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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - December 8, 1911, Attica, Indiana T t 1he Attica Ledger press $1.00 per Yea Attica Indiana. Friday. December 8, 1911. Established 1851�?no. If 1 the county Central committee or in any a City by the City Central committee before proceeding to act shall give Bond to the state of Indiana in such penalty As the committee by whom he shall be appointed shall prescribe conditioned for the faithful performance by him of the duties of his office without loss or detriment to any person interested in the performance of such duties upon which Bond an action May be maintained in the name of the state of Indiana for the use of any person interested in the faithful performance of his said duties and injured by a breach of the condition of said Bond. The Premium required to be paid for such Bond if any May be paid by him out of the funds that shall come into his bands As such treasurer and shall be allowed to i him As a credit in the settlement of his accounts. Mist account for Aix Money j All Money checks or other valuable i things collected received or disbursed by any political committee or by any one of the most important Laws past member or members thereof for any by the last legislature was the Corr t be purposes aforesaid shall be paid practises act of which strange to say new Law will out be figure corrupt practises act of thelast legislature will change former political methods requires strict accounting of All Campaign expenses All contributions must be handled by. M bonded treasurer and a sworn report of expenditures filed for reference. Transforming big hostelry magnificent improvements at mud Lavia Anitori Ufal now near ing completion. New Wing adds h elegant guest rooms to building chances made will amaze former a Trona and add much to the Fame of great mod Bath resort on the Banks of Pine Creek. Very few Voler and local politicians seem to have a -kr.owlecige. That it will work a Revoir u n in the conduct of political apparent and to the end that Aji a become acquainted with its required i to and restriction s we herewith part t. T a i of tit of its provisions the i paragraphs being verbatim quotations from the statute. Not since the introduction of the australian system of been a Law past in Indiana of so great importance the t Lee Tion and it behoves every voter to familiarize himself with it. It is a stringent Law and its i Force Nitt will go a Long Way toward i during honest caucuses primaries and conventions As Well As elections. The Tern s Quot caucuses Quot and Quot primaries Quot include ail meetings and elections held to nominate a candidate for office or to Ekit delegates to a nominating convention nominating conventions of such delegates and caucuses of members a f the general Assembly of the c n, Council of any City and of the Isoard of trustees of any incorporated town. The Law requires each political committee which com Mittee is defined As any committee of two or More persons selected to Aid or treasurer for each it is frequently commented on that comparatively few attic ans j i. What an important institution mud Lavia Over to and made to pass thru the hands i.,r u j i is. In spite of the fact that it so near at of the treasurer of such committee and ,. ,. J 1 l 1 a hand arid is generally regarded As an shall be disbursed by him and Nota of Attica institution. There Are Many re otherwise and it shall be unlawful and a violation of this act for any political Oomen Pittee or for any member or of a political committee to or Money or any other valuable thing for any of said purposes until the Money or other valuable thing so disbursed or expended shall have past thru the hands of the treasurer Osi id committee and any per a in Otho r than a meal it or of such political it Niini tee of other the political agent her Iii before lined. Who shall engage in disbursing or it Rei Viper Money for any of the purpose is a Tore said shall be deemed a treasurer of the political committee within the meaning of Thi act and shall be subject to ail the requirements obligations and penalties hereby provided for in the of such treasurer. Silents of the City that have never even i visited the big Sanitorium and consequently have a very hazy idea of what has been going on there for the past Twenty years there Are still some who have personal recollections of the time when there was no big hotel to House the guests and Tell interesting stories about How they sat around the now famous Spring with their feet pack in tobacco buckets full of Black mud seeking Relief from rheumatic pains. One Day Harry l. Kramer a hustling Young travelling Man. Visited the Icene and was Quick to note the fos.