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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 4

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Anderson, Indiana Page 4 the Anderson Herald saturday september 21, 1957 National business women week Pleat give my greetings to the members of the National federation of business and professional women clubs joined in the annual Observance of National business women week. Quot Salute to women who work Quot is a theme which commands the respect and appreciation of the Natum. In the last generation the number of working women has More than doubled and they make an essential contribution to the business and professional life of our whole Economy. A president Eisenhower. Where segregation is vital tomorrow Marks the opening of another nationwide Observance of National business women a week a built this year upon the theme a Salute to women who work. These yearly tributes to the nations working women Are progressively More significant and deserved largely because of the amazing growth in the number of women gainfully employed. In 1928, for example when the nation first observed National business women a week there were to million working women. Today 29 years later there Are 22 million. During the week ahead the nation will come to a clearer understanding of the National federation of business and professional Home in a clubs a the oldest and largest National organization for working women. Founded in 1919, the federation today counts no fewer than 3,300 affiliated clubs in the United states and its territories a clubs with a total membership of 170,000. Included within the federation Are representatives of virtually every profession and occupation. Anderson of course needs no particular introduction to the National federation. For the Anderson Bow and the Mary Stewart Bow clubs have ranked for years among this Community a most Active and useful women a organizations. Both clubs their talents at four worthwhile objectives to elevate the standards for women in business and in the professions. To promote the interests of business and professional women. To bring about a spirit of co opera to on among business and professional women of the United states. To extend opportunities to business and professional women through education along lines of Industrial scientific and vocational activities. In furtherance of those objectives the nations Bow clubs have formulated a Well balanced program covering such Fields As Public relations legislation International relations Public affairs National Security and publicity. As an institution fully alive to the importance of the working woman in Anderson and in America we count it a privilege to join in saluting the women who work and in hoping that the year ahead will bring even More opportunities within the reach of the nation business and professional women. The Washington merry go round by Jack Anderson Drew Pearson says peace has brought dramatic change to the Balkans War torn Salonika is now a thriving City greeks Are harnessing Waters of the historic Vardar River. Salonika sept. 13, Greece 1957 farms patches of Corn Cotton and hamburgers Little different and tobacco. From ours but still pretty Good. Up the Vardar River just out one american exhibit supplied Side Salonika. I visited a dam by the american farm school being built by the greek govern showed How to Hatch chickens ment with american Aid under showed the Chicks coming out of the direction of an american in the Shell while you stood there Ginger Forrest Varney of Sacra showed different sized chickens mento. For hundreds of years growing and a machine to Pluck the Vardar has rushed Down to their feathers after they were carry some of Woodrow Wilson a ideals about a War to end War. Then a great War base. U was the seaport at which the allies mobilized con d ant never ending War when this cite called Salonika was them As the water rushed 0ver. A them. And one night when it was cold Ani the wind was howling _ Down the Mountain pass and our ,. A a a great army which l to hauling a jugoslav1 was Bere the greeks and serbs finally advanced North into Serbia ran Short of steam i car had barely got Over the War of Back 0f the Kair was i petrol tins for the 912 a Quot they Sers army. Vardar Toff a the boiler of the had. The War of 1913 against bul and All about you in this City a Amera kankas which Means Jar a the Quot the world War of when i arrived you saw the effects a american lady a a the name 1914, Ben the War of 1922 he been of War. There were British troops or Van by the serbs because the Greece