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Albuquerque Tribune Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 4

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Albuquerque Tribune (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Albuquerque, New Mexico A-4 the. Alb fib i. 1965 the Albuquerque Tribune c one s Gonna accuse us of Ulve Light and people will find their own War ref. . Pm. Off. A Scripps Howard newspaper Dan Burrows editor full ind wire Milci of United Fie ii in str nil Lorna a Cripps Howard Newi paper Alliance anon lated Peai incl Ulvi Newi Piper Enterprise aug Chillon Herrice inca picture service be i met service United Peai International telephoto her vice. Member Autull Bureau of circulation the Pren i exclusively entitled to the in Ihla paper and Ilio Ibi local Newi Publ Lihtz herein. I Ubl Lilied every evening except Bundy at 701 Sliver by Albuquerque n. M., by the new Mexico built Tribune co., foil office Boi 1350. Price 7c a copy on in Recti and Newi by Currier 30e week viral Gnu in . A mull in new Mexico i to per year. 11.25 per month. By mall Olalde or new Milco 11.50 per i Only ii Ralfh. Telephone Chapel 7-3311 Tribune unpleasant necessity sending United states forces to the neighbouring dominican Republic was an act of necessity. We May deplore the necessity but we cannot deplore the action. President Johnson s prompt decision illustrated the courage of common sense. The action had to be Swift or not at All. There Are signs thai some members of the organization of american states Oas Are unhappy with this action. But the u. S. Merely did what the Oas could and should have done had it been equipped. If the action awaited time for the Oas to go through its usual Mambo jumbo it would have been too late. The urgent Issue was the Rescue of americans lives were in danger. That is a first duty of the american government in any situation. Rescue of other nationals who wanted to leave including even some dominicans could be nothing More than an act of mercy. At the time of this writing it still was unclear whether the disorder was being pushed primarily by communist elements or whether a few simply had Fol Lowed the usual communist practice of joining any disturbance. The presence of some known communist agitators was enough to indicate the possibilities. The Western hemisphere cannot tolerate any More castros in its Middle. Whatever is necessary to prevent a communist takeover in any american country big or Little ought to be undertaken in self Protection for the whole area especially the countries of Central and South America. If any of our latin american friends feel unhappy about this regretful be Cissily they need Only to ask themselves which would they rather have a temporary u. S. Rescue Mission or another communist dictatorship to be used As a base for new infiltrations in Venezuela or Peru or some other free american country the u. S. Already has announced it is prepared to Transfer its responsibility to the Oas at the earliest possible the sooner our forces can leave the better Ameri cans will like it. But we will not leave u. S. Citizens or other innocent victims to the mercies of mob Rule whether inspired by local ruffians or More sinister elements. Until then the whole hemisphere should have but a single prayerful Hope that some Leader in the dominican Republic can establish a stable non communist government capable of keeping quickly. Not too much to save there is wide agreement that there should be a redwoods National Park. The question is How big it should be. There s wide difference on that. Even the Timber Industry says it s All right to establish a National Park. But they would limit it to one 01 More of the existing California state Parks with minor additions. Originally there were about two million acres of redwoods. Of these 1.7 million acres have been been Cut. That leaves acres of the original stand of which about Are in the state Parks saved mostly by the pennies and dollars of nature lovers. The tentative proposal of director George Hartzog of the National Park service is to establish a National Park which would add up to acres of old Trees to those already saved in the state Parks. But other conservationists say this does not go nearly far enough. They want at least acres of Virgin Trees added to those in the state Parks. These conservationists make a cogent argument. They say that at the present Rale the Timber Industry will have Cut everything it owns in 30 or 40 years. The lumbermen inferentially admin by their current in pcs Lenl of s70 million in pulp Mills that they will soon have to depend on new growth Timber. Since the Industry will have to readjust to a Dif Ferent basis of operation in a comparatively Short time Why not readjust sooner and let More of the irreplaceable ancient giants be saved let us look to the future. We have a unique re source Trees which