>ibilit5es. He secured an option i from the owner of the land organized a Stock company and built the building forms the Central Section of the hotel today but it has been altered and built onto from time to however the treasurer appointed a u i u. R i i time until its identity has almost been u not this act by the state Centra com ii a. La lost in the great Structure of which it Mittee of any party or the treasurer appointed m any county by tiie count was built at the Central committee or the treasurer a j j u j i West end and shortly alter Ward the appointed by any City ventral commit j a Gior of the tee of any party May appoint one sub voting precinct in exterior of the main building was changed to a Shingle finish to match it j at the same time the dining room was promote the Success or defeat of any j a political party or principle in any elec which sub treasurer is authorized mentions a re Tion or of any proposition fib titled a a banked made to the spacious veranda and an to vote at a Public election or to Aid j is hands by the treasurer a purring ,. Or take part in the nomination or elec such purposes As Are lawful he improvements were made the Tion of any candidate for Public office. Tea so Elk met be provided the term Quot treasurer Quot includes All persons appointed by any political committee or candidate for nomination or election to any Public Othee to receive or disburse moneys to Aid or promote the a Success or defeat of any such party principle or candidate. The term Quot political agent Quot shall include All per sons appointed by any candidate before a any election or primary election to assist him in his candidacy. No person shall act As any such treasurer or political agent unless after his appointment and before the primary or election for which he is appointed a writing signed by the political committee or candidate appointing him and designating him As such treasurer or political agent shall be filed with the Secretary of state except that in Case the duties such tre Feurer or political agent shall relate to any District county township City City Ward or town j election exclusively or to any primary election preliminary thereto such writing filed with the clerk of the circuit court of the county within. ,. Fame of the resort grew apace and or under the proms ions 01 this act and for. I a 1 Kramer began to dream of a Greit no Othi r i Urphie and it shall be the a a a proof Structure that would some Ute 01 every sub treasurer till i alter every election or in election to make a report in , under oath to the treasurer him stating in detail the amount of placed in his hands by Eaid treasurer and Lor what the said movie a is expended by inn West Point wan killed John Augustine met fatal Accident while digging a Well on his claim in Sauskat Litwan. John . Son or and mrs. Alfred Augustine who reside Between 0 Dell and v est i Point was killed in , Canada last saturday where he went last Spring and took up a2 a acre Home Stead. Handsome new circular counter veered it in mahogany having been built for it. The clerk 3 office is just Back of it and behind it is the general managers office the stenographer s office the Telephone Exchange and the cashier s 1 office adjoin the general manager s office extending across under the stairway. All Are compactly arranged conveniently equip and finist in elegant style. The North West Cor Ner of the lobby is occupied by the Cigar and news stand attractively located behind an elegant Semi circular counter and equip with a handsome i Wall Case air tight and Zinc uned for the storing of cigars. The new Wing that has been added to i the buckling extends northward from the rear of the office and is so located that it can not be seen from the front j at All. This is a matter of regret As s the addition is built of Attica Oriental \ Brick and is a very handsome Structure. \ the corridor leading into the new Wing extends northward at the left of the main stairway and the new electric realize elevator has been located on the West Side of the corridor near where it joins f onto the old building. All of the structural work on the new building has been completed and the finishing touches and decorations Are now being applied. The 40 guest rooms which it adds to the capacity of the hotel Are All Thorold modern in Tir ish and the furnishings will be the most sanitary that have been designed. The Woodwork in All of the rooms and corridors is enamelled White and rubbed Down to a soft Dull finish that is very Beautiful. The Walls of the corridors i have been decorated in a uniform color scheme of Cream ceiling Tan Side Wall sit and Brown Dado. As a novel feature j of the guest rooms which or. Kramer laughingly declares he will have Pat enter the Glass in the transoms Over it the doors leading into the corridor i replaced with wooden panels