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Ashburton Guardian (Newspaper) - March 23, 1911, Ashburton, Canterbury Of Xxxi. Eio. 8325ashburton, m.2. Thursday March 23, 1911, Price a one in Enny shipping. The new zealand shipping company a line to let Mon via Monte video Teneriffe 1 and Plymouth. A lost modern passenger a i steamers in the Southern hemis phere. Tenet Onk amp a it Luahine 1 Lapehn i to torna0 Taranina probable i tons. S Inai pm Raj to flail about Wellington mar 9 Wellington april 6 Wellington May 4s Jirine 1 Iju Eie 29 a twin screw. Totalling at . A Quot triple screw. Accommodation is not surpassed by any other line. For further particulars apply Friedlander Bros. Ltd. Shaw. Sav1ll and Albion co., a limited. The largest passenger steamers in the new Zear land Trade e Yal mail steamers for London with Superior a com Tion for All classes of passengers calling at Monte video Teneriffe and Plymouth a steamers now fitted with c02 Patent fire extinguisher. Business notices. Only the trouble of. V Essel of Coli Otilio t arawak t Tiina to. Niort athenic9 tons from 12 �1 Wellington >972 Wellington 9957 Wellington i Aht Wellington 12234 i Wellington a Pate mar 23 apr 29 May 18 tune 15 Jay a twin screw. Trailing at Rio. National mortgage and Agency company Ltd., a o Nicoll Bros., i joint agents Wall Hanger business notices. New zealand insurance company Ltd. Established 1859.1 capital .-.�1,600,000 t he Premier an wealth est company. Noted for promptness and liberality. A Aid no capital re serves and undivided profits. £600,000. A irk and Marine risks also risks on growing crops. Lire Shing machines Etc., accepted at lowest current rates. Nicoli. Bros., agents Islington fertilisers. Est value in the Market Best fertilisers. F made of b�o8t material a cd condition. Unit to in. T special Lington b turnip Light land Good land heavy land Lington g turnip Lington m turnip Lington h turnip Lington potato and Mangel per phosphates Ine dust. Special mixing. Blood Slid Bono manure it sup Jeph Ltd hat my fractured on us most scientific principles. Nicg1l Bros., District agents. Henry patents Quot to j Hocini Isar Quot Hereford Street Christchurch in pallet free on application. European Agency iole8ale"1ndsnxs pro aptly executed at lowest pm a for ids of British and continent including a it a amp and stationery it Tsa shoes and leather. Micals and druggists Sundlee a earthenware and Gia Swarr a Lee motors and accessories i Erv millinery and piece Good. My Quot Goode and perfumery adware machinery end metals Vollery plate and watches biographic an optical Good visions and oilmen it stores Etc., a to. Mini Eaton 21 per cent to 5 Pel cent. Jde discounts allowed Ecial quotations on demand. Mpl<3 cases from �10 upwards Flig Mente of produce sold accounts ants sons. Established 1814 in Church Lane London _ address a a Annaire. London. We have just produced a Dainty hanging Booklet containing some two dozen millinery modes suitable for country residents. It is pretty enough to find a place on your Wall and. Useful enough to warrant a request for one to . Christ Church perils of the sea. A Steamer burned. Sydney March �2. The ferry Steamer. Zahidah caught fire at her moorings in the Parramatta River Early this morning and breaking Loose drifted in towards the Shore. She was burned at the water s Edge and Sank. Thefts of drapery. To thefts. Per press. Association. Dunedin March 22. Connection with tile drapery when tiie accused were before the court to Dav. It was stated by the police that the daughter had signed a statement admitting that received goods from a Man already on remand and that she knew they were stolen. Accused was reminded on Hail. In the Case against , the police said accused admitted taking some of the goods away Helsell and sending others in parcels a to Ner House. When the House was.searched1 a great variety of goods were discovered. I his accused was also remanded Ait bail. General Gable news. Some Downing Street tons. L sir Robert Walpole was prime minister who made ii he first per press association copyright. Britain. The countess of Chichester at Chester denounced the propaganda of. Tile mormons in England. She said that five Hundred and fifty five girls were decoded to Salt Lake cite last year and that Large colonies of mormons Hud been established at Tottenham Liverpool and a Taser. And in ire Lanch mrio Brien. In a letter to the times sfl3 s that he is deeply gratified at the print of conciliation of or John Redmond a recent speeches his declaration that the Irish nation must exclude no one. Of. Whatever race class. He begs or Redmond to restore Complete the nationalists by circulating Hig conciliatory speeches among the United Iriah a