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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Amarillo, Texas A a a Amarillo daily news Fin a a a a Al a l. I i tan rom the morning newspaper of the Golden spread another flight like Coopers a quite unlikely which Brownie is sitting on which calf or is it vice versa Dumas May 19 a when two 10-year-old Brownie scouts tangled with two one year old calves things flew. Well not so much things As two brownies. Troop 13 came out on the losing end really. Karon Holder daughter of or. And mrs. Pete Holder of 207 n. Meredith is Wear ing an ice pack Over her mashed nose and Black Eye. Martha sue Thomason daughter of Anna Catherine Thomason of 214 n. Meredith suffered bruises scrapes and minor aches and pains. Both were treated at memorial Hospital and released. They re not through however. They la continue their practising for the Little britches Rodeo at the Rodeo grounds next sunday. Like atty determined Brownie the two want to meet those calves again to see who is going to sit on whom. After All two 10-year-Olds should be Able to a Rassle a Down two one Yea Olds. Should t they will . Keep base or give it up a Gizmo rumours ire gof . Offer russian naval base also draws queries rejected by common Mart Geneva May 19 i a the european common Market nations today rejected american proposals to attack world Trade harriers through sweeping across the Board Tariff reductions a common Market source reported. The common Market nations a France West Germany Belgium a Italy Netherlands and Luxem Bourg decided to insist that the i lated states give selective treatment to . Tariffs that the eur Roj it Ean nations consider abnormally High. The deadlock threatened to delay the Start of bargaining sessions Christian a. Llester. President Kennedy s chief Trade negotiator. Had urged saturday that the bargaining sessions begin May 6. Ii i. With the aim of achieving across the Board Tariff reductions of As much As 50 per cent. A common Market official said however that there could be no question of setting a Date for the bargaining talks until there is an agreement Between the United states and the common Market on How to approach the problem. Ile added however that the Mullion Market would agree to a Date if the United states consents to treat the problem of High tariffs on the same level As its proposals for across the Board Tariff cuts. The common Market stand was taken in a two hour meeting. Maurice brasses. Belgium s min i Ter of foreign Trade conv eyed Hie decision to Herter at a session arranged by Swiss economic affairs minister Hans Schaffner chairman of the current general agreement on tariffs and Trade conference. The american reaction was not Learned immediately. A common Market official said the dispute probably will in handed to a committee of experts for some hard bargaining. The common Market stand was regarded a a Victory for the French who contend that some . Tariffs should he Cut by greater amounts and that some Low tariffs be Cut by smaller amounts than envisioned under the i a. Plan. Some common Market members been described As More inclined to the . View. However West German economics minister Ludwig Erhard said on leaving the meeting that die common Market nations acted unanimously in rejecting t h e american approach but that he still held Hope that the Trade talks next May will achieve results. A the conference will not fail a he told newsmen. The meeting was one of several held during the weekend recess of the ministerial conference of tile general agreement on tariffs and Trade Gatt. Seventy three nations Are represented at the conference preparing for Tine bargaining session next year. It is dubbed the a Kennedy round because of the ail n mistral Ion s efforts in getting Congress to adopt the Trade expansion act authorizing Tai if reductions up to 50 per cent a to d even More in some areas. The . Proposal did not in my Tion president Kennedy a Hope for cutting nearly All tariffs by 50 it or cent. It called Only for Quot substantial equal linear Tariff reductions with limited by Quot linear a the americans mean that nearly ail tariffs should be Cut by the same percentage. Cal Coo to noun press service Washington May 19 a the Republican party s chairman today urged president Kennedy to Tell the american Public whether or not the administration is considering abandoning