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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Anderson, Indiana Government mediation threatened As blackout Marks pm a w strike Detroit a the chief of the Federal governments mediation and conciliation service said Friday his department would step into contract negotiations Between general motors corp. And he United Auto workers unless the Tempo picks up. Expressing the Nixon administrations a tremendous j. Curtis counts said he had been dissatisfied with Progress thus far in efforts to end the 47-Day-old strike that has idled More than 400,000 pm workers in the United states and Canada. Counts statement came at a news conference shortly after he two sides gave the first indications they have decided o begin serious give and take bargaining on economic issues. Pm and the Law jointly announced a news blackout and establishment of a special top level subcommittee a a o under take intensive probing Quot of their differences. Imposition of such blackouts in the past has indicated settlement was nearing. Counts said he was a a enthusiastic he subcommittee had been set up and would meet through the weekend but he added Quot done to let me mislead you to think settlement is just around the he said his office was monitoring negotiations and a if this Progress ceases we will get into it counts said he came to Detroit of his own volition not on presidential orders. Both pm and the Law have said they want no outside intervention governmental or otherwise. And Only once during a record 119-Day strike against pm in 1945-46, have they permitted a Federal government representative to sit in on bar gaining. He was not allowed to participate actively however. In 1967 when Ford motor co. Was he a awl a target for winning a pattern setting contract for tire Auto Industry the traditional final stretch news blackout came 12 Days ahead of settlement Gmys top begot Ator Earl Bramblett said earlier this week that unless everything is wrapped up within the next two weeks it would be impossible for the company to return to full production in november. Four at the Plant working agreements which supplement the National contract were announced Friday and brought the total of these to 59. But there Are 96 separate pm Law bargaining units still to Settle in the United states and Canada. In the past strikes in support of at the Plant demands have kept automakers shut Down or crippled for weeks after nation a1 agreement had been reached. Such localized strikes crippled pm for five months in 1964. Negotiations w hich began More than three months ago on july 15. Broke off when the strike erupted at Midnight sept. 14 and were no renewed until oct 9. There was no indication today that either Side had backed away from previously taken Tough stands on Money and fringe issues. One Union source described the new subcommittee approach As a a search for Bramblett George Morris jr., director of labor relations and Victor Wmk director of personnel research will make up Tho company a subcommittee. Woodcock and Irving Bluestone his co director of the Union s pm department will head the Law Anderson Herald / pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United states of America and to the Republic w for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All. I a vol. 103, no. 117 it Anderson Indiana saturday morning october 31, 1970 Price to cents violent demonstrations hittite to draw the line Nixon says a n a h e i m. Calf a pre ident Nixon said Friday night a a it a time to draw the line Quot against violent demonstrators of the sort that threw rocks and bottles a him and his motorcade in san Jose Calif. Thursday night. Addressing a Republican rally Here Nixon called on the nation s voters to reject candidates who have condoned or excused violence or failed to speak up against it. The president said he could assure his listeners that Republican candidates seeking House and Senate seats in next tuesdays election have not been guilty of a a permissiveness to Ward either violent demonstrations or crime. Broadcast live in California the Nixon speech was aired nationally on television on a delayed basis with the Republican National committee picking up the Tab the presidents decision to transform what supposedly would Hae been a routine speech to a California audience attack on Nixon could Aid his cause by c Ari. In Badore or political writer san Clemente Calif. Add the stoning of president Nixon on the eve of tuesdays elections underscores the Republican emphasis through the Campaign on Campus unrest and violent protest. It could t hive worked out better if Republican strategists had planned the san Jose incident thursday nigh 1 in which egg it stones and bottles were hurled at Nixon at the Climax of i 5.4 a mile six state swing for do candidates. It adds a new element of uncertainty to an election in which politicians on both sides say they see an Gnu busily