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Anaconda Standard Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 2

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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Anaconda, Montana The Anaconda Standard sunday january 17, 1926. Cash and carry Market where qualities Are highest and prices Are lowest. Special monday savings extra Good. Big White eggs Doz. While they last. Only 600 dozen at this Price. Bakery 8fw�ha4�? Coffee Coke. 10c Mumin culls big Celebration tax Bill Battle of drugs shipped por open debate Linn special Armour it. Hanson or swifts. I 1b. Pail. -99c 8-ib. Pail in Terr Sper Tiu Blanchard or maid of Clover. La. 4�o Jefferson Valley or Copper Botte a blk Coffee special Hilta brot., bulk 2 lbs.11.00 fit or special Lyon beat. Baile occident. 9f Ibet. 94.9 49 lbs. A a Rex 91 la. 41 la. 92a� a near special 25-lb. Baff a it Quot 100-lb. Baff 95.99 potato special Whit too lb.00.00 netted Gem too lbs. 9325 a lain special beaded or seedless 4 pkg. 4�c Gaum d vegetable special Good Corn can Ioc Good tomatoes. Peas string bean can .12 a canned fruit special peaches can 21c apricots can. Arn pears can. 90c piracy be special Tea Garden Brand no. 5 can. Apricot Apricot and pineapple Plum Concord grape. Orange marmalade 91.00 Jelly special 8-os. Glasses assorted flavors 2 for .25c Tea special Upton sub. Sov. Try a Tea la. 0�c Catsup special Sunkist 2 for .45e Snider a 25c High Grade meats Swift Premium Ham 1b. ,93e Swift Premium Baron la. �?z4fto Hanson Silver Bow Ham la. 32c Swift picnic Ham lb.20c jowl Bacon lb.23c Swift Premium lard 1-lb. Pkg., 2 for .45c i Butte and Montana never so free of peddling of narcotics. Continued from Page talked by Federal officers nine in i Groat Falls three in Dillon two in i Missoula and one in Livingston. I in addition to the Rase worked up in Butte by officers Hildebrand and Straw the county and City to i lice officers h Ive been diligent in the i prosecution of narcotic traffickers and sheriff Larry Duggan agrees that the City was never before More free from those who indulge for profit or de Aire in the narcotic business. It is estimated that a year ago there Terre almost 1,000 persons in the City who indulged in the use of some drug or other and at the present of Fleer know of not More than to to 75 identified edicts the Campaign has routed the Dot a Leiis of the Babbage Patch who flocked to Hutto from All Corners because it was to quasi Headquarters for dispensing oar Colic and a connections were the Federal apparently have been highly successful in forming and prosecuting their Case end officer Hildebrand said yesterday that he had received uns tinted cooperation of county attorney t. E. Downey and his staff a not one ease that we brought in has he neglected to push and we did not lose a Cane in Butte during Tho last term of Conn Quot to said. One resulted in a Hung jury but the defendant was later convicted of a More Arloua offence under the late narcotic Law. White King combination Sale planned by Butte Broughtt end i Large pkg. White King Wash Long machine soap. 1 cake minion Bel complexion soap. 2 Large pkg. White King washing machine soap. 3 cakes Mission Belli complexion soap grocery Section. All this week. Coming to the Broadway three Days Jan. 20, 21, 22 Cecil Demille Mumm in a p \4litii j Eha go Uhal Robert Ames Henry Walt hair and Clive Brook iwo Nair kit Umu term ii Futi try Ambon. Pul oily a Rupert Julian production added attraction Loomis band and entertainers in prologue goes to hospitals. The Fortune in drug which was a hipped to Washington to distribution among government hospitals contained everything taken from the lowly bundles removed from shoes or secret pockets of addicts to Large hauls made when the channels of Entrance of the drug supplies wars tapped. The largest single Leisure of morphine contained 57 one ounce package and they were seized in Billings in the a office Quot of a prominent chinese dealer in such things the celestial had a gorgeous teak and Ivory inlaid table the top of which could be removed by mane vering two of the Ivory diamonds which formed a Border. Under the false top was n wide compartment completely filled with morphine. The one ounce package Cost the peddle about 129 each and he repacked the morphine and sold it to unfortunate addicts at a Price of it a Grain. There Are about 444 grains to the Averd pols ounce so or. Chinaman was All aet to sell $29 Worth of wares for $444, or he would have sold the entire Batch which Cost him about $1,853, Tor a retail