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Anderson Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Anderson Herald (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Anderson, Indiana The Anderson Herald Cloudy and cold. Fill your cup with Holiday cheer. Yesterday High 39 Low 27. Today s forecast High 36. Sunday in creasing cloudiness and warmer followed by rain it vol. 90, no. In Fanderson Indiana saturday morning december 28, 1957 Brice 7 cents local woman arrested in illinois#.-1 518,395 in Airport fund f St off a when the inspectors entered Lombardo said the burglary sex Anh Ozin in Quot Day a 26-year-old her room they found mrs. Camp rr1s the ring were Burnette Anderson ind., Mother they Idem Bel holding her 7-month-old baby a 8 Quot a Wiz Hama of 8 ring Sandra. Whom she said had not and Ite and Hal or Camp h i Posl burglary been fed Day. Mrs. Campbell 1 6,1 a Morrw and Ana Rya special an cashing forged Money orders told Freyer that Burnette with sized in cashing the Money orders. Was arrested Quot in a jp111 m. Whom she had rented the room the inspectors said the gang has so c. Rooming House left her without funds a week ago. Passed forked m0nev order in Al by inspectors Stephen Lombardo before mrs. Campbell was tak pm a 8 nun y order in Al and Frank Preyer who said Sheen to a cell the officers a com Obama. Tennessee Mississippi and was the fourth of a five member pained her to the Home of a sister Ohio where she left the child. J White and Burnette were caught still at Toge they said. Is Ken mrs. Campbell was wiled on immediately after the Alexander Neth Burnett 31. Natural Bridge Federal warrants held at Indiana burglary but were freed on Bond h others who have been oils and Memphis charging her while awaiting trial on charges arrested in connection with three with forging and cashing postal breaking into a Post office. Post office burglaries and the Money orders. I Anwaya an american Indian casting of at cast 50 forged Mon Luxardo said that members of was arrested oct. 17 for posses a orders or Hoo apiece Are mrs. The gang obtained about 1,000 Sion of forged Money orders in Lampoon s brother Billy Ray Money orders in burglaries of Post Rock Island 111. Morris was seized and Tson it and Ralph offices at Alexander iii., aug. 8 at new Castle. In dec to and wite 28 and Joseph Anwaya 31, bed Banks miss., of. 8, and White was rearrested dec. 12 at both Roi natural Bridge. Natural Bridge ala., dec. 6. I Memphis arrested mrs. Vivian e. Campbell 26, of Anderson is led through the Federal building at Chicago by a . Deputy Marshall yesterday after she was arrested by Post office inspectors. A wire photo men entombed Virginia Shaft rumbling buries pit 500 feet blast Force Down a total of $18,395 in private contributions was listed at yesterdays first report meeting in a Campaign to raise $50,000 for the Anderson Airport fund. The fund raising committee composed of a number of local business and Indus trial leaders headed by Elmo a. Funk will hold its second report session next Friday noon at the Myca. The drive was organized recently to raise $50,000 to be matched with a $50,000 contribution from general motors corporation for the proposed Anderson municipal Airport to be built near Chesterfield. Success of the current Campaign which is scheduled to con i Tine through Jan. Is will assure $100,000 in private funds from local business and Industry which along with Money raised by a City tax Levy for 1958 and available Federal Aid Money will provide initial financing for the project according to officials plan for the Airport have been records of City and county rages 3, $2,275 trailer i $8,000 i Church remodel i $1,500 riling approved by state officials and building inspectors for 1957 list Anderson College dormitory i. Station 5, $45,500, demolish i approval is awaited from a �,28 building permits $293,000 business. 2. $5,700, Bush $12,700 annuals 7. $35,000 total thus far this year at a Ness addition i $80,000 business $209,400. Gor women elect 58 officers members of the Madison county women s Republican club Ore shown at a dinner meeting at passwaters restaurant Lapel last night during which 1959 officers were named and the group made plans for other activities next year. Mrs. C. O. Davisson was elected president to succeed mrs. Durbin Hollingsworth. Herald photo area 57 building tops $5,000,000 final Federal civil aviation agencies in addition to Funk other Ham Schofield George Griffith total value of $8,522,339 for the miscellaneous 906 permits issued by the two $466,975. Man of the Airport