Eagle. A the times stares that the government proposes a month s parliamentary Holiday from May 2m-. A the parliamentary. Bill will be sent to the in it ads Early in May. A the serious debate on the Bill will take place after the Hoh Dav. Ift the House or commons. Or Hoate initiated a debate on a circular issued by the v divisional inspectors a a a ii pm Frt ors a Bhim ihedti8a Tion. Department a deprecating the appointment of cd ele icentary teachers As local inspectors suggesting that they were uncultured imperfectly educated prime mister who made Downing and socially inferior and claiming that Street his. Official residence he Refus i the inspector s should be. Educated at cd the offer of the House As a gift. Or Cambridge Larver Sitea or at lord North Pitt lord Grey lord a a in school. _ Melbourne Disraeli Gladstone. A fld al Runciman Sard that to did not Many others have resided her when r know of the Issue of the document in office. It was Here that Aubrey do and was merely vere the last Earl of Oxford died the pm of inspector s opinion. He a and t was Here too that the Earl of cub85 Quot a he a to of business notices. A our new department for nothing a merge by opens on a saturday the 11th _ insult a Simpsons tailor and a Fine Range of Are showing a splendid Stock of the famous make ready to Wear suits from 43/6, tweeds for made to measure suits from 59/6. We Are making this department Complete and exclusive for everything in men s apparel. The c. B Quot a men s Complete outfit department a the grand opening display of j Milt no by and a it children s hats. Sundown in the Arctic w arc coating a a reas ii foil Lovely record this ,. Al a millinery record that has never Loen approached suit in Ashburton. La Paliy Iho displays locally have pkg been of the very Ordinary kind that a might he seen almost anywhere. W list we Are changing All that. The handsome models Liat we Siivo imported from London Are unique in their magnificence. Plumage foliage and Clibbons abound in no mean Maimer on each of our hats and no two styles Are the least alike. The exclusiveness and originality of our mini fiery is unquestionable and we invite ladies to promenade our showroom and inspect the gorgeous array. A. In. Matron s and children a. Hats and bonnets a Are also particularly Strong. The dosing if would do credit to the most stylish fit Linfs in the largest cities but the additional inducement it offer yen u that our prices by comparison arc extremely moderate. Our autumn millinery is now on exhibition. We ask von to chill and see it without expecting you to buy. W. All to desire is that you should know of the profusion of a Beauty and wealth of artistic designs we Are stocking m Calilli. Nery for the 1911 autumn and Winter. Mitchell amp Turners Quot drapers of f 1 62 \ mss a what every woman knows. What every woman should know Limmis Are a a Kwh gives Are ice be to value 19% done 19109 White for a pair to on. The ninth of october All the eskimos in Camp turned out in a new Winter fur clothes. In these costumes nearly every variety of fur and Aki is found in the country was represented a Fox Bear Muskox Deer Seal end Hare with Bird skin shirts next the body. This Day apparently marked a period in the course of. Seasons a the Advent of the real Winter. We were on the threshold of the Long dismal nights at last. Over the world there came a new and Foai Fui stillness that seemed to speak of impending doom something intangible indescribable uncanny. We were at the foot of hum baht Glacier when the Sun Bado us a final Adieu for the Long Winter night not to appear again for Many months to come. As though to leave with us a pleasant memory of his visit his going was in an effulgence of glory and reluctant to go he lingered for a Little while below the horizon lighting the sky with a mass of marvellous colouring red purple and Orange reach ing upward from the White Earth into there keep Blue of the High heavens. For a time the prolonged Twilight remained but that too was presently Tost behind the dark curtain that shut from our world All warmth and Light. No words can adequately describe the awful pall of the Arctic night. It is unreal and terrible. Even the Moonlight is unnatural casting on the Snow and ice the wind swept rocks and the people themselves a Shade of ghastly indefinable greenish yellow. Shifting shadows flit among Joying ice Masse Stiko wraiths of departed spirits. A death like silence prevails to be broken Only by the startling and unexpected cracking of a Glacier with a sound of mighty Thunder clap or the smashing together of great ice. Floes with a report like heavy Cannon. In spite of one depression takes Possession of the soul a hopeless kind of unreasoning depression