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Amarillo Sunday News Globe (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Amarillo, Texas Opposition to Cabinet appointees grows munitions needs urged thorough probe i a Are Liq us Jed a news Globe by Congress is held certain by the associated press Washington june 22 a Strong opposition within the Senate naval committee to confirmation of col. Frank Knox nomination to be Secretary of the Navy reported today after the committee decided to question him on his views toward United states policy and the War. One committee member who said he favored approval of the nomination. ,sorted that an informal poll indicated that if the vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected. 11 to 5. Curious about attitude he the opinion that a hither or not the committee approved the nomination w Ould de a and on Knox statement of his attitude toward possible intervention in the european War. Chairman Walsh. Democrat merely announced after the closed session that it had been decided to summon Knox for questioning on his views and that the hearing probably would be held on a it was reported authoritatively. However that it was Ini the that the committee is Mie a Public Quot statement to the effect that it intended to investigate Knox views and that if it found that he favored intervention it would reject his nomination. This proposal was said to have brought from senator Ellender. Democrat the that this would constitute prejudgment of Knox. In this stand he was reported to have been supported by senator Johnson Republican and senator Hale Republican with other members finally adopting the same attitude. Protests received Walsh told reporters that com Mittee members had received scores of protesting and commend tory on Knox nomination vol. 15. No. 25.�?associated Day and night leased wire. Amarillo Texas sunday morning june 23, Imo. Thirty pages Price five Cental mothers in Law Are sponsoring political rally an old fashioned political rally that will bring Many candidates together will be held at the Tri state fair grounds in Amarillo monday evening commencing at 6 of clock. It will be the Amarillo Mother in Law clubs rally and John Snider Barbecue at 50 cents per a Sid Ltd of mrs. T. H. Rodgers club president had invited governor o Daniel. In a Telephone conversation last night the governor said he would be unable to attend. His attendance would have been a big attraction and would have brought the governor to the same platform with Ernest o. Thomp Fon. , gubernatorial candidate who has been lambasting the governors record. the first to accept an invitation to attend the rally. He will make a tour of the Panhandle the following Day. All precinct county District including state Senate and and state candidates have been invited to attend the rally. The number on the program will be John Snider Barbecue with onions and All the other. Then the candidates will be heard. All will be Given speaking time the time allowable being determined by the number . Mrs. Rodgers said the club wanted to give each candidate adequate time to a a Tell us something a Many of the 12 have arranged to be present. A majority Likely will attend. The club membership approximately 500 Strong and All old enough to vote will be on hand. The crowd Likely will be the at any Amarillo political rally this year. Funds from the Barbecue feast will be added to the clubs student loan fund. Battered France awaits Duce a terms As nazi each is approved if a is fighting frenc min in London part of said in French Fleet British ports Valley in rain Washington june 22 . A reliable British sources said privately and on president Roosevelt a Selec a today that they a would not be surprised if at least part of the French Tion of Henry l. Stimson to be Sec Fleet is in ports Safe from German seizure rotary of War. They declined however to estimate How much of the French Navy most of the protests he said a might be in British control today pea red to be on the protest i Irish lord i Fithian t t ants understanding of the attitude. J after a Confer i Tarn Naii i i it of the two men toward the with of state Lull Lujulia i uni j advocated that the cog Welles that there was no a information regarding the a stance to great Britain and r Ranee. Fleet Stimson is expected to be a. for a statement of his views i i Al of the Fleet is before committee action on his i regarded by military experts As a nomination. The sonata military a a Tal Tao tor in the threatened her committee decided yesterday that Blitzkrieg on the British Isles hearings should be held and chairman Sheppard of Texas said that Stimson probably would be called a witness critic Lam in of or a Sevelt s Choice of the two re pub for his Cabinet has entered principally