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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Anderson, Indiana The Anderson Herald vol. 98. No. 297 a Anderson Indiana saturday morning May 28, 1966 Price to cents Rusk says forces to remain Anderson woman struck killed on Rural segment of pm for Quick nato reorganization Driver tells of Impact saw nothing a truck pedestrian Accident Early Friday morning claimed the life of Mabel l. Shipley 47, of 2447 Lincoln St., on a Rural portion of ind. 109 near new Columbus. The Madison county sheriffs department reported the woman was struck As she walked along the Highway toward Anderson at about 1 20 a m. The mishap occurred at the Ace Airport. Driver of the pickup truck. James j. Mcdonnell 33. New Castle told authorities he was headed South on ind. 109 when his truck was suddenly jolted by the Impact. He stopped and returned to the scene to find mrs. Shipley lying in a ditch alongside the Highway. He stated he saw no one immediately before or when the 1944 Towie fatalities 13 same period a year ago 18 total deaths in 1445 39 the controversy Over school reorganization in Madison county seemed destined to continue at least for another year it was Learned Here last night. The Issue rests in the hands of one judge. Yet one decision could dissolve the current a status Quot a and Start the machinery of both the Anderson and Elwood Community school corporations. But that decision has not been anticipated according to attorneys for the county school reorganization c o in Mittee there were More arguments on the matter yesterday held in Henry county circuit court before judge Robert Ellison. The decision will be whether to sustain or overrule a motion to dissolve the two restraining orders against the Anderson and Elwood Community school corporations. The motion was filed by Paul e. Schrenker attorney for the county committee who con Seville Spain a six there were no victims among Miles from Huelva and bailed tends the Law establishes re in act occurred French mystery in supersonic the pilots or the civilian of safely from 3.000 feet. His organized school districts and Rel nov Coroner Cecil car jets ran out of fuel and crashed the communique aircraft hit the ground about that the county committee acts Mir a cd said death was caused near Here Fonda it while on a added a there was no material too feet from the main Road As an agent of that Law. From a broken reek cos Navi Atiqi training flight from damage on the ground an and burned attorneys for the c e n t r a i Chest and Back and other in France to Seville. All six pilots inquiry is in there were reports not metropolitan school District Luries authorities blamed pitch parachuted to safety Airport pave 0f pilots were confirmed officially that Aneth have argued the a Constitution dark conditions in part for the a Here said to reported Here to have been of the jets landed in laity of portions of the school. a -9m�?T tim a wac to a Quot i we m i Quot a a a a Quot to i Quot a a Day for safety patrols a Meridian St. Was like grand Central station yesterday when hundreds of school safety patrols headed for Shadyside Park following a special movie program at the Paramount theatre. The Southside Junior High band led the procession and then it was solidly an afternoon of hot dogs soft drinks and ice Cream for a Large crowd of enthusiastic youngsters. Herald photo six French mysteries crash traffic starts for first big 1966 Holiday. Here to have been or 05 Ine is Accident direct cause of the sources said die a Quot ots taken to the Spanish american portuguese territory. Reorganization Law and have Accident was unknown exchanged agonizing messages a Ava but at Cadiz. The sixth the Spanish news Agency further claimed in addition. Mrs. Shipley had been walk heir Fud Pik get was said t0 in Huelva. Said of jets went that the county committee had ing North facing southbound Irani a a an Airport spokesman con div not Al he. A failed to stick to the letter of traffic Aud Vidou was is 7 firmed that the planes were res 0&Quot ? a a Quot a a a a returning Home from work. The a curtain of secrecy immedi Seville s civilian Airport f Anomer Pian reported districts. Wen an reportedly had been a tel it. A. Dropped Over he of a Village. A abm that Reese however the restraining or visiting relatives in new co urn crash., but in pans the ,.,lr0virip and other. It. Wreckage dvrs Are std in effect and the by defense ministry announced a a a provide any outer was a to found immediately. Situation remains balanced in the death raised the Madi that the planes were from them a a met on. I the Light was reposed to be favor of the metr0 District sen counts traffic loll to 13 Cazaux base near Bordeaux. The French consulate in under the command of Cape j. Schrenker has argued that Rwy. Eye. At tim time toe Spanish Mene Hota news a comr red that of. Tart the other Pilous were co my Nutter did the loth and i to fatality were Agency Sud the to lights a Bijj umm us. Turma. Brie recorded for 1965. Were a Ponze Given to the six ship lev service pilots for proficiency by French last rites will be conducted air Force authorities the pilots pm. Turn a a. 2. ,.mn s a attend a pilgrimage Al a a a Almonte near Seville the Agency said. They could not land at Seville a a apparently