intense and severe As the cold May be any Active Man can stand it without serious suffering when a Little experiences teaches How for that acts Only on the physical being and can be guarded against j but the prolonged sunless night has a dire effect on the human mind which Only exercise and diversions can a Hunting with the eskimos a by Harry Whitney. A business notices. Colmans starch Orbat no other stir ii will do. A Linen s Enow White appear a perfect gloss and keeps it or than any Otho. It from your grocer and 1 substitute. A respect your id stood the tent of fuse. By it m. Keen a of food Blue. I, Good. Always reliable grand cooker. Heats splendidly. Economical in fuel. Strong a. Open fire acts first rate. Sup is the testimony of scores upon Eoo fes of users of the tamed a a Zealandia a if your want a first class Range let their experience be your guide and get the Zea Lunolia. Owing to new machinery to have Hben Able to reduce fire Price of our , open fire Range. Buy one Finif y a Quot get the Best ran amp of you Ever u he and save your purse too. Write for Pato Logne no. 26, or ask the Ironmonger. Barningham amp co., Ltd., George Street Dunedin Opp. Knox of Fiero Hampstead realisation Sale. Or Mcelry a 1s property. A about a amp a my 0x/�?od at 10 Cambridge streets and to pyor Road with dwelling Ofia Ether improvements not having been disposed of by auction i am prepared to receive otters for any portion of it viz., in 2 and 4-Aere blocks a on easy terms of pay j. Bullock for Sale b a it r h i l l. I acres with dwelling of 5 Iii rooms and conveniences also a stable trashed Etc. Good land Well w very a Uit ahle for energetic working Man with family being situated in Centre of Firat Clasa agricultural drs strict and Only Quarter mile fran a school. Full particulars on application. T. Bullock. Watch repairs. Watch repairs watch repairs. A watch repairs. Jewellery repairs jewellery repairs. Jewellery repairs. Jewellery repairs. Reliable workmanship. Reliable workmanship. Reliable workmanship. Reliable workmanship. Our charges considered lower than a any other jeweller in Canterbury. A i a Jav Youir repairs to us. Always a Quot r at Jones and sons Jhu manufacturing jewellers .278 High St. Near Bank of . M0n by to lend in sums of. £180 to �10,000, on Jun try and City Freehold at exceptionally Lew rates of interest a Vith option of repaying part or whole a urn on est Emoiy a Easo Nablo terms. Apply to any Agency of the government insurance department. J. A. Richardson Idour neut Luau Finco commis Siept t Chatham was taken after his fatal amp Vroon in the House of lords. \ it is reported that when sir al. Walpole removed from his official residence in Downing Street he found an old a in which his father bad set Dzwir his personal expenses. In. The three a months and ten Days to was m London one Winter As an , lie had Only of poured �64 7s 5d. Among the entries in this remarkable a. Book were Small sums for Nottingham a ale 18d for dinners j 5s to Bob we anole afterwards the Earl of another anecdote is told of a or Stuart a City Coal merchant Odio on becoming proprietor of the courier ,. Went to see lord , i Imd bluntly offered that minister the support of the paper which up to then had advocated totally different views in Exchange for Treasury patronage. Lord Grey indignantly rang Tho. Boil and told the Quot show a that gentleman to tie it was during the time that Pitt resided wastepaper baskets at Whitehall or receiving stolen goods or Balfour denounced or rim Ciman Lor his violence and invited him to apologise to or Hoare lord Selborne speaking at Glasgow said that Tho to Monist earnestly desired Reform of the House Olix it ads but there Wero left and right wings. He urged the right Wing that i inequality in Tho representation of a Uarte. Was a serious evil engendering a sense of injustice moreover without i reconstruction it was. Impossible to in lace the Crown outside p arty politics. I the opposition intended to propose in a Chioji with two More the follow a my methods election by county ils qualification by office selic i lion by hereditary Peers and nomination by Premier. The unionists pro it used that the House of lords should definitely renounce concern in finance i and that there should be. A strict provi against tacking. They wore ready to refer the decision to a committee autumn millinery. We Are now making our first display of new season s millinery in the show room and cordially invite our lady patrons to pay a. Visit of inspection a by s. S. A a Cori lithic a 8 gases of Choice new goods direct from London for autumn and Winter Wear these will be displayed in their various. Departments and we respectfully invite inspection and comparison. 