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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Anderson, Indiana The Anderson Herald thi weather partly Cloudy warm and humid with thundershowers Here today. A High titi degrees is expected. Yesterdays temperatures ranged from it to it degrees. ©1_ vol. Is. No. La a a a Anderson. Indiana. Saturday morning july 2. Ish Price 5 cents Ike wins dramatic Victory As House approves Reserve City county study opened Road plan plans for a cooperative Leacher and principal Here for program to improve about 30 years ded yesterday at three Miles of streets and roads around the City limits of Anderson were discussed a meeting of City and teacher Dies a miss Tarney 81, above Estella former jobless claims fall slightly under May total defense Force of 3 million set up Bill Warsaw where she had been living with a Nephew. Estella Tarney county officials at the City Hall yesterday. The streets and roads effected by the proposed plans include Nioce 111 Waif csii1 those which the City and i/iv3 Iii till i Sci w county have joint responsibility officials stated. Miss Estella tame is. A Prin. I i u o i. I Tel to attending yesterdays meet Etna of plumb a school for 30 /3 a. I a to wiling were Dale Hora president Rais a. Flynard 0f county commis . Warow af.,t a Ion i joints pm win 7nd try a. Rvs Man Swain Board members she had Bren living there with Burf it a Mcclintock county at a Nephew. Howard Hines. Tumey mayor Noland c. A teacher Here for 40 years Wright City Engineer Clarence miss Tarney also was Active Windsor and other City officials the hrs methodist Church the general agreement was reach Indiana retired teachers Assn of jul the session however elation and Anderson business differences Road and Street and professional women s ass construction procedures prac nation for Many years. The a it tired by the two units and other Tella Tarney kindergarten Moth minor details had not been workers club was named after her. Out according to one of the born oct., 1874, near Auburn officials who attended the meet the Long fourth of july week miss Tarney was graduated from my. Another meeting will be end will get underway Here today Auburn High school 1892. She held soon to further discuss the and most offic a activity will be spent the next few years teach proposed program. A. ,.i i .1. i k Ith a a. J j. Suspended until next tuesday ing local schools a Tsaio routes under discussion at Tho. County. After completing a course a acting were 38th Street East City county and township off Terre haute 1900, he from main Street to the City yes which remained open late tired tile Anderson school sys where the corporation yesterday Wip be closed this tem. Boundry runs Down the Middle morning and will not reopen total claims for unemployment payments Here la june fell a Washington up the Kokoska Dies 2,ire May House gave president Eisen Kum Kolto 54. Of Anderson initial claims Rose considerably Hower a dramatic new vie de yesterday his car a there were 410 last month and tory Friday by breaking guide lamp division parking 295 May. However ennui Ted . Segregation impasse funeral services will be claim Fen enough to pull Down Hon passing his build conducted monday Al the june total fell Well below a up a trained military re Chi Quot cd the figure for last year at this serve of nearly three Mil time some 5,787. Retired workers honoured a several Hundred retired members of local 663 jaw Cio Are shown above during a dinner meeting Given their Honor at Linder s last night. Miss Olga mad a Detroit International Union recreational director was the speaker. The committee charge of arrangements included Rex e. Roberts chairman Jerry needler and Herman Stephens. Herald photo motorists get county ranks High Holiday warning motor vehicle listings steel dispute ends Copper workers strike lion men. First the chamber voted Down j156-105, a new attempt by rep. Powell any. To tack amendment against segregation the National guard. Then it de a. F. Kumkoski dead at 54 according to a report received by Dale Flora president of the Board of county commissioners wednesday Madison county ranked fifth Indiana for 1954 the total registration of All motor vehicles. The report was compiled from state Bureau of later she took special training of the Street 38th Street East Iti to a cd a firm. of Ftp education at Winona Lake from the City limit to ind. 109. Motor vehicle records. Cumin tied i. I. . 