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Attica Ledger Press (Newspaper) - April 9, 1915, Attica, Indiana The Attica Ledger press Ross Brothers publisher Attica Indiana. Friday. April 9, 1915. Established 1851-lp. Vol. 3, no. 28 banquet was i speaker at commercial club banquet great success150 Attica boosters heard Community problems a. Charles of Muncie made interesting address Point Thi out dangers that confront cities tiie Sie of Attica and sufi ested practical solution of problems. It was a Brilliant scene that the knights of Fath is Hall presented monday Niht when the Attica commercial club gathered about the ban Juet table to feast in Fellowship and discuss the Community problems that confront the City. There Werel in present about half of whom were members of the club the others Bein friends Emeji Moyees or business men Frum the farms of Warren and Fountain cd undies. The affair was a Success in every resin act and the speaker. Hon. Tax a a. Charles of Muncie. Ruuk it a mess Alan that timely that stimulated the tit caught of his hearers prot rises to Start Sorne thiner that Wili i of Ytry stint Hen fit to Utica a �1 her Ciu. The add. Is was u.-. Que i May ways and resented life s of Quot to Nii it that were my to a Vury of Tai Pirt in Man a uld sit f ran arli is n a ush a talk As Iii Lorca Ood fur the City i f in. It was by Hily. An i a. to i Ai it the Quot \ re Ai Fari t Drift Frolli the i try i the Rity. Which in a a or to i entry and Tus t k sonic Iii it ate or. The i Oit Seltin list was a Quot a in cock i Hen tit ers Marchi Man the hair. What re Lungi lab t s cd Fri d Witri Iii Ien and with c.imilestick-. ,.iteci their i min -. At each f Iati was a White Carnation and a souvenir program. The. Ladies of the presbyterian Church had charge of the preparation and serving of the banquet they served the Folio Wink menu fruit cocktail Prest Chicken with Reli Sli. Escall opt potatoes. An i buttered oils Jam and co fee Salai and wafers i Sarlotte russe and whip Creim. Liev. H. O. Tribbe Maine a Brief prayer and the ban of to on. I after the last course had been served mrs. Fred s. I urn Eli and miss l it a Thornton san. Both were Hart Yin corny but tidy Thornton re Spondin d. Carroll Vick Rendt red a Cornet Solo which also found such favor i that the crowd insist d upon another miss in Manche Mcc Mahay Reada Charm in Little poem by Faul i aurence f in bar and did it us Well that she too was forced to supplement it with Aruther. Toastmaster i Urnell then of presented j or. Charles. The speaker opened his address with a Little Story on the toastmaster and before the laugh that followed had died out had plunged at once into his sub i Jet. He began by pointing out the changing conditions that Are at work in this country chief among which is the great movement from the farms and smaller towns to the cities where 50 percent of the boys and 90 percent of the girls fail to make a decent living. He showed that in the last 50 years the population has shifted so that instead of being 7-� percent Rural it is now but 63 percent. The cities Are growing at the expense of the country. This change he asserted is the one big Factor which has operated to produce the High Cost of jiving. The very life blood of the country a pyx vex i a. Quot to pc a Ost of the i Chitry timid Quot will vote on april 27. The petition for a Itic ii option election in Attica came b fori the Board of commissioners for action Covington monday . The petition is filed last week contains d a a sit natures o a Gil Vours a i More Iba wore re tired so there was i Quot a of in acc Irria nce the i Rovision of the i Roctor Law the Ian of tit a Fum was list for a ii essay a Iril j7 that f he i Iai of Drys Quot were a i Resfa to it the inc tint Ami inc seated the Urdaniz Ilion s recon Irionda Tio Jis for its Rejiri sent Ives on the election boards. The Quot we a Quot it was lied monday and the Ltd a Tion b i 1 be mad Quot up As Fol love a we it Insp Tori in Rance Mill a wet judge. Jih i Feuerstein i by judge Joh. <1. Hock wet clerk. F 1 Fisher dry clerk. C be a scree i dry Kirkman wet Sherier Harley Craigy on ii a i a i inspector Albert Lyons wet judge. W. Keefer dry judge. C. Hoover wet Temh Weaver dry clerk. A. K. Reynolda wet Seward dry Sherii Zflmer Howard Tiki Waki inspector. Sterling e. Doster wet judge. Milt dry judge. John Fewry wet Hayes dry clerk will g. Ross wet Hayes dry sheriff cd Dreher Hall will speak memorial Day. A. S. Peacock by common consent and endorsement arranges for the speaker for memorial Day has secured a. M. Fdl of Indianapolis for this year. Or Hall is a political speaker of reputation having been one of the principal Republican spell binders during the last Campaign. It will be recalled