Alley East of Avenue three and go South to the Alley Heth Ern Jack Bon and main it x Al i g this Alley West to Avi l u two and eastward to and Tir cry Jan s Iro Perry which will be the easter Rno to Point reach by the sewer. Going Back to the East end of the main at Brady and Summit another Branch will Start there extend South along Brady to main thence Southeast along main Street to its intersection with Jackson just East of the school House. The Resolution to order the construction of the sewer was made by councilman Jones and after its adoption March 8th was fit As the time for hearing objections. The Council has absolute Power to order the improvement Over any objections that May be made but pig Village Man Esta Bushes a Val the councilmen desire to know the at . Olino wins important Case Titue of the property owners toward the improvement. The whole project includes about 12,000 feet of fewer and Engineer Young estimates that its construction will Cost around a Dollar a Lineal foot including the main. Deducting the $3,500 which the City is to pay for the main this leaves about $8,500 to be paid by the property owners. The assessment will be made after the manner of Street and sidewalk improvements except that it will be a Fiat assessment of an equal amount on each lot instead of being charged according to frontage. The Justice of this is obvious As the Man whose lot has a 50-foot frontage on the sewer would get As much Benefit from it As one where the sewer ran along both front and Side of his lot. For this reason All lots within the District served by the sewer and abutting on it at any Point will be assets the same. This will probably not exceed $50 a lot As it is now estimated and payment will be made easy by issuing Bonds and spread ing the payments Over ten years. In View of the fact that the Northern part of the City is underpaid with Clay and shale so that practical dry we Lis Are impossible it is expected property owners will the move rather than object to it. It Means better sanitation fewer flies purer air and renders sinks and Yathron is possible where in Many places heretofore they could not Beu to. All this Means better convenience Beitter health in con in Tion with the ii Avino Park there is another adv it be that will be or Ciati d by the entire Community the. Many in the j a a Quot i f its most Pieu i great or s the Quot i l at the uth s of hich the i Pri trs h be their a great i. D w or to on top f this i i in to Yves Ard cil l \ us Iruin i to his grave de k sit to them a few Hundred feet of the i Iri gel with this edition it is hardly pos simile that the Springs could escape pollution. The sewer will Correct this. As Sookis As it is construct i d a sewage wiil be turned into the fewer and open vaults and dry Wells be Legal Point. Common Law transcends the authority of commissions suit was one in which he sought and got damages for race horse killed in wreck at Lafayette. Ori the suit of c. O. Blind of Pine Village is. Big four Railroad co. For damages was tried in Fowler feb. 11 and 12 the Case was Given to the jury at 8 o clock Friday evening and after deliberation until 3 o clock saturday morning it returned a verdict of $750 in favor of or. Blind and a special finding that the horse killed was Worth is to the amount sued for i when loaded into the car. This Case was tried at Fowler in Ihlen the jury awarding or. Blinda verdict of $1. Kyj. This Case was appealed to the supreme court by the Railroad i company for the purpose it is said of i Havi g an act of the legislature require ing railroads to prove that their ship Ping contracts were reasonable fair and i on Cor Sidur Lin held in constr tul Oral. The Suji reme Curt Uji held the Law but reverse the verdict on a i technical err. R in an instruction and 1 sent it Back to Fowler for retrial. In septet a r i Toto race horses owned by Blind and one owned by or i i Michaei of Oxford were ship from a to Huntin Ritoh d., and utile he c or w is icing it at a i b it \ a c a Uii Svreck c Ard of or. Blind s h los s w skin red suit fit a $1. A it it the Railroad Coniway cd ended that the Cor. Rac of shipment i a he. Licinit de ii ability a horses to slow a head i that the contract had been approx Edythe Stah rail mad Quot commission. This being an a shipment the i rights of the Shiji per and c were j controlled by la a s of the state Aid r of by Tiu act of Congress. The decision a of the supreme court it juiced the rail-1 Rohd company to prove that its con i tract was fair , based on i fair Consi iteration and entered into a fairly after the shipper was Given a i Bona tide Opportunity to ship at a fair j rate without signing a contract. This contended the attorneys for the Plain i Tili the Railroad company could not do its contract was not reasonable it con Naves will move to Ohio. It is with regret that residents of Attica will hear that a. P. Nave is preparing to move his family from this City to it. Victory Ohio sometime next