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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - April 30, 1915, Attica, Indiana The Attica Ledger press Ross Brothers publisher Attica Indiana. Friday. April 30, 1915. Esta bushed . Vol. 3, no. 31saloons ousted from City by majority of 143record-breaking Campaign terminates in Victory for dry Quot cause. Size of majority exceeds a maims of anti Saloon men close organization and team work thru out the Campaign shows Good results. Work of women at the polls aided in winning the fight returns hailed with Joy As All realize that the decisive result Means beginning of new Era for City of Attica. The n ote by wards. Is Ward 2d Ward 3d Ward Tota Maio Rita Nin k the vote of 1st Ward 2d Ward 3d Ward total majority 427 the vote of 1911. 1st Ward 2d Ward 3d Ward total majority dry 168 112 140 42 j i r i 7 ill s4 wet 85 134 221 44 1 2o with a positiveness that could not be misinterpreted and that leaves no room for doubt the citizens of Attica on tuesday rendered an overwhelming verdict against the open Saloon and in the election held in the three wards of the City on that Day rolled up a majority of 143 in favor of ousting them. The result filled the Quot wets Quot with consternation and in the size of the majority even exceeded the predictions of All save a few of the most enthusiastic Quot Drys. Quot the result proved a very fitting Climax to the most remarkable Campaign Ever waged in the City and is a tribute to the effectiveness of Thoro organization and systematic education. During the past two years there has been a ing place. A very Complete poll had been made and there was a Long Challenge list especially in the third Ward. There the first Man who attempted to vote was challenged and this vigilance was kept up until the polls closed. During the Day there were about thirty challenges most of these being in the third Ward. Most of those challenged were unmarried men and most of them finally establish a right to vote As they claimed their residence Here. There were Only about a dozen who were kept from voting but the vigilance of the dry men had such an influence that Many whose names were on the Challenge list made no Effort to vote. Not a dry voter was challenged by the wets. Two big automobiles sent by a brewery and a wholesale liquor House from Danville arrived Early and were Active bringing in wet votes All Day but their presence proved Only an added Spur to the dry workers to their utmost. The latter had plenty of automobiles a their service thru out the Day and twi Ceas Many could easily have been secured on Short notice had they been needed. The voters began Corning in Early and by noon about two thirds of the vote was registered. Immediately after dinner the Drys began systematic movement to bring in Ali uni Andrys who had not yet voted and at Ril Quot every Man on their list was acc oui Ted for. During the Day the greater part the interest entered about the third precinct polling place which was in the Fisher Arbogast building on West main i Street. During the greater part of the afternoon there was a crowd of one Hundred to three Hundred men about the polls and the interest at times was intense. H. C. Martin a. W. Jack Man Chas. R. Milford and j. W. Harrison All old veterans at the political game were in the thick of the fray at j this place All Day aided by Twenty to i forty younger men who were eco rally zealous. By agreement the saloons All closed i at o clock monday evening and did not reopen until wednesday morning i there was no Dru Kenese about the polling places or on the streets of any chairman of the prohibition party evangelist Oborn of Warsaw Rev. C. W. Dwyer of the u. B. Church Rev. A. W. Jackman of the Christian Church mrs. Elizabeth Stanley state vice president of the w. C. T. U. Attorney a. Smith of Laporte Johnf. Cunneen Quot the machinist orator Quot of Chicago. As a fitting Climax to this series of speeches was the big open air rally in Ravine Park sunday afternoon at which time col. Geo. B. Lockwood editor of the Muncie press and the National Republican and Hon. A. Batchelor mayor of Marion spoke. Coming just at the time when they did and being of the character they were it is generally conceded that they were the most effective of the entire Campaign. The Pavilion was filled with a crowd that look like the Chautauqua was in session and the audience listened with keen interest thru out both addresses. Col. Lockwood spoke for 35 minutes and summed up the Case against the Saloon so clearly and forcibly that it made a very deep impression upon All who heard it. He was followed by mayor Batchelor port banker who died in october 1911. For some time or. Julian was Secretary for his Uncle and when the latter died he inherited about $60.000 from him. Since that time be has lived a retired life spending much of his time in Chicago. He was a member of the Moose and eagles lodges in Danville and was Well known in that City. He is survived by the following Brothers and Sisters William and John Julian of Chicago Ike Julian and mrs. Homer Lewis of Williamsport and mrs. Oilie Richcreek of Lafayette. He was never married. Pace entered plea of guilty. Edward Pace the Kentucky farmhand who was arrested april 9th and lodged in jail on a charge of attempting an assault upon miss Eliz Ibeth Gherity of the Chatterton Community plead guilty when he was arraigned in court at Williamsport monday and was sentenced to the