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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 4

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Flagstaff, ArizonaThe Sun Flagstaff Ari Zorin. Saturday december 28, 3957 i need Driver training if a factory Oran office is orbited inefficiently you can t necessarily remedy the trouble by installing u new Boss or a new the problem May by time lie deep in the habits of the Ordinary work ing Force. Bad habits once established Are hard to eradicate. s the same in driving an automobile. That s Why it makes such Good sense to gel pm Young and teach driving correctly from the beginning. This is the theory that lies behind driving courses in High school. Sound habits become fixed before bad ones can develop mid take hold. And the school trained Driver Call go but onto the streets and highways better Prospect of n void ing an Accident. Unhappily has not been put into As widely is it should. This year some1-40 per cent of All the nation s High school students eligible for such training will actually receive reasonably Complete. Instruction. The other 60 per. Cent will get insufficient training or none. Only Michigan and Connecticut re quire that 16 and 17-year-Olds seeking a Driver s License must first pass a Driver education course. Altogether just 12 of the 18 stains rate training programs vital enough to Merit financial Aid to the schools for that purpose. Of the nation s High schools about 50 per cent with some students involved offer driving instruction. Offhand this sounds fairly impressive. But too Many give guidance Only on a mass actual Road consider such instruction inadequate surveys indicate automobile Deal ers insurance firms and numerous from the National Down do their that or incr Are not in High schools seems of Law makers at the this is not a a in most such education. Case of Laws places the Laws do not exist. The a record of neglect and and it makes a mockery of Over High Casu Alty lists that May express in states that or nothing it sail rather. Unimportant in the Light of Suji Finks remember that in 19c6. Young Drivers lost their lives were injured. V .-1 a critical indicator thus fir mobiles hive a. Disappointing. New business if such fact that such major producers pcs Ford Are laying off sizable members of their employees. Inevitably this has poor news for the Economy for we All know role the Auto makers play in the total business picture. H is smaller role than it once was the growth of activities like the chemical Industry and the wider Reli Ajce on service trades. But its Swath Industry is still impressive. Recently the1 american finance con Ference an. Organization of automobile companies reminded us of in int that Industry in if ski 1 consumed 64.8vper. Of the natural rubber and161 the synthetic rubber used in this 424 Pel cent of the Lead 42 per cent of the Sheet steel which also goes for ice boxes stoves Etc arid-28.per cent of the Zinc list could be length ened to materials in lesser amounts t if Idos Wito be a Good year generally things obviously will have to improve substantially that draws so heavily on other Fields. The country needs the tonic of a Busy Detroit. Side nato meet in not unite divided West by Joseph Alsop v a Vav you think of to nato co v Ference depends entirely on what Rod you use. Lit Washington billed the portentous meeting of Western Heads of state in forty Bor Row a phrase from an Eisenhower administration House Organ. Yet the meeting Doltl not reunite singly divided West. It Only plastered Over the cracks in the facade. It did riot innate a great new Effort to remedy the dangerous new tilt of the world balance of Power. It Only set in motion certain adjustments of nato s Mili Lory machinery which will strengthen the purely Lociel defense of Western Europe. Plastering a Rafca can be helpful if the time thus gained is used for fundamental repairs. The local defense of Western Europe is a vital purpose of the europeans eyes Al most the Wile purpose of nato All the Sorne if this meeting s results Are to be described As then it to be. Said that the portents Are More than a Little Dos tubing the Post kits Are plainly implied in the military arrangements that been mud. nato medium Range missiles Aie to tre supplied to1 those1 nations that want them. Nuclear warheads for missiles and other nato weapons arc also to be supplied to the nato commander. Gen. Lauris not Tod rapacity As Ameri can commander in Europe. American officers will retain custody of the nuclear warheads until doomsday As one May reasonably describe the Duy when u great nuclear War the warheads cannot be married to their destined weapons without authorization from the. President of the United states same Token the nato com Mander cannot fire any of his missiles without authorization from the governments that choose to have missile emplacements on their soil. No one has explained How this cumbersome consultative system can work enough to insure the necessary instantaneous riposte to i soviet nuclear missile Surprise attack. What if