71 which lays the jurisdiction of it a a Normal a inlay hours but ammo to us High standing the county Nursery Road South most will close monday. ,. T from Lindberg Road to e. 10th the Auto License Branch office registrations. E county St. Whom the corporation Lino Cense by non tuner was ranked first among the 92 runs Down the Middle of the. A a t j read and a Short Section of the and "f11 re tuesday along of urm tractor reentered t prevent traffic jams when providing for increase of More the Reserve program itself. Alexandria Pike from Rose web a a a r a .a1 Agen 19. Ever Pogo ble regulations for flow than 74 cent of the Basic wage under constant prodding by the Quadri Pleis die Street North to Lindberg Road Jecies the Post office wit follow the total 1954 motor vehicle 0f cars at the Anderson free for 150.000 employees broke dead president the House armed serv Rossett. England lit boy Chi Illance Poco i column i Tempo retirement fund Ike s plans 56 Cyprus self Rula communist Layart a dimm Treasury 8 e or by a r y �?�w0lli0i6s a Cui strongly opposed a at this time a believed doomed plan to reduce taxes for millions of americans by letting them of flite he Al Vest special retirement funds. M j a i Zuj Piv i Hill while asserting this is not the Washington up the Dixon time for tax cuts Humphrey said Yates private Power project treated 161-52, a motion by rep. Nelson Ltd Maine it to Send the Bill Alexanderf Kumkoski 54, Back to committee. Finally it 1239 Home ave., died yesterday passed the Bill and sent it to the at 4 25 . his car a Senate guide lamp division parking lot. I the votes the Powell Amend hot we a member of St Mary so ment and Nelson move were stand Hurch the holy name society by the associated my ones and the final decision and was a past grand Knight of press a Brief nation a by voice vote because there the knights of Columbus Lodge. Unzip strike of some Soo too was insufficient demand for a Roll he also was a fourth degree Mem it Ilij sell a a Quot a thus then was no record of Ber of the . United steel workers reel How individual members voted. I or Kumkoski a member of the cd r i Licay it vital a to cent however reporters noted that Anderson Board had been hourly wage increase agree almost All republicans present and employed at guide lamp for 25 ment but labor trouble virtually All Southern democrats years. Brought shutdowns the voted against the Powell Amend the body was taken to Baker i Cooner Industry ment. It was supported by num Brothers funeral Home where except funds for Bridge construe j ii s Bers of Northern democrats and friends will be received tonight Tion. Transportation strikes jammed a handful of republicans. After 7 pm. Services will be Beld registration of vehicles thus far a # it new Hington d. A and it is designed to increase the monday at 9 a at St. Mary a the county for 1955 indicate. A Street car and trained Reserve from 790.000 to Church with the Rev. Francis that the year end totals for 1955 us e Well. To rough its Lith 2.900.000 men four years largely Kienly pastor charge. Burial will show increase the coun z.1 to. Through teen age volunteers for will follow at East Maplewood the Al teamsters Union con special six months training and cemetery. Tinned a strike which curtailed j 70, years Reserve duty. Survivors Are the widow mrs. Motor freight movement new the measure had been blocked Faye Kumkoski two sons we England. The teamsters a1 so called temporarily the House May 18 Ham and Thomas both of Ander a strike Over wages of railway sex when Powell a negro got son his Mother mrs. Alexandria press truck Drivers nine major amendment prohibiting Federal As Kumkoski of Anderson two Sis cities for tuesday. Sigment of reservists to Segre a tears mrs. William Seczney sr., of agreement b e tween the Cio Ted guard units. The vote then was Anderson and mrs Virgil my United steel workers of America 126-87. Many supporters of the Neal of Anderson and several and . Steel corp. At Pittsburgh amendment actually were opposing nieces and nephews. To Over 1954, officials state. Traffic rules set for fair Normal saturday schedules. Died at a