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Andrews County News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Andrews, Texas t Drifting Sands by the publisher Dennis Nix commissioner of precinct four said this week that the editor of this newspaper was the biggest liar in the state. Monday Dennis and a Crew of men repaired that a cockroach Hole Quot Over at the modern grocery Corner. The reason he called the editor liar Quot we dug out that Hole before we ran the Concrete and found a drilling Rig and two Halliburton trucks in it but we never saw one dad Burn a -2 this writer and the missus attended the Texas state priss association s annual convention fort Worth Friday and Satur y. It was one of the Best with More than 500 newspapermen attending. Edgar s. Baylor coca cola press counsel made an address on Public relations which was one of the Best of the convention. We were entertained in grand fashion by Swift and company by Anion g. Carter Star Tele Gram publisher at his Shady Oaks farm. We explored the Star Telegram broadcasting and television station and were also guests at a luncheon of the consolidated Vultee aircraft corporation Plant. We were shown through the big Plant where they make the huge b-36 six motored bomber. They can carry a bomb Load of 10.000 pounds 10.000 Miles and return. Rev. Homer Vanderpool pastor of the Tyler Street methodist Church of Dallas had a very interesting subject a living on tiptoe but was unable to fill his engagement. His replace-1 ment Rev. Harrison Baker an other methodist preacher remarked that the reason reverend Vanderpool come was the fact that he had been living on tiptoe. Al look advertising manager of the grand Junction daily Sentinel made a talk on advertising but in reality y talked about j fossils and prehistoric animals he stated that grand Junction Colorado was one of five known places in the world where All the geological formations of the Earth Are exposed. In the area is a Spund fossils of practically All prehistoric animals from the five toed horses to the 40-ton dinosaurs. Fossils remains Date Back 180,000.000 it ears. It was very interesting and some Day we believe wed like to visit grand Junction. The following is a letter in answer to letters we sent Jimmie Green big Spring chamber of Commerce manager and j. L. Burke superintendent of Jal Public schools concerning the Extension of the Andrt is Eunice Road to the Carlsbad Road. Quot dear or. Roberts thank you for your copy of the letter to Jimmy Green and the editorial which appeared in your paper. I am using this with various interested individuals to keep up our will to work on this Endeavor. You will be interested to know that we have the Lea county portion of our right of Way graded to Eddy county line. We Are assured by Alex Waddell the hold Over commissioner that our project together with the project from Eunice to the Halfway station on the Carlsbad Highway will be the first two paving projects considered this coming year. We Are advised that the people Over at Carlsbad Hope to have their Legal difficulties Iron out to the end of completing their portion of the Jal Carlsbad project during the coming year. Signed j. L. Burk we believe the contents Are of interest to the commissioners court and every businessman in Andrews. Member Texas South Plains Assoc. Al lip Andrews Jaunty news Quot you can Tell a texan anywhere but you can t Tell him much Quot member West Texas press association vol. Xiv. No. 33 eight pages Andrews Texas Friday june 23, 1950 10c copy county $3.00 year everything clean democratic committee approves july ballot but Lions at end of cleanup drive Lions were sniffing snorting sweating and swearing tuesday As they alleys attend up and Down every Alley in town in the lion sponsored annual clean up drive. With Twenty Volunteer trucks and three times that Many men the drive scored an initial knockout in blasting trash and fifth out of the City limits. 