that he made the address at the county Republican convention in Covington last Spring. He is a fluent speaker and was recommended by James a Watson As the Best Man available. The invitation was first extended to or. Watson but an engagement made last year prevented his dedicate new k. P. Hall. The Newtown knights of pythias Are making great preparations for a big time next thursday april 1.5, when their commodious new Hall will be dedicated with appropriate ceremonies. The Hall occupies the Southern part of the second floor of the new Brick building that replaces the one ruined by fire last Spring. It is now Crim plated and furnish the furniture being handsome and dignified. The program of dedication at l of o clock in the afternoon will be open to the general Public and a Large crowd i expected. The evening will be Given i Over to a secret meeting of the hinge at which however there will be a go in j attendance of visitors As each Lodge of this Vicinity is expected to Send a delegation of knights. At the after noon session i Volt. A. Brown grand j Chancellor of the state will deliver an address and it is probable that other notables of the grand Lodge Mav be on hand. Deputy Chancellor Furnell will govt. Official for Secretary onto speak in enthusiastic exponent of Quot the new agriculture is Carl s. X Rooman whose interest in farming led him to choose lob at instead of diplomatic Post. What promises to be of one the most be there and Likely As not he will h Ive interesting addresses Ever delivered in something to say. The night s Sion Attica is assured by the acceptance of will be Given Over to initiatory work an invitation by Carl s. Sroonian. Which will be in charge of the Wing Ite i muted states assistant Secretary of and Attica lodges. A Large number of agriculture to speak at the Attica Attica knights Are planning to attend Chautauqua on Farmers Day August the meeting and As the Brand if Hospi Quot Joh. Talvity which the Good folks of Newtown secy. \ Roon. In is probably the great dispense is Well known they Are looking Man from the Stam Point of actual to make an exception in your Case in i less some unforeseen of Lucial duties should arise in the meantime to make i it impossible. So far As i can now see there is nothing that could in any Way interfere with my making the j the vision which Secretary \ poonian has for the Farmer of the future is revealed in the following paragraph from agriculture i the interview referred to in the Fost i Quot we should be satisfied with nothing less than a revolution of the agricultural i methods of the Farmers of am Erica. The Only thing that is comparable to a this approaching agricultural revolution is the Industrial revolution of the j eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I and the productivity of our agricultural population can be increased by this i revolution As much As the productivity i of the Industrial population of the world j was increased by the Industrial revolt i Tion. A a the possibilities of the new agn culture Are Well nigh unit aatto far As we can see now fur the science f agriculture is very . I it develops As fast in Hundred years As it has in the Hundred years the results will astonish even those to u Are great things. Quot Vve can never Taii a he i a it i Itie of the new agriculture a without Elii Cliency interwoven with Husi a it a Zimri Atkinson killed by Auto Forward to an urns Aliy Good contract signed up. Mayor heed calf the City Council in session at the Oil ice of City Furnell tuesday after Oon for the Sig ing the co tract for the new sewer. Contractor m. H. Toiben. Of Ary whose bid of 1 r., a the lowest of Rinc Subir i at the last Council meeting a present wit i his Bond of it Lori of in Jehu Inuss Aid the two Saloon men disqualified. Aith j. Ier the for for Law Covington it n it d to six Ai ions the Board of ii .Ty a monday granted Only four for License it it it d the seven that were of presented. The Rui n to whom permits wer Given wer Iii Varis Mort Seeley Howard Shafer ind James . The Othi r three applicants Chas. Murray in. Eisner and Martin Gill were after attorneys for the Drys a j pointed out to the commissioners that each of these men had been indicted for violation of the liquor Laws twice or More times within four years for Selling key in violation d the Law. I Nde the limitations of the Proctor Law License cannot be granted Iii a Case of this sore so there still remains for two Niobe saloons in the county sent. This bar to securing a lice a is operative for 1 a it years Fromi the Date of Thi indictment co fact with Lini was c or cd s Vvs ice h. A Quot. E h i gated and the Nayor we fled that he was properly judged that he Nas completed of provides that Attica men As it also specifies that work i quoted. in t Sti a Iho roly to the by other ions the Contr a t Hall be Given n the Job. It Bel in Mav helpfulness and inspiration to tie that could have been secured for this occasion few months ago he created a stir an, the notable of Waslh ton tha has n or Sui ded when he in Clin a a dip oni tic Aji a Oil ered him by \vil.