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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Albuquerque Tribune local forecast partly Cloudy through tomorrow. Windy this afternoon and again tomorrow. 5 a Klepps Howard use. . Pm. On. Vol. 43, no. 42 second Clua Fost tee Puld it Albuquerque. . Albuquerque new Mexico saturday May 22, 1965 Oum 20 pages in two sections Home edition Price seven cents 30c weekly dominican truce Effort fails big r on n Saigon Viet Nam a 22 w a massive Force . Air Force planes slam med bombs into the Quan Suoi military Barracks North Viet Nam today the closest raid so far the communist capital Hanoi. Nicely air Force jets d stroked 37 buildings in the target area which stretch from 55 to go Miles due Sou of Hanoi m i 1 i t a r spokesmen said. On one previous occasion us. Planes had gone Neare to Hanoi but that was to Dro leaflets. Return safely All the planes return safely and no enemy Ai Craft were seen a spokesman said. A series of air strikes be Gan with Small scale Nav reconnaissance raids Shortl after Midnight and ende with the mass assault o Quang Soui Barracks Earl this afternoon. Forty . Air Force fid thunderchief bombers Struc the Quang Soui Barracks is coiled by 50 support jets. A . Spokesman said the aircraft ranged Over the Lar get area for 45 minutes. Move South then the air a r m a d moved South to Phuoc que ammunition depot 100 Miles South of Hanoi and destroyed six buildings and damage another four. The . Planes dropped 75 tons of Combs Over both tar gels. They were mostly 750 Pounders a . Spokesman said. Ground fire was reported intense Over Quang Soui but no enemy aircraft were seen. . Navy planes also hammered at Road targets and a naval station. At a. M. Planes from the Midway cruising in t h e Gulf of Tonkin hit a vietnamese Navy p. T. Boat hidden under camouflage and being towed by a trawler. Many hits were made on both ships with rockets and machine gun fire a u. S. Spokesman said. The trawler was left burning. Vietnamese join in vietnamese air Orco planes joined in at 1 p. M. With an armed reconnaissance raid along three highways near the Laos Border. The vietnamese planes also dropped leaflets on the towns of ton and a Don. The 10 vietnamese planes All returned safely after striking at a series of targets including the Quang Khe naval Barracks Brick Barracks at Xong Ray and a group of 20 Small Boals at Phu Chanh. The vietnamese reported sinking the Boals. Intensive fire hit the Viel Narcse from the Quang Khe base bul All planes returned. Sharp clash a Sharp clash was reported today Between vietnamese army troops and veil Conj forces near Ben cat about m 1. Viet f Miles North of Saigon. T h Viet Cong were reported t have hit the town with 2 rounds of mortar. Civilian casualties in i h town were said to have Bee Light. But first reports s a i casualties May have Bee heavy in the fighting that of Washington Nam e Lowed the mortar barrage d the reports said up to a a 5 Lalion of Viel Cong 1 r o o p May have Alta oked about 7 e South vietnamese troops. T unconfirmed reports s a i t i one possibly two american t accompanying the vietnamese were wounded. Step lighting the Washington staff Oward newspapers 2 More american troop w phase of offensive opera up one More notch. Two n of air raids brought Noth Ines with North Viet Nam ply its units As far South in Heights win Battle heavy voting area gets nine additional seats by a. C. De cola Tribune Roll Sci Edillor Heights republicans we in recent elections have produced heavy turnouts of Vole for the parly won a count convention Battle Early t h i morning by wresting an add Lional nine seals on the 4 member county delegation o the parly s state Centra threatens to use Force to Block class Junta refuses to extend cease fire Saj to Domingo a 22 up Junta leade maj. Gen. Antonio Imber ban eras today refused t extend the 24-hour Domin can truce. The unite states immediately announced it would Block resumption of full Seal civil War by Force i in Washington the Unile sales was reported ready t use the marines a n paratroopers already Ashor in the dominican Republic a Well As a naval blockade b a flotilla of ships lying of Shore to halt a renewed dominican Junta attack again the main rebel stronghold i Santo Domingo. A few minutes after t h 1 truce expired sporadic a n isolated shooting including one round of apparent Morla ire was heard in the Down area of Santo Domingo americans blamed a rebel spokesman claim that u. S. Airborne troops o the Eastern Shore of the Ozama River dividing the cil had fired a Morlar Shell at the customs area on the Dock on the r e b e 1-held Opp Osil Shore. The explosion was hear clearly in downtown s a n t Domingo and a puff smok was visible Over the d o c 1 area. But