97 loads hauled big chief in charge Garland Lindsey reported that approximately 97 loads were hauled to the dump grounds by the trucks. Overall bedecked Lions found that the townspeople were cooperating in the drive with superabundant enthusiasm a alleys were Jam piled with trash. Junk hauled ranged from old broken Down automobiles to chopped weeds and from outhouses to used furniture. A continual Stream of trucks Labouring Lions and county workers plied Back and Forth on the big Spring Highway Between town and the junk Yard. Little difficulty some difficulty arose when a few residents did no to recognize the difference Between the clean up Campaign and the regular garbage service. Lions found full garbage cans and irate residents waiting in some alleys. They wanted the garbage hauled off and they did no to give a Hoot who did it just As Long As some one did. But All in All. The drive was a Success from every Angle. Opal Nix became so fired with enthusiasm in cleaning up around his place that he set a huge pile of weeds afire and nearly Burnt Down a Light pole. Hang i p record reverend Van Zandt and his boys Hung up a record of some kind with the most trips made to the junk Yard and Derrell Woolam and Knox Irwin got a big truck from the Forrest lumber Yard and tried to carry off All the used furniture washing machines and Frigidaire in town. Done to Rush out there and try to get one they re completely demolished lion president Max Ramsey expressed the clubs appreciation to the commissioners court for the use of the county trucks and to the county workers themselves for their help. And also to the people of the town who cooperated so much in bringing True the a clean town by Sundown slogan. Two elections costs set at $1500 for Andrews county with last saturday the last and Fannie Mathews Are Knop b36s, world largest bombers Roll Down Assembly line at fort Worth division of consolidated Vultee aircraft corporation. Latest models of the b-j6 Are being equipped with four Jet engines in addition to six 3,500-horsepower Piston engines. These Texas built planes can carry heavier loads of bombs Over greater distances at higher altitudes than any other aircraft in the world. Prospects dim on making producer of Texas Well visitors to the Texas electric show of �?T50 at Ector county Park Odessa starting tuesday will be Able to test their a a oomph on this machine that was contrived by Westinghouse engineers. Placing the hands on two differ prospects of making a commercial Oil Well out of the Texas company no. 1-x state wild cat in Northwest Martin county Are dimming. Latest reports from the Well have operators swabbing More water than Oil from the Ellen Burger pay at 13,275-300 feet. On a 24-hour swabbing test recovery Wras 80.33 barrels of Oil and 163.46 barrels of water. 24-hour swabbing test following this one operators recovered 106 barrels of water and 37 86 barrels of Oil. Before the two above tests the venture apparently had eliminated much of the water. Previously it has been swabbing Only about 14 per cent water and the rest High Gravity Oil. Operators Are continuing to test. The no. 1-x state is 19 Miles East of the town of Andrews and in Section 17, Block 7, University Survey. It drilled to a total depth of 13 .420 feet five and one half Inch casing is set and operators Are attempting to make some sort of producer from the top of the Al leu Burger. In the Oil Fields of Andrewes Fullerton Oil company has 7, Block 42, to no amp mob amp a staked its no 11-b h. M. Wilson Survey. In the Fullerton Clear Fork Pool in Northwest Andrews county. Drill site will be 1.983.6 feet from West and 1,984 feet from South lines of Section 20. Block a-37, Psi Survey. Slated depth for the Fullerton exploration is 7,250 feet. It will be approximately 19 Miles Northwest of Andrews. In the Midland farms Field la 1-2 Miles Southeast of the town of Andrews. St Nolind Oil amp Gas company will Drill its no. 9-s-r/a-b Midland farms. Drill site will be 660 feet from South and East lines of Section Lent Metal plates sets up a faint current that is measured county last week four new sex Ion the meter that ranges from a nearly dead to a fully look where the Needle is now electric show set to open tuesday clowns a Calliope an old time As electric show of 50 that will brass band and a life size Ani open on the grounds of Ector news bargain ends mated Piggy elephant that does county Park Odessa tuesday everything except eat peanuts evening june 27. Will be among the unusual in tg0 entire show will carry out text ailment features of the Tex the circus theme from the a big the saturday. The bargain to read the news from now until december 31, 1950 for Only $1.25. Better Rush in and sign up. Candidates Are hitting the Back roads this week in a frenzy of Bush shaking for votes in the july primary. Candidate cards cigars chewing gum and promises will Cov it a the county better