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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1910, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - January 20, 1910, Ames, Iowa Volume 42ames, Story county Iowa thursday january 20, 1910 wet or i it i to in u Jui Jault Tahil Ames invited to the conference convention of y. M. C. A. Workers and Bible students held this week the it together movement Hie study address by c. Cooper. All the Down town churches will unite in this meeting and the citizens of Ames Are urged to attend. Ames and tile College to have closer Compart for religious work. A conference of unusual note will be held at the College y. M. C. A. Building beginning tomorrow. The promotion of a systematic and effective study of the Bible is to be discussed and Steps will be taken to raise the Standard of the Bible study work Over the state. Many delegates from other Iowa colleges will be present. The visiting speakers of note Are or. 0. L Ooper. International Secretary of the Young menus Christian association and or. J. Vav. Pontius state Secretary of student work of Iowa. Or. Cooper has made a world wide study of conditions relating to the Bible and he sounds the note Tor a Universal study of the scriptures in All nations. The meeting sunday evening at 7 40 in the agricultural Assembly Hall is open to All who find it possible to attend. No services will be held at tile churches Iii ordet that the Down town people and others May be Able to attend this big meeting. Or. Cooper merits a Large hearing. The seating capacity of the auditorium will be increased to the maximum. A my Ami the College through the efforts of the ministerial association of Ames since the election of Rev. W. J. Minchin As president and the y. M. C. A. And or. La. M. Bis Kham As Secretary an affiliation has been perfected of the two bodies. This Means that in the future there will be a More systematic work performed in the line of religious training at the College. There Are to he More Union meetings and1 every Effort will he put Forth to bring the influences of the two organizations together to bring the Christian students in closer touch with the members of the churches of Ames and to extend the Bene tits of the v. M. C. A. And y. W. C. A. To the Young people of Ames. These problems Are being solved by a Union of the two forces. The members of the various Church organizations of Ames should take the Opportunity which is afforded by the convention which starts tomorrow to fall in line and lend their inti ence towards breaking Down the harriers which have kept the College and aloes apart. The first formal stops have been taken to tear Down Ute High Board Fence. Get out your hat Bott and help along in the work. The following is the program for it to entire conference. Friday afternoon january 21st, �?1 00 i. My general theme Hume essential Rea sons wily every Collin Man should study the Tim. Paper its prof. W. La. Meeker. Professor of mechanical Engineer ins Iowa state colleges a the practical value of i lilt paper its or. A. B storms. Prescient of Iowa state College a the Bible As a source of moral dynamics paper by Rev. Or. Cho. Der so Man pastor methodist episcopal Church Ames. Iowa a the Bible As a spiritual Power discussion led by or it j. Cooper Bible 8tui> Secretary International committee y a if. character developing Power of Bible Friday veiling Jan. 21st, i p. M. In the methodist episcopal Church. Dinner for i he pastors sunday school superintendents anti Bible study deader if the churches of Ames. A delegates to the Institute interested in Bible study work in churches att invited to attend this dinner. Or. Clayton s. Cooper will be present and discuss the topic Btu i it in Bible study in the churches. No will be followed by a general discussion the. Relation of tire Elm relies of Ames to the students a nominal charge of rents per plate will to made to defray expenses of the Jinn r. Friday of cuing Jan. 21st, smut 9 do v. M. At the College. General theme Quot the scouting and training of efficient Bible study group Poiser by a. G. Cushman general Secretary Highland Park College Des Moines j i. T ii it i Iii i Jud no 1803 Rural carriers have resigned. Vice president Hood of the state Rural mail carriers association has received a letter from the Post master general stating that 1303 Rural mail carriers resigned during the months of october november and