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Amarillo Daily News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Amarillo, Texas Tri state morning newspaper mild reproach More Static from Oklahoma More outraged c Homans when we kidding by tested the term ornery okla Amarillo Washington june 22 apr to nobody s Surprise Sug president Truman said today that i if he lived in Ohio he would vote the straight democratic ticket and 2 that Quot real leased wires three associated pakrs. United press vol. I no. 201 a a a _ a i i a final. City edition news Amarillo Texas Friday morning june 23, 1950 Nea. Acme. Ups picture service Washington staff ser vice 48 pages Price five cents Boma to match colourful Colo democrats Quot ought to be elected to Congress. Rado wonderful Wyoming and terrific Texas we had no it t the things he said but when and where he said them that Flavoured the head Democrat s words with mild reproach for Ohio a gov. C Frank j. Lausche an accredited member of the same political party. Idea How sensitive our sooner Smice he neighbors would turn out to be. Here a a Sample of the sizzling Mali that scorched the top of our desk yesterday a your reaction to your reference to ornery Oklahoma is a go soak your let the other states be what they May. Omnipotent Oklahoma is the name Well support. Just i i Case it throws you according to Webster omnipotent Means almighty or unlimited Early deadline on classifieds poised conspicuously and with apparent enjoyment on the political Fence. He told reporters at the White Sulphur Springs governors conference that he Hadnot made up1 his mind whether to vote this fall for senator Taft who sometimes is j known As or. Republican or for for this week end Only All tafts democratic rival state Audi classified ads must be turned i in before 9 o clock night Tor publication in sunday s news Globe. An extra Guson. Each Lias his Good Points. Friday the governor opined. This heresy naturally was reported to or. Truman. Reporters of course brought it up at the Lubbock reports 71,592 population candidates Shell out for primary operating funds political forecast government upending a bin i up of Ihl Campaign in Uke rile weather everyone talk about it but Doe nothing. Services set a outraged occupants Vilall will remain on duty Fri earliest moment which was today. Of Oklahoma. A a a that one Liras from Boise City up in the Oklahoma Panhandle. One thing we want to make Clear weekly White. House news conference. Day until 9 to take care of the week end Rush. The Early deadline is made necessary ljnrctn., i Hui it i on tonnage in because of the Mammoth get Houston june 22 in a the port any slighting remark about okla acquainted week edition of Houston a 1950 tonnage through a May 31 has beaten the tonnage total for the same period in 1949 homa in jest or otherwise does not Aff ply to the Oklahoma Panhandle. That strip of heaven s own Prairie land rightfully belongs to the Panhandle of Texas. For years it was known As no Man s land. Oklahoma did t want it Kansas was too weak to take it and Texas did no to know it was there. But through some accidental stroke of history it became at Witch will appear sunday. Chief again opposes 470-group�?T air plans a Moue of history a became it Washington. June 22 president Truman again on nosed the cached for purposes of government1 �, 7n a l again a ppm sea Tine and taxation first to the territory i gj0 12 group a r Force today. He said the country can to pay and taxation first to the territory j 2�it&Quot this a Buyne country can t pay for k. This was a setback to 70-group advocates who were pleased then to the state of Oklahoma. But morally spiritually and culturally the Oklahoma Panhandle is part and parcel of the Texas Panhandle. So any remarks Ive direct at Oklahoma do not apply to the strip. And besides we have quite a few subscribers up there. Ujj g g the fact is a great Many oklahoman in the Panhandle make no Bones about their allegiance to tack at a special Quot Quot showing of yesterday when a Senate House conference committee agreed Quot on Quot Quot that figure As an air Force ceiling. The Truman program Calls for about 48 first line groups. The a a group is a variable unit Mude up of no fixed number of planes. At present a group May be 30 bombers or it May be about 75 fighters. The conference committee agreement must be accepted by both houses and signed by the president before it becomes Law. Even then it is a Mere authorization and does not increase the number of planes until Money is appropriated. Fur theron Are the conference committee did not flatly Call for 70 groups but it did put the air Force at a not to exceed 70.�?