than any sandstorm during the next few weeks. There will be a lot of offers and a lot of promises made but the Man wed like to vote for is the Man that has got something for the Community. Or. Candidate when you come to seek our vote wed Kinda like to know what your plans Are if elected. We Are anxious to hear your Story. We already know what you will get out of the office if elected but what we re interested in is what we the people will get out of you. If your two kids Are sick your grandmother in the Hospital and your wife has left with a travelling Salesman that s Tough son but it does no to qualify you a boor office. If you re mad at old Man John Henry a cause he did no to hire your sister in Laws two kids on that Public Job and think that maybe you should be in office to help hire and fire that a simply terrible but it does no to qualify you for that office you re seeking. If you re unemployed and just can to find work anywhere your wife is expecting and the Young tins done to have any shoes to Wear to sunday school Man that a downright pitiful but it does no to mean you ought get a county Job. Running this county is big business and it takes big i n to run it. Not big in stature but in vision and leadership. And the men who can qualify for that Post will get our vote so mister candidate if you be a tale of woe and Heartbreak to spill in favor of your candidacy done to bother coming Over Here a cause thou we feel for you. Tis better men we re seeking for Public office. But if you be got an idea on How to How to top to the sideshow stands and even a circus a Braker a according to Grady Kidd Texas electric service company manager. The show is free and is being presented by the electric company in co operation with electrical dealers and distributors. It will continue for three Days from 6 toll p. In. And close thursday night. June 29. All at Park the entire show will be at the Park with electrical equipment and appliances for the Home and farm displayed in a Large tent. Smaller to its and canopies will House tile other attract ions. Among the interesting things to be seen at the electric show will be the largest lamp Bulf in the world big As a Bushel Basket. Beneath it will be the smallest lamp Bull in the world the size of a Grain of wheat. Other interesting displays will include a presentation of me improve the efficiency Chani Zed puppets to Tell a Modeller the Community pm version of the Story of Quot ten Little indians a and a Model and the lives of the people therein then drop around you might Power Plant. Much of the elec find a vote. Trl Cal equipment will be in of Plo rations were staked and four i Oil Wells were completed. Superior Oil company has staked its no. 8-11-a University in the three bar Field 20 Miles Southwest of Andrews. Drill site will be 936.5 feet from East and i 797 feet from North lines of Section 4, Block la University Survey. Slated depth is 8.6r0 feet which is sufficient to tap the devonian pay in that area operations Are to begin i the near future in the Fullerton South Ellen Burger Pool St Nolind Oil amp Gas company has staked its no. A University. It will be 14 Miles Northwest of Andrews and 1.059 feet from North and 780 feet from West lines of the Northeast Quarter of Section 31, Block 13, University Survey. Slated depth is 1 1.303 feet. Operations Are to begin by june 17. Ration or be demonstrated at the show. Musical program varied entertainment features will be presented including musical programs by red asap Woodward and his Home town an old fashioned Type band with Gay nineties costumes. Reddy kit Owatt More talkative than usual will Greet his Little friends. Reddy will appear in his own private circus Wagon. Coloured movies will be shown on the grounds after dark each evening during the show two giant searchlights of 800 million candid Power each will be turned on each night during the show and sweep tilt skies for a radius of 30 Miles during previous electric shows these lights have been seen As fur As 60 Miles away. Lions attend zone meeting three Andrews Lions attended a zone meeting at Odessa wednesday evening. Those attending were w. L. Blair one chairman Max Ramsey. President of the Andrews club and a o. Woolam International Counselor. Other clubs in attendance were Seagraves Seminole Goldsmith and Odessa. President Max Ramsey requested that the next zone meeting be held in Andrews. Caliche base Given drive in theatre