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Atlantic News Telegraph Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Atlantic, Iowa Thursday vol 42 172 circulation s200 off to Europe Wal known Anita woman is suddenly called death Chris Bohning was Thot to be on Road to recovery Hearty breakfast Dies soon Mollie wife of Chris Bohning and a resident lot Anita and Vicinity for the last Twentyfive a Tel suddenly at her Home Here morning at 9 though she had been ill for sever Al Bohning death came most she had been buffering from an attack of pneumonia Jast was her condition considered the last few Days her condition patently was yesterday morning Bohning ate a Hearty a Short time later she was taken with spasms and died Al immediately born in was the birth place of she was born at the age of 16 she made the to Amelca coming Here to reside with in 1882 she was married to for the last Twentyfive years they lived in Anita and residing on a farm a part of tha besides the husband there Are three sons and two daughters Surj the children Are Ralph and Raymond Bohning and Anna All of and i Bert it t Eugene Carver Dies at Council whiffs Home former resident Here Eugene former Atlantic Man died last his Home in Council Bluffs at the age of he had been ill for a Long time with anaemia and a of Dis Carver was a Soninlaw of William Kreamer and wife of this Carver being miss Pearl Kreamer before her during his residence Carver was an of Swift he went to Council Bluffs seven ago and entered the employ the Street railway company As a besides his wife and daughter aged Carver is sur Vived by his who lives in Sal and two Olive Gill and Lela both of the body willbe Atlan for services be at 2 Oclock afternoon at the first methodist Church the Simpson in burial will be in Atlantic Day Congre Jet Mai the Boaz perpetrators of biggest mail robbery in history hed under heavy Bonds Council seven men and one woman held connection with the mail train robbery Here november 1 were arraigned before a United states commissioner a eight wait examination and were Hehl to Tho Federal grand jury under Bonds ranging from to no estimate is made of the sum lost through the robbing of the mail car but states attorney Moon said it was the largest mail robbery in the history of the United states postal one indictment returned Telephone is dead i Mancip have nor Tutti i in occupied the time of judge Wheeler nov today in District Pioneer cobras can and one of j the grand jury completed its work the most prom Incont business men in late yesterday and was died monday night along one indictment was the at the age of he Omaha new undertaking Chapel is to be opened by Art Young Arthur for thelast seven years employed at various j Parlours in will enter Lysines for i he has taken a lease on the rooms Over the Smiley music store and will immediately equip them and put in a Stock of the business will operate under he name of Young is one of the Best town morticians of the he was formerly employed by the late fames Giffen and later by de Witt still later he has been in the employ of Schrad he recently re signed his position Young has a Host of friends who wish him success1 in Hia new Ven he went to Des Moines today to equipment his under will be open for business at since has been Al jury was Cov posed of willium May lied with the Telephone Stevens and until Hewa president of the acted As fore three companies which represent the Mun Bell interests in following entries appear on the North and South Yost came to Omaha in practising president Lincoln appointed him United states marshal of what was then the territory court docket divorce action of Rebecca Albright against Vernon Albright by plaintiff without Reju in 1872 he Aji Point cd postmaster of by president divorce action against i Stella Story Story emf i dismissed by Grant and in 1875 became part own plaintiff or of the Omaha ear1 adjourn Over tomorrow by Nebraska he was bus of thanksgiving muss manager of that paper eleven Yost was instrumental in inaugurating a Cable of Pony ii Omaha and was one of the Slock hikers in the Omaha and Council Bluffs railway company then he entered Telephone Busi Yost was born in october warning to Farmers tells them to hold their crops he that Feder Al agents Are already going Iowa and states try ing to get evidence to the of men asking Farmers to bold Charles president of the National Farmers statement appeals to members of his Organiza Tion to stand together and not sell their products at present ruinous by Low no changes in covenant of Likely at this time of be no amendments funeral services tuesday for late Solomon Charles funeral services held yesterday afternoon at 2 Oclock at the meth Diat Church Here Tho late Soj Tomoti Well known Bear Grove township whose death occurred sunday Charles had lived most Othia life in this he a native of he a child his parents came to the Vicinity of Lewis and located on a where the grew to he was married october Jennie two born to Thore were Neva Irene and now aged 1c and 15 Charles had been a member of the Independent order of Odd Fellows since the wife and survive and u two the funeral services were conducted by the James 8on former pastor of the he was by the of the of the decision of committee o Gener Al has been Ejon is App iwed it full for former Home in Denmark three men leave tonight for pastor of the Lewis was4n students wearing paper collars to beat of 24 angered bythe cos1 of Roll ifs and Java tvs the Bay a o the Hagerstown High Sehnoor have declared a Boycott on collars and silk instead Thev Are Wear ing paper of Lvovs for and Scurf boy spends than for his russian soviet is aiming to organize unemployed Washington hears natives of third Iri Terna Tio Nafe coming Here to spread Sian soviet estimate that the unemployed in this country will be five millions by the end of the year