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Atlantic News Telegraph Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 1

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Atlantic News Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Atlantic, Iowa vhf in just Quot Vav to i to in 4m wit Tittl to Dmn 4.41 a mob lab Mai vol. 82 no. 115 Topan win a we no Tom Rio a Kurit Nilli til Way a us uti Lalim nor v Alfh a of a a at amnio la twi i Olfat Juve 29, 1953 new tfx a allies ask for truce Date agreement f Kewi Flohil of Pray it to late Houie Wam Noton imm mkt Mem App rally Job ii by pm Umay to a to Boom Iii Etta of a it my lib Tom m a a Talir it my prom its via did r with a Tao Etc Dobro drag ont floor taut Tum Mummy. Homo let Dora Fol int Mcm. R to to Ken. That the ways Oon Mllton Mudd mad a its omit by to Tom floor Donilio us Agtmaal of Poillow of its Sab Matt. It Roar Oil Kaiim bold but. Top floor loader Hallott ind mod time to a Cli Borlini i that us loader trip would not in Drtf-4l Lau Malmd last a Moli to hmm Rood s tax Walt Long my a id Bitang Tho Btl to the a or wifi a Spadari Rulo from the comm veto por m top Eadara have said that both to Batty and the Tonato would to Eon Lawm the tax if an sex Bitt would be brought be postpone conference the lax Tota dad to syphon Lato the to Asur profits Mada by Corpora hons expires it to Oon Linwod for sex months al Toana saying he Hdldn t Uke the Tox. Hio a to Brini some 700 to m a Ilion Douala it needed Rev a my to the Golem ont. Ilia Hai Hapl the Enten Slon Blu be top by Reft Stag to eau a ii of fill a Eloit Lottee to a a to a Tow m m me nip to my pm Ftp Mumk a proof he poor health of prime Maia Tor Winston cur cell above has forced the Hole Chilto postpone Meol of the big Olifee conference that had been scheduled for july i. In Bermuda. Churchly s condition is not serious but he has been ordered to uhe a month s rest by by personal physician lord cd trim Moran. International Radlo in photo pay raises for Sui president Smi official youths swept Down River it Council by Fly Council Bluffs us two youths caught in the Missouri liver s riots it and swept downstream while sunday night were wondering monday to they had t set some local swimming records. One of them fought the current and who rinds Tor Throe hours before finally get Faig to Shore exhausted several Miles from the Start of the Inscho dido Marathon. The youths Are Dan great Houn. 10. Ganway. W. Va., and Cut void Samas. A Nebraska City both currently living in Council Luffa while nov Schig for a Feon tractor Here. The two were swimming in the Missouri about a Moo North of the South Omaha Bridge about dusk Yooung for a Quot Flag High wave pushed them from a Long to which they were a Totaig and both were swept Toto the River. They Beanm separated. Samas managed to Latch on to the South Omaha Bridge abutment. 4aad i Shorto. He hailed a a ssh Motorist who Sam Nenad the Omaha fire deportment Rescue Unk to search for to Nahoum. Greathous. Moe while. Was hav Hig an even too co Harr whig sex Adair woman three farms levelled by this a mrs. Waher form woman was al Ltd and Hir husband crazy injured Ai a Tornado swept carom Adair Collir about s 4s saturday a Bumm Eubig every hog in its Pfahl a lube farm Homes were do Arwil fid consider site crap and damage caused is the mrm ered an Earea about in Iii iridis and four Miles Long. A the my Murphy tora Motife la i Lasi to to Sampl Hii Garia film it Mimir Bra did Wai do file Torso of Ike blow re my one a ski of two a Jared at these forms re. I got caught to a Whirlpool to the Ping at Bridge abutment Quot he re in id monday. Quot very time i thought re 0bt out of u. I d it dragged under Agata. I thought was a goner several coff Law a Bani Ivor Curre it Nta a Orrid Greathouse met Lam of i Tomt Kwh i Wiyu ii til a so by the first windstorm atm North East