december. Carriers find it hard to maintain themselves on the salaries provide i and feed their teams with the present prices of provisions and feed. Vav. R. Spilman general superintendent of the Rural mail routes has written or. Boon that he expects to come to Ames to attend the state convention Widt h will be held Here August 30, 31, and sept. I. Iowa a great constructive statesman celebrates his 78th birthday nothing with god is accidental. Longfellow. The coming sports e work among College athletes brings surmises of what will happen off for Basket Ball games for the Tonto starts for Nebraska Gaines with Wesleyan and University. Tilt Busket Ball varsity left tills morning for Lincoln neb., where they will play the live from Nebraska Wesleyan ton Iglus t a Morrow and saturday they will take on the University team for a couple of games. They Wall return on sunday. This la the Only trip the team will take out of the state but they will make excursions to several of tile neighbouring College towns. Gaines have been scheduled with Drake Grinnell Iowa. Missouri and Kansas. The team selected to take this trip by coach Williams is composed of tile following men Herbert Captai Forward Joe Brown Forward Vel is substitute Teveltrup Center Mosher guard Walker guard Chappe substitute Clyde Williams will accompany Ute team As manager Couch. The number of men out for practice has not been very Large As yet because the regular College work has not been taken up. With the return of the students this week the number of aspirants for honors in this Branch of athletics should be greatly increased. Tim men that Are out however Are putting up a remarkable style of Bali considering the conditions under which they Are forced to train. Captain Herbert at Forward is playing m the same Stellar form lie did last year. Brown makes a capital team mate for the Captain Aud tile pair form a combination that it will be hard to equal. With the Ball at their end of Tho held it will take some fast and Clever guarding to prevent these two from gathering a Bunch of goals for Ames. They Are both extremely accurate at throwing fouls. The celts up is a Center and a wonder. Shinning six feet and three inches in height there Are vow centers in tills Section of tile country that will take tile Ball from him on the toss up. He is also very heavy fast and aggressive and has knowledge of the game As Well As experience. This is one place where Ames has always been weak so that tile help of this remarkable Center will be greatly appreciated by Hie rest of the team Mosher and Walker play a fast and Heady game at the guard positions and old Lair to develop into stars at that end of the Field. Walker is a product of last j Cai a freshmen aggregation and thus has three years left to play. This sounds Well for future Teama Weiss and Chappe i Are the substitutes. They Are both All around men and can play Well at both ends of the Noor. Chappel plays a very Good game at guard us he Lins his football training Back of him. Weiss is a perfect whirlwind and works All Over the floor notwithstanding Tho difficulties the team and coaches Are up against in the Way of practising quarters they Are going to have a team that will make them All sit new time card a new time card went into effect on the c. Amp n. W. Sunday. Several important changes were made. No. 5 now goes As an Omaha special at 6 50 porn. Instead of a Denver train. No. I i Denver special instead of leaving at 9 20 a convenient hour debating contest Friday evening goes now when on time at 2 05 a. Marshalltown High school in. And stops at Ames when . It is the first passenger train in the history of the Road which has Cut Ames off the visiting list. But who wants to get a train at that beastly hour of the night anyway. No. 21 Sioux City limited haves at 2 40 instead of 2 20 a. In. No i leaves at 3 06 a in. Going cast no 12 leaves at 5 15 a. In and arrives in Chicago at i 30 p. In. In time to ase the afternoon games. No. 4 instead of team meets Ames in dual debate commission plan Fob cities will be discussed by High school orators of the two towns. Friday evening the oratorical giants of the towns of Marshalltown. And Ames will meet to discuss the leaving ame at supper time i commission form of government for Ai the inn h hour i,.05 noon. No. 1 i cities. Marshalltown s affirmative leaves at 6 35 p. In. Mank masons Here at tre reception team comes to Ames and