Hospital Here registration for the county was fair were set Down yesterday lock which had resulted the aces committee rewrote the Meas quadruplets i destries have also announced 49 211 which included 38.000 Pas by police. Dust wide strike at i d i g h t lire eliminating All reference to Friday within a few hours after Holiday working schedules that Sengpr cars 5.845 trucks 3,093 �., zinn., thursday. The Liard my Quot sent it Birk to the their premature birth Call for closings monday. Trailers 313 Highway tractors 348 conference including police chief the v s Styrl agree Nav no Cau other major provisions the mothers name was not Anflic extended Holiday weekend Semi trailers 194 House cars 479 Stas chief Arthur for a lat he int hourly boost were left bounced. Bid brought warnings to motor motorcycles. 97 school Buse. ®?9 Chitak and cant Floyd a. Kline and �?~3c<? increase the pay Eisenhower asked Powell a Isis from local and stale police farm tractors and 163 motor drive after 6pm Milton ave will Pread Between Job classifications letter to drop the segregation is a a a i s Ling care til driven farm machines. N re to bound traffic which would average 34 cents a sup because it would kill the Hill Xvi a to a priv air Effort to reduce the the four counties with larger cars from b the East d w t pm tip is re column 7, the Reserve Bill. Which the sen la v of h i i i v is i it #.11 nine thin mar Unn f nun. I a a a a a. Authorities ing. expected Auto Accident toll. Registrations than Madison coun Shmu 1 urn North Milton s the weather Bureau reported and enter the fifth uhf Ripe u Tako a to the a a l re night that hot humid weather run it. Lo8,634, St from the a nth nah 111111�?o Lull rif#9 he would be sympathy it c to the storm Center Issue hew Een presi run Hho Nee Ted Over most 0fjoseph Bounty 92.409 and Allen proposal a when general tax re Dent Eisenhower and Public Power i a through the Holiday a Huntjr 88.498. The state total Lief is possible a for All of the a advocates for More than a year. Period with temperatures bout or the year a with a into the re. Quot did dont know j85 Nobmi Quot Quot i figs Fri five degrees Bove Normal highs 1953 Motorist should exit by sixth added that we k Day. Above 90 degrees were forecast ,77, .070. _ _ St. Northbound vehicles lots i of i Cidot frenzied efforts of a Pilot. Cars from the North should grand ave. And High and drive West fifth St. Broken press. A no above 90 degrees were forecast a a. St., northbound vehicles Mil when that time would come. N Congress key republicans tor most of the state. Some scat following Madr Soo Bounty ave., and southbound Humphrey was among the jubilant democrats a tired showers were seen for the us pm a tip a 10 state with pave. Witnesses before the House Mays move to withhold funds Fer a Power Northern of Indiana. And Means committee a plan june t0 Fink the private project with a a a offered by rep. Eugene j. Re the governments Tennessee Valley mite Emu Ough i. Y. And rep. Thomas authority system. M0i0n$i$ Lylus a Fly Jenkins to. It would permit these funds 64 million dollars a self employed persons and Are crucial. Unless they Are pro i of 6 Rof rum its workers not covered by company video even if the Dixon Yates 679 registered farm tractors was Koscuisko county second with 648 Elkhart county third with 594. Montgomery county fourth with 482 and Carroll county fifth with 473. Flora pointed out that motor one killed 48 injured by wreck retirement plans to put up to i Pant is completed its Power would the Ihnut Bill a must t is vehicles registration is ii Ken Caln Iii cent of their incomes or be left stranded the Middle of Hole it no atom he at 01560, Iii. S7.500. Whichever was smaller the Mississippi River Vii nuts x a Iffla Quot a Lmos or cent of their incomes $7,500. Whichever was pm Uci us Mississippi Over ,.n Iiron Ltd -ii.under 1958 &Quot-7�? a 7�?.7 into a retirement Trust for old and within the .dmini.trtdka. Or it thu7i age. The Money with any earn officials began a new study i county cities it i towns receive Ings from the Trust fund would reded by president Eisenhower. T. Money or Street and Road Mambo taxable when withdrawn by himself to decide whether to scrap a a More a cart motor vehicle penance and construction. He said the taxpayer. The contract