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Amarillo Sunday News Globe Newspaper Archives Jun 27 1976, Page 2

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Amarillo Sunday News Globe (Newspaper) - June 27, 1976, Amarillo, Texas 2 sunday Amarillo,Texas,june27,1876 squeeze hits Middle class forecast far sunday continued from Paie 1 could Price a House at 150,000 and never Bat an representatives of the building and lending industries Here say the average new single family Home costs 140,000, give or take a Amarillo growing continued from Page 1 said spread the Good word As Well. Back in 1970, Only 40 apartments valued at $300,000. And 182 single family Homes valued at $4-8 million were built the anti rehear by 1975, 646 apartments Worth $6 million and 869 single family Homes valued at $31.1 million were built. For the first six months of this year 478 Homes valued at $17.9 million Are under construction with an additional 645 apartment units Worth $8.9 million. Comparing january through june in 1975, the total value of building permits was $22.4 million against the same period this year with building permits up to $38.2 million valuation. Despite this expansion Quot we still Don t have enough housing a Williamson said. A we figure a 96 per cent occupancy. About 600 apartments now Are underway new since the first of the year. I done to know when we will catch 9� Frith the As new buildings keep going up Williamson was pleased to acknowledge that a a they re not Only in the Southwest where Mast of the building has been in the past the locations Are All Over town and that s a Good sign were expanding throughout not Only is Amarillo a a Garden spot a Williamson said a but people done to want to live in Milwaukee and Chicago and places like that any More. A they like our Good Economy our clean air and our planned development a he said. Within the development the City is condemning about 200 Deta pirated and deteriorated dwellings every year. Eyesores and slums Are disappearing almost As fast As new buildings are1 going up the planning depart debt said. A people Are now building in the older areas where open and vacant lots existed in the past a Williamson said. F residential development shows in the following areas buro addition 71 lots none started As yet Imperial savings amp loan with three areas the Park in the Northeast with 216 lots 17 starts the shares with 186 lots and 29 starts in the Southwest and Greenwood with 149 lots and nine started. Puckett South of Fulton with 531 lots 250 started and Puckett West none started out of 788 lots. Paving and utilities were com leaders at Summit continued from Page 1. Challenge facing the people of All the in checkpoints at the cer Romar Beach Dustral Zed hotel the companion hotel of the in a House staff paper Dorado reach. Prepared for Ford the United states since Rambouillet the seven nations named that it would resist pressure have experienced different degrees of from at abroad to further economic recovery from the 18-month pump prime the world Economy. U s. Recession that spread quickly to memo Given to m 4 4i Ford for his private talks with the 4wl u�?~ltfe40it�? leaders warned that it would be a More toe United suites Wes Germany and prudent for Short term policy to err on Japan Are in the midst of Strong Side of nution other than on the recoveries. Together their Gross Side of National products Supply two thirds of another difficult matter is the the total Gross National product of the breakdown in the dialogue Between the non comr unit world industrialized nations and the develop the strength of their recoveries is ing nations one of the Touchy matters to be discuss Ford wants the seven Western de by the seven Speed of to to agree on a unified front with the recoveries has caused concern that developing nations and to in this will bring about commodity Shor do sement of Secretary of state Henry tages Industrial capacity roadblocks a. Kissinger a $6 billion International and ultimately Force the stronger resources Bank nations to apply economic brakes before the weaker economies chiefly . Great Britain and Italy a have had a us Kuti w0st time to reduce their High unemployment and stabilize prices. A the Speed of the recovery itself serves As a test of our ability to insure Long term Stabi Uty in our economies Quot Ford said. Quot this is not a test however for the United states alone. It is