Edge of Anito a then believed to have a moved converging with an Toor moving a from the when toe two storm mentors yes verged the fund swept so wait directly East Deeth Ontog thing to its path As to a year effective Nat Wana Agio by action of toe Stoto spare 9i Mem of Iowa state Cotoio bad. To a Otoi bbl a with a a a a the Boum to in wednesday. i or. Hilton will succeed it was Plain How intr. That cob Clariee b. Friley. Who flu retire a Hotoi a Mneri m a darn Beed from the preside after it mrs. Had cooled worn Nady to Bow to or. Friley has been getting Fli the told Irahim a id a year on the Issue. I it la customary to pay identical incl cations were that the ways Aat Aritt to the Heads of Sui and and Mains committee would moot is. Anon. The Stratto appear envy the tlt.5to a year ulary is the Ono Ambir to move to High it Ever paid a state off dal. Tahi up the exsom anal la tax. A the governor receive i and bid objected a maj the Imp a supreme court justices get a of Ablio then a ii Wirtly worm go cd state College Tsi to to my to real Tod mra cuders. Neither Mai a in told to be an expert swin umm. By sans said Quot i Guam we aet aame new Rotor stir a Tutto weary from their River Battle Boto an Laid off work monday. Cute on Bla logs Bare wit Oom to Voto to Force the my to a commit is Kirin a Asp boat pm n. I. A Bra Lilin and Ott or a in life tog off the Ito i band air night. A blk my to gig Billii Mitol to Ivett a Quot to Ilir or Nam of toe by ter Laidi Filitsa were Adir Imi. Of steam Wito i a five of and a ii Ito of Ooin pm Pul out from new Yatfa Tor Phua i Alp to inn Day a min in. She in com Tomid told i Imp Day nigh. Ito Lvi Unutoa Jet Tot Jersey Gamt aria Tim Lilii do san Toa. In my Toi a my ded ton a tue or Magde. Bring a my m his ship s Alii braid Side task ally he ran to the Point for him ii Wonhar a a a Hadad and to pad a Hilvy hemp till mde to Leason at a in Mac. Do a sep Toalii Tom so Foo Thau coach Forest Bra she Shl Goto a year but a paid Horn athletic department funds rather Toan Tox my a Tong list of state off Dau win Siaa a it a Mitsn by in tog Lagatare. Them stole Wolfi Chou will get pay cute and pay of three others win remain the mum. Or. Edmund g. A Mmore who win honome Stote commissioner of Public health. Win be paid my a year. Amparo a Wito the Mem a Quot in Iii raffia or. Simmerer. As head of the Aalto department s cancer Central division had been getting in pm. Ethel t. Holm. Stato director of the commission or the Blind. Win get a raise from to 11.400 a year an i Cream of $1.-Mo Annu Auy. Bases of a year Wera Given District court judge. Most elective Stato of Leclau and several appointive Ott leers will get he year Inmam. Stassen steaks at a act convention Greta killed to Greathouse s suit go. Quot i never we Toibin of a Pray tog said Gru Tomm. Quot but now i just Don t know. Three Kudo m Iowa a mrs by the mme Ami prom two Minns Aoto a an and a Conn cd Bluffs truck Driver Wera killed to separate trs Ibi Aee Deata to Towa Over thi 9mk and. Killed Weri is l. Tonay h. And boy w. Of. A. Boto of Stone apes mid was h. Wal lace. N. Or a Iamb a taxi. The Minni Mii Iton Wera Kruid flirt a a imm tour Imam owls loft hmm Ray ii Ais Niimd Toto a Trae Abent ii Arf Toa Santo of Lowa Fatta. Waliam we pad saturday night after Bla Aladad Gasalla Ira apart Evar Toped an ugh Way g near Cornett by ilk. The trans Pori overturned after eol lading with an Auto a id i we turn tog Aff the Highway. Fimi i. Bpm sgt. T lira. Bes m. Fatm and sons of it Bailif. Km., Sipito the week a my at Toi imm if a Parana. Or. And int lamp Florien of Wii. At Anita the storm Brake Iff branches of trom and on the cum on u. S. G at the East onto Loti of the town u Una food a bin and tora up a Grove of too Matt the Frank Crawford place. A Dale the Highway to the no to b off own miss of Kim seem a a snapped off Traer the Bator