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Ames Intelligencer Newspaper Archives Feb 20 1890, Page 1

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Ames Intelligencer (Newspaper) - February 20, 1890, Ames, Iowa Ithe intelligencer to. A s. Pc Wil miters Sud r. ? it a the the intelligencer Job office is Complete Ai l appointments a rat 6# subscription me year Tai Al twice $ fit months n4tias.ce ,. ,50 weekly re publican journal. Book pamphlet circular and fins printing All kinds a specially. .5� per year not paid Adwate san paps rant out do Tbs to Kris to Nairas pts tank Taftas. To Lime xxi a Mesiti rut it Konty Iowa tilt std a morn Ingke 111 i All v 20. I who. A Valentim it Kukst my St Twer. Or Susie the Sauna a at tax a a til the dare a pm a a tilted Tel Tomim <4 speech us ill raw Raawe Tung. W me a flirts Mystic i 4mmmsm a tart a Art not a a a Bart. The a a but Elwe lilt a Flat Mill War Aud Cakl pm re a to hts flt a to Pete and we Mech Lait Tatam i cupid Quot Affa Tat Fps two Den �r1ttn Bat is the fawner�w1 45 a2 Dart a Wrt Tau he it us Foliar Roar i a Meta Amess v is Quot a it no a Una i la a a a a no i a aaa a a Atrz a the no Mmott Hare bad Abs estate la St iev�mw�?,-it0 a a a a other girls Ware flaying k it Tarn and a boats Para bean and Barley a a a a a i at or y desk with my Beati or Arm. Thiol my How wicked i bad Branst Looe owns z my a v Alentine and then o la a Alary abut it but that digit when Lapper was Over. And i was studying my history raw . Free came with a big Sandbox fail a i the prettiest silk scraps and emptied them my Lap. And then i broke Down and commenced to cry and told Ber the w Hole stops i wont take one your pieces i said a i never finish my silk and Cousin Zoe aet.r8et How Abe looked. But at that very mra its Tim door Bell rang and she hurried away to a pen did no to learn Mach my history that night though i sat up later than common studying it. But when i Hind put away my boots amt gone up stairs to go to bed. Onion i m came and k pm i me. Am i s la looked so Bright Aud Happy urdu t help asking what had happened. And Lier Cheeks it is red As ii she. M a Zee wanted was ashamed something but she said a Zyx i i 22g& text and still we a Quot a it a Tuat a Quot a right Bab. Amt a so handful you Safe a Ostl did i it wed me to a due. I thought lie Hud sent it to me a wig Bat Twu Tafurt a it it Taw drop we a wit j aah War pm i my ? a it ii rail a a yet i Phi Naira re a. swum. Or More than tried Cousin Zoe a Valentine. Itis Quot s file a j Whit vet Clark. Scat it Ray Way to school. I a a goal mind to a refuse because die would t let me aet the Valentine she go Ste Day before i thought it real mean a i her when i showed Alt mine but i got to Ace it anyway Tor Cousin zoo sent me to get a bail Blue Germantown replies out her drawer the same Day and there was the a online right be it. J suppose i had ii a ought to but i help Laking just one Peep at it and then i knew Why she Walls y show it to me for it was a Softie one tin my Oom Calist one i 9m0 my it was it picture a big Stout woman with a Long red nose. Cousin Zoe a nose is a Little Long and she is sort Stoat. Too. I know she hates to be Stout for Abe wears her dresses just a tight but i did no to Tell Ber i looked at the Valentine. I knew she Felt mortified about it. And Abe raid i won d pest the Valentine it a her Ami not Ted a single k�1 Shoat it shed give me a whole Sandbox full silk scrape for my Tiff by tit it i wits Veitl glad to them for i was afraid suy Buwe would finish her quilt War i did. Her sister Cassy is a dressmaker Ami so she gets lots scraps. To i said i d take it and i tucked it under my att and started. Bat when i got to the Post office it was t there a the Valentine. I mean and i went Back three blocks to look for it. But a j a t find it Aud i came near let Eizig to school account it. I Felt so worried about it. Too that i missed a a spoiling lesson Aud got kept ail recess. I told Busy Dawe a nit it at Hiuer time. Ottose Cousin zoo Mirn i Busy knowing it. Again and for a Abd that Leb to Success me Good prices for the critters. I ship i whew it it the turtles i mean crates. I re caught Turtle i All the Rivers the country and travelled some too. I be fished for turtles the Vulva All the War from its Mouth to Sisk you county. A. I. _ ,1___�__ thai Kerry action iou Man Ftp could carry la i Usk a. Twenty year ago a poor Young was walking the streets it i Idadel go atm phia looking for work. Hi.5, i ill Takt this gun. To a nun wore shabby Bis bards were Blue i Franr hc0 examiner. The cold and i gaunt face Shoaeir that Square meals were not intimate Friend Bis. One morning he awoke and thought Over the years toil and Picayune recompense that bad Lieen his and he resolved then Aud her to make a break for the c a. He did so Aud finally reached the Pacific coast where he now resides. He found that work oat there waft anything harder than that the East but wages Ami opportunities were far greater he returned to Philadelphia last week for the first time a Quarter a Century but instead coming foot. As lie left the cite. He rushed along a i unman car. He is j. B. Wolt Worth and As he stood the corridor a Host class hotel talking with a Friend bygone Dave changes that h a e occurred since he went West he said a i found work carrying a Hod a Frisco and i Tell you. I worked hard. Too. Beauty and bit. enumerating instances where frauds have perpetrated rail mail companies a Chicago paper mentions the following one handsome widow wrung a verdict from the Wabash company that marked her a Genius. Ben w Illiana a Fanner was run Over and killed at a i Railroad crossing under circumstances which left the blame the company. He was nearly Twenty mile from Home at the time adjoining county from that which he lived. Immediately after the Accident the handsome tear stained widow appeared tile cum to where the Accident occurred declared i herself Ben Williams widow Aud demanded $10,000. Hor lawyer pressed Tho suit vigorously and after such delay As seemed proper the ease came a a a a a i the co lipid i was going to Siad it Back but he Hadnot sent it after All. And we Art both thankful to you what you did. _ a ooh Hoe did Tou Tell him ? i cried. A Why. comae i could a let him think i sent it when i didst she explained. A but ifs ifs All right. Bab and he told my to thank you for him. I did t see Wilt he Sou d thank me. And i imagine what Cousin zoo meant by looking so Happy Aud saving it a a All right. But i was glad was and my heart Felt lighter than it had for two Days. Whoa i went to school the next morn tug and look out my Silas to study my geography lesson i found the Valentine the it i thought i had lost. And then i Rem pm Beroll that i had put it there after i tarted so it get crumpled and had Torch All about i id t ared Tho Atlas the Dav before because we Only have map tie prions twice weak. I took the Van Tine Home Aud gave it to Cousin Zee and she Burnt it up. She has got two new silk dresses i lately and she rave me the scraps from 1 both them and to Hazard gave me a a pretty work Box with a Silver thimble i a to a a for his Valentine he said and i to use making Ray crazy qui j. Last night when i came Home from school i found grandma and t Cousin Zee had tacked Down a new carpet the parlor and were putting up some curtains to the windows i asked grandma what they were fixing up so to ice for but a he Only answered that school girls Musnit ask questions. But i think i can guess u hat its for. To Hazard a a Asea Bere oftener than he Ever Dik. And Zoe wears a Bland new Gold ring her Finger. And be a i for trial. Williams death the resp it Nom Sigil i i butt. Her relationship All were Tai near the buildings which i War a Iaan afternoon and the attorneys working when old gentleman came get go