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Arizona Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 2

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Arizona Daily Sun (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Flagstaff, ArizonaBy Bill Deaver. it v Ftnat of Ftp. It la be another year before Sania makes the rounds. As tic holidays spend them selves Niobe and More Home and tree decorations Are removed placed in st Orrigo for the Chrls mus Sei Isoo. Many feel that following the l try of the new year holidays have been fairly com Bui there Are others who have asked this question Why wuss t there any Giris Mas lighting con test this. Limp. For Flagstaff list aged chamber and Alpine. Presiderif-1 Biu its it i plans weres in Eric Fod in1 put such our whole Christmas program got clobbered j who said the Jaycees a maily plan big things each added that cer Tain commitments. Triay have helped this year we planned a dissolved. Parade a d big fireworks hailing the Start of the Christmas season this year we did t1 1jjet-1 airy corpor Agliori from certain Irr in town who had pledged it " the ceremonious grand opening to the Yule season was scheduled the first wee of december. Ornaments and lights were to have by then and All to h Aye been iness for a hallelujah season. A just did t turn out that Way. The lights weren t put up the Coil Csc. Plam never a . Chris Tina recordings weren t whole Chinu was or messed so about it s a whole year plan Foi holidays. To conversation the to be con granulated for their. Sinta . For the fourth tji Anks to Ilie Saint. Nick made his official visit to Flagstaff and distributed bags of Candy fruits and nuts. The Jaycees would like the Vargiu Christmas program to. Them selves says Tuik fold Sci greedy no it s just that Krivov they can t depend pm. F the Jet a joint we d just As soon do the Vyole thing Tuckfield comments. Want successful program. But apparently this year there were too Many Velvah who requested a delay in draft so he participate filming of a new movie is. More than just a Symbol for teenagers told their Depest emotional and parents who cant understand this have run out of ill earns say pair of University professors. Or James Baxter Cornel University professor of psychiatry arid his wife. Annette a Bunard University to ii Hur slate their on Elvis the Nakina Phe and authentic barome Ter of the in an article Titiev the Man in the Blue suede shoes in january. Missile of Harper s. Magazine. The authors parcels have run out of dreams and need no More because they Are already ranch style Organiza Tion Man aral. Exalted com Niu Nily status have outrun what they brought from a meager rest and adults Are too delightedly clutching these Tang Ible evidences of a dream come True to bother projecting a More fanciful the Harper s article says. Today set continues Don t understand that their off Spring a generation of poor Lille Rich children Lioni to part of the postwar Bonanza has the Power to enthral remain desperately in need of an meet this historic gency Elvis from Tupelo. is blessed not Only Vilh but with authentic southerners t Host ohm Wildurr at Asp Kun. Urn by it c. Burgo i lob win in her 6, iw4, reportedly first photo Ever taken by Mihili photo of nip Lier in Flagstaff. Tiutin past six years credit. Financed Wiles of new automobiles have risen from .46 to 63 out of every 100 sold the Bank of Chicago reports factors that in crease instalment buy ing Are High birth rate Home ownership suburban n growing list of consumer items that now considered necessities by Young families. V it is now estimated that credit financed Auto contracts total 2.fr, billion yearly. To to time who May. Feel pm pet Flagstaff s and Only Flag staff s 1 Telephone dealing prefix take Hole of the prefix in Anaheim Calif. Pro sport 4. How Urh Mountain Stales Tel and Tel information says it niemans nothing. As Jong As there Aren i two similar prefix exchanges in Trie same v a office Gal went to o Contact the Phoenix and find 6ut Stone specific information about the dealing system. Between and 400 Nanies Are for Telephone prefixes throughout the . Although her information is strictly technical and. Somewhat confusing she implied that it All concerns preparations being made for. Nationwide add direct Dis Tance flak Stafl have add by 1955 or so and May . In 57 was fat Happy by Jan was Mallow a. P. News if at Happy. Ond Hulf that s the essential picture of America in which emerged from the testimony of witness after witness before the Senate com Mittee investigating Why this country fell behind Russia