and two representatives of the third internationale have been sent to organize soviets among workers according to official advices from i j official Dis count the estimate of i every Effort will be made to keep the soviet organizers from entering the among Cass county neighbors red Clark Neal of Villisca sold his car to a Man by the name of Roy Only to find that instead of being sold the car was As Smith had paid for it with a chock which was rejected at the Smith is wanted at for breaking miss Ethel Daut Uhter of and Edward has taken up her duties As Deputy in the county recorders thanksgiving celebrated in Iowa first 1855 sa1ls on involving league thanksgiving was first officially after until 1080 when it became an celebrated in idea in in com annual Connecticut of a formal proclamation served the Day As Early and issued by governor James annually after the dutch 3ris the old Capitol at Iowa now Netherlands held their first in Tolfe ninth year of the history thanksgiving Clay in in and of and Henry Douglas of Emerson celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary entertaining seventy five of their relay the thu fall Harv Catt Tives and friends at bin dinner to an end s served at the methodist of the and wus attested by served the occasionally George then Secretary of since each succeed ing governor of Iowa has issued a yearly proclamation setting aside the fourth thursday of november As these proclamations Are of valuable historical in Insomuch As they All sum Marize the Good or the had times of i there adj Larson died saturday i first november at the family was a her death was due to drop by and cleavage of the Lucas who moved from Here twelve years died at her Home in november Lowans have hold that thanksgiving in Iowa number of year previous to under territorial governor but there is no record of the origin of real origin of the How does to Back several Hundred years before Iowa first observed the pilgrims at Plymouth set aside a Thaung Ivic Day right after their first Harvest in Mas Sachus Charles Hughes has word that his Hughes of died after i etts Bay Colony first celebrated the suffering a number of weeks from Day in Ami frequently there blood poisoning and the War of Independence the Continental Congress appointed one r More thanksgiving Days each recommending their Observance to the various state pres ident washing ton appointed u Day of thanksgiving novem Ber 20 in and smother in president in response to of set apart a Day for thunks riving at the close of the War of one wus annually appointed by i of new York after in some Southern slates in earlier opposition to the observation of the Day on the grounds that it was a relic of Purit anic bigotry hut by 1858 a Day of were issued by the of Twentyfive states and two president Lincoln appointed the fourth thursday of no lsii4 As Day each presi Pfent since has followed his hears Illinois Man bears views of president elect regarding world Jennie Regan has suffered from two strokes of paralysis and in very serious the former Pas Tor of the red Oak presbyterian died last Friday in Missouri of heart the Wilson Concrete company have started work on the newer sex new York boasts of City above and below ground new is a double deck there is a City above and another below the matter might appropriately be designated it houses Massof tube stations and sub Way try fans which daily transport close your eyes and imagine a Cavern sixteen feet tall extending North from fort second to fifty seventh Street and East from sixth Avenue to the East engineers say this is precise rectangular size the greater City for transportation the were the existing underground space used for single subway track ago Laid Side 6y 1 to illuminate this deep Down Grot Quarter of u million electric lights employed and they Burn constantly Day and at the prevailing rates for the annual Cost the companies for lighting subway town is upward of exclusive of the lights in the trains Atherton Beca when throwing som Down in her cellar and cutting her head president elect Harding inspecting Panama canal Cristobal president elect Harding planned to Day to make a personal study of the working Panama he to leave Here Oil a1 govern ment mine making the trip through the canal to the waterway stops Aie arranged for at locks and other Points to pc Imit a close inspection of the to Kimg of the i i Harding is known to tak6 great interest in the Canul and belief Tisi o by the outstanding asset of the government As regards foreign Harding will atop to the United states1 front unless Munfor t if red Oak is included in Tho churches that Are to Benefit from he appropriation made by the presbyterian Board of Church while the agent was absent Only five the Burlington station at Coburg was robbed of Thomas Rea paid the Topmost Price for to unimproved land when he paid will an acre for sixty acres adjoining Evergreen been started an the ditching Walnut Creek in Mont Gomery county by Frank it is the work will be finished some time next the rotary club entertained the Boye at a dinner monday evening at the Johnson after the inner u wrestling show was about ii qty men and boys were states senator Medill Mafoi Nick of Illi thu sailed for from new is coming to Lay hard ifs personal views in the league of nations her fore the proven mental of Kur ays a report from to the Huchu de the dispatch says Thev object of governor senior trip was a subject of discussion today by Mcm of the league Usini Bly in ses Sion in no disarmament proposal for an International military offered by Leon Bourgeois of franc t at the Versailles conference and re was reviewed yesterday in a Long discussion on the reduction of j Bourgeois declared the carry i out of the treaty must be assured before disarmament is i he discussion indicated sentiment i prevails that it is impossible pres ent to