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Ames Times (Newspaper) - June 25, 1903, Ames, Iowa Theames times. I vol. Xii. No. 8.Ames, Story county Iowa thursday june 25. 1903. 81.00 per year june bargains top fair no need to Tell you that these Are bargains a look at the figures will Tell you that. Some Public school facts. Editor times a the following rumours were current on the Street on saturday in regard to the several propositions before the people. 1. That the school Board was trying to Boom real estate in certain quarters. 2. It was in the interest in the motor people to carry the children to Ames. 3. That i advocated a 20,000 High school building. 4. That we should have had a Public meeting to discuss these propositions. 5. That the school Board is opposed in k in the fourth Ward. 6. Children from the fourth Ward to the second Ward school. Now i wish to answer a few of these assertions and do it in the Hope that our Good citizens May see that they have been somewhat Hasty in their decision. From the Point of efficiency there is at present but one Way to look at this question and that is to take the children to the second Ward school. We want the children of the fourth Ward to have All the advantages that the children of the other wards have. As to the sixth Rumor on the illegality of using school funds i May say that there Are several places in the state where children Are transported to the schools from the country. In Winnebago county this system gives Universal satisfaction no complaints having been that school election. At this special school election held last saturday to submit a proposition for bonding the District to buy lots and provide additional school facilities the proposition was lost by about to votes. On the first proposition that of buying the Thayer lots in East Ames 109 men and in. Women voted yes and 169 men and 35 women voted no. On the second proposition that of buying the Miller lots adjoining the present North Side school House so men Aud 40 women voted yes and 170 men and 30 women voted no. On the third proposition that of Bond made. Supt. Barrett Speaks of this ays that it was illegal to carry the i tem in highest terms and has advocated i lug the District for 14, too for toe Pur it for greater efficiency. I believe All pose of erecting a building for school citizens of Ames want Good schools As Good As can be bad. To have such schools it will need the co operation of teachers and patrons. The school Board will do All in its Power for the further in answer to the first charge i wish to j acce of Good and efficient work. Extra specials ladies 25 and 35c silk mitts. 19c very pretty Wash goods new patterns Worth to and i2jc at. 7 a c a Linen towering Loc kind at7c Loc Zephyr Gingham newest patterns. 7 a 30c red table cloth this week at. 2 pc 25c red table cloth ----15c 15c handkerchiefs. Loc free shoes and hats for one week we will give Kreh a pair of shoes or a hat with every suit of clothes equal in value to one fifth the suit. $2. Of shoes or $2.00 hat with $10.00 suit $2. 50 shoes or $2,50 hat with $12.50 suit $1 50 shoes or $1.50 hat with $7.50 suit $3 of shoes or $3.00 hat with $1 5.oo suit ribbons a big line of t half Price new fancy ribbons Worth up to 45c, you can have your Choice at per Yard 19c wrappers half Price a Small lot of trappers Light and dark ones Worth up to $1.50 at one Price.59c groceries All our California can goods i so and 18c kinds at. Loc 4 lbs. I of peaches 2 so 10 lbs. Run it s for25c Pink Salmon 3 for.,.2$c Tippecanoe Pancake hour.8c 10-cent 2 la. Package Oatmeal. 5c Muslin underwear at less than Cost $1.35 nightgowns handsome styles. $ i. 00 $1.00 nightgowns73c soc nightgowns. 33c $ 1.40 skirts lace or embroidery 1.00 75c skirts.5oc misses pants8c deny emphatically that the school Board had any desire to Boom real estate in certain sections and that certain individuals had judgments on these properties. I he regular committee appointed by the president of the Board several months ago made a report on certain real estate desirable for school purposes in the City. It was found that the Miller property Aud the Thayer lots were the Only ones available for school purposes. At a regular meeting of the school Board it was decided to submit the Purchase of the Thayer lots at the Price of $2200. These were figures the thought were not unreasonable in View of the Price asked for several other lots in the Vicinity. Not a single member of the Board had any other but the interest and the welfare of the people at heart. The motor people never suggested the conveying of pupils from the fourth Ward to the second Ward school. That proposition originated with he members of the school Board who have no connection whatever with the motor. The Price paid for taking care of 60 pupils is 50 a month. The children Are provided with a special car the motor carrying them two trips a Day. This is a fair proposition. At the regular rate the Price would be More than double this amount and far More economical than to hire two teachers which is the least we could put in the fourth Ward. As to the third charge i did favor a combined High school and for two lower grades but not a $20,000 building. If the person who made these charges will look at the third proposition they will find that $14,000 was asked for a school building including heating. The architect consulted by the Board stated that an eight room building could be put up for about $12,000 leaving $2000 for heating Etc. From a pedagogical standpoint it seemed to the writer that it is better to have the High school separated from the remainder of the school children. More effective work could be done in the High school. The location for a High school would not be a bad one it l. H. Pammel. Two Iowa Hen. Stillman s Washington correspondence of monday contains two stories of former Ames characters which Are Worth reproducing a strange incident occurred at Baltimore last week in connection with the laying of the Corner Stone to the great new custom House the principal address upon which occasion was made by assistant Secretary Robert b. Armstrong. It appears that two Days before the laying of the Corner Stone a tailor was arrested and hauled up by the collector of the port charged with smuggling. Perhaps for effect and