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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Anderson, Indiana Ottawa apr invoking unprecedented peacetime Powers the government revived world War ii regulations Friday and outlawed the Quebec liberation fro a. Police in a wide sweep act Ess Quebec province. Arrested More than 250 persons. Prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau who comes from que Canada outlaws liberation front starts arrests Bec declared the liberation front posed the threat of insurrection and was trying clandestinely to destroy the nation s social Structure. He announced regulations providing five years in jail for anyone even assisting a member of the front known by its French initials Fly the organization which condemns the present capitalist Structure and seeks to make a separate nation of Quebec was responsible for last weeks kid Narings of a British Diplomat and a Quebec Cabinet minister. Trudeau a Liberal party commands a majority in the House of commons and his government was thus Able to proclaim the War measures act without serious challenges but not without criticism. John Diefenbaker a former prime minister under the conservative party said the decision puts canadians Freedom a in cold storage for several months to come a imposition of the act is due to expire next april. It can be used to suspend civil rights. It gives the government almost unlimited Powers to Deal with rebellion and in effect can stifle political dissent. Bales of literature prepared by Quebec separatists were seized by police in their raids Friday. Trudeau told the House of commons the measure was being revived a with deep he said the government had no Choice. The War measures act was proclaimed at 4 a m., and extra military forces began moving into Quebec. Negotiations Between the Fly and the Quebec government had broken Down an hour before the proclamation. They had been bargaining on a Deal for the lives of James r. Cross British Trade commissioner in Montreal. And Pierre Laporte labor minister of Quebec. Among those arrested in police raids was Robert Lemieux a Montreal lawyer who had been negotiating in behalf of the Fly he had brought negotiations to an impasse by declaring Early Friday that Quebec a last offer was a incredible Quebec offered to Exchange five prisoners for the kidnapped men. The Fly had demanded the release of 23 men convicted or awaiting trial for terrorists acts with their air passage to Algeria or Anderson Herald to vol. 103, no. 105 , Indiana saturday morning october 17, 1970 / pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United states of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All. Price to cents Quot i had 28 Caus Quot Quot and Thad was Only in the paper far Ana Day Quot a said another of tha Many people who Schiava Anco dont results from their and each Dayl Babysitter needed 5-Day wk., 7 3. Call 000-0000 after 5. Of Yea Hood a Babysitter Tho Bast Way to 90 Ana in la advertise in tha Quot help wanted Quot Section of Tho Harold and tulle tin. Call 641-3171 and Ana of eur trained want advisors will a aloud to kelp you place your and. United nations by. Apr Secretary of state William p. Rogers faced soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko Friday on the Mideast Vietnam and other issues in a test of whether the Kremlin is veering toward a harder line. Rogers served notice in Advance of a dinner meeting that he could show Gromyko positive proof of russian egyptian missile buildups violating the Mideast truce. But Moscow has already strongly denied violating the cease fire deals and aides indicated Rogers Felt it useless to push Gromyko too hard on the Issue. What Rogers wants is some a a rectification of the violations a deliberately vague word enough to get the arabs and israelis into peace Seale ment talks. Rogers said after meeting with . Leaders earlier in the Day that his talks went a very but . Officials indicated he was encountering heavy going. They said among other things that a none of the parties to the i 90-Day Mideast cease fire slated to expire nov. 5, has yet agreed to an Extension beyond the deadline. The officials held out the possibility that the arabs and israelis without formal agreement might not resume the shooting after the deadline passes. A the proposed Arab israeli peace talks under . Mediator Gunnar jarring Are not Likely to get started anytime soon. Adding to pessimism about prospects for Mideast Progress in the near future was a Tough speech to the general Assembly by Egypt a Quot foreign minister Mahsoud Riad. Riad blamed the United three busloads of Madison county Republican precinct committeemen