enough. Let the Case go to along foot he turned the Corner without argument. hour and inside two minutes i heard s those twelve men came and dried the feeble cry Tor help. I grabbed s Hod Sweet womfcn�?T8 eyes with a verdict for handle that hip Pencil to the near the Joe up any a attorney offered ground and darting around the Corner. Sqq or a c Jaryc it to fight a Haw the old Man struggling with two she too the former convert Why i veiled As ten Mea Whereat j it i into Chi Hartl Cash with my Beck. A come boys a Ell Lay walked out town and to parts unknown a which have never Are to it Stai came led i any our a the a it a it a million them lying Aren mar Al i for them. Has any one id ,00,, or 100,000? Long Lieen Wanter i saved up Stamps Auw cd a i lint Molj guarded them a Tam is or he Man who a pie who have who have yeat has Wen buys cancelled the Hundred Zoe wouldst mind Busy Kin Wing it.7 j her Reading a recipe for Onuf she did t want Gramm Atkind i j Jung be. The other Day. Ole Bat and brother Bobbie to know i a a to Mem theve a be sure to tease Ber away who the sep Lousy asked Light x Alen Tine Wras to. A Ajo Hazard,1 i told Ber. And theft she a Aid Csc a you buy another a Why and will Carl Tony fird poem. What May really w called Ray first poetic Effort written at to years age and was a letter rhyme. My Awa Ai boarding school she for some the a a anf1 since yielded Lier up. It transpired later that Williams relatives sober people had concluded to Suo t he Railroad company after a fitting time had elapsed from his death and that the meantime they entertained a Lovely Young woman from the East a can Vassor for certain Art publications. She Era out Jeand course they dropped the old Man Aud ran for their live. The gentleman Wasny to Hurt much but Tad lost his vat he Anil a shirt stud he pave me his card and told me to Call rim the next Day. course i did so and we talked about my former life and i told him How i wanted to succeed. And was bound to be at the top the hear some Day. Beguiled bends widow to wait a year i a Young then but my Boyish l beginning proceedings put he 1�?z�?z�?zrni /her5�?zi a cd went up to the Quot to i adjoining county wet. Quot Here none Oft the parties were personally known and Laking from a Wallet a yellow piece t won it and pocketed pasteboard. A and i Tell you sir that card did me More g a <1 than any timing Ebe. The old Man afterwards gave me Good lace and from there i a Quot to rain Day. But lots and tot time when i was discouraged and homesick i just Pullet out this can and read it a a a hug talk seemed to tickle the old Chap. Eat me some Money gave me Good advice and ibis card a he added a �?11�? piece j urinal bus was the son a Weaver anti was a Weaver him h Cervantes w As a common Soldier. Homer was the son a Small Farmer. Demosthenes a the son a Cutler. Oliver Cromwell was the son a London Brewer. Franklin was a Journeyman Printer the son a tallow Cha idler and soap boiler. I it a Iel deice was a Hostler aril Ai w obey was the son a Butcher. Virgil a father was a Porter. Beak Peare was the son a Wool stapler. Milton was the son a Money Scrivener Mohammed was a Driver Asse. Napoleon a descendant obscure family Corsica was a major when he married Josephine daughter a tobacconist Cie de Martinique. John Jacob Astor once sold apples the Street new York. Catherine pm pre is Russia was a Camp g ase tie. Madame Bernadotte was a a Washerwoman Paris. Horace was the son a that card is responsible for what Success i have gained. The Money before a hint was carried to the Williams farm House. I he real widow afterwards brought suit and though perfectly honest found hardest Battle was to confront the charge complicity with the stranger the former suit her Case is still j court not became it is without Merit but because the records the general office say the affair is settler. But the attorney who effected the Compromise with the first charmer is not at present attending to the Wabash Slegal affairs his county. They have found a More deliberate Ami less susceptible lawyer. These cases could be added to without limit every Railroad com pan v the country having been victimized Over and Over again. Is it any wonder they have fallen into the habit opposing All claims with appearance stubbornness and Effort for delay ? found. He Actu Stamps by the Midi thousand. The cheerful news is Given for the Lepetit Tho who have cried but for information Wen tune to time. But Man who Bals them does not expect to see nor is to trying to relieve a sufferings j those who have eared Rily hoarded the a Little Green us the three cent tamp and the five Celt stamp and the stamp All kinds. But the seekers wealth by stamp Seiz Are not Likely to acquire great fortunes this Way. they have Only collected a few thousand or even 100,000 they would better become discouraged Sud give it up. For the wholesale Market Price cancelled postage Stamps it unless for Tome reason they Are extrinsic ally am valuable is $100 a million. Aud that is do a Hundred thousand. A Why do i buy postage Stamps said i b. Caiman no. 29b Pearl Street to a Tribune Sporter. A Why to sell them a a who wants them a people did not Toto them i certainly should not a live one instance a reasonable demand fur them a a Well there is a lag cigarette company w hich has a cancelled stamp a picture which is Given away with every Box cigarettes. The company uses millions a a a a certain publication gives a stamp Book for so Many coupons the coupons going with the papery a a what kinds suf ftps do you buy a a eau a but who wants Cai Jeou Green two cent Stamps ? they Are not Well they Are less common Western Bulgaria than hew York City. I buy Stamps All Paris Europe and bring them to Arnica and i ship a1 american Stamps to All parts her How Many Stamps do you buy a rear ? a i bought Over 50joo, last year. For fifteen years i have averaged about 20,000,000 a a what becomes them Quot a think Cfall the shops where Stamps Are sold. Great Many people make collections Ami the Stamps Are All gathered for then this a a what do Yon pay for Stamps a a one Hundred Dolfl i for a million any kind. I doff care what they Are i will take thew. But i pay a great Deal More fur Citee ones course. Sometimes people ipod old Stamps which have been lying around for years. Frequently pry Are valuable. A suppose you Vve Rejto get order turned bark for instant a last silent Appeal to his wife. That look was too much for a Lank Farmer the Balcony. Springing up his seat High above the sea Heads Art Rand him he shouted with All his voice a Don t go Kip done to go a a Jefferson must have Beard that yell and the blubbering that followed it for he seemed to pause again before he plunged into the howling darkness. The Farmer took terribly attracting the attention and sympathy the whole House. He refused to be and finally got up and left the place crying like a baby. I Learned afterwards who the Booby was he Bwl Ridden horseback through the rain for ninety Miles to be that performance. The now a legislature number 44. A comi m a Lols set. A a cd As the bist. Stir Cera p As the cbka.ps$t. A Cam. Urn is Baruna the roue toot Tea fruitless ballots for speak at its Serai it non the m my a the a we Only sixty members or Wilt and voting Fli Sre were few visitors is a Stella one and very Little to relieve the Monotony. one belar Louie a a a it Raj a a was raised by or. Wood i it Ai voting for St ii son h p. But the sons not use was soon no no a by or. Cd Ray Irp voting for Bandit it a la a. It Aas a Hith joke they 0-1 arranged but web los after Joe Neath ballot the session or. Fiel i a tale s. Motion to adjourn ?iim�t4nf bus motion with the statement hat he nun get be bail get at a session Van a go�1 a ammo to a to nought the menu i ens e to Ald All stay the ground and a a a