Jeffersonville reformatory for two to fourteen years. The Young Man was led to enter his plea of guilty by the advice of his attorney e. F. Mccabe and was so overcome with Chagrin that he did not want to appear in court and face any of his former acquaintances. In passing sentence judge Berry stated that altho the attempted assault had failed and no real harm had resulted from it yet the who told at length j court was Cor spelled to frown upon and David s. Allen called in death such ties is the Greate St Shock that can come to humanity and yet there is Comfort in the knowledge that it has no attendant suffer Iii thit it i the natural passin on to greater possibilities. May the word of Promise penetrate the pall that hangs Over this i stricken household and let in the peace Well known attic an expires sudden Danville refractories Firebrick Plant a big concern by at his Home. Arid he re co. May largest in the world. Was stricken with apoplexy and died within an hour warrants plans of promoters had resided in City since 1867 and for the past six years had been township assessor. How the saloons and liquor interests of the country had gradually secured control of the principal municipalities of the country and How in league with Punili any get tempted crime where the intent was Plain As in this instance. However he added if the prisoner should so conduct himself As to give brothels and gambling houses they had evidence of repentance and maintain a fostered graft and corruption until the people were arising in their might to Battle with them to the death. He then narrated some of his own experiences As mayor of Marion and told How great a change for Good had been wrought and How bitter a Light had been put up. It was intended fun show thai is possible to make a City dry and t i i if Urce the Laws if the Iii vials Are Terri a to it and have the backing of Public sentiment the speaking at the Park was preceded by a Long Parade of the pupils of that United Brethren Christian presbyterian fee methodist and methodist sunday schools there being Over three Hundred in line. The Parade formed at the City Hall and was led by the National band. Sold mortgaged mules. Americus Eller the Young Pine Vil luge Farmer who was release from jail at Williamsport last week under bail came to Attica a few Days ago and disposed of a team of mules to 01-i lie Marlatt. Of the Marlatt amp son feed Yard. The latter paid him $175 for the Consec Juwence the Saloon men evident y j a r n i ,. ,. I team and the fellow skip out a com realizing that specimens of their pro i duct could Only work to their detriment. E. F. Mccabe the Well known Williamsport lawyer had been retained by the wets As their Legal advisor and was in the City All Day altho he took no part about the polls. The work of the women on election Day proved to be a very great Aid to the workers at the polls. Following the addresses made by mrs. Elizabeth Stanley they had effected an organization and collected funds which they expended in serving lunch free to All com ,.ers tuesday in the Vicinity of each of very great change in the attitude of the,.,the three polling places. They prepared Over two thousand sandwiches and several Gallons of excellent Coffee which. Was greatly appreciated by the voters without the very carefully organized i j u. L ,. A. And the workers engaged about the and executed Campaign earned on for Ujj american people toward the Saloon but even this would not have been sufficient to bring about the result of tuesday carried on for the five weeks preceding the election j the elimination of the saloons from this City leaves Covington As the Only j remaining wet place among the ten j cities of the ninth congressional District and one of the smallest incorporated cities of the state which Are still under the denomination of the liquor interests. The feeling in Attica is one of Relief As of Bonds sundered and weights thrown off that have been a hindrance and a menace to All. Never in the history of the City was there such Universal rejoicing Over anything fur it must be recalled that the Odds Are far greater than the vote shows. Easily u j percent of the women and child i Ren we j were not permitted to vote their sentiments Are against the by loons so that taken As a whole the people of Attica Are nearly seven to one against the saloons. O wonder the streets were full of Smili faces tuesday night a the dry leaders had to use a Good Deal of influence to prevent an . The Day was Ideal for the wind that whip Clouds of Street dust into the faces of the crowds about the polls. This was in Strong constr not to the last election which was hot old while the flood of ii in were at i a height then the Day was wet old the last two hours the workers being compelled to work in a heavy snowstorm. The perfection of the dry organization began to Manifest itself Early and when the Polla opened there was a Large Del from a dozen to a score of women were at each Booth All the time that the polls were open and their presence added its influence toward the result. One Well known woman who pays More taxes and handles More business than two thirds of the voters of the City came marching Down to the polls escorting her Gardener a Man wholly uneducated and hardly up to Par mentally. She Stop outside the polls but he went in and voted. Due to personal influence he voted her Way altho friends of the Saloon had loitered him As much As five dollars to vote wet. Incidents like