on the appointment of Stimson in that connection critics suggested in Senate debate yester Day that Secretary of War Wood Washington june 22 we a mrs. Mary Bivins Whoso Benoi have been of. Croat help to Many worthy i i a Oil Kanizai oils and causes in a Quot i i i i f i Amarillo has donated six Al c ill Cal l of 1 lots on East tenth Street a v-1i l from the fair f k m a of grounds to to used by the \ x 4 veterans of fore Fiu i if As a meet nor place and the a / a y am. T l i l site for cottages for the families of sick and disabled London june 2.1 sunday i Pic general de Gaulle former Lalit Revna Iid resigned French Premier said in a Hora East in French i Vul 1t o in Over British broadcasting Unap Oralynn that the effect of the conditions at the u. A. Veterans Hospit Bdl cute by Germany would be that a Frei Irh Laud sea and air Force Al Hei e. Would be completely demobilized arms surrendered and the territory completely translation of the place in a controlled Economy. Hot i i issued by the of her wants a Quot Friendly France As v r Vav Concrad de by mrs. Bivins by the aaa Oriald press in Rimo minister Winston Hii chill made a flip mini Appeal today to frenchmen everywhere to fight on at. Maritain s Side Iler Nany French capitulation last Niju it to a Gernian which he said no tree and Independent French a government could have accepted. Frankly Komi if Over the of the Bordeaux government dui chill said that Trio a Amati terms if act cited by All fre Climen would Force the French to work their allies would use the soil of France a Means of attack intr Hrit i Ain and would turn the and French Navy Mcallen june 22 special a i big Navy Bill passed quickly through House site for a of foreign Lime for tie veterans in Amarillo Andi a neighbor and at his bark while Over to a a Muny he fights in a Pei in. Plan. May Hange de but Iii will a a cherish thai hurried of , i,.1,.1, May be made which will Chairge the a ,. Pic Polo picture the alive Ismul a Victory is believed to be close to the general France s Only Hope for worked out in a Vaner. To my a a a a ret girls a a to England indicate Gaulle declared Quot France has undertaken not to Lay Down her arms except in a Groom edit with her allies so Long As these allies continue the War her government has not the right to surrender to the enemy. A a bad military system faults a a a a �?z�?z.�?zhit-,.for cottages to Aid their Organiza committed in the conduct of Oivera that it is Seething Wilh remind Nus act Lilly of Lalifi ton in caring for the families of,, the defeatist spirit of on Acio int of to Fly in document which wet disabled be teens has been donated government during recent regarding Industrial irregular Tiea Cyl French file ii no tout i i e by mrs. Mary , according to a combats made lose the Battle of spent but no equipment a a1 1a i. A ii announcement made by officials of France a he said but added a there is the slogan in the streets. A idea Ulf lied in Fol in the Amarillo past no. 1907 and the la-1 remains to a vast Empire an in Public to pointing fingers at All the to Only dept its of Lonilee Rne Dies auxiliary. tact sleet much figures in Industry. Ranging a Forest were not the site of six lots there remain to us allies whose 7 i a a 1� How the Highway from the fair grounds Are immense and who Middle . Hhd n As a i n m Quot dominate the seas there remain in of a 5,., mall-Ltalian-�?~<1 t Liono Rable a that it it fore end of a my Imd not been honorable Infin Syrl i ii ext week is regarded As Leigh la would have Relec leh common sense the inter in the lower Rio Grande Valley col. , commander of the Amarillo it of the country demand that accuracy in forecasts. Zieff Tefle l �0 of a a Ltd it were Var they Are and by or. announced that . A a flyer Means they can a were virtually completed for a build i general de Gaulle said he under ing to serve a meeting place for took the National a there in the veterans to be known As vet of grouping together Erans Hall and for a number of a where possible the Quot great arranged about the Hall French a fhe Hall will be used by the Veter everything which can be gathered Jans organization and the ladies a together in military units and in on East tenth Street. A we greatly appreciate this Gen a a i w shall Endeavor to put Clasing a vigorous Campaign drive in a a a mediate use a said c. B Here tonight after making six other addresses during the Day. by rain at several Points Thompson donned a Raincoat and addressed crowds throughout the Valley. He spoke in a sudden downpour at Lyford and a continuous drizzle at Raymondville. Billion Dollof lax Bill passed if. A. Y. Lion for acc in which reparations will be made to or Ninny for Quot the wrongs she suffered a at the end of the world War. The historic of this new Nam wire was put at i0 .50 