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Amarillo Sunday News Globe Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Amarillo Sunday News Globe (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Amarillo, Texas W up is % n of \ Saigon apr american military and diplomatic leaders in South Vietnam decry the word a a stalemate and insist that Many Small developments show an unmistakably favourable trend in the War. . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker expects the sept. 3 election will be a substantial gain on the political front. The military commander. Gen William c. Westmoreland considers the fighting War is cos Ting the enemy 15,000 casualties monthly and that this pressure in due course must have its effect. The bombing of North Vietnam is presented As an indispensable part of this pressure. The soldiers diplomats economists and other experts in the . Mission admit that certain programs Are behind schedule and certain areas Uncertain. The Cost of living has gone up about 30 per cent this year for example. They insist however that the Over All picture is gradually improving. In concert with Washington. An evident Campaign is under Way to get this message across to the Public. Casualties communist attacks on Rural pacification teams. Critics in Saigon who hold that a stalemate exists Point to instances where no Progress can be detected. They cite incompetent generals of South vietnamese divisions corrupt District chiefs the threat of economic upheaval continued american american officials privately at least frequently agree with such specific criticisms. But in the highest quarters t h e argument is advanced that the War is. So Complex that the statistics add up to the conclusion that the trend is improving. A one Factor f r e q a e n 11 y overlooked a said an american source concerned with top policy decisions a is that we be Only had real pressure on the enemy for one year. The first year we were bringing in troops and building our bases and logistics from scratch a a now our pressure on the enemy is becoming evident. They Hanoi Are beginning to recognize that they Are pursuing an exercise in futility. They Are facing a momentous decision about the course of the War. The enemy is not about to Roll Over and concede defeat but he is such the trends cited by sources Are contained i n statistics Westmoreland s command has gathered on practically every aspect of the War. Among these presented from official reports arc a the desertion rate from communist forces is up while the desertion rate from South vietnamese units is Down defectors in 1967 than in All of 1966. A the South vietnamese a open arms program has attracted Mote communist communist recruiting in South Vietnam is becoming More difficult with More Young boys and women appearing in red ranks. A communist prisoners and defectors report that while red morale remains Good it is beginning to fade particularly among some North vietnamese soldiers Long in the South with see leaders on Page 2 Amarillo sunday news Globe the sunday newspaper of the Golden spread vol. 58, no. 40 Kight leased wires. A . Tips reiters. Non cons Amarillo. Texas. Sunday August 20, 1067 86 pages 6 sections Price 20c fear red terror in Vietnam vote commie hideout invaded Cong May criminal to kill candidates refused Washington a u. S. Officials reported preliminary evidence saturday of Viet Cong plans to mount a terror Campaign aimed at disrupting the september election in South Vietnam. Communist harassment could include attempts to assassinate opposition can Fourt order which would have.1 i harmful Nam ring Dici Dauter a whose leaders Are los Angeles air Saigon up a a . Marine task Force whirled in by .�., pretrial disclosure to helicopter charged up opiates and blame the killings on the present military regime whose leaders Are newsmen of Many details of a Jungle covered Mountain slopes running for office the officials said. Criminal Case was overturned saturday in a lightning strike chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu and prime minister Nguyen Tao by Are the by California s Stilt appellate front runners in a Field also including to civilian slates. The civilian candidates court _ have been accusing the gov-1 the advocates the american against the headquarter a i hideout of a North vietnamese d l vision. Brig. Gen. Foster i Law , i1 i the task Force commander. Do. Crlson ill la Hij hoped to overrun the command Post of the North vietnamese 2nd division before High ranking communist officers had a Chance to escape or destroy valuable documents. The area was 30 Miles South of a Sang and some to Miles Inland from the South China sea. Finds surge eminent of sabotaging their a Ivil i Union said Fri <l8y they woul i mgt Val the to 1 in . Angeles decision to the state by Vav a or is Kington authorities believe the murder last dec 7 of a leading anti Junta member of the constituent a pre me court. The Acle had obtained the news restricting injunction from Superior court judge Alfred i a tit sni 4. The Leatherneck strike wag part of a determined Allied drive to break the Back of what appears to in a new communist Campaign to capture t h e Northern provinces with thrusts South from the demilitarized zone and East from Laos in support of North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops already in the area. Sporadic sniper fire hampered the Marine drive in its Early hours Labue said he believed that at least 2.000 communist troops were lurking in the Jungles. One helicopter was shot Down by machine gun fire t did in religion by Tex Keirsey Church editor a there is a perceptible upsurge of interest in religion throughout the soluble Tran Van Van was the Witelson and labelled it a a pm work of the Viet Cong. And they Neer Effort to Chart a new judo some 30 candidates were Jai course in protecting a per assassinated during last Spring s i son s right to a fair trial by election of 13,000 South Vietnam jury i in est local officers j hut the 38 Page decision by the officials said a number of the 2nd District court of Appeal recent Viet Cong defectors and said the judge had no authority i prisoners reported Havi n j to order Blanket withholding of received orders to disrupt the any criminal cast data although National governmental elections slated for sept 3 Trail of Beauty slow Phons by Van of hiders on the first annual Palo Durn Canyon Trail ride wind their was through Brush and rugged country to reach this area in sunday Canyon. Capital Peak forms the backdrop for this scene. The 4ft riders went to the base of the Lighthouse and then returned to the second water crossing before starting the Long journey to their Camp for saturday