and vice committeemen will be among the crowd of 11,000 expected to hear president Richard Nixon in the Allen county memorial coliseum at fort Wayne at 7 . Next tuesday. The presidents final Stop scheduled at fort Wayne after a swing through several Midwest states in support of Republican congressional candidates in the nov. 3 election has been planned to support the candidacy of rep. Richard l. Roudebush the Indiana gop nominee for the . Senate seat held by Democrat r. Vance Hartke. The Nixon address is also expected to bolster the campaigns of gop reuse candidates including rep. David w. Dennis Richmond who represents the 10th District which includes Madison county. Dennis reported Friday he will attend the fort Wayne rally tuesday along with rep. E. Ross Adair fort Wayne. Fourth District Host congressman and other members of the Indiana Republican congressional delegation. Gop county chairman Myron Seybert announced plans tor the bus trip by the precinct officials and indicated that Many others from the county were also planning to attend. Seybert said the Nixon address at fort Wayne will give the whole Republican Campaign a great lift and recalled an Lith hour address by Nixon in the Anderson High school gym in 1966 was the turning Point in the gop Campaign of that year in Madison county. Seybert said a number of East Central Indiana localities had been proposed by the gop state committee for the Nixon rally including Anderson before fort Wayne was finally selected for the event. Friday night Dennis and county Republican candidates attended reception rallies at gop Headquarters Here sponsored by the Madison county women a Republican club and an Adams township Chili supper at the fall Creek conservation club building near Columbus. Earlier Friday Dennis had addressed a luncheon meeting Here and personally Campaign at shopping centers. At the gop reception Friday night Dennis told his audience he and other republicans were greatly encouraged by growing turnouts at Republican political gatherings and warm Friendly greetings for Many citizens on Davis clue Given by car Miami apr Angela Davis travelling companion purchased an automobile in his own name during their stay in Florida and put the Fri on a Trail that led to their capture in York. The Miami news reported Friday that David Rudolph Poindexter arrested with miss Davis tuesday in York bought a White Toyota sept. 17 in fort Lauderdale. Jerome Tyre of the Florida motor vehicle division in Tallahassee confirmed that a 1970 four door Toyota was purchased in Poindexter a name. Poindexter listed his address Tyre said As Golf Lake apartments. Apt. B-115, 2601 . U5th Street Miami. The news said Poindexter and miss Davis had been living at the apartment under the alias of Gilbert. The news said the Fri informed that Poindexter might be with miss Davis in Florida routinely checked tyres office on the Chance Poindexter might Register a car under his own name. When he did. The news said the Fri went to the North Miami apartment and found in the a a Gilbert Mailbox the Toyota a title that had been mailed from Tallahassee. Inside the apartment according to the paper they found pictures of miss Davis and letters she had written. The Fri the news said staked out the apartment and immediately put out a nationwide Alert for the White Toyota with Florida License plate 10d-11785. The news said the car was spotted tuesday parked at a Howard Johnson a Motel in York City. Miss Davis and Poindexter were arrested hours later by a team of Fri agents. At present miss Davis is being held in York on a charge of murder in connection with the aug. 7 death of a California judge killed by Black militants who attempted to abduct him. The Fri also refused comment on the Sale or the Miami news Story because the Bureau was working on other facets of the Case. By coincidence the apartment listed by Poindexter is a favorite residence for Miami area Law officers. Former Miami detective Charles Celona has lived there under a 24-hour guard after testifying on the actions of Miami underworld figures. Sunny sunny and warm today fair and continued Cool tonight sunny and warmer sunday. High today 55-62 Low tonight 32-40 High tomorrow 59-69 High yesterday 53 Low yesterday 30 Sunrise 7 57 a in. Sunset 7 04 . Congressman Tours Delco Remy water Plant tenth District rep. David Vav. Dennis right in Anderson for a round of visits inspects the Delco Remy water recycling Plant after addressing a group on the Issue of environmental improvement. From left Are Perry housed a general manager pointing out features of the water treatment facility and r. K. Williams or works manager. Herald photo by Shari keys