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Amarillo Sunday News Globe Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1957, Page 1

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Amarillo Sunday News Globe (Newspaper) - March 31, 1957, Amarillo, Texas Trl state a morn ing new amp paper a a a published jointly by the Amorillo doily news and the Globe times a a a Amarillo sunday news Globe six a fessed wire Asso elated press and United press a were Phothi and picture service regional sews and w Ashington Stalf senile vol 31, no. 13amarillo, Texas sunday morning March 31, 1957 66 pages Price of cent set Etnas Speed up i0rir>e for Senate a race by tie associated press the a chairman of the state democratic executive committee Jim Lindsey called on the party a county chairmen saturday to get out the democratic Vole in the special Senate election tuesday. Lindsey said in a letter to chairmen he hoped a every Texas Democrat will vote a Dpi socratic Winner is important to Texas the South and the a let every Democrat join with every other to insure that Texas will never be the cause. Of the democratic party losing control of Congress a he added. Lindsey said the executive committee had endorsed no one candidate in the Senate race. One candidate dropped from the race saturday leaving 17 to Battle it out with two republicans. He was r. Waire Currin Sulphur Springs rancher and businessman. Currin said he withdrew to prevent a possible Republican Victory and consequent reorganization of the Senate. A views paper the Taylor daily press said it would endorse Martin Dies in a first Page editorial sunday. The paper said it would cite his �?o18 years of lawmaking experience his ability leadership handling of Public affairs and All out fight against the publisher of the Longview news and journal Carl Estes predicted after a Telephone Check with neighbouring publisher there would be a a neck and neck Horsie race in a number of Northeast Texas counties. Estes said his findings showed the fight would l e Between Dies Ami Ralph Yarborough in most of the counties. Dies campaigning in Dallas predicted he would when the election. He said that would be his a final formal Campaign Yarborough put in an intensive Day of campaigning in Dallas and fort Worth. His Campaign Headquarters announced that the president of Mary Hardin Baylor College at Belton Arthur k. Tysen has it it Dorset him. Tyson w As quoted As saying Yarborough a has my continued Best wishes and my enthusiastic support for uni time states James Hart hit Back at w hat he called a professional politicians a before flying from Austin to Houston for a Day of handshaking. A i m a Little tired of being told i done to act like a real politician a Hart said. A i am convinced that w Hen All the non politicians of Texas get through voting their convictions of tuesday there Are going to be some sur Priscil so called professional a agriculture commissioner John White announced that newspapers Reprez enter two a or agricultural areas had Given him their editorial support. He said they were the Waller county recoil Ami the Bell county a a White quoted the Waller county Recotr As saying a the was named in life Magazine As one of the outstanding Young men in the United states a he still is a the Bell county r record w As quoted As saying texans a can help themselves by sending John White to Washington As their campaigning in Paris saturday White said a my Confidence grows More every Day Gir from their his opponents activities. Almost Ever one of them have been taking pot hots at me and camping at their own Shadow which indicates they Are running Thad Hutcheson the chosen candidate of the National and state Republican parties estimated he would win the election on about 400,000 ballots. He planned to shift his Campaign saturday from the fort Worth area to , where there is a record ssi,981 eligible v Oters. The Austin american Salesman said saturday it a cold announce editorial support for senatorial candidate James Hart sunday. The american statesman said its editorial would say in part a no persons meeting him however casually a wild fail to sit Jim Harts integrity and positive values he offers in the Choice to be made at the polls next Austin Headquarters for Hart announced he had also received endorsement from the Navasota examiner review and two Fannin county newspapers the Ladonia news and the Honey Grove signal citizen. Clyder issued a press statement saturday claiming that a he a is the Only major candidate. That refused All he charged other candidates with what he called a fleecing the people for Campaign loses on Suez control City election set tuesday by Louise Evans news Globe Pydi tical writer traditionally the first week of april sees City and school Board elections.,qr7.a paralysing More and More of the an addition to april 1957, is the naming tuesday of own Fri twin live a a u. S. Senator to Complete the approximate 20-month term left vacant by gov. Price Daniel. Potter county a poll tax and workers join strike lines in England London March 30 a pvt spreading factory strikes hit this teeming manufacturing capital today exemption list is off from 19. 