in the military weapons of the future. So 1958 will be a kind of gymnasium for us to get Back in How to do it How to drive a democracy into h dictatorship by1 some sacrifices without Relin Qulici Lig so the 1 Iber ties is the problem. Facing con Gress next year Tolj cars that Bun Ieti that Cost Money. We by duh t fam appliances and better cd Hes. We put Cut. We we re Well fed con tent s to save a thar. All out tin Sile have on the they got their Cartr Herelen first f the kreinnn1 Cawili 84 As it pleased it of i Jed to a in if tw1 a up wild and Comsh t. I acid to did.1, v but to fish Ini Llyia ing while it i Imperf its into War Tai would 1 leave at their some. Day it a t the like Ihk join. Hap a r a when wms Arr in and to Ttoe Worth sat by then unarmed and unan icing hiding behind the Mirage of isolation limping that if we did t look he might go away. We were Lucky then. On our Side we had time and distance. When he did strike we had Between us and him an Atlantic Ocean and friends in Europe who took his wows to give us time to come to our senses and build up enough strength to strangle him. But our isolation is gone. Rus Sian missiles soon should be Able to Span the Ocean in minutes. If the new kind of War comes Well either be ready or have to. Be ready to we Don t know How have to get ready. Democracy like this one Fefie crises has happened in past wars As a people Zolun Tarry vote away Sony liberties and for Edmi in order to get them Back by overcoming the the cold War with Russia lasts Jong enough and becomes intense if s possible Irye feel h to Sac Iryce some lib before is fired. Jit is even the a Trug for surya Val against i Tutor Imp that we. Might vote. Pure Yves Inlo dictatorship auth Bligh no Sigil now Tjia t such a step or Fri Titi Ori Ibie american hta tory rial May not Jip for. Yean. A had nine one de Vil her to the continued from Page 1 i Illren Nti two step great grandchildren. Katl Soin student she so tooled at Emerson staff s first modern educational Plant and aside from a five Tonth stay in kan., a seven month visit in los Angeles three years in it. and n.m., has lived her entire Ife Here. _ _ her schooling ended after if Lith Grade graduation. During the time he was learning her three is she attended classes Wilh it least two others now living Here besides lev postmaster brother. John. They ire mrs. John Hill and mrs. Ethel Lockwood Grant. Wallace Remmel of her. Teachers were ten Hessy Grace Outton her s is Terrin Law mrs. Anderson later serve to Jis a Inch or at Emerson. Ethel s return to Flagstaff from los Angeles led to n momentous horseback ride in which she was in own and suffered a badly broken ankle that Laid her up most part of a year. Bit it wills in. June the following year 21 years and 10 Days to be exact from the time of nor los. Angeles Hirish june 6, 1883. Or Wallace and his new mrs. Ived six weeks at mormon Lake where nine years later they obtained land to Homestead. He was one of three Ranye riders in this area for . Forest service. Her husband turned solely to the cattle Trade a business which forced their move to new for three years when times were hard in. Flagstaff and the cat la Market skimpy. Father a potato Kino mrs. Wallace s father Well Ikin a Spud Anderson was recon teed As i he Ato growing sing of the Northern Arizona territory. He Homestead to what is now the Creighton ranch North of Flag staff where Ethel was raised As a youngster. S my father grew potatoes the like of which i be never seen mrs. Wallace remarked. He had a Good Market for them and shipped Many out of town. Babbitt s were among his Best she recalls that in those Days her father sold his spuds at the rate of a Dollar a Hundred pounds. How about bad water Rimes in Flag staff mrs. Wallace ably re members a Long drouth similar to the one that peaked Here in 195s 56, that resulted in foreclosure of her father s cattle Enterprise in the first few years of the nineteenth Century. A cloudburst in August of 04 brought a Long awaited end to an extensive dry spell that had lasted for eight mrs. Wallace re counts. Following that we experienced some Good wet years and it seems to have always been the Pat Tern Here or eight dry years it turn by several Good moisture years. Maybe we re at the Start of an other wet she says Hope fully. Heavy Wink re there were other heavy Winters in Flagstaff besides the big one of ims that a left up to six feet of Snow of the level. Of one time. That in 1916 the year she member of he Federated Church Snow piled the old orpheus theater and caused its roof to Cave in luckily it came when the