fund com off cps Bot h agencies listed per March new Homes to $109, Mizee. Officials Check Highway department various Madison county officials Gie shown oho a during an inspection of equipment and other county property at the Highway garage w. 8th St. Rd., Friday afternoon. Left to right Are Lester Sigler retiring Highway supervisor Howard tumor who will become Highway supervisor Jan. I Clifton b. Parrock and Guy Lewis county commissioners Jesse Biddie county auditor George Cummins Herman Markle and George Early members of the Madison county Council. Herald photo Amon ate a. Apr a rumbling underground session explosion in a Coal mine straddling the Virginia West Virginia Border trapped an estimated 45 men More than 500 feet underground Friday. First reports from the mine area said it was not known whether any of the men trapped in two sections of the mine had been killed. Rescue teams from throughout this Coal mining area in Southwest Virginia and West Virginia about a a. ,. Total estimated Cost of $5,975,570 remodel 5, $9,700 filling station. Set Ember new Homes to the figures c impure with a 1958 i. $10,000. Demolish i $2.oo and $l0\ Home remodel it 11 ,10� Tot Quot 100 garages 5, $4,970 business 2, $20,000 business remodel 3, Saa. $10,900 Church i $145,000 Leader. A Nrma a a Ron fire Mats for 281 new Homes in 1957 ,. I j Church remodel. I $2,500 fun Confidence the count Tota for m7 thus far garages $3,900 trailers 2. Ling station$15 100 i u Ftp l a i s2.660.160 and the City total annuals 5. $220,000 in an 2 $7 000 total $3. Of the remaining $31,705 to be Jug $3 315410 dust rial Lac $40,000 business i. 970 a a raised in the Campaign would he records of county build inst in �?�000 Busin is remodel 2. Reported at next Friday s report a Reu n to �.�0 filling station i $18,000 zdlome7i is include 237 permits issued Dor abolish i $5,600 Toioi Tref so �.��na�, i. Cd approve permit for in my Home remodeler. 9. $5,200 fire <xi0 Chlor h Amitio i. $1,500 mrs. Sefton Dies Friday totalling to officials make Check of Highway department members of the county Board visor Jan. I. And county Audi Check of trucks graders trac of commissioners Ami the Wadi tor Jesse Biddle. Torg Joa Jerf a car paddock me Quot a a a r in inspection of county Highway of the by card a a c Ommy a. Large Power shoved rollers and offer department vehicle and equip stoners and George Cummins a Bulldozer Ana made plans for h d b summoned to he w went St the county Highway Herman Markle and George the completion of a detailed in Nate a a a Tom garage yesterday in preparation Early of the county Council Ven tory of county highway1 50 Miles from Bluefield . Va., were called in to search for survivors. Earlier reports from West Virginia state police said too to 200 men were working in the mine at the time of the blast at about 630 pm. Est. The mine employees 735 men. It was Only about three Miles away at Bishop va., where 37 men died feb. 4 when an underground explosion occurred in another mine. Both the Bishop mine and the mine where fridays explosion occurred a the Moo ate collieries a Are owned by Pocahontas fuel co. The arrangements at both mines Are similar. The Shaft entrances Are on the Virginia Side of the Border while the tipples and most of the mines themselves Are in West Virginia. The Shaft Entrance of the Amo Nate mine is 580 feet deep. The men believed trapped were work Large distributing at about 583 feet. Material,1 mrs e. P. Mcglothlin wife of 0 to or no Tut Homes to be erected at a Cost of of Snodel i $2,000 garages 2, $2,215,360. 16 business permits 6.250 schools 2 $256,500 bus $399,500 la garage per Ness 9,200 business remodel Cost $3,000 and 21 re a 10-000 filling stations. 2, $36, mrs. George b. Sefton 98 modelling permits at an estimated rom annul a 4, $115,000 prominent Pioneer resident of Cost 46.300, la Jurf a Cellaneous it in Anderson died at 11 45 a in. During 1956 the county office ,v7_ $506,650. Friday at her Home 332 w. Is?ue<1 331 new Home permits demolish 2, $4, x. Total $73, 505. November a new Homes 3, 528,500 Home remodel 4, $5,-Demoi garages 7, $5,900 business i 4. $18,500 busine.1 s remodel a $10,200 demolish i. $8,000, mis May new Homes to $89,900 turn to Poe i. Column f Virginia a Rotor steam a n. Caroon a a Chatum i mine explosion site mop locates Amonate va., where a Coal mine explosion was reported last night at mine no. 31 of Pocahontas fuel co. Early reports by state police said 20 to 30 men were killed. The mine extends across the Border into West Virginia. A wire photo Lith St., from complications re a Totel Cost of $3,785,050. Homes remodel la $16,600 a suiting from a fractured hip estimated figure through 3-300 business re mod suffered earlier this week in a november of the 391 building e1 lire j 00� annual per fall at her Home. Permits issued at the office of mils 35.000 demolish bom in Ohio mrs. Sefton had City building inspector e. M n,900 mounting and setting lived in Anderson for 70 years Stevens for construction pair 5.000 total $169,850. She was prominent in social pm ses have reached a total of june new Homes 6, $47,500 and welfare work and Manv 3,315.410. Remodelling 13, $10,500 garages years ago acted in the capacity the inspector estimates the 5 5."