and Turkey then world and French troops Indian sikhs Loc Motee was made in Phil Delphia. Actually wars began when Well. The unruly Vardar will be Phi p of a Quot Donia win Down harnessed now. And its Waters ,0 dominate Athens and his son will spill out peacefully Over the Alexander the Groat marched Plains of Macedonia to help feed fast to conquer the persians and the greek Noole later when the turks marched up. P p. A a. The Vardar to the Gates of Vienna modern fair in Macedonia m he h h want a in Salonika i watched the ambassador and the Bave been Lucky in Ameri because for almost a Hundred spread out the weapons the tools of War a Railroad ties Railroad tracks Drums of gasoline Moun labor backs the Hospital j. M. Roberts interprets the news the weapons of War that i taken months to accumulate had and plans for the Anderson areas ambitious Hospital development Campaign took a notable stride Forward this week when the Madison county Al Cio Council gave its formal endorsement to the specific program of the Anderson Madison county Hospital development corporation. The councils approval of the program which entails an enlargement of ancillary services at . Johns Hospital As Well As the construction of an altogether new Hospital presumably Means that the councils Broad Consitt ency will participate fully and wholeheartedly in the $3-million fund raising Effort to get under Way during the next few months. The real significance of the Al Cio endorsement is that it represents a closing of ranks in support of the Hospital program. The Council has had representation among the original members of the Hospital development corporation a Board of directors. Now the full Council has expressed its Confidence in the program that the corporation has recommended. There is nothing in Andersons history to compare in scope with the Fly j. M. Roberts associated press news analyst the Dulles and Gromyko open ban references to a five year Mer-1 As Well forget any idea that my addresses at the new . Atrium on the use of atomic problems will be solved if com i general Assembly emphasize the weapons a slightly new list. But Mun a can con tamed and Complete impasse Between soviet he showed no sign of recognizing Mun it a can 00 contained. Any Russia and the Western Powers the Western stand that there can objective analysis must conclude j you be no out awry of the use of no that this is not merely with a few exceptions. Aftermath of War. There were even two threshing its machines which i persuaded the British to give men and i took North to thresh the first serbian Harvest after the armistice. That was what this part of Greece was like 38 years ago. Verse the names called and leave j the same impression. Each Side accuses the other of Mise Between the two Camps doing the same things which pre vent International settlements. Each appeals for disarmament the cold War will go on until one Side collapses or until it de Hospital development Campaign. Those could take the two speeches re Clear weapons in self defense who know the difficulties involved in raising a $115,000 budget for the Anderson Community Chest for example cannot help being aware of the labors the Success of the Hospital Campaign will represent. It is absolutely imperative As a result that every segment of our population understand the program and what it is seeking to accomplish. The endorsement by the Al Cio Council puts several thousand More of our fellow citizens squarely behind the Campaign and considerably enhances the prospects for the campaigns Complete Success. A matter of defense against an imperialist you cannot realize what War does nothing is clearer than that Russia which uses an economic to a Countryside until you see Ai there is no possibility of Compro and social ideology not for the and City like Salonika. And i Hope but As a you never will the change from War this week i came Back. I found Teri rates into hot War As Long to die recognition that the West a new City. The houses had been Vandement of Peoples weapon for expansion. The Battle goes beyond defense wet v Channel 4 the Symbol c sunday morning a fam to wish tech in a i Channel i Balow denotes program la color port democracy though by Dif i been pulled up a replaced by charges of the fear of atomic War and the Ferent Means than used by the buses. The turkish each asks for . Considers term fears and pressures become has been trying for years to sex i rebuilt. The Streetcar tracks had Hon of makes i vicious East. Each uses about the same tone. I both left the feeling that Hope the syrian question and unbearable the same meddling in