to is a ufos East of Anita to Uddo a grave. At the farm Den paid by George Rar glm. Sort sweat of Adair Buo tags Wera Destra Yod. Bet thera Wanra no Homm on either Seis of improve Monis. First Raal fury of the Lanado was Foh at the Wahner Botto form 4h mites sont Weair of am. Where Leboy Betts of Casio escaped Wito facial lacerations and Back Bruise As the farm Home was demolished lust after he entered the dwell tip. About 10 other members of the family and neg Hon who had been making Hay at the farm found shelter in a Cave but Leboy Boca tie Sopar i Atad from the others and the storm struck just after he entered the Houm Wito he dog. Osboy reported he was name bochum of the suction of the Whid. To make h to the Cave and after he Gat into the hone. I crawled Nadir a Toto. The Torl Stor a need toe Hotoi Fram Ito tonn Dalton and smashed it to bite a few toot away Tham who found Lafato to the Cave film Tad to and Loisy wandering Arnand to a dam to the wreck age of the Houm. Which Hod col lapsed on a ear belonging to his Balhor. Bobert Balto of Dos motor. Another or to the farm Yard was also badly damaged and Only a Eon orto Wuh Toad the vie Lenra of the wind. Us Ion Tor of the annal is believed to have passed along a Gully a shirt Way Sonto of the build tags. Wito the suction in tag the Bull tags and their font site tote Toi fury if the Woods. Continued on Page soul m the Auto Todd asked the Beda to agree inn def stately to a a for signing a Ito Rean Tny of. Indicating they have either Yenpu add rebellious pro Dent syn min ohm to agr m an Anni Attee m have Dedde 1 go ahead without Hia Okay. Gen. Mark Laili. U. N. Mandy. Told ii bite Dri Verad at Fann Unow u. N. Or Nymand will n Torma a no the limit of pop i Molly my pm a a Jula ins a nor waa mauve ran after i Lon forbid to set Umal Mimi 3 Sonai envoy a Amor s. Bobet Tolski and Othir top u. 8. Ott Talat att Laib the mss tog waa m Cret the unc a Raad Toms to a i ahead Wito a tone Poona indies and to had found Home sort of Ashition to the Pra Tom of the Bora Soto Koran Toad a n to to Cpl Ihu papa ant Traen Tanto a to the Cut to flight on Alom to an Araia Tki to Alan so on to tent terms. Thera we a inn Detoto As ment firm ohm on Clark s latter. Fri Traw us Bok Fra Sid a arb Raif Retoar St ill Antum Kiranna War pria Onera and Utonn the Traon Jugi a Toi Nago Totan a Peora Ltd thi Verga Effly al a Rae the Bada into ipod angrily in a Furmato Irmi my la m. I nun dog in Citara of ton Fol my a ill and Assurance the unc will control ohm if an armial Fco wan a tories Ansira do Toad at al Leroy Betts of Cetz me pm a with fetal Cuta and Back int Iris whoa m ton Wio la villed a he hone of his of tour Walter by i Amati wet of Adair a by unto Alt Moon. About 20 tit a men min of a fit family found safety in a eave Beton to we tonn Strucic. But Leroy Boea Iiri spam Tod of a Xum ibo Otom and was in the Houm a Voien h we Lowed a a Alwyn in a he a Shper a two. Follow info to a Uinn he wms found Wendor ing around in too debris. Note Tho car of Robeto Bette of do Koinm Vira with i gift and two Phil it Dran. Were a pending the we lib and at Iho pm isl imme. It vim on of iwo can in to he which were Biily damaged i the Batann. In the it War Boito is a to Casar of the in Lar Lle Murphy in win. A aware he. Mcmurphy Tum kind and or. Mcmurt Juty mrio Udy injured. Mit. My Minthy a in Tho toni it the time and a Hub mid bad just driven into a a Yard. In. Mcmurphy s body Una found in rec Luis a of the homa More tiran an High Lei of a Milf East of the farmyard and or. Mcmurphy we a a a i in hit oar Bayo fid the warm Ltan a of a pm Hon i. S. Quot vhf Tea Nav Oisin in a a up a Fol la Toi Lisotta of is Stab lib Tob Snep Safo Finnida if Orci Leitoi Toram. 