perhaps not the collector rushed tile Case through had the tailor convicted and duly jailed before the Corner Stone was swung into place. Then it developed that the aforesaid tailor was the head of a certain civic organization that had an important part in the ceremony of the Corner Stone laying. While the organization was on hand in full Force and the proceedings passed off without a hitch the head of the order peered out through the bars. Assistant Secretary Arm Strong highly complimented the collector of the port upon the thoroughness with which he performed the duties of his office. During an interview with president Roosevelt a few Days ago or. Leigh Hunt formerly of Des Moines and later president of the Iowa state College at Ames took occasion to drive in a Good word or minister Conger. Or. Hunt has been associated with big enterprises in Korea and China for Many years Aud has become recognized As an authority upon matters political and Industrial in the far East. Or. Hunt takes great pleasure upon every occasion in testifying to the splendid work minister con Ger is doing in China not Only in the interest of the United states government but in aiding China to pull itself together and get a fresh Start after the demoralizing events of the past five purposes of the latter lots 105 men and 45 women voted yes Aud Ito men and 37 women voted no. There were two defective ballots cast by women and seven ditto by men. The school Board now finds itself without any solution to the question of what is to be done with the additional pupils to he added at the opening of the fall term. Perhaps not enough publicity had been Given to the matter to make it Well understood but the Board no doubt Felt that the need was so obvious that it could not fail to be known. In this they May have erred. Probably one third of those who voted knew about As much about the merits of the Case As they know about Orange culture in Cuba. Some of the objections raised in regard to the matter Are dealt with in another column by prof. Pammel. It came to the ears of the writer this week that some people were of the opinion that the City Council paid for transporting the children from the fourth Ward Down town. This is an erroneous idea and we have the authority of the Secretary of the Board that the school Board alone is responsible for this. As to the legality of this use of the funds we have Only to cite the fact that in the Case of tile consolidated schools in thirty five counties in Iowa transportation is thus Paul and the idea of the consolidation of Public schools is fast gaining ground. The pupils of the fourth Ward Are much better provided for by sharing in the benefits of a graded school by having their transportation Down town paid for than they could possibly be by having a school House built at present in their Ward which at the present could not be of More than one room As there Are about sixty pupils and it could be nothing in fact but a District school under one or Al most two teachers with ail grades mixed up. The result of the election has tied the banns of the Board As they have no Money from which to draw and the Best they can do is to hire a couple of emergency rooms of such can be found. Ames is supposed to Point with Pride to her system of Public schools and to invite people to 09me Here and live on account of the educational facilities we offer. Under the present circumstances it is something of a joke. The present need is for additional la to come and also equitable provision for ibo third Ward in a new and better school building. Well what Art you going to do about it the fair Ames. Iowa the Ames times an official paper of Story county advertising rates local notices 5 it uts per line each insertion. Notices of entertainments concerts lectures suppers Mission feels Char Fie where an a charged it it a a monetary interest involved 5 cents per Hue each i user lion cards of thanks k cents. Kit Ltd i turns of respect and condolence ii of announcements of Church service. To in and club meetings All Public gatherings where not conducted for i Avenue will be published one time free additional publications b a him per line. Bates to display advertising furnished on application. All changes for display advertise men must be furnished by tuesday evening Al Only on Dollar per year ,1 the worst financial loss that has Ever struck Webster Sty occurred there .1 line 15 when the Felt shoe factory an Enterprise employing one Hundred men was burned to the ground. I Here was $36,000 insurance and a loss above this of $75,000, it May be rebuilt at Webster City or Grinnell. That Breathitt county jury seems to have had almost As hard a time of it As the Post office officials at Washington Are prompt action of the part of gov. Cummins prevented demonstrations by the striking Street car employees four the daily papers have about got done a i Pooh Der Pete a lug. In the present weather continues Corn will still be King in Iowa. Tint democracy of Iowa had a a a function yesterday in Des Moines. It was called the state convention. Congressman Wadsworth of new York an 1 Hull of Iowa spent the Day saturday at the College. Congressman Wadsworth represents the lath District of new York in the National House which is Tho old Home a Friet of Cap Greeley of this place and the latter spent the Day with the gentlemen in company with president Stanton in showing them around the College. Or. Wadsworth is chairman of the committee on agriculture to the House Aud is a practical agriculturist himself being the owner of 9000 acres of land in the Genesee Valley in new York the finest agricultural Section of the state he has a Herd of 400 pure bred cattle. He was deeply interested in the College and its work and paid close attention to All the departments and said it was one of the most enjoyable Days he had Ever spent. They returned to Des Moines on the five o clock train. Regiments were ordered to the place and it is believed that the presence of the National guards had a deterrent effect on f Urther action years. Or. Hunt took occasion to in would pc c Romad it. The c h o of "cwldr.01 pm a a a them Lud Mohel boo fall Ltd. Down town and in a president that minister Conger is the Short time a building for the fourth right Man in the right place and that j Ward which