Laige number of undecided voters. Even before thursday nights incident the president himself h a been campaigning against the forces of violent protest Lins go hem by implication to i i to. A s As he sought 0 in in try his administration with in Lorn s to Law and order or a the peace forces Quot Asho puts it. Here in California where late poll shows Republican sen. George Murphy losing ground in his fight against democratic rep. John v. Tunney the inn Den seems destined to be the Cornerstone of the final weekends gop efforts starting with president Nixon a speech at a g ant rally in Anaheim Friday night. Pledging he would a get this occasion to discuss the Issue. Nixon said a the time has come to take the gloves off and speak to this kind of behaviour in a forthright presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler was asked Friday whether the president thought the incident and Friday nigh a speech might be an asset to the rep Olean Campaign Effort. In a not prepared to assess that a he said. Asked later when he announced the Republican National committee had purchased time to carry the speech on the lbs television be work when her this meant the administration was trying to exploit the san Jose incident for a political advantage. Ziegler said Quot that is one he added that another is simply that the remarks should be made available because of heir importance. Private polls show that Domestic unrest is one of the chief concerns of voters. Thus the incident could cause even greater emphasis if that is possible. On the Issue by Man. Kepi divan candidates locked in Tig it rates i h their democratic i v als. Murphy called the incident a shocking Quot asked wha it s effect might be on his re election chances he replied a i done to see How it could Hurt it any. These Are the things in be been working democratic National chairman Lawrence f of Brien said in deploring the stoning a these ugly tactics must not be allowed to obscure the real issues in America outside of California the main Impact might be in the four Southwest and Rocky Picot turn to fog 2, column s arrests made police probe Elwood shots Elwood a bar owned by a Union official was fired on and four Union members were arrested Friday As the undeclared a civil Quot War continues Between ex-cell-0 and Law local 1384. Sources believe a Rock throwing incident thursday prompted two Shotgun blasts that were fired on Rolland s inn late thursday. President of local 1384 and owner of the establishment Robert Rolland. Said Friday two shots fired from a passing car shattered part of a Large front window and a Side window about 11 52 pm. Both company personnel and Union members have reported property damage and harassment the last week each blaming the other while police officials and City administrators like to think that a a outside forces Are to blame. Four Union members face charges stemming from a disturbance Friday morning which occurred about two blocks from the Plant. Charged with disorderly con do ? were Charles r Gibbons 33. 1816 s m St Charles h. Of a Dridge. 26. 270-1 s d St and Edgar Wright 31, Orestes. Michael Mcginnis 24, Tipton was charged with malicious trespass. Sheriff Joe Brogdon seized Gibbons and Eldridge and both men were cled into up court where Bond was set at $50 both Mcginnis and Wright were apprehended by Elwood police. Officials said Mcginnis was apprehended on a warrant and was freed after posting $500 Bond. Elwood police chief w. L. Orbaugh said reports of Rock throwing and other incidents have increased during the past week. He warned a the department will continue to arrest regardless of which he continued that the injunction ordered by Superior court judge Fred Yelton or. Will still be enforced a if the people think that just goes for the area around the Plant they had better Check again a he stressed. A done to condone violence meanwhile. Rolland did not have much to say about the Union members involvement in reported Dis Urbancek. He said a i told the people i done to want but implied that it Plant turn to Png 2, column 4 was prompted by the violence of some 1.000 Antiwar protesters who attacked him and his cavalcade after similar partisan appearance in the san Francisco Bay area City of san Jose. A it was a violent said Nixon adding that rocks bottles and bricks were thrown bus windows broken and some members of his party injured none of the injuries was serious. As he has repeatedly done in Campaign appearances this year Nixon said that television news programs showing a the violent few May have Given Many people the false impression that the violent ones represent a majority of Young people. A my friends i have Good news for he said. Quot i can Tell you that the Radical few. Are not the majority of american youth today and they will not be the leaders of America tomorrow a a the Anaheim convention Center audience let out a Roar and leaped to its feet a reaction typical of Nixon crowds