month. This has been regarded As inevitable of course Ever since or. Nave bought the Fine big Farn which he owns in Ohio three years ago but j friends of the family have been secret i by hoping that something would come about that would induce them to remain Here where both or. Nave and his wife and All their children were born and reared. But this Hope can no longer be indulged for already preliminary preparations for the move Are under Way and some of the Stock and barn paraphernalia have already been ship. The time for the departure of the family has not yet been definitely fit but it will be within the next four weeks As the lease on the Green place which they occupy expires april is. The children however will remain until school closes. Or. Nave now owns a farm of 12-50 acres of Fine land near it. Victory and is building up a great place. His Origi Nal Purchase of nearly 700 acres which he secured at $g1 an acre has been increased by two subset Juenst purchases of adjoining farms so that in course of he will have one of the finest places in the state. He has improved it greatly having put into it 22 carloads of tile. For the past three years he has Divide d his time Between Here and there and How has thin is in for his of airily to join him. Or. Nave is a twentieth Century Farmer the of Man that is an inspire Attica Mother honoured by election to state office .mr.s. Moe Hirsch at the National Congress of mothers and Parent teachers associations held in Indianapolis the latter part of last week mrs. Moe Hirch of this City was elected treasurer of the Indiana Branch for the ensuing year. The picture above is reproduced from the Indiana readiness times which devoted much space to the doings of the Congress i the growth of the Parent teachers associations mothers Quot clubs in in Tion to any Community and the Ledger pres but voices the sentiment of All in real Deal of elective Werk in child Eddie Stephenson Dies suddenly. Wiiliam Pirt a d surrounding a in Unity were Hock and grieved saturday morning when the news spread that put die Stephenson the Only son of editor and mrs. John h. Stephenson of the review Republican had died sur Denly of heart disease. The Young Man had been in apparently Good health i trained stipulations contrary to Public saying that Attica and Fountain county have suffered a distinct loss by his going away. But since a can t prevent his leaving the kind Liest wishes of the whole comm uni v both City and country Aill follow Hun and his Gen d fan ily like a i to their new i Home. And whenever they get Horne sick Jit irl a a at to come 1 ack to the Wabash Valley a a Tica a i i Welcy then with open building a City of Concrete. J Jack Thi Ropson of Duluth minn., i who with his Brothers and Sisters re i turned to the old Home this week to i Bury their father is Over l Der of the Eastern Star and in i the future of his ado cd City. It seems connection was in Attica recently. I to become the great metro ii Lis of the North truly the Gateway of settling an old score. The Northwest. Its population already attorneys Milford and Purnell were exceeds m hid and is growing Narvel in the first of the a Veek Sously. The cited states steel Cor looking after a suit of their own in the a portion has Laid out there a second Tif ireme court. The Case is one that Cary As a suburban addition and named j has been dragging along for the it Morgan Park. A City that will acs Iven years and has an interesting i commodare a population of 25, has j history. In iof they were employed i been Laid out and built of Concrete a but by Casper Hartlep a wealthy Landown Las yet has not an inhabitant. The or of Western Warren county to regain and the attack came upon him after he had retired. Its seriousness was not real izod until he was near the end and his life had past out before the doctor who was summoned reach the Home. Edilie was past at years of age and was known to every one in Williams port having been born and reared there. He was associated with his father in the publication of the review Republican and in addition had served part of the time As Deputy sheriff having been out with the sheriff the evening before his death. The funeral was held monday after policy that the rate demanded was unreasonable even if there had been no limitations on the common Law liability of the Carrier. The Railroad company had an expert rate maker from its Oil ices at Cincinnati Ohio and his Cross Exanie nation seemed to demonstrate that rates were based on the theory that the Railroad is entitled to ail Quot the traffic will he could not explain clearly Why it Cost for thirty years or More 150 cents a Hundred to ship a horse after his weight had been increased from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds or streets Are paved hundreds of houses Are ready for occupancy schoolhouses and other Public buildings Are in readiness and when the project is opened it Possession for him of about it in acres of