33 g. Barrettes drapery millinery clothing Mercery amp Boot warehouse. He Hall a Downing Street that a the head ii born j composed of an equal number of Mem minister fell in love with Eleanor i Bers of a Bali House the speaker Breeden Trio daughter of lord Auckland aiding. Society interested an the i lord Selome will Complete his affair and it was fully expected that outline of reforms at Edinburgh to Day. The engagement would to publicly an a the King will invest the Prince of noun cd. Pitt however explained. In Wales on july 13. The Bishop of n Iong letter to lord Auckland that Bangor and a representative of the there were a decisive and insurmountable obstacles to the Union. Much correspondence followed. The father described his daughter As a Good generous Frank cheerful and Pitt in addition to being in financial difficulties was m a delicate state or health., and to adhered to ins former i decision although there can he Little doubt he had a sincere affection for miss Eden for when the latter afterwards married lord Lobart it is in ported that Pitt s heart was almost broken. To come to much later Nonconformists will conduct the if tin Ose la 1g St were 1 Fow people Are m or Gladstone to we fast parties in a Nam distinguished Pei who was generally Kious politician had a Side to his nature attractive. Hie mar described a a s one Long hoi m his earlier Davs lie As to be induced to is of his favourites was song a which had a a Giddy refrain a Ragamuffin husband and ing wife ave la fiddle it and scrap it through the tips and Downs of life. America and Japan. Tho american Consul has returned from he Formosa. He denies that Japan is Lotif Vitug Formosa for use As a base or operations against the Philippines. A tut lad t n a item. And United states and Mexico. A resident Taft announced that Hoer any intention to intervene forcibly in Mexico unless the conditions were of the gravest character. -1who troops were mobilised merely for ithe purpose of securing the United i r amp tates neutrality and at the same rime utelift1 a 1 in a teaming. The War a rumours were absurd. The troops would remain on the Border till july. Mexico had never protested against to Weir presence. Mooi could so i loathe the and Bend Iong. One i or following Antipol Canada parliament will probably Shelve the reciprocity debate in order to pass Supply before March 31. The oppose a a Tion proposes to obstruct and if Suc in this com Section it my be pointed _ in preventing Supply an Appeal out that Viscount Gladstone. Has inherited his fathers love of music and one of his lordships pleasures in life is to Zoiti in singing duets with his wife. The fundamental problem. To the country will be necessary. Australia. The police had to move Large crowds blocking the Street in front of a leading firms window where two masked. C women Wero appearing ill harem skirts. The fundamental problem of the Farmer in the Mossman District kind is to produce food for itself. Alj a estimate their losses through the Cyc food must grow out of the Earth and Jone at �20,000. Lin the sea. In the last analysis it Ali the Council of the Melbourne Cham depends on the vegetable cover or the i. 0 Commerce adopted a report from Earth. How to make the vegetable a Coni Mittee against the ratifying of the kingdom More productive to the needs declaration of London or the pawing of Man is therefore a problem that of the parliament Bill to give concerns All persons who at any a Zinie effect to tic declaration live in the world. Great and serious Tel it Cut att of the ate sir Malcolm study has been to this Tunda-1 \ crack Lien has been valued for probate mental problem in the last Century at whereof �150,000, in and the problem must increase m Victoria has been left to his family a Ortance As every new generation adds Hilp inc Scott High Tate has been left i to Tho population of the Earth. W.�5ti> his widow Are eradicating pestilence and tation and Are beginning to think a of Nutting an end to War All this i i i billiards. A per press association copyright. London March 22. F Stevenson is wilting to Plav Gray in May. Can Aplan am rican agree Kent sir William Lynes Quot statement. Per press association March 22. Or Beddoo Canadian Trade commissioner in reference to sir Quot William Lyne s Cah cd. Statement that if the reciprocity treat Between Canada and the United states woo ratified by tie Dominion parliament Canada would be annexed by the United states in eight or ten years and the British Empire would begin to disintegrate said that Theio was no such treaty but us Ely. An agreement susceptible of revocation by either parliament. He had been thirty years in Canada and. Had never heard annexation discussed. His i pvt Salon was that there