so that s the Light from the night lights in the corridors will not Shine into the room and disturb the guests. The rooms on the second and third floors Are made with connecting doors so that suites of any number of can be arranged. The Walls Are finish in soft tints Cream Blue and Pink. The rooms Are All equip with tiled lavatories and toilets everything being As cleanly and Dainty As it can be made. For the present the fourth floor is devoted to the use of Emp Toyes but will be finish up for guests when the patronage demands. At the North end of the building is a spacious three Story porch with doors opening from the corridor on each floor. This will provide a Cool and very attractive Retreat in summer time of be possible on the big front veranda. M a Chance for a Good fellow r. Goodfellow. You want to the thing that will bring you the greatest Christmas Joy Sonu thing that will Start the strings of happiness to playing and keep it up thru All the. Var. Don t you ? w e Are going to Tell you How to do it. In Attica there Are several families who will never know the touch of Holiday Joy you Cany it to them. Today we saw a Bevy of children before a show window entranced by the dolls displayed. Their Little bodies were thinly Clad and on the foot of on a Bare t e thru the worn shoe. Quot is he comin to your House she a it kid of h r ragged companion. A who Quot Quot Why. A Quot i Don t know maw says it s lie ii a hard yer. An if Anta is Asp it get r As we is he won t have nothing Quot to give. Quot a Bond of Confidence was formed by this Frank confession and the wan faced girl offered this for any no i a it Iea. Ance of the beloved and be whiskered old idol Quot a says there Ain t no Santa Claus. But i know the re is cause All the girls says so. And oct my teacher read a Story about him. A ii to thinks he won t come cause we is just think what a lot of happiness it Gnu can bring to these two children at Little Cost to you. Think to it of the Reward you will receive in the Joy that comes thu the act. Why. You wiil to l foolishly in thirty minutes to take Kari of halt a dozen or i ving. If you re inclined to he a Quot gtd i 1 fellow Quot in the sense if hav in it a Cut it out tills year and a a real l fellow present your Iii of expense to the l of r pre Mas. The 1 Amity of the. Too f. Ilc you get the real a Hrit Las St Irit t. Fill out the Blaik let it Lov and Send it will not be made Public Aii Ltd then ,.�?� a Lainily will be sent to with us and them the Greatt Haj pixies. The in you it Eif on Clu Ustinas eve. Will never , it action Itiat you will wish Tii opt Yeai. Her it to. . Of Quot m a Piru it to the 1.� ii it f i la a -001 Bride works to leave Amiga the aty s second largest Industry will seek new location in the Southwest. The Plant who m ived to St. Louis within next year question of bums Dos not Fiew. The main Robskie ratan being one of for right rates and film for new Basin Ess. T if to. A win co a i Anions. Gnu a hot sati it ii Quot a. After the is Piar i to to the a a 1 la Stu it t Tum a a aim a to it a 1 present. Your Nani Sii a of a Neely Wii or Iii you a id . Comes in. You e w the Kiich sat four a Fili it out and Mirtte is it Hort the l it not of my. A a Oli follow i would like to in persons. If Yogi if drive Nie where to find the. To. I v. Ill on Christnia. Ave. That Sunta to Dir actions i its them seeks to right old wrong St. Louis Penis edit seeking absolution desires to make restitution of sum of Money. His younger son. Rjobert l. Kramer who has proved a worthy successor to it his energetic sire. With characteristic Kramer progressiveness he began to plan to do things soon after he was placed in charge and he is now just beginning to Ceme into a Reali Zati it a of his first great Sie. Forward in the splendid in a movements which Are approaching completion. The improve ments Are the most notable that Havi eve. R been made to the Sanitorium and will place it far in Advance of the position it has Long held among similar resorts. They include the addition of a new four Story fire poof Wing containing 46 elegant rooms. The Young Man was engaged in dig enlargement and rebuilding of the Ging a Well when he met with the fatal main Otyce and lobby a new suite of Accident. The particulars Are not conveniently arranged managerial offi the place of the v hich had already grown far to it beyond his first expectations. He had Quot a any other interests that claimed his attend 1 Ion however and finally turned the Geni room with closets and lockers for the on the third floor is a spacious Linen eral management of the place Over to which such treasurer or political agent known but it is supposed that he was Ces Thorold up to Date toilet rooms and fortunate Young Man was 24 years old and was a member of the masonic Lodge at