land which he had deeded to his sons and afterwards changed his . They handled the suit and won the Case re promises a More marvellously rapid covering for him land valued at Over noon at the Home Rev. William Wilmer $1.20 a Hundred for actual weight a officiating. Eddie was a Young Man of distance of a Hundred Miles. Traits gentle and unassuming but Manly and courteous and had a wide Circle of friends. He was idolized by his parents and his death is a grievous blow to them. Sunday school Man will speak. E. S. Alberston of the state sunday school association will be in Fountain county week after next to hold a series of meetings in the interests of sunday school work. The first will be held at Kingman on March 11th and the next at Veedersburg March 12th. The third was to have been held in Covington but on account of the Small pox there it has been changed to Newtown where it will be held March 13th. The last will be held in the Christian Church in Attica mar. 12. At most of the meetings will consist of an afternoon and an evening session at which addresses Byer. Albertson Cipal features. Mrs. John Shultz Mother of mrs. Dan met smore of this City died at the Home of her Sun cd irks shult/., in Sterling Early tuesday morning. Mrs. Mess Nore was about 75 years i f age and spent most of her life in Richland township. The funeral was conducted thursday afternoon and interment was made in the cemetery at Newtown. The charges for transporting the three race horses to Huntington was $33, and a car Load of cattle or horses could be ship to Chicago about the same distance for $20 or 10c per hundredweight with a minimum weight of 20,000. It is presumed that the jury concluded that the rate was too High and that because of the greater risk a higher rate was charged and that the company knew its contract was void and it would Likely have to pay for a horse occasionally. The decision of the supreme court in this Case is one of the most important to the people that has been pronounced for years. Under this decision in spite of All commissions and rate makers and railway companies the common Carrier is bound to perform it common Law duty while in this state will be the Prin country will find i to be a reasonable charge on reasonable Conditi inns. Miss Amanula Adams and sister mrs. Augusta Jovey entertained a few rela in is at dinner Friday in Honor of their 71ih i birthday. Those present were mrs. Sarah King and will King and family of Warren county and mrs. I r r i. I a r a a n. Poster and wife j. Lee poster and Frank Cadwallader and family of this City. Growth than Gary experienced. The project has been held up for uni Inthis on account of the business depression and thousands of the steel Mill Are Laid off waiting the revival of business. Duluth s steel Industry is second in importance Only to its shipping interests its greatness in both these regards being but poorly in this part of the chair at University. Or. And mrs. Harry Glascock prominent residents of the Vicinity of Kingman have Given their farm of 120 acres on which they now live to the Bible chair department at Indiana University at Bloomington As a memorial to their son. Ezekiel who died about two years ago. Following his death the parents gave the same institution a substantial gift in memory of the Young Man but finally decided to deed it the entire farm which is valued at $12,000. It is understood that the Glascock Are to receive an annuity of $500 As Long As they live. The Bible chair department at Indiana is an institution within but not of the University and has been maintained by the Christian Church. It prepares Young men for the ministry and missionary work and has occupied a Small building of its own. In december this building was burned and it is to replace this that the gift of the Glascock farm was made. $25.0uo. When it came to settling he nearly had heart failure when they charged him $2,000 for their services and refused to pay it. They tiled suit for the fee got judgement and the court ordered that 2i> acres of the land be sold at sheriff s Sale to raise the Money. At the Sale messes. Purnell and Milford bid off the land themselves. In the afternoon of the last Day of the year in which the Law gives the owner to redeem property sold under execution in this manner or. Hartlep sent a Man to the sheriff s office to redeem it but he did not bring Money enough and the time having expired the sheriff made a deed to the attorneys. Or. Hartlep filed suit to recover the property lost the Case and appealed to the supreme court where he lost it again. In this Case the old gentleman employed a couple of Illinois attorneys As he had moved to Illinois in the meantime and the two Attica lawyers took particular pleasure in beating them to a frazzle thru their ignorance of Hoosier Law. The Case this week grew out of still another phase of the controversy. During the year of redemption or. Hartlep had Possession of the land and raised a crop of