was Torii my further from the aspirations of the canadians they Are democratic hut Wyula to the Empire and the King. Lha americans were not in syn apathy wit i Mona Chial government. In regard to the statement of sir William Van Horne that four fifths of the Canadian people were a opposed to the reciprocity agreement or Beddoe said that whatever the people think it was a fact that the try political Patio in Canada both advocated reciprocity without doubt. Irritation of the skin. Land. Bast Street land. Land. Have a Large selection of farms on or books for Sale andsha11 be pl0a3ed to have enquiries for an if them from into Dine purchasers. The following Are a few 880 a so a Ood All round farm close to Ashburton first pcs improvements and can be procured it i very.1 reasonable t57 a n�s4ry.ashtoin a a subdivide my Imd wfli1 of a a cd All imp.rovcment9 250 u Creamery it n first Jass order i401?,?8 l.i.p., Adjoint big Creamery Low rental. Owner desirous Seli it a immediately. Splendid order. Easy terms. 2000 or 5s grazing country grows splendid erotic sheep Yards 525 fenced amp a 780 acts ii Ltd am to a i wat station and school Well and on easy terms pm Perty which can be secured at a email Price Bros., Ltd., land and estate agents. 1 i compulsory military training. Per press association. Should prov the Hamim race to increase rapidly in the future but Tho future increase will probably depend j More on social and economic factors than on physical factors alone and the j j Foremost economic Factor is the facility j i at the difficulty with which the race Wellington March 22 May be fed. There have been Emp a on april 3 a proclamation relating sized two great Means of increasing Tho to compulsory military training will be production of p ant a by feeding the issued the proclamation Wlinich Lias Plant of fertilising the land and by already been prepared provides that better tillage and handling the soil. Every male inhabitant of now Zea both these Means by working with land who on the first Day of March the soil rather than with Tho Plant 1911, is Between the Ages of fourteen attack the problem indirectly. We Are and Twenty years inclusive and who now beginning to approach the pro is a British subject and has resided Biem directly by improving the Plant in new zealand for at least six itself and this method is known As months is required within sixty Days Plant Breeding. In the Long processes of the Date of the notice to fill in a of domestication plants have been a prescribed form of registration in re Ever have any irritation of the skin there Are Many forms of it any of them bad enough to tax your patience. Piles a plague of the night. No rest for the sufferer from that coins faint. Hives done to sound dangerous but they cans much misery to those in j fortunate enough to be troubled with them. Eczema too. The most. Torturing and obstinate or. Ail skin diseases. But Doans ointment cures a very skin trouble. No such ailment Call resist its Healing soothing influence. I pts of people know this now mrs Good Date of Cox Ashburton says a do apr a ointment is to Liy splendid of Tho Fly Lin i strongly this preparation having used it for pimples Undt rashes and also for nettle rash. It is surprisingly soothing and allays irritation of the skin very quickly. Doans ointment is Good to Nave in Tho House always Ana no Home should be without it. I got this preparation at the drug company a store a Doans Oil foment is a splendid remedy the skin and will cure piles eczema hives sores insect bites. Chilblains Etc. It is perfectly Safe and very effective. Doans ointment is sold by All. Chemists and storekeepers at 3s per pot or will Post from on receipt of Price by Foster Mcclellan company 76 Pitt Street Sydney. A. A but by sure you get Doans greatly improved. To understand How Graf has been the a evolution Pundor the Kiaie Tea represents minimum Quality at minimum Cost. Better Tea you can to of Bijj anywhere. Its to Rich go pure be Good. Coupons la every packet. 1/3 i a i to a a a a Ito a its Manchester be in. What a Fine baby yes in t be p a Strong As b Young lion. He was delicate at Szefc. But we gave him Robinsons Patent groats in Tore with Robinson s Patent Barley he oomph Wisd to improve right away. It makes such 6 cd a building up food. Baker Bros., Complete furnishing undertakers. Telephone 69. Riisness address Corner Case Strep and vakis u Road. Private Rea Denee Corner Cass and Cameron streets. Holland blinds made by geese Ltd of chri8tchuroh in Niton Sutto 8e3t materials strongly sewn neatly finished a Pir act eat mph of perfect Workman a hip see Sample at w. H. Colum a and cd. Hand of Man inc hag Only to a Piparo Tho original Wrd species from which our Domestic plants have