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Atlantic News Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 2

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Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Atlantic, Iowa Page Pagi two monday Way w4i at Lantre news Telegraph Atlantic Iowa a. A p c the Gial in n Bac Wai col ant wit a Sot t ant to want i a a he Abl Dapel for j a Belda Oij 1rs up fir in 1. M la in a by on big of Al i a it in b a i no tax boost evidently those members of it fac state Senate who believed j that the state could get along j very Well with the present taxi program prevailed. They were i helped by those who agree on what new taxes to impose and How to spend the in-1 creased income when it did come in and by those who were just Plain disgusted with the Hodge podge measures which have been before the legislature during the tax Hassie. Now we Hope that the state lives within its income and maybe even accumulates a Little surplus from the improved income which is expected to come from the Normal increase in business activity within the coming year. Politically the legislature and the governor Are both in excellent positions on this matter. If the state gets into financial trouble the governor can blame the legislature for not passing this Revenue measure and the legislature can put the blame on the governor on the grounds that he would have vetoed the measure had it gotten As far As h i s desk. In a n y , we imagine that with reasonable careful management the state will come through with flying financial colors. We have noticed that under Ordinary conditions this sort of a tax Battle will make the a bit More careful. Super Salesman the wheat value tuesday the wheat Farmers of the nation vote on their program. This year for the first time the Small wheat grower will be permitted to vote. The Basic Issue is High Price is. Strict controls. The agriculture department feels that if it is to a guarantee a relatively High Price it must exercise close controls. Liis is sound but it gives the Farmers something of. A to b a on s Choice. They like the High prices naturally but they dislike the controls. The vote of the wheat Farmers will have much to do with the future of the farm program so it will be i watched with great interest by All Farmers. If the plan is re injected. It will probably mean a Complete overhaul of the farm a program. Home Rule one measure which was passed by the legislature which is getting Little attention because the excitement Over the liquor and tax measures is the so called Home Rule Bill which confers much broader Powers Ilion municipalities than has been the Case in the past. Heretofore cities were unable to take any actions which were not specifically permitted b y Law. Now. If the Law does not cover a specific matter the cities have a right to act on it without being granted permission by the legislature. T h i a give municipalities a great Deal More Freedom. Washington merry go round or i Lbw feb Alison editors note the Washington said a i think the first principle merry go round today is written to which we adhere is that of re by brew Pearson s associate Spect for people. I recall Reading More confusion the confusion concerning the j to operation. However these tax measure has partially of will be worked out but not fast secured the growing confusion enough to have much liquor by or the har Ling of the new a a a liquor Law. It has developed j. ,. Quite a few bugs in connection i with the Means of getting it in-1 effect. Juk will meet Pope in june Washington a pro a Dent Kennedy the nations first roman Catholic chief executive will meet in Italy next month with Pope John xxi the ailing Leader of his Faith. Kennedy once planned to defer an audience with the 81-year-old pontiff until he Mes a scheduled state visit to Italy with mrs. Kennedy Early next year. He changed plans because of the Popes failing health. There have been published reports that Pope j 4mhas cancer. In recent Public appearances be has looked Gray and drawn. Kennedy is expected to leave for Italy on june 30 and spend two or three Days there before flying on to West Germany and Ireland. Arranged wits for the papal audience for Kennedy Are being arranged in exchanges Between . Ici als and the Vatican. No meeting site has been selected but the pontiffs quarters in the Vatican or his nearby summer Palace Castel Gondolfo seem the Roost Likely it voices. At this Point it is virtually certain Kennedy will conduct his working sessions with italian government officials in Rome. As recently As a month ago these conferences were tentatively scheduled for a secluded Retreat near Milan in Northern Italy. Jack Anderson Jack Anderson says a Gaull Rel tits on a nato Ini Cicar fore Admiral atm Raon s Spych before Navy league cooked his Goose italian tourists set tract Dent in .a. a the French have suddenly dropped their stub but it in stand against a nuclear nato Force and quietly agreed to assign two squadrons of French planes to such a Force. They will carry nuclear bombs contract Bridge by b. Jay Becket Lecerff Helper in a meets #84s West mkt. Pm we. It term Vorih 4ak10s �a72 adj a tax ��?