Dennis gives views pollution Issue aired rep. David w. Dennis of Richmond who represents Madison county and six other counties of the 10th District in Congress told a group of Anderson Community governmental and business leaders Friday that a preservation and if necessary restoration of a liveable environment is fundamental to our continued welfare a Dennis a candidate for reelection nov. 3, was speaking at a luncheon session at the Holiday inn Here prior to an inspection tour of the Delco Remy water treatment facility. In a statement following the tour Dennis said he was very impressed by the Industry a ant pollution water treatment system. A this Forward looking expensive and effective installation is fortunately becoming More and More typical of the approach of american Industry to the problem of the pollution of our National environment a Dennis declared. Dennis brought the environmental Issue into perspective by his following remarks to the group. A some of us who have Long been members of conservation organizations and lovers of unspoiled outdoor America have been aware for sometime of a vital National heritage. This heritage is our National environment. A it is heartening to see that this cause is attaining a widespread Public support. This support has already been reflected by congressional action in the passage of the clean air act tile clean water act and other environmental measures which i have supported by my vote in the House. A the preservation and where necessary the restoration of a liable environment is of course Pleat turn to Post 2. Column i to Chi Minh Trail blasted again Saigon a . B52 bombers smothered the to Chi Minh Trail with bombs again Friday beginning a second week of saturation raids against the North vietnamese Supply lifeline. Abate 30 of the Thailand based bombers virtually All the operational b52 Fleet in the War zone pounded Jungle covered trails and Transfer poems in the Laos Panhandle for an eighth straight Day. As on previous Days no b52 missions were flown against South Vietnam and Cambodia. The sustained bombing in Laos is aimed at smashing the a dry season push by North Vietnam to move War materials to its troops in Cambodia and South Vietnam there was Freh evidence also that the North vietnamese and Viet Cong were re infiltrating into their former sanctuaries in Eastern and Southeastern Cambodia. South vietnamese forces clashed for the sixth time in a week thursday with North vietnamese units along the cambodian Border. The clash just in Ide Cambodia and about 75 Miles Northwest of Saigon was Little More than a skirmish. But taken along with the five previous clashes lately it was Clear that the communist command troops were trying to move Back into the lairs which had been swept by Allied forces in the big offensive in May and june. In a icon it was Learned that one of America s Veteran infantry divisions the a Tropic lightning 25th division is being pulled out of Vietnam soon As part of the . Disengagement. Informed sources disclosed that two brigades of the 25th, also known As a a Hawaii a own a would be out by the Christmas season under president Nixon s newly announced cutback of 40.000 troops by the end of this year. Also to be withdrawn Are the two remaining brigades of the . 4th infantry division and the 5th Marine regiment. The cutback due to be completed dec. 31, will reduce the authorized american strength in Vietnam to about 344.000 men the lowest level in nearly five years. In Cambodia a general Lull persisted for a fifth Day. Final gop drive opens county delegation to attend Nixon rally Vietnam Mideast discussed Rogers Gromyko hold trouble areas session states for a continuation of the state of War in the Middle East and said that by its military Aid to Israel. America had removed itself As a possible peacemaker. The Rogers Gromyko session at the soviet . Mission and a follow up meeting Between the two slated for monday night loomed importantly both in the Mideast context and globally. These Are the first such High level .-soviet talks since the two met at last years . Fall session. And . Strategists committed to president Nixon s a Era of negotiations policy Are wondering whether the Kremlin really wants to Settle major East West issues. The White House is particularly concerned Over the alleged Mideast violations. It wants to know too whether Moscow will help Nixon s Vietnam peace Effort. Other items include whether the soviets will show some give in the current Western Effort to improve the conditions for West Berlin. Rogers brought to the Gromyko dinner top aides on Europe Berlin affairs As Well As Mideast expert Joseph j. Sisco and Gerard Smith chief . Negotiator in the .