� old tack film frolic slated this morning be on time for old tacks movie party this morning to of clock at the Paramount theater fathers of married daughters Are invited to be guests of old Lubbock s population is 71,592. This unofficial estimate released last night by l. D. Whiteley District census supervisor for the South Plains area was reported to the daily news by the Lubbock Avalanche journal in releasing the figure increase for Whiteley explained Quot we be Lieve that figure to be sub news last night Stan tally Correct though it is shows that the huh City a population has zoomed 38.739 persons or 125 per cent since 1940, when tile total was 31,853, percentage Wise ii is the largest Joyed by Only 12 other counties in Texas. The census conscious Hub news m e a comparing Lubbock s announcement with previous announcements from Over the state asserted that the phenomenal population boast Lias jumped Lubbock from 15th in size among Texas i cities to Lith Only 2,145 persons behind Amarillo Amarillo s fourteen county and precinct candidates have paid approximately $3,000 into democratic party tills for Deedy fraying expenses of the july 22 primary. Charles c. Gibson chairman of the county executive committee reminded candidates that tomorrow night is deadline for paying Lees. Iii All. The candidates Are underwriting about $7,400 some of which is expected to be surplus any City thai big qty j flounced As 13,137 on june i by t was apr a when election costs Are tallied. Ported thus far in Texas according Walter shakier District census my to the report received by the daily us visor. Census totals for Potter i county released june 13. Of if on tue subject of expenses yesterday was the first Day for billowed a ing Campaign expenses by All can subject to re Check and the increase for Lubbock county i total of 72,851 persons in the county. District Quot t Sti tabular from a according to the Avalanche forms for filing tho expense i vision by the census Bureau wow k. X of i journal 7"ld50 Ari a a its suss in Washington. Stein it or 94.2 per tunning the 100,000 Mark if anything White lev was Lubbock county is raised to the quoted a the re Check will give us a larger the preliminary figure of 71,592 official stature of a metropolitan area Avalanche journal newsmen explained. That is a status co it census announcements Texas top 15 cities in order of o it a it Hou. Ton Dallas san Antonio fort Worth Austin Al paso Corpus Christi Beaumont Waco Amarillo Lubbock Wichita Falls Galveston port Ari Bur and Laredo. Tom of Loughlin a a a father of the Bride a starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. The party will be strictly Stag. The doors will be open at 9 30 of clock. Coffee and doughnuts will be served. Texas. Here a a note from Guymon a pour it on we panhandlers must stick together. A an oklahoman by necessity Quot a a a in contrast one of the Mast Loyal sections of Oklahoma lies around Sayre and Elk City. Every time we say something that can be construed even remotely As a reflection on the sooner state we get two or three smoking letters from the Western zone. We have a couple now and one of them is a classic. _ it is from Sayre and the text con statute of technology was taken into Federal court today on orders by draft act Extension so gears final approval 111 put Loci Church Washington june 22 apr the Senate e l have f _ n i. Extender now will have to be worked Miami. June 22 special a re have overwhelming approval today to a Quiem mass for Tom of Lough in three year renewal of the peacetime draft member of one of the Panhandle uiu1l committee it was just to make sure the i Ciunci built Luik i nit Reno snows ,. ,1 i. ,. Conference group would have Limp pts a p oldest families will be held at Sci will authority for the president fat Iron oui the differences in the to Fia a Rhae for Constable precinct professor wont talk brought into us court i sit Quot a pc l�bo1house �?�srsssr1 clerks office in Potter county according to Leen Jones Rovniy clerk. Deadline for filing the first expense report is june 26. County office candidates file with i the county clerk state and District office candidates file with secy of j state John Ben Sheppard at aus tin. Deadline for filing the second expense report is july to a a Bob Stone. Ernest Arr Ambati a p a skeet a Gibson e. F. Flitch and Max Montgomery were menthol of the primary sub commit Teti of the county executive committee. Final readying of the county ballot will lie held with the drawing of places for slate candidates monday night. Members of the sub committee will participate in the drawing. One of the Panhandle s senior officers Mel Armstrong is to o clock Friday morning in holy souls Catholic Church in Pampa for. Otto Meyer will conduct the rites. Burial