�� trailers 4, $1,700 Busi Gettysburg. A. It up the of a Christmas Mother a Here As fit ure reached by the end of the aes. $268,000 remodel Busi administration has neared a de supervisor of Holiday Charity Vear Mav e9�al or surpass the Ness. I $22,500 Church $100,000 a a Ltd in the size of its big the missile heavy budget set she was a member of the 1956 Mark of tt.7s6.s8l recorded miscellaneous i $1,000 school missile heavy defense budget for Friendly club and a the by rih Dav through dec 3j there were 575 a demolish i $1,100 Jan starting text july Auh of the first methodist p6 "�115 granted last year. Total $442,900. I the White House said Friday. Church a member of the ladies a month by month breakdown july a new Homes 34, $336. Presidential press Secretary auxiliary of the Trinity eos per Rel i used through thex remodel Homes 16, $17,200 James c. Hagerty made the state Copal Church and was the oldest year ,0.0w garages 7. $7,745 Hospital i moot shortly after the president Active member of that Church i january cd Homes 3. Value $193,000, business remodel 5, my mrs. Eisenhower arrived at she was founder of the t a Dies 521 200 homf5 remodeler i $18,000 demolish 2, $3,800 total their farm Here for a week of s auxiliary of the George Hockett i flu $1,50n Jug station i. $575,745 rest and work. Post of american legion and business 2, August a new Homes 7, $47, Hagerty declined to speculate was instrumental in the found $43,300. Joo remodel Homes 13. $18, on what the final defame figure inn of tho Loci Trinity ass. Z. C to tip. ? 5 to lers a a Ltd a it a other government Conal Church. A i o 7. A. Usi Les 2. $25,200 re quarters expect it to be in excess requiem eucharist will he Lern ej_5ier one 4 too 8-1 Model businesses. 5. $13,000 of 40 billion dollars with increased celebrated by the Rev George j spending for guided and ballistic so so a scr pm mrs. C. 0. Davisson to head county mrs Al copa Hurch and burial will a a lit a Hower accompany Tel by three of in East Maplewood cemetery Ftp Yomen s mud for com info Tfir Lher grandchildren drove the 84 friends will be received at the a Al a a Mill i us 1111 Ilici Miles from Washington in two Home after change in personnel conducted the inspection. I the group made for a Jan. I. The group was accompanied by Lester Sigler Road mixer visor for the past two and Howard Turner who will assume the duties of Road super equipment which is under Way mrs. Robert Gray wife of a mine Foreman said her husband Albright funeral noon sunday. Marling j. Ankeny director of. A it he made is 2,960 cases Are handled in City Good morning oort this year ,. The county Road net includes cd tuu a ,eterd8y a Ficu Liy end it the 1,004 Miles of gravel roads tort Tea pay with a Chuckla 1957 term in municipal court and 238.20 Miles of bituminous sur a close out of record books in the face roads 57.80 Miles of con of City clerk Ernest co Crete paved roads 158 Miles bum revealed that during the of Brick Road and 2.5 Miles of year 2,960 cases were heard in unimproved roads. Tha Quot the 2 j to we o Ltd depart Mctie h3j handled in 1956. Is car Ned of by a forc o uses ranging from traffic of employees w hich averages about lenses to larceny Are handled by 60 men except during emerge following persons through gency periods when the payroll each phase of the procedure Rose to 70 employees during the Carl physical officials said. The inventory of tools parts tires and Many other items also checked. The department which oper ates on an annual budget Over a half million dollars is sheriff Boyd Supe of Mcdowell leave on the 375-mile trip from car. Pad or Tom in charged with maintaining More county w. Va., said his office Washington to Amonate a com ror Umi i Voltl is than 1,300 Miles of county notified of the explosion at pained by James Westfield As a a j a a of a 4 7.30 . He said police at Amo Distant dig actor in charge of health a a lieu by