every where when he has used this line. About 8.000 Republican partisans filled the convention Center for Nixon s appearance Only a few dozen demonstrators Soma opposing the Vietnam War and others urging military Victory a paraded on a sidewalk outside. The Security measures in effect at the building were designed to make certain that no vocal Nixon critics could Gam entre. The president and mrs. Nixon travelled the 35 Miles from the Western White House by hell. Copter. Republican sen. George Murphy. Seeking a second term originally was intended to be the chief beneficiary of Nixon a Southern California appearance. Murphy is being strongly challenged by democratic rep. John v. Tunney. However the chief executive transformed what was in effect his Standard speech of the 1979 Campaign into an Appeal for voters everywhere to Back cop candidates. Nixon said that where a he Senate is concerned this will perhaps be Quot the Mast important single election Quot in american history because Many votes there on Nixon programs have hinged on one two or three vote. He said that As president he a can t do the Job that needs to he done Quot without the support of the Senate and House. He called for of a election of Congress members a who will vote for the president so he can keep his promises to you a a White House spokesman said after Nixon spoke that the president would return to the subject of violent demonstrations and perhaps Deal with it More extensively at a Campaign appearance saturday at sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. Nixon will spend the Day stumping through Arizona. New Mexico Nevada and Utah. Political Blitz on today political to k forces will fan out Over Madron county today a both Republican and Democrat organizations Start eleventh hour drives to build voter mip port at the poll in tuesday s general election during the course of the Day every Community of the county figures to be blitzed at least Ang to twice by the a i in Lineal motorcade republicans with neatly All county and legislative candidates participating will be led at Lea 1 Over part of the Rome. By loth District congressman David w Dennis who is campaigning for reelection the Gap caravan is headed by John w Gunter candidate Foi sheriff and Georg j hawi.-, candidate tor 2nd District coun to councilman As co chairmen. The top Convoy forms at Tho Edgewood Plaza Center at 8 30 . And leaves on a route that covers the West. South East and North parts of the county before returning to Anderson and the an editorial on two successive nights violence has occurred in the Vicinity of the strike bound ex-cello-0 Plant in Elwood. Wednesday night a number of automobiles were damaged by rocks thrown by unknown persons in the Vicinity of the Plant breaking windows in six cars. Thursday night an unknown Parson Fred a Shotgun blast through widows of a nearby tavern operated by the president of the striking local. When car windows Are smashed and shotguns Are brought into play someone is being denied Protection of person and property. Of this situation continues the Elwood Community could be close to serious and tragic violations of persons and property. The City of Elwood Madison county and the state of Indiana have All the necessary and Legal Force at their disposal to prevent the situation from reaching tragic proportions. Above All responsible Heads of these agencies should not be allowed to lapse into an election eve moratorium on Law enforcement. County Highway garage on w. 8ti Street at 5 where the Madison county women s Republican club Madison county Lincoln club. Madison county Young Republican club and the teen Republican organization will serve the caravan participants and the Public hotdogs cider Coffee punch and cookies in a Quot gop Hail Oweene. A county democrats will travel to the West North East and South parts of the county ending up at Falls Park in Pendleton at 5 for a f All Creek township Chili supper and rally from 5 to 8 of the two caravans run on schedule there is Little of them both being in the same Community at the same time. Democrats however will be in the Markleville or Enro Ute from there to Ingalls when u s senator r Vance Hartke. Battling to beat off a Challenge by Republic n rep Richard l. Rou Dehirsh. Land a the Anderson Mun clan i Airport at 4 . For an Airport press conference. Sen Hartkens office announced Friday at the Saint tune announcement was made of plans for the 4 00 Airport press conference Here that Hartke had cancelled arrangements for a last minute Campaign appearance in Anderson monday. Republican county chairman Myron Seibert and Democrat chairman Wayne Huffman Are heading party workers in last minute preparations for tuesdays election. Other major activity today Well concern the voting of perplex turn to Peg 2, column 2 memorial precedes veterans Day event a memorial service on the South Lawn of the Midi s o n county courthouse next saturday precede the annual