Price of $25,808. Opium traffic is likewise profitable but the goods Are More Bulky and nil supplies must be smuggled into the country As smoking opium can not be imported for any purpose and can Only be manufactured in the United states for Export purposes of a Cash Bond of $200,000 is furnished by the maker. No such Bond has Ever been posted and the Law did not intend that any should. Powdered opium used for medical purposes but of no use to Tho smoker can be imported. Use lard Gans. A shipment of opium seized in Butte we concealed in four 10-Pound lard cans and each can carried about four pounds of the consignment was seized but the consignee is still among the missing. Figures of this Leisure will indicate the extent of profit enjoyed by plutocratic celestial in the business. Opium is smuggled into America in 5-Tael cans and they would sell to Butte peddle for about $110 each. A Tael is about 591 grains and a five Tael can would contain about 2,955 grains. The opium is retailed at $2 a a card the card is an Ordinary playing card with a smear of mud weighing six grains slapped into a Center fold. One five Tel can which costs $110, will make about 476 cards of the weight is honest and this is Seldom and the cards will bring $952 from victims of the poppy pipe. The 16-Pound seizure in butt would West the peddle about $4,290. After being weighed on the Peculiar narcotic Ecale which resembles live scale of Justice the peddle would have passed the Stock out and took in at least $37,128 these Are but two of the biggest seizures. Recently during a trial in judge Lynch s court the Federal officers displayed a dozen filled card and two 5-Tael cons which had been picked up in a Well organised smoking joint on China Alley. This Stock was Worth about $250 to the Chine who was arrested during the raid later convicted and Given five years in prison and it would have been sold to victims in the underworld for about $2,190. A the Public is beginning to Realise the dire extent of this traffic and we Are getting More assistance on every hand Quot officer Hildebrand sold. Quot juries Are aware of the dangers of the traffic end they Are not subject to sob pleas As they once were. The Montana Law has Teeth to Cut the heart from the business and that is Why we take Many cases in state courts be cause the Federal jurisdiction looks to the Revenue feature of the violation and leave the state itself take care of the moral aspect and punishment. Closed 130 cases. Quot during the last your we closed so Essen and have 66 pending. Some for considerable time particularly of the proposed defendant is a peddle with considerable influence. We must go slow with these so that we have an he challenges his opponents to prove his complicity in murder. Continues from Page i fascism and the most serious blot on the fascist Escutcheon. Politicians said today that the affair will be publicly thrashed out tomorrow if the opposition deputies dare to accept the Premier s Challenge this question referred to of Quot a moral question Quot and although not specifically named was brought up dramatically in the chamber this afternoon when deputies of the popular and social Democrat parties formerly belonging to the Aventine group unexpectedly entered the House during a session devoted to honouring the memory of the late Queen Mother Margherita. Bines the opposition deputies in creating the Quot moral question Quot of the Matteotti affair 19 month ago proclaimed to the nation that they would not return to parliament until Mussolini fell their mum this afternoon was interpreted a a retraction of their accusations. The Premier however hastened to Avail himself of this Opportunity of proof of his innocence. Demands special Hesston. Ile announced dramatically that the return to the chamber of the former members of the Aventine group created a a moral question which must be confronted immediately. Ile demanded a special session of the chamber tomorrow for this purpose overruling the objection of Robert a run acc Secretary general of the fascist party that the opposition a too unimportant to warrant attention. The Premier was extremely Pale when he made his announcement in the midst of a tense silence which however gave Way to an ovation As Tho deputies approved his proposal. The opposition members sensing danger if they remained in the chamber where they were vastly outnumbered by the excited fascists dashed for the Exilta pursued by Many fascists. A Burly sergeant at arms held off most of the attackers until nearly All of the fleeing Deputla had escaped but Paola Cappa