will be at Miami cemetery to order inductions in Case of emergency. It took this step by a voice proposals to attach a segregation amendment to the measure and then shouted its approval of the three year Extension requested by lists of one word a nuts a it is signed Quot a proud Oak Iez and from Way Over in Al Reno comes this protest a nobody in Texas can get by a grand jury investigating a colleague accused of hiding his communist party membership. Us atty Ernest Tolin said Dubnoff 41 years old had refused to and answer questions about or. Sidney Wein Tauivi 52, Cal tech scientist to Angeles who received his named As pallbearers Are or. S Anc Senate had passed a Stop w. Corbin Clark Mathers renor Gap 15-Day Extension of Ratliff c. M. Coffee Horace Smith present conscription and George Black All of Miami ,.and William Herr and Tom Wade. We pc 1 15 use expire at Mii formerly with its Jet propulsion lab oratory. Or. Went Baum was arrested by the Fri last Friday and arguing our state ornery Oklahoma. We Are posting a police guard at plus amp a assistant in 1936 Uit a Carraud against the government Phi at Cal tech in 1944. He is a native of los Angeles. He joined Cal tech As a research both of Pampa. Or. Of Loughlin 44 years old died this legislation now goes bark to the House which previously had the voted a two year renewal with the re or stipulation that no draftees could be inducted unless Congress specific authorization. Under the Senate measure the two Bills that the Senate and House earlier voted the Stop Gap Extension of the present Law. Today in Amarillo i. The Border on Highway 66, and you d better not try to crass. We Tolin said Dubinoff would be Are burned up. If you want a name a Ven a Chance to explain his Rea be spinning with of right now you can sons to us dist. Judge James m. Call you us outraged Oklahoma and Carter. be far from wrong. A resentful Al a a we apologized yesterday for our slip and substituted the term outstanding Oklahoma for ornery Oklahoma. And we do not intend to apologize any More. But we will say in All that any state whose citizens come to its defense As stoutly As do the people of Oklahoma must have something. So we hereby withdraw j any slur joking or serious we have Dubinoff is a senior research fellow in biology a graduate of the University of California at there is no record that he was connected with any military work at Cal tech. Tolin said Dubnoff declined to i testify a concerning any matter involving Sidney Well Naumu a political affiliations or actions a night Friday. The emergency renewal was president could Issue the a raft not in herring hotel wednesday afternoon after a heart rushed through because adm Nistra Only when Congress is not in sos Amarilla excl at tack. He died in a Pampa Hospital Tion leaders feared that the existing Sion and after finding that a Quot a Quot act might lapse and the selective tonal necessity exists service machinery lose its Legal lawmakers Are on v Here he was rushed from Miami spokesman for Cal tech said after the seizure. Spearman rainfall tops area reports he was a grandson of the late i urn of Loughlin. Who settled near Mobeetie in 1875. And the son of Miles of Loughlin who was the panhandlers senior resident at the time of his death in the Early 1940s. Or. Of Loughlin was a native of Miami and had spent most of his life Here. He was graduated from Miami High school and attended St. Mary a College at St. Mary a. Kan. After his College work he returned to Miami and entered the cattle business in association with his father and his Brothers. The Oloughlin ranch is one of when the duty they would Armstrong is beginning his a who dying and handshaking Quot Canvas it of Potter county voters for the final months race he has purchased a big White Straw Campaign hat. Mel started out in the Law enforcement business Hack in 1896 a As a kid Deputy sheriff of Oldham county. He was Only 18 Veals old when he received his first commission. Later he was elected two terms As sheriff of Oldham county and has served a number of times As de act Susie club meets put Here in Potter county. Herring hotel x. A v la master s Campaign ukes 7.50 pm Public putting tournament Lum northward the rest of this 10 00 am Price showing of a a father of the Pride Tor fathers of brides fathers it prospective hair apr Cap Sud prospective fathers of pros Pectle Brines Courtesy of old tack a a w Paramount theater. Noon american Busine club meets basis before the two houses could hav the Power to decide whether Eok. Agree on Long Range Extension. But later in a final burst of Speed the Senate brushed aside such a step was essential to National Security. Die final wording of the Draff Sunset Gold course Forest a club