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Amarillo Globe (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Amarillo, Texas Russians Aid chinese rangers join police in Hunt for robbers of bus firm garage the Amarillo san Antonio. Aug. To a two armed bandits held up the Public service co. Bus garage today escaped with approximately $1,-800 in Cash and fare checks then reported a Holdup in another Section of the City to throw police off their Trail. The men both neatly dressed entered a Back door of the bus garage offices. One was armed with a Shotgun the other with a pistol. Without speaking they covered five employees with their guns walked directly to a trunk loaded with company Money which had been prepared to Send to the Bank in an armoured car and picked it up. One of the men opened a Cash drawer and scooped out approximately $50. As they left c. W. Hostetter garage Foreman started to break for a door. One of the men turned. A a done to be foolish boys a a he said and Hostetter stopped. The bandits joined a third member of their party in a 1937 Black Ford Sedan outside the building and they roared away to the North. Within five minutes police re tune in Kunc the Globe Newa radio station police chief turns drunks reporting a Holdup at another garage in a Distant Section of the City. The tip proved false. Police said that they were certain one of the bandits or a colleague had placed the Call. Police and members of the Texas Ranger Force immediately began a systematic blocking of All roads leading from the City. The Holdup was timed perfectly., buses in for a morning checkup had left and the armoured car which would have carried the Money to the safety of a Bank was due to arrive in three minutes. Besides Hostetter o. W. Craig i g if la head auditor j. C. Richardson As i Iliff Aff i Al in Distant auditor and two employees Rui we Voll a Ere in the office. They concurred or their description of the bandits. One Hostetter said was approximately six feet tall about 26, Light and wore a Linen suit. The other was Stocky dark and wore a Blue suit and a Grey of Felt. Hat. No description of the Confederate in the car was available. Police believed tire bandits were familiar with the routine operations of the company. Otherwise they reasoned they could not hafe timed. Globe up indicates the associated press indicates the United press Amarillo Texas tuesday Augustio 1937. To pages fourteenth year. No. 211. Ported a Call came to Headquarters 1 the robbery so Well. Over too Amarillo trippers attending Xit ranch reunion More than too Amari Loans today were in Dalhart for the Xit reunion. With motorcycle escort the caravan left chamber of Commerce Headquarters at 9 of clock this morning. Clay Thornton Ama dumping ground seven years ago its one of finest Parks Rillous Good will general headed the delegation which included the Woodmen Scircle drum corps in Cowboy dress. British army seeking More sex Appeal London aug. To up a the British army set out today to do something about counteracting its Lack of sex Appeal. Powers behind the recruiting service which needs thousands of just Plain soldiers admitted frankly the Navy and air corps had been More successful in getting men because a they have More Appeal for the pensions instead of a a it seemed i j be the answer. Army men explained it this Way Quot Girts seem to think that every Man in the air Force is a hero because he soars up into the sky whereas As a matter of fact thousands of airmen never leave the ground at ally but the girls done to know that. A on the other hand the army is associated in the Public mind with foot slogging and does t make the same Appeal. The Public can also see the great Grey battleships of the Fleet but the army cannot very Well run its tanks Down Piccadilly and show itself Bill is signed against will Washington aug. To president Roosevelt today issued a formal statement declaring he had signed the $132,000,000 Interior department appropriation Bill a with much reluctance because of its vocational education provisions. In discussing the a appropriation carried in the Interior Bill for vocational training the president said. A. It is Clear that i would be subject to censure if any of the $14,483,000 appropriated in this act for vocational training were spent inefficiently or i advisedly. A tire Congress having appropriated the Money to the extent of $10,000,000 More than was recommended i will therefore carry out what is obviously Tho intention of the Congress that As much of the total sum shall be expended during the current fiscal year As can properly and usefully be spent no More and no mechanical device could t save life of Charles Hunt hot Springs n. A. Aug. To up ,. A Charles Hunt died last night. A mechanical device could replace his lungs but not his heart. Voters who have moved must have tax receipts transferred voters who have moved away since paying their pol taxes must have their receipts transferred if they Are to vote in the constitutional amendment election August 13. The poll receipts should be taken. To the county tax department in Canh Flinel amnio. A., the courthouse to have the and quintuplets Are the or Quot inc numbers about Over their illness Lubbock aug. To Zno in a locally unprecedented Quot coup that opened the Coop a police chief h. L. Bud Johnston who had been asked by the City commission to turn in his resignation thursday this morning