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Atlantic News Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 4

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Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Atlantic, IowaPaci pour a monday May so ims Atlantic news Telegraph Atlantic Iowa a a p c the Giai in to Bac Wai col an wit a Sot i Ani Tow Ani f a a he Abl Dapel for j Bel is mint up fir in 1. It Al in a by on big of Al by a n in b a i new movies break with tradition by Hal Boyle new York a one of the oldest Hollywood truisms holds that a Fum must have a Strong Jove interest to a a Box office Suco Ori. Bat a Lawrence a Arabia Pirimi won an oxur As the years Best movie avoided the boy meet girl theme for four Sand filled hours. Where the late Cecil b. Demille would have employed hundreds of thinly dad actresses producer Sam Al relied on hundreds of camels. Now another product John stooges Bias gambled against Hollywood tradition by turning out a picture that has 600 heroes and not a single heroine. New documentary Sturgest kiss ree epic to get great escape Quot tells in almost documentary detail one of the great adventure yams of All time. It is the Story of How 600 captured Allied Zinnen plotted for months to escape from a German prison Camp in tie second world War. Under the noses of nazi guards they Saia 90-foot-deep shafts and dug not one but three tunnels. Seventy six men finally crawled through one 34hoot Tunnel to a temporary Freedom. Only three news Telegraph carriers. Deliver the paper for Twenty five cents a week in Twenty towns of the Atlantic Terri. Tory. Following Are the towns and the carriers. Anita Johnnie Lagg Cecilia Brownsberger Larry Rug it flies Lyann Long Phillis Jensen Joe Morgan Kirk Brocker Dennit Dersey a Xira Trudy Kiuon Cennia pop pen Mark Loren ten Audubon Eddie Hansen Dennis Baker Bridgewater Stan Freese Cumberland Keren and Connie Knepper Mika Brixus Vicki Daugh erty Elk Horn we. Christensen Casey John Ford Brayton Russell Andersen Adair Chsrles Motet Roger Tibben a rant Julia Harriton a Riswold Jimmy Miller Monty Al near Vicki Bishop Kimballton. Linda Madsen Lewis Mark Warith Mary Warth Barry cent Lymann Lee Andersen Marnet Sturat Sieck Massena Joan 4 Joan Waters Danny Fly Char a Donnia Fletcher Wiota Billy Mailander Walnut Dennis Martin Hamlin Comly Lafer a Telephone Call to any of he a Eva Erta the nows Tanagra pm a Flea will bring you service. Stir with her for mothers Carl Hawley 6 months old turns on the Charm for his Mother mrs. Larue Hawley at a husky 12 pounds in their Danville a. Home. And Carl had a less than 10 per cent Chance to be there at All because when he was bom he weighed Only 31 ounces. Nien finally escaped and 50 of the 73 recaptured airmen were shot to death by their enraged nazi pursuers. As one who Rose fran private to Captain and won four Battle stars himself in the air Force Sturges says he Felt a personal compulsion to avoid Nudding War look glamorous. Heroes Don t return Quot fins that do that Are Didion est Quot he said. Quot War Isnit All Sweet Dixie. War separates the men and the boys and then kills the men. Most of the goof outs since War then is such an unglamorous ordeal in misery fear and loneliness Why should a Pic Ture be made about War at All even one that tells the Onidi about it Sturges wik turned out 45 documentaries and train ii films during the last War said he had brooded Over this a great Deal. Most Good stories involve taking a character that interests you subjecting him to pressure and showing the result a he replied. A War certainly pcs italian voting surprises top communists Rome a in Rome a Quot Street of the dark shops a where Italy s communist party has Headquarters it is no dark secret that the red leaders were surprised at the million votes their party gained in Italy a National election. They had reason to expect the opposite. The party a been having trouble holding its card carrying men is. Its Leader dip is behind Moscow but a Strong pro peking faction exists creating internal friction. Part of Ite strength is backing from Many italian intellectuals. Yet at the height of the Campa to Enow Haiti Costa Rica relations off Santo Domingo dominican Republic apr Haiti was isolated from a fourth carib bean neighbor today As Costa Rica broke diplomatic relations charging that dictator Francois Duvalier a stay in Power an wants to a coup do eat. Venezuela broke with Haiti tuesday on similar Groin ids. Duvalier severed relations with the dominican Republic april 28 in a dispute Over political Asylum that nearly triggered a War Between the two adjoining countries. Haiti