-o-, which n a d a Sill iry of Quot twelve thous ind a yer. Together with sgt Ocial Dit inc tier. taif Glamor vhf life to a foreign cd t. And i Hoo a Aii i Oie to of i is in secret Irv of Al t inuit of Quot at h to liar. Of a in a d Doii ars of had a. Action hair. A no a a it reference operate toys Ard c of the country Ali Over three he Drej j by. In it year. In a i Hirn a a Lutle i r w ton folks Wio unable to co pre hand a but it will c train. A the Fri his heart is Ira the 1 be completed by Suejit. 1.let gravel Road Cor tracts. The contract for building the cd Smull gravel Road in Davis township was awarded to Jose h 7"homa Farke county at a figure around it a Iii. The Timmons Road also in Davis was let to Jacob Marks of near West Foint his bid being near is . Both roads Are being constructed under the three mile gravel Road Law. Alf Carlson was work which i Elus Chi Althe Only a a years than has Aire Idy made a Quot age or. \ to 1-a name for him Elii Cliency and economic etl Hio crops but not be Cessani any a rot those crops Sci Eiki be in Ray p. Tiu sine a Pilici Unicy a in. In the i arct crops that can be Rcv Raie 1 co Junction with other or p.-. While t addition of eco of in e i. By a mean that Vii a Quot i like re to which he is e to .-.i.mrs. Eliza Mather. Or. Mather a Vii Forir i t of i Orttie. I d after no in of r tit Ternei where a be Hud a nun Bir of year she w Ige a i eat i can i e for Tri having been id of y a a in or Fure Rai we. The ii Tuessia. After , Chapt a i a ii l -. The a Quot to i Luty Witler. A lie n the greater a Lart of ii r if c by a urge 1. 1 i was in the cemetery and of i big Attica Young Man meets death monday night at skidded and overturned crushing him beneath it he w As Mone at the i Ime and i i Inu kindly so of a Eilent t an Only be ii lectured snipe the Cammer ii Cluni bar get was in Procich i i this City Muday Miniri it xxi a a wow you in a Ines a this -.ty, was fat Idy r Art d in an Acci a it a i Fayett. Shile driving alone f the i re t of that City i ride or Ltd turn ii of. Crushing i i it h the i Ivy car that he d within i f. W to Nafes. The acid Quot to Corr i i the of or Arff a to Nar the in by a a e or to a i to a a Frd a Iran i Hii to to. R. T to if <,.nt. that a wh., f the c in Chr a t a a iwas to r her i ,1 i or Rio i The Thea a Sun i the River a �?�.,. D do a a both a a a he. Auricc i the to i i a. R. It be rna the. Astir a Anent of farm rna Nagi i Church. Ment. His Home is at Bloomington 111where he owns several Hundred of acres of Good Corn Belt land. He is the 10. Author of several books on farm economics and largely thru his Energy and initiative Many important changes have already been made in the work of the great department of agriculture. His special Hobby is that the government mrs. Mather s Maiden name was a foyer and she was born in Ros Cou in. Ohio february and the it autumn with her parents to l in Ana. April shot United 1 a i in Ridge with Lames Mather lied i i during their married life they lived in the Vicinity of Armstrong but after the if ath of her , mr.--. Inv. A Alio acc d fat a a appointed superintendent for the Tim should it to More to train the agriculturist i Mather moved to Otterbein v. Here ii Mons Road and cd Small will oversee in the business end of farming and thus has since resided. Nine children a it re the construction of his it More of a definite business born to this Union t f whom the follow Proi position instead of merely a hand i ing survive .1 Ames Mather of Utica. Christian Church notes to Mouth struggle for existence. Thus Frank Mather and mrs. We. Taylor of under his guidance the Oitice of farm Otterbein. A brother. C w. I Oyer of the Hible school attendance sunday a Ana Gemeyl has been Given far great Armstrong also survives. The decease reach High tide at 1 and an it it a a. A had been a member of the meth dist will be made to exceed that Sun pm tent and is being used As a sort of episcopal Church since girlhood and was Day. Following the Fible sch, older Clearing House for plans and ideas for a woman of Beautiful character. Jackman will make a talk to the of the department converts and at he will preach at Independence. The evening service at 7. I Quot will be an evangelistic Sermon from the topic Quot flaying the . C. T. U. Leader to speak mrs. Elizabeth Stanley the state vice president of the w. C. T. U. Of refused to recount votes. The county