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Amarillo Daily News Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Amarillo, Texas Top of the Day is new sin the it Orlds Czechoslovakia san tonal radio reported Friday night that thousands of soviet troops moving just beyond the czech polish Border Are engaged in planned Warsaw pact Maneu vers that the Liberal Pra gue government was informed of in Advance. Page 20. A a year has passed since three Hannibal to. Boys Dis appeared after one announced. A we re off to the Page 29.sports a rained out car races in dad Dasa Destain h r h i d Dallas added to the Field for tonight s season opener at Amarillo Speed bowl. Page. 21. State amp Region a Freddie Lee Mckenzie charged with murder in the fire deaths of eight in fort Worth was brought from Mexico into the United states sometime thursday night police in Elpaso said Friday Page la. A a court martial ruling of guilty for capt. Dale e. Noyd was approved Friday by maj. Gen Charles r. Bondjr. Commander of the 12th air Force. Capt. Noyd was recently court Martiale at Cannon air Force base in Clovis no. Page 25.�?� the recommendation by the administration of West Texas state University that or Alfred a. Kraus jr., a physics professor be fired was upheld Friday by the Board of regents Texas state senior colleges. Page 29�?� the president of the National association of letter carriers will be honoured May 17 19 in Roswell. . At the annual convention of the new Mexico letter carriers association Page 17.�?� Paducah mayor v i. Hutchison ired by a recent report by the citizens Board of inquiry into hunger and malnutrition that Cottle county is among 20 in Texas where chronic hunger and malnutrition exist has taken the Case to . Rep. Graham Purcell Page to. A Glenn Harrison superintendent of schools at Plainview. Will submit to the school Board several proposals thurs Day concerning the elimination of de Facto segregation in the school system. Page 25. A skeletal parts of what May be an ancient Mastodon were found recently by an equipment operator who was meaning out a mud cavity at a Gypsum mine at Acme. Page 17. A a Public hearing to de Termine the needs of vocational and technical training in Texas will he held May 20 in Pampa. The Texas House of represent lives standing committee on education will hold the meeting Page 18,�?� former vice president Richard Nixon and sen. Robert f. Kennedy were top Choice of West Texas state University Stu dents in a recent time Magazine presidential preference poll. Page 28.�?� Texas counted multiple deaths closed roads a train derailment and w asked out Bridges Friday from turbulent weather that brought up to a foot of rain and tornadoes by the dozen Page 1.�?� a court order keeping the liquor control Board from enforcing a new Rule prohibiting Cash sales in private clubs was continued Friday by a District judge. Page i a the reclamation Bureau said Friday the Mississippi River looks like the Best source of water for the Thrity High Plains counties of Texas and new Mexico. Page our town a Amarillo air Force babes 688th aircraft control and warning Squadron will be inactivated or phased out by sept. I it was announced fit Day. Page 18 Ltd Tro guide Pogo c ratio slut. Clo so find u-37 tonne 13 editor Tok 31 obit one 77 Mort get Ja-27 movie w-31 Indio Odd to i Santo be soot ghz la soon 31-24 weather 2 Amarillo daily news special Hood morning the Sun has shone Over Amarillo 113 of the 131 Days in 1968. Clearing skies Are forecast for this afternoon but rain or drizzle will run in a or p. A a continue through this morning. Little change Hie morning newspaper of the Bolden her eau temperatures with a High near 70. Vol. 59, no. 157 Kight leased wires a Dpi. Cons Amarillo Texas saturday May la 1968 38 pages <2 sections prick 10c Firmato Szard Senate report if raps up riots i storms Roar Surveyor bombed perhaps even More significant than the widely quoted report of the president s commission on civil disorders is a document recently published by the Senate permanent investigations subcommittee. It is the transcript of hearings on riots. Civil and criminal disorders made available through the office of sen. John l. Mcclellan the chairman. Too Tho first Section of the report reveals there were 5 riots in 196520 in 1966. 76 in 1967. And 125 in the first four months of this year. A in the 101 riot s from 1965 through 1967, 12 policemen were killed and 1,199 injured is civilians killed and 2,424 injured. A snipers were involved in 38 of the riots. A cases of arson totalled 7,985. A estimated loss of no Perth was 8210 million. Estimated economic loss was $504 million. A in the 101 riots. 28,932 arrests were made. They resulted in 5,434 convictions. A the two big riots of 19s7 produced these figures Detroit 7,231 arrests 539 convictions. Newark 1,462 arrests 8 con f fictions. Too Sage of Graham it turns out there Are two characters Down in Graham Tex instead of one. There is of course. Pie Larmour editor of the rotary scandal Sheet most widely circulated civic club bulletin in the world. Now it is revealed that Beverly King newly elected i president of the West Texas chamber of Commerce lives in Graham. Too George Dolan the Star Telegram columnist Down at fort Worth reveals that or. King drives a car with an a heat More beef bumper sticker and for lunch orders a tuna Sandwich. A few years ago writes George or. King took his family to Honolulu for a vacation. They had dinner the first night there at a Dairy Queen. Too an affable although Thrifty Man or. King was once president of the Graham chamber of