Veteran Day Parade Here. According to Paul Henderson co chairman of the Observance. The Parade will Start at to 30 a in shortly after the memorial service. Among guests who will be in the reviewing stand will be rep Richard l Roudebush. Fifth District congressman who served As grand Parade marshal for last year s Parade Roude Bisish is a former Indiana Arri National commander of the veterans of foreign wars. Others guests will include Dale Al Kuhn. Indiana commander of the american be Ion mrs Thelma Butler. Pre it i Dent of the Indiana american legion auxiliary John , Indiana commander of he vow f a n 3 c a a o lain at for Benjamin Harrison a he Rev e j. Murray y be chaplain of Tho american Logon and local officials. The reviewing stand and the judges stand will be erected at loth and Meridian streets. Some 16 local and county merchants and organizations have donated trophies to be awarded winners in first second and third places in different care Gories. One award will be Given to Best Overall one to Best horse and rider and one to the Best Emi or an group three awards w ii be presented to women a marching units senior color guards Junior marching units and for the three Best floats. The judging committee is Union voter checkoff plan stirs uproar Elwood window blasted a the window shown above was shot out in an Elwood tavern Early Friday by on unknown gunman. The tavern is operated by Robert Rolland who is also president of ex-cell-0 Law local 1384. Friday s shooting incident followed the breaking of windows in six cars operated by no striking ex-cell-0 workers Early thursday. Previous incidents have included Auto damage harassment and a fight near the Plant Entrance. Herald photo by Sam Hunter a new uproar erupting Here v a Tuaila on a he eve of tuesdays general election in Law pc s to the Law books Friday to Check on the legality of a plan by l a local 662 to Check off voters at the polls in lieu of attending next tuesday s Union education classes. The Union has been conducting a series of scheduled classes for members who Are Laid off work As a result of production cutbacks at Delco Remy division As an aftermath of the Law strike against general motors that has shut Down the guide lamp division Here. Earlier this week local 662 members told the Herald they had been instructed at an education class to take their attendance receipt to the polls tuesday where they would be checked off As they voted and the member would then qualify for benefits from funds. Some of the Union members also told the Herald the education classes often Are devoted extensively to promotion of Democrat candidates in tuesday s election. Union president Floyd Fri Ion said Friday night the plan was aimed primarily at go Ting persons out to Voe and he the checkoff of class attendance receipts would be by Faw Cap personnel. Earlier reports said the checkoff would be handled by pol Lbook holders. Officials said Friday night that pol Lbook holders Are provided for in election Laws As party representatives although they Are not official members of be precinct Board. It was pointed out that the Indiana corrupt practices act defines a wide Range of violations that cover illegal influencing of voters though the possible withholding of benefits which could in some cases be construed As a felony. Rime Alert 649-2211 composed of Howard Reg cd airman. Nile Todd of. Pm t. James Gaukroger la Comdr. Pal de Aker. Miss Nancy Newman is. Navy Recruiter Mac Lyle e Wolfgang. Marine corp Recruiter gunnery sgt. John d Smedley army Recruiter Sec Robert l Max air Force Recruiter t. Sgt. Sam Herman the Para de theme is Quot for god pie of turn to Page 7, column 4 in the Herald today. Army gravely concerned Over drug use deaths illnesses among Merican servicemen a Page to. I s. Consuls attempt meeting with soviet held generals a Page 3. New arrivals and obituaries a Page 2 editorials opinion and comment a Page 4 arrest tin women a pages 6-7 hallo Ween pictorial feature a Page 8 sunday Church service schedules a Page la sports highlights a pages 12-13 comics and daily features a pages la 15 markets and financial news a Page 17 classified advertising a pages 17-19. Cloudy partly Cloudy through sunday with a Chance of Light showers. Precipitation probabilities 0 to 2o per rent today Aud tonight. High today mid Sims Low tonight Low to a High tomorrow upper 50 s High 63 l of yesterday 37 Sunrise 7 11 . Sunset 5 46 pm. Quot first person was just the one Quot Quot War really very Aliased with the results a got said a a to Happy woman who got lust the help the needed. Toby tilter for 2 preschoolers. Dor shift. Middle aged woman preferred own transportation. Near Delco. Phone 000 0000. Whether you need help lot your office factory or Home As this woman did the easiest Way to get it it through Tho classified pages of Tho Herald and bulletin Call 643-5371 Between Bam and 5 . And place your and

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