unlocked the doors of City jail 10 seven persons charged with drunkenness and left the lockup As Bare As old Mother Hubbard a cupboard. His of Ion. He said was another clap at what he termed a class legislation and enforcement in the office of City attorney Durwood h. Bradley with whom he had clashed recently when three persons arrested by police Anc charged with drunkenness were released when Bradley revised to prosecute. A i turned out the seven men myself a said the chief a because i did no to want anyone else to take the rap for what i consider he charged that a a Money More than Justice a seems to actuate procedure in handling drunkenness cases Here. As Long As i am chief of police and Thev want to junk the recognised procedure then ill scrap it just As they a from Here out. For the rest of my two Days in be informed my officers to arrest All persons who Are drunk but to hold them Only so Long As is necessary to sober them and prevent their being a menace to themselves and to others and not to assess fines against them. A if those with Money Are not prosecuted then those with no Money will not be while i m still Here. A if some ran be turned out of jail then others can. A i know i have the Johnston who be succeeded by Don Reeder former assistant chief and More lately police identifications officer. Crushed body of Tulia Man found Tulia. Aug. To tsp a the crushed body of Elbert weeks. 26-year-old truck Driver of Tulia was found at a Bridge three Miles East of Tulia this morning at i of clock. Apparently his loaded Oil truck struck the South Side of the Bridge which gave Way. Throwing the truck and Driver into the water. His body was found by a passing truck Driver who came into Tulia for assistance. Surviving Are his wife and a Small daughter. Elbert weeks was the brother of Roy weeks of Tulia. Funeral arrangements Are pending. Changed. According to miss Jewell Davidson the county collector the changes must be made before August 18. Attends course Here ors. J. J. Longhagen of Norton. Infantile paralysis attacked the 1 Kan and Lester Farquharson 24-year old Las Angeles automobile i Houston tex., arrived in Amarillo Plant worker last week and crept on monday morning to attend the into the Muscles of his heart bring second week of the surgical clinic ing sudden death after he was be j and Post graduate course being con lived saved by the Respirator at i ducted by drs. Cradit and Vick. Carrie Tingley Hospital. I this is the third year that or. Long a the Respirator breathed for him a amp in i m attended the course. But it could not perform the tune tons of the heart a said or. H. Johnson. Callander. Ont aug. Your the Dionne quintuplets have about recovered from their colds and will be permitted to Plav outside again tomorrow. Or. Allan Roy Dafoe. Their physician announced today. A they Are coming along very Well a he said. A Thev Are All right except that they have mild holds quite usual with children this time of Emilie the one who gave her a Sisters colds in 1935 and again this year was practically Over hers. The others were still sniffling. B Small wheat crop Ottawa. Ont., aug. To a the Dominion Bureau of statistics estimated today that la. Weather germans hurl new threats forecast for Amarillo and Vicin Canada i i fair tonight partly Cloudy Spring wheat crop will be the smallest i wednesday afternoon. In 30 years. The report did not offer West Texas fair tonight and Berlin. Aug. To up a nazi sex Richie electrocuted any estimate in bushels but said wednesday. J aulsion of a London times corp Nashville aug. To up Fred the yield would be Only 35 per cent cd new Mexico partly Cloudy to Sponden was declared today to be Richie 32, was electrocuted today of the Long term average. Night and wednesday Little change a Only the beginning of sweeping for slashing Bis wife Elsie to death i in temperature. I action to be taken against foreign i a i killed a Good woman just because Short term Loans for repairs and by Fred Post. It was seven years ago. The exact Date was july 12, 1930. His Brown eyes Bright with anticipation a Small boy stood at the Corner of second Avenue and Louisiana Street. In a contemplative mood the boy stood straddle legged. His hands were thrust deep in pockets As he looked at. A slowed Field. A on the tract of More than six acres which had been a dumping ground were such prosaic things As tractors plows and Concrete mixers. Workmen were Busy unloading equipment. A its going to be keen a predicted the lad. And it came to pass. The boy Only. 12 years old then now is an energetic Young Man. Hunter Jdnes who works at. Ratcliff grocery amp Market 2914 West sixth Avenue tile slowed Field is san Jacinto Park newest unit of the City s recreational system. In natural setting the Park is one of the City s most Beautiful spots. The greensward dips into the swale. Trees and shrubs Sway in the Breeze. By splashing in the wading Pool children of the neighbourhood get Relief from the heat. Young men and Young women play Tennis on the Park s Black courts that do not reflect the Sun s Glare. A yes quite a transformation in t it a commented Hunter Jones. San Jacinto Park is one of eight Parks which go to make up Amarillo s completeness. A. E. A. Wood City planner for Amarillo has said a no City can show a completeness unless it has a goodly number of British demand ships plane wrecked by Power line Daytona Beach. Fla., aug. To a a temporary