Corn thereon. After their title to the land was perfected the lawyers sought to Replevin the Corn but As he had sold it the Only Way to do this was to bring suit against the Appeal Bond which had been filed in the supreme court. When the matter came up at Indianapolis monday it develop that the defendant was sick and the Case was Spring weddings. Friends of miss Alma Ada Dawson and Earl Stetler of Independence were surprised when it least out this week that they were married on wednesday afternoon of last week. On that Date elder a. W. Jackman of this City was in Independence ordaining some new officers for the local Christian congregation and the Young couple took advantage of that fact to get married without taking the Community into their Confidence. They succeeded so Well that they decided to carry it a Little farther and not until a week had past were their friends aware of the marriage. Both Are Fine Young people the Bride being the daughter of or. And mrs. Clarence Dawson. She has much ability As a Singer and for More than a year past has been doing evangelistic singing with revivalists in different parts of the country. Or Stetler is a Deacon in the Christian Church and is an industrious Young fellow of excellent character. They will establish their Home on the Dawson farm Northeast of Independence next youth Eitner caught and crush by a falling Back was broken but in spite of that he still lives As assisting his Brothers in Felling a tree on his father s farm monday afternoon Vav Hen the occident occurred. Welfare and Home , Public playgrounds and similar movements. Attic i has a very live mothers club and mrs. Hirsch is a former president. Her Etc top it it a a Reppun Stile state Ollice not Only Reid cts Hon a upon herself but upon the local club up it ii her Home City. It is an inter stint fact that a former Attica Hidy mrs. I i Iii /.oercher. Was elected of th-org.-. i h. She is Reni Riiber do the a met a Bessie Inis Ami f t a time she was a teacher in the Quot i y schools. She is Row wife of the clerk of the Indiana supreme it Urt. She is also in the work of the or that a very quiet wedding took place saturday afternoon when Sarah Esther Swanson youngest daughter of j. A. Swanson sr., of Shade land became the wife of Ernest e. Gustafson son of or. And mrs. G. A. Gustafson of West Point. The wedding took place at the Home of the Bride s sister. Miss Eulalia Swanson 1 112 Union Street. Lafayette the ceremony was performed by or. George w. Swi z r. Of West la Layette. Only the members of the immediate families were . Or. And mrs. Gustafson will Resilia on a farm near Shade land. Thev Are loth w a knit in and save a Host i f Freemis who it wish then All pit Ihie har Pii is. They will be at Fyk n e to drier is after March i Ith. A is Marraret Quot Arfie Ruer of i Well was 111 Brit i a ecu is eff. 17,h to a merge Vanir or. Of Lafayette. The of i in by Vav i f in i Ivvle the. Or Quot to. Is t d i a Stati car v t a Tri Quot firt nit a Iai i l e Quot re i. Cirii pkwy i i Lif let to to Quot a d lit and his ii rid Quot win Ike their i that Clov. Aaron Eitner 17 years old. Was fatally injured monday afternoon at Loo o clock when a tree he and his Brothers were chopping Down caught him and broke his Back. The Accident happened on the Eitner farm four Miles Southeast of Hillsboro. Or. Bounnell of Hillsboro. Was called to attend to the youth and that his Back was broken. There Are three dislocations about the dorsal vertebrae and Uch an injury is usually fatal. At present the Young Man is encased in a plaster jacket. If he should survive from the Accuu or he w be a crib Isle for Lite. Or Buu i Al does not believe that ii pm Ric nver a h a. Was still alive it Este Day Avenir g. T. Reid Zeigler president of the mrs. Tom Atkinson of Pine Village. Farmers amp merchants state Bank is returned to her Home wednesday after taking mud Lavia treatment this week. A visit with her son Zimri and family. New Law suits filed. The following new cases were filed Moncay in the Fountain circuit court Clara e. Fisher is. William e. Fisher divorce. Will s. Baugh Assignee of Frank Nave is. Ezekel m. Marlatt. Wilmer May 2s, is to. The funeral services Robert n Foster suit on conducted from the Roberts Church i Horace Bottenberg is. Jaco Hushaw 2 .s0 tuesday afternoon and Buna miss Ollie May Fleming daughter of or. 8nd mrs. J. W. Fleming died sunday night at the Home it f her parents near Linberts after an illness with a she was born it Al quiet title. John t. Teegarden is. M. T. Rowlett and Orestes Inlow suit on note. Was made at Salem. De Heidbrink left tuesday on a business trip to East St. Louis. Frank b. Duvall and miss Nellie a. Lyons both of . Were married in l f thursday after Noimi. Feb. . They were accompanied in by Gra Goodrick miss Willa l Uval. Also of Marsh i old. The Groom is a Farmer and they will go to housekeeping on a farm near their Home Tei a miss Abbie Ford youngest daughter of Harvey Ford and wife of Pence and Shirley Biggs son of Gus Biggs who resides two Miles t ast of Pence were married , feb 17th in Danville 111. Bankrupted by labor unions. At the first meeting of the creditors of Clifford Reed the Utica Cigar maker who recently tiled a petition in Bank Krupcy held in Lafayette monday Harry c. Martin was named As receiver and will close up the business. Or. Reed s assets Are placed at $2,tl.1.