secure a Naneral scrapping of War Germany protest Tho i method of awarding mandates former Geiman colonies i the annual meet Iii of the pleas to today session of the postmaster Funk in enjoy ant township unit of the county farm Injo a vacation by pay intr a visit to Bureau be Hehl in the evening his sister in he will of november 0 at the Home of also other Ohio Charles agent Bennett will i give a is receiving a visit from her Mer Iru of the direct items about Cass folks is expected mount Iowa retail shoe Deal i ers has been attending members of the ladies Aid Board meeting at Des together with their took j their lunch baskets and spent the Day Snyder is Home from an at the Home of and George at the Home of her the latter leave Friday j near for California to remain for the win Worthington and and okie have gone to Grinnell to visit the family i Visitin of Clyde son of Winter and Millard lamborn and who have been spending some months on their Canadian Are Thev will relatives in Jones and wife and their i Anil Georgia and Betty j whose Home have gone to Valley Junei ing relatives Tion to visit the daughter of the for and Weaver will go to Valley june Tion this i Ralph is in Are visit Bishop of pcs Moines has been visiting Here with her she is past ninety years stage but trav Els his children and grandchildren helped Fiddie celebrate his ninety second november several people from red Oah and Vicinity were Iri on armistice there was a huge led by president elect hard Reid Omaha and Council and Gene Vieve Ann von nurse at Mer w were married november miss loretus daughter of Tjie and Piper of is n spending thanksgiving with friends a1 has the family formerly resided 1 Maul loud f health and j will engage in the Barber business action in conformity with the for Armeni Art intervene recently passed by the Assembly was taken today by the league coun it was decided to Send Tele Grams to All the Powers that a gov Ernie it willing to mediate with turkish nationalists and Armenia be girl hoboes arrested As finish eleven Day trip and Gould her Urlicks have left for California to spend the win the Auburn sales company have installed a new service the pastor of the presbyterian will preach tomorrow at the Union thanksgiving service to be held at his Elmer while in a motor transport unit in k ran re received a piece of shrapnel in his he has gone to Moines to have it 16 Vearold Tennessee Sirls Rode into Chicago and stepped out of thu Box car Pullman into waiting arms of lieutenant Thomas Duffy of the Wann Avenue police this is Chicago said Lessie she wiped a few Cin Ders from the Corrier of her were eleven Days on the Road and it was a great Ethel her Saint she was triad the Long trip was we Hail a hard time avoiding she in some had they a Fuld discovered us and taken us from thu Given up they they left their in eleven Days and had come to to see Tho its a Kiewat said Ethel we came up to see the but All we have seen so far Are Railroad Yards and some William stepped on a Nail and caused a serious injury to his Whipple cemetery West of gris plot murder Lloyd George announced by Irish office plot to murder Premier Lloyd Gepge is flu Wold has been improved two j by the Irish office and to additional ground prevent his doing is of the mexican of wee last raising Miji rooms in mine ill Hois Man Money in coh mines is a pay museum he a afters near grand m we hire peking Money grow Fng Cecogo my mines be a Var i Mary Mother of celebrated her Ninetieth by entertaining a number Curry f a petition against Sidney for her that the defendant owes the for men work on per mayor Neumann a wins the1 boys that they top by caking the electric Light on the Genevieve a musical four appearing at the Al Church saturday were one of the most attractive numbers on the lyceum course this find Herbert ate the parents of a nine Pound last 1 i broken dead smashed automobile when he drives without Light Elk special ankle a horse so badly injured it had to to filled and his automobile badly were the Asquith asks commons to denounce outrages against Irish people former Premier Leader of the opposition in the House of prepared today move the adoption arrest of the principals is promised very the office also announced that girls in Dublin guided strangers to the residences of to hts twelve army officers assassinated last three Sas Jins have been and Brit ish troops have taken full Chairge in net results of an automobile accidents f Resolution condemning m which Trivel Petersen figured outrages by Crown i i Accident occurred at pot Eisen Peterson was driving from his the car having n mrs Petersen was lighting fed Way with a Peterson failed to see a team ahead of him and ran into the against civilians in the government indicated Al forces there would be no objection to a debate talc Hll Breit but was expressed scenes might Panama canal proves Good investment for Uncle woman says a Fabby poured Oil on then set fire Minnie son of 4013 Federal told the police that her after a quarrel poured gasoline Over her clothes and set her on she was badly Pierson is in fur Tho Fonow u debate on the Irish question fixed for yesterday but was postponed following Tho disorder monday during the speech of Joseph cattle is defendant in an action District court pm Emu canal is already taking in a Bullion and a Quarter dollars num1 than the Cost of opera Ami the prediction is in Udo that before Long it will be earning dividends its Cost of in the year just receipts were More than Farmer near Elliott it injured in Auto mishap Hirry Well known was seriously injured Kvorning by Milliun Isburg savings bunk to when his automobile upset As he Collet on a note for Given by on the parties Given by default to Hanson Brothers and As by them to plaintiff of the Accident have was particulars not Froeup

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