will be a credit to it and be is accomplishing a Mission in peking j equal to the demands for several years that no other american could perform. President Roosevelt was very much impressed with the statements made by or. Hunt and evinced his pleasure that the Iowa Man entrusted with a delicate undertaking was giving so Good a account of himself. Or. Leigh Hunt who delights to denominate himself an Iowa Man has had a most remarkable career. Going to Seattle from Iowa to the Early nineties he established himself in the newspaper business Amu Utica my very wealthy hts interests including real estate and other lines in addition to the ownership of the leading paper in the state. Or. Hunt was caught in the squeeze a few years later however Aud when he had take an inventory discovered that he was something Over a million dollars to the bad. It should be remarked in passing that a considerable portion of this huge debt represented obligations incurred while assisting his friends to remain on their feet. Or. Hunt went to Korea a year or so later and secured valuable mining concessions from that government. A couple of years ago or. Hunt suddenly appealed in Seattle the scene of ids earlier financial Rise and fall and amazed Many people by repaying not Only Allie Oskaloosa had a Street fair and car Nival last week and the times journal ays that while the show was fairly free from objectionable features run on use it lines and the patronage win Good that As a wealth producer for the City it was a Fiat failure. The net receipts were about enough to refund one third of the obligations this tri senatorial convention for District to nominate a successor to j. A. Fitch Patrick will be held St Nevada on monday next. By Mutual agreement the counties comprising the District Boone and Story alternate and As this is Boones year Aud Boone has endorsed Hon. It j. A it Ickson of that county Hare better school service from the second third and fourth Ward As Good at present As the present High school. Convenience is a great Factor but exercise is equally important for the Young boy and girl of the High school. Of course the location of a High school in the first Ward was not decided finally. We Are All agreed i think that any future school building put up by Ames should be of the substantial kind. I am not in favor of using the Peoples Money for cheap and temporary structures. And right Bere let me say the third Ward building was an expediency a cheap Structure that must be replaced before in an y years i am not to favor of such structures for school purposes. The school building so mid be an ornament to the City. The old Structure White it does not suit me is Well arranged on the inside. I should not be in favor of adding any More to this building. We were compelled to use the last Bonds to add to the old building because the people so voted. The Money voted by the people was inadequate to meet the demands. We thought at the time there would be room for twelve or fifteen years but our school population is increasing at the rate of to a year what should we do As to the fourth charge the meetings of the Board Are Public and they would gladly have had a Public meeting to set Forth the needs of the school. The propositions submitted by the Hoard were made Public in Boti local papers with Good substantial reasons for the same. I took pains to speak with some persons but i heard no objection. As to the fifth charge the school Hoard is not opposed to school building in the fourth Ward when the time comes to establish a Good graded system. I consulted some of the fourth warders Aud found that they were divided on the proposition of school House. The reasons Given were these we can by District crop bulletin the daily mean temperature for the Psi i week ranged from 1 to 6 degrees below the Normal. The first half was generally Clear and dry the last half was partly Cloudy with showers which brought timely moisture to ail Section Aud excessive downpours in some localities. The Rains were generally beneficial softening the clods and encrusted surface of Fields that were previously saturated or flooded. On the whole the general crop conditions Nave been improved. Field work has been vigorously pushed in ail sections with relatively titties hindrance from wet weather. The area of the Corn crop has been considerably enlarged by continued planting while in Early planted held Good Progress has been made to subduing the weeds and putting the soil in better condition for the growth of the Plant there will be no contest and be will Bel inf the children through the eight nominated by acclamation As was or. Grades than to have two teachers con duct the eight grades it seems to to Fitzpatrick four years ago. Which now shows a healthy color Gal obligation but moral obligations As j though smaller than usual at Thea Seagull of the year. Spring wheat Oats and Ell in some cases claims that were in fact not even moral obligations to these he added six per cent interest for the full Lime. It is said or Hunt has or on an average of a million dollars a year during the past five years. The Little town of Clermont in Fayette county was the scene of an inspiring occurrence last Friday when the reunion of the 13th Iowa infantry occurred and a Monument to Abraham Lincoln and a Bronze statue to col David u. Henderson were presented to the town by sex governor Larrabee. Addresses were made by or. Larrabee or. Henderson and senators Dolver and Allison. Or. George e. Bissell the sculptor of the Lincoln Monument father of prof. A w. Bissell of Ames was present coming from new York for that purpose. Barley Are in the heading stage of growth and Are doing fairly Well considering a the vicissitude of storm and hoods. The heavy Hay crop is nearing the time fur Harvest Aud Clover cutting is in Progress in Many places. The Apple crop appears to to doing fairly Well with less than the usual complaint of damage by blight or dropping. Berries Aud Garden truck Are very Thrifty. Very Law tules to a Hents tie., via the North we ter ii line. Excursion ticket will be sold july 5, 6 and 7, with final return limit by Extension until August 15, inclusive on account of b. A p. U. Annual convention. Apply to agents Chicago amp North Western Ray

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