so stoutly defended by urea Rector said 11 c e s e All Madison county Road work Eisenhower for Many months offices charge a 50 cent was paid for from such funds democratic leaders Congress Ericc a writing a Puca a a a a democratic National chairman Paul Butler said this continued Napue s. Colima 6 my Watseka Iii. Ibo a trainman was killed and 48 persons injured Palu it is a Crew of electricians a news paper official and a Battery of switchboard operators last night made it possible for Anderson residents to receive their Friday edition of the Anderson daily bulletin. Shortly after the bulletin press run started yesterday afternoon at Anderson news-inc., resistor coils Good morning Start the Day with a chuckle Tallahassee Fla. The Secretary of state interrupted a conference the Dixon Yates Power. Foes of the governors office Friday to Takt it project joined by some former said the project is doomed. They �?T0&Quot Law the 0>d brother arrested limit was 25 cents. Dig incl Mick leu theft charges predicted the administration would abandon it. But even if the administration persists they said con limit was 25 cents Drivers and chauffeurs licenses now Cost $1.50, instead of $1.25. Gress will see to it now that the i License plates Cost depend upon a 17-year-old youth and his project is killed. s be and Power of the car but brother were arrested yesterday these and Many other develop ajl will Cost 25 cents More. Be charges of stealing bicycles ments stemmed from announce winners permits go from 50 cents arrested at the juvenile Center ment by the City of Memphis. To of the police department they tenn., that it will build its own License Branch managers May later were taken to Madison up a whispered private matter with gov. Leroy Collins. Collins smiled dipped Down into his pocket and handed the Secretary of slate a 50-cent piece. The Secretary of state this Case was Jane Collins teenage daughter of the governor who is serving As a state official for girls state this week. Jane said she needed spending Niones. Power Plant rather than accept retain All they receive service fees up to $10,000 a year. Beyond that figure half of the amount received goes to the state Bureau. Continued Pat 7. Column 5 county jail. Police said one youth admitted stealing several bikes. Two were recovered from their Home. So k j0r Friday when a Chicago amp Eastern Illinois Railroad passenger train left the tracks North of Watseka. Forty four of the to passengers aboard the three coach train were treated at the Iroquois county Hospital Watseka. All but four were released after treatment. Four others including three members of the train Crew were Given first Aid at St. Mary a Hospital Kankakee. Killed the derailment was William Dick about 50, of Evansville ind., the train conductor. The Accident occurred at papi Neau 13 Miles North of Watseka and 64 Miles South of Chicago. The press failed and the huge press was shut Down. A Telephone Call to the Darlington Airport by a newspaper official revealed that Arthur Darlington owner was Chicago. The Only available replacement parts for the press were Milwaukee. Another Call was made to Chicago. Or. Darlington was contacted by radio from a Chicago Airport As he was taxiing to a runway for Takeoff route to Anderson. Hurried instructions were Given and the Pilot took off for Milwaukee where the replacement parts were waiting at another Airport. Loading the new coils aboard his plane or. Darlington then returned the ate is expected generally to Anderson and Vicinity Dorse later action provides a a a a a. 1. Youths under 184 years old born yesterday at St. Johns can Volunteer for maximum special hos Phil to training of six months if they agree or and mrs. Richard Purvis to stay the reserves 74 years 3143 w. 22d St., a boy. This Choice limited to 250,000 men or. And mrs. James Patchett annually would substitute for regu Pendleton a boy. Lar two year draft duty. Or. And mrs. Marion butter 2. The total Reserve and Active Field it. 4, a boy. Duty obligation for other Volun or. And mrs Jackson Moon Teers and draftees would be Low 1530 e. 34th St., a girl. Ered from eight to six years. Of or. And mrs. Claud Fridley this five years would be Active 402 Ruddle ave., a boy. Duty and trained Reserve service or. And mrs. Robert