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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Anderson, Indiana The Anderson Herald vol. 106, no. 215 Anderson Indiana. Saturday morning May la 1974 Price to cents Penny becomes scarce commodity by Nancye Hawes Herald feature editor a Penny for your thoughts actually a Penny Isnit so cheap anymore according to local banking institution spokesmen pennies Are Worth More than one cent today it Isnit just the Price of Copper local financial experts indicate Penny Banks Are not to blame either Coin collectors can to be held wholly responsible for the 20th Century Enigma either. Each local Bank Hopes area citizens will become More conscious of the shortage and do their part to help alleviate the problem locally. Anderson banking company for instance. Is offering a five per cent Premium on pennies traded in now through May 18. Fran Oleksy vice president and director of marketing for the Anderson Bank told the Herald response to their promotion Campaign has been outstanding a we Are deeply appreciative to the people in the Community who have Oleksy said a they Are assisting not Only us. But the entire Community. We want to encourage citizens to continue bringing in pennies because it is going to enable us to assist our business customers to make change in their stores. We want to continue the flow of traffic without hampering the flow of coinage a Oleksy added. A i would say this is a unique program a the Abc official stated. A i do not know of any Bank in the country who is doing it. They Are just getting pennies from wherever they he concluded. Charles Dillman vice president and cashier is the person who hatched the idea of paying a Premium Oleksy stated he said it is not necessary to wrap the Copper pieces a just bring them in a was a matter of fact while we Are talking on the phone a Oleksy remarked. A i might mention i just observed two customers bringing in Brown paper sacks of a we Are Happy to get them we do not care what they Are in As a matter of fact we have Good morning the inside Story More subpoenas the House judiciary committee plans to subpoena a tape of a pre watergate break in meeting in an Effort to see if president Nixon had any Advance knowledge of the plan. Details appear on Page 9.bucksnip Boston the Milwaukee Bucks nip Boston in two overtimes to Send the Aba championship series into a final seventh game while new York takes the Aba Crown. See Page 6.unbeaten golfers Anderson golfers capture the Laporte invitational to remain unbeaten on the Campaign. For details see Page 6.foyt for pole a. J. Foyt is favored to capture the pole for the 1974 Indianapolis 500 when qualifications open today. See Page 7.chance of rain Chance of rain increasing to 70 per cent about noon today continuing tonight with highs from 69-75 and lows from 53-59. Rain ending sunday followed by partial Clearing and cooler weather with highs in the mid-60s. Andersons High Friday 60 Low 44. Sunset today 7 45 . Sunrise sunday 5 33 to look new arrivals Page 2 obituaries i. Page 2 Church Page. Page 3 opinion. Page 4 accent on living Page 5 sports. Pages 6-8 comics. Pages 10-11 funeral services Page 9 Stock markets. Page 9 classified ads pages 12-15where to Call main office .643-5371 newsroom .643-5372 circulation .649-4218 classified ads .649-5201 a a i could have sold 20 Porta cribs Many people were disappointed but everything was sold right away a twin stroller Playpen car seat. Port crib 2 infant swings to baby boy clothes Fth Otom Jook Why store it and forget it sell it and forget it with a classified and. Dial 649-5201, our direct dial Lute to classified a a until we get Over this shortage the situation Here at the Bank is we just Don t give pennies to anyone except commercial said the citizens spokesman first National Bank cashier Tom Lyons told the Herald his firm is having the same problems As everyone else. A we have been he said. A a we buy from one of the Indianapolis Banks and they have limited us to $50 Worth of pennies for each Branch every other week. So its $300 per Lyons said his firm has had some customers who have brought in pennies from their children s Piggy Banks their own savings and a a what have Stow Tarn Tany i transit Aid Sot modernization of Andersons transit system was Given a $674.280 shot in the Arm Friday when fifth District congressman Elwood h. I Bud i Hillis announced that the department of transportation had approved a Grant to the City of Anderson from the Federal Urban mass transportation administration that will cover to per cent of proposed transit system improvements John Thompson press Secretary for rep Hillis. Said the Grant is to cover an application of the City for a program that includes the Purchase of to Nineteen passenger diesel powered buses to Bun fare boxes radio equipment for communication purposes. 16 bus Stop shelters 300 bus Stop signs and related maintenance tools and equipment. The Grant also includes Federal funds for construction of a transit system maintenance facility adjacent to the City scentral service building and a downtown Transfer Center that will be less elaborate than the City first anticipated. The downtown Transfer Center will be located at the site of the former trailways bus station in the i too Block of main Street mayor Robert Rock said yesterday that confirmation of the Grant will allow the City to pureed immediately with planning for the Transfer Center. The mayor said the announcement came at a critical time As the City s option to buy the property for the downtown Transfer Center was due to expire sunday. Pointing out that Early action on getting bid dates fixed for the Maine penance facility and the downtown was an important Factor for the City he indicated that he hoped the new buses could also be delivered before the Advent of bad weather in the fall. The transit system modernization plan Calls for extending service to the City a Southside area As Well As continuing existing a you get the Best legislation. When you have the republicans and democrats nearly equal in he said. As the fund raising dinner was being held about 200 demonstrators marched outside the downtown hotel chanting a jail Nixon jail Ford a and Quot jail Nixon free the no violence was reported. Ford predicted there would be a close vote on impeachment proceedings