the Middle Western desire for peace if it can Kremlin in exporting communism had been smoothed out tie kept honorable Are just about and that this Effort will continue the Only deterrents of War now. Russian and Western leaders under one Guise or another. American destroyers that a it tied up to the docks As late for any Early end to the cold War Don t think alike done to evaluate and dreary the cold War Prospect is Long six years ago generating elec is both fatuous and futile. Neither contributed anything of fashion. History or the future in the same on the Progress of Man becomes replaced by a modern greater and greater. And the Light Plant. Real importance Gromyko hooked his atom in the great propaganda Battle propaganda More and More Wear test now being waged the West May some. Progress against the cold the Case records of a psychologist and out along the Bay where the Allied Supply dumps once stretched mile after mile i Rode along Miles and Miles of Little there was Good news in the world of Medicine this week in the announcement of or. Winston h. Price of Baltimore that he had developed a vaccine that represents an a opening wedge in the War against the common cold. Or. Prices discovery of course does not mean that the common cold is on its last leg. Much research and experimentation lies ahead. What he has achieved however is a significant first step a a step incidentally that the world of science has been seeking for generations. The common cold is a relatively minor threat to the nations health compared with cancer or heart disease or infantile paralysis. Yet it seems Likely that More productive Man hours Are lost through colds than through All the other maladies combined. In purely economic terms or. Prices work assumes vast importance. The nation will be awaiting further developments in his important work. A pin i ifs by tit Jeh p. Oui Cedr. George w. Crone folklore saw is or. Brady personal health service copy rift ifs by the John p. Ohi co done to Rush Tonsillectomy Fly William Brady m. D. Get every bit of tonsil Nina a Rase shows the tragedy in the lives of children when they become laughing Stock because of excess fat. It Isnit just Middle aged folks who need to streamline their figures. You can transform entire personalities by helping people like Nina. So become missionaries for practical psychology and help your companions instead of ridiculing them. Case v-396 Nina s., aged 15, is a High school Sophomore a Cdr. Crane Nina is such a serious problem that i wonder ,. If you d talk to Hor a few min. Am Ltd inner pan. By William Wade stress protein. Your body has it plenty of stored sugar and fat. J a a but we need fresh protein in our an aged Indiana native a few menu every Day Days ago referred to the youth in Nina Scase i also urged her of a Man be bad known by say was a wild Harum icarus. Undependable individual. ,. J whose actions brought trouble that mean having no Randy or and distress Bolh ,0 hims if to strip All edible temptations ,9�?T but from every room except the Goose meaning Kitchen. Fruit or Popcorn or any other lid and hi5 Farally bits lying around frustrated and unhappy peo pie will keep nibbling at such How important word usage can be even in the most Ordinary action is shown by the Man student asked. A granted that . For. Fled than would be that of her a has forgotten if he Ever Learned Quot she has a remarkably High tar Quot of the Abl Quot i she or vhf pathology of the tensile. Be i q but she is fat her class mates make fun of her. For experiments show that we tend to gauge our appetite removal of lymphoid tonsils and adenoids from the hernia rupture Are subject to individual it seems to me that the Ever is for ran to a. Without any j �?�7.�"fnn/, according to the amount of food v a it judgement i submit a says a ready operators who still prac scientific evidence to warrant1/�?� before us. Tennis far Nina laryngology is Throat specialist Nee and defend Tonsillectomy the Assumption that enlarge foods l that Mav Bein explain Quot of the Tab a is thus loaded a in defense of Tonsillectomy fail to recognize a significant mint hypertrophy of the ton it mind with viands eat far More his indicates infection things just As a nervous outlet who needed household help As smokers reach for a cig Aret. J who had an and inserted in a Waii Hor t. Quot Bey usually Arentt hungry but paper ending with the Promise f it his in tug x Quot a a a Job doing if Melvin that whoever got the Job would a Tho i?11 thir hand.8, they reach find to it Home equipped with nos. A All modern conveniences. No Hun body applied. Then the phrase a work