Commerce. He changed the annual banquet to an annual across state blame Rains on 6 deaths by tit associated pres Texas counted multiple deaths closed roads a train derailment and washed out Bridges Friday from turbulent weather that brought up to a foot of rain and tornadoes by the dozen. Flash flooding thursday and Friday temporarily crippled at least five cities and the excess water sent Many creeks and Rivers out of their Banks As it flowed downstream. The tornadoes did Little. Iii damage and few of them a a a a a a reached the ground. Put it they set off almost constant warnings from the weather Bureau. Al least six deaths were attributed to the weather. S t o rom s fresh Thunder rumbled across the state Friday evening spawning a few tornadoes Hail and heavy rain. T Ornado brushes John Debaun of our Storf one Tornado touched Down in the Northwestern Panhandle late Friday As sporadic rain showers continued Over most of the Region for the second Day in a Row. Scene of the crime a wire photo i Well Loun cd o serve a is food o o he for armed police one wearing an armoured Vest and carrying a machine gun move into a Philadelphia tavern Friday after a Holdup Man attempted to Rob a bar. A Patron arms upraised in Center tells police of the suspect and then stands at right As police move in. A bartender was shot and killed the suspect was wounded and one of the police officers was wounded. The department of Public safety reported a Tornado about to Miles Southeast of Tomball Iii Southeast Texas but there was no apparent damage. A moderate thunderstorm with Small Hail lashed Lubbock and heavy Rains dumped an Inch of rain in 18 minutes at Galveston on the Gulf coast. A new upper air disturbance thunderstorms were forecast meanwhile crossed the Southern to continue through this Rockies and bore Down on West morning adding even More Texas bringing the threat of in o i s t u r e to two Day More severe weather. Accumulations that had already Houston underwent a Clou reached nearly four inches a burst of two inches in 45 the Tornado that struck hit minutes about noon flooding the ground in an open Field police Headquarters and rising about eight Miles South of into basement quarters in City Dalhart near . 87. A Dallam Hall. A number of streets and county sheriffs unit reported underpasses of the nation s thud that the funnel Cloud was on the largest port City were flooded. A around at 7 . For about eight the roof of an automatic minutes laundry collapsed. Two a a tornadoes were sighted but did Tornado was a was issued not reach the ground. A my a it tor Dallam Hartley Sherman and Moore counties risks life Rescue a air Mohoto Dan Yan Phoe an associated press photographer risked sniper lire in Vietnam Friday to Rescue a badly wounded american Soldier. Phoe. Who has been wounded three times in combat was behind a Wall watching the action South of Binh Doi canal when a sergeant and a radioman were hit by a grenade burst. In Cash sales All in All though. Columnist Dolan thinks the West Texas chamber have found a friendlier president a or a better one. Too this and that yesterday we suggested that a Memphis tex., night be held at the Ball Park next week when Memphis tenn., comes to town to play the Amarillo giants. As expected this elicited some Salty comment from Lloyd Byars the celebrated Hall county Barber now prac i timing in Amarillo. A that will be All right with me a he said. A but i want it understood that we folks from Memphis tex., never needed Memphis tenn., to whip Ama Hilo for us. We used to do it ourselves regularly and thoroughly Back in the Semi pro or. Byars played second base for the Memphis red sox or whatever they were. Too or Norman Vincent Peale quotes his Friend George Cullum construction executive from Dallas As telling his men a when the Job gets rough get As rough As the Job. When the Rock gets hard get As hard As the too the horse used to weal the shoulder harness. Now its the Driver. A Wes Izzard injunction of lab extended foe i ear Saigon a Tornado touched Down at Rockport near Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico coast taking the roofs off three Cabanas. Numerous tornadoes were sighted around Corpus Christi but caused Only Light damage. Another destroyed a but was lifted later in the evening. Iii Amarillo .58 Inch fell in the 24-hour period ending at 6 . Friday but about 8 . A thunderstorm system that dropped 1.39 inches in Vega roof at Midland in far West Lex earlier in the evening in about As three hours moved into the City. A total two Day accumulation some were reported in the Texas City Galveston area Saigon apr american last major holdout area of the Southeast of Houston Friday warplanes bombarded a Section enemy which launched attacks afternoon. Of Saigon a Southern suburbs for against the capital sunday in an hours Friday night and Early apparent attempt to influence from noon until late in the saturday but Viet Cong holed up the peace talks in Paris. In the rubble battled fall the civilians left there two Days ago a one 9th division officer at a battalion command Post said. A a we re Rescue near for miners Hominy Falls we a done mine burst monday Send a the families of 15 minors eng millions of Gallons of water bombed for More than four Days coursing through the Shaft in a flooded Southeast West Vir which is Only 3 feet High in Ginia Coal mine were told at 5 spots. . Friday that the men would i Alt pumps Haie been at begin coming out in two it live work for Days. The water level hours. Finally lowered enough Friday crowds of people began Gat ii a give Hope for Early Rescue. Ering