electric Power line on the outskirts of the municipal Airport which Airport officials said was erected without their knowledge a today caused the crash of an Eastern airline passenger plane killing three persons and injuring six others. The Power line was erected a few hours before the plane took off for Miami at 5 a. M. It was to Supply electric lights to a dwelling on the outskirts of the Field according to officials at the Airport. Capt. Stewart g. Dietz at the controls of the 14-passenger Douglas and Pilot Robert g. Reed had not been notified of the erection of the heavy wire. The plane seeded Down the runway passengers strapped in with safety belts it glided skyward. Suddenly its Landing gear struck the wire invisible in the Gray Dawn. The Silver plane with throttles wide open turned a half somersault As if it were on a trapeze. It crashed Nase Down from about 50 feet. One of the engines caught fire. Airport attaches put out the flames before they reached the Cabin where by United press great Britain presented Spanish nationalist authorities today with a formal peremptory demand that they release at once three British merchantmen Molton can Delson Castle and Mir Upano which they hold. The ships were seized by nationalist warships blockading the loyalist coasts of Spain. Britain a demand contained no ultimatum As it set no time limit. But it was made Plain that immediate action was sought. Madrid a Western front rumbled into new life in what appeared to be the Start of a second big insurgent push to Hammer a government wedge out of insurgent rearguard territory. Generalissimo Francisco Franco s infantrymen based in Shell ripped villages and on the Sun broiled Plains West of this besieged City renewed their attack on Villanueva tie la Canada the Point of Gen. Jase Miajan a spearhead. Lower court reorganization Bill agreed on by conferees Washington aug. To up a a Senate House conference committee agreed today on lower court reorganization legislation after a six month congressional contest Over slump in farm prices unlikely Washington. Aug. To if a chairmen of Senate and House agriculture committees predicted it today that bumper crops now being harvested or in Prospect will bring no abnormal slump in prices. The views of the chairmen. Senator Smith Democrat South Carolina and representative Jones of Amarillo were echoed by other committeemen who said recent Price declines were a Normal both committees have decided to postpone action of Price stabilization legislation until the Start of the 1938 session. They have agreed however some form of legislation will be necessary As a permanent policy. Quot if the committee Felt there was a danger of a general farm Price 200 officers from soviet to Lead army tientsin. Aug. Id a two Hundred soviet army officers have arrived in Shahar province to Lead the chinese red army and organize resistance against the japanese a japanese spokesman asserted today. He said that Many chinese communists had arrived in that Section. Copyright 1937, United press Shanghai aug. To a chinese tonight reinforced their a peace preservation regiments defending the Hungtao Ai drome railway stations and the Industrial areas of the native City and prepared to resist japanese demands that they punish immediately soldiers who killed a japanese naval officer and a Seaman late yesterday. Meantime the japanese were not pressing their demands for immediate action although High officers of the japanese naval staff who met in Tokyo with rear Admiral Mitsumasa tonal Navy minister presiding announced they had decided to a punish Quot the chinese if they persist in maintaining a a provocative there was an increasing opinion that the japanese were Loath to Start a general conflict in Shanghai. It was recalled that Tokyo had to spend millions of dollars to win the Quot Shanghai War of 1932 and that two full army divisions had to be sent to the Mouth of the Yangtze River before a tenuous truce which ended five weeks of bitter fighting could be enforced. Terms of that truce which provided that no Large units of chinese troops shall be stationed within 12 Miles of Shanghai still Are in Force the japanese assert but the chinese said that they will ignore them. Japan s real interest for the present is in North China and her policy of surrendering her concessions in Hankow to the chinese and evacuating her nations from the whole Yangtze Valley Region was cited As an indication that she does i not want to Start major military i operations in this area now. J named to study court proposals Washington. Aug. 9 chairman Henry f. Ash rat Democrat Arizona of the Senate judiciary committee was disclosed today to have selected tentatively six democrats and one Republican As members of a special committee to investigate legislative proposals affecting the supreme court. Tile committee includes three foes of president Roosevelt s original court Bill three supporters and one Compromise advocate. She a sued Dolores Del Rio movie Beauty today faced a $10,000 suit brought by Columbia film studios. The studio charged breach of contract alleging that miss Del Rio failed to report for work july 15, 1936 to fulfil a contract signed four months earlier. The judiciary. Tile conferees reached a Complete i collapse a said chairman Jones a it agreement on the terms of the Bill i would be the first to demand in Chr pawing a Wev a trap Edn i changing procedure in