picture House empty so no one was when she was in school four barrels of Hau cd daily from old town Springs at the Rale of 25 cents a barrel served the Emerson her marriage at the age of 21 ended an a Rowoth it that was nothing compared to the engaged Erit of Ler brother Hugh Neil Margaret Wallace. They were engaged for 13 years before. Mai tying. She was Only 13 when the Promise was Mads and 26 when she kept it the Andersons nit Wal laces became Good family friends and played prominent roles in the in Nual fourth of july i forty Omner celebrations staged at the City s old Racetrack the South Side of town. I that was the predecessor to to Day s famous Southwest All Indian pow wow staged for a three Day run around each fourth of july More on the history of Flagstaff soil District gains told at meeting note William a Thompson is the new Coconino county i Range conservationist a the of iced of also serves As supervisor of the Agua fria . Soil conservation Pis Ricl i a Vinniti county Ami owns a ranch at in this article he will Endeavor to explain the current Federal v pro soil conservation District supervisors of to san Francisco peaks District recently held their big annual meeting and Revi wet accomplishments in the year 1957. They also nut lined the Wmk they Hope to Complete in 1958. It Pineir belief that while Ninny people in ill in agriculture my in other businesses did know the work and value of the soil conservation District program still Many others did not. Particularly they this True of their program on Range lands which is relatively new in Arizona. To begin with a rancher who de conservation help on his ranch deals directly with his soil men who like himself Are local Farmers and ranchers. These men an facing the same problems As other Farmers Smil ranchers in the District they Are in Liuni men who on their own lamps arc faced with the problems of paying each year s operating living expenses As Well As maintaining their land s product around the thai we w the mat if ficut chord is after the Christmas Holiday is going Back to work. We gel imbued with Mas and getting pre sents watching children midst the Joys Christmas visiting with friends and relatives Atid having Ati All round Good time. Then comes that terrific Shock to the nervous to the every of work ind won a Hustle and Hustle. Once by i Jill Epler on the basis of 22 pounds of food for every Dollar contributed the donations of Flagstaff residents is making possible sending of pounds of foodstuffs overseas. That will help alleviate hunger pangs for a1 lot of unfortunate people. Fredonia news by Charles Johnston the Fredonia . Is Spon you last that first Day. An annual new year s ave Ever in in t too bad. I dance again according to Edith Holmes local . Pres Klent it will be held in the Fredonia gym Tom 10 . To 1. . Or water upon request. The fool warmers orchestra of Orderville Utah will provide music. Noisemakers and confetti will he available. Everyone is urged to attend and support the . Funds raised. From the dance will help Send u representative to Arizona girls i prong the Fredonia . Presented a spiritual program tuesday night dec. 24, at the Chapel based up program what is Christ Mas the Young people told of the True meaning of Christmas music and Story. In was under the direction of Francis sell Man Ami Shook. Mrs. Wallace says Railroad through Here was completed around 1885." it was the Atlantic Pacific then is now the Santa on Law h Roi Vav i she also inf the co Conix National Forest w Zed. In 1898, if years admission into red slates. Her father having Oukei mily from its Home in v4 4-s4w main Jfe stub Flagstaff Camf Axser Plia bit Jpn really speaking Christmas j wins an enjoyable Day for Sands of residents of Frig state and Northern Arizona in general. The weather was Drivers pretty Well behaved themselves with the result there were no serious Acci dents Ami Santa clans managed to make the rounds in Good shape. Flagstaff Post office is Mill Busy with Christmas mail it it is expected to rapidly diminish by week s end. Henry l. Worischeck postmaster reported a deluge of Christmas packages arrived thursday Moni ing. They had been mailed late at Distant Points. By evening How Ever most of the packages had been delivered several postal employees worked Christmas morning delivering numerous packages throughout town. There was no delivery of letter mail with the exception of special delivery letters. V when we talked to Henry Friday morning watching several of his men cleaning out a room off the Alley by Trie Post office rated in the Hole Monte Vista building. The