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Anaconda Standard (Newspaper) - April 23, 1923, Anaconda, MontanaTo the Anaconda Standard monday april23, 1223. The commandments to vent ninth Sermon prepared by the key. Thomae of Lardy immaculate Conception Church. Deer Lodge. A a thou Shalt not kill Quot exod 20 13 amalgamated labor Union opens first new York Bank. In the previous instruction we Taw that there i a grave obligation on us of protecting our life and health. We May not lawfully without a grave refute expose ourselves unnecessarily to the loss of either. Similarly our neighbor s life is of the highest value to him and we Aro gravely obliged to refrain from injuring it. Human life is priceless and it is Only by appreciating this feet that we can arrive at a proper estimate of the terrible crime of murder. Murder is the deliberate and malicious taking of a neighbor s life. It is so grievous a Ain that of All the sins a can commit none carries with it so great a remorse and terror. Cain committed the first murder and he Felt that his crime was above Pardon and that hot brother a blood cried out to heaven for vengeance. Tho mar dared destroys a Man Creed after the image of god himself that is he attacks god in his neighbor. The con suttion of this country lays Down that each individual is inviolable in his Ufa. Hence a Loyal Cit Len even though he he a Pagan must respect the life of his neighbor. Besides a Many a life is his most valuable property and to injure it without cause is to inflict on him a very great wrong. Over and Over again in the holy scriptural the almighty threatens the murdered with both temporal and Sterns i punishments. Hatred and jealousy drunkenness and the stirring up of civil strife Are All forbidden by the fifth commandment because very often these less to the shedding of oar neighbor s blood. The murderer not alone strikes Down his fellow Roan. But also strikes at the very foundations of the be curly of society Ani hence it in that the common feelings of Mankind Are shocked at the crime of murder and unanimously decree against the murderer his own execution. In three esses Only is it awful to take a human life namely a Soldier in a just War May lawfully kill his enemy state authority May execute a criminal for a very serious offence against society and in self defense we May slay an unjust aggressor of that is the Only Way in which we Cen save our own lift. It is permissible then to protect our lives and property which we value necessary to life even to the killing of an aggressor. But certain conditions Are necessary that self defense May he lawful. We must not set in a re vengeful spirit nor act with in tent to kill. We must be careful not to use More Force than is necessary and our aim should be Rathet to put our adversary out of action than to inflict mortal wounds. The property defended with a deadly weapon must a very valuable or Evan necessary to our Lavsa because then. Indirectly a Are protecting our lives. Of course guards and police officers dealing with hardened criminals Are often placed in positions of great danger yet in such cases officers must exercise discretion int they incur serious guilt again there is a dreadful crime that la a foul stain of present Day so duty the crime of foeticide. The extent of this crime is deplorable and there Are Many who think it in no sin. But there is the clearest teaching of god s Church that this crime is the horrid crime of murder. All human life la equal. There la no difference Between a Baba and an adult except the accidental one of stae and development they Are both endowed with human souls created by god himself. When the rational soul to created and infused into the body immediately there exists a human life and the malicious destruction of human life is murder. Hence the Mother who destroys the human embryo and All who Aid or co operate with her knowingly in this act. Incur the severe censure of the Church and Are guilty of the crime of murder. Not alone is the body destroyed but the new human soul is also slain by being deprived of the saving Waters of baptism. A soul is thus shut out forever from heaven that was destined for eternal happiness. God himself is robbed of the glory he would have received from his creature. There is no animal in All creation so unnatural As to cast out its helpless offspring before it can live. Truly Uch n horrid crime cannot go unpunished and nature Ai the servant of god exacts not infrequently the death of the unnatural j Mother Quot when the lord shall Rise j to judge what answer shall they make him whose accusers fit the bar of j judgment ire their own murdered babes ? hence we see what a terrible sin the crime of murder is and the consequences both temporal and eternal that follow in Ila path. Much More migh he said on this subject but we Hope these few words will suffice to impress upon you a proper regard for your neighbors life and health. For a Kwh Stover shall shed Man e blood his blood shall be Gen. To6. What Hast thou done the voice of thy brother s blood Orieth to me from the Earth. Gen. In. To a use a car of tomatoes from the first car of Florida tomatoes for the season arrived yesterday. The tomatoes Are packed in six Basket crates and Are of very Good Quality. The arrival of this car will Mark the end of the mexican Tomato Deal which bae been the source of Supply for the last few months. Continuous Rains and the approaching end of the Navel season Are Given As the reasons for higher prices on oranges this week. Because of the Rains it was necessary to Stop All picking and packing House surpluses were soon depleted. The following arc the wholesale prices on fruits and vegetables for monday morning asparagus Walla Wal la. 13.25 it $3.50 asparagus. Kennewick. 