in the House judiciary committee but said a. A majority of the House will not vote an impeachment Resolution if the Issue is decided on facts rather than partisanship or emotion. Ford left Buffalo after the speech on a flight to College station. Tex., where he will deliver a commencement address saturday morning at Texas a amp a. He flew to Buffalo after his talk with Nixon to address a luncheon honouring u s. Labor Secretary Peter j Brennan and the fund raising dinner for Kemp. Pm Calls 302 Back letters Are being sent to 200 idled Delco Remy employees calling them Back to work. A spokesman for the local general motors division said the recalls will bring the total or employees still Laid off Down to 1.374. Guide lamp announced Friday 102 Mere persons who were previously Laid off Ai being recalled and will report to work monday. A total of 646 furloughed workers a e now been recalled according to a spokesman. Another 531 employees Are waiting to be recalled. J. O. Armstrong manager of the Anderson office of the Indiana employment Security division announced unemployment insurance claims decreased 28 per cent in the last nine w weeks in the Madison Tipton county area the decrease was due to recalls in factories and construction new employment for some claimants and a number of exhausted claims. Armstrong said Many poisons had claims of Short duration because their base period employment period had been Short and they could not qualify for the maximum 26 weeks. Claims this year were the highest since the 1970 pm Law labor dispute according to Armstrong the Peak occurred during the week ending March 2. When the number of claims amounted to 4.567 last w Eek the number was 3,272 new claims during april amounted to i 356, a with 14.431 weeks of compensation claimed. New totals for the same period one year ago were 600 and the weeks claimed were 3.061. Received them in cardboard boxes Piggy Banks cloth bags Vodka bottles tin cans everything you can imagine a Oleksy assured the Herald the shortage has come about primarily because the Price of Copper per Gram has exceeded the old values making the Penny Worth More than one cent. Quot consequently some persons Are hoarding pennies because they speculate the government is going to another Type of Metal to make the Coin they have just gradually been disappearing and in recent weeks they have disappeared much More rapidly a Oleksy stated Quot it is difficult for us to obtain pennies from our correspondent Banks and because of the pressing demands on them by their customers Quot explained Oleksy. Quot in be been in the banking business nearly 52 years and in be never seen anything like said Paul Hamilton vice president of citizens banking company ifs been Hamiltons Job for years to see that All citizen branches Are kept supplied with proper change Quot i be been getting in excess of $1 too in pennies each week because that is our Normal Hamilton explained Quot but the last three weeks they Cut Down to $500, $800, and this week no one cent. Quot just to give you an Hamilton said. Quot the brinks truck route from the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank of which we Are a member runs from Fortville Pendleton. Anderson. Muncie new Castle. Knightstown and Back to Indianapolis. On their entire route they did t have a single Penny for any City Quot Hamilton said individual Banks had no idea the shortage was getting so critical. Citing the state Law requiring collection of sales tax. He explained local businesses Are really Hurt by the Lack of Cooper coins. Quot All three mints. San Francisco. Denver and Philadelphia have been operating at three times their Normal production to make enough the Veteran banker said. Quot but they keep up it got so bad they put on an emergency ruling which is applicable anytime our Coin situation becomes As critical As it is now anyone who delivers pennies outside the country or smelts them Down for the Copper will be fined $10,000 and sentenced to five years in the Federal the citizens Bank spokesman said his firm received a letter from Federal Reserve stating they were hav ing to establish quotas for All members of the Reserve and the local firm would be advised of its quota tuesday when they place their order Quot at least we will know what our quota is but we won t necessarily get the Hamilton explained he said he was in touch with a Federal Reserve spokesman Friday and was advised the situation does no to look any better this week than last week Hamilton said citizens is one of 700 Banks which correspond with Indiana National. He said he went to the Indianapolis firm and asked what he could get in the Way of pennies. Quot the last two weeks they could Only give us $50 he said Quot we have customer after customer who really needs that amount to carry on their business Quot restaurants were in Here today. Mothers Day weekend is upon us and a lot of families will be eat ing out i just had to Tell them there was nothing i could do Quot Quot we feel it is a Community problem we Hope anyone who has pennies they do not need will bring them in and let us reimburse them a he added citizens Bank has a machine which will count the Colas and Roll them according to Hamilton he said the firm can Roll a $50 bag of pennies in less than to minutes Hamilton said Chile the worlds greatest Copper producer has raised its Price in recent months largest Consumers of chilean Copper. He recalled Are the United states. Great Britain Germany and Japan another contributing Factor in the current crisis. Hamilton believes is the vending machine lobby which feared aluminium pennies would not work in their machines. The government is contemplating dropping the Copper Content in the Penny from 90 per cent to 70 per cent according to Hamilton he said then the Penny would be less expensive to manufacture Quot they Are trying to keep the Penny in a condition to work in a vending machine those steel pennies they made during world War ii were confusing to the elderly because it was so Simi Lar to the dime. Quot Hamilton concluded Lex strike drags on by Mulkey Herald staff writer a motion seeking to dissolve a temporary restraining order granted wednesday to Stop local 805 picketers from blocking the entrances to the Johns Manville Plant in Alexandria was filed Friday in Madison circuit court judge Carl