am Amarillo Lnu. The signer for Lei Many was col Gen Wilhelm Keitel chief of the command and for Ghorle Piini Zigr. One of the French wept and Impi Sci Adolph Hitler himself was not i Here. Iii Neil of dark drama he had met the French on Friday in the old railway car of Foch where the signed a losers in Are in the last War to i Ell them of his , a fun he left general Keitel Ishige briefly in tribute to the Zietich dead and asked All of the neg Olealor. To be in for who had in Len in Heidi in Mohai Foch. Old fashioned car the pens were put to Majier. Hie French ice gallon i a d struggled with their problem for More than 27 hours and in bar nine would have rejected them a pm Fromich car Lei had held actual fighting in the onre Lovely a f to the last great Cilles and Countryside of France a a continued on its weary course and w Little barely Fum shed tent will not cease until six hours after Quot a car the railway Iii the French the French have concluded an Kepi a Oinui Leatton with ,Iee with july so their Gove ziment by Lele Ihone. Newly belligerent ally. The French while Aniis arcement of the flew to Lily u Gasteir Lent of the French surrender in us the Coa summation awaited the of l in French Goven intent declare re 1 1 pit Lallon to , this ring was forced to resign because he Pill to authorize a $4,000,000,000 sex j amt the fighting a not in vain. I seemed , ii had rna Bird fran to Giuld out. T a a f i washing Ron. Jiing 22. Of i i a a a older re a Pem a Quot with Orr i. Zuj to _ Circle of the Valley to a Aux limit no 190 of which mrs to prot Al it Mph a a amends should Congre, quit tonight for a one Quot my. 7 Promise a Alt to any was unwilling to go far As of the Navy their two Day drive that Vivian Weaver is . Inc organized wherever there Are any a mpg Reph. After sending i the marshal Henry r Holli j retain 7roo Sevelt wished in Aid to the allies. in record time tonight. 1 eluded 11 stump so echoes yester i Quot in addition to our own funds we a a Tich. He said. A White a billion Dollar tax a a a pc Filer who ref tested that �?T7 Quot a a Gas beyond designed to give the United 7� a a i quote 1 111 and Over $4 000,000,000 of no i Quot a a a Quot a Vole of ,.�?znfldence �?o7 7&Quot _ to h it a a 1 d or states what of certs called the pledged himself to immediate re-1 of Money material and la-1 soldiers the , the airmen Leki Lalion irom the French Sui ate War akan St Britain Nastiest f get in Paul of the unfair a Railroad sponsored por with which 0 build Tom Hall a it of French forces to get in touch from it a a a a Grea a ritalin gave a next twas live a a my him. He All it Poco 1z White her 4ie, to fk11 additional warships of Sie of mss j con Wippl a who wish remain free which Quot 7 a a conquered by an Quot Quot Quot Vrable opposition to the sales tax to buttons of How Large 1� Astin to him and to follow him i Pri a a. A no Mieling heavy Aerial attack. On the tax or any other or and concluded of. 7 a 77 Gram and s meat Kmim kind of a tax which places the Bur Rodgers prominent i a a i Ong live prance free in Honor Den on the backs of the poor Man. I rna Rillo woman civic worker will i rid introduced by be chairman of the building fund details of the measure Are presented on Page 12. That the a purge a of Wooding from. ,. The Cabinet far beyond at categories including a new Type tempts to a purge Quot members of con Long Range Cruiser Gress. He added Quot there should be a Complete and thorough inc St Gatlon of All the fact to if Secretary of t r War Wooding a former past com Froc m 1 hot in u Mander of the american legion of i Viva in v Juv Lul j the state of Kansas is being purged because of opposition to intervention and War. To Selling army equipment needed for our own de Killough of Killough and sense and the Alleg attempt to Davies announced last night that divulge army secret inventions in on saturday nights eluding our air plane bomb sight while questions of policy continued to agitate both Senate and House they completed action on a $1.000,000,000 tax defense Bill and a $1,768,913.908 emergency measure supplying funds for air has store and seven other firms had agreed to close their places at 7 of clock each saturday evening commencing the first saturday in july the stores have been Clasing at 9 of clock on saturday 6 of clock the other five work Days. Week Day tanks guns and other munitions i other stores which have been the latter Bill was the of the a special decease appropriations asked a �8ning to close at the new hour by president Roosevelt saturdays Are Blackburn bros., there was some expectation among Mcdavid Bros the Hub Harry the legislators however that further Meyer Bert requests would be made in the heart a t Lodge clothes shop in Piure in View of reports that the or. Killough said. A off ional , had i he said other Likely would two mended an additional billion sign to close at the new hour Dollar project to or. . Huge orders urged. Authoritative sources said that this called for construction of scores of government to turn out powder shells Armor plate aircraft and other munitions. In addition it was mide stood that the commission h recommended further huge orders for weapons to in Lyford and again at Raymond committee for the Lodies auxiliary Ville was introduced Byj the officials explained that often one of his world War buddies e. H. It is Almast necessary for families Cocke who was a finst sergeant of company d 344t.h machine gun battalion. 