come with these plants themselves. The wild Apple of the South Western Asia is a poor and crabbed Little fruit but the Domestic varieties of our time cover All seasons and colours and. Flavours and in size and shape Are wonderful 4 in Range and variety. The wild perennial rooted cabbage of tie Chalk Cliffs of Dover gives. Scarcely a hint of the heading cabbages the cauliflower the Button Brussels sprouts and the other annuals that have been developed of som it. The wild roses have Given marvellous ofe Primig. Heys amp Bave run. Into thousands of curious and monstrous forms. Nearly every Plant that Man has grown for a few can Turies Hab multiplied in form so that our catalogues of the varieties have grown to be burdensome in bulk. And now forms Ore continuously appearing. Some of these Domestic plants have developed so far away from their wild Spect of military training Pudor who def Ilpo act a arid to the Iii tip to the nearest defence office or to deliver it to any officer or non commiss is Oneal officer of the permanent staff in the territorial area in which the applicant for registration resides. Forms a of application May be obtained at any a a Osic office or police station. Any per. I soil to whom the notice applies who �o11 fails to take any step necessary to secure his registration As aforesaid is liable to a Fine of �5, and shall not be eligible for employment. In any Branch of the government service. Tho registration form require the signatory to affix his full name and address Date of birth tip Pip of Pili Ployer whether married or single arid military service if any. There Are also questions a to whether Tho signatory is in Possession of a horse for mounted Rifle work and if he is willing to use it for military training whether he is an apprentice and whether he is attending an educational establishment. Ginals that these originals cannot be recognised and it is possible though hardly probable that m some Ca a originals Are now extinct. To do not certainly. Know the wild species of what and turnips peach and Sweet potato and Many others. The evolution of Tea Parji of the vegetable kingdom that Rhian has approx naked to his uses has been marvellously varied and if any plants Are entitled to be Cauce species a pm of the a do Petig races must be included in that category do not go to the expense of calling in a doctor when you sprain your ankle. Bathe your foot and ankle in water us hot As can a it a borne and rub in Chamberlain s pain Balm freely. Repeat the ubbing several times and in two or three Days you will be Able to get about and will be quite cured in less than a week. Sold by All chemists and storekeepers. Tennis. Per Presa association copyright Paris March 22. Wilding Yon Trio 4 of the South of France at Nice defeating do cuts by p�?7j 6�?0, 6�?3. A Throat habits. A cough a Hack in Clearing the Throat May Horonie he hit. They Hogin with a cold and keep comin Quot automatic Caily after the cold has finished. A slight exercise of the will and of chamberlains cough remedy will soon rid you of this constant annoyance chamberlains cough remedy has a prompt specific action on the Throat or air passages. Sold by All chemists and storekeepers. 5 of Clochi thousands of new zealand families Are glad to hear the. Clock strike five but Cauca they Toa to Mil brings a with it ?. Refreshing cup of Raven Tea the Tea that tastes or 1/6 1/0 1/iq a in la. A Undrill amp great Stock taking Sale of up Iodate furniture and furnishings a few examples. Duchesse1chls�s 42s brass rail bedsteads full raze,1 at 30�z note address reduced to 36s bad drawing room &u1tes Itom a. £6 10s 2-.Yard wide1 linoleum a. 3s 3d per Yard Oil cloth from. Is 3d per Yard Hearth rugs w a a a from. 1s lid to�?T50s mats1, from. Is to 7s 61. Toilet. Sets dinner and Tea sets. All reduced to Sale prices t. H. Undrill amp co. House furnishes and importers Tancred Street opposite Arcade 1 32 Waeghe watches reihe Success of every Man is More Oil less affected by the accuracy of the watch he carries. A Large consignment of our famous 7 Quot Nickel levee watches is just to hand. Testimonials have been received by us from. All parts of the county regarding the reliability of these watches. Of sry watch guaranteed Foft two years. Post free for.so/-. Robilliard amp son. Watchmakers and jewellers next Bank of . East Street.1.74 All leading grocers Wii old Ali r0yi�zs Bess. Amp bark Ltd. The Rieko of the isme. U h. With to Yourcak a bake. Make the Jam. Vave a splendid heat the Abate. Boil the clothes. Ani a a warm their am a v.,. 1 1 a backs a lot of 1a Roundel january 1st will be reduced to 7/6 per 1000 cubic feet Ashburton Gas Coal amp Coke co. It
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