Rifer together regarding a comp Rosamae. A Lem Crane us enl it asked him the re pull Efti Iivo i is it Aux ugh v a a a had anything to no a cd the Way or Compro Nizae. Mid or. Field a the fall a Western editor. W Hen the first weekly Washington territory was established the editor who was Ohio Printer made a break the first Issue to establish his reputation a a dangerous mail to fool with. He was surrounded by a rough crowd and he realized that the proper thing to do was to put himself shape to to sized up according to Hoyle. To effect this be led off with article abusive col. Taylor. Lha t colonel was a. Imaginary individual and it was therefore Safe to Call him a liar and a Coward and to declare that he Ever appeared town he would be horse whipped up Down the streets. Every Issue for two months contained a hit at col Taylor and lie was scored so vigorously and the editor seemed so anxious for some tort shooting match with him that a the boys treated him with that deference always accorded to a fearless Man. When anybody inquired who the colonel was to was informed that he was a desperado the worst Type and that he had solemnly sworn to have the editor s life. He was never exactly located or identified but was always dared to come like a Man and has e it out. # one Day. Just or Issue which col. Taylor was stigmatized As a White slivered Coyote and defied to a Duel with Bowie knives a dark room a stranger came slouching into the office looked about for a while with curiosity and then said to the editor a Well a a a yes i see but what for a was the reply. A a a col. Taylor i a Uko a him and nobody else. You be been Tom plan Coni la array go adjourned. After Ourn ment i oui pm emf held Caucutt Sfa to be Abl cans did noon a at All. As the did no Tiv a a it it Fra to people rms it. Tilt Irmo Tat a took jus Fly nun it a to a Polo a Winn i too that Hail have the tin Fly Caoua Contd tweet tha Are to Ort a ii j a a v i ill a def Lidylu a a previous Canon. I big a i Cia Otsui Mattoe con blasts him Aker Hotchkis and messes. Holbrook. Iowa. Hamilton Linn. Haytol it it a Alla Makee awl War . Neither Tsarev did atty thing looking toward a comp omit. The Senate was Trot session. She tax after the meeting the la us to the 4th inst. Iii. Holbrook Tho dior rate spokesman unwed cd the foil Wing proposition behalf his aisle where to. I no tag the pres it Dee Hick this Hoa is the ii set libero the oys Sioloa to she i that i i i to Hidi w her that flirt us the same it it ctr Riel a away with Ber All 15?�?T a t a a w ii it a a flatus the family. I heard a Ham ear High i haunt thought Hwy Voong my who could 4hat Busy allays smarter than Rhowe and so thought Ani so i asked it she would go to Wonja a Deri Aji tiie same feat. I the sgt a with Loc to buy oat. Aud she ii every Ali a at the farm and mid a would. J j Vicinity Choice Doggerel and the stoic was right around Hie Cor it to Lier. A precious Young Bermi Prairie Avenue so we Hast nine enough to go before school began again. Be wait a pretty one or a conic a she asked As we hurried along. To Hazard and comm Zoe used to be Groat trip or and he was always coming to our Lousy Ami taking her to singing Afla ool or Sleigh Riding and other places. Bul something happened a i never knew what it was. But i know Pantie Zoe Aud Joha a win sort falling out Arri a stopped coming and Zee Felt bad about it. Too. I could a a a a that. Plain As the my my Cen and that a pretty Plain one everybody says but i done to care. I d rather by smart than pretty any Day. And so told bust that i thought it mag have Boer a pretty one mailed it to Lier. A precious Young Goose she must have thought no represented her favorite horse a Al Init to die melancholy because she was not there to Rice him told Lier the tree and Flowers were All perishing because the was not present to smile upon them and killed off two worthy and healthy night ors because their names happened to rhyme with some word a mortuary character. The whole letter was wildly sepulchral irs nature and half amused and half scared the Young lady. I remember that it closed with these pathetic lines i Mast Etui by letter and brine it to a it i Rhita it will be it to sub Keth next prow the eagerness with which Abe con it so Ketly Cousin Zoe wants to make seated is this proposition Nasle my fear no with him i said a by fending him that Jive try was not exactly my let est up we my a a i card. But die was a Lear. Sweet girl fwd Almu judge other people by and upon Ber return Home she petted myself and i know that the Way i a cd encouraged my poor a Quot i ? a we a a a to milk Quot Nemih a a Quot a and so my i Ltd a it Ltd a a it. A or Ltd. She i a. Quot a my Deber no k Lite. Tare. A d i a Wholf store. Bat there saw u a nip Ong. Heeve. Vu�.uo�d�, Canelo be Home hard Wori to Cikk. Susy wanted me to take one with silk Frt Oge All round it and a tiny Little looking gift skin a beside framed Gold with a verse under it that said 14 the Gist mod Yon will m�4flwrst its add a Arch is ass but i did no to exactly like that and be i had. Timid a Rattler one. St was Bordy rid wish a Wreath for get inc Nota and the Centre a a Silver Dove holding out a Leaf. And the Leaf was written far a a and Forg to. I thought that would be very appropriate. And bust thought so too. To i bought it and a big envelope to int it and Belatz. I sealed it ups put Oft a i Zoea. Cards that i happened to have my pocket so he would he sure it was from her. And then i got the lady we bought it to direct to to or. To Hazard be cause i always ran the words Down Hill when i m directing a tvs Bue journal american bides firing thread. The to x p ant to Winch the Prev and thou we dropped it a letter a Curt and ran to school just As the first ship mints were snide a a do Owell that Bell was ringing i did no to feel quite right about it. Inch the hide has been forced through the sic pre Salon which a. Existed late seems to have tempted seller to try and find a new Market for their merchandise. During the peat few weeks about b t. to 100,000 dry Weston hide have Bee Shi i we i Europe order to try that Market How this new departure will turn out to at present entirely problematical but european Tannin oho use it hid cd to advantage it will Jeri up a new Field my tend to give a tone steadiness to a his make that has not been Felt for a Long time. I recent shipment african hides to Europe from this Market while anew feature itself was not. that importance to the Trade Here that this later shipment will be d prove Success re ongoing up Cauca Market. African hides Are Well known Europe where they have a general Market pries Ami the fact that axiom a it it we a made from this Oslo a simply has wed that our Market was lower than the ruling a Rise there. A a prices thought food i kept out Quot Cousin a us those Watera hide Stoi fixed Are a War a much As i could when i got present Unk Iown Euroia and the parties making the venture Are doing it i had half a mind to Tell her what i j Specula to it a alone and Are taking i done. But the i was afraid Abe i their Chance ifs coming to a acc was would Mai Al not give Ara the Tai Issue Bouton rider Pic mind quit Pic Esbo i made a my not to a any thing about it Cousin zoo was the Kitchen helping grandma get supper when i got Home. Aud i a Lipeml into the parlor Kiel vent to Praet King my music lesson he it was Windy. I believe i would have stayed away from my supper i had dared. But i knew Chat would t do. Grandma id be sure i was sick and give me a Medicine and some Gruel and i hate Gruel Almond As bad As i do eat a toe. So i Weed to Ift per and. Ate quite a Good Deal my Cosci Einice a was troubling me so. But i could t help quaking every tune Cousin Zoe looked at me. She did not say any thug shout the Valentine that night for i took Good