Guantanamo the u. S. Naval base in Cuba. Rep. William e. Miller chairman said in a statement that the i resident should either confirm or a Spike persistent reports the Pentagon drafted a plan to withdraw from Cuba to Roosevelt roads puerto Rico. He also called upon the president to make Public whether or not the russians ate now building a heavily armed naval base on the northeastern tip of Uba neat Banes. A such an installation might in effect neutralize Guantanamo Miller said. Sen. Barry Goldwater to. , the conservative Leader of tile party suggested on april 26 that there is a possibility the Kennedy administration is considering giving up the base which was acquired through treaty inform sources Sui j the senator based his remarks on information Given to him by Pentagon sources who opt Jse such a plan on the theory it would appear to be going in to Fidel wont hire negroes Powell says Adlai is a phony Liberal compiled from Nev. Yor k is and a dispatches Englewood n. A. May 19 a Hep. Adam Clayton Powell of new York today labelled United nations ambassador Adlai Stevenson a a phony Liberal Quot who refused to take negroes on his staff in the world organization. At the same time the negro congressman called on negroes to step up their demonstrations against racial segregation. In a fiery speech at an integration rally Powell said there was one negro on the in staff under former president Eisenhower. In the Kennedy administration. Stevenson Quot at first blocked any attempts to add negroes to the Hie Harlem congressman charged. Quot now he a agreed to three but As clerk to posts. But Stevenson said they must be Light skinned a Powell claimed. Quot and that s the great Liberal the Leader of our Liberal forces he added. Powell told the crowd of 2,500 his information came trom Quot White House spokesmen a Kenned aide. A Stevenson was not immediately available tor comment on Powell a charge. But a member of the i s. Delegation said at least to per cent of the men and women on the stall Are negroes including at least two of the 58 officers and seven or eight in the administrative Section. In new York Foy milk us. sex utile be re tan of the National association for the advancement of coloured people declared a the negro in Thi country is Nee Powell on Page 21 Castro the communist Premier of Cuba. Other republicans including rep. Bob Wilson cal., chairman of the House Campaign c Ommittee also have expressed fear of such a scheme. Sen. Stephen m. Young &Ltd., o said in a newsletter May 8 that he favored turning the base into a Campus for the organization of american states if the communist threat is removed from tile Island Miller today said \ Dungs letter a put Forward what May Well be an administration trial balloon when he recommended that under certain conditions Guantanamo should be abandoned Miller noted that weight was being added to the scuttle Guantanamo re ports by the proposal to improve e naval facilities now at Roosevelt roads. I lie Pentagon requested about 12 million dollars for this project. \ House armed forces subcommittee been investigating the request and one Capitol Hill source said privately that he feared the appropriation request May be bilked to a Quot Guantanamo Mission to Moon is ext up coup let from Chicago Tribune and a dispatches Cape canaveral f i a., May 19 a astronaut l. Gordon Cooper told the world today that one Man Mercury space missions could be extended far longer than his 34-hour flight hut his Boss said another such flight was Quot quite the cold water was thrown on the Mercury project by or. Robert c. Seamans associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration who said the Agency s manpower was needed for a lots of important jobs beyond Mercury a mainly getting ready for sending three Man flights to the Moon Cooper faced a jammed press conference in a crowded Motel auditorium a few hours after an air Force Jet transport plane delivered him his family and a Brace of space Agency officials Back to Cape canaveral from Hawaii cooler s epochal 22-orbit space trip of nearly 600,000 Miles ended late thursday in the Pacific Ocean South of Midway Island. He was picked up by the aircraft Carrier Kearsarge and flown to Honolulu by helicopter. Cooper somewhat More loquacious than he it Een while thing around the world at 17,546 Miles an hour was still the matter of fact Jet Pilot at his