because of meteorological conditions and subset memorial Day plans Complete Here say veterans groups Madison county residents will gather monday for the annual Public ceremonies honouring All of the county so a dead. A motorcade will form at 9 30 a in on the South Side of the courthouse and will travel first to memorial Park for services awl then to East Maplewood. Veterans groups last night completed the placement of american flags on the Graves of Over 4.100 former military service men and women from All of the nations wars who Are buried in local cemeteries. I the Rev. J. R Heyd of the Church of god will speak at Pleat turn to Page column k Romania seeks pact revisions Queen of St. Mary s prom a a Radiant Marilyn Laughlin daughter of or. And mrs. Charles Laughlin 1408 winding Way was crowned Queen of St. Mary s Junior Semor prom last night. The event was held in St. Mary s gymnasium which was decorated of a Southern ballroom. Crowning the Queen was her sister son a who reigned in the same role last year. Herald photo buddhists flee a military charge judge Ellison took the motion under advisement. At this Saigon a govern by told newsmen that Thi a is Point it was Learned if t h e ment marines and rangers not against me a a it was this o motion is sustained the re charged into the ranks of ouster As first carps Comman and is a a Jeoug and straining orders will be Dis Buddhist demonstrators Friday Der last March to that sparked Washington apr Secretary of state Dean Rusk said Friday the United states plans to keep its Large military forces in Germany and voiced Hope tor a solid Progress soon in revamping nato after j Frances pullout. Americans european allies have been told a your forces will remain there As Long As they Are needed and Rusk reported at a news conference preceding his departure next week for a North Atlantic treaty organization ministers meeting at Brussels june 6-8. Rusk sought again to minimize the practical effects of the civil turmoil in South Viet Nam. Saying it has had no major Impact on the Campaign against the red guerrillas. With . Commitments growing in Viet Nam and continuing elsewhere and with Nath array from French withdrawal to tonsils who Nav from its integrated military set More conscious than usual substantial sentiment has of the potential dangers of developed in Congress for a re driving headed out on the auction in the 225,000-Man i s. Highways of Nav for the nato1&Quot re it e�?or0pe under trip by Holiday weekend six is army divisions Are in he warm months. West Germany. Virtually ail of them must Rusk stressed too that the have read or heard of the recent nato allies should be not Only discussions in congressional a defensive organization but hearings and elsewhere of Auto also should a try to search for a a 3 a a solution of some of the larger. Midnight. Edt 6 of Crafsic. A outstanding problems that i boating. A drownings total 6. Vide East and West mobiles tires Drivers Law in French president Charles do , another actors in Gaulle has pictured nato As an of. A0ci<jents impediment to reducing East the n Council Usita has estimated that Between 460 has in the past and should in the. A. Future look for settlements with and 540 a the communist countries and a tor of a be a a m he named German reunification a tabulating period As the no i european problem it an a . Ray Between the cold War Adver Rda an Quot e a Midnight monday the weather was warm in country As the there were in some not approve the metro d i s strict. It is subject to further reorganization. Argument on his motion to dissolve the restraining orders Sanes a while i Hope we can make some solid Progress and take most of some specific decisions at the weekend began Brussels meeting concerning scattered showers France ouster of nato Facil Are As cities from French soil. Rusk the Council figured that mos said other problems will re of the 87 million motor vehicles main to be resolved a Over the in the United states will be in months ahead through a Contin motion Al one time or another Ming process of review and con during the Holiday period. It i saltation a calculated that they will travel i and he expressed a desire to a total of about 9 4 billion Miles. Get on with settlement of East deaths on the streets and West problems like dts Arma roads Are in a High Cycle. They ment a even though the Viet numbered a record 49.000 last Nam situation is a till unto air Jar turn to fag z. Column but the session came in the solved and the new school Cor night firing bursts of tracer the current political Wake of a series of France like Nora Linn \ri11 nip rating Hill its into the air the action Tkv pave no in heat crisis. Gemini Blastoff que Entov crashed because of Lack of fuel a the ministry a comm Moscow Upp a de Fem a que said. Ministers of the soviet Union Wake of a series of frat ice like portions will begin operating bullets into the air. The action by gave no indication that his Nedr predicted further nuclear Halma i a8�l a the pilots used their exec and five Eastern european moves by Romania to alter the on the other hand if the a broke the Back of Day Long anti meeting with the rebel army testing by red China and said 0 mgk6 Tion seats and to our knowledge countries met Friday amid status of the communist Tjon is overruled