�3 �jio�4a #106 �aj10m68 �q97� South 4q9874s a q85 a Kef a a weat North kit Mem pm 2 34 pm <4 44 opening Lead four at Ducaa. Truth in stranger Titan Lle Uon they say and this remark Awe hand Tendi credence to the Adafe. The Alene was to Roay in 1941 during the european Champion Shupa. The hand occurred in the match lie tween great Britain and Italy. At the first table Rose and Gardener North a o u t h for Britain failed to reach the slam Toppins at four Spades on the bidding shown. There wan gloom in the largely British audience watching the match on Bri Gerama when the italian North South pair Mascheroni and Cremon Cine came to play the hand. The italia a Are noted for their in adding Alams. Famous hands and it we Many years ago the Story of a ship s Captain who asked a new Ensign what the proper attitude of juniors toward seniors should be. Quot the Ensign answered promptly a respect Quot the Captain then asked. A now it in. What is the proper attitude of seniors toward juniors a a the Ensign had no ready reply but the Captain supplied it. A Itie answer is Exa Cuy the same York a some of the sir it is re to. I out respect a a Gly 7,000 shopping centers that that Macaroni and Crean to they Wen fondly called mum my Tim rim and the Iii m Pointa for Luly however Muesli to the a Mui ment Octha Audi Paneak Tow he it Dinar wac wed this we str Wear Kaiui Bra me 84 Dua. Para 44 64 Fra t4 d a Ward at Mimi mud of Atoot Tea Evan bid la to Ottar. La Tota Nati Ozial mama to Tim a Nelai Laa aaa it a Onai wiil Matato Bmat by to that tag mtg. On my tata dad to bid Rix Spada Bat Bat of poo if wed to Imi. Bald Quot Marco Ichini Iii a waa bad car a Tena British what or wkly. Deeply reap adm at the italian Udd taig Rido and a Nawara it South in a error naturally a it sued that North waa vomit Duba and this a did not Laad the Ace. Instead he m the Wmk of Spadea. Oven a a Lek Crone Tel brought Home the grand Alam by Meana of a Queete. He cached two Trumps and five Dia s�u94y0vrheaitil. By Cusiter k Comisah a is Priam Monda discarding a dub and a heart alien a led four More eur Mora frequently in fair to Locial Iffe Eta of an shh a ars almost As dust raising Kattaa Dise aaa itself. And a Taah a a Dise aaa of the Akin. Generally a rash is tha re a Ponta dec tha Akin to infection to Al Leggjr or to injury. Just As than an i oho logical effects or Auto la heat there can also b a pay it Holvogt Eal causes Flom Timea a Akin rash re Flecta tha Prsa Anoa of a Dia Kaaa else hair in tha body. Distressing 8kln tron la one of tha More distress if Kamgar lasting and recur Ito Akin ailments la a Sorsaia. Although tha it is a till unknown Many Akin Ipa Allsta and scientist a Are a Neo vering encouraging information about it. It is known that heredity plays an important Rola in psoriasis. Paoria aia which seems to of Trumpa Reduci Hla hand to two Carday the is it Bearkla. On the last Trump Friday had to find a Laeard holding the k-9 of Bearkla and Ace of Clutha in front of Dumm a a-7 of heart and King of Eluba. He discarded a heart whereupon Dummy Dia Cardad a club and Cre Moncil made <01981. Kina a Mana Al Van la its. Lac today business Mirror by Sam Dawson flowing both ways Between juniors and seniors we have Little which will remain strictly under h5pe of doing the jobs we will a Biff "totmany7too cd be or in american control. The French in a Quot a a squadrons will be trained but one highly specialized of ctn equipped to drop the bombs. But Tucson ariz., was settled in 1776. A Planik to we 410 Walnut St. Atlantic Iowa published evenings except sunday news Telegraph pub. Corp. 7. D. Simpia editor phone 243-2624 entered at the Post office at Atlantic Iowa Jan. 1, 1912, As second class matter under act of Congress of March 1879. Member Iowa daily press association Iowa press association and National editorial association. Subscription rates by Carrier in Atlantic one month $1 three months i2.s0 6 Mont Lis 14.75 one year $9.00. By mail in Cass and adjoining counties one year $9.00 6 months $4.75 3 months $2.50 1 month $1.35. By mail elsewhere in Iowa one year $11.00 6 months $6.00 s months $3.25 1 month $1.75. By mail in y. S. Outside Iowa. One year $12.00 6 months $6.50 3 months $3.75 1 month $1.50. By mail to Canada 1 year $15. It Whilow True 1. All Banks an alike 2. All Banks an diff not Banks a appear Tolm identical As twins do but one you get acquainted you learn that a Ach Bank has a personality All its own. And the ont which most nearly matches your own make up is the one youll get along with Best. Since a lot of particular people find our Bank o sympathetic agreeable place to do business chances Are you la feel at Home Here too. Call on us won t you ask questions. It costs nothing Ond May Well prove profit Obi. Whitney loan and Trust company Bank member fido a vary human Falls inf Ana of Twa Plassas it Trio a a via go ahead and a Samet Bing and Eliosa who sit still and inquire a Why was t it Dona Tea other Way Quot a Oliver the actual bombs can be loaded on Board Only by americans. The nuclear Force will also include 150 British bombers three american Polaris submarines and several fighter planes from other nato countries. The Force will take its orders from general Lyman Lemnitzer tiie Nav to commander. This is a big Concession for president de Gaulle and could change president Kennedy s aloofness toward him As Juk goes to Europe next month. Exit Admiral Anderson Only the Navy brass seemed to notice As Admiral George Bixler son was speaking to the Navy league awards luncheon in san Jaun p.r., that Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth suddenly stood up and walked stiffly out of the room. The whispers immediately began buzzing through the Navy was Korth offended by the speech 01 did he merely go to the men s room the admirals believe they got their answer a few Days later when Korth recommended that Anderson be dropped As chief of naval operations. This jolted the and naturals who expected Anderson not Only to be reappointed but eventually to become the next Channan of the joint chiefs of staff. They re read Andersons speech to find out what might have irritated the Secretary of the Navy. The speech seemed harmless enough full of Noble words about the traditions of the sea. But it also called for Confidence in people and respect by senior officers for their juniors. To the sensitive civilians of the Ntow Frontier this could have been interpreted As a Subtle slap at Secretary of defense Robert Mcnamara. He has been criticized around the Pentagon for not showing proper Confidence and respect for his military chiefs. Anderson has also resisted moves by both Mcnamara and Korth to bring the Navy under tighter civilian control. Respect for tha military in his luncheon speech declared a i do not believe i can possibly overemphasize the importance of having Confidence in people. We train them we Tell a Man what to do. But not How to do it. Each Man is expected and required to exercise Hilt initiative and responsibility so that the orders Are carried around the Pentagon some people Are still wondering whether these remarks caused Korth to out in the Middle of the admirals speech and contributed to his decision to get rid of Anderson. Tour the Usa the new . Travel service Row bringing More tourists to the United states began its advertising Campaign in a very Subtle Way. In Italy ads appeared in the papers featuring the picture of a pen. Under it was the caption with this pen you can stay a any hotel or Motel in the Usa. This was followed by an and featuring a replica of an italian Driver s License and under it the caption a with this you can drive anywhere in the these ads plus other Sale snug ship have begun to reverse in some degree the tremendous flow of american tourists to Italy. Part of the reverse flow was a group of 150 italian workers and staff members of the maroc we marzotto Wool company which toured Washington last week and is now in route through North Carolina. Count Giannino marzotto \�4io Heads the group believes that Iii employees will do better jobs if they know something about the rest of the world and he has financed this trip. Tie schedule was worked out by Volt Gilmore director of the new travel of Trice under Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges. Before leaving Washington the italian delegation had taken on american traffic regulations hired drive it yourself cars and were looking Forward gleefully to their tour. After a special mass offered by the Bishop of Raleigh they Aie attending the North Carolina school of textiles at Charlotte and then noted on their program a in Asheville we will Stop at the supermarket go in and buy Rolls and hot dogs and then go to the Smoky National where we will bake and Cook our own Rolls and hot a a relatively newcomer with an enclosed mall air conditioned and heated boasts it will double its numbers within a year. These Are still