earn not to give her a Chance but the next morning just a i a men at Murk Haney. Rik 11liiii Huri Werini b a a etude said to a newspaper writer the other Day the tendency is to overestimate the wealth most aet Here reputed to lie very Rich but there is Anc the tendency not so conspicuous and that is the disposal to underestimate the riches some the very Rich men. I suppose regard to Mon engaged Active business the proper Way to estimate their wraith is a they do England by their permanent incomes. There Thev Ray a Man has so Many thousand pounds a year. Here we say a Roan is Worth so much Money. Now a Luau who is up to his ears business can never Tell How much he is Worth. His property might cloned out at a forced a a fetch Many thousand dollars less than it would he continued to handle it. I Haw seen the papers certain men set Down for millionaires who have every reason to know they died and their incomes stopped would have estate which would not Geld it a a too. The millionaires this City Are fewer pro sort lately number i mean tin Ingle Roillie Nairas than arc the Hundred millionaires. The richest men ave have new Turk Jose a Mon wealth than they Are Given credit for. I saw Florae time a a statement 1 eat John i it Rockefeller the Standard company was the richest Man America Anil probably the world and i have men. Within a Day or to it a statement which makes estimate Rockefeller a wealth at $90,000,000. The first assertion is nearer Correct than the Bint. There Are several men new York we a posse a More than $90,000,000. Both the Vanderbilt have Pru Jurty most which is to Cleau ent. Gilt Edge securities placed immense vaults their Safe Deposit companies which will yield considerably Over $90,000,000if turned into Cash. A i think j a Goulds wealth is underestimated and that he has to Day nearer $100,000,000 than the $60,000,000 with which he is credited. The income Flora his property Ami from the Antler j Bill i enormous aum alone and j gees compounding at a prodigious rate. But none them has income that will com flare with Joha d. Rockefeller a and the property no Roan this country and i think no where the world Abow such steady enormous accretions wealth a his. A Russell Sage wraith is underestimated and so is that William Rockefeller and Johst d. Bostwick the Standard Oil company who Are also filled me great Railroad interests and antagonistic others. When you see figures pet Down against the names those men w to Are known to be enormous v Rich such As i have mentioned. Ansi three it four others you May feel sure that underestimate has Boon Given and the other hand the a who Are credited with five and full Josh Billing philosophy to Day for 50,000,00 a old you fill it a grate crowds Persona like grate flecks Birds thare Mutch More a would you buy Many i noise and clattering than sense. �?oyes.�?�. There a but dreadful few people who a How do you handle them Quot Kan talk ten minutes tev you without a those packing laser Are lug ing into the conver Sashun their Bah them. You see the Stamps or Atu Mauk Akes. Sorted Aud put envelopes and sins Are the Only things that i repent or . I it ver con i make a ii thing not Nav petting blunders. _ a whisky i Rte a is pre the most a profit atle ones i kno they Are Alonz we can est Teddy Tew drink with you but when j cps a a by weight. he talk ought the Boas the the k a Imbi ican part have ratan Tom to the no i urn a ii the Reti t proposition looking toward a a a a 4�?mea i Ilea Equi Alec Omar exist Long Ai and v. A Krak not Only Hae these to j re Este a by the , but no coup enss a a i it it. Tor any kind have been submitted by them to said Opik weltion for _ to Nathem Tion and we Akkas. The Rote his Penman but Organ i at i stood no for a week it to Alto fifty revealing the fact that the <1 sleet Leo Organ fixation the Hon a is a buy divided. And. As it Neiswe Ray foil it Quot a from this that division the places upon permanent must made Between til and t he said Opp Mitton i Beret new. Therefore i he said opposition to the he buoys this House request said republicans to make a division the places upon permanent organisation into two parts such As they deem equitable Fatir and just and sat oppo Kiuon hers4>y mod thu Selvea to to a selection the portions into which the sail meaning the honorable members the to or. Very Little l legislation Likely to be effected this be a Iris new senators Aery bum a measures introduced tile senator from Poweshiek a practical Dresa re tonner. Special or be St hence. J Des Moines. Feb. Ii. J890. The dead lock the House is still with no present Prospect its ending. Ninety two ballots have been taken up o Date. a unless efforts to sleet a speaker. To a Man up a tree they Ere a contumacious set and the average citizen would inquire. Quot what Are they Here for anybody asks when the thing will end Tel them you Don t know. The democrats proposed saturday to take the speaker and give Tho republicans the first Choice committees provided that two them should not be the j uric a y and prohibitory Law the other committees Trad officers to be alternately divided. The republicans rejected it. Revel and the order and Semi ii Baek to to e opposition. Taal put the situation a a wisely u iter it was Cha Day the Tempo rare speaker wats elected. It is u 11 apparent t ii at two different t objects lie St the i often this dead lock. I he rept Roans openly declare they stand United against a repeal the prohibitory Law and that they cont and. Is he Only real Issue before the people or the Lugi Vatu e the democrats Are mamas Oyster but the indications arts that they care More Ika a .f,.n fit Allison than the do the state Iowa. Events and incident that have lately occurred place Shevli be separated and then proceed to the permanent organization Tho House forthwith. Or. Luke rep. A i the proposition was not one which his Side could act. Die republicans Felt that they were entitled to have some one their Side ameed the speaker a chair Arni the opposition could meet them satisfactorily toward the tie Fermi nation a settlement they could assure them a speedy organization. After Throe fruitless ballots for speaker the Hon be adjourned. the Senate or bolter fire rented a set resolutions adopted by the to a. Ireland Post grand Arrey the be Publ Quot Sibley Iowa Ami set Forth the fact that the Iowa Senate a few clays ago a Comrade Thomas Beaumont was Defeated for the office Secretary the Senate and biplane filled by a civilian and Comrade Baker a one legged to Kiter wag Dele feted for the office assistant Secre by and the place a lbs a by a civilian. Mrs. Hunter a soldiers i Sior was Defeated by a i Ilian for pos mistress and col. . W. Snyder was Defeated for the office a 111. A a a a. Jui i a j _ 8�s#ant�-ara�s, and the place filled by a therefore the Post resolved As Fol Taylor men got now ifs go to to Stop a a my dear it . The c Al. Honed Iii a a pull yer gun a interrupted colonel As he pulled his. A but sir i beg to assure you that it Ivi liars. Lows t a Pfow lit a. Mid Banate Iowa a unbecoming the Patriot ism the Loyal state Iowa and that we consider its action unpatriotic Ami violation or Promise mid to the veterans the Laws War and consider its action As a personal insult to the everybody who fore the that we As surviving veterans shall team. A git Down yer Knees a the editor Slid off his chair his face Are As boxed it to count do you almost pre drink with Thieu. Then Are Redd Tew to Oquain to dry. I i look upon a pure j it be with the i same Ven Rashun that i do upon the to commandments. You taut hire a Man Tow be honest. He will want Biz wages raised every morning. The most successful men i hav Ever j known Are those who Are Konstantly j making blunders but never seem Tow kno it. I kno plenty folks who Are so Kon trav that they