savers was substituted for conveniences and he got results at once. Uts before your address to the for Candy or fruit and soft drinks body a her a principal plates in the Kitchen don�?T1 have Pooy. Ner principal Oxtra dishes of food in the Cen since caffeine stimulates Ger go slow on such beverages while dieting. And regular exercise for teen agers is desirable i prescribed swimming and that children a her obesity. Would you mind seeing her for a moment a Nina a Nightmare and Nina soon burst out with sometimes incongruous meanings Are deliberately read a joke or for Stop the How to diet later when i had returned to Chicago i mailed her the a diet into words As Chart which shows How to lose other reasons. To pounds in to Days. If you it is said that Ai i ,. T a wish a copy Send a stamped a hard boiled Tough Mso protein food of the head who had i burst out w the a we envel0dc Dir 20 cents non for she weighed and Collie Quot Quot Vedope. Plus cents Mon and slow in into a a a a or a Adf Crane life just a Sabind Raj a 10 Davs Willhi Quot Quot be Quot mantes Quot she fire gtd a a doin8 a a a let absorb Iare or me be 8�� 1 feel a fattening sub was d it in t0 a that the results of Tonsillectomy fact namely. #. Competently performed Lead to tonsils become enlarged it the infection ibis. I an extremely High percentage Winter and Spring and Sontan ,c.0fltend. Is stupid. The very fact of Good results. I add that the you sly shrink again in the sum enlarged hypertrophic Iii irinus rain 1. M . Shrink Tri Hudt i or sk1 Story. Tor Ane Weig Nedjo a a a profit himself and the company of mortality death rate is one of Mer and autumn. Drink to what the doctor a a and dont try to appease a meat w. A constant trouble was finally the lowest of any surgical pro from the six Points the Laryn cals Norm a size if or when the j 1------ 1 5 a Lola lost la pounds in the first a cure and that because of a geologist makes in his defense of child is permitted to absorb the rare complication cardiac a Tonsillectomy it would appear he should rest heart stops beating its that this Throat specialist like Brough his skin in the sum condemnation is no More Justi most operators who attempt to Mer ii evidence that enlarged tonsils Are not infected. If the Ever ready operator Sci Quot m not pro pail a a r wan10 r by eating things which i really and when Don t crave. Proved it y Nanai Quot sure i got the Driver o unhappy that i wish i were a tax Ces. Quot a cd raw As Quot Date everything went along peace deed. M my own Case. For example. Bad a a cplas6aniate, fully again in the trucking com a and the a happier i grow 1 May grow hungry for protein fatties Don t surrender by Pany when nearly a week the More i eat. If Only you could but if i Don t find any meat in bi00m Ftp Vnti can maj e your. Later the Driver showed up me How to be slender and the refrigerator then i foolishly attractive like other girls a Well sometimes thyroid extract and other drugs Are help Ful in reducing obese folks who 300 calories in pro have made me quite when writing to or. Ready to go to work. A did you get my letter a Boss demanded. A sure i got it a the said. Crane a did you read it a the Bank of England up interest rate London aah the Bank of eng Gold and Dollar backing for the Ocul arly those of the pathologist land raised its interest rate thurs Starling system. Chancellor of the autopsies on a thousand Day to 7 per cent a 31-year-High of pm Dou r Peter Thor Croft a at caters to t nid Wix Are fal for glandular ret won. In a Belt tightening a i in e d at flu it be a t0 cb6ck chit seems to me they must limiting inflation and saving the the rising Cost of living and top Ead guilty of perpetrating an Pound Sterling from devaluation maintain the Worth of Sterling if in children with in the old rate was 5 per cent. We try to spend More or live ared tonsils virtually every financial ins Titu better than our resources allow a a. Yesterday Tion in the country from neigh or our production ,er.