also has no diplomatic re lations with Cuba. Anita Anita a Jetta Knowlton spent several Days at Home this week has been recuperating from recent hospitalization at the Home of her Sis ters in . And mrs. C. W. Twinam of Boston and mrs. Vera Garland of Davenport have ended a visit at the Home of the w o m e no a sister mrs. Lester Scholl. They also visited their Niece mrs. Joe Schubert in Bellevue. Neb. Ties service Oil co. Is pleased to announce that Parker Butcher has taken Over the operation of the cities service bulk Plant in Atlantic. For deliveries of All your Petroleum needs. Call 243-4326 or 243-3561. Launched an attack on soviet intellectuals. A we thought we would be Lucky to hold our own a one communist Leader said. The outcome strengthened the hand of Palmiro Togliatti 70, who has crossed verbal swords with peking and followed All the Kremlin s political turns except its Campaign against Liberal artists and intellectuals. Hold their own in March As the election Campaign warmed up the communist chinese news Agency said Togliatti engaged in Quot parliamentary tie chinese chided his View that communism could come to Power in Italy through constitutional Means. The italian reds smart whenever anyone suggests they Are tainted by Middle class customs. At the italian party Congress last year one of Togliatti s to Ltd lieutenants Giancarlo Pitta looked straight at a communist chinese delegation and said a your policy is one responding perfectly to the needs it of the italian italian political experts in general believe the communist gained throw factors not directly determined by them. Involved thousands Italy a economic Boom had taken hundreds of thousands of Southern italians to factories in the North. In the South they had lived in Christian Democrat strongholds. In the North they were in Contact with communist labor leaders for the first time. The communists probably attracted a number of votes from socialists disgruntled because the Alliance of their Leader Pietro Nenni with Christian democratic Premier Amintore Fanfani had not produced the sweeping social reforms they expected. Another Factor was an easing in Vatican relations with tiie communist world. In Central Italy a red Belt men often voted communist but their Church going wives fearing excommunication voted Christian Democrat. Big communist gains indicated that Many wives went along with their husbands this year. General takes Over new position by John Cudipp a by Dinoss news writer new York a rising ramrod Strain from his Dicair Gen Lauris Norstad former military commander of the North Atlantic treaty organization apologized for a few papers on his Broad Walnut desk. In be Only been on he Job a Short he Alakl a so you see has pretty the expanse of desk May have seemed disordered to a precise military Man. It worm however pass Tiepe Cioa from any businessman. No Tad is a business Man now. His office to of the 14th Kwh of a fifth Avenue skyscraper where be pro Sinai As pm edit a i Owens coming of Benglas International a by Ness far removed from military Aff is. Ottier Busi Nabson the handsome 56-year-old combat and dip Kmetic Veteran is a recent big name military Man to step into a top Industrial position. Before him starched Douglas Macarthur Chester w. Nimitz Anthony c. Mcauliffe Ludie d. Clay Omar n. Bradley James m. Gavin and other generals and admiria i. Obviously despite their Lade of experience in the world of profits and losses military men Are considered Good businessmen. Ali Quot my work a said Norstad Quot was not Ted Mically military. In tie service you control tremendous capital investments and you have to come up with your budget you have a Structure Limpar to you have Hwn More militarily the retired general exp joined How it was possible to work the same Way within both Doc Florate and military Sostena. Quot first a he said deter mine the facts. Then you determine the he continued Quot there is no substitute for educating yourself to knowing More about a subject than anyone eke. I might be stupid but in be never teen std a Silt it statute for Berlin Back Trouil Gen. Clay director of the Berlin air it former preside it and Dairman of Continental can co. And now senior partner in tip investment film of Leiman cock explained Mii Tery Confidence this Way Quot Hie adv Staft of a military education is that you Muat do what you Are Alai find. Tvs Means that you tackle Manga projects for i Ipoh you Are not equipped but in which Yoa not do a Good Gen. Macarthur Otil pro Sidas at Board Meetins of the spent Rand coip., Gen. Braley is chairman of the bid ova Latefa co., Gen. Gave Heads the Arthur d. Little