meets Day and Borger yesterday. School. And 25 years of Progress observed he was in Hereford wednes Friday saturday hell be working on 8 00 pm Amateur eights sponsored i Hom a grounds a territory by 20-30 c Lub. Sun Jacinto j which he carried Iii the special elec j mom May 0. J on the Friday saturday Ralen i Dar arc visits to Follett lips. You i. Center. F Section line showers which have been playing hop scotch All Over Ever cast in the direction of out tri state Empire this week let Loose with a Gully Washer at Spear in St famous landmarks of the j Man wednesday night. Eastern Panhandle. It covers both i the 2 55 inches at Spearman topped the rain report but Good Rains a Des Olathe Miami Pampa Highway also fell at Dumas Borger and Perryton and lighter showers peppered for a. Number of Miles East of Down at other North Plains Points. Standing omnipotent Oklahoma. Long May she live this and that can t we do the fall at Borger amounted to crtyw1 -06 inches with some Small Hail some Ming reported at Dumas 1.34 inches fell about these radio who units in a driving two hour storm and surely there s a better Way at Perryton the moisture amounted to drag in the commercial t0 91 of fun Inch than simply to drag it in. The other night we were listening to a spirited tale of mayhem among the con men. The private Eye and Hir girl Friend were calling at Tbs apartment of the chief suspect. They found the place dark and the door ajar. The private Eye pushed open the door and entered looking for a Light switch a very foolish thing the Guymon weather station report listed .38 of an Inch and .41 of an Inch Felt at Follett. Have been the Only kind possibly in Gruver wednesday night. The storm caused a two hour break in electrical service to the town. Some Hail fell in Gruver and More Hail near the Creek South of Ihfe Mot Humr a7el"cvt�?T.f7ik town but there wan no appreciable two Olu win Hail damage Miami. Or. Of Loughlin was a member of the Pampa Catholic congregation. Surviving relatives include his widow mrs. Mary o Lough in a son Thomas a daughter Sarah Thunder storms with off. Elsewhere the showers tapered degrees of moisture have been re at Gruver Northwest of Spear nights ported at Gruver for the past five Brothers Bill and Miles of Lough in a grandmother mrs. Varying Ellen Earl and an Uncle e. A Earl All of Miami. Man rainfall amounted to Only a Quarter of a Inch. But the electrical storm which accompanied the afternoon. Rain and Light Hail spattered Tulia about 4 30 of clock yesterday minor Shower was of major pro of Henri could have read a newspaper by a a dust storm struck Memphis at f the Light provided by almost con 6 35 o clock yesterday afternoon a old a a Tindal flashes of such lightning Reading would to do. We doubt that any private portions Eye would be so silly. Anyway there Thunder roiled steadily for 2h� came a crack and a thud As some hours said daily news Corres body conked the detective the vie pendent Herbert Hughes and Quot you Tim groaned and the girl �?1 a let out a Dandy scream. Immediately superimposed on the tail end of the scream came the announcers voice cheerily informing us a yes sir the next time you go on a picnic with grandpa and grandma and All the kiddies be sure to take along some of so and sons Sandwich meat a or words to that effect. Frankly we did no to feel very hungry at the moment. A Bascom Timmons. Our Washington correspondent tells this one. Congressman Earl t. Wagner of Ohio tired and hungry after a the Shower lasted about of minutes and a total fall of .47 of an Inch was recorded. It was the first Good rain Here since saturday when .57 of an Inch fell several killed As plane cracks up Bedford va., june 22 of a companies by much lightning. Rain was imminent four engined plane caught fire near Here tonight and crashed carrying four or five persons to their deaths witnesses reported. The log of the ship said its last Stop was the a Tuxen naval base. My state pm lice said witnesses weather by Reau. In Amarillo skies tonight the indicated several of those who i Amarillo and Moon rises at 1 48 pm and is moving i perished were naw apr Connel Vicinity partly pl0 the Southwest in the evening two a personnel. Beaford police said the scene of the crash was an open Field near daily news almanac it �t7lsuilndbf Cler East third off and retiring nature Bat state. Highs. 75 to 85,. North 80 to 90. Decided Charm if your name is. 89 Beverley it Means 1 pm. So Quot from the Beaver 2 pm 92 Meadow Quot and is an 3 pm it old English Quot Resl 4 pm .91 name. To min. Yest. 63 Days Wise wit min. Yest. �?T49 62 to know the world Sunset 8 05 pm is necessary a and South. 7 am. .69 8 am 73 9 am. 77 10 am .82 11 am. 87 Max yest. 94 Max. Yest. �?T49. 