90th division. commanded the 344th machine gun battalion during the world War Cocke said May turn for Kunii sold Ifko free by re Dix or the National whirligig Kuff gators and recessed Cong res until july 1. Be rebuilt were explained a ter Lay acting swiftly on one item after in Quot a another the Senate and sent Rothenburg h president twi Welt a score of a. A a Bills during the Day including a $1,768,913,908 emergency Hill will address Range men monday a Midland june 22 4> a Grover b Hill assistant Secretary of agriculture. Will speak at the opening air plane. And other of the National aaa Range con As sure that Industry Ference Here monday. A ref Ma. production basis. The conference takes the form of Nam Ion Only 19 a tour beginning Here and ending 7 7 f i Angelo Friday june 28, at which time a m. , National command estimated that 139 aaa administrator will speak. Many s great Krupp armament works at , and on air plane a a a c cent Rili Pierpo a of his Rie fact orcs and storage Plant. At cred and it was clearly under and a a a a a Quot a that Only a or no answer i would nut Isicc Imbior tent German aircraft fac Lille tie railway car Wiam and storage buildings were once again a scene of National Hub of disabled or sick Gerans to a a of the National who Ali gig staff or Asui and the inn a App Morval. Yet my Iii Ilia ton. This ume for the French company them to hospitals for americ an and Neutral sources of Hon. For Relief the labor depart 1 hour and a scene of National Triumph a Trp fitment. Th6of stir Dinc have firn i int and the Ipri Rani off ii Riff to l. Lib a time for Tho rms i ice. Man of the u. S. Veterans the s a a Fon we Quot a a a y do Reed bomb hits were scored on. Fought on in the Hills and valleys veterans organization has a exr Utti fsr Wlna he direct approx Rne fhe a most the Coli Gatlyn of a whig in the care conditions in France and England a relations. granted Lnu a Mitlow a ind t a Thompson was Tough and a 1 to �?T7 probable German peace authority for various government Between Bremen a n d 7 re officials said Quot fish sucker for technic litle. By that7�fft but conveniently arranged term. For the former. Am de to enter into contracts a or writ Osny truck 100, a were holding firm i mean when he gave you a Job to 7 h laundry and cooking conditions in the Defeated Conn totalling almost another Lek of 00, the Frenchey a Frontier beating do he take anything but a 7 be at great Benefit to try Are bordering on panic and Rev too. Exe Ted of a / a stacking Hallar a. From Moni thorough Job and no alibis. When Quot Jmmes of veterans and will solution. The upper , repro the of this Hlgh-. de wuh7 to Blanc to the sea or the menace it was finished you could put by the Cabinet was two fold to allow an baffle my a Des m a Deai were a Ginan from the rear Dow n that the Job had been a by a in by in stances. A one Ditlef desire that Hitler Liall interlude for the Republican a a a u. Bordeaux were that a the kind of Man we need in gift preferred occupy All of France As Quick la As Juninal convention beginning Man or three dav7u> Raehl a a a spearhead the governors chair at j donations to the building fund �?�7 a a by it vital it was said also that French an Bhone Valley called for an adequate pay be mailed or delivered to the a a a Quot provide the some pos appropriation Mea sures enacted in French a y and modernized of real veterans of foreign or a Tele in Quot prevention of serious out to Law Well before the new fiscal Budgery control one that would a phone Call to or Parks at 7502 or a a a a a a is. In order to save whatever year a tarts on july i. Provide for a general Over All Budg-1 to mrs. Rodgers 2-0989 giving de a a of a nip Ete in addition to giving Quick a eting of state funds and for Clear tails of subscriptions to the fund of a a a a a a Quot a any Provasi to 8enate- Cut in the will be appreciated the officials a Quot a 7 a by cd Quot Mises on the a and Bills i t be known that Money a ,.p�?z.cccp,.p a who a us lds a by tdo�ntf7b i is Quot Quot Quot a in a is it a Quot ill Lair n ii Quot Chi Quot a no a cd Llu a Quot a a �?~>1�?T&Quot&Quot Quot a a a a it a Artuz a ramb.1, he 1.,. A a �?z11. .