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Andrews County News Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 2

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Andrews County News (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Andrews, Texas Page 2 Andrews county Texas news sunday May 21, 1972the Oil Potch by Gordon Clfon this week in Andrews by Marl Carpenter Quot i might not do nothing else All week but i make sure that my time card is made out Quot Only slightly slanted sometimes we wonder if folks appreciate the degree to which some of the Quot news Quot which originates in the Atlantic coast establishment is slanted. Admittedly it is difficult to comprehend the extent of Bias which can be found in and among the High paid a a news a writers on the Eastern Seaboard. Consider for example these comments which appeared in one of our largest Eastern newspapers circulation 700,000 yearly subscription rate $33.80 upon the death of Fri director j. Edgar Hoover a a he has gone off into that pop Purgatory. With exposes of communism in the boy scouts and where a tremendous publicity apparatus can still turn the head of the secret police into a National hero. If you believe in human Freedom you must say that we Are better off in America with Hoover gone. There was no single worse subversive in this country in the past 30 years than j. Edgar Hoover. We live in a country where few people feel free to talk top team of qualified experts have been assigned the task to probe the wild charges against the Bureau and the late director. We look Forward to the publication of their report. Openly on a Telephone because Hoover s secret police might be listening. None of us should have been surprised at what Hoover did to the country his Mother was a calvinist. He could not have moved past mandatory retirement age without the cowardice of presidents Kennedy Johnson and Nixon. A extreme not at All. Such is a a Normal a with those who cheer wherever the communists score a Victory and Hiss when they hear the of our president any president whether Democrat or Republican and who must stay awake nights to think of More ways to run Down our country attack our ideals and smear our leaders. That a Why it is Good to learn that a friends of the of big a have sponsored an in depth scholarly study of the Federal Bureau of investigation. A the Florey philosopher dear mister editor Zeke Grubb has made his political decision Fer the year. He announced at the country store saturday night that he was voting straight Down the line for whoever was out cause he is convinced they can to do no worst than them that s in. Zeke told the Fellers he has studied it up one Side and Down the other and he figgers any change in the Way government is run is bound to be a improvement. Actual mister editor Zeke Alius bases his political stand on How farm prices is at voting time. Zeke said he ainu to seen no reason Why he ought to vote Fer the ins to stay in. Fer instant he said he had saw where this Feller that a running Fer Congress was talking about the Price of eggs. The Canidate said Farmers was gifting three cent apiece Fer eggs but that he had paid 80 cents Fer two Andrews count news 112 . First Andrews Texas published by Andrews county news sunday and thursday of each week at 112 Northwest first Andrews Texas second class postage paid at Andrews Texas. James Roberts editor publisher any erroneous reflection upon the character standing or reputation of any person firm or corporation which May occur in the columns of the Andrews county news will be gladly corrected upon being brought to the attention of the editor. The publisher is not responsible for copy omissions or typographical errors which May occur other than to Correct them in the next Issue after it is brought to his attention and in no Case does the publisher hold himself liable for damages further than amount received by him for actual space covering the error. The right is reserved to reject and edit All advertising copy. Advertising orders Are accepted on this basis. At breakfast that morning. They is profit Fer somebody from the Hen to the plate on a Deal like that Zeke allowed and he a Fer keeping some of it on the farm. General speaking Zeke done to Start Many discussions during the sessions at the store but he come prepared saturday night. He passed around a cartoon he had clipped from a paper. It showed president Nixon a advisers telling him he ought to Tell folks he knows a Way to hold prices Down but he wont Tell us til after the election. This is the same president that told us he snowed a Way to end the Vit War four years ago Zeke said and All the cartoon proves is that a