night near the end of the Park Road. A Short distance South of the new Marine sweep a k. from the Joist airborne fought their Way out of an ambush Laid by part of the North vietnamese Reg meat they believe they have boxed in. Six americans died and la were wounded before the ambushed platoon of less than 40 men managed to fight free. A a a i a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a h a f n a i 11 c in 1i Ivy Hadj 1 of a \ to Wio n it a j c \ a r a w a a a a a a in another paratroop unit in the area killed 30 North vietnamese in a bitter Jungle Battle earlier in Tim Day there were five americans killed and wounded. Fighting increased in other areas of South Vietnam. And in the North. American pilots flew 186 missions the highest since 197 were flown nearly a month ago hitting the Ben Thuy Thermal Power Plant at Vinh and truck convoys anti aircraft Sites and Bridges in the Southern Panhandle or. W. A. Criswell of Dallas who will be the speaker for the encounter crusade opening at 7 45 pan. Today in Dick Bivins stadium at fair Park made this assertion following his arrival in Amarillo late saturday. A the critical problems of our country and of the world Are contributing to this revived religious interest a said or. Criswell pastor of the first Baptist Church in Dallas largest Southern Baptist Church in the world. A people Are finding that Money and military Power Are not the ultimate solutions a he said. A if financial mechanics and military might could solve our problems they would have been solved years ago. A the dismal pitfall that faces America is not communism but our own materialism and secularism. ,. We need a renewed dedication to the things of god and this encounter crusade and others like it Over the country offer the most effective instrument that i have seen to bring about Cli at needed or. Criswell pointed out four reasons for the effectiveness of the encounter crusade plan. They Are 1. It is Church entered and revival must come in the churches. 2. Through encounter pasters arc working together and thus presenting United dedication. 3. The crusade does not Climax in the football Field where it this plus c o in in u ii i s t broadcasts condemning the elections and the past pattern of Vici Cong tactics has led Washington authorities to expert a wave of terrorist acts during the final few Days of the political Campaign. See criminal on Page 2 Roy shoots self of after haircut it is anticipated thai the harassment will in aimed both at candidates and at keeping voters away from the polls. The officials also told new smelt a the . Government is taking no to sign on whether the elections should in. Postponed a month As proposed by sen Jacob k davits la n Yand some of the South vietnamese civilian candidates see religion on Page 2> however the South vietnamese campaigners appear to he quite Active in the few weeks allowed for politicking. Hie election machinery is geared to the kept 3 Date and la would in difficult t o postpone a the los vegas Nev. Apr a boy killed himself with a single shot through the head after his parents made him get a haircut Deputy Coroner Harvey Schnitzer said saturday. Ile said Daniel Handley it wanted to grow Long hair and play the guitar. When his parents demanded hat he get a haircut Schnitzer said he went to a Barbershop. He returned asked his parents if they were satisfied went into the garage and shot himself Schnitzer said. I Rood morning int to to own Over amoral of i Ley in 14/ i a or Al Ion Wrath american ambassador re it Row my Mhz Eta to be 5kt� will of drat in partly Cloudy. I see election on Page 2 Unm ted ,f9m he a a a a to mar Clum will Terne Toto ten to and by Phil Duncan of our Cowan Bur Tau Trail Riding is fun. In Palo Duro Canyon Park it to great fun. But Trail Riding of where it is obviously meant for the More experienced a or Hardy a horseman. This reporter joined 40 other riders including Clift lev Ranee of the will Rogers Bange hiders association and Travis Aaron of the Amarillo chamber of Commerce on the first annual Palo Duro Canyon Trail ride the Trail ride started a Lur Day morning at tee second water crossing and will end there this afternoon. Arriving at tee Canyon about an hour beware the ride was to cond water crossing a few begin i rented a docile looking minutes before tee ride was horse a the first one i had seen scheduled to begin we met in nearly a decade a and decide Lowrance who served As Trail Jim a to give him a Chance to get Boss Quot regardless to me and vice versa held a is when we arrived at the a he said the Agenda for Satur see Trail on Page t giant air Force b52n. Which Friday swept Over North Vietnam to bomb troops reported concentrating in the Vicinity of the dbl swept Back Over the a Sabau Valley see Vietnam on Page 2 dad say 4 children burned by Accident hem Cork hews where to find it amusements brats Bushes s comic has. Comic script crossword Pun form and raises gorgons 001 room pm Gas outdoor society sports team Stoa Wother map poo b 11-13 i eve Davis a b a 8-s in 1-7 f is 0-5 a i a 0-14 11-11 i St Cloud Minn. _ Das id Hoskins told police saturday that he not a band of marauding youths murdered i wife and burned their farm Home thursday night. But he said Bis attempt to bide the killing went tragically the husks i and David Eli 6 admission and signed a formal Linda confession. Weeks. We went Back to him be Hoskins nearly hysterical cause Well his Story just did t cried As he struggled with his jibe said Tahr. A it did no to rescuers a leave me go leave make sense in any Way a me go the kids Are upstairs la Hoskins 30, a Church of i Veff 8et them out of Christ sunday school superin Lre. ,./. I but tee flames were so in awry. Me Lime y o urn % cadent was found spread Eagle ump u we a mul . Farmer ensnared himself in a de outside hts burning Bouse my that the charred bodies rope trap and was forced to Friday by neighbors at could be removed. It Chi to tvs a a h fire traded to tee fire. He had been Bright death to his four twice. Children. Dead inside the House were steams county sheriff Peter his wife Loretta 29, and the Lahr said Hoskins made a full children Juke Ann 6, Daria 4, Hoskins a rushed to St. Goad Hospital. He told of being grabbed by six Yodhes see killings on Page 2 i a staff Prtrt or. W. A. Criswell of Dallas right with mrs. Criswell and their grandson Cris Criswell Chat with or c. Wade Freeman of Dallas following their arrival in Amarillo or Criswell pastor of first Baptist Church in Dallas is speaker for the Baptist outreach program opening Here tonight or. Freeman is director of the evangelism department of the Baptist general convention of Texas. V

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