comparatively few�?20 now and maybe 40 a year from now. And last year their total sales came to $1 billion compared with $55 billion for All centers. But prop cents say they Are catching on both in the North where artificial heat is a Selling Point and in the South and South West where Refuge from the natural heat draws in the customers. Mac projects these enclosed mall air Condi toned centers called Simac Cost More to build and to run. The additional Cost can run As High As $1 million. The rent can be As much As 25 cents a Square foot More. But their builders say that increased sales justify tiie higher rentals. Twenty More Are reported in skinned people usually does not affect the physical health the functioning capacity of the individual. The emotional Dia treat of a Maui guiness can. However alter the emotional stability of tha patient. This a National conflict can Tsien reflect itself in Home totally unrelated condition. Or emotional Upha Avaia can unquestionably a i off an acute episode for Paoria aia auf Ferera. effects Thea psychological interplay Niu Auratea the psychosomatic or let Ody mind relationship. The psychological Impact of this Dise aaa can be so great that tha lives of Many people have Washington a the a been altered by their Inabu Ity to Tiona a jobless rate edged upward a Ope with this condition last month despite new highs in Peoria Al a readily Iden fled report hike in jobless Rafe again bowl tto Tami eur and on the Aop. Hiim in the most Oom Moa Ait a but m my of tha body a i mum. Micro Woopie the Akin almost tha of Hart a a pm unfortunately tha a Agnosia la More earlly data Behshad Baa the cure. Almost Avail Aan Ceivalle Type of Madia Atlas ban been tried Only to a ital Imiah with time. Comet Iima he gent need to a is Leavai at Tea dist Reaa it Pac Taala Tai Mas Zienta to a Maralt an4 the Seroua Means at in. Tient shifting foam Ana Tion to another is aka Able but Una Law Coal tar sent employment and Industrial production by doctors. Characteristic Small red area Are covered by shiny. Thus the Economy continued to a Uvey Azalea which come off in present a bitterly paradoxical Pic a a a area. Itching a not usual. The Peoria tic patches Are Listii butaud Ahi Fly on the cd e 1961, King re turns eradicate pm Ture business growing stronger More americans at work than Ever before and joblessness persistently and stubbornly High. On the Bright Side the labor of Wiota have left for Sheffield department reported Over All em-jia., to spend two weeks with ploy ment at a new record level friends. Tiona hormonal sorta Yaek acne and a lug Faaea used with Aoma Bias Lrtil but inconsistent Raa Ulla. Spa Alai dicta and Vitamin Bava not shown any aus Talnad Bamat. Sun Likht Helpa the one form at Traa Smiht that Haa been really Belem la Many patients of a sortable Haa been exposure to sunlight. Tea summer Montha other great physical and emotional Isief. Ultra Violet Light Durine Tea Winter Montha a a Foetz substitute for natural sunlight. It must be Emba Assad Ever that any Exposi a is 1 Light or Ultra i at must be careful or a in Salsa am slowly acquired. Psychological sup sit a a a Bertoda of Emo onal St is a vital contribution. Happily new and Sekot staff Dence that so Raisla will Saen in controllable la being i ssh la the acl Eufie Lite Tatums. Theas Echt Man sri �o9 relieve your often health through m Balistr standing of your mini mid be. A hopeful new Sis onsae in Medicine report Tate Kara six Knioum to Iee tera tsar Yatew your a Siai Sal grab it Lem should be Bonds by 1 own doctor. He Der construction or planned. In seasonal decline. Of 68.9 million. Tie Federal re serve Board reported the output of mines Mills and factories at a re Cord 122.4 cent of the 1957-59 average. On the gloomy Side joblessness stands at 5.7 cent a Small increase from the 5.6 cent of March. Other figures released thursday by the department and the Reserve Board april non farm payrolls Elk need by 800,000 to lift the Job total to a record 55.9 million a a substantially better than seasonal Job expansion according to the Bureau of labor statistics. Over All unemployment dropped 400,000 to 4.1 million a largely mrs. Sadie Ruckles of d e s Moines is visiting at the Home of her sister mrs. John Davis in Avoca. All Dollar Bills now in circulation Are Silver certificates. Recover Lody Des Moines a new body of James slam iter. 41, i Dsa Moines was Reno verse from is Des Moines River Here sunday about one mile downstream Ikon where he and Barbara aah by 19, of Des Moines drowned May it when their boat papa Iliad. Addition there Are a number of major suburban shopping centers with covered malls the difference is they Arentt totally enclosed and air Condit