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Search major newspaper publications throughout New Zealand, or look through small town news, in smaller newspaper companies. Browse through 20 publications in New Zealand to read historical news articles and experience the past. Read historical New Zealand news from your family's hometown, or discover a new perspective of history through popular Auckland Star newspaper publishers. Browse through publications like Auckland Star, Nelson Colonist, and Ashburton Guardian.

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Newspaper Archive has 20 publications in 15 cities in New Zealand. Narrow your search results by location and find ancestors, stories, and historical news articles. We are constantly adding New Zealand records to our archive from cities all across the country, so we can ensure that you can find your family stories and historical news of impactful events.

Newspaper Archive reaches out to libraries, historical societies, and newspaper publishers to collect newspapers from small towns and big cities. Search the big cities to learn about state and national news, or browse your hometown paper to discover your family history and get back to your roots.

New Zealand Newspapers from 1843 to 1948

Browse through New Zealand newspapers dating back to 1843. Search by name, keyword, date, location, or publication. Dive deep into the history of New Zealand and follow the news as far back as 22 Apr, 1843 up to the 1948. Read about each day, month, year, or era of New Zealand.

Narrow your results using the Advanced Search, to research events, historical figures, and historical locations. Come face to face with your heroes from the past and come up against the world-changing events that came before you.

Researching New Zealand Newspaper Records

Search newspapers in New Zealand archives to further your genealogical research and your historical research. Whether you are looking for ancestors or events, Newspaper Archive is full of New Zealand newspapers to facilitate your research. Find New Zealand obituaries, New Zealand marriage announcements, New Zealand birth announcments and other vital record types in newspapers. Newspapers often fill the gaps in vital records!

Search by name to find family and grow your family tree as you find names, dates, and personal events in old Auckland Star newspapers. Read about historical figures, politicians, political figures, and religious martyrs. Discover stories about people, read their legacies, and experience the past.

Or take a closer look at events that changed the country and the world by searching with keywords. Research wars, technological triumphs, natural disasters, and country-wide celebrations. Experience the past as if you were there. Learn about those who came before. Discover the world behind you.

New Zealand Family History Research

While church records and government records are a great basis for family history, they don't always give you everything you need. Newspapers are an excellent addition to other genealogy sources. They can provide you with names, dates, and events that will help you trace your family line back further. Grow your family tree with the vital information you can find in historical newspapers. Look for brith, marriage, and death records in New Zealand newspaper records.

While names and dates are important, family history is about more than that. Take your genealogical research to the next level by finding stories about your ancestors. Clip Auckland Star newsarticles and save them to your collection or attach them to people.

Historical New Zealand newspapers have so much to offer when it comes to family stories and important life events. A death certificate will let you know who died and when they died, but an obituary from a newspaper will give you a snapshot of your ancestor's life, what they were known for in the community, and how their family remembered them.

Additional New Zealand Newspaper FAQs

Auckland Star historical newspapers have so many stories about the past, you only have to look for them. See these FAQs or hop over to the Help Center if you aren't sure where to start.

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