90 Sunrise 5 33 am precipitation for 24 hours ending at 41 to know it Early pm. ,08 inches. Plane trip dropped into the House with scattered showers and the under restaurant for lunch. He scanned the menu Laid it Down and said to the waiter a just bring me a Good the waiter brought an assortment of food which Wagner ate with relish. When he had finished the waiter asked a was it All right sir a a Fine a said Wagner. The Walter leaned Down and said earnestly a any time any of your friends we can to read either want a meal just Send them to me waiter no. 22�?and Iii take care of a a a j. W. Timmons no Kin to Bascom that we know of tells of Tbs East Texas negro who was told by Cloudy to Cloudy hot. To the right of the Moon is with scattered Dars and the left is Spica s Star showers Friday. Not the Light coming from the Moon reaches quite so warm. Sat us i a Little More than one second urday partly Cloudy 5aat fro a jars in 9 minutes Ana that a West Texas Trona Spica a 296 years. A oud la United nation the Netherlands a a few showers Fri a kingdom with a population of 9.630 too ski 111 Rafea of 12-896 Square the saturday Nativ cinch a Panhandle capital is Amsterdam the seat of gov new my it intern ment. The Hague and the monetary in to Mexico. Friday partly Cloudy unit the Florin a la a Roberts a Lej Paducah mayor and retiring president of the Paducah Lions club. And Dargan Sims. Incoming president talked things Over before the installation bar Becue last night a a the Paterson mine Rock Quarry about 8 Miles South of Here. Today a child will have a mild a most de 1 convenient. Is anniversary by Paducah noted Lions super fortress reported Down Tokyo Friday june 23 up a a a a Mabal �?ziyc�1 super fortress with la men aboard the zone attending the Barcone picnic. A it Zulm n Turr 25th anniversary they installed new officers. They chevrons to Long time members. They heard an inspiring Lih Mil a a amp bed Andrew George a. Dan of fort Collins. Colo International by Harry Hoare Paducah june 22�?paducah�?Ts Lions staged a a four Way meeting in City Park tonight with their wives and presidents of other clubs in 140 Miles Southeast of there. A Headquarters announcement said it was believed All la were aboard the rafts. Sailor of Lions International Usi coun the Paducah Lions club was or w by Al and Gani Zed june 17, 1925, with the railroads make plans to Cut All operations during strike charter presented dec. 22. E. H. Archer was the first president with t. L. Wilkins serving As Secretary. Invocation was by Rev. V. I. Biggs pastor of first methodist Church. The program included the club had 34 charter members vocals of by mrs. Marlin John today the club has 60 Active Mem i no Quot a Bers by the Lions hers. I 5,,b quartet composed a doctor to eat Iota of Chicken i tsa7 it a a a a a a potion soup and stay out of the night air. Shul Down All a a worlds worst Pun a a what a a metaphor a a to keep cows in of a a a Arthur Godfrey says you can always Tell strangers in a town. They we it for the Liecht to turn Green. A Wes Izzard High Plains today 8 00 pm Littlefield annual Cham Ber of Commerce banquet at vow hut. Will sunday walkout on the de nor its. There operations if Al and Rio Grande Western and the Amory Frame i switchman carry out their threat to great Northern. Some 4,0001 through sunday Uii 0re.r5i e second switchman Are involved. Another nationwide walkout is threatened july 15 by the brotherhood of Bai Way trainmen and order of railway conductors. Strike sunday. The National railway mediation Board worked to head off the scheduled strike but there was no report of Progress. The Chicago great Western Railroad Begarif preparing Layoff notices for its employees today new officers installed tonight Are Dargan Sims manager of a c. Penney president succeeding mayor c. L. Robertson insurance Man. Other officers Are first vice president Cecil vice president of Rex keys Dargen Sims Ray Loftis and c. R. Wood with mrs. Pearl Hoar accompanist. Dali praised the club for its leadership in Community activities a a _ since Paducah has no chamber of Roy Powell Commerce the Lions club has taken Carr a Lead in All civic enterprises since through sunday with one except rits organization Tion arc the following train 112. Third vice president Bill la a a. Tuuu Wing. J ram in my Kev re Teeter through to Memphis Tai Tux. A Ltd Tion to Quot 5 and c00pera ice Sandlin tail twister j. Carmichael lion Tamer. Cuccari Saturn ask to vim �?Tvi0 f5, a ing Rajt it. Re elected treasurer a a r a do Tjie wonderful Job you fund so Rural boys Couk Memphis them it to Alumina Price Sandun tax so or and m. A or. Dell de High school. They took trvgi1 r3 Tucumcari a Narsinh Fiji Linn Fomo. Dared. A you have gone beyond