v-0unty Nate told him Quot two or three Sec and safety for the Bureau of Madison county officials moved in Borttl tons had blown mines. A a Din mrs. Mrs c. O. Davisson. Anderson eluded a program presented by hours Friday afternoon arriving was elected president of the mad mrs. Davisson program chair at farm at 2 30 Cai Ai Ison county women s publican Man and the annual membership sunny 1 1 1 wint�7 weather. Mine Loreman said Ner Nus hand a a the form of Flower or Mph Stu 7 l 7 Quot a a a a had worked the Day shift Ned had the Federal Bureau of mines said moria1 donations to the amp Zzz 19�?oj�ring Tapual Christmas gift package Topeka Kan. Up a Topeka police chief s. R. Purdue found a line of cars with impatient Drivers waiting and honking As he approached a drive up mail Box at the Post office. After about a five minute wait in the line himself Purdue investigated and found a woman in a car alongside the mail Box penning the last lines of a letter. Oblivious of the furious Drivers behind her Purdue said a he finished the letter addressed the envelope stamped it dropped it in the Box and a lowly pulled away. Other officers named were j mrs. E. C Toner honorary pres a Ai ident mrs c. J. Stanley first Nacif Al Crews Eisenhower expects to remain Here until about Jan. 2, resting and concentrating on preparations of his state of the Union message which goes to Congress Jan. 9, his message to accompany the new budget and other special communications which will be sent to the House and Senate. Hagerty was asked about a pleas turn to Pic 2. Column j suspect held in tavern robbery t. Smith judge. Tom past two years according to Broderick court Baliff William Sigler. Lawler Deputy prosecuting attorney mrs. Virginia court clerk and bookkeeper and de Only from a pro rated share armed robberies theft of an Auto mrs. Betty Burke court clerk. I rum to Page. A column a vice president mrs. W. L. Hol second vice Presil Alexandria. A Rebecca yesterday to gain Possession of mrs Sumter re Josephine Mcdaniel two year the Gar room on the ground cording Secretary mrs. Robert old daughter of or. And mrs. Floor of the courthouse from unit a Orre Sahng a Mcdaniel it. I was de Spanish War veterans and �?~7 and mrs Wlibur houi6 ,6d Ridey morning in an Auto affiliated groups. The county treasurer on ind. 105. Four Miles South of plans to install the new county members rimmed to the Board Andrews a town near Huntington. Planning commission office in 9j for 1958 include mrs. Rebecca was Riding in the car the space which has been used by l Barnhizer. Mrs. A. P. On her mothers lop she1 born at St. John s Hospital to for Many years As a veterans miss Helen Gustin coughed and when Mcdaniel to and or it Venn re ire Center mrs Clifford Savage mrs. No took his eyes off the Road for a 2307 Highland ave a by a suit for Possession was filed Laad Wright mrs. Frank h. Moment to look at his daughter. New arrivals in Anderson and Vicinity Anderson police and detectives then demanded the Money from Jap anoint a a a Mihiel ton county attorney on behalf Allis and mrs. Lawrence Woodward. V j f to. N t to. Were �pt�?~ratin8 Al a double Cash Register by pretending of the Board of county commis the club also made plans for fund. For the operation of the time Pace most of thursday had docket stoners the Izard has weve he installation of the new off Stottlemyer. Highway department Are Deriv night and yesterday probing two s s coat pocket. Us a it. Pre Lous Anre her int daily ride to Marion secured through want and the a a transportation classification of bulletin and Herald want ads paid off again to a local subscriber last week when his and located a steady ride to his Job in Marion. Actually three persons driving to Marion from Here called in reply to the and showing the readership enjoyed by classified Advertis in wanted ride from West 1st to Fisher body Plant in Marlon. Hours 7 00-3 30 pm. Pm. A xxx. medium anywhere As effective or As inexpensive As classified advertising in establishing person to person Contact. This is Why it if today one of americans fastest growing forms of advertising. The Best Way to find out exactly How effectively classified Quot magic Quot works is to dial 3-5371 and order your and to run at the special weekly rate. Airport fund drive results studied Matt Brown left City Airport commission chairman Elmo a. Funk chairman of the Anderson Airport fund committee and mayor Ralph Ferguson Are shown above checking results of the committee s efforts to raise $50,000 for the Anderson municipal Airport project at a luncheon report session at the