this bring the Blush of Shime to the mind of every Man who appreciates Justice and it is this feeling that is causing the rapid spread of woman suffrage thru out the country. The Campaign thru out was conducted on a High plane. In the words of elder Jackman the game was played on top the table All the Way thru. An interesting feature was the Way in which All political parties voted for the same result altho in some instances actuated by entirely different motives this was Only Incisi rental however and be Hiil it All was the big string sentiment against the saloons Crystal a by the past five weeks of Earnest propaganda. In addition to the Etsu National work done thru the newspapers and the Church pull was of the City a series of excellent addresses was provided during the Campaign. These began with Rev. Sam Small of Atlanta a. And i pained by his brother. They have not been seen since and it is feared that he has fled to avoid prosecution. The Case of forgery under which he was arrest Ted last week occurred some time ago but was discovered Only recently. He had Purchase some stuff at a Sale and forged than Pearson s name As Security for a note of $40. Later he took up the note with another which was property secured by another Man s signature and As he had thus secured the original evidence there is some question of being Able to convict. His action in Selling the mortgaged team is As grave a crime and shows that he really had no intention of reforming. The team belonged to Aaron Larch and he came Over and took charge of them As soon As he Learned of their whereabouts. Eller s trial has been continued until the september term of court. Good record in prison he would Eigi an Appeal for a parole for him after a reasonable time probably a year or such a matter. Pace was taken to Jeffersonville by sheriff Mcferren on tuesday. Pace was a farmhand in the employ of Lewis rattles. April lakh he went to the Home of Owen Gherity a mile and a half from the rattles place while the girl s father was absent and attempted to assault her. The father returned and he fled. The neighbors were aroused bloodhounds were secured from Danville ii and three times they followed a Trail to the rattles Home. Or. Rattles and his wife were certain that the Young an had gone to his room Early in the evs Nii a Aldo they recalled that he had come Down and gone outdoors for a few minutes about 9.u�o o clock. Investigation revealed that a ladder had been placed against the House Early in the evening and he had escaped from his room by that Means returning the same Way his later trip downstairs being to remove the ladder and thus fool or. Rattles and his wife. Fresh mud was found on his boots and when he was taken before miss Gherity she identified him positively As her assailant. In spite of this he denied his innocence until attorney Mccabe persuaded him that he might As Well own up and Tak e his Medicine. Veedersburg Chautauqua dates. The Veedersburg Chautauqua this year begins on wednesday August 11th and closes on monday night August 16 the dates make our Chautauqua begin one Day before the Waynetown Chautauqua and two Days before the one at Attica. There will be some overlapping in dates but the last two seasons the Attica people have not been Liberal Patroni Zers of the Veedersburg Chau Taui Jua and Veedersburg will not lose i on that account. Attica no doubt will suffer somewhat due to the overlapping since Many of the Veedersburg citizens have always been Liberal supporters of the Attica Hautau Siua and have spent More Money attending the Attica Chautauqua than they have in the support of their own Chautauqua. Veedersburg news. Negation of voters present at each poll included j. Raymond Schmid Ren Julian dead. Lien Julian a Well known resident of Willie resport. Died of pneumonia at i2< o clock april 22, in St. Lol Zabeth Hospital at Lafayette where he had been a patient for a week. The body was prepared for burial and then taken to Willi import where the funeral was held sunday afternoon with interment following in Highland cemetery. Or. Julian was born at Marshfield Warren county 51 years ago and was state a Nephew of w. C. Smith the Williams Kingman Library opened. The new Carnegie Library at Kingman was opened formally on Satur Day. A representative of the state Library Board and one from the University of Illinois were in Kingman recently and had catalogued the books and organized the work so that the Library was accessible immediately after the opening. The building is a handsome one built of Brick and modern in design and arrangement. The basement includes a Small auditorium with stage dressing rooms Etc. So that it can be used for club meetings and Community gatherings. Andrew Carnegie contributed $10,000 to provide the building. Miss Jean Booe has been elected librarian and miss Myra Ford assistant. Publishers statement. During february we employed a solicitor named e. Enright to make some collections for the Ledger press. It has recently come to our attention that some collections made were not reported to this office and consequently proper credit was not Given. In order that we May Check up and see just How much of this occurred we ask that every subscriber from whom or. Enright collected compare his receipt with the Date on his address Label at once. If proper credit has not been Given please mail us the receipt Given you by or. Enright. We will promptly Forward you another to cover the same period