�.kcm�. A Bui. Leg nature and in four he Resnen a a believed that under the Eirl a t a by and the French to not to end ured Quot arc Conti Uili a Des Sable Only to the a a a Quot a a Quot a a accomplish our goal a French Mav agree Quot a a by ppm tax until six hour after the French Ray a but not fight a y to the legislature. I of a comfortable veterans Hal and to exert some limited amount of pm a of a Senate approved Ign an army such with Italy the along the Western half of the a a a of i 41. A a a. I a proposal for a War profit Levy. It so newly belligerent ally of Ger front the germans were re Jated Down the Beji ind the Frontier Thorl Les expected Germany to in Rirs of a use forces lowly steadily de fluency a reduction in buy a claims a plate valiant France. Tie Hilgh command Nril catch hat no Frencis government pro Kise while uie Flag Fitzig was severe to stay in Bordeaux the news in local combats All a on a. U 4agency said and would not return a Imig the front. Marshal Petain i in the in siting i branches of 1 Paris unies the nazi captured fyn of Jcj Noiin were 41.- Cepter and sent along to the White Anital was a free an i Quot not Nii Shine Forward Advar would be needed for a major National Effort. The rcom o a t n a mended government Ait k3i0 31 n3ll3 program. It said would be aimed at supplying those which private Industry could not be expected Toj finance or operate. , june 22 t a Antiaris draft guns at Haifa went into action Early this afternoon against an unidentified plane. Facts on advantages of Plains to fit army program Complete outlines Aims. A number of cottages for the fall on great Britain which is the fighting colonel called Quot a disabled veterans be a now More or openly biased for for an auditor similarly appointed i 8 served in the Hospital Here a a myrrh troubles and Only to the legs a d or. Parks lature. He urged coordination of All boards bureaus and agencies so As to eliminate duplications and need less machinery of government. He also advocated the Merit system for a Reform program for the states judiciary .sy.stem, collection of sol a l. Hall employee of the smelter. P conditions will remain invent delinquent taxes and the per sufi fed severe to his left Jeg p�?�"7 smelter worker Hurt a Sass in elevator mishap for the Fita Toci a Hope to make Deal in return for Arcco Tancre of Hiller s terms the defeatists Hope m make a Deal with Hitler that All facts concerning financial scandals corruption and graft a heavy contributing factors to the Section of Revenue Laws to prevent evasion of other levies. And foot when he was caught in a conditions for peace in elevator at the smelter i 7 a a 2.�?��?o&Quot Quot a a it Quot it afternoon lows prance to retain Large parts he was rash cd to Texas Northern Africa in order to meet for treatment. Several �?T"7 7&Quot requirements. France Keansburg n. J., june 22 stitches were required to cuts keep about half her Fleet a hiree bandits Almast coasted into has leg. Which would be neutralized in bandits co3st to jail carries to increase Quot them Iny National debt limit from $4. I,000, i a hint to it div 000.000 to $49,000.0 k 0 Kyj Lowers to that to have made no new Advance South of the River i Oire. East. Ward however they ahead personal income tax exemption. In .7 c 7 on. Inmai Iii a Vrr a wide Inoru on a narrow the number of individual he plenipotentiaries flew Pii a the Loire and Cher tax payers by an 2,000,000 a Smert Meiy toward Italy for a Rivers stiff French Lead and imposes Taxe on the Premier Mussolini slowed or stopped nazi columns Ater tickets Cigar ets whiskey Gaso a a Dice too has been i line and other products i satisfied will there be an end a a the income tax change. Will cover a a a a d a a Day struggle which in a _ a a a a a y info Niamon available m 1940 incomes payable on March 15 in a a a a a month has put a a Rae Aux on the position of the re 1941. The increases become France and substantially French troops in parts of effective immediate in the pre,sident7�?o Quot of in a Quot if a Industry in German a a a Lorraine along the Ger signs the legislation. Hands at a Cost of untold casualties Quot a Quot a Quot a apr indicated they Are not last recommend Talon of map lately Cut off from the main the $1 768 913 908 Enier Bench do a wig in 7 Contact be appropriation was the latest a a it i Hng four Waves of a a a a a a obtained along deep of Roosevelt a recommend bombing plane Aga last the British �,81?. S de decease expenditure the bulk a a a Quot a Alexandria Egypt Quot �?T8 Frontier. Jail today. A a his injuries Are not Coa soldered of thet und Werbe used for army Jib uti French pro a a a a their car ran out of Gas two doors and his condition re 7 i a it a a plan tank., guns and other Somaliland damage was