the president or another head of state is playing Golf for instance but perhaps the obvious practical hugs in the system be eliminated in the course of the negotiations that Gen. Norstad has been charged with con ducting. But there is another Point about this sys tem which is clearly not going to be. Altered by negotiation. The consultation requirement will not be abandoned altogether. Thus this is not. A system of truly collective defense. In Sumid it is the beginning of a system of purely National defense behind the nato International facade. This pattern of purely National defense within nato was first set by the British when they derided to build their own nuclear striking Power just in Case the americans Don t want to risk new York and Washington for London Ami the French too will have missiles plus nuclear under their own control in a couple of years. Others May follow. But even among. Those nations unlikely Ever to their own nuclear weapons this conference has shown a new spirit in nato. Every nation represented at the coun cil table including the upon consultation before any missile riposte is delivered from its own soil. That implies a Strong Una vowed tendency not to risk London or Paris or Home or Bonn for the Sake of Washington Ami new York. To fact All the feet in nato am exactly fitted by the shoe described n the British justification of their own National defense decision. I this was not the spirit when nato founded. Then the threat to be guarded against was die threat of an attack by the red army. Then the free nations had not been exposed to 1 the terrible psychological pressure of the weapons that ran literally destroy the human race on Earth. Then in one bad any doubts that All Mikl together lest All Hance separately. A jew of the pressure of the absolute weapons of a new Road Awny from truly collective Western defense prob Ihly could not have been avoided. Yet a step on this Road the Paris meeting has cer Tanly been a portent. In sum the nato meeting has shown the classic symptoms that Are always produced by a dangerous tilt in the Power balance. These Are first a loosening of alliances on the Side that has been weakened second a tendency to week interminable with the Side that hns grown stronger febrile hone that the Strong will not insist upon the. Logic of their strength. Lift free showed these symptoms when Hitler the european Power balance in the thirties. They Are annealing apr in. Be cause a of the Power balance has by the shocking neglect of Farner lobbyists and pressure groups agree no longer does any Ina or farm group in Jenarl the Prospect of n completely competitive completely unregulated farm econ says Gordon k. Zimmer Man of the National it is 011 kind of support the government gives to agriculture and How much that farm Organ Linns Dis crop there is a do piste danger of Inisi i Esen lotion in trying to condense policy statements of these their resolutions and recommendations show As much variety As n Field of weeds. Rut in Over simplified form their positions line up about like this Bureau federa Tion wants a minimum of govern ment interference t and maximum return to free Market. Records of the. Commodity credit corporation offer a team menial to the futility of port says Warren e. Collins of afr. " if we ire willing to face up to realities we can build up a Strong prosperous ag-1" makes any general solution of the Economy. In Triesc efforts however let us Holcome Ever More conscious there arc definite limits to what government Price supports can contribute to this Contr a st to f at with 1 he statement of j. A. Baker of i tonal Farmers Union Amend ing existing farm programs in the direction of a free Market and full flexibility will Sci Ikon the farm ers in Silion. Still lower Price sup ports still higher credit and still higher interest rates would reduce farm income increase Joseph Parker o f National Grange is spokesman for a domes lie partly plan which his Organiza Tion hns been pushing for wheat for a number of years. It is a Complex arrangement wider which Ohi a Farmer would he issued a negotiable for his share of the Domestic wheat crop Prev diced for food. Surplus production would to disc word of in exports at free world Market prices. The complexity of american agriculture with its Many products by Galbraith carnival by Dick Turner pathways old memories 10 ago mrs. Mary Stewart left for Lier Humo in los Afler spend ins Christmas with Hor pin cats or. Incl mrs. Jim Massey. Or. Nyrl mrs Gerald Epperson return in from farming on n.m., they spent Christmas with mrs. Mary Rodriguez and Ler. Mrs. Felice son returned from Simla be. N.m., where they spent Christmas Wilh mrs. Rodriguez. Daughter mrs. Lorin Gonzales and family. 