n o t h i n g government rioting and sent Leader had moved the country he favors Doli cinc by an inter a j a a i t reports that Romania is press military Alliance changes and the metro District monks and youths fleeing in closer to a political truce National group to insure Cam Audi Thonol l6sts my Lor drastic revisions of the the defense chiefs of Roma Tju continue to operate. In and panic As a thunderous Monsoon Between the government and Bodiao a neutrality and ind end apr n Basic rules of the Warsaw fact. A. I Oland Hungary fast edition. However the judge set deluge added to the fury in the Buddhist backed rebellious for nce Toa asian to All outward appearances Germany Ami Bulgaria met a trial Date of sept. I provid Saigon streets. Ces demanding Kyd a Resigna i us remarks on Cambodia i be barrelled gemini 9 hum was Tiolu her of w w thae Manship of ing the latter decision is made. Six monks were arrested Tion. Came in Reph l0 a question u tar a meeting of the defense chiefs of marshal Aii Drei Grechko. First the trial Date alone. Schrenk during the height of the Street the Buddhist in Saigon who about a statement made earlier a i w the North at Antic treaty soviet i Nion and commander no change in the school Situa cans Riding in a jeep near a tl3n in the capital Friday Stanley r Larsen that there is organization nato to Prem chief of the Warsaw pact Tion can be anticipated for Buddhist Pagoda were stoned. Pare the Agenda for a Summit forces. Another school year even if the the United states Friday meeting it their political Albania is also a member of final court decision rules in Fay evacuated 77 american Civi Ulrik turn la Page 3, column 5 sunny somewhat cooler today and sunday. High today mid Sik Low today mid us High yesterday is Low 55 Sunrise tomorrow 5 21 a m. Sunset today 8 in . Leaders in Bucharest in july. I Law of turn to Page 2. Column c plan a turn to Page i. Column j two indicted in slaying Arkadelphia. Ark was in jail but did not plan a Glenn Everett Stewart. 30. To return to Marion. Stevenson she was charged with the bans from Hue. The Northern rebel stronghold where on thursday students sacked and burned the . Library. The violence in the capital came As Premier Nguyen Cao by held a secret two hour Noble faces 2 to for manslaughter f2arl Dwight Noble. 24-year tears while on the on Atlas rocket that pm a get turn to Page column 4 must hoist the astronaut rendezvous to get into orbit. A Well get off one of these Days a quipped astronaut Thomas Stafford. William c. Schneider. Gemini 9 Mission director said the delay was necessary1 a to permit completion of additional Check witness out and testing procedures inst 21 Kirc wad i lid Kru will inc x i / a at n. Ii i i Al to \ Vui Icoria to guv hic n i Ulvog min in death after Marion officials it r n old native of the streets of stand Noble admitted a string muted following the Atlas failure waived extradition Friday to said they May go live with her found Discore paces in the ver j?34a, Nguyen Brooklyn. N. Y. Last night of convictions in several states in the first Ettema to launch return to Marion ind., to face parents in Caddo Gap Sion of the murder she told in Flash to 10 a .j1011 Iery i threw his arms about his members of the jury received gemini 9 on May 17 a a charge of first degree Mur mrs. Schmidt has been held Tennessee and the version she Par y Arr fun smiling attorney following the the Case at 2 30 . And re technicians on the launch Der in the dismemberment slay in Grant county jail since re told Atter returning to Marion _-lssl0 3 Madison county circuit jury turned the r verdict at 9 30 pad partly hampered by bad old Marion turning from Tennessee sunday Stwart was captured near my of a 30 year Man two Marion detectives _. Came to question Stewart said two children after killing her swampland near the Home of guarantees for hts safety. Where she told authorities that Arkadelphia. Arkansas. Tuesday 3/1 s 0 military insulation Man Ausmer a who Stewart kidnapped her and her after a Day Long search in the military installation %0bie. Charged by Cain two children after Killsc her it Damn Lanch near. With Theka a of they would take him Back Sun husband. Day by private car his parents judge Bohannon j r they Are both have denied killing Soh Rich Ait m. Harrigan assistant in new annl Wippl Fonh mid a did hive blamed the death hers juvenile chief of police for the detective m ii Alvenu on the other division and sgt. Rickii Axi Grin or re Kirk i in a Schmidt a dismembered body inc pc Fri lev or pro Mise in Blate was found sunday in the base Roll buy ment of his Home in Marion truancy juvenile 1 Grant county Coroner Russell Quency. And contributing to the us a �?o�?~,�?