Ames affirmative team goes to Marshalltown. The negative teams of both places remain Al Home for the contests Between the visiting affirmative teams. The contest is Independent and has no part in the state University state debating league which this year is confined to the smaller High schools. Even though Ames should lose in the masonic Lodge members both of the debates Friday evening p. Tarot kor a a the teams will not be barred from tag Einer ror a j taking part with other schools which love feast i Are debating the same question. Fol lowing the Marshalltown debate Ames will probably arrange for a Many letters Abe received a Simnar debate with Indianola in february. Possibly a debate with one held a special meeting tuesday eve Ning Tor the purpose of installing i interest they create at Home. When i Hia ref tot co Adf h 1ai Clit \ a cell tit William Larrabee former governor of Iowa officers for the coming year. Tile following officers were installed by w. J. Semmons installing officer w. M. Benton Stull s. W. Chaa. Hunt a Vav. Jacob b. Kooser Tress. L. M. Bosworth secy. U. Griffith s. I Laurens Green j. D., Aruthur a. Roland s is. Taylor j. S., Eugene Williams Tyler j. P. Alderman Marshall c. E. Haverly trustees c. E. Hunt c a. Aplin m. A. Manning. Ninety masons were present. Letters were read from absent Brethren the Range of addresses were from gov. Vim. Larrabee is 78 today the topics for conversation in that company and the men seemed to _ a a. A thoroughly enjoy living Over the sex father of progressive republicanism j per Lences of War time. There were and Friend of Roosevelt passes another mile Stone. Also three of the corps women present and Rev. Vav. I. Fowle called and gave a Nice Little talk to the soldiers. Another pleasant feature of the afternoon was the Call made by col. Parley Sheldon. Owing to or. Kelley a being seventy five years old now he is entitled to $5.00 More a month pension and col. Sheldon made out the papers to that effect Hon. William Larrabee former governor of Iowa the father of progressive republicanism toe state Elt a ulv it forced corporation control in Iowa and set the Pace for the whole nation the Friend of Roosevelt whoa j saturday afternoon before or. Kel advice was taken in presidential Mea in a a friends. Or. Kelley now restates concerning watered stocks the h elves $20.00 a month pension. A enemy of the Saloon and the Leader of freshment were served by mrs. Kel in a Mey Aud Iris. Downey Good government and right living in mrs planned enter Talmont quietly celebrating his nth birthday i for evening. She invited twelve anniversary at his Home at Clermont neighbors for supper and the eve today. Be was born january 20, 1832ning. A Post card Shower also was in Ledyard. Conn. Ilia life has been i planned for or. by Man. Al Iowa a Quot toe la Era onal equation in la and Ais a Bible study group Patter by prof 8. A. Beach. Prole or horticulture Iowa state College i i Grout Leader in relation to the Bible. I t tier by Murl Mcdonald assistant a vary v. M c. Iowa stat. Co a the relation of tile group Lead i it the to a the men in the a prix Liege and o pro r t u to i ties of Bible study saturday morning. 10 00�?12 00 a. Me i Miler la theme Quot the moral and spiritual regenerative Power of Bible study us put Ira a yur a. J. T. Houser pastor Christian Church Ames Iowa spiritual acceleration acquired through daily by i Aper by Rev a j Man Chen pastor causation Al a Church Ames Iowa Bur sell libation to the Drift of so Quot ,.difference found in College com a a Quot in Aner by j. W. Pontius state student 1,11 it Iowa Quot Bible study the a to a re i Fellowship with 8�?~i re la Royal a Viiu Jesus clo 1st-1 Mura Why e j Colley Aud spiritual of Joe t Bible study movement Unity Hie Anc in a a a it a a a a. Ii St ii Day afternoon 4.uu i. M. I r d tis. Rue a Bible study a to no Voa no in genuine Frater Boner by Jav Quot Bibl Quot h run of Vichy of and achieving mama co0ner a the a it to. Ump he old by g s Ems. In fraternity atme study move a saturday t �0�?10 00 f. M. To speakers delegates and ret option new Stude Tita. A u sunday Lolo i is. N am Tui be i conducted by chaplain i us by it. V. A 7 0 p. M. M a my Tang of Oil on l Towie p. No general theme the world wide by up and take notice if it is possible for my one to develop a team Here the Ames each will Dot a it. The sch Thule. The following is till schedule for tills Wilson the