it was not possible to determine where the Roun landed or who had fired in both rival dominican Force Are equipped with mortars. Joltin Cury foreign minis or in the rebel govern men of col Francisco Caaman Deno said the Junta refusal extend the ceasefire which expired at noon meant an enc to All political negolialions.1 Stevenson Speaks at United nations head quarters in new York u. S ambassador Adlai e. Steven son told the Security Counci hat u. S. Troops would use Force if necessary to Sto Urther warfare. U. N. Sec Clary Genera sad reports from h i i t 1 blast off More than saw this big Jet Roar Kirtland of base air saw armed it Dazzles 5 by Jerky smote los More than pairs o eyes shared Alle Lively Al dazzling array of . A i might whizzing and roaring across the Bright Blue s k fleeced with Frothy Cloud Lere today. The a rapt audience saw our nation s finest aircraft perform wild aerobatics in he greatest air show eve staged at Albuquerque. Two thousand military men iut on the armed forces open Louse Al Kirtland of base sponsored by Kirkland ant Sandia bases. An air Force spokesman said proudly this is the biggest air show Ever held dramatic Climax it was a dramatic Climax to the w e e k 1 o n g get Logel or Here of the aviation space writers Assn. Whose Mem Jers have been treated to people on ground a most them at Bird Jet figh v today. Lined tors with Stu fees open vis level briefings on the latest in aviation space flight and re laced science. The incredible air spec Lack opened Aboul a. M. Win a giant Jet Tanker refuelling a Jet bomber overhead at 35 mph showing How a Jet flying Range can be extended to anywhere in the world 4 i i j 1 re some of f-100 Thunder ters which thrilled Spectra its and combat Maneu vers. Far West photo i House tors out the need for Landing to re fuel. The awestruck crowd sighed in unison at the Mira Guiou foals unfolding upstairs. The audience was on Kirkland c o Crete aircraft Park ing ramp Many sat on bleach ers provided for the event countless other Albu Quer Queens watched from their to m e s and Ouier Vantage Points in the City. A six Pilot learn from Nellis of base nev., thrilled the Spe clamors As they zoomed 60i mph through stunts forma Lions Rolls upside Down Fly ing and combat Maneu vers. Slowed Down they flew fido thunderbird Jet fighters and purposely re framed from their lop Speed of 750 mph so they would Jurcak the sound Barrier and olt the Community with sonic rooms. The thunderbird Are Beautiful Graceful red White due and Silver Craft Grace with stars and stripes. The Tail of one of uie Thunder Birds was charred Black from see armed Pace Wil up its f a weekly size up by of the scrupps a Washington May 2 Are going to Viet Nam. And we re starting a be Lions stepping the War reasons recent six Day Suspansic ing but silence from Hanoi and enemy buildup cont Able to reinforce and resp the Ca Mau Peninsula. American command estimates communist hard Core forces in South Viet Nam at up in five months. Number of guerrilla Las stayed Between am All main Force battalions red commanded Are now equipped with chinese copies of soviet weapons Model 196, recent report rom an american adviser says. In on operation again Viet Cong last month some 500 new weapons were Cap tured including mortars and recoilless rifles. Last week in n attack on father Hoa s Catholic bastion Al Hai yen Viet Cong used 75-millimeter a munition. Elements of our 25th Divi Ion based in Hawaii Are icly to land on South Viet am s Central coast soon for defense of the logistic build a of polls now under Way. Est of division May move Oul Aler for defense of qui Nhon and Nha Trang. . Troops based near Viet am coast now Are ready according to High american sources for combat support f Viet namese units news on Page convention Al the col of loll which had been expected to be a routine affair turned into a Power Strugg toward its close and Al 1 when the meeting ended the Heights members had Gath ered in the extra seats. I Don t think that we Ca say that either Side had in Rex haltingly the county chairman said. No Oody else had their Way either but the Heights people i get some of their folks on the pet. 36 in the Norl Heas Heights came up with seve members of the slate Centra committee but three of them Are former county chairman and were not charged to he precinct representation being seated As at Large Mem Bers. Entered two slates the fight for places on the stale Central committee of Ned when or. Mattingly sub milled a list of 44 Nomina ions. Heights delegates coun ered with n list of their own we argued for a while Anc Hen we mat singly said. Or. Mattingly who was Leclede county chairman Las Ighland mrs. Lucy Jaramilo elected county chairwoman Are automatic members f the state committee