% put a of i in t0 boyhood Branch Banks on up will with Britain a Gold and Dollar 7�, he hand Hygiene increase their rates accordingly reserves hovering near what rat mint will h it no amps. A prices nose dived on the Stock Many economists say is the Dan or if j Exchange in the first confused re Ger Mark there has been wide Eddres a i i / action. Millions of britons faced spread speculation that a currency i to u i a a a a up to higher mortgage and install adjustment might he made a written be y r6ader writes feathers necessary to clothe a Duck if it is too cold it will chill Diana Public service commission ment buying payments. Industrial the Sharp increase in the in Orno t0 the is a a in slept Way to pm a a White leghorn Hen. But none of the feathers into holding on like Friday authorized the new York ? of it it ers Dick 1 m sorry but far i them Ever had the courage to glue. Central Railroad to discontinue i a a a if ?, f n5wfred never have been enthusiastic arrive at even an approximate some desperate folks a ers would lose their jobs. Radio schedule Wobu Anduiza 1240 lbs perhaps Tein would _ can t put on fat re Content. Instead i May take 600 Mellot lad Quot enclose stamped i a Yeav a the Driver said your glands unless calories of starches and sugary of addressed envelope Ond 20 read on the inside where it said you eat too much foods yet still not be Content cent to cover typing or pint a fired. But then i retd the out i urged Nina to Start on for that protein craving is still my costs when you seek per Side and it says a return in five that rigid 10-Day diet mentioned unsatisfied. Sons advice or one of his Psyk t0 the Acme trucking i in dieting therefore be sure to Cho logical charts. 7 14 i to 7 48 Soo 8 15 it .70 8 45 9 00 Sis 1 30 9-4s top 0 morn in news chorus male Chon Renfro Valley Renfro Valley new Roundup music room Church of air clutch of air 10-00 did 10 30 10 48 Newa Trout pc Roer big a learning invite learning invite Small worlds around us by l m. Watkins american saying a Dollar is a lot of Money if you done to have it. Express service to Stop Indianapolis up the in too 11 18 11 30 11 43 methodist Church methodist Church methodist Church methodist Church we w a i n cd n a b 708 Abc sunday Horning agriculture ground up revival hour revival hour revival hour revival hour Church by Road Church by Road farm front farm front prophecy prophecy or. Ban Souie or barn House weather mailbag a fam India Nape a he Abc m Burton Christian hour Healing Wing Healing wings Light life Light life news music Frank a Ernest sacred note personalities Healing Waters Healing was Ara Church blessings Blote Bible trends hour prank Ernest its predicted Many employers Terest rate represented a drama would by hard hit and some work in hid to halt ouch rumours. Tho to Abs comparable american on ship demand me in effect that Brit a a a. Comoro my to in great Many schools of thought on a a , in Subj a the a approximate some desperate Are a number of feathers on a a Little Duck. They get the Morg goods abroad to earn month ago from 3 per cent rate the queries not conforming to a great Many schools of thought on old Duck address or. W a a Brady 265 Al Camino Are Many recommended ways anyone who Ever has attempt Gether while the Bird is cooking Ham South Beverly Hills Calif no skin the an express Agency station at set a a feathers off a an j operate it As a non Agency Duck whose body May be but you really need the skin left pre paid station bigger than your two fists. On it sort of holds things to. The Anderson Herald established june 18. 1868 published by Anderson newspapers inc. Telephone 3-5371 Giorgi o. Critters Ioir or wow my my not a Harriet w Toner Briix a suck Mut Utu a. 4dai,y1 and monday Enford at second clot Mottar at Anda Tao. Or 4, my Tho act of a cow on March i. 188?. W too we 14t by a two Roar $16.00 be ,5 00 or a Moo. On. North 1.24. Out id of Modi ton Ani 4 00s the 1 5o 0n� a Nav re iu00> a Hoo month. I la 7 member of the associated press the Antoci Oft or to it nil told to Thum to Twili motion of All Tho local Newt printed in that at Wall at adar now Dit Patcho. Special service a Tou should miss tour Herald a Tubi Ribor who foil to too win in b a Doir copy a Phon 3-4371 Moro 9 . And i App i win to ant a it or 9 a. In a .p.c>0i do lib a rout Harold on sunday go to Tho Norott plot Thot toll Tho Hor a on<1 Ign a comp latent a Cony Wilt than b. Givon to you without in a pretty Good indication that de the undressing of a wild Duck and keeps it from coming apart. There still is a measure of Uncer realizes this truth. Should you the hot paraffin method has its Dainty even among the experts perform the operation in an or followers. Advocates of this sys actually you dress a Duck in nary .