3.00� 3.25 cabbage. California. .06� .064 cauliflower crate. 2.50� 2.75 cucumbers.� 3.00 lettuce California. 3.75� 4.00 lettuce. Walla Walla Hothouse. Look to onion local dry. 3 to peppers. .25 potatoes. 1.25 radishes. .50� .60 spinach. 1.40 tomatoes. Florida i baskets. 6.75� 7.00 tomatoes mexican. 2.75� 3.50 apples. 2.76 bananas. La a .12 Pate. 4.25� 6.76 Grapefruit. 6.50� 6.60 Lemons 6 boy 7.25 oranges. 6 ooh 6.50 rhubarb. Walla Walla. 2.25� 2.50 a Cruft it Wierson Enos their meeting delegates to the state Horseshoe so convention held in Butte saturday left for their Homes yesterday following their entertainment at Gregann Springs where they were guests at a plunge party and a banquet arranged by the Butte committee. Joseph Huff of Boseman was re elected president and Bart Rundel of Butte again was chosen Secretary. The business sessions were held at the Butte hotel and one of the closing Acta of Tho convention was to extend a timing vote of thanks to landlord Wilson and his staff for the Many courtesies shown to the visitors. One of the features of the meeting was the statement of several members that there were indisputable signs that the horse an a Helper was coming Back into his own. Statistics were read to show the increase for Arm work and even in. Other lines where trucks and tractors had for the time being Supin ated the hard working animal. Also there is increasing demand for Saddle horses it was maintained. Altogether the meeting was filled with optimism for the horseshoes and instead of being put out of business it was declared that they would and their labors More constantly in demand. The next convention will to gilled by president Huff at a City to will select. Raid dancing school. Detectives arrested Nineteen White girls in a japanese dancing a Chou. Guv a Actu mein Lur examination on a charge of . Forty japanese men were freed. Pictures shows some of the Nineteen girls leaving new York court after resists in 1500 bail. The directors of the amalgamated Bank of new York the first labor onion Hank in Tbs City of to the amalgamated clothing workers of America Aho have arranged for its opening and Sydney Hillman president of the amalgamated Clothier Wiskera has been the guiding spirit in its organisation. From left to ight Joseph Schossberg. Secretary and treasurer. Sydney Hillman. Jacob s Potofsky Rico pc Alfonts Leroy Peterson cashier Raymond Hod Heifer president and Max Lowenthal counsel. The action of prayer Sermon by the Rev Howard o. Lynch pastor of Park Ami people s churches. Prayer is a natural and definite a t j Friend tired and hungry. He had no of the mind and spirit. It has no food for his unexpected guest so he boundaries. It is Central in the Chris i went to the House of the Friend that directly unanswered petitions have been a source of much unbelief. Thousands waited for response and receiving none gave up in despair. They thought their test final and gave up in the idea that prayer is a failure. Prayer must accompany the. Mind s deign to receive an answer. Why did god leave the lonely traveler to visit his Friend god was there. To was the unseen guest in the Midnight darkness but the traveler a sense of god was temporarily dim. Why does i god rave the hungry of the world to j starve Why does he not rain bread from heaven to feed their hunger and peace to satisfy Tho disordered mind Why does he not five you All that you ask for gods Law of Blessing in that certain help shall pass from himself to a Man in need through another a hat in this Way brotherhood May to built up in the world and men bound together in a world Unity by sharing with each other the results of spiritual i environment through prayer. Jesus said Quot if be abide in me and my words abide in you Auk what be will and it shall to done unto on this idea men have prayed and i utterly felled but turn the words j about and read thus Quot will Whit be ask and it Ahall be done unto a Young Man that did not believe in prayer and was not conscious of god s presence came to his teacher at his teacher went Down into the Depths of his soul to sol for god and asked Quot Friend land me three loaves for a Friend of mine has come to me from a far journey and i have nothing to give the very thought he needed came. He asked the Young Man. Quot would you like to live the Golden Rule Quot Quot yes was Tho reply. After trying it for one week Tho Young Friend returned and confessed Complete failure. Now said his teacher each morning and evening ask god to help you lire in one week he returned with a new i Light in his face and exclaimed Quot now j i know and feel the presence of a Young Man who had run away from Home rather than accept a great Opportunity offered him by his kind father growing weary of conscience s voice came to a minister s study and confessed his regrets. The minister went Down into the Depths and asked for bread and got it. The result was that the Young Man went directly Home and today in a practising physician. If god helped men directly in All things. Jesus had no need to come to teach us the Way of life and truth. Right thinking and proper design accompanied by prayer is the Way of salvation for the world. The fruits of this Effort Are peace righteousness. Justice health Prosperity sympathy and Contentment. Quot As my i father hath sent me into the world. So Send i this is the chief business of christians. Try it today. 