Odell. He is survived by his parents or. And mrs Alfred Ai Gustine of West Point two Sisttie mrs. O. P. Wald of Chicago and miss Edith a resides instead of with the Secretary asphyxiated by carbonic Gas. The in of state. Every such writing shall designate the particular period election or primary election within which such Treasury ship or political Agency shall continue. Nothing in this act shall prevent the treasurer or political agent of any candidate from being the treasurer or political agent of any other candidate and any candidate for Public office May designate himself As his own political agent. No person shall be appointed or act As treasurer or political agent in any election or primary election who is not a citizen and resident of the state of Indiana. Treasurer must give Bond every political committee shall appoint and constantly maintain a treasurer to receive keep and disburse All sums of Money or other valuable things which May be collected received or disbursed by such committee or by any of its members for any purposes mentioned in Section 1 of the act or for which such committee exists or acts and unless such treasurer is first so appointed and maintained it shall be unlawful and a violation of this act for a political committee or any of its members to collect or receive or disburse Money or other valuable things for any such purposes. The treasurer appointed under this act by the Sute Central committee of any party and the treasurer appointed in any county by Beautiful decorations in the dining room music room and other portions of the building. So completely has the place been Quot altered and improved that old guests will be amazed at the transformation that has been made. The old office was of the typical Gustine who lives with her parents summer resort style of a score of years and three Brothers Charles of sche ago lacking room and with Little of Nec Tady n. Y. And Oliver and Arthur i architectural Beauty to commend it. Augustine who live at Home. But the new one is different. When the heavy Glass and mahogany doors Nathan t. Cornell an old resident of swing open to admit the guest the sight the Bethel Community died sunday j that greets his eyes is eminently at morning in the Home Hospital at la Tractive and cheerfully inviting. Every Fayette. Where he had been taking j where about him is Beauty and Harmony treatment since sept. 24th. He was a of colouring. The entire floor of the victim of a complication of the office and lobby is White tiling relieved of old age he being past h2 year Oid. J with a Small design and a greek Border his remains were brought to a Tiit in mosaic. Straight in front of the tuesday afternoon and taken to in Ihei main Entrance a wide stairway leads where the funeral services was held invitingly upward to a Broad Landing and interment made there. In the cemetery where it divides to the right and left. Above the Landing in full View from the office is a Large triple Mullio Ned win of Beautiful leaded Art Glass in soft shades of Rich Green the stairway and the entire office Are finish in the illness with which mrs. Cyrus Brown has been affected for several Days has developed into typhoid fever and her friends Are considerably alarmed about her condition. It is not known mahogany and White enamel the upper where she contracted the infection. Part of the Square columns and the beams which break up the wide expanse of ceiling being White and the remainder of the Woodwork Maho Virany. In the Northeast Comdr of the lobby Between the stairway and the Dini Reom Entrance is the clerk s desk a miss Hortense Martin and Ruth Stafford have returned Home from Ada Ohio where they were guests thanksgiving of Missel Lillis Beasley and Emma o Dell. Clean bed Linen required thru out the House. In the ground floor and located Back of the main offices is the men s toilet room with tiled floor and Walls Marble comparte its and the most modern fixtures. Windows of leaded Art Glass add to the Beauty of the room which is equal in elegance and equipment to that of the largest metropolitan hotels or Public buildings. The ladies toilet opens off the West corridor and comprises two rooms a with absolutely nothing lacking in the perfection and Beauty of its equipment. At the right of the main Entrance to the lobby is located the writing room occupying the same position which it did before altho the transformation which the office has undergone has extended to it. It connects with the lobby by a wide Arch and the tile floor of the lobby is continued into it. A new mantel of handsome design is to be the Central figure in the decorations there. The room will be furnish with specially built furniture of Mission design and will be very attractive. On the opposite Side of the Entrance is the ladies reception room