politician living up to his promises is As hard As kissing a Gal leaning away from you or climbing a sense leaning at you. Bug Hookum was agreed with Zeke about the promises. He recalled that his a told him oct that All Ever politician needs is four hats and no memory. He needs a hat to throw in the ring one to pull rabbits out of one to talk through and one to pull Over his ears to keep the wind from whistling through his head. I he Only thing Bug said he could add to that was that a voter with a memory might As Well shut his eyes and Hope Fer the Best when he goes to vote. All the candidates can View with alarm allowed Bug but few Ever have any remedies they can remember after they git elected. Getting Back to the Farmer and rancher de Doolittle told Zeke that so much is done to food from the farm to the table til it ainu to hard to Figger How seven cent Worth of peanuts goes to make a 57 cent Jar of Peanut butter. These is what the experts Call hand foods de explained and the Only Way a Farmer can come out is Figger How to put a handle on everything he Sells to eat. But Zeke was sticking to his political decision. He had saw this piece that told How much dirt bugs hairs and rot the government allows food processors to process in food and he was of a mind that is to High a Price to pay Fer handles. He said he was Fer contents on a can of peaches to read jest peaches. Yours truly. Uncle Flud the end becomes a beginning when graduation Rolls around there Are always mixed emotions. I Here a Relief for the student out of school although it often simply Means More school. There a sadness for the parents who hate to see them go and Joy for the Parent that a glad they re finally going. But it certainly is a time when the end becomes a beginning a this week in Andrews. As the year ended we also ended what is usually one of our favorite sporting seasons. We re talking about baseball. Somebody commented that our final Story on the season was life i Hospital in i notes Andrews Hospital inc., visitors hours 9-10a.m., 2-4 ., 6-8 May 15, admitted Pamela Williams of Seminole. Dismissed Macine Hopper Randall Hopper i Ebia Cutbirth. May 16, admitted Hope Bartlett. Dismissed Jas. Mccullough. May 17, admitted Wanda Landers of Jal ., Sandra Helms. Dismissed none. Permian general Hospital visitors hours 10-11 a.m., 2-4 ., 7-9 May 15, admitted Carroll Derrington Lena Wilson w. P. Pinkston Russell Andrews of Jal,., Larry Pittman Jamie Lopez of Seminole mrs. A. G. Dulin of Midland mrs. . Carruth Maude As Cue of Odessa Eleanor Turney Gilbert Jurenka Richard l. Seals of Goldsmith. Dismissed Alex Shaffer Stacey Stamps Tracy Stamps Gilberto Martinez. May 16, admitted mrs. Jim Snell mrs. Clarence Maxie Carlos Goodman of Jal ., William Mosley Winfred Hudgens Peggy Wilson mrs. Kenneth Yarbrough. Dismissed mrs. S. Coffey Bill Loving Margaret Powell Stella Chesney Karen ulan Carroll Derrington Charles rudder Russell Andrews Faye Shumate mrs. Aline Morrow and baby. May 17, admitted mrs. Cletus Leverett mrs. Carl Nicholson mrs. Juan Garcia mrs. Claude word Gilbert Ludecke of Lovington n. M., mrs. Larry Ragland Cruz Ramirez or. Of Lubbock b. H. Hughes of Eunice,. Dismissed Gilbert Jurenka Norma Moore mrs. Ruth Mccullough mrs. C. E. Carruth mrs. J. D. Whatley William Mosley. A Little rough. Perhaps it was. But if we did no to care about baseball it would be different. Those were facts. It is the worst baseball season since the first two years that Andrews took part in the sport. And we did lose the All sports trophy in the process. In the years when we won the All sports trophy during the baseball season we also credited the base Baller with that. And there were numerous times that this happened. We also like the group that played baseball this year and the coach that coached the baseball and the fans that cheered for the baseball team. We still think this group of seniors Are special because they broke the longstanding Jinx of not winning District in football. By Spring sports they seemed to kind of fall apart. But we think we can see Many reasons for this. Think about this class. During their four years in High school they have been under three separate administrations and three separate groups of coaches. They have had three different sets of advice rules and suggestions. They have won a lot of things. Both As underclassmen and As seniors and if their Spring sports season did no to come out shining so be it. We can to see that it was particularly anybody a fault but simply a Chain of circumstances that avalanches into a Heap of disappointments. Fortunately the Avalanche did no to really Hurt any of us. It simply made us realize that there Are some problems