a member of the popular party from Genoa was seized and thrown out forcibly suffering severe bruises. Deputla Luigi Carbonari and Umberto Merlin also received injuries. After this incident deputies of the popular party held a meeting nod adopted a Resolution that after a Tho violence they had suffered it would be impossible to participate in the work of parliament. Committee has started work j committee reaches agreement and measure will be reported tuesday. On program for Celebration of fourth. Continued from Page i plot revolving around the historic Trail blazers and pioneers of the West. Last year s Celebration a handicapped by % late Start it was found when attempts were made to sign up at Octlona in May that other cities had closed with Many of them a foil month before. Taking time by the Forelock the chamber of Commerce this year is said to be the first in the fired and therefore should have. The privilege of taking its pick of the be to features for a fourth of july Celebration Quot there Are 646,900 people in the state of Montana Quot says St chamber of Commerce official a and All of them except the 42,000 already within the City Gates have a desire to coms to Butte Early end often. Quot it is fitting that Butte As the Metropolis of this state would furnish not Only an excuse for coming but ample entertainment for our guests As a wild West show a Street carnival Parade music a flying circus a grand Pioneer pageant Ball game contests and fireworks Are looked upon an More or less essential features of the grand fourth of july Celebration. Butte will plan for More than these it is stated. The entire category of entertainment features will be ransacked for things new and novel to the end that the sesquicentennial Celebration of Butte will live in the mind of the children throughout their lives. The Success of lost year s event was due the arrangement committee states to the fact that every organization in the City will is Given a part in the coming Celebration and each one will share in the glorious Success no committee have been appointed As yet but the directors of Tho chamber will give this important matter the earliest consideration to the end that every possible advantage of an Early a tart May be realized. E a on farm belief two measures to relieve situation now before nations lawmakers. Saari Sracnek House ratifies five who facts abundance of evidence when the arrest is made. Out of 17 Case tried Chichester s pills by a the i amond a Bank. A jus Tel 1111 Soi dby druggists Deppner i Standard want ads for results in Billings we lost but one and that was because of faulty arrest and eels ups and the evidence was ordered suppressed in Butte we have not lost a Case and it is now so that More than half plead guilty upon their arrest because they know they Are cinched. Quot we Are stationed Here to do everything we can to wipe out the narcotic traffic but we Are not Here to punish All unfortunates who have fallen victims to the pernicious habits. When we arrest a Young addict for Possession and we think that time May get him off we try to Send him to the Penitentiary. Cures Are not effective. We find that about 95 or 96 per cent of addicts who take cures go Back to the drug within two weeks after the cure is Over. Quot we can Send a Man or a woman to warm Springs for a cure. After several weeks they Are released us cured and they look like pictures of health. They have gain d from to to 50 pounds or More and appear rejuvenated. However their mind Are not cured and they All go Back. We feel that a Novice at the Needle pipe or at sniffing can be made Good again of an Effort i made from the inside and a tilde in abstinence is forced. A two year prison term affords time to get the habit but of mind As wll As out of body and stand More Chance of ousting the craving. When we put a Man Over in jail As the old Law provided. He sits there and counts the Days until he can get out again and get a shot but in the prison he forgets to count and May in time Start to fortify his mind against a return to Tho drug. A we know old addicts in Butte Helena and other towns but we ars not dragging them into court. They Are hopeless and we would he glad to make it easier for them to get their drug until death provides the cure however we watch this kind of addict closely because if they Are inclined to encourage others to use the drug they Are the worst menace of All. However we find Many of those who have been against the junk for Many years have such a loathing for it and its tortures that they will suffer much before they would