lifting he membership to 46. Rutus Poole was elected treasurer of the county Organ Calion and Carl Allen and or. Jack Dillahunt were Leclede organizational vice chairmen. W. S. Billy Apo Aca who was the county Sec Clary for 30 years unexpectedly declined another Lerm ast night and Robert Sala a was elected to his place. All the elections were Unani-10us. The 44 members of the tale Central committee and Weir Home precincts Are those elected mrs. Ron Gardner h. Bursum Iii Jerry Geist or. W. B. Johns rep. David cargo sex Roberts 38 Robert Al in Linda Buffet mrs. Ann Haller Rob it Grant Robert Sala Sce Battle fuse in the a looking for chances to fore Small enemy initiatives. As to stepped up air raids first ones after the five Day pause were against an of depot. While we claim officially that it was a military target like earlier ones in siders say it s the Start of in pensive bombing of economic see capital pare slay Over sunday partly Cloudy skies w i 1 prevail through tomorrow and so will the winds. It will be a Little cooler too. The weather forecaster said hat the winds this afternoon would Range up to 25 Miles per your in Volo cily diminishing oni Ghl. But the winds will be Back tomorrow. A High temperature of 84 Vas forecast for today just one degree under yesterday s Peak of 85, bul the lop temperature tomorrow will be Only 74 degrees. Lows this morning were 51 degrees in the Valley and 53 at the support. But the Low oni Ghl will be 44 degrees in 11 Dirc Lions. The Normal mean tempera ure for this Dale is 67 degrees. The extremes Lar May 22 93 in 1939 and 35 in 1962. The relative humidity at 9 . Was Only 11 per cent. Sunrise tomorrow occurs at and Sunset will Lake place at the highest tempera lure in new a Xico yesterday was 100 degrees it Carlsbad and Roswell. The state Low his morning was 44 at Star Lake. There is no pollen count made it presbyterian Hospital on to Aid Bob la Plante members of the Albuquerque Arl Colony will sponsor a Benefit party or happening at the franciscan Hole ballroom a tonight for Bob la plane whose Arl gallery and picture framing business Al 2110 Cen ral be was destroyed in a fire Early yesterday morning. Or. La Plante lost nearly All possessions in the fire which also destroyed the adjoining Fain furniture co. And varsity shop. Spokesmen said the Benefit night will be the first of a series of fund raising events designed to assist la Plante to re enter the business life of the Community. The party tonight will be from to Midnight and admission is s2 per person with All proceeds going to la Plante. Entertainment will be provided by local musicians and actors. Refreshments donated in a number of local restaurants will be sold. Those assisting in the plans include Mark Corey Marvin Coons or. And mrs. J. Frederick Laval Bonnie Jean and Duncan or. And mrs. Tom Thomson Elmer ind Dale Elliott or. And mrs. Vicente sauce Rio John Tatschl Carl Paak and Victor Pete say body sighted Isleta May 22 up sheriff s officers and civilian volunteers pressed their Earch efforts today to locate he body of a child spoiled in be Rio Grande near the 1s-Ela Bridge. Two i Lela Pueblo indians a ported to officials Early to a they spoiled a body Floal no in the Swift moving cur ent under the Bridge. The men told officers they believe in body was a child or Young Durson. Officers said they believe he body May be that of 7-car-old Stafford Olson who 11 in a ditch my 9 w h i 1 c aying with his brother North the Central Avenue Bridge Albuquerque. Small Boals were lowered to the River Al inc los Lun i Bridge and Valencia coun a officials said Over 50 Volun ears have lined the Bridgend Shoreline in an a Forl to Jol the elect Spanish priest Vatican City May 22 w the very Rev. Pedro Arripe Spanish priest who is also a Edical doctor was elected enc Al of the jesuits today at secret conclude of roman catholicism s biggest and most fluent Al religious order. Father Arrup a 57-year-old Asque who earned a name As smooth administrator in run no the multinational Jesuit province in Japan the past Van years was chosen in a Cret vote Al the Headquarters the society of Jesus the suit order at the Edge of Nican City. A majority of the 218 Clec is representing Jesuit prov Ces around the world acted him on the third in loll a half Day voting session. He succeeds the very Rev. An Baptist Janssens a Bel an who died last october Ler running the order for 18 the situation is ominous Stevenson said Caamano s orces were now concentrate South of the corridor held by j. S. Troops in the Middle o Sanlo Domingo. United slates and oae orces will continue to enforce by Force if necessary by crossing of the Supply or attack from the in said. He added u. S. Troops vere blocking the use of Sar Sidro Airfield outside Sanic