should fall into j the River they would insist upon floating up Stream. One or the most reliable prophets i kno old Hen. They Don t Prophesy enav eggs until after the egg h a happened. I Opi Uyun . And will Kontina few be that the pools hav done about a match Hurt this world a the Mailshot hav. Temper should lie curbed not broken. I i Hank the lord for this we All us hav some Good thing Tew Lay our bad Ink to uses Isle our Elf. I done to kno Enny thing this Ltd Roll that Worth More than Money that honestly got. Anil virtuously sgt ent. The truly great Are a Wue the eazy est to a i Ark weekly. I said to fore. I bring round a or Bah a and so cancelled Stamps really have a Market a they did not. As should not buy them million or two boxes see for yourself. There Are few things these Days that Are allowed to go to and he lucked up a package foreign Stamps and gave them to the reporter As a Lurk Tribune. As Pale a Ste amp the. Ami his hair end. A now eat that a the colonel took from his pocket a Lump clan and tossed it the floor Ami he stood there with levelled pistol until the last Crumb it was devoured. Then he put up his weapon and turned Togo saying a next time you open pie i i come with a Whie bag full it and a conclude to drive Hie last it Vii a Bullet go fur the rest Mem Alyou want to. But when you strike the name col. Taylor handle it with care a. And inside a week the affair leaked out. And so Mafko men came up to lick a a Dkl lick Hun the editor and so Many that lie jumped the Plant one night Arni was never heard pm i Ota Sun our children and our children a children to Point the Auger Acorn at every senator who voted to defeat our comrades a set Loren the Resolution rams a storm Sharp debate the Senate refused to allow them to go into the journal. A Chetty warm discussion was precipitated the House the 5th mid by the reproduction by or. Luke i Lien. a formal rejection by Hep Blo Aas the offer to Coil Promise the grounds that it Aas a democratic Dodge to obtain the permanent speaker hip. And that the publican i Dun us dominant party res i i Bible for legit la i should control the speaker. Or. Holbrook dem said hews hid to tall attention to own Point the paper Aud that was it evident intention to say that the atty the democratic Side were not representing anything and were not responsible for Isla ten. He had re Fra Ney from diving anything to stir up beat. Anted to say that the fifty de feelings but he we vots son his �8<le represented 150,000 mor. Tani statue its than did the fifty Republican or. Holbrook a Aid i hit i became ii pm it ii it a m organise otherwise it would prot Debly be Well to Dee Lar Aud fight Abaft a. Wont the defeat Allison than the about the election by Aker. It cannot be d Nied that the major a the House anti Senate us. Opposed to a repeal the prohibitory Law. So that Tho opposition the democrats cannot rest upon the election speaker a having any bearing this que-11 . the defeat or. All Sou could be compassed probably the dem Are at would b ready and willing to go Home to Morrow and stay Tilers m one fact is assured but very Little legislation go it i or bad will be effected this session. The Senate has Over one bundled Billsen file no a a Ivall subjects that were he fore the last legislature and Defeated la House course Haw not yet shown its hand any . H Nee it or possible to predict what direction Legisla Tiomi will take. A Ytse House organized to Maer i it a. It would a quire two weeks to get Billa Jet re it for consideration thu leaving but about four weeks to Complete the work so when the 1st april Comsh the Farmers won t tuv Long. Outside skirmishing and the multiplicity and diversity mils school text books suggest out r. Failure to secure any legislation the subject. Very Little Railroad legislation will be had. It is Quito evident the various Toni met tees both houses Wilt be necessitated to make a rigid sitting Bill returning Only Tho a Paramount importance. The ambitious member who is loaded Stow i with Bills to regulate Tho generality things general will have to a Content with sewing his Ivas Tho introduced them. He Wilt get no Opportunity to Burdon his const Quency with his oratorical Pytz Technics or Gnu mines it is Auasi Ajo to old timer to see Tho Industry the new senators one would Mink that they were preparing Bills by contract and that they were supplying a Long fed want they will lean i a fore the session is Over that successful legislation does no to run that direction. Tile Senate is a poor place for a crotchety 1 the really new legislation is that pro Jagt ring Railroad it from taxing employees with the Cost badges watches or unites .� required to be worn service the company to require railroads to Dan eur the state militia at one cent per Mil and from encampments requiring All hotels and boat Iru houses to provide fire escape ropes every guest 0>m to fix h Oil jays Tor school teachers to require die. Capital Stock All Banks histed at its Cash value and the country located p voiding that where freight is carried Over two or to 6 rail Roaix it shall by regarded a a sing haul and the several roads shall Divide the earn Mas. And they cannot Agri e there the Raidord commissioners shall make the division. Ii senator finns Bill fixing a salary for Oil inspector s i Neomes a Law. And t Ere is Little doubt about it there wont a Sueh a scramble for the office and it g not Likely that Dunn will Swap Bis present Al try hit for one $l,5utl the Blate i notes sum Tsy the store a Tam dotage our Nei Gutco a wed diet go amt Destin a Ottaw it Muslim Aud general news no talk. A me test cases hive a com Metic a the Dis Riel Craft to fort Dodge by owners property the Mason City and fort do the railway to recover Oft Mages from Tbs Nom pan for the appropriation their lands for rail rot i use. When the railway was constructed i Quot it Thole right Way the Iowa Pacific company was purchased for a distance forty two Miles for $20, by ii and the truck w. S i Mon the Gride. Property owner claim that Tbs statutes limitation had made the right Way worthless As the Grant was made i Quot ii. the cases Tao decide for the plaintiff so the a City sad fort Dodge Railroad will to practically without right Way for a diatonic ferry two Miles. A extract from a i t err Meson City Quot Tira binding wine have always until this year made Contrada with the retail merchants january Bat no Contr sets have been made this season. Prices All twines b tie advanced. Pare Manilla is listed at Cento sisal 16 and sisal Crow 14. It appears that the Eliza bet i port steam Cordage company Thel. Waterbury a co., and National Cordage companies now have control the twine Market and the Price will probably not materially decrease from the figures Given be. Should this be True a boycotting among the fat ars Iowa is inevitable brain will be bound with Straw or Pat a a the attorney general has decided to begin snit against several railroads to de term a novel Point under the Iona Railroad Law. It is to find out whether or not the railroads can be compelled to Saver any questions which the governor May think Public interest. Last fail he requested the commissioners to i amp a out several things which the Railroad i had not been accustomed to report. He wanted them to Tell the aah rite they Peid to their general officers the number attorney they employed and what they were paid Tao names and Post office address All the stockholders the number mileage Hooks they issued Etc. Most the roads flatly refused to give the information intimating that it was none the governors bus mess he has Bow instructed the attorney general to bring suit to compel them and the papers a e i e prepared and suits will be begun against the to k Island Burlington Cedar rapids and Northern Aud the Minneapolis and by. Louis roads at once.