press conference. He was ranked by Seamans. Or. Robert r. Gilruth director of the manned space flight program and Walter Williams flight operations thief. The astronaut a 36-year-old a r Force major from Shawnee. Of first gave reporters an orbit by orbit account of his journey he indicated his flight was rather i wave at Start astronaut Gordon Cooper hives a Laie sunday Al the Start of a Nous of Terence at Cocoa Beach ha., anti a discussion of his 22-orbit flight through spate. It happened in oar town a More than 3.200 persons attended the largest Coin show Ever held in Amarillo this past weekend. The event ended at 5 . Sunday at the herring hotel. Page to. A a reception was held sunday afternoon for mrs. H. L. Cantrell of 80 Tennessee who will be retinue from the Amarillo school system after 19 years service. She teaches first Grade at san Jacinto school. Page to. A Jiminy brow n of Adrian broke 258 of a possible 300 in the six events of Tho 53rd annual Panhandle Hump Ion ship Crapshoot sunday to take Home top honors. Malcom Bottoms of Quanah and Larry Gravestock of Amarillo were runners up with 250 each. Page la. High Plains capsules a a Borger woman. Mrs. Mattie Bell Langevin. 73, died about Midnight saturday of injuries suffered in an automobile Accident near Albuquerque. The mishap occurred thursday. Page to. A three Texas youths two of them escapees from the Gatesville state school for boys. Were captured sunday morning North of Steed n. After the burglary of a Steed store and Post office. Page to. A although they avoided the word Quot endorsement \ new Mexico Young republicans none the less endorsed Arizona sen. Barry Goldwater for president in 1964. Page 2. A the Panhandle remained relatively dry sunday when a Cool front moved across the state and touched off violent thunderstorms in Southern parts of the state Page 2. See general news on Page 2 Tho Senate preparedness sub committee ended by sen. John steams Ltd. Miss after in nth in closed sessions gathering testimony. Thursday reported that at least 17,500 russian troops remain in Cuba. Kei Irmi h or Goen in nonstop a fkr so air Force one Quot Arlington to Moscow i inc flips Moscow a president though Swindal in in col in Kennedy a jut Airliner streaked there Are other pilots in the into Moscow on sunday to set an to take Over the controls v International Speed record for a reported no problems on the the nonstop flight from Washington to Moscow. The 5,u04-mile flight took 8 a or was a smooth i hts the four democrats and three hours 38 minutes and 42 seconds trouble a he it and. A we fair Republican members of the com and it answered a soviet claim Good tailwinds Mittee were unanimous in their that the i United states no air a is customary on flights it findings that both the Central in Craft capable of flying nonstop to to a the plane carried ten Pence Agency Cia and other Moscow. Soviet navigator and Pilot s groups in the administration made a a a dal said they were faulty evaluations of the russian the . Embassy id the Friendly missile buildup. Plan flown by Kennedy s personal Miller said that president Ken Pilot col Julies in. Swindal. 4� Nody should a provide the facts of Birmingham. Ala. Awn aged on our Aerial reconnaissance Over 580 Miles in hour and set a adm Cuba. On the very Day the Sten of 15 records in route. Is report recommended constant Swindal Saki the Only other no watchfulness and surveillance a Stop Washington Moscow i hint lie news Story stated that our Low knew of was made some Tim ago level reconnaissance flights Over by a soviet Turboprop transport Cuba been suspended and in about 12 hours he russians High level reconnaissance hights use Ute it 114 or Long an Ops. Over Cuba been suspended such As on their air route Between and High level 1-2 recon Ais Moscow and Havana. Sauce flights ordered kept to a Kennedy s plane is a booing of. Min equipped with fan jts. Which put Lite chairman said a it is most vide More Power a Hail Standard urgent in the Light of the Stoa Jet engines. Ais report a that president Ken it landed at Moscow s Shere Ned attempt to revive discus Mety Evo an pct in sunny w Catheri sinus on onsite inspection ins Cuba at i of Moscow time. It lad Tennis said the number line prior left Dulles International Ity should be the Complete re a a in Verv weather . A totter Bureau Amarillo Vicinity c or i Tolj v i oct Luv v in eel thu