open Dales with Drake will be tilled out later. Jan 2 Nebraska Wesleyan at Lincoln neb. Jan. 21 Nebraska University at Linum neb. Jan. 22�? Nebraska University at . Neb. Jan. 25 Drake at amen feb. In Drake at Des Moines. Feb. I Nebraska Wesleyan at Ames. Fab. 5�?Iowa at Ames. Feb. A Drake at Ames. Feb. La a Nebraska University at Ames. Feb. 12�?Nebraska University it Ames. Feb. Id Missouri at Ames. Feb. Is Grinnell at Ames. Feb. A Drake at Ames feb 24�?Kansas at Ames. Feb. 25 Grinnell at Anu s. Feb. Iowa at Bina City. Track Tram prospects for three successive years tile train season sit Ames has opened with pros i it Eita a Bright As Contd be asked for and for three successive years tin season a far As the state meet is concerned has dosed As Gray us tin Dawn of tin morning after. According to dope Aud tradition and the a three times the Charm theory Hie Hoodoo should have taken French leave last year and Ames should have won the state honors in track. Nothing Uke this happened so Ames was forced to take second honors in the state and third in Hie Missouri Valley. This year the prospects Are again very Rosy and according to dope and the Laws of Cham the proteges of John i Watson should a t to tile Tats for first place but however casting aside superstition and looking at matters from straight in front it seems that Ames will have a very Well balanced and capable aggregation and with an even break with Luck the cup will come to this school at the end of the sea Sor. The usual rail for Lim Clad Pat i Art Isis will be issued about the Middle of next month. At this time Jack will assemble hts warriors and give them tin customary lecture on the Bene of a Nim pie life and track work. As soon a school opens next monday the old i liners will begin giving up their precious habits one by one until they have All i j disappeared and been Laid on the she until june. The freshmen will begin sex a re i Stag with dumb Belle in the privacy of their own rooms and dream dreams of the excitement there will be when tile breast the tape ahead of the Veteran in tile 220 dash. About the first of March the last year s varsity will turn up in the shed How they a in Fer Tilv they can get into fighting trim. From the opening of the season until after the tots the of ski will Leto fully swarm with embryo track artists and Moor got. A will be so scan e in the dress lug rooms that Hie Fellows w have of stand on one leg to dish. After tin Home meet tues that failed to set the world afire with the wonder continued on Pas four in Active one for civic righteousness. All Iowa joins in extending to the real Leader congratulations on hit birthday Anil will Hope that he will remain Active in Public life even though he does continue to decline Public office. He is Iowa a grand Young Man because he refuse to get old. Responding to a letter of congrats i lations gov Garret a a has written the following letter Clermont la jan9.1910. My dear Onaway fill of the nth at hand and noted. We Are always glad to hear from you in your he Erfil words. Makes a fellow fee younger. I had a pleasant visit on my Eastern trip found the political feeling among til rank and file about the Thel Len and forty five cards Snall were received or Kelley is confined to the House quite closely but the thoughtfulness of Bis wife and friends made his seventy fifth birth Day a Happy one and made him feel that it was Good to have lived Sev Enty five years. Or. Kelley enlisted with company a of the tenth Iowa and was in a Tiv service All four years of the War. He was mustered out at Kingston Georgia Ami received his discharging papers at Davenport and carried them Home with him an Honor awarded to but few soldiers. Higie 4 it pc Hool Troub i Jech one of Iowa s greatest educators i on led by til Board. Sioux City s school Hoard has ousted superintendent it. Whitley one of Iowa s most progressive educators rom absent and Friner members j of the High schools of Des Moines of the Ames masonic Lodge. Can be arranged by supt f. E. King Arcadia Lodge 249, a. F. A m. I for at a later Tim in Tho Spring the beauties of the dual debates Are the the debates with Indianola occurs the Ames affirmative team will re main at Ames and discuss the question with the Indianola team. Ames citizens should show that Loyal support to the High school e Charles i team Friday evening which will encourage such intellectual research and work among the students of