-Ed room you w ill find tem Molt in a half bucket of re Erse technically you Don t the feathers from a single Duck paraffin and plunge the Duck into dress it at All. That already will entirely fill the room and the hot Wax. Then Cool the Wax. $ has been done what you do is there will be enough left Over to which is supposed to hold entire j undress it and this seemingly blow out the windows and clog groups of feathers snugly Ogeth x simple feat requires a lot of the Kitchen Drain. Regardless of or. Sure the paraffin costs a doing trouble is Duck feathers i w Well you May clean up the lot. But think of the fun you can Are different from Chicken Feath place afterwards there will be have. Ers and there Are More of them bits of fluff still present three i know a Man who has dressed science has gone a Long Way in months later. Of course these a lot of dead ducks by wrapping i some directions in others the Are not All feathers there Are a them in a hot Towel Fie first timid step has not been at few million pieces that Are called the feathers off i tried this once tempted. For instance science but i was sadly disillusioned. J can Tell How Many leaves there numerous As the feathers Are. There Are other ways but which a a Are on a tree on an average there Are about that Many ways Ever you choose you probably will a sized Oak about 500.000. They recommended for their removal resort later to singing off the it can Tell you almost to a certain everyone has a pet method. Re feathers Over a flame or care it to How Many hairs grow on a Gar less of which procedure you fully plucking the a a stickers a out human head if the head is nor select you will wish you had tried with a pair of tweezers. Mal the average is about 50, some other by the time you Fin a a undressing a Duck compleat too depending of course on the ish if you Ever do. The hot water Ely and entirely never should be kind blondes usually have finer treatment is the most common Adem ted by anyone who has a hair and consequently run a few properly executed it is As Good As a nervous disposition better buy a thousand More per head. Any. But the water must be just your Duck already a dressed a or a poultry men who right not too hot not too cold stick to Beefsteak then you have a number off it is too hot it will Cook the no Feather problem at All Fop. Ithe Shepherd i there Are know the average Daniel the steadfast a be Strong in the lord and the Power of his ephesians 6 10 our lesson dwells on what was done. Back there in ancient Babylon. As Daniel Youthful exile stands. Before Belshazzar who demands. He read the writing on the Wall. And this Young hebrew you recall. Spurns gifts and Speaks out fearlessly. And tells the King How he will see. The lord his land and Rule Divide t a. Because god was not glorified. Julien c. Hyer text of International school lesson for to Morrow. 12 00 12 15 12 30 12 45 i of 1 15 1 30 1 45_ 2 of 2 15 3 to 2 45 3 of 15 30 45 new a lop Vincent Lope Freddy Martin Freddy Martin Woolworth hour Woolworth hour Woolworth hour Woolworth hour Salt Lake choir Salt Lake choir music festival music festival music festival music festival music festival music festival sunday afternoon news weather Harmony. Health where we live where we live a amp is Healing a Quot Quot wines of Healing lutheran hour lutheran hour Cadie to be mad Cadie Tabernacle Catholic hour Catholic hour Yard Scotland Yard word of life listening port Lapening port lutheran hour lutheran Horn Forbes new listening part listening poet listening port listening port a tent port listening port listening port Lapening port listening Poat listening Post listening port listening port listening port listening port 4 00 4 15 4 30 4 45 news workshop workshop suspense suspense news counterspy counterspy Billy Graham Billy Graham news listening port College Newt College Newt 5 of 8 15 5 30 5 45 new indictment yrs truly or. Truly sunday night Newa Greece voice of Greece let there be Light Art of living Newt Paul Harvey music Wismer 8 00 6 15 8 30 8 48 new a Fri Obj gun smoke gun smoke columbian calling Bob Cona Dino news Paul Harvey news sport defense music Hall music Hall 7 of 7 15 7 30 7 45 Jack Benny Jack Benn miss Brook miss Brook news wonder Elsmer Monitor world front world front news sport music Hall music Hall music he 8 00 8 15 8 30 8 45 Neva Orch. Mitch Miller Mitch Miller lbs sport news Blake Randy Blake Randy Blake Randy Blake music Hall music Hall music Hall guest Star 9 of 9 15 9 30 9 45 new world tonight face nation face nation news Blake Randy Blake news sport dateline new listen design As we a g 10.00 10 15 10 30 to 45 new Orch. Church of air Church of air Billy Viranam Billy Graham Back to god Back to god in t a uate revival revive 11 15 1 30 �1�� bandwagon bandwagon bandwagon bandwagon dear Drew you wrote me that you would the sea and no one Ever bothered grown and finally a Barbecue like to learn More about this part harness its strength or use its spit to Cook them. Fth rho Tel int Jurj a Ifni a Quot the greeks were fascinated. At the end of world War i when i f. Jave Sfa a bombed Bridges Well that