described Forest of events in the from police Headquarters five min parted a fall rights Early night 7 4,?i77 existing Fleet would munitions but part will go for Navy Spaht. C w f a of a 0p��anda after they held a tavern i of the Accident were not needs including a Start on con both French and Brit Ash Fleet. A Ebbels newspaper Der took $60 from the till and $15 from 7�"�?T hopped that the Fie sleet is a matter action of 68 new fighting ship units fought Back if the United states government wants to put any sort of military , especially an air base in tie Panhandle ail the necessary data will be available. By air express to was Lington went a voluminous portfolio of information about the Panhandle slanted on the nation a defense Angle. The information prepared by the Industrial Mittee of the chamber of com Erce of which George Broome is chairman. The letter accompanying the in Fon Nalion a not an a pineal for an air , but rather an offer of All the cooperation of Hie chamber of Commerce and the any Al d in Panhandle As a whole phase of National defense. Fifty copies of the portfolio were made and co ies will be submitted at first to approximately 30 key government military and aviation officials. Included in tie portfolio Are numerous maps showing the strategic importance of the Panhandle and its industries its topographical and climatic advantages its and its highways. A summary of All this information comprises a thick volume of typewritten . The Industrial Committer met saturday morning to Iron out final details and approve the report. Patrons. Police nabbed them. Moving elevator caught his pulling his leg into the Shaft. Foot he weather and Vicinity sat tired Anict continued warm sunday. West Texas a partly Cloudy to Cloudy sunday with How or and Thun dwt torn monday partly Cloudy with thunderstorm in the South portion warmer in South portion sunday new Mexico partly Cloudy in Cloudy sunday with Auer noon and evening a Howery May buy Beans in Silver lining , june 22 put a the United state can line a a tiny cans with Silver if the european War shut off tin source. And in a a a it Quot a a a a a Quot a a bunt aug �.1�, a a a a i a a a a Quot a a by a a a Ritto a bivi.r7isv-w a i Quot in a a a i Iii he a a a a a a w a ,44.,d,,44d,.�?zdrr a i Somaliland would go to Italy a routine Supply Bills. Italian first Learned that the Quot after this War a in would Savoy and Corsica. A Plebs the Senate completed i�?T7 Ench had signed the terms of the first step into a new Aire which cite would be held in Alsace Lor a clonal action and sent to the White German Urmi slice in a special Ger the Voung authoritarian state of a Rale. Proposals would include Flat during the Day legislation to Man radio announcement. Europe have Long since taken the of the and the provide $1,023,282,690 for the labor the German said the men of Maginot line at some time in the department and Federal Security term. Could not yet be disclose think about that when they have future. France might be French Agency during the coming fiscal outlined to to a 0? prices stabilized. Italy get some Switzer Laid under certain Circum year. Temperature yesterday 7 a. A. 8 a. A. 9 a. A. 10 a. A. 11 a. A. Max. Yes. Max. Yes. 1338. By a later italian radio announce go Many. Eveylne Shower nerf he a. T a , National in Usiri Kcal pm Cloudy or i of he american society stance no word was obtained con. Storm to East portion cooler in West metals observed today a Kerning mandates such a. , Etc. F r n intent said the terms probably would England i goal monday Quot the additional cast might boost j a main Point stressed that France �?�0 urine j3ys r3r6w6ll fail into three groups symbolically perhaps the Road hours at Amarillo the Price of a can of bears a proper would remain in Washington june 22 of Pic a 1�?German occupation of prances out Iemon the Beautiful Sun noon. 84 couple of cents but what of that. Tact. Liere would be full Sci Man former Secretary Woodring told theft la Lush Channel ports until the bathed comping be armistice memo. M. A i we can get along without tin but occupation for the duration of the army in a Farewell Tillay War with England a ended. A a Ial compound led sections of 88, 90 89 z. In. 3. M. 4. M. Man. Reti. My. Its. W39. .62 not with out the dutch 1 arc a major Kotrice of tin used in the United Sulci War All officer to be of that in building de War. All enlisted men to be in . Should a continue Wilh regard , no indemnity would be first and above All to the Secundy of ask i Tine Fiat could have own country i i 2 military Mensure to a amp Siire Fiat the French will not Aid Britain. 3-economic measures in prepaid a by the French the Forest where May the Bodin of the dead , and effects hastily abandoned

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