if desired but we want to get hold of All these Crtright receipts in order to Check up hid reports. May we not have the prompt cooperation of All whom this affects for our Mutual Protection Ross Brothers publishers. With a suddenness that startled the entire Community death came to David s. Allen assessor of Logan township Friday evening at his Home on East main Street. He had been apparently in his Normal health and a few hours before had made a drive into the country with county assessor Smith in pursuance of his Otinicial duties. Early in the evening he attended to Bis chores and while thus employed his heart became affected. He Laid Down on a Couch and drs Case and Holley were summoned. He was unconscious when when they arrived and despite the heart stimulants which were Given consciousness did not return. He continued to grow weaker and within less than an hour from the time he was stricken he had past from this life. The following tribute was written by a. Peacock who had known him inti Tely Ever since he came to the City David Sliker All Quot a was born near Hackettstown n. J., on december ls4t, and past away on april 2 l .�.&Quot,. He Carne to Attica in a it. O.-. December it l 72, he married to Julia Georgia i Oole and to them were born five children Joseph a. Wilbertm., James d., Elizabeth and mrs. Ray Perkins All of whom together with the wife survive. In Hia parents immediate family there were seven Broth ers of stud two Sisters Only two of whom Are living a Joseph Allen of Corsicana Texas and mrs. John Voorhees of Elizabeth n. When or. Allen first came to Attica he engaged in the poultry and produce business and later in the basis of All Hope both Here after. 1 the funeral services of or. Allen i were conducted at the Home on East i main Street on monday afternoon and High Quality of Brick test the attendance and Floral offerings j strongly attested to the High esteem in which he was held in this Community. The services were conducted by Rev. William Wilmer who officiated at the wedding of or. And mrs. Allen they being the first couple in Fountain county for whom he performed this service. The burial service was in charge of the masonic Lodge of this City of which or. Allen was a Loyal member for forty six years. Be Plant w hich is soon to open i p Danville Illinois is believed to have future before it. At / Reid Zeigler safely passes serious operation Quot of All sad words of Tongue or pen the Saddest Are these it might have Bee in Quot the following will be sad Reading to every resident of Attica who has the growth of the City at heart but the less our readers will be interested in knowing just what is being done end what the future prospects Are for the company organized by c. Crawford and k. Hely to utilize the remarkable Deposit of Flint located East a of this City. I less we Are very badly mistaken this proposition was the biggest of its kind which Attica Wil Ever have a Chance to land and it will always be a source of regret that the company could not be financed in this Community. The following is from the Dinville ites the Plant of tie i Anville refractories l of. Now a Hiril constructed a if ,. Hit will of the Lar it Plant i Urr Rire Buck cd. t., car i a is f presid t r. .1 life. L est a or. .1. Crau in. Fat a 1 uis Moraver a a i protium. Of if Plant tvs a i i lit work in Arino r Institute. Chi a f i i to be inn percent suf Trier to the average Silica Brick and almost Quot to percent better than the Best now being manufactured. Yesterday Reid , president a Large Force of men is working every of the Farmers and merchants state Day at the Plant their goal being the Bank was operated upon at completion of it by june 15lh and the Brothers Hospital in Rochester Minn. Commencement of actual manufacture Skik Zeigler. Where he was taken monday by his Brothers Charles and vill. After a consultation with or. Miyo ten Days ago or. Zeigler returned to his Home Here adjusted his Hurliness and Wool business j bravely returned to undergo an ordeal in with John r. Marshall. In 1s7m he was a member of the firm and manager of the grocery of Poole amp Allen. In 1>77 he became a partner of Nave amp Allen in the Grain business the senior member being George Nave. In he joined the firm of Dimmick amp Allen whose elevator was the one now owned by Jonea Bros. At other times he was engaged in the Wool business with w. H. Young and with John t Nixon. For the past seven years he had served As assessor of Logan township. He was an Active business Man with excellent judgment and keen foresight and was successful in the various industries he identified himself with. In the official position he was accurate fair to tax payers and yet just to the county and his equity made him not Only efficient but popular. His integrity was never questioned either in private or Public life and the Confidence reposed in him is an asset that any Man might Well be proud of. Dave Allen was a Man of tender human sympathies of generous kindness of marked personality and cordial and courteous manner and so he made and held warm friendships. The suddenness with which the summons came to him was a Shock not to the family alone but to the entire Community who knew so Well his Many Good traits of character and whose personal Friendship was one of his richest treasures. In the family or. Allen was beloved because of his generous nature and the interest he took in the welfare of those who composed the Circle. He was not