Ned. Some of the newer ones Are said to be designed with an Eye to conversion later. Most Ermac complexes Are 300,-000 Square feet or larger with a major department store at each end of the mall. Garden included the mall usually contains fountains and benches gardens or shrubbery. Often the centers offer commit Unity and cultural services a gang with usual diversified retailing facilities. A concerts Art exhibits Garden shows International film and food festivals and Amateur theater productions Are just a few of test them we Drill them but in from North Carolina they drive Evit ably Liere a time when we must also Trust on the subject of respect he to Florida. Copy Rishi ims by the Syndicate just folks by Edgar a. Guest riches there Are some things of value life bestows riches of spirit and the tints of Grace which lift a Man above the commonplace and make him Long remembered when he goes. A Good name is beyond the rage of foes and past the Power of gossip to Delmese he has achieved who through the years can Trace Success lies not atone in wealth or Fame a tis in a neighbors love and Friendship True a Humble Garden May As truly claim gods morning Sun sane and the evening Dew peace and Rich memories with life a Sunset fall to him who has been gentle through it All. Protected 1963, by tie George Matthew Adams service attend rites Griswold a attending funeral services thursday at Danbury for a. M. Webster were mrs. Charles Jennings mrs. Grace Talbott mrs. W. E. The fair esteem of everyone he Medsker and mrs. Leila Evans j Francis and John Lien igbo Psi la Uriah was at Lewis. Drick Soa Homes. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate showed an increase because of the great number of americans joining the labor mar Ket. Increases in factory and contract construction payrolls were noted. Factory jobs bucked the usual March to april decline edging ahead 100,000 to 16.7 million. Contract construction jobs outdistanced the usual seasonal gain rising 260,000 to 2.5 million for the first a marked Advance in this Field in nine months. Ten years ago Ross Porter of Houston tex., these a says David muss presi-1 is in Lewis for a two weeks Dent of Winston muss corp. His stay with his parents. A irm is the builder for the Long Island and new Jersey centers and has others under Way near Phoenix ariz., and St. Petersburg Fla. He says the Pioneer of the movement was a Center near Edina minn., in 1956. This was followed by others near Kansas City and St. Louis. Simac is Only one of the trends in shopping centers. They Are becoming larger and adding More than shops and parking lots. Now found in some centers Are hotels libraries hospitals Heaters and auditoriums. Rev. And mrs. F. E. Hamlin of Griswold Are in Kiva kan., this week to attend the graduation of a granddaughter. Twenty years ago mrs. Rex Knouse of Walnut has gone to Dyersburg tenn., for an extended visit with her husband corp. Knouse. Jack Anderson of Avoca has gone to Kansas City to t a k e naval air corps tests. Thirty years ago or. And mrs. Marshall Field to speak sacrament l of Calif. Map president John f. Kennedy will deliver the conure Cement address and received an honorary degree at san Diego stale College on june 6. Gov. Edmund g. Brown said he confirmed the arrangements in a Telephone conversation with the president thursday. Grant guests Grant out of state guests monday afternoon in the mrs. Hulda Hendrickson Home were miss Elsie a Luison and mrs. Arthur Edie of Portland Ore. Over night guests were or. And mrs. Martin Meyer of Loveland Colo. They also called in the phone your a kick Quot Carrier if you live in Atlantic on a City Carrier route and fail to receive your news Telegraph by 7 p.m., please Call your a kick Quot Carrier. Highland addn., pm. 34341�. Zurfluh addn., pm. 243-3704. Lavista piece pm. 243.1011. Fairlawn addn., pm. 243.5s3s. Remaining East Side incl. East Side of Chestnu pm. 243-2101. Remaining West Side Inal West Side of Chestnut pm. 243-4910. Good ways to Moa Sun your Telephone service measure the pleasure. Take a generous Cupl Tal of happiness for each frendly visit you swim tar phone. Add heaping tablespoonful of Fin for the parties the dinners the Good tines that Start with phone Calls. Measure the convenience. Tot up the Keare of errands your Telephone runs to grandma a tha grocers the cleaners the office. Done to forget the minutes and Steps you saved with a Citchen bad room or Iwa Ament Extension. Measure the Cost. Count the few pennies you pay for dependable 24-hour service. Add it All up and you la know Why your Telephone Aero is is Worth More than it Costa. Northwestern Bell Telephone company

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