Post office had been Given use of the Large room for processing and dispatching mail the first time it has been necessary for the local office to acquire additional space. Henry will have figures Avail Able shortly Afier the first of the year but it is obvious that 1957 will be a Penk year for the local exist office. Mail volume will pro Bably be up about 15 percent Over ast year itself a record year. There s no doubt about it. The copulation and business volume of the Flagstaff area is on the March w made to rip to califor Nia to spend Christmas Day with members of our family ii ear san traffic for most of the trip was surprisingly Light and the Jour Ney went off without a hitch. The largest flow of traffic was on . 99 up the san Joaquin Val Ley. What a change has been made in that Highway during me past 10 years it a virtually All four7lnne divided and the Ber of vehicles is terrific. All four lanes Are filled Wilh ears and trucks moving 60 to 70 Miles an hour. After living in Wyoming and Arizona for live Wiist seven years it is quite an experience for a coun try boy to drive again in that kind of traffic. Jack Fine care chair which will balance and comple ment the other. Upon completion of the Assembly j w Uhls of All this information a plan the development Ami Ope Ralton of the ranch can be worked oui again by the rancher and the a secs agent. Primary objective will in to As sure the continuing of the fowl that the ranch produces plus As much rest As possible for the better grasses and browse during their growing periods so that Utey increase in growth and Quan Tity and provide belter duality for Over longer periods of time. With this objective a mind the cons Cralton plan must first be a Gissible and practical. While the plan is in operation the rancher must still operate his ranch and make his living. Also any improvements included in the plan must be within the operator s ability to construct. The entire plan will be the result of a secs agent s technical Ira Irv eng and knowledge of what has proven successful Over Many ran Ches plus the individual rancher s Traci real knowledge of livestock Man advised us he sent another in contributions to the regi Orf Al care office for food packages to needy persons in other lands. That brings the total Cark contributions from Flagstaff to j1.j82. It. Fine gave the Kashah lumber company gave a special christinas supper on monday for All of its employees and their wives. Sev eral special guests were also in Viteri a Turkey dinner was served with All the trimmings. Then Christmas program featuring Sev eral musical numbers was presented with Marilyn Pugh acting As master of ceremonies. The Vince Slaight orchestra played for dancing to Complete the evening. E. Jay Whiting was in charge of the affair attended by some 230 people. The Fredonia elders group prepared and served the dinner. Santa Claus visited the. Fredonia schools Friday afternoon dec. 20, the school prepared to close until after new year s. A group of pre schoo children were gather erf at the Fredonia Ward Hall and Santa hem first then aria Spoa saturday Dember 28, 1b8t Gomi Itig events thursday " tuesday 31, . Mountaineer Square will have a be a Complete Stock Host diff Monument la rate id s. Park pm. Or 4-sk1 Spencer insurance Agency is n. Leroux 4-4mb Flagstaff went to each classroom in the Grade school. Sponsored by the ., Santa a d socks full of Candy and fruits for each child. A 10-Man delegation from Down state visited Fredonia on dec. 14 and presented the Fredonia Junior chamber of Commerce with its both National and International. State Jaycee presi Dent add son Albers. Tempe led j the group. Button was installed As presi Dent and1 the following As other officers girl s. Hut vice president Don Johnson second View president and Lavar John Secretary treasurer. Operations in general Early on his own ranch. I stated even More simply the resulting Range conservation plan re presents what the rancher decides ruin and should do to improve his ranch after a thorough study of his Range with a Man who. Can bring n fresh approach and know ledge gained from work on numer Ous other ranches. Bob Huston comp lure Chevron service 124 e. Swit. Fear Btu Rome Agency Estam shed 1919 All kinds of lbs Ranee Gene Doyle s Thund filbird inn restaurant Williams Arizona 66 pm 6 a m. To 10 p. luncheons dinners catering to parties am Graan Pirau plume land surveying registered Surveyor or 4-s766 last times today1 gun Duel i . E5s3zssz33s32b starts tomorrow Ford Heflin Farr Flagstaff

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