56 -�?20,506 m opem it sed to some 28,-000 in the general election year. Of these 15,551 Are poll tax payments 954 exemptions. Randall county too Shou s a reduction for the off-year�?4,766 poll taxes plus 531 exemptions opposed to a total of about 8,000 in 1956. See Page 2 for list of polling places and lists of candidates in the dual election. Absentee voting in the senatorial race quite Light in Potter county with a total of about 250 anticipated by the county clerk when All mail ins Are received that were in St marked by Friday night. Tuesday was chosen for the continued on Page 2 _ bandits to free woman Tehran Tran sunday Larch 31 Ipin the Leader of the desert outlaws who kidnapped mrs. Anila Carroll has agreed to release her if he is Al loved to go free. The government replied with an a Assurance of amnesty if the pretty 35-year-old american woman is released immediately. The dramatic Exchange of messages w As made Public Early today by the Interior ministry. A message from the Bandit chief was received saturday at Iranshahr Southeast i Anian Headquarters for the search for mls Carroll established by police and army officers. Dad Shah a notorious thug Leader assured the Shah a government that mrs. Carroll is a quite Safe and the governor of Iranshahr has been instructed to a immediately Contact the bandits and arrange for mrs. Carrolls release a the Interior ministry said. Where to find it Asru Taluy charge Industry on which Britain lives. An estimated 1,700, xxx workers now have Laid Down their tools in factories and shipyards making everything from hammers to sewing machines and electronic brain computers from engines to bombers sleek new tankers and liners. A a a a half million men in about 1,000 greater London plants officially joined today the million a a engineering a workers who walked out a Ivecek ago mainly in Scotland and Northern England. To 0 Hundred thousand Shipman ers began the third w Eek of their strike which has silenced 70 ship it Ards around Britain. A a a neither Side in the wage disputes held out any Prospect of Jacc moves Over the weekend. Negotiations the past week broke Down in deadlock. Labor minister Iain Macleod pinned his Hopes for an Early end to the strikes on an Appeal to the unions to Call off their w walkout and leave the to an impartial investigation by a three Man court of inquiry. A a a the executive of the 40-Union confederation of shipbuilding and engineering unions which is masterminding both strikes will the government request tuesday the Day before the court of inquiry opens its hearings. Any heard in act probe wire photo Paul Sparks of Houston former executive secretory of the Texas state federation of labor reads o Resolution adopted by the federation of Hie time it tied into it. He was testifying before the House it insurance investigating con Mittee at Austin. A a a a a a defeat Issue Washington March 30 apr the United states Brit Ain France and other big shipping nations today appeared to be about ready to accept defeat on the major Issue of their Long dispute with egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. From the time that Nasser seized the Suez canal july 26 a a a Egypt to bar israeli ships Western nations and others had fought for International control of the canal s operation. Barring some unexpected change of plans All now indicate they Are prepared silently to yield to exclusive egyptian operation and to negotiate for the Best safeguards they can get for their shipping rights. A a a tie Issue been brought to the Point of final decision by Nas serbs proposal to the . And Toj a anal by itself and the United states and seven other israeli ships use it. Nations this week of a to it Lan for Nasser spoke to visiting Ameri operating the vitally Infix it a Tanto can editors As the first ship con waterway through the egyptian toys in five transited the a a a canal Auto Jority. This authority would collect All 1 tolls Vot on Egypt a terms tolls. It would be bound Accord touring the Middle East a hat Nasser said was reported by two members of the group Dwight e. Sargent of the por Larid Maine press Herald and Roy Pinkerton of the John p. Scripps newspapers Ventura Calif. Nasser said egg it will keep ships Fermi either the canal or the Gulf of aqaba�?150 newly reopened waterway paying Miles East of Suez despite tire Etc Cairo March 30 a a provident charged today the i rated states is trying a to starve but despite this . Pressure he said Egypt will run the Suez will not let ing to tie egyptian memo by an 1888 treaty guaranteeing right of transit to All nations. Egypt would set aside 25 per cent of the tolls for development oif the canal and 5 per cent for paying off the for continued on Pace 2 to report monday on investigation of it in one of the most stinger attacks he has Ever made on the United , Nasser asserted a a Ynie United states is aiming to slave us while the soviet Union is aiming to help us. A we like to be Friendly to the or , Israel been sending foreign Flag ships through the Gulf to its Southern port erf Eilat since israeli troops knocked out egg Putian guns last fall that had blockaded the alternate route from the red sea. Both the Gulf and the canal am Egypt s territorial Waters Nasser United states but not As a ,., ,. Said. And he intends to keep them of As Long As we have a Austin March 30 in a House investigators delving into the col Amu Emerus. Paws 6 7 Sec. C Birdie. Pake 1 see. B books. Paze 22 Sec. A business. Paste 20 Sec. A 8-13 Sec. Comic strips. Pase 3 Sec. C puzzles. Pase .3 Sec. C editorials pase 2 see. C farm and ranch. Pase 4 Sec. C indoor outdoor. 24-k Sec. A markets. Page 20 Sec a Martha Mason. Pase 10 Sec r Oil and Gas. Pase 19 Sec. A Badio. Pase 7 see. C Range rider. Pase 27 Sec. A society. Pages 1-14 Sec b sports pages 15-18 Sec. A television. Page 5 Sec. C weather map. Page 2 Sec. A we.4theii forecast . Weather Bureau sume its hearings next week. A third set Cial committee a to determine a a Walter Ryan 23, Frederick okla., top is one of two seamen facing special court martial action for alleged brutality to teen age Basic trainees at government Island coast guard station Alameda Calif. Linas b. Stevens 17, Omaha neb., below accuses Louis Gamble 20, Riverside colif., of abusing him. Recommendations the court May Benjack Ich in House group trying make however Are not binding saturday prepared a Diether the Texas Naturopathic i on i Glicr Side. A. I wheat and bread we will continue to pressure. A we w on to a a a l a Al Wei a barred from the news c conference for 29 following hot de . Newspaper and radio editors for final a Iso. Report that will be made Public a settlement is before the lower chamber Mon the coming week the Sheraton to pull out by next weekend another million factory w Ork Day. Rep. Scott Mcdonald chairman of the special House committee ors ranging from hands Hadnot decided whether Ilo machine operators. A a a the group will ask further time to make additional investigation there has been no official state-1 cages financial diodes. Tech ment on the economic re Percus Mically the committees life sex Sions of the strikes so far. The Pires londay. Factories involved account for 40 a a a per cent of Britain a exports. In the shipyards work on 300 ships is halted. Kunc to Colo cast the big built in a by Roger on Alcoa hour 8 . A similar Senate group is under instructions to report its findings and recommendations to the upper chamber by april 10. Sen. Charles herring the chairman indicated tie committee will re physicians Everi bought the votes of legislators goes Back to w Ork next week. Chairman Wade s p i 1 in a n said hearings will resume at 2 p. A . Meantime was scheduled for action in both House and Senate. A a a tie lower chamber will have before it for final vote a a a a de of ethics for lawmakers As Well As a stiff registration Bill. By West Texas congressmen amarili4 and Vicinity partly Cloudy sunday and monday. Somewhat cooler sunday. Warmer again m o a d a y. Low 40. High. 60. Panhandle and South Plains scattered Thun d e a showers portion of Panhandle and South Frains Early sunday. Cooler sunday and sunday night. Monday generally fair and a Little warmer. Temperatures by hours yesterday 7 .52 noon. 8 ,.52 1 . 9 . .56 . 10.59 o 11 60 4 Max. Yest.65 min. Yest. Max. Yest. �?T56 81 min. . 56 precipitation for 24 hours ending at 4 . .21 aches. Sun Rte 6 36 . Sunset 7 07 . Farm Given legislation is Seant Chanee by mrry Gilstrap business editor scant Chance for in kit rant farm legislation during the present session of Congress was seen by five West Texas representatives who participated in a congressional forum which was fridays closing feature of the West Texas chamber of Commerce convention in Abilene. Ben Masterson or. Is taken by death the cattleman son of a great cattleman a member of the booted Gentry Quot who has weathered summer drouth and Winter blizzard to follow his fathers heritage is dead. He is r. B. Ben Masterson jr., �?T5, a native texan who had never known any life other than that of the Range. Or. Masterson died at 11. . Saturday at his residence 1619 Tyler Street. True to the Trad Timi of the West the White haired Stockman it was Best known perhaps As a Man who Seldom had much to say but who was always polite and courteous. Though a Friendly Man and one who liked to have friends those who knew him Best say he. Was a person who always kept his own to Zusel and whose thoughts were difficult to penetrate. His younger friends knew him As a mister or. Masterson was bom in August of 11, in Lampasas continued on Page 5 and one of the congressmen Omar Burleson of . Said frankly that he thinks the Oil and Gas business is in for a bad time. of the five w to took time from their duties in Washington to participate in the annual forum and reply to a series of