t Smith granted the restraining order request which provided the strikers allow trucks and other vehicles the right to enter and leave the Johns Manville products corp operation the restraining order is to be in effect for five Days from the Day of its issuance local attorneys Fred Spencer and William Norton filed the motion to dissolve the restraining order on behalf of the Union. The motion alleges the plaintiffs did not offer a sufficient showing of an emergency situation warranting the issuance of the restraining order the court action also contends Union officials were not Given sufficient notice of the hearing wednesday local 805 president Richard Parish told the Herald no Union representatives were at the hearing he said he received a phone Call informing him of the court action wednesday morning and he did not have sufficient time to travel to circuit court for the hearing some 310 members of local 805 have been striking the Plant since april 30 when negotiations failed to provide a new contract. John Goodman Secretary of the Union told the Herald the contract was up april 24. But the workers remained on the Job beyond the Quot expiration Date in Hopes of working out a new agreement. The Alexandria company manufactures ceiling tiles and acoustical panels. Goodman said the Points of Contention Between the Union and the company Center on wages benefits Cost of living raises and retirement benefits. Parish explained the difficulties amounted to differences Over Quot monetary Parish contended the Union has notified the company they Are willing to negotiate the matter at any time. He said the company has not contacted Union representatives concerning further negotiations since the strike started. Jim Kane one of the striking workers said foremen and other non Union employees of the company Are not being prevented from entering and leaving the Plant. Friday afternoon. Alexandria police officers who have Quot infrequently patrolled the location since the Start of the strike asked the picketers to allow a company official to leave the Plant. The official was allowed to drive away from the Plant but the strikers contended a the wont get Back assistant police chief Jim Spade said the strike had been quiet until Friday afternoon when Quot it got kind of he explained a skirmish developed when the strikers attempted to prevent a car carrying two attorneys from entering the area. The police official reported he did not see a picketed get hit by the car but he did see a Man lying on the ground after the vehicle entered the Plant. Quot i do not know the extent of his injuries if any a Spade explained. He said the strikers were informed of their right to press charges if injuries were caused. New life promised a the former trailways bus station in the i too Block of main Street is to become the new downtown Transfer Center for the Anderson City transit system under terms of a program to be financed from a $674,280 Federal Grant announced Friday by congressman Elwood h. Hillis. Herald photo by Jeff ale Berry Nixon will stay by the associated press vice president Gerald r. Ford after a private morning meeting with president Nixon said Friday he does not believe Nixon will resign in the face of mounting criticism Over his handling of watergate. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler was quoted As saying Nixon would not be driven out of office Bike of Rama a Quot vip Quot participants in Are miss Anderson candidates from left today s Bike of Rama Scott Candy car Penter and Joni Skiles. The activities were organized to assist the fund established for a Madison county historical Home. There will be 2,000 kids plus adults and several dozen other vip s peddling around the three routes of the event. By Quot Rumor speculation excessive charges or and Nixon a chief of staff. Alexander m. Haig or. Said he didst see anything at present that would cause the president to leave office. The statements of the High administration officials came As Nixon s support in Washington eroded slightly As some congressional republicans called for him to resign rather than be impeached. Ziegler acknowledged in a statement to a newspaper that Washington was full of rumours Nixon would resign but All administration officials denied them. Ford flew to Buffalo. N y., following his hour Long meeting with Nixon. He said in an afternoon news conference there that during his talk with Nixon there was no discussion about the possibility of the president s resigning he said a i can infer from what he said that he has no intention of resigning Quot the new York times in its saturday editions said Ziegler telephoned it Friday night and issued this statement a the City of Washington is full of rumours. All that have been presented to me today Are false and the one that leads the list is the one that says president Nixon intends to resign. Quot his attitude is Neof determination that he will not be driven out of office by Rumor speculation excessive charges or hypocrisy he is up to the Battle he intends to fight it. And he feels he has a personal responsibility to do Quot some people Are disgruntled pessimistic and unhappy Over our Ford said. Quot i done to think that attitude is justified. I have great Faith in America and in a proud to be an he said that when trouble in the Middle East was at its height it was the United states and a your president and our Secretary of state who were asked to solve the a they Trust our country our president and our Secretary of he said. Quot no other country was Given that responsibility. Quot and so instead of being disgruntled unhappy and pessimistic about our country we should be proud of our country a speaking of the political situation created by the watergate scandals. Ford said there were democrats in the House who were talking about gaming 50 to too seats in the fall elections Quot if those gains materialize that they Are talking he said. Quot you will have in the Congress of the United states a legislative dictatorship that would be veto proof Quot i done to think the american people want a dictatorship under any circumstances whether it be legislative or otherwise. A Ford said the two party system was As important to the nation As the checks and balances provided for in the Constitution

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