induce another to join Tho ranks of the fallen. Quot i know of a family in Helena three members of which have used narcotics for 35 or 40 years. They work. They try to live right and there is Only one cure for them. To have fled it so that an understanding doctor will fulfil their needs without charging them for prescriptions and Tho druggist does not demand a profit. It is like the operation of the various Tato and Public narcotic dispensaries. They keep the confirmed addict from being a criminal of that addict is trying to be a useful Cit Lsen despite his dreadful habit. Quot the addict for whom we have no sympathy is the Young Man and woman of the sporting element. They know the danger and they Dally around with the pipe of cocaine until they Are hooked and behind the bars is the safest place for them because they have no conscience and we ill Lead others astray and will Rob kill and steal if they Are Short of the wherewithal to satisfy their Quot there is one class of unfortunates in Montana. It is the older addicts. When Montana was a wide open 35 or 40 years ago the Gambler sport Aud others could go out and smoke the pipe for 25 cents and Many did but they did not know that once on moans never off. Then this class grew older their earning Power slumped they were hooked the Price of opium went up when Law forbade its importation and they had to turn to the Needle to satisfy their maniacal cravings there Are considerable of these in Montana and their years of slavery should be a lesson to those who indulge for thrill. The addict does not crave his drug because he craves a stimulant. When he is a confirmed user he craves his drug not because it is a pleasure but because the Lack of it is a torture both mental and physical. Quot we Are glad of the co operation we have received during our first year Here and Are pleased to note that other Public officer realize that our work has been a Success a a u. S. To collect $3,000,000 As result of agreements approved yesterday. Continued from Page i to agree finally on their respective settlements. The present russian government has repudiated an american loan of $192,000,000 and Armenia with an obligation of $12,000,000, has ceased to exist As an Independent nation. Interest in the five agreements approved by the House today entered chiefly on that to Belgium which was accepted by a vote of 314 to 24. Speaking in favor of the agreement representatives Burton Republican of Ohio and Crisp Democrat of Georgia both members of the debt commission de sex bed the havoc the world War brought to the Little kingdom while representative Andrew Republican Massachusetts asserted he regretted that the United states was along among nations in asking repayment of Money loaned that country while its territory was occupied by German troops. Continued from Page i Aton of the Bill in a cordial spirit. Ending los work within two we is after the Bill was first taken up th1 committee established a new record in the consideration of Revenue legislation. Changes voted the following changes in the House Bill were vested today further reduction on surtax rates applying to incomes Between $2$,009 and $190,000. Repeal of the inheritance tax. Restoration of the present alcohol levies which the House Hod voted to Cut in half. Agreement on House action for repealing the gift tax. The increased reductions in the surtax rates would involve an add i tonal estimated loss of $12,700,000 from this source this year. Benn Tor Simmons of North Carolina ranking Democrat on the committee has i presented a program for he minority members calling for additional reduction s in those rates amounting to $44,000,000. The democratic program which also called for repeal of the taxes on capital Stock admissions and dues would have increased the total reduction to $500,000,000. Rod net ions on Hurt Tara the reductions on Sui axes voted by the committee went cons Ders Bly below the minimum in the House schedule which called for a Cut in these rate on incomes Over 44.900. Senator King Democrat of Utah voted against the 16 other members of the committee on he proposed repeal of the inheritance tax. Thui vote also included repeal of the increased inheritance rates As put in the 1924 Revenue act and instead would make the lower rates in the 121 Revenue act apply on All inheritances since the 1924 became effective and up to enactment of the proposed Bill into jaw. This retroactive reduction on in Herl Tanee which was voted by the House ways and Means committee but later rescinded by that body would involve a loss of $20,000,000 