the lower j mediate action a wreckage courts. This measure was substituted Captain Dietz was decapitated. I for Tulp Roosevelt court Bill and its Sefl Flag of ii for lot Reed died a. Few minutes after supreme court enlargement pro i Kent Farmer Cotton Loans Washington aug. To up the soviet Polar campers report seeing startled animals Moscow aug. To up a soviet Polar campers today reported finding the top of the world unexpectedly populated with animal life. From a wide crack in the ice Floe running past the door of their tent a startled Seal poked its head out of the water three times and stared at the camper s. The Camp also had a Brief visit from a she Bear with two cubs. The animals took flight at sight of the men however and lumbered away in full flight. Pasal. Being removed from the cockpit. J. Of Philpot of Kingston jams a Ira travelling with his eight year old Jaycees to Mindli Gursc a few son e. W. Philpot. Was fatally in Jared. The boy was injured seriously. Membership lunch icon a Mil greek immigrant has trouble with English and marriage Ambridge. A. Aug. To a Marcus Sirris. Greek immigrant had too much trouble with the English language so much. In fact that he married without knowing it. Sirris told judge Henry Wilson that he married Alexandria Razag hottest Day is probable summer is going into the Horn stretch and ifs turning on the heat Weatherman h. T. Collman said Early this afternoon As the thermometer Rose to the highest noontime Mark of the year. He predicted that this years heat record of Idi degrees will be equalled or smashed this afternoon. The Southwest he says is in for a week or to Days of extremely hot weather before summer Breaks. The forecast is a fair tonight partly Cloudy wednesday last year a seven Day hot spell with temperatures too degrees or above began in the second week in August. Or. Collman believes today is beginning a similar final summer spurt. Fish suffer from Hof weather More than humans says expert Austin aug. To a sweltering humans who wish they could change places with fish in streams in hot weather Are wrong executive Secretary of the state fish game and Oyster department said today. A fish suffer from hot weather even More than people a Tucker said. A fish suffer most on hot summer nights. They Are not Only very uncomfortable then but Many fatalities result. This is due to oxygen depletion. The oxygen Supply is lowest in streams just before Sunrise tests have Senate agriculture committee voted a by Quot a did t realize it until a Man Thomas Edison s son Dies after illness of 6 weeks Wilmington Delaug. To if a William Leslie Edison 58. Son of the late Thomas a Edison inventor died today at his Westover Hills Home after an ill amp is of six weeks. He held patents on Many Basic radio principles. He retired from today in favor of 10-cent Rotten Amarillo Junior chamber of com Loans to Farmers. Chairman Smith came to arrest him for non support. He asked annulment. Merce is to inaugurate its new plan of having general membership luncheons at Amarillo hotel wednesday. The purpose of the luncheons is to stimulate wider interest in Junior chamber activities. Talks on civic projects reports of committees and entertainment Are planned for the meetings. However the luncheons Are to be Brief ses Active work two years ago. His widow Mons not lasting but a few minutes survives. Lover an hour. Johnny Williams of the Paramount Democrat South Carolina was i despite death of two officials rented to name a subcommittee to a n �?Tii1 ii j bring out a Resolution providing the lob con Call resist air raid mechanics for the government and London. Aug. To i pm despite Vances. The action was taken Mem Nln Hora am to nut a Bottom under ann0, today that. London put a Goitom under re Crew Funy demonstrated her Power f to resist a mass air raid. Chinese by Cash 1 a me Quot w r a it a Quot a hers said to the enough Hospital facilities for Texas insane in sight Austin aug. To up a the goal of providing adequate state Hospital facilities so that persons adjudged insane will not be confined in jails May be attained in the next two years. Claude Teer chairman of the Blate Board of control said Here the new Hospital to be located at big Spring and construction at existing intentions promised to a just about Ratch us up with the problem of housing Texas feeble minded. Present population of state hospitals for the insane is approximately 13,500. There Are about 200 persons in jails and 500 to 600 otherwise on the waiting list. In addition for several years there has been an annual increase of about 500 in the number of insane in Texas because of Normal population growth Joan Crawford threatened with $50,000 Law suit modernization Small monthly pay until one o clock today ments. See John Maynard lbs. Co. I 98 degrees. ,. ,. I Hollywood aug. To i of Angeles aug. Your the j King of �s�i5sv2? i Crawf a of 1movii the chinese government was reported officials said so per cent of the today to have contracted for nearly raids we spotted before comple ass Entrieri theater is arranging entertainment 20.000,000 Gallons of american Avia a ti0n and the bomber were a attacker j a a in for the luncheon tomorrow. I Hon gasoline. The Cost was estimate by fighting planes before they ,.inn cts p Ann nausea a a a cd at $2,778,780, the order is the reached their targets. A a visit Here largest in the history of the Call i the issues involved were not