Myca yesterday. A total of $18,395 was listed by the More than 50 Volunteer workers in the drive. Next reports will be heard Jan. 3. Herald photo the waitress handed Over notified the veterans by letter c6rf. Durl a the january meeting on two occasions that they must of the cell lbs and discussed plans and three break my. Arnore than Hoo and the Man fled vacate a Row a for activities Donne 1956 first Light of the year end on foot. On i letter threatened to move in add ton to Felt business ses crime wave flashed late thurs det it it. Carl Whitinger said and store the equipment and fur i Nithe program last night also Day night when police said they j. Worked t f the j it Nis hings of the veterans Organ received a Call an armed Rob a together clue which ted nation Bery had been staged at the arrest of the sus-1 the new planning commission Bronnenberg tavern 913 main a a a 3 30 l in yesterday office is scheduled to Start of a in St Keatte 5se my dets Emer Rouse Rex Toombs orations Jan i a Quot a officials said a Man entered the Pia a Ana on a Ltd it Rev j a. The county was faced with the. A a a a ,., or. And mrs. Thomas Minnear the car swerved off the Highway a w. 3rd Sta girl hit a pole and glanced Back onto or and mrs. Joe Stanley 341 �?o�?of1 j w. 5th Sta girl. A door flew open and the child was thrown onto the Road. She born to capt. And mrs. Wheeler suffered a fractured Skull. Herid. Frost a boy. At general hos parents were not injured. Pita in Tokyo Japan. Mrs. Frost the body was brought to the is the former Jerry Levi of Law please turn to Page i column 7 Derson. More rain is due in state at the Christian Center 614 main the Agency unless the veterans St., and returned him to Detec gave up the room prior to Jan 1 Tive Headquarters where he was r. A identified by witnesses sports champions Hawk had been on parole from n,.ll Al it. J Indiana reformatory at Pendle Yuoi Isgo i our a ton since dec. 13. Whitinger said n to u in already drenched he above after do ing m0st of a 110 years Herald Normal rainfall the Weatherman from8 a re a a r the Anderson hot it Rad pm a a said last night that More rain d m y Lishes its a Quot null Pate of sports could be expected in Central in Ink Madison champions for 1957 on Page 9 Diana late this afternoon. The a a robbery charge 0f today a Issue. This compre new rainfall was predicted along gun As never seen pensive Roundup of title win with a forecast for partly Cloudy 3 3� a m yesterday a Man ners both professional and to Cloudy skies and warmer Mer sued into the Blue ribbon fill Amateur in 18 sports is com Cury readings. Station at 17th and Jackson piled by the associated press during the 24-hour period end its briefed gasoline stuck a staff of sports experts. .22-calibre pistol at attendant Estel and said Quot hand ing at 6 p. In. Yesterday the offi Cial weather station at the City Ferald disposal Plant Here recorded a High of 39 after an overnight Low of 27. The forecasters and five Day Outlook called for showers beginning Friday afternoon or night and extending into the Early hours of saturday indications pointed to More rain sunday afternoon or night and again about monday. The five Day Outlook said that Pic a turn to Page 2, column i this Complete list of title winners also includes a Day by Day chronology of More import a n t happenings in sports. Fans will find this Page very useful in settling Friendly arguments and should clip it out for future reference. Over the he raced from a he station with approximated $50, Whitinger said. Police and Deputy sheriffs were notified Only minutes after the Holdup that a car fitting the description of the Holdup car toll May be 130 had been stolen from Mounds Chicago up the National Auto sales and that the Edge safety Council estimated Friday Wood sporting goods store had that 130 persons will be killed in been broken into and a .22-Cali traffic accidents during the 30-hour Pimm turn to pm go 2, column i new years Holiday. Chamber holds open House car Cleaver second from left retiring president of Flo Anderson chamber of Commerce is shown above with directors and members during to get annual open House reception held at the Cham Ber office yes Berdoy. Left to right Are j. . Barbar Cleaver Frank h. Allis Francis f. Creek John Jatras j. E. Flanagan James h. Peters and John College. Several Hundred members attended the reception Between 3 and 6 . 19s7 of. Flyers and directors were hosts. Cleaver will be succeeded by u. Heckaman vice president during the past year. Herald photo

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