which will be a perfect Bower of Beauty when completed. A mantel of White Marble will be a prominent feature with a painted Woodland scene set into a panel above. The Walls will be decorated in a soft Silver Gray with panels of Light Blue silk tapestry. The furniture will be colonial. Two alcoves open off this room and they will be finished in a moorish scheme the Arches and columns being of the moorish Type also. The dining room which has Long been one of the most Beautiful sections of the big building has been redecorated and is now More attractive than Ever. The folded Cornice has been tinted an old Ivory the Walls painted a soft Green and the columns and Woodwork All re finished in Light Oak want. The crowning Beauty of the room however is a wide frieze of japanese Gold cloth with an Art Nouveau design painted thereon in Rich colors. The Beauty of it All is rendered More attractive by the new system of lighting which has father oberholtz pastor of the local Catholic Church set it me time ago received a letter from a brother priest in St. Louis making inquiry about the heirs of miss Elizabeth Stafford. According to the letter a penitent seeking absolution had come to the priest and desired try make restitution of a sum of Money of which he had defrauded miss Stafford years ago. The lady was an aunt of George Stafford and he gave father oberholtz the names of her surviving relatives and heirs which have been Forward d to the St. Louis priest. The identity to it of the Man was not disclosed nor was the amount of Money mentioned these being safely protected by the Seal of the confessional. It is not known whether or not them it in is dead aril it May never be known. A i 1,1. The Indiana appellate court on in cases of this kind which Are not i ,., a. A .1. 1. Of Nandrea ii own a dec ism after ring to infrequent in the Catholic Church re ,. ,. A of the Fountain circuit court Stit ution is made thru the priest and. A i u t. Made three Vears ago and put tag Levi after confessing a fraud no absolution. >111 Quot. I a l. Linimon sin Ful and uni nude poses is Given Antil the matter is made right. A ,. J v. Arc. M Davis township not Only the principal is restored but. 11 1. The this Sivit was tried it the penitent is compelled to pay inter ,. 11. U considerable attention lot ally est Ai d even damages when it a .11count of the que. It tin involved and the that the fraud has caused actual dam a. A r amount of the property the farm in Shawnee s trustee marries. Marko. In the. Trustee of Shawnte township and a Well known Farmer of the Vicinity o Kob Roy was married saturday Ever to miss Jennie Spang Ler. The wet Jig was celebrated at the Home of h Ardy m. Conover where miss Sparkler has made her Home for some time she Ai d mrs. Conover being cousins. Both or. Smith and his wife Are Well known in Attica and have Many frit lids in the City who will extend Earnest congratulations. A mrs. Dunca Buchanan entertained the Kettle Din club monday afternoon. Miss l Verne Glassock of Covington was a Nur of town guest. To Limons land Case settled a appellate firms decision handed in Fountain 1 in Ruit court years ago. To aroused on act of Lvi de on third Petty age to the injured party. Or. Staf turd puzzled his wits to recall what this could be about and finally remembered that about a score of years ago his aunt had once employed a stranger As a farm hand and he left after working Only a Short time. A sum of Money about a Hundred dollars i As he recalls it disappeared at the same time and the stranger was sup posed to have taken it if this be the Case referred to by the priest it is pro Bable that miss Stifford s he is will get the Hundred dollars Pius comp interest on the same for the 1 i n a the t has elapsed since it was stolen. L. Of g. A. R. Election. It the ladies of the g. A. R. Met tues \ Day afternoon in the merchants Asso Ciati on room and elected the following officers for next year president Susan Bacon senior vice president Mary c. Kerr Junior vice president Elizabeth Holmes chaplain Martha Beers Treasury Anna Labaw conductor. Eliza Browning assistant conductor. Emma Brown guard Ruth Emmons assistant guard. Jessie Osblom patriotic instructor Mary c. Douglas Delegate Allie Whitehall alternate. Martha Beers installing officer Eliza Browning. The new officers will be installed the first meeting in january and in the meantime a Secretary will be appointed. Anna Labaw and Ruth Emmons were initiated into the a Mage to tuesday Mak the Aen Pership new 32. Eluding a acre it of Hundred Dollar land. When Levi Tii Mons and wife want old and of their six children except Levi or. Had married and gone Forth from the Home the old folks bargained with Levi that if he would take care of them 60 Long As they lived they would deed him the farm of a to