4. Us i or Bald i a tary in Moi. Bato Sider Cima tag a bid if thi Lento Kraan Nolfo be oct Odds to a Truro. S. Tim to la a a Dom authority of thi bin be of u. Rea. Which to an indans Ndel. Amr Ereign Plato. Int b it dog command Uto Bok army. E. Toto it tone Alitt omm Idan Tot prison of toil not an Snen i in far u b la a whined. Dark atom the or limit in Tel Oviad to that thi bulk wooo obese hit Roks along Sion it Eway soul m some Chi Nom communist troops a covered Texas Hopes for Federal Aid rain Dallas. Thu m a Farmers and ranchers of draught devastated by a tremendous artillery barrage Texas toddy hid their eyes cocked a roped into South korean Pott of two important development a hons today to a stun tag new a disaster Liaf program due to drive Ahng the Gateway to Seoul be annoy std to Washington and the Beds poum a division or promising Shin a Attiat started Man Mora into three Day old Battles thing the Stotri. For two outpost Hills to Milet due Secretary of agriculture Benson Norto of the capital just is South who Bacr the weekend inspected korean infantrymen had swept to Texas Droum areas and conferred the Crest of one of the Hills. With Farmers ranchers and state the of Tivious bed Atteck unusual official. Prato aed before return because it came to Broad Daylight ing to the ii bal that he would hit a two mile wide stretch on announce the Deteau of the and government must continue farm role says acc head % a it. Louis of. This Natton a successful leadership in the world depend largely on far Ems and jump it Timur a off he Anft the to an Cit Lens to America Harold Stessen. Mutos Security adm to it Gator. Said sunday. Stos Sra told detox atm to the convention of the National Assoc to Tion Lor the advancement of coloured peo to that Quot much Nora needs to in accomplished to the advancement of the Ooi ored Poi to with a he said Quot you also know that the Imp total a met a trame West Reet of toe world Dom not ran late War Toor dirt Tinag my Day night it How much Progress he been made m Wiat Ebe wer Towi to Limrite for had Imit Wipt for a we Aad has cd Tyty Low Iliad of alight a to a. A go tues a i Tom. con a mid a morally tour. Warm and Fca Aud of Huish pos Stouty go ii few to Tatum showers gum psf Ugto by the coloured Peoples wll hta America misunderstood Long. Lack of information and Quot deliberate distortion our on Elm Quot Combine to Pra sent s Tolse Pietura to other a new Yolk Ink top Bower farm official a Aid monday b k a Ora important to me Firgan by a Rel Nusly Low prior Thna to entry out no Pygon pram him to Nodura the government s Roto to or Cultura. Florid no Joha a Dovis of the agric Ukura dirt toot s g.tm.-0m.om commode a credit coppers Lien a a id Tenagli Gra to a crisis Brahm of Hon Tom. Declining Morete end of a tog incomes. Plus Pra Tom on the previous this a Tom b Nom wary. He mid Dentate . H e Thot the Govora mgt Quot Clito Tato full old Rolald restrictions on product go or Quot the Ihm programs Thot lion will he needed next year and a this Tethi Lime to put first things first. This is the time for action to make Pottoe support Elf Estivo despite the Quot a of the too ahead Davis said thera la no doubt that. U prasent Prim support programs Wera not to Eft out. Agriculture would be to a Dap Assad condition similar to that of the Thor Tom the acc president Laid part of the blame for the present farm sur the Westera front. The targets mini Stratia s emergency program Wera bloodied outpost ask and to Washington today. Bur Vivina a. Us Wulw it Lan i theft a Dilk Ottise by ought Rains to Bast Texas but Grill by a Jug Queeni at last report Tom reds held Boto. Only ought Tab w a a a. Y but fighting raged St the loot of they Rode 41a win that took Ujj. The outpost As the sturdy Roks the Edge Alf the heat wave and regrouped and counterattacked. Brought Raaum of nicking the thera was an unconfirmed report drought Over the Sute Wii Ivain r. Turner retired school custodian Dies Wlliam b. Turner n. Of gel Cedar retired Aua Otic