show things have started out As a Young Man to fun Quot Vardar a Ltd Herp he he changed since 1 was Here a it a try As i thought to carry out Rin no a no Thino by and that How any part of gel mans and the vulgar. No world can change when it body Ever bothered to remove even a cha0 a for peace the trouble with Southern Europe in the old Days was War a troops j Given by the serbs because the Floreo Turkey then sikhs was mad in phils to 1939. With High turbans and Long beards indo chinese troops wearing Straw hats italian troops with High Green hats and White russian troops stranded in Salonika by the bolshevik revolution. Outside the City i used to ride for one hour through the Allied War dumps looking for supplies which might help rebuild Serbia a. F the Trade Ca. A us or Utz fair it was like the Gaithersburg have not been desolated fair i take you to in Maryland. By War i Bope we can. And i was sorry we missed it that Way. I Hope our influence. ,c c. It Klo i in this year. Only this fair does no to w1,h Europe will keep it that tarns of Drums steel Cable Loco. A h sde.�10ws and Rodeo Way. I confess that i have some motives rusting in the Sun. Rail Job Quot it Quot Lisco rated Sirn a Road cars artillery carriages we h pah other 0 who re ran those devs when i went off to null the heaviest loads. This fair ,r7 to Holp or Remote the ideals of agile. Maw farm machinery from Woodrow Wilson How Ever r j z is toss America and Many other Conn you will never get disc our a using a a usual be to Ether with modern. J i and that when you grow to Date exhibits unheard of in the lip you always keep working War torn old turkish City i used to prevent War. To know. Love from they even sold greek hot dogs your Grandfather. Television schedule a 8 90 8 48 silent silent religious town Hall religious town Hill the pastor sacred heart i 9 00 9 15 i 9 to i 9 45 silent silent silent silent Christi answer thus is the life this is the life Christian science Quot tamp unto my feet Quot Quot lamp unto my feet look up live look up. Live 10 00 10 15 j to 30 110 45 silent silent silent silent Christophers Christopher i on is Pix on six to Church to Church camera three camera three 11 00 11 13 la 30 a 11 45 silent silent silent silent Pix on six Pix on is Pix on is Pix on six take a trip take a trip film feature service Salute 113 00 12 15 i2 in 12 45 sunday afternoon silent abundant life silent Industry on Barad silent Oral Robert silent Oral Roberts heckle Jerk in heckle Zerkle wild Bill Hickok wild Bill Hickock i no i 15 1 30 1 45 silent silent silent silent sunday matinee sunday a Tine Sun div matinee sunday matinee pro football pro football pro football pro football 2 00 2 15 2 3� 2 5 silent silent silent silent sunday matinee sunday matinee look Here look Here pro football pro football pro football pro football 3 of 3 15 3 30 3 45 silent silent silent silent Chevaliers Paris Chevalier Paris Chevalier Paris Chevalier pans pro football pro football pro football world news 4 00 4 15 4.30 4 45 Indiana University Indiana University footlight theates be Light theater Navy men Navy men Frontier Frontier face nation face nation korean report korean re it Ort 5 00 5 15 3 30 5 45 Ray Milland Ray Milland Popeye Popeye Patti Page weather and news or Christian or. Christian big picture big picture you Are there you Are there 8 00 6 15 6 30 6 45 Little rascals Little rascals Monte Cristo Monte Cristo sunday night 30 minute theater 30 minute theater Sally Sally Lassie Lassie Bachelor father Bachelor father 7 00 7 15 7 30 7 45 Cross fire Cross fire Cross fire Cross fire Steve Allen Steve Allen Steve Allen Steve Allen by Sullivan de Sullivan de Sullivan de Sullivan 8 00 8 15 8 30 8 43 9 00 9 15 9 30 9 45 City detective City detective tonight at 8 30 tonight at 8jc Alcoa hour. C Alcoa hour c Alcoa hour c Alcoa hour. C g e theater g e theater Hitchcock Hitchcock tonight at it to tonight at 8.30 tonight at 8 30 tonight at 8 30 the web the web death Valley Davs death Valier Days $84,000 Challenge $64,000 Challenge what a my line what a my line 10.00 10 15 to 30 10 45 news events Hollywood movies Hollywood movies Hollywood movies Richardson news Richardson news red top theater red top theater news event had a million had a million premiere la 00 la .15 11 30 11 4ft 12 00 12 15 12.30 Hollywood movies Hollywood movies Hollywood movies Hollywood movies red top theater red top theater red top theater red top theater premiere premiere Premier Prim Iero silent silent silent silent silent premiere premiere silent Israel i Israel m Purdue Purdue

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