a special on zoning Agenda Amarillo sunday news Globe Amarillo daily news morning Amarillo Globe times a evening it editions of the Amarillo Globe new a ninth and Harrison p o. Box 2091, Amarillo Texas 79146. Phone 804 3/4published by southwestern newspapers corp. It James l. Whyte t. Vice president amp general manager Fri Home delivery waggling or evening b Sun. I to. Year s3.so s42.00 it or eve. Except 5utt a Holiday a 90 a mail subscription rates per year Only y morn. Morn or postal a one la yet re m v7 rvs Voll a subscriptions of less than i one year computed proportionately except 3 months or less add 10 % Sarvice charge. Eve Eye Only Sun. S. Sun no Sun Only 342 00 330 90 21 20 46.60 35 90 21 80 51 30 38 80 23 30 55 70 41.70 24 30 60 00 44.70 23 40 64 40 47.60 26 80 48 70 50 so 28 00 couple thousand depending on toe Quantity am Quality of such Iva Bath a two Wall to Wall plated this summer at the three areas backed by the savings and loan. Others underway or soon to be started include sleepy hollow with 1,389 lots no starts Westcliffe Park with 568 single family houses and 597 townhouses 22 starts Windsong with 75 lots no starts sout Lawn with 182 lots 6 starts and Estacada in the Southwest with 225 lots 100 started. Developers now Are required to put in All water and sewer lines plus needed streets. City figures from Williamson also show growth in the sheer volume of water taps. In 1970, the City had 43,683 meters in service with 285 new ones put in that year. That figure jumped five years later to 1,213 water taps with 47,-462 meters in service. To Date in the first six months of 1976, the City has added 763 new meters making a total so far of 48,127 water meters. That does no to Tell the entire Story Williamson explained because some apartments have one water meter for Many residents. Others use individual meters. The incinerator and trash Container conversion now underway will be completed Early next year reducing pollution by eliminating burning of garbage and reducing costs in the containerized operation by a one Man one truck operation be said. A if alleys Are provided All newly developing areas Are receiving new Container service for trash a he said. One of what Williamson Calls Quot a major and important development will be the opening of the Ross Mirror connection set for july. The estimated total Cost of the giant Span is $3. Million and a will open up the whole Northeast area for Industry a he said. Not to be overlooked in a growing Amarillo is the new Central Library downtown almost ready for use. The estimated Cost on that is $12 million with a half million scheduled for the parking lot land acquisition and landscaping. With people and housing comes the necessary commercial and Industrial development or the other Way around. A the most exciting thing is that Amarillo is opening up All Over and on All sides a Williamson said. Amenities As an sex car garage and carpeting. This generally agreed avenge computed from diverse loan committee sources Here illustrates Mitcham s Contention that a $50.-000 House is a a Well equipped House but no longer anything substantial houses in less prestigious neighbourhoods of course can be had in the $10.-000 Range and there seems to be no limit on Home site costs for families who consider Money no object. An Illust Tion of loan eligibility from Panhandle savings amp loan president Wilton White follows these Steps Quot first we figure a ratio of no greater than 25 per cent Gross House note including taxes and insurance to the Gross monthly income dividing the big into the Little. A then we take the Gross House note and figure what debts a family has that will not pay out in seven months. That ratio should not exceed 35. Quot we use these two guidelines to see whether a family would be crowding itself with a Home mortgage. Then we ask whether the family has children. This Factor figures heavily. A it is becoming More and More difficult to qualify and what it All boils Down to is in just the past few years the turnkey Price of a new House including land and contractor costs in addition to liveable space has shot from $18 to $23 a Square foot White said. Government subsidy housing designed to give lower income families an Edge on Home ownership is virtually extinct on the Amarillo Market real estate marketers and mortgage lenders said a right now there is no special subsidy rate going a White said. And