50 Good cigarettes c genuine a Bull Quot Durham tobacco a Poco slice the now Ute in the world few so Miland Bon Bon toe tin so Quot Ebe Kwh. Lien Way of living because it brings Tho spirit of Man once to face with the idea of god As a present living reality and is a distinct Effort to act in accordance with that idea. It is a conscious outreach in reverent thought and feeling to god. Expecting a response it is More than reaching out it la reaching into the Depths of Tho a Pui for it is in those Depths in the vary heart of Man that the Energy of god touches him vitally. Prayer is thinking not speaking. Vain Are petitions and repetitions that have not the Power of right thinking in them. When the disciples came to Jesus and said. A Teuch us to they really meant Quot of Ach us to think prayer is intensified thought. So when w Pray we ask our heavenly father to direct our thoughts. When we think rightly it is then that we come in Contact with god and ill Good. The present world order substantiates the claim for the Power of thought. The world has thought itself into its present disordered condition. War sabotage greed and murder to fruits of depraved thinking. Now. Since the world Baa thought itself into this Way of spiritual death Tho Only Way out is to think itself out. There Are two bases for thought one in materialistic the other is spiritual. Because men thought the worn to he wholly material they have been concerned with material thought Only hence material inventions material Prosperity and material fruits. As soon As they can know themselves As spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe they will shift to the spiritual base and think themselves into Freedom and happiness. Prayer is by no Means an Effort to obtain something from god for selfish use. It May be a wonderful Fellowship with him. The Best moments of a son and father Are not necessarily those in which the Ann is asking his father for a gift. They Are often those restful moments of Fellowship and companionship in Reading play hiking und Kindred pastimes. Night thinking. There is nothing in the world As important As right thinking. Tho Host of our civilization and great literature substantiate this claim. Few people arc in control of their thoughts. It is the old cry Quot i can t help they Are like the Man who was taking a forced ride on a runaway hand Cai which he could not control and yet he was afraid to jump off. Until men learn to say to certain lines of thought. Quot thus for and no further they will be victims of a runaway hand car. In reality there is nothing dangerous but twisted thinking and nothing better and More constructive than Good thinking. If a Man had not Learned How to use dynamite Radium and electricity in the process of their expanded fold of use full is he would have destroyed himself through the ignorance of their Power. So the Community or the nation or the individual thinking wrongly Are inviting utter ruin. The idea that be tiled men during the War was this with the wonderful Progress that civilization had Mado in invention religion Charity great institutions of learning and libraries of useful books with All these emblems of Light Why this cruel War Why such diabolical Slaughter of human life Why so Many hideous manners of torture and death Why so Little regard for the sacred rights of property Why arc the fruits of consecrated labor of other Days trampled under foot As Worms today the same thoughtful men and women Are asking the same questions about Russia. Why does Russia despise that indispensable Force. Christianity and persecute its apostles Why does she choose that form of government that brings pestilence and poverty and which makes recognition impose blk by just nations it All expresses Tho Power of thought these conditions were not brought about by pm Moilen or Monkey minds they were inaugurated by men of intelligence Ani influence. It is All the result of the Power of thought turned to destructive uses Good thinking perverted and turned on to wrong channels. Wrong thinking wrong values and dangerous emphasis. The Way that the world went into disorder is the Way it must go out. Had plenty and said to him Friend lend me three loaves for a Friend of mine is Corno to see me on a journey and i have nothing to give after some Grumpy objections which j sub introduced to give Tho incident the spice of life and reality the sleepy Friend got up and gave him As Many loaves As he needed. The bread was so i red with the hungry traveler. Jesus says that this is what actually happens in prayer taking pains to add a hat if a sleepy neighbor could be anally prevailed upon to give what was asked Quot How much More Quot would the heavenly father give to them that ask him and whore doors is open to All. How does anything pass from the ufos of god into the life of a praying Man it passes in accordance with the Laws that describe the action of All mind Energy the Laws through which All Intercourse Between the Rel non of men go steadily on men Are separated from each other by personalities. Individuality is a fact. But the physical psychological and psychical forces Are of such a nature As to facilitate orderly Intercourse Between individuals. The higher the civilization and culture the More direct and reliable the Intercourse. The pot gives Way to the Telegraph and the Telegraph to the wireless. The Farmer and the merchant and the Miner acting in accordance with the fixed Laws of nature get food and fuel to share with each other so in accordance with the fixed Laws that describe the action of All mind Energy men in the species of human action called prayer get something from the great thinking feeling and Loving mind Energy