commissioners monday and of the smaller towns is being a refused to Grant the petition of the j Indiana has been secured by the local bored by the cities and this results it voters at Veedersburg for a re j dry organization for a series of three not Only in detriment to the financial count of the votes cast in the local a Cid resses in Attica april 20, 21 and 22. And Industrial interests but in moral option election in the Hub March a it the mrs. Stanley is widely known As a decay. It is like farming a piece of the saloons were voted out by a a i speaker of ability one can address land and shipping its crops away for a Rity of 21 Vittes and the Saloon men i an audience of men As elective by As years without renewing the Fertility of and their friends claimed that the one composed of women and her meet the soil by the inf usum of new elements. Count was Correct. That Money was i Ings Promise to be Strong links in the Chain of sentiment that is being created against the saloons.696 pages in acts of 1915. At the office of the Secretary of state it was announce that the Quot acts of i .tir.,&Quot when bound will consist of pages not including the Index to volume. The acts will come from the Printer about the Middle of april. The iyi3 acts contained 1,132 pages. Or. Vrooman is not on the Hautau Jua circuit in fact he rarely makes Public addresses of this character. Quot the Worth of a few c. A Dwyer. Pastor of the United Brethren Church will Deli ver an last month a lengthy interview with address on this topic in the Christian him appeared in the saturday evening Church sunday afternoon at Ciao o clock. Fost and supt. Peacock was so Imprest and it promises to be a mighty inter with it that he wrote at once asking Esting lecture especially to the fathers him to make an address for Farmers of Attica boys. It will be of Etidal Day. In his reply the assistant Secre interest to the mothers and the boys tary said Quot As a Rule i find it impose themselves and they too Are invited sible to accept invitations of this a there will be special music and there Ture owing to the time it takes going is Prospect of a Large attendance and coming. However i have decided doors open at 23d. City of Frankfort is growing and prosperous without saloons d j the y Jung people go to the City Frincis Jalily to escape the Ter ibo Arnono Toviy and Lack of h Irnan in Terest in the Quot average Cou Witry town secondly i i Oro or m. Or re pics ment or a far . The prob or. The that <�?�fr.r to the. Public apr to d f a y .Ty t. Over Corrie t t to of it c the far m and the City a re in. Est at Dit a Raiv Quot to v Aid to in the the Ica. Town a be for business town provide More in la tre Quot to that snore oppor Quintie will be afforded and it vol not be for the next go no ration to go to Chicago and to get a Job. Used to Nilu Quot nce Vot is and that the election returns were not made a Ord ing to the a it if it n .-i of the k -.v, -.ri., a Quot Iii a it ther was v. Her Ai i a r t e to. R r f via Quot i that Rii Auer Terppe Al. A t. 1the 1 1 Peti f tax hot. Unlit Iii i Quot m <1. A Quot /. / a of i of the Mieir but lbs Quot. Vide Ltd. Oft i part their i Quot tuition loners sustained the Drys. Commissioner w. A. Wright in absent at the Fatama exposition and the matter was Leard and determined by commissioners Smith anti Myers.  .se.ju. So the Conin i demurrer of tha delightful social function. To Quot. Card tarty give in Silay after pc c of the Home on Wash i t a a to t be lanies is Tiffner or c ret v. Wrkinger and mrs. A 1to in of the Pattie to i i e to s of the sea on the House a Tat id thru out Lavander and shit to Rijk the c dior used. The after i Oom a spent in playing handed t u lire the Pri s being awarded to Faul Stewart mrs. Charles s i Rry ,. Victor Levor. Mrs. Walter Miller mrs. C. F. Shewey and . Young. Contests were the amusement for those not playing cards. By Harky y. Boss Well up toward the top of the list among the thriving growing cities of the ninth District is Frankfort the county seat of Clinton county. As is the Case with Lebanon whose experience was told in the Ledger press last week it has been without saloons for the past years and in that time it has made More growth and Progress in practically every line than during any other ten years of its history. I spent saturday in Era Niort interviewing business men leading Citi or is and no cog th.-. 