�1 h the 3-mnrt.rn a a a a us Nood be dirt a. Delinquency us a evident in by the a Wmk rated press huh Ever f a a sunny but Cool weekend is giant county prosecutor Nelson Schmidt 27, were indicted atjj0. Id Ana Robert Foust said after the in come verdict of a guilty of voluntary ., after deliberating approx weather reportedly were about mately 5 hours and 15 20 hours behold a tight schedule state minutes a a n,8 a in judge Carl t Smith ordered .1 n. Mate Jerry Lee North the Noble Back into court june 13 Ike returns Home morning of oct. 6, 19fo. With a for sentencing i Home made knife he had Pur. Summ ,.p he Case after Hospital stay they also Piaf to take Back i a Hatchet and Hacksaw found a talc Koin been near tile site of Stewart s capture tuesday. I Stewart and mrs. Jdith by Lee Schmidt Mari in Eaifie a Iii the Dav for Felt a he a Fath Man does no to dict meet was returned today yesterday was no exception. It to Al. A i the death of her husband Lar to of a Lii lau1 017 Esh will seek stewarts sex with a nine ear old boy heard f 1. La Tan / in Pia Arf a l a. To df>�?z1or__v>rdnes<.ayn. tradition from Arkansas from in the Moynih and his Mother cum us it Quot 1,1 la its of,0m my i i u u j. Was Ideal conditions for the memory or aniline of Fin stabbed and hts body Cut into Ian Day Houdan Biram Gin s office live pieces and left in the base t. Inoia Apons. Ment of their Home Lac mull a of next week will aver chased three Days before life imprisonment on these William f. Lawler jr., said Gettysburg. Paap a cond degree murder charge. Last night he ddn to see How the former president Dwight d. Del in prosecution. William f. Evidence could be any More Eisenhower arrived Back at his Lawler jr., and Everett my conclusive with a signed state Gettysburg Larm Friday after a which the defendant a to army medical Center at Washington the former chief executive was Deger med by an aide As feeling line Anc had experienced no pain for the last several Days hey of a a nor a chiding a map of the murder ment which the Del Tidas fare w judge % dude Vidani a my not cd a. Re. a. Bohannon i to fit ii 4 statement admitting the killing. The murder weapon and a cution witnesses. Wajeh Rheve Hoover named to presidency been in Arkadelphia while he of 74-&1 an l lows off _ 7% it. Barely any rain 1 called for 0t Clinty United full old top Boot it aah a min a m the 1-Day a a look but Light a Usu i Lull i la in i is. Were a pm a in hit by in who is in jail pending the on a Lutfu or he de. A pias turn Lopa a. Column 5 sense was Oble himself a slightly bu1�?T, wiry Young Man. To Anderson and Vicinity who appeared younger than his 24 Vears and who even shed land. 1310 Dewey St doctors a air of Isenhower was offering from Ostia Farthi Iti a Bomi at St. John s Hospital to an ailment associated with and or. And mrs Wallace Cope dancing age which can be pain a boy Ful at times midweek Start Tho Day with a chuckle the present forecast appears a a a to favor mondays 50th running Tkv. In do of the Indianapolis 500 mile Auto race unseasonable weather Louisville a Small Reddish Brown Hawk rules the Loos Friday at St. Cosea Bonadie Weaner a Josephus infirmary chasing preached Indiana in the Wake of away a window Washer Peck near-90 readings at some Hoo ing at Sun porch visitors and sier Points Friday Harroun s prediction a Ray Harroun Winner of the first Indianapolis Speedway 500-mile race in 1911 and an Anderson octogenarian predicts that the Winner of next Mon Day s memorial Day classic will come from one of the six cars in the first two rows in an interview yesterday with a Herald reporter. Quot there Are so Many elements and factors involved Quot explained or. Harroun who Calls Anderson Quot my second Home his son Richard Harroun of Michigan an employee of the Holley Carburettor company will be among the thousands at the big race. Herald photo chasing dogs away from nearby alleys. Authorities had planned to Call in a Sharpshooter to bring Down the evil tempered highs saturday were to Range in the 60s after overnight lows dip to the Chilly 40s. Lows saturday night will drop. To the upper 30s and Low Bird and his mate who set 40 Anco the Mercury is not Uke housekeeping under the hos Ylo Rise much above the Pital eaves. Then they discovered the Hawks had babies in a nest Iii a Drain Pip. Having turn assured by Hawk experts the babies will soon he flying infirmary of officials decided to wait sunday. Editor retires fort Wayne ind. Clifford b. Ward editor of theft Ort Wayne news Sentinel he past 21 years and a member of the newspapers staff since 1923, for their unwelcome patients retired today and was succeed i to leave of their own accorded by erne Ai Al Williams. Earl Hoover the Madison county United found Board of directors named seven officers thursday who will direct the activities of the organization for the coming year. Farl Hoover executive vice president and member of the Board of directors of the Anderson Federal savings and loan association was elected president of the Board. He has served two years on the Board. Four vice presidents were also elected. They Are Robert m. Wagner works manager 0 guide lamp division who had previously served two consecutive terms As president of the Ufa Board Thomas c. Funk president of the coca cola bottling company of Anderson. Who serve As i f general Campaign chairman in 1964. Darrell Branaman a guide lamp Retiree and vice president of let of Al f�?Tl4x turn us in i. Column 6 guide changes announced Joseph f. Shoemaker left hos been named general supervisor of employee relations of guide lamp division general motors. He succeeds Everett j. Dietzer Center who retires june i under provisions of the general motors retirement program. Robert a Hyde right formerly Tabor relations representative succeeds or. Shoemaker As general supervisor of personnel set vices. I i

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