-., a a a Deal was made at Mason City the other Day by which the recently abandoned railway Between that City and Lyle is again to be placed running order having been biased by the Chicago St. Paul Ani Kansas City. Or. Hen dlr a Saith a this Hie i Tov i that Isott skies were ban Cus Slaw. Luff Alvut we a a a a a a Estolv desirous re cd Iii terms Compromise a a a a a a Fri a a time Stens. Luck r he was debt a i always laugh a related old resilient to Quot the Milwaukee he Wco Iwin a when i run Ember experience i had when a Bor. I lived i the country Ami one Dav snot tier boy and Rayed had occasion to a go to town. He owe i Ara fifty cents and be waste it pay Roc when we leached town where he logo for to town ire i and to Cross a creak was Early is Winter Ami the see Wax Strong Cut i it to Hob iii�1, Brit he was a great Deal heavier and following me he broke the rung to hol Egan at to yell i d a crash e foe Lear life. Tile water a qui deep Aud be was Comai Dearie a larger. I worked with might Ami main for fifteen or Twenty minutes Ami finally succeeded pulling him out Bat urn next morning re or it a a by Tovy t exclaim�1, As i puffed starting to school she pounced out and panted liter my exertion a it Nasa Meta aft roof with her he up mgr map and j pretty Tonga Job Getti g Yon Cut that lore Ltd a i a re.,. All wrist bab9�?� i Lee go a darn the he replied anti. Cd. J i won would t have dome it i Hadnot a Waii right i owed you i fir a a Awa Down Ray heart i this ilv.1 Al Kirbt and ii,.��?z Iii a jew want a Isherw he ism we a sure. Anyway. I Hal done j buzzing arum a Hussian tonin tenant Hie befit i could to make it not. But i non id not get rid a guilty tee Keg All Day. Pc place boy fever not to he sneezed courier to Thrift Nim at. Is a the ii lot Tirril How to make other. Happy. There Are some people who Are out sorts at every hands turn for no la Giti Nate reason because the Sun has gone under a Cloud because they slept badly or ate too heartily but the companionable person makes the Bent every situation. Take the companionable Young woman r instance. So i it it fidgety or Flimsy and Herjo Reju lines Are not Are with some her chief characteristics. Who j Abe arrived it hot it brings another atmosphere with her and common things Foueti with her eyes. Weenie wonderful. Be a person ideas and lies to we them with prodigality she is ii get so often a wit As the occasion Quot wit others. She makes it err one Happy who comes w within her id lie Nee. Where his equals w Ere found. A prisoner a said the judge to a very disreputable citizen who a brought ii., i. A -.i., or to by the Bailiff a you ars to have the privilege being tried by a jury your a does that mean my c Piar judge t a Yea a Don t 1 a it judge. Be can to go pm nowhere without Encl Back the Van to the jail for another lad a merchant traveler. honest conduct or. Harvard graduate the Boston borne men who ate us a a a a a Quot a ,., f our and thru a it millions at ice a j Railroad com pan Iez have at la get fount ilk to possess a a a a bal it tin it so to Lett is honest sums a not half those conductor that honest delighted Parent and who is he Harvard Grad un4 e the electrical conductor. Delight a Parent there von Are wrong my son i hear a it Bis knocking Down every Day. The Young Man decides to take another year at Herald recalling a name. It requires More Effort to remember something once forgotten than it does to learn something new. Many a Man has Tosse Ltd his lies at night trying to remember a name no let a a Tare whatever. This is the Way it usually comes about a let me see. It was the Spring 57, i believe. A old fellow named named what was his name Iti think it after awhile strange i can to think that name it was at the end my Tongue a minute ago. Pshaw Wen do he proceeds with his Story but he is not satisfied. The name would add nothing to the. Story but the narrator docs not like to lie beaten that Way. And at night while every one else is asleep he a a flops Over and Over. Trying to think the name. He begins St a Ami slowly hounds the letters the alphabet. But receives Noel be to the whereabouts j til absconding a Egno men. He give it up a dozen times and resolved to Nave nothing More to do with it but the first thing he knows he is hard at work again. He dozes but awake and resumes his search. He gets up goes to the water burkes and just As lie raises tile dipper to his lips the name i into head. A Humph a lie grunts a Why did no to i think it at first Man a als Weill Caswell Caswell. I knew it began with a t he knew no such tiling. vell i la do a Clare a he Good Back to bed Ami repeats the name Over and Over again. The next morning the very first thing ii Dot a a to refer to the Story again it. Harassing circumstance the name j again eludes him. He knows that be j gins with b. He remembers it finally and is surprised that he forgot it begun with a c. the reduction flesh the Banting system cannot rival this process. It18 a Ftp that when j a russian is trying tit recall the name. a Friend he Shute himself a room and permits no one to see him until be liar passed through the terrible the russian generals whose j awful name figured conspire Goudy a recent War once triad to Recal l the uncompromising name a relative. He went into a closet. M Hen he went he was a fat Man. When he came out he was offered a lotion a Side show to 1� the Light work that general assigned to the bring Skeleton or Kan Utic traveler. It is said that certain astronomers acquire a distinct faculty mind. It is the Power instinctive or automatic measure time. The author i a Gisli seamen Aud diverse shows How this sense is developed. Before applying Lite Eye to the Tele scope. The assistant looks at the dial the transit clock Aud i Dens for instant or so As to thoroughly catch the time the beating the second. Having thus worked himself up to the rhythm the strokes he continue to be Able to Mark by a sort internal movement the least fractions the time which succeeds. From this moment Forward he is himself am mated clock. But the observer must take Good care not to devote tin whole his attention to this measurement time for he has need the largest p firtion his Powers order to note and dissect the various Phenomena the passage the stars. As his visual faculties and his rain must be occupied with these latter Obj to he must count tile seconds amt even Hie fractions seconds by a sort ,.f mechanical instinct and no Way by any intellectual action. A this faculty is acquired one and Home persons quickly enough developed by practice hut individual does not mgt a see a the germ it lit will Ever be a to make himself a practical astronomer. And hot wanted All sati questions referred to the commit a conferees. Or. Dayton i dem. I a a will you bind yourselves to accept a a give and take proposition submitted by the Democrat or. Head he was not prepared to answer he be oily a pro so nth a Green county. I applause by democrats Iii House took lev ii ballots Fortl Pettker awl adjourn tin joint he pub can uncut Norain ated a Apt. Mcmillan mar a Halltown to i Warden a a fort Madison Penitentiary. the Senate no business was attempted but a null a a important Aiila Wor Kiel with the Secretary. Among the number w As Cree by or. Kegler relating to taxation Telegraph at Telephone lines identical wt the Bill passed last session and vetoed by gov. I a Rabi a lits ground i Lia it was just be to the Corporal ions owning those lines. My brows Rill Good a i presbyterian minister introduced the following the House t ii a the inst a Kwh bras Thi general As-hen11.1v is composed the representatives a Christian people Aud includes a members Many gentleman who a proof a j it Fri Tiaris therefore bes a first that the sessions this general Assembly new with prayer by the Mere