2,&Quot. Or More with whom 1 talk a ind they were chosen at random i but one Man did not Asser that the City is now Many Tine s better than it Hail b in when i had saloons. I Learie a afterwards that head been one of tie leders m the wet movement had contributed heavily to it and had taken in defeat to heart of badly that he would not accept the evidence that Surrey ruled him on every hand. In Ittu Frankfort had saloons tit of 27 in the county but by Jan. 1, All had been eliminated from the county by remonstrance except four All inside the City. Clinton county held a local option election that year and voted dry by a majority of 2,094. In the City the vote was 1212 dry and 985 wet. Two years later the City voted again under the Proctor Law and the majority was Fly i. Since that time sentiment against saloons has grown steadily and so Many j of those at first feared the effect i upon business have been convinced that a dry town thrives Best that there Haa been no other election. One businessman with whom i talk and he had been last As wet at one time told me he believed that new after six years without of tons fully i l percent of the Busi i Ness Rorn about the Sci Are would open i it a their return. J Over where in for flt it they regard the Saloon i thing of the . So far As they concerned it is settled j it a infect Lyas the Lue to ii of slavery is of r the nation that to the menial Altitude they have it toward that ome of Rie Are for Attica s Prosperity after the i saloons Are voted out could have heard the comments of the business men with whom i talk saturday could have i visited them in their stores and seen them Busy and prosperous a so Busy in fact were some of them that they could hardly find time to talk about it. There Are probably 2.&Quot Quot business rooms in the City and there Are now but four vacant a smaller percent than usually prevailed in Saloon Days. Of these one is a Large new store room occupied until Jan. 1st by a dry goods store. The owner last fall came into control of Large financial interests in another City and retired from the retail business. Other dry goods men of the City took Over his lease and Are paying rent on the building to prevent another dry goods store from act mag in an another sort of business no a negotiating for it two of the other re Nis ire Side streets in undo arable Loc Ion in addition to Thi in any Husi Ziess rooms have l i i Lungi. Ai two thit is of the Stor anti a f. An a been Nio Derr . to How the City is gre/,-in.< sire. Of Saloon went out the following new. Buildings have been erected masonic Tern in it costing Baptist Church Oon. Methodist protestant Church s2 . Ward and vocational school $l2, .o"0. Lucas Block about $25.l Nillah Luil Iii Tifuh lilt a Quot a to Trie cause Mirari car in Gnu i h of Quot. Eric Caref til i River and the Quot car hewed that he wins it i l tilth pid. To b,., Rne or by those that Siw tile car j to before the Acci Tiu Stre to ? is raised slightly a i hot truck it with such Force til it the Froit broke the Frokt a part indicating that there was a Law i i the steel. The car fully 7 feet and turned Over once acid a Haa As it went. Fath fro t a libels were t Reken i f. The were to it. The smash the steering gear Bent an other parts Damate i. The scene of the Accident was visited by t Iny a Leo file the ne.\tday, several going up from this City. 1 lie was taken on tuesday to Trie Horte of the Young s father Rhos. A. Atkinson three fourths of a mile South of Fine \ Village. And the funeral was held there yesterday afternoon at 2oo o clock. Kev. H. It Tubbe of the presbyterian Church in this City Iii cited. The burial was in the cemetery at the Village and the fraternal rites of the b. F. O. Folks were conducted at the grave. A Large delegation of folks from this City attended in automobiles and there were several cars from Lafayette. The at a Tendance at the funeral both at the j House and cemetery was Large. The unfortunate Young Man was the Only son of or and mrs. Thomas a. Atkinson and was born and reared near Pine Village. He was about >2 years of age and in addition to his Par i ends he is survived by his wife and two children. Ruth aged 7, and Thomas aged 5. His wife is the daughter of Fred White of t Ford and she and the children were there visiting when the Accident occurred. Or. Atkinson and his family moved to about live years ago and he had operated a Pool room on ferry Street since that lecture tonight. The lecture of Christian science to a Given by n , t .s.f. Of of i Ord n. H. Will at a Oclock and 1 free in every use a r a pc Illet Len or cd a Rit w111 1 take Quot to i right i i Ltd by the a cart to a i Quot a a Opp it r t l t it to Are r t Tete i i Chri Tiai science to Hgt a it to Quot get i by Oia is ii Hori d join by the Mother Church the first t Hurch of Christ scientist at Boston. Mass.,and to Correct the Erro Nec us statements concerning it which Are frequently made by those ignorant of its principles and teachings. A cordial invitation is extended to the general Public

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