125 years ago Winslow s dry Imp was repealed at a sic Lii session of cily coun cil after Iho Council was informed farm problem almost unworkable from the Start. John d. Black of Harvard Lias recently made a a tidy of trying to solve the Many farm problems on a commodity basis instead of All together. To implement this approach a new National association of commodity organizations has now been formed. It is made up of livestock Dairy and Cotton farm ers groups. It is trying to get them to agree on a program to present to Congress next year. But it is finding the going difficult. Livestock raisers who Aren t too bad off under present prices hav no program and apparently Don t want one. Feed Grain raisers present an other facet of this problem for most of their production is con. Fumed on the farm. Dairymen chiefly represented by National federation. Of milk producers have a self help plan of. Their own. But Rhey Are having difficulty in cresting others groups in to their ideas. Many Cotton Farmers favor direct government payments As subsidies for Cotton said at lower prices in Export markets. This plan meets Strong opposition from the . Textile Industry which this to fight cheap Cotton imports on the Domestic Market. Kenneth Hood of american farm Bureau federation warns that commodity groups go ing in Many different directions in this -.fashion, bring unfold confusion. And there you have the essence of the farm problem. You arc Man Touny or tiny hair would t you to to i com love you for was the first United Stales ambassador to the soviet that to Law was in conflict with. The National prohibition act. Which bullitt permitted he use of medicinal it quor. Mrs. Faith returned it iwo Lime in Long Beach after a in Ilay visit Wilh the k. T. W. Coulters. So years ago j. G. Reynolds of Asheville. arrived to make his Home in staff. A. A. Dillon re Lurnel from Phoenix Una Tucson where he How old is London s West Minster Hall built by William 11 in 1c99 spent two weeks. Marjorif Sisson a Slu Donl in los Angeles spent the Hoff plays in any natural tunnels used by american railroads natural the Southern railway in Southwest Virginia is believed to be the Only one in world used by a rail Road. publishing co. Flagstaff Arizona Platt Cline publisher and editor a what was the of the ship thai carried sir Francis Drake around the world.? Hind. Was the first Fly the Atlantic Earhart on june 17, 1928. The plane was piloted by Wil a in what country is Jai Alai a popular sport Many states is Yellowstone National Park located Montana and Idaho. Commercial life by running away from it by Bovle i am curious about every thins Everglades Fla. Some. T see plants animals men find life by trying to run. Marine said away from it. Attiat is a bi1 Brawny 46-year old commercial Fisherman wow goes around without shoes and has feet so Tough he. Can strike a match on Mem or walk across broken Glass without injury. I like the feel of the said Bud. I bought a. New pair married schoolteacher in 1940 Bud. Met and married Kappy Stephens a local school teacher six years ago at the age 40 he decided he could do with a More schooling so he spent a year As a1 special student at the University or Miami. He supported his wife and two mean of. Shoes when i got married and Whilo. By the Sale of wild orchids when t gave them away 10 years he gathered from the swamps. Juter they were still As Good As now is at a second pc does t mind that strangers consider it a Odd for a Man his age 1o go around shoeless. All his life Bud has worried Little about the opinions of others. Bud went Only to the eighth Grade in school. In ,19i30, when to was 19, he wearied of trying to find factory work he left his native Rochester n. V., and came Neve to one o America s last wilderness. Tired of i was a Little sour on i was tired of conformity and wanted a breath of fresh air in my like Thoreau he wanted to get away from civilization. But he did far better Job of it than the Sage of War fun Pond. Jud plunged atone into the heart of the Everglades and lived there alone for. More than four years. To live off the land a thing any Man can do if he is put to he said. Bud emerged from time to time Only to sell Iho skins of Coon ant alligators he trapped. As the months years passed Bud s anger against civilization ebbed but his fascination world of nature around him grew stronger. In his he. He is recon nil As one of the Best fishermen in the it is today a poor paying business. He averages univ tier. A week. When i asked him what was the greatest thing he had Learned from his solitary so this watery wilderness he said with Oul lies Laling degree of Toler after some wives Shiv Hubby their new clothes they probably think the Only taste he has is in his Mouth. Little Liz sometimes the employees get Soma fringe benefits it leaves Rock Nav in Fornall. Practical purposes the first self propelled land vehicle Wilh an engine was built in 1769 by a Frenchman Nirh Las Joseph c Ugnit. Aug not s primitive automobile was a cumbersome three wheeled cart with a steam engine and an enormous boiler. A Hough it would actually run it could i Ravel at Only about three Miles an hour and had to Stop every 100 feet or so to get up steam. E Bri Marinica or. Ency Lopell. By Hank sweetie pie by Nadine Soltzer president signed the Law outlawing the com minut to in the United state

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