the caliche base for the paving of the ground at the new drive in theatre was completed this we Eek by the West Texas Concrete company Jimmy Burleson manager of the Wallace theatres in Andrews announced. Work on the Tower and Concession buildings will Start immediately. Caliche has been placed on i driveway leading off the of it a Highway. Projects depth is 5.000 which will tap the san Andres pay in the Midland farms area. Operations Are to begin immediately. St Nolind Oil amp Gas company has completed two Wells in two Fields of Andrews county. In the three bar. It potentiated its no. 2-aq University for 141.47 barrels of 40-Gravity Oil and no water in 24 hours. Flow was through a one fourth Inch choke after an 8.500-gallon acid injection. Pay was topped at 8,140 feet and total depth is 8,333 feet seven Inch casing is set at 8,088 feet. This three bar addition is 660 feet from North and East lines of the lease in Section 20, Block la. University Survey. In the Midland farms Field St Nolind has completed its no. I 12-q-r/a-b Midland farms for a pumping potential of 118 71 barrels of 32-Gravity Oil and no water in 24 hours. The pay Section from 4.660 to total depth of 4,786 feet had been acid Zed with 5,500 Gallons. Five and one half Inch casing is i set at 4,590 feet. This new producer is 660 feet from North and East lines of Section 9, Block 42, a amp mob amp a Survey. The pure Oil company has completed two More Wells in the i Dollarhide multiply Pool in Southwest Andrews county. Pure no. 11-d-b e. P. Cowden potentiated from the devonian pay zone for 192 barrels of 39.2-Gravity Oil and n water daily. Flow was through a 20/64th-Inch choke after a 3,000 gallon acid injection. Pay was topped at 7,925 feet and total depth is 8,122 feet five and one half Inch easing is set at 7,920 feet. From the Clear Fork pay. Pure has completed its no. 60-c-a Cowden. This new producer potentiated for 480 barrels of 38-Gravity Oil and no water daily. Flow was through a 20/64tflinch choke Atter a 3.000 gallon Day for a candidate to announce for office the Andrews democratic executive committee met. Monday and figured the Cost of holding tile july and August primary elections. Candidates were assessed approximately $1500 for the two elections. J. S. Montgomery is chairman of the committee with j. Lee Smith. M o. Woolam m. G my Carlev and Cecil Mobley As members. The committee also d r e w names for places on the ballot and appointed election judges and clerks Tor the six boxes in the county boxes Are located at Fullerton Mabee and four in Andrews. Saturday last Day saturday is the last Day for candidates to pay their filing fees and to file expense accounts. Candidates for county judge we re assessed $75 apiece or a total it 225 for the three candidates. Floyd Peacock unopposed in his Rac a for sheriff and tax assessor Drew an assessment of $100. Max Ramsey unopposed candidate for county attorney and Fannie Mathews unopposed for county treasurer were assessed $100 apiece. $80 each the two candidates for county and District clerk san m. Smith and Cora Heath were charged $80 each. Tile fifteen commissioners were assessed at total of $750 or $50 apiece. Candidates for Justice of the peace. O. G Weatherly and t. L. Causseaux were assessed $20 each. Judge Milton Ramsey a. L. Feet. Rhodes and e. G a a Mick a Messe car. Are the candidates for county judge. I n opposed Max Ramsey Floyd Peacock posed in their races for attorney sheriff and treasurer. Sam m. Smith and mrs. Cora Heath Are candidates for county and District clerk. In the commissioners races. Carl Betenbough and j a. Roach Are the candidates in precinct one. Melvin Price Gene Irwin of f. Trotter and o. D Hue a Bee Are the candidates in precinct two. In precinct three the race is Between Tom Jeffreys h. B Walters h. Garland Lindsey Vergil Brooks and s. J Hinkle. In precinct four candidates Are Dennis Nix h. E. Clack Winfred Hudgens and Jim Worley. County court convenes monday county court will Convene at to of clock monday with one Case state is. De Baines on the docket. Petit juror list includes Joe Albright w. L. Blair Roy d. Bennett w. E. Burden n. H. Callahan in r. Doty j. J. Eastman Cha. A. Dean w. E. Erwin. Richard k Casey. L. E. Clement Buck Criner. H. H. Davis j. A Fowler j. E. Fuson g. J. Gillis r l. Else and j. H. Hobson. Baines will be tried on two counts. He is charged with illegal Possession of intoxicating liquor in a