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Argus Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 2

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Argus (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Fremont, California The Argus Page 2 Fremont Newark California saturday May 27, 1972 water strike is Over i a Sacramento Dpi water project work ers ended the first Ever strike by California state govern ment employees Friday after accepting a 12.5 per cent pay increase. The operations and maintenance men who walked off the Job monday demanding raises ranging from 21 to 26 per cent returned to their Normal shifts at facilities of the massive billion project. General manager Walter Taylor of the California state employees association which sanctioned the strike hailed the walkout As a landmark Victory in sea s 1-year history of state government labor relations. The pay hike approved thursday night to the work ers was the increase recommended last week by the slate personnel Board. Taylor estimated about 500 employees participated in the work Stop Page. A spokesman foe gov. Ron Ald Reagan said the governor is that the workers have recognized their responsibility under the Law and have decided to return to Reagan had called the strike the strike officially ended at . When Taylor and w a t e c resources director William r. Gianelli signed an agreement protecting the employees from reprisals when they went Back to work. The strikers will lose pay for the Days they were off the Job. Taylor said the agreement also provides foe continued negotiations on work Rule changes including S.C. issues As seniority and employees lenses. H was unclear whether there was an actual per cent offer made by the slate to the workers. But Tay Lor said the workers were interpreting a memorandum is sued thursday by stale Ciais and recent statements by Reagan As a commitment of a 12.5 per cent increase. Such a raise would be effective july 1. Funeral notices Wufka a for errant May a Loving astir a unlit by Dencourt Atory Lutz and of phew Salto and better Kovert All of Frt non. Frank below court san Francisco and fit lilt Georff Bel in cart Mawel Bettencurt Joseph bereft court Behe court. Loving Hunt of several ejects member cd the raided Cali fornia Bachen Nallo of Cense Rule. Me 78 Yean. Services will be held saturday. 27tti in t am. From the Fremont Chapel of the roses mortuary 1940 per Airt blvd. At the Mart to Fence 10 the holy spirit carbolic Church e a re offem Man will tie Sau at am. Tahr Rritt will Pottow at the holy spell a Empry. It Rosary will Frk Jay at i . L talk Chapel of the roses. For further info Martoi Pleate can 79mwo. Way u. 17, Tot s 4 r Ujj Jimmh a u educators Hayward couple to poll pleads innocent in extortion Case citizens Sacramento up state schools chief Wilson Sanfrancisco a at the time a Irak caller i riles u. Gov. De Reinecke Hayward couple Friday entered begot Tatore with the legislators and Many of Call pleaded Jno ocelot to Cav ass Arline fornia s county school super of conspiring to extort demands far were Romias county so Wuh super Oiw Waud toe dents conducted an All bunder threat of putting placed in United airlines afe Day strategy session Friday the caller identified to a Mammoth program alien a. Fata 47, and Jud himself As or. A and gave to involve Ordinary citizens in 1th Wikstrom z7, were the company the baggage Niino goals Lor charged by a Federal grand claim number of the Luggage Teung Community goals for is containing the explosive education. Judge Spencer Wil on april 7 the extortionist the concept fostered by jams set june 9 for a hearing instructed toe airline to put the legislature is to de Centra a notion to separate the the Money in a package in a Lize decision making in Educa twoca3e3andset july Lhasa Telephone Booth in san lotion turning Over to local Reno and later ordered the communities the response Federal Bureau of in Money moved to another Toca by cities of determining poor who a ton this Lime in Hayward. Hies for education that have i6stei two april 7 said Fri agents arrested miss been carried out at the state with an explosive de Wikstrom As she attempted to vice in it was found aboard a dry behind the ears looking something like a United states yer Shoreline in Calm water and does t even get icon of the famed Loch Ness monster this his Cap wet. Swimmer strokes along the Milwaukee Jackson arms pact May Spur race latin political clout claimed Washington up sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., president Nixon s first Choice for defense Secre tary said Friday the new u s soviet arms control treaty might serve to Speed up the race for nuclear sup3 Tori to rather than Stow it. Jackson a senior member of the Senate armed services committee and inactive candidate for the democratic presidential nomination said the pact is Likely to Lead to an accelerated technological arms race with great uncertainties profound instabilities and considerable sen. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., said he too was deeply concerned about the level. This is a Beautiful Way of United airlines flight from saying to the people what do Francisco to Seattle on you expect us school administrators to do with the schools rites told the educators. He warned of that could be encountered with a grandiose plan for Community participation. To face people on the local level to ask them what they want from education is either naive or be said. Rides said S.C. a Rosy approach would build up fake Hopes among citizens that could never be met. Instead he said educators and legislators must set up strength at the jobs. Memorial Day weekend russians by Safte 3s Tant democratic Senate Leader Robert c. Byrd of West Virgnia. Griffin called it a great that she told the 47th Cen so tows Anns race to. Crag Hosmer of Call had to be halted if death Tat fornia the Vanking re pub annihilation was is can House member on the to be Ford bailed joint Energy com it As an encouraging move Mittie and an unflagging and toward world Cooper like other senators retrieve the package. Miss Wikstrom is free on Ball. Fate custody. Voiced similar approval and Hope for More S.C. measures. Sen. Edward m. Kennedy a mass. Said the pact was with More intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines. The United states still retains a vast so what types of action they deemed most important. For example he said it would he Chicago . Treasurer mrs. Romans Banuelos said Friday that Spanish speaking Ameri cans Don t knew their own our votes Are tremendously important. They speak louder than the voice of any mob. They carry More weight a thousand slogans. Iyloaa., in Llu us it fat the most effective and of deliver Abi warheads and in the far greater sophistication and accuracy of our he said. Worthwhile step taken by this he urged All americans to support it to unrealistic for a Community it Mooij can to choose an exotic education country we taste involved in the Accord president Nixon reached in Moscow. But sen. John c. Serais a miss. The influential conservative chairman of the armed services committee lauded the treaty s limitations As an important beginning and said i hop Congress will be Able to support us h a first and sen. Peter h. Dominick r-colo., another member of the Stennis com to. I Mittee said he was de Birls in lighted Over the president s hoi most other senators still in at the Start of the sustain the positive climate weapons for further soviet american agreements in the Field of sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine a democratic presidential contender and chair Man of the Senate Dis armament subcommittee praised the Accord and said he was disappointed Only by the of qualitative controls. Expected opposition came from sen. James l. Buckley the new York conservative who said he had grave mis Givings that the treaty would Lull the nation into a totally unwarranted sense of sewer on the House Side rep. John of Illinois chairman of the gop Confer ence belittled criticism that the agreement favored the Vocate of a Strong is. A Force said he saw few predicted easy Senate ratify problems with the treaty. Cation of the arms control a Hosmer Cord. He forecast no More the agreement Tismer of said will leave the United states and the soviet Union about As close to parity As you can reach in S.C. an illusory he said to assessment was based on each ratification which requires a two thirds Senate majority. But in a. Highly critical statement said the Al federation of settlements and neighbourhood centers. Mrs. Banuelos Flie first of All the questions in the of mexican american minds of the Public today that to hold Treasur a Basic education is no. 1." but he said he hoped the superintendents would not get caught up in the political swirl and rather create a Sterling goal for education and let the legislature worry about How to get there Ronald Ward a san fran did t Dawn on us that Blind votes Are wasted votes that be were being taken for granted before tits election and ignored after the elec she that the pattern clearly is changing and Spanish speak Fig americans Heads instead of their feel she said America is moving toward social and economic Justice and worm peace which is Why president Nixon is now in Moscow on a mis Sion of or s Job said latin Ameri cans must be free to vote for those officials who give us deeds instead of she said they had exhibited a pattern of voting by Tebit of blindly supporting one party or one candidate it rather than the number of missiles permitted under the treaty. Support for the agreement was Abo voiced on Capitol Hill from assistant gop sen ate Leader Robert p. Griffin of Michigan sen. John Sher Man Cooper r-ky., House Cisco superintendent said treaty raised questions that that if Post pcs were ignore newsprint use up new York diluted and abrogated As american newspaper Public twi a Trifi Iliev w to the heart of us Security completely that the de Aires of nation s destructive Ca Pammy United the the communities would a stability of the strategic bal he claimed that it they have often been in the would put the United states past at a permanent 4-1 Dis-1 the rap session by advantage in terms of total educators was considered a missile payload and a 3-2 Dis big step toward implementing the Community involvement plan by 1974._____________ advantage in numbers of mis Siles. 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