a Salardi film Gen. J. Lawton Collins is an Eocaci Tive of the drug firm Pfizer co and admires a Index and aide a. Butte Are corporate directors. Sudi highly informed men Are needed by corporation that work with the Maumary. The fact is that kiss a idled peaceful Days far removed from Buscas and Bathe fists there we great administrative similarities Between Corpora Tina and and Litany units. H Iii Idi Tod by Bon j. Obion or. Obnial Bonaparte in Egypt by j. Christphor Horold Harper amp Row 16.95 an examination of a period of Napoleon Bonaparte a career in which All the conflicting aspects of the Man Are highlighted his calculated waste of human lives his deceitful diplomacy his disregard for personal danger his military Genius and his naive insight into what makes a truly great Leader which prompted him to bring along on the Campaign to capture Egypt some of the Best of Frances scientists mathematicians engineers thinkers artists and musicians. Hall of the daughters of confederacy ruining the floors with their spurs and the Yard with their horses. They then create traffic jams upon the highways. At first the local inhabitants believed the March was another Centennial Celebration but finally enough is enough and the Federal 1963 army is called out. More confusion follows but this will give you the idea. A. T. W. Iowa Best Sellers following is a list of bestsellers in Iowa As compiled by the Midland booksellers association for this week fiction 1. The Glass blowers Daphne Dumaurier 2. The tin drum Gunter grass 3. Moo Flower Vino Jetta Carleton 4. Raisa High the roof beam carpenters j. D. Salinger 5. Tho Send pebbles Richard Mckenna non fiction 1. Happiness is a warm Puppy Charles Schultz 2. Tho whole truth and notch of but Honda Hopper s. O to jigs and juleps Virginia Cary Hudson 4. Pitching for fun Herbert c. Hoover i. Silent Spring Rachad Carson stiff upper lip jeeves by p. G. Wodo House Simon it schuster $3.95 the apparently inexhaustible British humorist presents an other Romp in which the ineffectual Bertie Wooster is again saved by his steadfast b u 11 or jeeves. The characters and situations of the Many jeeves stories Are becoming a bit trite by now but they Are still funny particularly for new read ers and of course dyed in the Wool Wodehouse fans. A. J. Hughes signs vending machine measure Des Moines a gov. Harold Hughes signed a Bill thursday repealing a Legal requirement that cigarette vending machines be remotely controlled by the seller. Existing Law provides that such machines be arranged to that they will dispense cigarettes when coins Are deposited Only after a Remote control Button is pushed by a person employed at the place a Here the machine is located. Peffer leaving state Job Des Moines apr town again is losing the services of or. Peter Peffer Central figure in revamping the states mental health program. Or. Peffer 61, who installed new techniques in treating the he tally retarded at the Glenwood and Woodward hospitals announced Friday he has accepted a position in Delaware effective in july. He is going Back to the East from where he had twice been called to help modernize Iowa a mental health program. Or. J. 0. Cromwell state mental health director said or. Peffer had not expected to remain on his last assignment at the state mental Hospital at Woodward but he state will be sorry to see him go. Or. Peffer was brought to Iowa to head the institution at Glen Wood in 1959. He remained there two years and then became head of a Hospital in Massachusetts. He was recalled in 1962 to con. Centrals on an improvement pro Gram at both Glenwood and Woodward and was paid $21,000 a year plus room and Board. Or. Cromwell said Peffer was of the Foremost mental Hospital administrators in the country. With his departure. Or. William c. Wildberger will become superintendent at Woodward where he has been acting superintendent. I Onard Lavis remains As acting superintendent at Glenwood. Motorists obey Quot Stop signs a they do not mean a so Carl Dick Reed Voss realtors Rosi a stats phone 243.1201 technical education Are you into Rostov in to coming an Industrial Tochel clan this school provides two years of co logo Typo term Inai education. If you Are inter stated in Trio mechanical world you worm to into Rostov in us. Clarinda Community Rouege this is More than just a vivid study of Napoleon himself although the Lively presentation of historical characters is one of the Best features of the Book. Or. Herold a pages move with the Speed and suspense of a meaty novel yet they Ara crammed with historical data of which he is very much in command. His sources Are varied his