this year. The Treasury had estimated that under the present inheritance rates this t la would yield $110,000,009 in 1926 in la consideration of the non partisan House Bill the committee has made the following additional changes increase in the exemption from the admission tax from 50-cent to 75cent tickets. Repeal of the House provision exempting tickets to spoken drama productions from the admission Levy. Repeal of the stamp taxes on Cus Toms House entries and withdrawals and on steamship passage tickets. Restore Auto truck tax. Restoration of a 2 per cent tax on automobile trucks. The House had voted to repeal the present 3 per cent tax on trucks. Repeal of the capital Stock tax. Increase of the corporation tax of 12% per cent to 13 per cent on taxes payable this year and to 13% per cent on taxes payable after Jan. I 1927. This was done to offset the repeal of the corporation tax. A motion made today by senator Shortridge Republican California to permit wives and husbands to file separate returns on their incomes in states where Community property Laws Are in effect was Defeated such Laws Are in effect in eight states. Both Assoc Isle press. Washington Jan. Relief legislation continued to claim considerable attention today in con Gress. Direct government control of Grain and other products was proposed in a Bill introduced in the Senate by senator Frazier Republican. North Dakota and one presented i the House by representative Little Democrat Kansas. Though dissimilar the measures to h Are intended to relieve the Farmer a violent Price fluctuations and to insure Sal of surplus crops. Senator Frazier Bill would appropriate $200,000,000 to create a fed ral agricultural Market no Board to handle Corn when to and Cotton. Representative Little a proposal seeks to a. Aside $100,000,900 for a revolving fund to he used by the government to establish bonded elevators to store wheat in them and to sell it. At Home and abroad at prices calculated to bring the growers fair returns. The House agriculture commit continued hearings John p. Wallace and Harvey Ingham publishers of Des Moines. Endorsed the Dickinson b la which would form a Federal Export Board and Levy an equalisation tax for disposition of surplus crops they declared the food Supply of the nation was being menaced by agricultural depression. William Adcock of Galesburg ii representing the Illinois general Assembly urged an Export Bounty on wheat Corn and livestock. He also advocated an excise tax and equalize Ion of the import Tariff to pay for the Bounty. _ airman Pilot is injured in crash by the associated press. Laramie. Wye., Jan. Sir mall Quot carried on Quot today although Pilot h. A. Coll son of Cheyenne wan injured and his air plane wrecked a Wyoming siding 12 Miles West of Here today. Pilot p it Meroy left Cheyenne is soon is news of the crash was received and picked up the mail which was no damaged continuing its journey Westward. Coll songs air plane went int a tall spin when his motor failed to work and crashed on its nose Turnn Over and throwing the Pilot to the ground. Coll son although he sustained a broken Collar Bone after treatment at a Hospital Here loft later for Cheyenne. Dubbed the a hard Luek Quot Pilot of the Cheyenne Field. Coll son. Because of flying during inclement weather has figured in a Large share of the divalent accidents. To Mett in eight Days by the associated press. Helena Jan. 16.�?the Montana banking code commission will hold a a. Meeting in Helena on monday Jan 25, according to an announcement made by superintendent of Banks Jay g. Larson who is Secretary of the commission. Former governor 8. V. Stewart of Helena. Is chairman of the body and c. H. Williams of Deer Lodge and w. A. Brubaker of Terry Are the other two members the banking code commission was created by the last legislative Assembly and it is required to investigate the proposal for a Bank guaranty Law and other remedial Hanking legislation and report to the governor and next legislative Assembly with recommendations. The members of the committee were appointed by gov. J. E Erickson in pursuance to the provision of the Law creating the body. The com miss on will hold a eerie of meetings the first being the meeting on Jan. 25. Any one who wishes to present views to the commission regarding new banking legislation will be Welcome. Prize Beauty sued by former manager Oakland cal., Jan. 16.