Liers the hons without Eor Epen station ton refer second that a committee two one Frau la democratic Sitt and one from the Republican Side the House be appointed by the speaker to prepare a Roll the members who Are willing to Ojen tin hon�1 with the following Iowa pensions Hay been granted valid Howard a. Gley Bur uti warn own w a a waver and furnish the Saree to the speaker 1 a a Quot chaplain to Hunting for mod Turtle a. A i want a Small Shotgun that done to use a ranch ammunition a Rani a Middle aged Man to a Kearny Street tinier firearms. A a Jaybird bothering your Orchar a i Ai red the dealer a he was displaying hts w Are no i am a Turtle Hunt a. Get Turtle and terrapins for the Market you a shoot turtles with a Shotgun exclaimed the astonished dealer dropping a Ftp Wing piece his get can. Which brought Forth a howl pain. A \ s not exactly answered the Turtle Hunter. A a it a jest this Way i a hunted the Shell backs for Many vests and have got a Little wrinkle Ray own that everybody done to know a . I used Tel go for a Era with a scoop net like cite folks Ratch butterflies with but now i uses a set net. course i have to bait it. My net is shaped like a Wing dam the Fly trap principle. I bait St with Jaybird Robins a arrows and h he Snail Birds. The tortes crawl up the Wing the net or feed and when they starts to crawl out a Hevy re cached see ? the i reach men die Tam ants Sacramento Stockton and this City pay a two ult hour a Lemon. Young wife who Hal just caught sight Ber husbands fac it the Mirror who. Dear what a the matter husband savagely i can t get the combination hand tie. This blanked Lour Nan i ,. .1 never saw no wife sweetly a Well be careful not they drank the play t to look a round this Way Lear a feed ave he and ear a they Haing the baby its for month. And i reeks press. A Rochester woman came very near starving to death to week. She Hal plenty Money her purse but unlucky moment she put the Wallet her dress Pocky t and when she went to look for it to pay for some groceries she find i1 it was several Days Lictor she came Are a it j Tress and Rob Manu has Hungary h maw. 2 h gypsies rip Van Winkle 4 the Farmer. A his autobiography Joseph Jefferson recalls Many ludicrous incidents Oft his stage experience a a rid a Southern admirer the actor at the Hoffman House yesterday Quot but among them All i have seen no All Orion to something that happened Atlanta ga., the night Jefferson a first appearance there a rip Van Winkle. De hives opera House was packed from footlight to ventilators by audience that came from All parts the state. There Wasny to squatting room the Ai a a nor standing room the lobby. I never saw audience so attentive. Through their d been Athirst for months. And i reckon they had for something the dramatic line. A southerners Are very emotional you know and there was much weeping the House during the scene where rip and his wife have their Little set to which end his being driven out the Back door into the dark night Ami a. Storm. The lightning lightened and the Thunder thundered and the countrymen the audience stood up to watch it. Jul t a rip opened the door there was a blinding slash follows j a j attuning Roll and rumble and us variety by Donn nth life. The evenings great numbers Fem Dies Are monotonous humdrum. They involve the assemblage the same people he Fame surrounding a same Ater Fauiki is yawning Over his Natter and the same querulous Mamma Over Laden with family care. Fresh people with fresh thoughts free a atmosphere anything to stir up and agitato the to d Domestic stagnation Are sadly needed anti sadly scarce. There need to be also a constant succession fresh people to bring about these world is full men and women and a better regulated life it would tin business after the Day s work was done to entertain each either and give each other fresh lib. As it now. Hundreds it not thousands our households Are Little better than cells for the incarceration each family. Thon Sands Are thus worn out prematurely from utter Lack Domestic recreation. There might a written Over the grave hundreds thousands a bored to death by the stagnation Domestic life. There to no other Agency which so Well prevent the Monotony and humdrum Domestic life alluded to. As Good instructive books Ami Good newspaper. Ami there is no pleasure or profit so cheap when one considers it trifling Money Cost i who who shall Kelsel from said Roll open a a we session til House with Prater after a debut during which or chum Barquin offered att nov dment including reporters Ai r. Been moved Tho previous question anti the amendment we lost by a vote 36 to 38. the resin question the Yew an1 nays were railed. The ballot resulted 4� yeas and 4� Nave and the Resolution Aas lost. After three ineffectual ire hots for brie Aitor. The House Adion me i. A a the ii a tis i allowed three times for speaker the 7th ii bt., a Ach one which resulted Hamilton 36, Wilson 36, and adjourned. Henach party wont into caucus. Nothing Especial was done More than to ii Law the conference committees by the Ai it Iii to trip the Fol now members democrats Holbrook Ware i it it Ntuli Gardner republicans c pantry Mcfarland Waldren a Tel Townsend. This Rev Creed cd rence committee consisting seven members from each party Tad #. Long seance the evening. The democrats is.i&Quot several Projko Illions. One was that they take the speak ship first assistant engrossing Clrk a Reaut at Arnii. Two door keepers tour la a a a. And janitor leaving the the remainder. This offer was rejected with Corn. And Glen the democrats ask Al whether the could have the chief clerk the second assistant d engrossing clerk the file clerk the pos mistress three paper folders four padres and tree janitor thin the republicans rejected also. the Senate a lot Bills were introduced among them that made senator finn Virv angry a it was exact copy his school Bot k uniformity Bdl put by senator Matte a. And represent tax Ive Addy has got one to throw into the Hou is the minute it is organised. Finn says that dem Erat a trying to steal his Thunder anti he is mad accordingly the Republican inem Liers hot House at a caucus held the nth inst., referred the democratic Giro Pratton for a com Promise to the enlarged conf Nee Sooim Nettee for further action. Three Baltuth for is eak a Reau Lud the usual tie Uter Jinadu Enron it the hous there was a meeting the conference oin Mittee at which the Itaipu Hcan made this offer lha republicans to it take the six a ship one third the offices and the first the committees. Then the democrats to choose two committees and alter that Oach party to take Msj Ziffa i a wow ? a we. Quot t. A a it a a a Sun alternate Choice the republicans to begin first. This j it Roi no bion Iha Domo cats refuse. A St that Feaster Engle Jasper i Stewart Poweshiek have i econ pm prowled with the idea that they would Well Congress. Whether or not Thatje she reason the senator from l owe to k exchanged his old soft what hat Ana Blue Jean wardrobe for a cutaway from Sis i silk til anti so transmogrified himself to a to deceive is con�.tuent�, is not yet one Tho most important gatherings to fancier was held hero last w6<?k by the a til maker conv nation. At which the subject under drainage a land was thoroughly and intelligently discussed. To e general conclusion the meeting May be epitomized the remarks mad by j. A a Billingsley editor the drainage tour Nab Indianapolis a keep it mind that it to beat crops that pay said he it i it the men who grow toe largest crops who rho up to say that j arming does pay. And the Aren who grow the la go sterols Are them Wiio see to it that their soil is the Best possible condition for growing the largest crops. All retentive Clay soils toe foundation for Success is thorough draining. It relieves Tho i