said Imperial savings association president Tommy Lane a there Are no special advantages for Low income groups in housing construction traditionally the nations Leader out of recession has slowed nationwide. The counter trend of housing activity in Amarillo practitioners of the business say collectively seems a direct result of such heavy Industry development As Iowa beef proc Ereon and Sarco inc., and Viveir effects of bringing in new residents and prompting the development of new Small business. A the Cost of a new House requires More and More of the wage earners Dollar a says Lane. Quot our new housing has not got so High As elsewhere in the country a an average new Home in Dallas costs $50,000, reports the Bureau of business research a a but its coming to us. A i would have thought we would have already passed the Point where people would be willing to give up such a substantial portion of their income but there seems to be a need to keep up with a or. And mrs. Jones a tomorrow what t a Vail by f and for Horn Meek t Bottom pinching Diplomat Rolea of Wimbledon Eigland up an egyptian embassy official was arrested for pinching Girts Bottoms at the Lawn Tennis championships but he claimed diplomatic immunity and was released. A we had to let my go a police said Friday. A it meant he virtually had a License to carry egyptian ambassador Mohamed Samih Anwar said be thought Bottom pinching was Quot disrespectful to women a but did not indicate what a it it it it re vast show his a Amparo Vrat for Oroo. La that sit Vici f Commerce weather National temperature by hour saturday 7 . A . 4a.m. 10am. 11 . Max. Yast. Max. Year ago Sun Riso St noon. 45 1p.m. 71 . 74 . 18 4p m. 91 min. Yast. 90 min. Year ago # 34 Sun Al Usmond soil comp Orturo 2 in. 7j a in. Soother conditions comparative readings at saturday. 84. 88. 80. 9t. 92. 38 43 9 03 Amarillo Zollos Houston okla. Cd a precipitation and via sky mph Mit con sw17 to Clear Sii 80 it cloy Calm 84 cloy si4 11 Cloer data furnished by National Aathar Sarvice in Amarillo. Precipitation for Tho 14-hour period ending at4 pm saturday to oot Opar to Par or. Totals this your 2.04 4.84 totals lost year a 35 Ford continued from Page 1 round of voting at the gop state convention. His candidates won All eight at Large seats. The state convention delegates voted for Reagan supporters Over three backers of president Ford a . Sen. Pete Dorne Nici . Treasurer fran Cine Neff and . Rep. Manuel Lujanjr. Those three a new Mexico Stop Republican office holders a remained in the race on subsequent ballots. Do Enid and Lujan Are Ford s co chairmen to new Mexico. Lujan delivered the keynote address at the convention earlier saturday and told delegates he liked Ford and Reagan equally but said he leaned toward Ford because they had been through to much together. The first vote waa taken after Reagan supporters beat Back a proposal offered by Ford Badten to select the states delegation on a proportionate basis about 40 per cent of the state convention delegates Are Ford supporters the party a Ford dominated Central committee had voted 137 to 54 to approve the proportionate plan which would have Given the president about seven of the 21 delegates Ford flew from Washington to puerto Rico on saturday for a six nation conference on global economic problems. First lady Betty Ford stood to for him at the Minnesota convention and Interior Secretary Thomas Kleppe was to rap rent him to Montana. Reegan held a series of private meetings Friday night at the Montana convention As he campaigned to Hopes of winning the states entire delegation. A a that a the name of the game Quot Reagan said on his arrival at the Helena Airport when asked if he wanted All 20 det Gatea. Told that Montana gop chairman Florence Haegen wanted the states delegation a lit at 13 for Reagan and 7 for Ford Reagan replied a i done to think there la any need for any the split proposed by mrs Haegen and Ford backers was to line with the results of Montana a june 1 no bind tog presidential preference primary which went 66 per cent for Reagan and 36 per cent for Ford. Had Reagan forces known at primary time that mrs. Haegen planned to recommend an apportioned vote they would have beefed up their Campaign Tion if any would be taken against the to Montana said John Sean Reagan s unnamed envoy. National Campaign manager. _ the Amarillo planning and zoning commission will meet at 3 . Tomorrow in City Hall to discuss final platting of seven units of Puckett West a Devi torment at so 34th and Bell. Thelnore Agenda includes a rezoning request from Milton Elliott for Summit j International corp for a change from office District to general retail. The area called the Edwards subdivision is bounded by Lasalle and Albert. The Only other approval sought is dedication of a 60-foot Public Street next to the Amarillo College Trade school West of . 