about Spring sports that need rebuilding in Andrews and we firmly believe that this will be done. When we made the statement that a dismal season ended the baseball boys themselves would be the first to agree that it was not their favorite season. When we said it was the worst record in Many years it was fact and nobody hates it worse than they do. Because there slots of Talent among them. O school la lunch menu mrs. Lillie Mcauley left monday morning on a weeks vacation trip to Breckenridge where she will visit with a daughter and family the Darrell Mccrary and on to Kingsland to visit with another daughter and family or. And mrs. Cal Skaggs and children. She was accompanied As far As Ranger by a sister mrs Ben Hunter of Cove Arkansas who visited Here the past week. Miss Judy Fowler of Abilene formerly of Andrews spent the weekend Here As a guest in the h. G. Lindsey Home. The Lindsey s daughter. Rosalyn of rear and sons of Midland also visited Here sunday. Norman and John Scott bumpers returned thursday from a weeks trip to Sapulpa Seminole and Tulsa okla., where they combined business and pleasure. Tom six left Friday for Joliet Illinois where he will be employed for several weeks by Mobil pipe line company. Or. And mrs. Leroy Jennings returned saturday from Lake Buchannon where they spent the past week vacationing and fishing. The baseball season in this District was wild this year anyway. It ended up in a three Way tie for first Between three teams that had each lost four games. We beat two of them once. The cellar team beat one of them once. Almost every game in the District was one run apart All season. It was ridiculous. There was no great team. Just a Bunch of pretty Good teams. We weren to the Only ones having problems. Kermit and Pecos Are two of the teams in first place and both of their coaches have failed to have their contracts renewed even though they Are tied for the championship. It was that kind of season. Disgruntled baseball fans grumbled All the Way across the District steam after team fell in one run ballgames. Everybody hunted somebody to blame. Nobody happened to think about the fact that everybody was pretty equal in the race and Luck and desire played a big part in who came out on top. So let s not give up on baseball. This is a Good baseball town. Even though there was gloom in Mudville when the mighty Casey struck out. We think that a kind of the Way the Andrews baseball fans feel right . There a gloom in Andrews because the mighty Mustangs struck out. But we still think they re mighty Mustangs and have some great baseball memories of each baseball senior. Do you remember when Randy Willey hit the double in the Dumas game his Junior year that renewed Hope for Andrews and made it look like we were going to get Back to state do you remember when Davey Jones and Cary England hit Back to Back doubles in the Slaughter of Monahans last season that made us get to quit and add insult to injury on a 11-0 Victory in five inning son the ten run Rule do you remember when we Dilly dallied around with fort Stockton nothing to nothing until the final inning and Mickey Matthews hit a Home run into the Light Tower that settled that ballgame 1-0? do you remember when Jimmy Rose batted three for four in the 13-3 insulting win at the end of the Junior season with a decisive Victory he came within a hair of batting four for four. Do you remember when Ronnie Shoemaker nailed one of two Lone hits in the game against Kermit in 1971 on a Day when we just hit the baseball or do you remember this year when Steve Dorman nabbed one of the hits in Kermit that upset the league leading yellow jackets these Are those same boys. As one of them put it himself a i Don t know what happened. We just kind of crashed in the anyway its time for beginnings. We have a school year coming a seasons Hopes and enthusiasm. With graduation comes commencement with the old comes a a both for those who leave and those who stay behind a this week in Andrews. Menus for the week beginning May 22 will be different for each cafeteria As they Are using up supplies. Moving across town or across the nation Andrews Transfer amp storage can handle All the worry. We Are the boo King agent for a Quot nation wide Quot Quot nationally known Quot movers. Call us for free estimates Glenn and Jan Berry can save you Money trouble and bother. Call 523-3768 we pack and move with Pride care and Speed Andrews Transfer amp storage 403 be ave c. Pm. 523-3768 the first National Bank of Andrews honors graduating seniors their families and guests at a reception sunday May 21, 1972 6.00 to 8 30 Lobby first National Bank

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