acres. This was set Forth in the deed but after the parcs s Wert dead the other children Pur Forth to interest in the propel y this clouded the title and even to ii it Lvi lived suit to quiet title thru co Iii t the Case was warmly contested and was before the court several times the lawyers for the other children claimed that these restrictions in the deed altered the character of that instrument so that in reality it was not a deed but a will contending further that As it was not intended As a will it could not be so regarded and was thus null and void. In the original hearing of the Case the whole matter settled Down to the question As to whether the instrument was a will or a deed. The local court held that it was the latter and the Case was appealed to the supreme court from to re it was sent Back and retried the circuit court again holding that the instrument was a competent deed. Still not satisfied the attorneys for the other heirs appealed to the appellate court and the Case has been awaiting its turn there for the past three years. J. Wesley Whicker handled the suit for or. Timmons and a Tully feels elated at Liis term alien of Tim ease. Like a Thunder i ult from a Cigar Siviy Pirir Gitig for the Nio ment dismay m lie faces it it of Attica business men. Canne tie this week that the at tul. Utre i Matiy. Attica s Ltd to cd larg to Irani user ii institution u to Plant fro n this City to vhf Hui St. It Isa sad Christ a lit of a City like Attica in a l ii a 1 temp red by the a t it i a pvt Liui Mility be a a a a i t to l i i the Quot is made. S v. H i a e Ilieen Iii Tou ii w re ii Iliia Tion Ami Piave Obser it cd in �i.imrig a in it ii it have realize Trai -11. \ Tao a Attica would lose the a r Siut they it get looking for Hgt to ii Elcome news to come at the tune. A number of rumours Quot of a boat Ufi ii the Street with i of a of t to or three Days and in via w it tilt a it Ortiz Curtis Secretary in a la. Siam Iger of tile company. Yet. n a til Quot . Ger press to a a Tiit .1 Ria we a definitely Decotie i a it move the Plant. He announce to it Vul i t t Arul express his Peist Mai i i if at leaving Attica but declared Itiat for which this City is not a the least to blame Are resp or Ible of tile change. Indiana roads Are a a it i Bridges that there remains but a Small amount of now to a obtained in this territory. For the past three years the company s business has Ilieen very largely in the Southwest. , Arkansas. Oklahoma and Texa. There the spirit of Road improvement is just developing in Tiiu Rural sections and in consequence presents a splendid Field for Bridge Biwer it. Altho the company has hardly a Iii ii Good contracts from there i vet at Tii it Ilita -.ce. It finds a it Pijue Tion of Date it almost . And this is real y the determining Factor that As made a change Rece Sarv. I i to the comp. Titi or the Ali. I in Quot . The fre Cut vat ski to p to Huri to Kast St. pm raw mat. Rai it Art . R than from i lots. Uris to Attica. The might Sis hopi be form a dividing Nie upon we Iii Latts a a based and a Bip int lit that go that Stream Tbs v us that a combination of Lia i Rait Iron Herr to the River Aid then Rin tit re a Rwy a a . Re he. It can he that tee lit is. of the company bs9 Atit by Fri a a Fiti Itei decided Aitho St. it to Tii lit Nui it a logical place and will Pronai Gay by finally selected. Hannibal. To. Arul two or three other Titie la Vicinity has been considered. By the fact Itiat the larger City us of try Ina ii chair is to pick up local fair Turai steel makes it very Yreba Able Itiat St. Louis will be Thorea. The re is no Bonus offered and none i being a it. Altho it would be a Gissible to a a a a cure one from a smaller City. As soon As the site has been Lested plans will be drafted for the factory building which will be of the All a a Al Tajh like that of the National car Coupler co. All of the work of fabricating the a teen will be done or Aad then it Wilt be 5hipt to the new boat for erection. It the intention the o it Erate the Plant As up to the time when the new building is ready which will not be until sometime met fall. The machinery will then be loaded and the whole Plant moved at once. The buildings will not be Dii mantled and if the Industrial still has enough of the right kind of ii or in it. There will be another cose Erv ready to occupy the Plant by the Tia Thev Are vacated. Omer Thonpson. Tanager and buyer of the shoe department of the Kayge department store of Marat a a co. Of san Diego. Cakf., was the guest sub Day and monday of his parents Aad sister. Or. And mrs. W a. Tromp and daughter Jessie lie was end a return from the Kast where be Kai bought several Tho Wand doll an walk of shoes for the store. Be left tvs May Fer san Diego

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