�?miss Fay Lanphier chosen As a miss american 4t the recent Atlantic City Beauty pageant today was made defendant in a suit for $5,906 damages filed Here by Louis b. Jacobs her former Man Ager and publicity re present alive. Jacobs suit alleges that he signed a contract with miss Lanphier on june 2, 1925, in which he was to receive be half of her earnings As prize Beauty after sept. 12. He says he believes miss Lanphier has made $10,000 since that time. Dries celebrate prohibition anniversary with a sudden death dinner. Jewels in trunks owned by Bandit by the associated Kress Denver Jan. 16�?unsuccessful in an All Day search through the Cit it today for two Well dressed women whom they believe May know the whereabouts of the notorious Bandit gang which staged the Denver min robbery in december 1922, police tonight had extended the search to cover surrounding cities. The women office said today Purchase d two trunks which War among the property of Nichole Trainor member of the Bandit Gan who was slain during the robbery auctioned yesterday. Police t Ald today that they hav Learned Tho trunks contained thre Large diamonds of which thy Belley the women knew. They believe that the women probably know where other Mer tubers of the Bandit Gam Are and arc probably in touch with them. A a. Brazil nuts so popular in this country that More than half bras to crop comes Here Are now comparatively scarce Only 7,000 tons being raised this year leaving a shortage of ,-000 tons. Coal sith Atton to debated in Senate by the associated press. Washington Jan. 16. A after president Coolidge had been attacked and defended today in the Senate for inaction in the Anthracite suspension. A proposal was put Forward that would give him full authority to bring about a resumption of mining. It was in the form of a a a int Resolution by senator Copeland Democrat. New York and would empower the president to seize the mines. A the Price of Anthracite at the mines As Well As wages of employees and compensate the mine owners. At the request of the author the measure was sent to the interstate Commerce commission. The running fire of discussion As to whether the president can do anything now Indi rated rather widespread opposition to any such legislation. Here is a new fruit salad dressing for your files. Make up the fruit salad in the regular manner either entirely from fresh fruits or comb nation with canned fruits. Take a Quarter Pound of Cream cheese and add the fruit salad juice to it till the cheese has the consistency of a Light paste or slightly thicker than heavy Sweet Cream. Where the fruit juices Are very Sweet it is advisable to use a few drops of Lemon juice. Apply the dressing to the salad in any manner that May suggest itself. Continued from Page i deserted Only eight or to senators being on hand. Senators Jones and Sheppard Democrat Texas a dry Leader carried the Burden of defending prohibition with the assistance occasionally of senator fess Republican Ohio. Senators Edge Republican. New Jersey Bruce Democrat Maryland and Broussard Democrat Louisiana moved vigorously to the offensive. Sharp Exchange were frequent. Senator fess said he wanted to Amend the volstead act but Only to make it More stringent and that amendments to that end would be offered in due time. Senator Broussard wanted to know if the Ohio senator favored capital punishment for violations of the volstead act. Record will show. Apparently some senators understood him to say that he would but later he denied saying he thought the inquiry was a to whether he favored capital punishment for any crime. Quot the record of what you said will retorted senator Broussard who declared senator fess was advocating a return to the ancient custom of hanging a Man for stealing a loaf of bread. When senator Sheppard in his prepared anniversary address quoted judge Elbert h. Gary of the United Staten steel corporation As saying prohibition was a Good thing senator Bruce inquired of judge Gary did not drink himself adding that it had been so stated publicly without subsequent denial. Quot is judge Gary the Only Man the senator knows who is in favor of prohibition for other people and drinks liquor himself a inquired senator blebs Democrat. South Carolina. Quot i sometimes doubt that anybody conscientiously is in favor of prohibit Hon except the senators from Texas and Washington a senator Bruce replied. In these Days of colourful embroideries it is often difficult to match colors or to f my a new Shade desired but or one will if using two strands take one of a lighter and one of a Darker Shade than that desired the two threads will blend in the stitches so Well that they can not be detected. This helps too. 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