66. Snow prediction a bit premature Minneapolis a it was a chamber of Commerce Nightmare Friday when the National weather service office at teletype this forecast a heavy Snow warning. Cloudy Windy and turning much colder tonight with a the forecaster caught himself there and the message broke off with this correction a disregard the above. Not intended to be sent the forecast was a bit premature since highs have been in the 70s Here. City Albuquerque ache Reed ashes Lyle Atlanta Atlantic City Baltimora Birmingham bismark Boston Bettalo conc Knafl c Lavatan Columbus of Janvar Dan Verda Moine a tract Duluth fax Iran a f leg staff Hartford Indi a Nopolis Jackson is Jack tonality Kansas City la Vaga Lyttia rack Loul Tyhie Mam Phat a Miami Beech Nava Orleans Oklahoma Cit roman Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Providence rapid City a Ano san san siege san Francisco san Juan or Seattle Shreveport Tucson Tulsa Svei Hington or Lenita 47 4 71 81 74 88 74 110 44 h 44 47 41 84 48 94 u 87 84 84 is 71 71 8� 47 103 48 89 74 n 47 91 it cloy sunny sunny a cloy sunny sunny it cloy fair Clear a tidy sunny to Slot sunny fair sunny sunny 71 to in m it no m i �?�0 7 41 0 �4 m 4/ u 17 70 7 it a n 70 0 72 Tes a n 47 n 44 a Texas Junction Long Vlf a Loo oct Lut Kift Marta Mcallen it _ Fri Aioli f i h h Tyler 99 if. Victor of Sissy Battles still rage Costia aed from Page 1 14 hours involved some of the ugliest hand to hand combat Quot of the Long War which has taken 28,500 lives by conservative estimates the spokesman said Quot bodies of guerrillas and right Wyngen Lay Side by Side on slopes of both Hilltop Camps which control Beirut s Eastern approaches to the Christian heartland warring sides estimated at least 900 combatants and civilians had been killed a far to the refugee Camp Battle. Christians said they opened an artillery barrage setting the stage for a new offensive. A capture of the Camps proved harder than anticipated admitted a spokesman for Camille Chamouni a National Liberal party militia. A the guerrillas turned both areas Zlatar into forts Complete with an underground Tunnel communication system and huge arsenals of All kinds of weapons and ammunition a the spokes Man added we Are still determined to take them to ensure Safe communications routes in Lebanon s Chris Tian areas a to ease pressure on the Camps guerrillas and leftist moslem allies Coo tinted to counterattack two Milf southward into the Ein rum Maneh residential area a Large lot Kcomt Christian Quarter of Beirut leftist held Beirut radio said guerrillas punched deeper than 200 Yards into pm rum Maneh and consolidated new positions in an attempt to open a Supply route to besieged Tal two spied 1810. Cd atty agitator Washer with permanent press settings a Odets la495p a big 18 la capacity a heavy duty spiral ramp agitator a two agitation spin Speed sanctions a a Normal and Quot Gan la Quot a five position water never including a a read Lect setting a five position water temperatures three Tor permanent press a bleach dispenser a porcelain enamelled tub top and lid a lint filter and water recirculation system 3 lock n spin Quot safety lid 3 fabric softener dispenser optional accessory 3 backed by nationwide sure service models la496p now Only 11,000 �?�298 Bill son 115 volts any 378 act11f2ma includes one year 115 volts in Home service whisperer tote it Home air conditioner cools Large rooms e operates on adequately wired grounded i 5-Volt circuit subject to local codes. 8.0 Eer e flax mount pull out aides simplify do it yourself installation. Sound ,l0n a a a a on. Three Cool ing speeds fingertip variable air direction . Automatic thermostat air exchanger a tout table a a a action of modal should Bodet a mme it i a. Calculation of area to to cooled we Haat a. Calculation for you m a w Quot Quot afro 1 am his smut to go he inc. A furniture to $ appliances 415 n Fillmore 376 8231

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