one of the greatest High schools in the country. The question to be discussed is a live one and one in which every citizen should take an interest. The co in mss on plan of government m Ean to Ocean from Canada to mex-1ts being discussed in the papers of Leo. A letter from m. J. Bunday at practically every Large City in the Santa Amia Cal., was read or. J country. Many Large cities have bunday being the first master of Are a up a be Ldar and Are getting India Lodge forty two years ago. Kod results. It is a question which the communication very lazily spoke i Bas to 8des w hich the debaters of the Early life of the Lodge and i Friday evening will prove. To pay the work of forming it and its Char-1 expenses of the debating teams a Ter members. I Small admission of a cents will be a. J. Graves letter of fraternal j charged. Greeting was read. Bro. Graves debate a Ames. Health not being such As to admit of i Tho de Bate iat Ames Friday eve his attendance he referred the Early i a no ,wi11 be eat be method history of the Lodge to c. E. Tay j Church at 8 o clock. The following Lor Olio gave a graphic description Jis program of the Days of 1 868, As he was the i Organ Solo a Only member pres it who was in i March Ponti scale. Lemmon Ames while the Lodge was working Calvin r Inge end erg under dispensation and exemplifying i invocation. Rev. Geo. Crissman its work before Nevada Lodge no. 99. I a Indian love so gloring or. Taylor described the ornament negro love sons. A Miloy Tai hanging on the first Lodge Walls i glee club. As festoons of cobwebs mounted with i questions resolved. That Ameri ringlets of Coal smoke from the can cities should adopt the Comida a Smith a frees on the first floors i Mission f orm of government that oozed through the a jointed na-1 Marshalltown affirmative. Harry Tive floors and be smeared Rafter i Charles Hollingsworth done plate and Lodge furniture which con-1 Al 1 elder. Slated of Nail kegs for seats and bar a a a n a Rel for an altar and boxes for stands i Flyte Riffith \ erne Vasser. And Secretary desk. The life and us i Chadsey death of the different Lodge rooms i judges decision. Were traced from Block to Block and Ames affirmative team at 1ar building Back from the Days when i shall town will Hauser Russell the mud Lien and wild Duck chased i Engberg and miss Muriel Griggs. The same Frog around the same Hogg j Marshalltown negative at where the c new. Passenger depot i Marshalltown Winfield Scott Lee now stands. Schools of minnows Ste wart and Roy Good and Catfish in Spring passed through town As far North As the Beardshear school building and three fourths the Way up grand Avenue i rough the Railroad Park. Or. Taylor took of Ames Chautauqua a Short business session of the Chautauqua Board was held tuesday port Unity by the for top and plainly i morning and work of the program and with considerable emphasis i committee to Date approved or. Pointed to the Golden Opportunity for i George d. Crissman was elected a Arcadia Lodge to become second to j member of the Board to fill the a none in the stat referring frankly , by Rev. Andrew m. Shea to the Iowa stat College with its Rev w j Minhin was a Poi Nisi a me As Bere. Very few a pleased i Sioux City s reputation is school mat with Taft but Roosevelt is still the fax j ters la about As consistent As her rec Arite. Old Ltd Ltd will have to go an i old on tem Terance Reform. The in with him a lot of the old machine Fel Dlan blood asserts itself. During had lows. I notice Dawson flees from the Dock s Days men were assassinated of Wrath to Tome. We can spare mor. Their views did not meet the approval the Alkine Ciao. It would not bel0 a in allow a in it a a strange if the democrats controlled the next House but i is As Cummins says Fellows win were things now character assassination is Reso try to. Ural Whitley is a live wire. He took hold of the schools they Are not capable of running our i after Many years of annual changes government. A lot of them Are con of Guju a. Intendente and has brought trolled by the Aldrich crowd. When j them up to Standard requirements in Ever their votes Are needed to carry j the Short time he has been at the head. An Aldrich measure they can be had but in doing so it was necessary to i do not see but we Are Likely to fire some special huh of the Board have spirited elections in Tho districts who had been retarding the work. Of Hull and Smith Tutt Board