analysis shrewd his tone one of authority spiced with caustic humor. A Carol Haseley miss Haseley from Iowa City is a frequent reviewer for this column predict prolonged dealings in priest Issue Rome apr arrangements for the departure of Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty from communist him Gary May take weeks instead of Days observers now believe. A Witie matter is now in the hands of the Vatican a Franziskus Cardinal Koenig of Austria said thursday night on his arrival in Rome. A i do not think there will be a rapid sources in Budapest where Cardinal Mindszenty has been in self imposed exile in the . Legation for the last years said wednesday that the hungarian Cardinal probably would be free to �0 to Rome in a few Day landscape architect killed in car mashup Des Moines a Albert v. Keller 70, Des Moines landscape architect was killed thursday night when his car went out of a control on Highway 60 about 10 Miles Southeast of Des Moines. Keller was returning from Alula where he had worked on a landscaping project at St Mary a Clourd. The Accident occurred during a rainstorm. Keller was atone. He car Slid Ltd the as4ialt pavement and went into a ditch. Keller a widower was die father in Law of state rep. Howard Reppert a Des Moines. Survivors besides mrs. Reppert include another daughter living in Albuquerque. Elk Horn Elk Horny or. And mrs. Pete Knudsen of Florida arrived saturday for a visit with his parents or. And mrs. Jorgen Knudsen and other relatives and . S. S. Kaldahl left thursday for Oklahoma City okla., to visit her son. Or. Paul Kaldahl and family and take care of household duties Wiiilie her Dau iter in Law is in the Hospital with a new baby daughter. Or. And mrs. Kal he also have a son. Or. And mrs. Alan Hansen and children Paul and Connie of Lincoln nebr., spent the weekend with his Mother mrs. Anders . Elmer Nielsen and Allan and Julie of Tyler minn., spent mothers Day weekend with her Mother mrs. Bertha Eskov. Alamein by c. I. L v c a i Phillips Little Brown $5.95 a decisive Battle of world War n recorded by a writer who served in the desert action As a regimental commander thus giving his Book the knowledge of Over All staff planning and on the a spot perspective of the individual gallantry of the a a 2ueen of Battles the foot Skolier. The Book includes descriptions of the heroic action of the engineers who led the Way through mine Fields the artillery at a a sniper fighting until All guns were knocked out and the Gallant charges of the Armor to break out and Roll Back Rommel. Brigadier Phillips has backed his personal recollection with thorough study of All official documents and personal interviews with officers and soldiers who also were at Alamein. A a. S thl door to the future by Joss steam Doubleday $4.50 predictions an d predictors from biblical prophets to such Modem clairvoyants As Edgar Cayce Bridey Murphy Fame and Jeane Dixon of Washington who a a read for for and fore saw the Dag Hammarskjold tragedy Are investigated in this interesting study of the sixth sense. The author admits that he started his sleuthing into matters of the occult with the usual Newspaperman a scepticism but is now convinced that there is such a thing As extrasensory perception that All m e n have some psychic Powers and that some people Are capable of see ing into both past and future notice Tho water department will flush water Mains tuesday evening May 21, to Amir per mitting. 2d1l motorists obey a Stop signs they do not mean a slow fiction an end of bulging by a Dmund g. Love Harper amp Row $3.50 this is a delightful change of Pace for the civil War buffs who Are perhaps getting ured of Reading about actual fact and would enjoy letting their imagination go along with the author and just have fun Reading. In this fantasy a r c h a n gel Michael decides that too Many authors and self a styled historians have written about the civil War with considerable deviation from the truth and he sends Back to Earth the Confederate army to re a enact the March of general Jeb stuarts army to Gettysburg. Ian a Nat to Waade upon Tea Don t be a Jitterbug if litter bugs you As it does Nosti people Don t you be the guilty one. Stash that trash in the litter Basket at the Beach. And you re not being Square you re being smart to carry a litter bag in your car. Because tossing litter away is like tossing Money away. You could be fined for break ing the Laws against littering. So always stick your litter in the Basket then you won t get stuck with a Fine. And you will help keep America Beautiful Atlantic news Telesh

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