the the Nart in 1 leaving Memphis today but not operating from Memphis saturday you have gone beyond the objectives of zionism. C. A. Cryer president of Frank Back in the Lillis Junior ring lerp at or ror i jus and depression na.ri2lk�ittf1usnce of work step train 51. Leaving saturday will of Phi Judi a College a Borger Days Hen spirits Page Rock Island passenger trains crate through to Amarillo train was the installing officer a a Sims f Ifni iffy am fico co 1 is is so sly a a it a a a a a.1 is a were Low. The Paducah Lions decided to do some a St Hal Gaff Gas a pfc or save a plans to shut Down a Armoun Cement yesterday from Gen trued after departure today and All charter members 1 a not a a r cd 0 the line at Chicago i train 44, from Tucumcari saturday and Active members. Expected trams will continue oper a a City Park and their efforts resulted in an attractive Park which included Rodeo grounds a lighted football Field and a lighted baseball Field. They started a loan fund so Rural boys could attend a. I an Active part in underprivileged children a work assisting the Parent teacher association. During the War the Lions participated in All Bond drives and a operations if the strike is. _. Expected trams will continue oper a will operate through to the Al switchman Union of rating through to terminal sunday. City. ,. Country offering entertain ii Aiter members of the club meat and giving out information., Twenty they organized a Hick band which Kansas year Chevron was presented to w. Was in demand Over the entire area in. Bingham. Fifteen year chevrons they started the move to have they established a trades Day. They assisted in securing several continued on Page 4 fir 2x4 2x6, it shop Lap s7.95 pet he. Melmore giver of Wiggins lbs co., 1200 n. Lith. Elisabeth Wood a id j comb Higgins and other communities in the far Northeast i Corner. A by a Homey toi cd about prob a lems of House Hunting and High rents is included in a recent report from rep Hen Guin in his newsletter to Panhandle residents. A Evv a Tinie experience in Muse Hunting proved to be Good training and with the Gull Luck still Riding High i managed to find a Home a Guin related the arrival of his family in Washington. A i had met a Young lawyer who wanted to Send his wife and baby to Florida for the summer a be explained. A when i subleased from him it made it possible for him to pay equally High prices in Florida a a a a a a tho Hundred Bucks is pretty rough but even that Price is cheap compared to some of the houses i i have investigated. A was i signed the lease i had some pretty bitter thoughts about what has happened to our american Dollar during the past to years a gush recalled millions of people begun cooperating with the social Security system Back in the Davs when a Dollar was really a j dollar�?1935. A now when they Are beginning of get their Money Blick in benefits it comes in dollars Worth Only a fraction of the dollars they originally put in the fund a he said a a a the Panhandle congressman deplored the rising Cost of government. Citing that 20 years ago Costa ran $200 for the average family now the average Cost is $1,300, Guill had a word for the administration too a Leon Keyserling the presidents chief economic advisor recently made a fantastic statement. In a speech delivered May i 15, he argued that we should turn our Back on Economy forever and raise taxes still higher if we want to achieve permanent Prosper i Ity the reason because the Ordinary person would Only spend his Money foolishly and the government would spend it Wise i As of breaking from a reverie i congressman Guin then said Quot these Ere the thoughts i had in paying the rent and since they re j thoughts which concerns All of us very closely i thought id pass i the on. They re not thoughts to cheer the daily news Index report on meat prices. Past 2 Dukes memoirs top Reading Page 2 weather map Page 5 the Days records. Page s insurers to questions Page j Dallam Hartley politics steams up. Page 8 Plains Kames. Page 8 attorney is lined. Page g Oil. Page 18 Europe a payment plan outlined. Page of society. Pages 11-13 experts seek new plants around world Page 14 sports. Pages 18-19 editorials. Page 2<l markets. I. Page ii Good old Days cartoon. Page 36 different suit daily recommended. A Page 36 Plainview plans plane contest. Page 36 hate politics Tempo faster Page 37 Oklahoma potties picks up letters to the editor in the Groove. Radio Rayburn has tip for Chilli Babson or no tips. Dog notes the doctor reports on polio let love come last serial comics Page 37 Page 38 Page 39 Page 4� Page 4ft Page 40 Page 42 Page 43 Page 45 Page 46 pages >0-21,47 Page 47 fag ii

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