All about them to share with other men. Something to Sluice. Prayer 1b getting something rom god to share with another. This is the teaching of Jesus. His disciples asked him to teach them to Pray lie Drew a picture of Ordinary neighbourhood life in which he reduced prayer to its simplest terms. In this picture there Ore Throe persons a Well to do Man with plenty a Man in need and a Friendly go Between. A Man at Midnight was awakened by a knocking at his door. Standing on the threshold in the darkness he found a Man a thought and feeling. Something must past from the life of Ood into the life of a praying Man. Tho two chief things Are thought and feeling. The Quality intensity and persistence of such feeling often determine whether life shall be a failure or it Success. If thai feeling is one of Strong Hope courage and friendliness he will be carried to Success. The Friend comes at Midnight what can you do for him you can go Down into the inner Depths of your being with a simple prayer Quot Friend lend me three loaves for a Friend of mine is come to me from a far journey and i have nothing to give out of Tho vast underlying life of god feeling will arise within you end become a part of yourself which you can share with him. In the same Way right thought comes into action from Tho mind of god through you to him. Success depends upon Correct thought. The physician scientist Mother in the Home and the teacher must get the right thought at the critical moment to assure Success otherwise failure. A Young Friend comes to you in great perplexity he must decide upon a life work there la a desperate situation in the Homo which the Mother or father does not know How to Deal with. A business May be going to the bad or some one is in dire distress. What can you do you can again go Down into the Depths of your being and feel afer god that great mind Energy Quot Friend lend me three loaves for a Friend of mind has Corno to me from a far journey and i have nothing to set before then the right thought will come to you and become a part of yourself that you can share with your Friend in need and Send him to years of usefulness in Tho world. Quality is the keynote of our electrical goods depend Able Quality that Means lasting satisfaction. We search the markets of the world to place Only the Best of things electrical before you. Edison Mazda lamps Are typical of the High Standard of electrical merchandise you will find Here. Butte electric Supply co. 44 East Broadway phone 280 Tjw ror fragrance in a Josh Pizz Brcci Onemo Tendon form. Comm my Abc urn of leak from mute \ Mcca Cahm in tit Ltd Osamu Noel in Demk a of 4 Fife Dow a special trial tin to twi wet to Why not direct help Here we catch the real meaning of prayer in Quot Christ a name and for Quot Christ a god s will id for a Friendly world. Quot i a said Jesus Quot must work the works of him that while it is Day for the night cometh when no Man can Jesus makes Tho shining Sun the Emblem of his toil. said Jesus Quot am the Light of the when one interrupted him by asking Quot Jesus make my brother Divide the inheritance with he replied Quot who made me a divider a this might have been a. Good act but it was outside of Jesus toil und calling we can never Hope to be known As his followers to the informed until we possess his sympathy love Justice and truth. There is Little of the spirit of the gospel and the life of Jesus in we leaders and followers today. We Are selfish self opinionated protesters. Tongue a Aggers but poor comforters and helpers and interpreters for him. Christ is committed with All the Energy of his being to the production of a Friendly race of men. All prayer therefore which connects itself with Hie name and his Sake will be necessarily for something to use in a Friendly Way. These expressions Are passwords that identify the person who prays As one possessing his ambition and his viewpoint. Why does god not help men More bum tit powder Caps fuse prompt deliveries a. Phone 460 c. M. Hardware House main at Quartz. The first National Bank of butt. Montana fetal Teheta 1877 capita and surplus. It too of Complete banking Bervie. Safe Deposit boxes for rent. Andrew j. j. E. Stephenson vice president George u. Andrew j. Davis or. Asst. Cashier w. J. . Cashier metals Bank and Trust co. Butte. Montana formerly Daly Bank a Trust co. Established 1888 general banking. Trusts. Invest meat securities drafts Money order. Safety Deposit vaults and boxes w. A. Clark j. Ross Clark w. A. Clark amp Bro. Bankers established 1877. Alex j j. K. cashier e. J. cashier transact a general banking business. Interest paid on time deposits boxes in safety Deposit vaults. The first Bank established in Butts. 88-passenger leave Anaconda main St. Garage 7.-45 a. In. 18 80 a. In. 2 30 p. In. A >1b p. In. 10 30 p. In. Pierce Arrow leave Botte Leggat hotel 9 88 a. In. 12 30 p. In. 4 30 p. In. 8 80 p. M. 12 00 p. In. Fare Batt to Anaconda. .80a Greg son from Butte or b. A. Amp p. Railway time table trains i 4 leave Anaconda. 7 40 11 28 arrive Batta. 8 40 12 20 trains. I f leave Batta. 8 80 1 80 arrive Anaconda. To 80 2 00 a a 8 80 0 8# 4 80 hip f i 5 00 10 11 0 00 11 18 Tho United states mall stage will leave Drummond for Helmville and Ovando As soon As 41 and no. 4 arrive. Every Day except sunday. Established is tears Bai Batta. Or. Lamb celebrated chinese Herb physician. All diseases treated successfully with his famous Chines Medicine never before introduced in thie country. Has cured Many can cure Yon. 46 e. Galena Butte. Mont. Standard want ads. Bring Quick results

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