school custodian died at u 4s test night at the Atlantic memorial Hospital where he had Ben a patient two weeks. Or. Turner was Ian at the Jackson building is years and was Alio a custodian at Tim he be Hoire. Rate tag seven years ago. He was born aug. Lillge al Wiota. The son of James and Sites Turner and grew to manhood thera. He was married to Atte tic to Agnes Christensen dec. 15.11� and later moved to Persia returning to quantic to 19�. Surviving Are the widow a son. For weeks the winds have brawn from the boat Host off the arid hot Deserto if Northern Mexico. Weather Bureau oct culs said As Long is the a lad ramsted to that direction. Ingra was Little Chance a kist bpm legislation. Bitsi taws have i said thera is not time to Ahiahi them to meet the prism mar Gaey. Quot granting that toe present form program has i aka Sims. Eer Tota kills is to Boa to hold Back and thai one red Hatteson 500 to no troops had broken past the height and was assault tag the allies heavy dug to line. Covered by Artlery that one Allied a weft said Hama red Hills Quot like an the communist that Texas a null get railed a to med Back Rok first Divi i to waa Hingten be p. Clerk Sion infantrymen who had clawed Thompson Ana Eunce sunday night up the Stan of outpost Bak. The that the Itomi agricultural sub Boks counted nearly 8.0� rounds committs m uhf Stock will Fly of Tara Ming red Artlery during to Texas the widay Tor an Tapec an eight Bour period in the Nar Tion tour of the drought Araas. Low front. I emergency Federal Relief a the american and South korean big farm of cheaper feed Price sup guns tac luding huge to Milia me port of us Erick. And credit win ter guns truck Back St the and be welcomed by Texas Farmer ii dancing chinese and their support and is Nobara but it can t Teke the area. Piece of what the state need the red Trust was another in most rata and Lote of to. A series the chinese have buried Lack of we Lar already has seared aeon red under Prin sup Parte at Souto korean unite to recent crops and Range lands. The Sciort than it storied with despite Quot the we Elul apparently aimed at Pun age has Bromne so Scute Tost Tome pledge to move to the opposite Ishing them for a slating an Armi ranchers by they Sre going to Tiei. Job ave to a Tori Hau tag water to Toibb the year after. Ito via said it we a Safe bet that the Eisenhower administration would end Ite first year to office Wito larger stocks of form products Calif. A Brather. Charies Turner of quantic a sister. Mrs. Neu sister Aboite and four grandchildren. Funeral services will be held wednesday afternoon at 2 o clock at the Taylor a Sanders Chad the Rev. Tom Fuhr Sofii Cheting. Ii ter ment will be to the Atlantic Cohao Tery. The kaon Dalia if Aad of Balmy to the total a i ton unc Pton Aid Ani array a id Uta Era about. Caarl a Ito Tor we id Dhoti a marshal Kitoi 0 Sung mib Raan Mma Dir Aad re Tow forum a mme pm Peng ii flt a Oto ipad in it we Mimi Abr Toi u. M. Mba Madar m to n few Hitoi fourth of mme fat so to Misson to Omraam Toi tary Fri into Sce Apt g Ritti Fra adar Mathilda Kinra farm Coaum Agha head of engineers Bro Rhood Dies Cleveland a James p. Shiels. �4. Head of the brotherhood i locomotive eni nears died monday Folta tag a Hurt at it tacit. Shields had been head of the 10.000 member Independent Union since july Imo. He was stricken to Bis office at no Ltd and died in route to a Boa Pital friends said it was his first attack and he had Benta a moral to health. Noon. Wib he held at 1 at the Hraf Toad of tamil it i att Oil at to Aegir Laramie Wal by to Tot oar in mrs. Piter i Bora it a�6 Laau we a a Tod to Wilbir at adar k Iii. Pm Uvada an bar Mayim Uto to a of Cuaar torn at hot ii Fis Hofto Totor mfg. Ito mra. M win Grandam Mara. It lev one Partito Mara Estuary a to be a dim Ito Dilton a

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