questions from the floor were Walter Rogers of Pampa George Mahon of Lub Bock Frank Ikard of Wichita Falls and Jim Wright of Weatherford. Rep. Of Fisher of san , who had been scheduled to make it a six Man panel did no to appear having decided he afford to leave his office. Mahon and Burleson expressed the doubt about the possibility of farm legislation. The others appeared to concur. A i believe there is More among the friends of agriculture in this session of cd digress than in Many years a tie Veteran Mahon declared. A the Marmonti med on Page 2 woman Hurt in Home blast , March so of get. Cial a a woman received minor injuries Here at 6,s0 . Today when an explosion t aused by ruptured Gas line destroyed the rear four rooms of her Home. Treated for minor bruises and Shock at Odom Hospital in Memphis was mrs j. B. Rapp who in the Kitchen of her Home when the explosion occurred. To ire department officials said the explosion w As caused by Gas escaping from a ruptured Gas line under the House. The line w As pulled Loose when her husband caught it with a plow while blowing the Garden behind the House. The couples four children were playing in the Back Yard at the time of the Accident and escaped injury. The four Back rooms of the House were and the rest of the House heavily damaged. Both measures Bate were readied Tion this week. A House approved Bill barring any member of the National for the advancement of coloured people from the Public payroll in Texas goes to the Senate where Early committee hearings Are expected to be scheduled. A a a a $2 billion appropriation providing Money to finance the state government for the next two years and still keep the Bank balance in the Black comes up for debate in the Senate wedge iday. The measure was approved by the powerful 21-member finance committee thursday. Now he a against votes for Mynah Dearborn mich., March .8 1 pm Lov. I. Mennen Williams got a Jolt on a handshaking pre election Lour today when he heard a Sharp voice say a shut up a then he spotted the heckler and broke into a Hig laugh. It was a talking Mynah Bird named Billiy sitting m a Cage in a car Horn pet store. Williams was campaigning for democratic candidates for 10 state office in mondays election. Aher Brief Freedom Escapee from Vega caught at Channing Good Mon Long the Sun has shone Over Amarillo for 75 Days out of 90 during 1957, comparative Reading at 3 30 . Saturday. Wind visibility sky Mph Miles condition Houston. 19 12 Cloudy Dallas .12 4 Cloudy rain okla. Qty a 15 poly Ody Amarillo. 18 12 Toady by Charles sunday news Globe staff writer a Ega prisoner who Over Wjk were an Oldham Founty Deputy sheriff and Esca Ted Friday morning is Back in his cell today after a 2,3-hour game of a hide and seek with Panhandle Law enforcement officers in the think to pixilated ranch lands Between Vega and Channing. d. Henson 21-year-old convicted burglar was captured shortly before 6 . Saturday As he attempted to evade a Roadblock near Channing in a stolen pickup truck. The Early morning arrest capped a Panhandle wide search involving Amarillo policemen Highway patrolmen and area sheriffs offices. Henson who began his Short flight for Freedom about 7 . Friday when the Deputy delivered breakfast to the prisoners ironically my caught by another Wall town Deputy a it continued on pane 2 showers and Light Hail fall in area Charles hers or heavy Black Cloud which came Sim Denly and looked like a promising Tilley Washer dropped april ilke showers and some Hail in the Amarillo area saturday then fizzled a bit and sped eastward. Gentle claps of Thunder and lightning a compan de the Brief rain in Amarillo. The lightning which struck a Utility pole on Broadway Street in South Amarillo. Cut for h Brief period Power to the television stations and pleasant Valley. No other lightning damage w As reported. At the Gloslie news building and Harrison. .13 of an Inch of moisture fell in less than an hour during the Eaily afternoon. Weathermen at Amarillo air terminal gauged ,11 and .15 was reported in South Amarillo. Only traces of moisture with Light Hail fell in West Amarillo. The Small storm Waji accompanied with gusts of wind Between 30 and 35-Miies-per hour. Heaviest amounts of moisture were left in the Clarendon area. An official .50 was measured at Brice seven Miles South of Clarendon. But Only traces Feu at Ashtola and Clarendon country club with .07 at Lelia Lake six Miles East of Larendon and .27 in downtown Clarendon. In their forecast for sunday weathermen predicted possible showers and slightly cooler temperatures for the Eastern Portwi of tie Panhandle an South Plains. No moisture was Irdi rated for the remainder of the area. 7�?Temperatures in Amarillo should Range from an Early morning Low of 40 to a High of 60 degrees. Traces of rain fell late setup Day night in Amarillo and area to toe East. Esin and Scetta Tod hmm ser a showers a ape cod Siiss niger is Quot continued on Paft 7

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