proceeded to get even by vv., Are Bavin Anoia Iowa h Atung another Man to the position ii a a i of Olav a the Flower of Sioux City a intellectual Winter and i must say that i enjoy it ail class protested. Over 8,000 citizens much As it reminds me of old ass relations. With much love to ail the family yours truly. Win. I Larrabee. A Veteran has a birthday. G. W. Kelly a Soldier of the civil War. Was pleasantly surprised at his Home 1 304 Kellogg Avenue saturday by a number of his friends dropping in to help him celebrate ills seventy fifth birthday anniversary. Or Kelley was born january 15, 1835, and came to Story county in 1856 from Illinois at the suggestion from mrs. Vav Vav Downey the members of the women Relief corps arranged to take fourteen old soldiers to the Kelley Home saturday afternoon in a bobsled it is needless to say that War glories were thousands of Bright minds in student and Fatu Ity or. O. La. Cessna and or. George Crissman spoke briefly on the benefits of masonry and Tho Fellowship which masonry promotes. A Call was made for All of those that had teen masons 25 years to line across the Hull. Seventeen stepped Forward. One brother claimed 40 years. C. E. Taylor kindly seated him by adding 4 More years to his own masonic life. After Hie installation and the and Desses the Lodge was closed and a a1 a member of the program committee in or. Shears Stead. Spring blowing. Commissioner Mccoy was on the Street monday with plow doing a Good Job Spring blowing. No Robbins have yet Boon seen hut the Deal is Are stocking up on marbles. Accident is commonly the Parent if disorder. Gibbon. Here to make their Home and who signed a remonstrance and asked the Board to reinstate or. Whitley As an excuse for the action the Hoard is sued a statement saying that the a lion was caused because Quot Whitley used bad rabbi Joseph Rauch who appeared before the Hoard in defense of tile splendid Young cd Calor sifted the statement of the Board and pointed out thirty three Gram mat i a1 errors in the statement of the Board which questioned Whitley s English flour City can never have High Grade schools until ii hits High Grade directors no matter How capable the new superintendent May he months will la required it repair the damage which the Board has already Cion to the Sioux City schools general Call was made to retire to Ltd i depend on masonry for their i troth dining room where a banquet i duct Ion into the City. Masonry is was prepared by Bro. Talbot Fred j to now that old fashioned neighbor Willey Ai son l. H. Hardin and by Friendship which characterized their assistants ail proved equal to i the Lodge and its members when the the Opportunity and fully enjoyed i organisation was Young in this part the Good things spread in abundance i of the state. Before them. After the banquet an letters received. Old time omit was enjoyed in the j among the letters received by the Parlours until special oar at la p. In j Lodge were the following took them to their Homes. This m. J. Bundy Bania Anna Cali pedal meeting was declared by All j for la. A Success and highly entertaining j Van Chamberlain Corpus t Kristi the Many letters received from j Texas. Absent Brothers will be plated in the Newton a Parvin grand Secre a hives by Secretary la 8. Griffith i tary Cedar rapids and preserved for the historical de John Monroe grand View Wash apartment of the Lodge. The True in ton. Brotherly love prevailed at this meet a b. A. Clutter what cheer Iowa ing and the get together spirit pre-1 l. E. Ashbugh. Los Angeles Cal. Amos Chautauqua August 10-19. Dominated tile members of the masonic Lodge unit in the general Ames movement to make what we have the Host of its kind in Iowa such meetings promote better Adieu Dane at the regular meeting. The social Side of masonry is to have Moi attention than Ever before the growth of Ames requires t hat the masonic Lodge room become More and More a Home for the craftsmen who May be sojourners for a time in the City and for those who Cone George w. O Brien Seattle Wash. H a Wallace net Moines Bari Mcfarland Keithsburg Iii. J t a Croy Spring Valley Cal. M. C. Little Goldfield Nevada f b. Of Brien Seattle Wash. Daniel Embrey Arapahoe Colorado s. Grainer Shellsburg i. J. G. Johnson Sioux City Iowa. Or j. H. Mcneil Columbus Ohio. William Gregory Greeley Colo. A. J. Graves and or. A. B. Storm of Ammu

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