i my t be oui to 3va a a to to. Thundered nor if Tex As. Cut aider i e or Cash to Ovaun aide5 Louv Ond tor Vii a rats Over a a tue Vdov. To Trot and Sputh Teodov. Over a a tue Yuriy High to see rumours on Page 21 cod morning Tertod Mush Cool a Little a in Airport today fat Cloa a ,. Q a. A a Northern new Mexico j pm near Washington at 9 29 . Conyae Obj Cloud met with tool so i sic in Daylight time Oil Satur min or or Nile eats portion Early ton by to slain dualism n Ile us. Ai i y c Tufly mr0u8h. Go. Day alter flying the president scattered Howe a from Washington to la a Zou is is fax a a a a a a a to Vav . Temperature to it a hour yesterday a a noon a1. But another Ere cd they were wore Tai the food served Quot ii it plane a they seemed very Surpi in the size of the steaks v them Quot he said. A they a my to figure on hew no the steaks weighed. A Kil pounds. The chief i was to of Glenn t. So Quot chairman of the tonic Al commission and nine Ether officials on an Exchange \ i Tho soviet i troll but this a White House Annot that the president. Jct am establish a w Ashington met Speed record. A a a Oft Ute announcement Chad soviet taints that the t states was a air or ans to j it \ Sov Iet i Aloff aircraft Able to make flight to Moscow. On Dee. 29. The Russia a nonstop air Trot Vana arum Moscow. On flight a soviet i l 114 6.810-mile t mrs Utie hours. The flight fro to Havana takes about longer because of a winds. In Oslo aeronautics off said the Jet called air i orc the gave try routine except for Hie last few orbit it when he found his automatic Contra system gone v Roo Aud that he would have to bring Iii spacecraft Faith 7, through the Tricky reentry Man Euver manually. But the Crow Cut astronaut showed several Flash of humor As la recounted his trip Hor one tiling lie said to woke up i rom a Short Nap during his fourth orbit to hear music on his radio and his name mentioned in a foreign language broadcast. He said it took him a few moments to remind it or where he was As to f0oi, he said a too min it dessert in his dehydrated supplies he got a Little tired of brownies and water he said. Then he held up a skin try looking plastic ack and said scornfully Quot and Thi emphasizing �?Tthis�?T1 was the i nit roast i Miner estimate he slept Between 6 and to j hours during orbits 9 through 14. On the ground it was estimated his sleep time been 7 hours. Rite astronaut said he a few dreams but could not recall what thee wet Quot a1 exit ii apparently chosen not to go into s thursday morning when i i atle past Cape canaveral and answered Quot negative when asked if he dreamed. Cooper said that one time whet he Wake up i hands were held nut in front of him like a sleep i dangerously close to the myriad of gadgets on his instrument panel even though everything Leen powered Down he to ked ins thumbs into restraints o aft Leper spacesuit when said. The Borg verge i s it to Ofa Ani ii Kimi 111 usual see Gordo s on Page it Anosi King away agreement idealism it i United urn an the the As no on Don a tin Mosel St to to Dill s East one a a a the Jun Shono a Amarin for from Here the plaice will Fly to a a i3z Days out of do during co Dora a. Canaveral fluto take Asio Ltd Fly leading of 3 a in. Sunday. ,.ii�?Tch u a wind a minty sly tro naut Gordon t Ooper to Ash d o Mph mum condition. T tuesday. My re l0 a is fits Cusi three Day. Flying the planes. 1x7 in s ass Miu s i o in. Of 2 o m. Of 3 . To u in est. To min. A a or too i min a the v j0 is in. Suns a up v a a a it a apr it. Citation for the 24 he be covered 12, Miles. of p-1�?� a it Rudov a hed a w Ashington to Oslo record -4 Utti hours. 49 minutes. Mong the other he a i records go ii pvt i in attained Wert for t Washington and in Timote. Pm Apa Dulphia. New Turk tween la Boston Aud la in inuit farm idea dear t Ili tur i see where a Seh Enve is now in int worke i Oil its solve All a our Turin problems in the i it. I a a supp management by political anoint be. It it it Over led neg Thor says be this to pc of total coutral program is a eing used in 4 urn Monist countries and works g As the Don t have any trouble with loot sir Piuse. High storage costs or a h Farmers. It it it says government management of crop products a also frees Ever Hod hit the lasts class from having to bother with reducing dais. My notes to. Stockholm. D. E. St of r

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