Oil nil excess moisture mikes the Earth and porous easily pulverized. With much less Tabor it makes the roil triable Ami warm. Ready for till seeding govern Days Advance like soil Sot unde drained it insures t better germination it the seed and More rapid and uniform growth it makes Tho work cultivation much lighter it prevents the surface washing the soil. A source Groat waste to til soil Iowa and other states. I Nde Drain no removes the water a heavy rainfall before it does ii to v damage to the crops and makes the soil Rea it by for the plow within a few hours it give a circulation air through the soil so necessary to Plant growth i the preparation Plant food it brings the crops to Early and perfect maturity. Under drains puts the soil into such a mechanical condition that the application manures and Fatti leers is made most Dilly available to the soil. Quot the benefits under drainage a a so we known to intelligent practical men that it is now thought no strange thing for intelligent Farmer to under Drain ten. Twenty or thirty acres and from so Small a tract land make excellent living 111 deed grow Rich As some us count Al Juntas Tan gov. minor county South Dakota has been at Tho Cap Tai sey Rai Days. He is a it. A. It. Man and is soliciting Aid for Bis Post. He say that the one Hundred old soldiers his county All but three Are Greta need help. He y no Grain for feed or seed i the county ave Iowa improvement Stock breeders association has requested the legislature to retain the Dairy commissioner Law. And to provide a penalty for the Sale to Adu to rated articles food or the raise Label ins the same. The it it ate horticultural society will prepare a Bill this subject and ask ifs passage. The Senate a by Resolution requested Iowa congressmen to a urn the repeal the tax oui sisal grass and jute. From which binding twine is m id. The two Large starch factories Here hate bran sold to English Syndicate. Rad it d Aid Are to be closed which will Cut off a Large Corn Market jobs. Neuter it Jon to faster Luciaro e. Store. Brandon Edward Hartins Marsha ii some Tiu re ase James Hughart be Rad cd go a a a refit Ozark hug by Edward crave be Creek James h v it a Tad rip Nugen. Or. New London Byton t Wam rip. Lire Ville Robert Knox. Jew Tai John w. Try Tor Kink a Robert St Tel y. A Nonosa Erastus a Scott Farragut Jass. Field Lake cd v Harris t. Lattaro Ftp Puutio Wilna Williams. Manchester Robert g. Biter a met Ayr John Bandy Fairfield Jam a i Chew Logan Samuel Donaldson a a Lubou is Afkham. ,bni1k sir issus. A a. Rim w Moore. Des Moines Ron is i Gibbons. Saratora William . Joshua Grindrod Wyoming John a. Phillips k Freston Taion a lira am Youndt Dumont. Re i Ssue cities h. I y a a w. Carr Independence Tavid a bras Rock rapids Anton Yaworsky Tow pity l. Peppers Des Moines James b. Batara oration and k�4 is new Thomas j. Hutson and increase John e ferry Carl ton Thomas Smith Newton hirer j. Bar or Cambria i Evi s. By Lvester Taffita. Original widows it Hutclins a Indianola lows a it h Harp a ice is minors urn Den widow dossier a 1 re it Salina Ltd widow anti Rew i. Luel bams Cut Hofto not he i Thorn. To a. A a a a who.-s.� a i Thoro. Tort Burg. Clinton. Pymm m sex ice v or Velvor Anders m mar no r Leas ant Ville. Us my. A xxx s i uni i v a a a a a a. A claiming i hat they offer the it publican a re i to one. Do fruits to raw Breeding. Things that a Well bred Man does no to no spooky Iii Yew York. Haunted Bouses have very Little respect Paul to them this cite and it is dollars to doughnuts that the a int one to be Mounil the cite it Day writes a new yorker. Property is too valuable hereabouts for lha occupancy intangible so Waters. the country a haunted House can Boh its Bead up proudly for years but Iii prosaic new York dollars Creighton the spooks Uway. It astonishing How great a i interest is lading taken at resent All Over the country . Go where one will seance a. Quot Oil attended. There will mud too at those meeting men and a Mien who have won recognition from the world As thinkers. True a great Deal fraud is practice Antler the name spiritualism by designing be us la but the Gen a a idea a Beautiful one. One woman to honesty m doubt Lewi the brat policy but it Grams to Hare expired Long ago he does no to Wear Large Check clothes. He does no to beg a woman a Pardon for neglecting to Call her. He Doeann to criticise or another. He does no to try to turn a compliment with every breath he draws a woman a presence. He Isnit always trying to Tell a Good store a make a Brilliant remark. He Doeann to make gifts that he can to afford. He Doeann to use a Crest Iii writing paper. He does t take Hii women friends into his business or love matters. He does no task to be allowed to smoke the presence a woman unies a he is morally certain she does not object to it. The Best Way to polish windows. Two servant living adjoining houses were talking recently says Exchange about their methods cleaning windows. The one whose windows always looked the brightest said she selected a Dull Day for the work or a Dav when the Sun was not shining them because when the Sun shines it cause them to dry streaked no matter How much one rubs. The painters Brush Isth Best article for this purpose then Wash All the Wood work before la Glass is touched. To cleanse the girls a simply Nae water diluted with ammonia done to us soap. A Small stick will get the dust out the Corners then wipe dry w Ith a piece cloth do not use Linen a the lint Sticks to the Glass. The Lif t w a to polish is with Tirane palier or newspaper. To clean windows this Way Tak i Iez a time than when soap is used. A candid tramp. Gilhooly says he does not think it right to bestow promiscuous Charity. Not a g Sun a a hard looking tramp stopped him and asked for a temporary loan. Although Gilhooly was disposed to regard the transaction More the Light a permanent investment he never Holt a advanced entire dime.,t a thank your colonel than you. A ran Tell by vows looks that Yon know How a fellow feels who has had no education and has Bobcat his Way a replied the a to p a wild outburst mingled gratitude and Candor a profitable scrap Book. There nothing life half so profitable a the keeping a scrap Book. It keep one out mischief and out everything else but Hart steady work. A scrap i xxii is a Blessing m disguise the fir it place it take a Man ten veal to catch up year s dipping which he has promised himself to paste w Hen to gets tune and then it takes ten time longer to find a piece information after ii is the Boe than it would take to write it Mcloud jog the time spent leading the end a Clouedia for the facts the lotion transcript. The District court St Burlington has deposed four interesting easel under the prohibitory Law. Last summer the sheriff under order a Justice the peace seized several consignments i Eer hipped from by. Louis to Burlington. The owners the Beer brought Replevin suite Agaid the sheriff to secure Possession the property and by offer the District court the property was restored the owners giving the teq111�� Bond. The cases came up last week sad under instructions the court the jury returned a verdict each Ess tint toe plaintiffs were entitled to form Mia. The costs were a messed against the plaintiff. The result is unsatisfactory to both sides and the cases will All he taken to the supreme court. A Lyon citizens have by a Large majority vote j a Bridge tax to construct a Bridge across Tho Mississippi at that Point the Gilbert starch Worts Des mom., Bor. Boe old to. A Fig syndic Quot web include tile pm 1 a the starch work. To 01 Klim. The. Syndic. Bow own or c trois Ever Torch Tooter us pm Doc the coiled Stoto. With . Jog , the. i. To 1�u a i Rodoc Tob and control prom. So Toof the. 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