&Quot. Consisting of Leaf tobacco made up cigars and his Cigar making tools. His indebtedness is $3,10s,r 5, and consists of tobacco accounts with wholesale Supply houses no one in Attica being among the creditors. Or. Reed is a former Veedersburg Man but has been operating a Cigar factory in Danville 111., for several years. He became involved with the labor unions and when he refused to unionize his shop they made War on him and his output. To escape them he moved his factory to this City last fall but they had pursued him so relentlessly that he could not overcome the loss and finally was forced to make an claims two Sisters. The tragic manner in which the great White plague sometimes sweeps thru a whole family was demonstrated wednesday when two Sisters in the Griffith family died in Crawfordsville within two hours both victims of tuberculosis. The girls were icy May and Nellie Griffith and they were born in this county the family having formerly lived near Newtown. One was 20 and the other 23 years of age. Their father Wilbur Grid with died of tuberculosis sixteen months ago and another brother and a sister had also died from the disease. The two girls will be buried in one grave today. I there were five confessions and one person received on statement a vedness Day night at the Christian Church where elder Jackman is conducting special evangelistic meetings. Attendance and interest Are Good the sermons Are warm ones and the meetings will continue All next week with a Welcome extended to everybody. The elder will j preach at Independence sunday after noon at 2 .3 the tree which the a a or Fakir g h id Beri prot or Sid. A to it i p. The f f a Cau e i the c ree to or Nias do so i a a aught the . A 1 i n fac , Nwart nor re or. A or. Ken ii cd a r a it 1 in Rory to Iii it in a i to Lerr a a a Var rih the san y ii 1 h h in a o in to a a a a a t i a i i �?�1 i n r. Be. The. A v a a i it or e or a. R. H. A thers Ai i he a As Carru d 1�. The it a death claims or. L. H. Thompson. I. L uis h. Tho is. A. The Well k -.uwi-. Veterinary vhf f r sixteen ii Ide to i. It Nis a Star 1 who reared his a it in in i Ren Here died saturday g at c. Thomas. 1 int Ario. The t. Dyva or uht to Utica for Buna. Arrive w nere Mon Day an n p limit d to the two daughters a s Mari and Helen from St. Thomas and thru e sors Jack. Louis l h Iii. Fron a 11. J a m inn. The other sen it halts v. I 1 is Atten Ling wanted girl to do House . Will g. Ross. I Indiana us Iver i y at la ii Nair git n. Had arrived in the City saturday to arrange for the fun Era. The Tail was taken to the Home of or. And mrs. Moe Hirsch old neighbors of the family and the funeral service was conducted there tue Day Morring. L r. Thompson was the son of Thomas and Eleanor Faunt Thompson and was born August 215 in Adelaide township near Strathroy Iri Tario C. His Early life was spent in developing a farm in the Pioneer Days of Ontario. He attended Ontario veterinary College at Toronto and graduated in he started to practise his chosen profession at Alvington Ontario where he was married to Elizabeth Tanner. In he moved to Danville Illinois and Practised in partnership with or. A. E. Stewart until Psi 5, when he moved to Attica. Or. And mrs. Thompson made Attica their Home until mrs. Thompson s death three years ago. Or. Thompson was stricken with apoplexy in october 1911, from which he never fully recovered and he retired from Active practise at that time. Since mrs. Thompson s death he has made his Home with his children Jack Louis Charles and Paul at Duluth minn., and Helen and Marie at St. Thomas Ontario his death occurring at the latter place. He uttered another stroke of apoplexy january 1st. Which left him entirely helpless. Acute bronchitis was the immediate cause of his death. Or. Thompson was a Man of Broad mind very Well read and was highly respected in this Community where he was so widely known. He was an Active supporter of the various projects for the advancement of the City and Community interests. Or. Thompson was especially devoted to his family of sons and daughters and in whom he has left his heritage to this world. His body was Lai 1 to it rest beside the grave of mrs. Thompson i Quot Riverside cemetery. To was an Active Churchman an Episcopalian by Faith. Kev. Geo. P. Torre Nee. Of Lafayette conducted the funeral services or. Thompson is survived by six sons and daughters also one brother. Or. A. E. Thompson of St. Clair mich., and a sister mrs. Katharine Toothe of Toronto Ontario

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