Domingo to prevent Junta planes from launching any new a lacks on the rebels. Before the shooting slopped at noon yesterday the Mill Ary situation had developed no a standoff Between the warring factions. This Nade diplomats optimistic on in cease fire prospects. Kig lit up to deadline the civilian military Junta ought with tanks and a Hinc guns right up to the deadline yesterday and was ported to have crushed a bal Icsis Lance in Northern Anto Domingo. This left the see truce a-2 capture Golf championship the new Mexico Lobos won heir third straight Western Allelic conference Golf championship today at University bourse Here. Coach Dick Mcguire s Unm inks men won wit i a Low 4-Man medal score of ski l strokes for 54 holes. Arizona state University and Brigham Young red for second with 892 strokes. The individual medallist was new Mexico s Ralph cokui1 Vith a 210 six Shota under Par. Coker s final round 63 today despite Gusty winds Long run Raton May 22 we a on s new fire truck made is second run Friday five feet. The truck was driven part Vay out of the fire station so its hoses could be used to extinguish a fire on the fire station roof. Chief Emery Moore spoiled he fire is he was gelling no his Carlo drive away rom inc Lalion. It apparently Nln Rcd from Mil Crills being used to re pair the to study Del Norle High school chemistry teacher Joe Williams will attend University of Ari-7.ona this summer to study Bio orgy chemistry and physics under a National science foundation Grant. The Grant provides for three sequential years of study which or. Williams will apply owned n Monsler of science teaching Farmington Slayer is denied parole Santa be May 22 in a convict who was once under the Dalh Scal Cnoc was among 3fi inmates denied paroles Friday. He is James f. Turnbow of farming on w h o was sen fenced to die for the Holdup of n Fruitland liquor store owner bul got three a cars to life for second degree murder Al n second the Sun has shone in Albuquerque on of the past Days. My 22, clinched he loan plea studied by Upton Santa be my 22 w St Etc banking commissioner Villim j. Upton has under disc mint an no plication of Inion finn acc inc., for n mall Lonn company License in Union. No protests were heard it a Cuenl great commission Al tic a-5 lol of talk for Burroughs pane a-6 Clur Cnoc eyes tin Long jump pane a a Mirny finders la it. Mess i ire a la Imu Zunno High list i in City work com pub your Tribune today cose is still with us two Middle Ngod Illinois Posl card in Albuquerque to no Trace of him hns Ever of plus vanished in new friends in Illinois informing found he Nunn Mexico 30 a cars Ngo loony Ihm hint the Orlus Purly dined who car in while motor Long to inc Wesl Hud reached Albuquerque in scr cons on a leisurely vocation before noon on my 22. That o mme a Dan. Was the lost anybody heard is inv holon cd no Trace bus Ever been from the inures is. Lhorty was fund found of or. And mrs. Six Days inter who Orlus East most George Orlus Al Hunt is. End we found abandoned on a car it oils and or until mrs. Al a Street in in Lens Tex. Grounds Ert a. In Abercr of Duquoin ii and been left there by n k ii. Nervous Young Man will. No Var "lckci1 Afler spending the night in Antooa on his left who a Vaughn the four tourists Lind been posing in new Whyl happened to inc iwo ended Wisl Lowerd Albu Mexico and texan As George couples and in the nervous a Cirque on inc morning of Orlus forging the name Young Man who apparently my 22, 193.1, they were George Lorum to travellers know Ihn answer Rev Dong in the Orlus car a checks and using worlds these questions remain tin-927 Nash. Shrine credentials m id nil answered to this Day 30 mrs. In Abercr mailed 1 Fly Allan a cars a-5 comics _ bal baseball set up timing of marines Landing Whyl Wanh the big difference Between president Johnson s ordering the marines to silo Domingo. And president Kennedy s ordering n in vol Junr Nunna no Ulm cons pro s Cuba timing timing timing in Juk s Csc inc u. S. And the Inlall Nellve. In Al Cense to was no the mercy of Liming imposed by the wild mobs in in non Domingo s strcel.1. So Virginia Rewell tells it in her inside Sunry of the order in land the this exciting no most hour by hand , in Theca not log non Rah monday in the puzzles of american nos Lon 8, Cleveland 3 new York 2, Washington 0 null Moro 2, Detroit 1 in nuns City no Mann Coln so urls Chicago it i., of Angeles National Angeles 1, cd Lingo 1 mlle nuke 3, Pittsburgh 0 Sim Francisco 1, Houston 0 4lh, any Sun Frencl Flo it Houston Philadelphia lit hew York it St. Louis reporter a i 3ntlerns by a-8-9 info a la a--1 you miss your trl Tuiner Liny Day per twi Mil our Clr Ruut Lon Draur Lornt. 247-3311, off nor t . Will

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