Only a father but a companion to his children and took As keen interest in their affairs be they Ever so Petty As Tho he were one of them. It was this deep interest this wonderful companionship that tied them to him As with Hooks of steel and that makes his loss so peculiarly Felt. To the wife who travelled with him along life s pathway for nearly half a Century there is a loneliness that is known Only by experience the Hopes the Aspi a rations the ministering cares Tho self denials the intermingling Joys and sorrows that come into lives were passed and serenely they sat in the i Twilight enjoying the love of children i whose Devotion knew no Bounds Ard j Content with the friendships made thru i years of alternating Sunshine and Shadow sitting in the Twilight awaiting the close of Day and hoping that together they might awake in the it eternal morn. The sudden severing of of the product at once. The Plant is located a Hundred Yards West of the old Danville car co. Spurs of the i. T. S., Wabash and big four have already been built to the site giving it the Best shipping facilities of any Man which the great surgeons stated Frank factory in Danville. Nine largely the chances were Only one in four foot kilns Are now being constructed for his recovery. For Burnin the product. Each Kiln yesterday Brief telegrams were re a will have a capacity of in,000 Brick Cei Ved stating that or. Zeigler had after they Are built ar.the Plant is gone thru the operation very Well and put in operation eleven More kilns will that the growth on his liver had prov be built making it the largest Plant of to be not malignant. This lifted a i its kind in the l United states its great Load off Che minds and hearts of his friends and relatives Here As this was the very Best report that could be expected and is interpreted to mean that a Complete recovery is possible for May locate in Missouri. Waldo Harman and family Are planning to make an automobile trip to Missouri within the next two weeks Over practice 1 / the same route which or Harman and his parents followed when they emigrated to this Vicinity from Moberly fifty years ago immediately after the close of the civil War. Or. Harman recently sold his farm in Warren county and will look Over the land in Centra Missouri with a View to purchasing a place there if it appeals to him As a Good investment. He also has in View several farms in the Vicinity of Attica and will look Over them carefully this week so that he will be in a position to compare the prospects with what he finds out there. If he does not buy there he expects to return Home and locate somewhere in this Vicinity. Mrs Harman s relatives live in Northern Arkansas and this fact May influence their decision somewhat. Howard Holder involved in suit. Howard Holder of this City who went to Merom to take a position with the Tishomingo tie and Stone co., As superintendent of the Facto v a Merom is name cd As one of the defend tits in a Bunch of tiled i y a a Quot t Invenes of the company a Sullivan. complaint Nam a m w red a. Leroy Wade. Fred Wade and Buvard Holder As def a dts. There suits each Astin for the. Fott sure of a Mechanic s Lin he a it it to a ing it it it in. The suit it Are for work done on the factory Ai Merom. A Sireci 11 car h luring a party representing the to state Commerce commit Sio in the City wednesday ind will remain until next tuesday. The party is engaged in making an appraisement of the property of the c. Amp e. I. Railroad and is working along the line. Capacity with nine kilns will be with the 2 1 kilns in operation the capacity will be More than daily. As the demand for fire Brick already is much larger than the Supply the product of the Danville refractories t o. Can be marketed without any loss of time. The Silica bed. From which the raw product of the local Plant ill be secured lies East of Attica on the Wabash Railroad. It is one of the four such Fields Ever discovered in America. Three others Are located in Pennsylvania Alabama and Wisconsin. Direct shipment will be made from the Attica Silica bed to Danville. A Crusher already set up at the Silica Deposit will not necessitate the erection of a Crusher Here. After the crush product has been ship to the Danville Plant it will be unloaded by a locomotive Crane into the huge grinding pans which transform the Silica into a product closely resembling Illinois mud. The mud is then placed on the molding tables where the Brick Are folded by hand. Unlike other Brick plants the Brick Are not screen Cut or machine made the Only method by which perfection can be attained being to Mold them by hand. From the molding rooms the bricks Are transferred to the dry room a Structure �>0 by a feet in size. Heat necessary to dry the folded Brick comes thru a huge conduit three feet underground ten feet wide Anil 2&Quot&Quot feet Long which communicates with each of the nine kilns and thru which the waste heat from the kilns is transformed into enl Ray that accomplishes the most part of of m Ini of in turn Silica Brick. After the Brick Are dried they Are placed in the kilns where a temperature of a .2"n to inn degrees fahrenheit is maintained continuously. A a. Notable feature in connection with the arrangements of the i invite re fact re Ries Plant is the fact that the raw product reaches the Plant from a track on the extreme West Side that As the product goes thru the different pro �hnh<1

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