dry county and with Sale of same. Trucks collide on Highway 51 two trucks collided on Highway 51 last saturday damaging each truck but with no injuries resuming to the Drivers. The trucks going in opposite directions crowded the Center strip too closely. The cabs passed Okay but the bodies collided one of the trucks was a 1948 orc owned by Stewart bras. And Parker driven by Henry Maples the other truck was a 1948 International Dell owned by b. S. Gardner and driven by b b Owens. Acid injection. Production is from open Hole from 6.930 feet and total depth of 6,220 feet. Baptist youth attend Camp thirteen boys and ten girls attended the Baptist youth Camp at big Spring this week the boys were in Camp from the 13th to the 16th and the girls from the 20th to the 23rd. Gerald Johnson educational director had charge of the boys at the Camp while mrs Roy Brown accompanied the girls along with Rev. A Brand pastor. The following boys attended Johnny thames buddy Porter Gaylon Mayfield Richard Lowr ther Gary Johnson Jack Greg Ston Joe thames Ronnie Smith John Martin Herbert Martin Harold Burns Larry Robertson Joe Neal Brown and Harold Wayne Brand. The girls were Patsy Heath Berry Neal Nixon. Linda Heath june Ann Brown. Betty thames Billie Mayfield Betty Kelton Donna Jean Brand Linda Dyess Joveta Carruth. Mahon says Bill hurts 51 acreage repro. Nta Ive George Mahon has reported to the local pm office that the House committee on agriculture is seriously considering the approval of a Bill by congressman Pace of Georgia which would among other things drastically reduce Cotton acreage allotments in West Texas next year. Mahon states hat he has been h e. Clack makes Public statement in be bait of commissioners race ii e Clack. Commissioner in submitted the following statement to the news this week in support of his race i would like to make Public the following statements in behalf of my candidacy for commissioner of precinct four. I was raised on a farm and have spent Twenty five years As an Oil company employee. I feel that i am qualified to understand the ranchers the Farmers and the Oil employees viewpoint As to candidate for of Texas. I came to Andrews in precinct four june 1939 and later resigned from the Humble and invested my savings in property Here. I have served four years with the City Council which enables the problems and responsibilities that confront commissioners of this county. If elected i am now in a position to devote All my time in serving As your commissioner. If i am Defeated i will still be Hen behind the Man whom you have chosen because he Wall by my roads and the numerous other commissioner too. Things that go toward making a lets All go and cast our vote town and counts More liable. In the primary election. July i was employed by the Humble 22nd, and do our part toward Oil and refining company for making a great county 355,000 acres of 419 years living in different parts signed h. E. Clack acres would go advised by officials of the de Parton it of agriculture that under the proposal by or. Pace the 19th congressional District proposal would sustain a loss next year of Hon pointed out that the threat Cotton. These of drastic reduction in West Tex principally to j As in 1951 is a serious one. Central and South Texas. Appeals to officials Mahon has appealed to pm officials in Washington and College station to seek to be of assistance in preventing this drastic reshuffling of the Cotton acre age allotments for Texas. He also appeared last week before members of the House committee on agriculture to protect the proposed action and he states that he will continue to do everything in his Power in behalf of the Cotton producers of i St Texas. Excess allotment the 25-county 19th congressional District received an allotment this year in excess of 2,-300,000 acres of Cotton which is More than one third of the allotment received by the entire state of Texas. Or. Pace insists that the acreage this year for the 19th District was too High by about 355,000 acres. Mahon pointed out that allotments this year were based on 1947 and 1948 plantings and that West Texas received a greater allotment because of heavy plantings in 1947 and 1948, and that other sections of the state would have had larger allotments had they chosen to Plant greater acreages of Cotton in 1947 and 1948. The outcome of the pending is Uncertain but a

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