at the mine Entrance seen earlier in the Day. The to Millers who had patiently waited out Days of disappointment in nearby darkness 400 feet underground after the announcement. Six ambulances were standing was reported at by to take the men to Hospital Austin apr a court order keeping the liquor control Board trom enforcing a new Rule prohibiting Cash sales in private clubs was continued Friday by dish judge Jim Meyers. Meyers replaced the to Day temporary restraining order with a. Temporary injunction which will be in effect until the of Buddhas birth a major Date Case can be heard on its merits in the religious Calendar of this probably in july. Predominantly Buddhist nation. The court order was asked by because of the fighting the the attic club of Dallas which government broadcast appeals since the original order was is 10 populace to Pray at Home sued has been joined in the suit instead of gathering As usual in by the Black Garter club of pagodas. The Viet Cong opened the seventh Day of their latest assault by sending a single rocket screaming into the heart of the City near the Central Market at Daybreak. One vietnamese civilian was killed and 15 wounded. It was the 2512th anniversary see Vietnam on Page 2 of 3.03 inches Vega. Texline reported a total of .35 . Richardson president of afternoon a vast area from thursday night and Friday but the company that owns hic Houston to the port Arthur no measurable precipitation fell mine said the trapped men Beaumont Orange Industrial at Dalhart Friday. Dalhart had would be taken out through the Complex in far Southeast Texas a two Day accumulation of 1.38. Entrance. A Tunnel that was is Hod in the terrifying surge of was under Tornado and Perryton had intermittent rain being drilled As an alternate water that flooded the passage damaging thunderstorm watch throughout the Day Friday with a Ute had not been completed at the time. See heavy on Page 2 see Tornado on Page 2 the Wall of an adjoining altar. Gathered at one spot. A a a it was almost certain that to others deeper in the mine Pray monday when the Walls of thee miners on Page 2 Mississippi said Best source Plains water idea gets boost Washington a reclamation Bureau said Dallas. Asst. Atty. Gen. Douglas Chil until after Dawn saturday . Lik Best source of water for _ f rom about Sundown Friday Day the Mississippi River looks the could be made Only if there is Fri a water surplus. The report estimated that in Plains and concluded the South Mississippi River system is most favourably situated. Ton asked the court today for air strikes pulverized the the thirty High Plains counties 50 years the High Plains More time to prepare the Case Southern Edge of the City near a or Texas and in Vern lawyers said a trial on merits Bridge where perhaps As Many the Bureau said the idea As.,j0 to 1,000 \ let Cong were Worth further study but Cau Stu of i 11 g�?T, there Are unanswered requirements see lab on Page 2 will need to import 16.5 million acre a feet of water a year for its farm municipal and Industrial was inflicted on shanties and modest houses Square area. In a half mile questions. The average flow in the lower nine different routes for such a Transfer were discussed including canals existing streams and lakes and pumping stations to lift the water from the Mississippi to the High Plains. The Transfer of water would cover and Cross Louisiana into the High Plains with some 34 the East Texas. Million irrigable acres now had the report said these Southern about seven million acres under routes appear to be the most irrigation but for years a preliminary study authorize Mississippi is 400 million acre de in 1967, was issued Friday a ear of a West rockets from h e i i c o p t e r along with a statement by in scarcely meets present Over 1,000 Miles gunships had failed to silence missioner of reclamation Floyd. Salutes the memory snipers who pinned Down . Dominy of Homer d. Garrison 9111 division infantrymen trying director of the Texas de to a ush Toto the a re it Dommy my the report pm t t r p.ut., Cofo South of the Kinh Doi canal,1 Pha sized that the Mississippi Pasimeni of Moue Rsalie which Marks the Southern limits Basin states have first priority to who died Early this of Saigon proper. I to fill their own needs and favourable. In crossing Hills and climbing plateaus during the Transfer the water would have to be lifted 4,060 feet. Week. See Page 15. The report did not estimate the Cost of the project but said needs and there would be times it expected irrigation tamers when there is no surplus for sex 0lu�?~ die routes begin at or and non farm beneficiaries to port the report said. Above the Junction of the by Hite help pay the Bill. The Bureau and army Kiver with the Mississippi and costs would be further engineers acting through the traverse Arkansas and defrayed by including in the Mississippi River commission Oklahoma on their Way to project other useful functions studied a variety of possible Northwest Texas. Besides water Supply tile . Officers said this was the that Long distance diversion water sources for the High the other five begin farther Agency said. Irrigation has been pumping water out of the ground faster than nature can replace it. The report predicted that without imported water land will shrink to about three million acres by the year 2020. With water imports irrigated land could continue to grow to some la million acres by that time the report said. Leon Hill of Amarillo regional director of the Bureau o f reclamation see water on Page 3

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