Anta and mrs. Charles Hillery of 1 fornia Oil Basin. The gasoline is to1 cold snap Comino Only 51 bounced but miss Rogers engaged temperature extremes Amarillo newspapermen for allegedly a a mid Al was full of liquor he said As be Bloomington wis., Are visiting mrs. Be delivered to Shanghai a was soon As More Day till your Home will need an attorney Cyril Moss who said Halle rvs a sister mrs. Ben c. Burkett possible a Ward floor Furnace install now he would Confer with miss Craw 2115 Van Buren Street. Their two payment Start october 15th. We Ford s lawyer today and expected to i sons Are with them. I Russell Slaty. Co. Office chairs. Hams hardware. J file suit wednesday or thursday. I miss Crawford denied All accuse Lions. She said a Dorothy Rogers is not a personal Friend Blit. A fan j whom i have merely tried to be Nice 74 and doing in the internal affair of Are strode calmly to Jive chair. I i a an official inspired editorial in Pha Loans. Long Bell lbs. Co. We Lull Tell you by Bob Burns it takes a lot to Confidence in one s self to get ahead you la usually find the Meek persons Takin orders and the one with a Iota to self Confidence giving Mem i had one Uncle who had a lot to Confidence in himself. He started out As a water boy on a construction Job but he had such Confidence and driving Force that he soon worked his Way up to Foreman of the whole gang Tiey called him a slave Driver and he made a lot to enemies among the men but he always got the building up ahead of schedule. One hot Day he was bawling the workmen out for going so slow and one of the workmen spoke up and say. A ooh whats your hurry remember rom was t built in a Hay a any my Uncle says a yes i know but i want Foreman on that of Quot copyright 1937 Esquire features inc in this world. The Boer Seri Zeitung made this statement. I a number of such correspondent says the newspaper Are in reality a press chiefs of anti government cliques and actively cooperate with these cliques and groups. A a comprehensive investigation of this matter is nearly concluded a the paper declared emphasizing that it i can be regarded As certain that expulsion proceedings will be taken against other correspond Emta Aswell. The times of London announced i there a could be no questions of accepting the a a dictation of the nazi government by replacing its expelled i Berlin correspondent with one Mare i the German government yester Day ordered Norman Ebbutt. Wide 1 by quoted Berlin correspondent of the times for about 15 years to leave Germany within two week in retaliation for the expulsion of three German correspondent from great i Britain. I High Cost of Amarillo education sends River Road school students to Canyon by George May River Road Community will Send its High school students to he teachers training school at Canyon this year passing up Amarillo High on the Way. The reason member of the Board of trustees say is the High Cost of education in Amarillo. They declare it is impossible for them to pay the $65.50 per Pupil tuition Amarillo Independent school District wants to charge at a meeting of the River Road trustees saturday night it was decided the District should by a new bus and Send their 67 students to Canyon. 20 Miles South of Ama Rillo where they can attend the teachers training school free of charge. The training school is part of West Texas stale College. Members of the River Road Board estimate they can transport the students to Canyon for less than half the Cost of operating a bus into Amarillo and then paying tuition. The distance from River Road to t a by on is approximately 27 Miles. Amarillo Independent reboot District officers report the 185,59 is actual instruction Cost for High school students. A on several occasions in recent month representative of Ute Amarillo and River Road hoards j have met in attempt to work out j satisfactory tuition rates. Last week the two hoards met together but the trustees could t reach term. A we have to operate within our budget a declares dem Pittman president of the River Road Board. On the other hand the Amarillo trustees done to want to a a sell their education at a toss of All the 67 High school Scholastic in River Road go to school this year. They would have to pay 3.388.59 tuition at Amarillo High. In addition the school District would have to maintain a in to j operate Between the Community North of Amarillo and the High school. Quot the trustees figure they can Send a bus to Canyon nine months for on in about $1,909 More a county superintendent Carl cuff says. Wednesday night there is to be a Mas meeting for parents at River Road school at which time the Board members will explain their stand on the matter. Uliey Are due to offer parents who wish to have their children attend Amarillo High school an alternative of Laking the $22 of the state Apperti orment a ppm ment toward the High school tuition. Siam gets Premier Bangkok Siam. Aug. To of a col. Ehva Pharol Sholpa Houha reappointed Premier today in a Royal decree after slam had been a week without a government a the result of the Kings privy purse scandal. Archbishop Dies Seville Spain. Aug. To f a Eustace. Cardinal Ilundain y is i texan archbishop of Seville died today. He was 72 years old. Kesterson returns. Boh Kesterson. A Deputy in the county a office is spending his vacation to Amarillo. His Home to 806 Fairmont Street

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