Butler the additional year the inactive Frankton a boy. Reserves. Or. And mrs. Herman Bricker 3. Reservists who failed to main Markleville a boy. Tain 48 annual drills and 17-Day or. And mrs. Burnley Spencer summer training or the equiv k4 College Haven a girl Lent could be recalled to Active or. And mrs. Everett Hunt continued a # t. Column f 2108 state St., a boy. What kind of apartment would state police said the train approached a switch at about 65 Anderson where a Crew of p h. The diesel powered Locombo electricians from Rogers elective and two of the coaches left Trie rushed them from the air the tracks and overturned but the to the newspaper and re third coach remained upright paired the damage. Dick standing the open vesti. The presses were rolling again Bule of the first coach was thrown by 9 . And although late out As the train veered sharply Anderson subscribers received at the switch Point. Their newspaper. The train was a local. No. I of duping the interim a Battery the a amp Al bound from Chicago of switchboard operators to Evansville. Passengers who is answered the hundreds of Calls caped injury were taken to Dan Ville to catch another train to their destinations. Which flooded explained the scribers. The office and delay to sub you prefer whatever the specifications describe them a bulletin Herald want and. You la be surprised at the number of answer s you receive. Through the following classified and Anderson lady Lound exactly the Type of apartment she wanted 14 or 2-room Apt. For retired widow to Iso phone 0000 a i received 18 Calls three Days and from among the vacancies offered i was Able to select the apartment i required reported the advertiser. If you Are looking for apartment of a certain Type. Or if you have any problem at All that our want ads can solve just dial 3-5371 and ask for the want and girl. New record season looms at Chesterfield memorial donated by kentuckians elaborate addition to Quot the Garden of prayer Quot one of the Beauty spots at Chesterfield spiritualist Camp was dedicated recently at a special service conducted by the Rev. Mablo Riffle and the Rev Austin d. Wallace. This special addition to be known As Quot the Sarah Jane King meditation room Quot was erected at the Cost of nearly $5000 by or. And mrs. Benjamin Franklin King a prominent Garrett county Stock and produce former Danville Kentucky memory of their late daughter Sarah Jane. The Kings first visited Chesterfield Camp 1950 and have been regular summer visitors every year since Chesterfield spiritualist Camp based upon recently checked at Don Cooper officials of the Tendance the current 68th annual Derson banking company were Chesterfield spiritualist Camp introduced by Camp Secretary season will break att records. All the Rev. Mable Rifle. Many of three Camp hotels were filled to the several Hundred guests were capacity even before the Holiday called upon by master of Cere week end started. Monies the Rev. Lytle k. Sensa j ninety five cent of the hotel Haugh. They were the Rev. Clif guests Are out of the state Regis Ord d Bias the Rev. Loretta tearing from California to Maine Schmitt the Rev. Pansy Cox the and from Florida and Texas to a amp apr r5f Canada. Thirteen guests a a he a More than 3,000 Miles. They were Audrej o Welcom was dered by the Rev. Mrs Riffle. Schedule of services for today., includes a 2 30 p. lecture and official of the i Lier to rican messages by Homer w. Watkins government and noted Spanish and Mable Horton both of de business executive. Troit Mich. At 6 30 . Cached i the season officially opened ral services will feature James Friday with a banquet. Guests of m. Laughton Edith Stilwell and j Honor Linfield Myers and Shel a Pansy Cox. I Porta Picans Only one their group spoke English. He was a. H. Biascoechea Santuce p.r., Campbell adds elusive Gem a Anderson s Joe Campbell above vanquished Tad Schmidt of Garrett to and 8, Friday the finals of the Indiana Junior Golf tournament at Lafayette to add the elusive jewel to his Gem studded Golf Crown Hie fifth ques for it. Campbell 1954 Indiana Amateur and Indiana Public links champions seeks to defend his state Public links title a 36-Hole medal play tournament at Indianapolis sunday and monday

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