-soviet strategic arms limitation talks i Salt. Rogers in his first full Day of a 10-Day visit Here went through appointments at a fast Pace ranging from Italy s foreign minister to the president of Gabon. The Mideast question was the main topic in meetings with in. Secretary general u Thant. Jarring and general Assembly president Edvard Hambro. . Officials said Rogers was not at this Point pressing for a specific Extension of the ceasefire nor did they expect him to Nail Down a peace talks formula by the time he returns to Washington. They also made Plain . Opposition to the Mideast debate sought by Egypt which is slated to begin in the general Assembly oct. 26. The . Officials speaking to newsmen under rules barring direct attribution said that the debate might undermine commitments made by the Mideast parties under the 1967 Mideast peace Resolution of the . Security Council. . Accused in the Herald today. High school football a Kokomo stymies Anderson 27-21 Madison Heights takes Indianapolis tech. 19-8 Highland shots out Pendleton Heights 25-0. New arrivals and obituaries a Page 2 schedule of sunday Church services a Page 3 editorials. Opinion and comment a Page 4 accent on women a Page 6 sports highlights a pages 8-9 comics and daily features a Page 10-11 markets and financial news a Page 12 classified advertising a pages 13-15. The shopping Center Tours throughout the District. He said samplings indicated he was running Well ahead in most parts of the District. He said he was being aided by divided leadership in the Democrat organization an inexperienced opposition candidate and widespread reaction against problems which the Public identifies largely with the Democrat party. A the people Are worried about bombings Street crime disorders inflation the War. Rising taxes and living Cost increases a which he indicated were the natural result of Democrat plot turn tafe it 2, column j total Delight a James Abraham Highland faculty member and emcee for the half time ceremonies at Highland s Homecoming Friday night gives his congratulations to newly crowned Home coming Queen Kim Harris. Cool temperatures and brisk enthusiasm set the stage for a perfect Highland Homecoming As the scots dumped the Pendleton Heights arabians 25-0. Herald photo by Sam Hunter Riad says truce United nations by. Apr Egypt foreign minister Mahmoud Riad charged Friday that the United states wrecked its own Middle East peace initiative by aligning itself completely with Israel against the arabs. The accusation brought a heated denial from . Ambassador Charles w. Yost who said Riad was raising obstacles toward reaching agreement through private diplomatic negotiations. Israeli ambassador Yosef Tekoah entered the Exchange declaring that Egypt in complicity with the soviet Union was intent on crippling the .-sponsored peace plan. The outburst came during Riad s policy statement at a Silver anniversary session of the u a general Assembly. Riad who declared that the United states must Bear responsibility for a the state of War in the Middle East a had met for two hours thursday night with Secretary of state William p. Rogers. Rogers sponsored the us. Move that brought a 90-Day Mideast cease fire and Short lived peace talks. A by its alignment to Israel the United states has demonstrated beyond any doubt its inability to play the role incumbent upon it to carry out its own initiative a Riad said. A this role Calk for an impartial and even handed Israel participated in the initial peace talks under . Special envoy Gunnar v. Jarring but withdrew accusing Egypt of violating the cease fire by constructing soviet supplied missile Sites in the Suez canal truce zone. Egypt denied the charge and countered that Israel was violating the standstill by building wrecked fortifications on the East Side of the canal. In a speech reflecting the policy of the egyptian regime headed by president Anwar Sadat Riad said there can be no peace unless Israel withdraws from ail occupied Arab territory a and recognizes the rights of the palestinian he claimed the United states had promised Egypt it would refrain from providing Israel with additional warplanes As Long As the . Peace initiative was under Way. A it seems however that zionist pressure has succeeded in putting an end to the american he said adding a the United states reneged its commitment not to provide Israel with More aircraft and decided to Supply it with additional weapons and planes at the same time As Israel officially announced its Boycott of the talks with ambassador jarring. Thus the United states joined Fleet turn to foe i column i

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