were living when Christ was born. The whole world wants to see them and look upon them with Awe and reverence. Save enough to make a showing proportionate to their greatness enough to permit the visitation of the vast numbers of people the future holds. And while we Are at it acquire enough acreage in the water Sheds to prevent the big Trees from being overwhelmed by floods and Silt. Advice on motherhood As Mother s Day approaches tradition requires that All moms everywhere be treated in terms of unstinting Praise. We Are reminded of their selflessness their virtue their Wisdom patience hard work and love. Even to hint that some Are less than perfect is consid ered sacrilege. The accolades of course Are richly deserved. But in such a climate what Mere Man would dare advise mothers on How to conduct the sanctified Art of motherhood Well the answer As it happens is that intrepid challenger of tradition president Johnson. In proclaim ing May 9 As Mother s Day he yielded to no one in his respect for motherhood. But he also took he daring Slep of appending some words of Wisdom directed at mothers themselves. I urge All said lbs to Ijo Ever mindful of their responsibilities for assuring that their children develop Inlo mature men and women prepared Loas sume the duties and privileges of american it s Good advice ladies. We know you re perfect already but even so we Hope you la keep in mint what Iho president said. What Sihanouk overlooks Prince Sihanouk Hus sternly called on Seato the Southeast Asia treaty h Mutual defense to Slop offering any Protection to his country came Jodi. But whoever got came Xulla obviously would have to take Sihanouk along with it. Such being the Cuse someone ought and or. Musics by Charles Keats. Funk 4 wag Nalls most studies of con men Are belter suited for the files of the Betler business Bureau than for hard Cov ers and the general Public. When the con Man in ques lion however is approached by a National political parly whose leading officials urge the deep zionist to become their next Candi Date for president the pub Lic deserves to be informed. Phillip m u s i c a alias Frank Costa alias William Johnson alias Henri Girard alias f. Donald cos Ter a self tilled Heidelberg . And ph.d., declined regretfully when urged in 1937 to run for president on the next Republican ticket claiming personal Rea the parly leaders though they understood. After All the head of one of the nation s leading drug manufacturer and distributor would Only be losing Money by becoming an admittedly sacrificial offer ing on the political altar. He would have to oppose Roosevelt. Coster Nee Musica John son Costa Girard Al. Al had More than Money to lose. He also would lose the flattering bul fake entry in who s who 1938-39, the formidable but forged documents attesting to his birth in Washington . Of american parents standing in shaky Stead of the Legal but lost papers showing his True origin in the italian ghetto of new York City of immigrant and he would lose the Dick Lorial but doomed control of one of the nations largest Commer Cial enterprises. Coster was a myth maker of prodigious proportions. He created whole Corpora Lions on the strength of a few tastefully printed letterheads. His financial statements both corporate and personal showed m i 1 Lions of dollars of profits in crude drugs drugs stored in warehouses that were merely Letler drops. Forged audit reports bearing i h e name of Price waterhouse attested to the financial soundness of Banks and Fis Cal agents who were Only products of devious think ing and a never ending Supply of aliases. A Domi Nant personality and almost hypnotic personal magnetism allowed Coster to borrow millions of dollars from Banks on inventories that did not exist stored in warehouses Hal did not exist which were later sent abroad on ships that did not a Small part of cos Ter was admittedly honest financial Genius. Charles Keats who has managed to Combine crime corporate finance and the big con into a literary work Hal is Al once his Lory High adventure and enlightening enl obtainment. O. L. Taylor wondrous world of fishes National g e o graphic society. Wondrous world of fishes is appropriately named. It explores those fascinating mysterious Waters which cover Aboul 72 per cell of this Earth and the strange and of limes Beau Laiful creatures which inhabit the oceans seas Rivers streams and lakes. The opening chapter tells just what fish Ore. And continuing with a wealth of information in also brings to attention facts that generally Are not known fishes have rings on Scales thai Lell age. Some fishes Are Jani Al specific cleaning Stalions they Groom clean inc Teeth and get a meal usually with immunity from attack from the predators that seek their services. The Nacho fish shoots blobs of water through a Rifle like Groove Al the top of its Mouth and knocks Down insects flying Low Over the water nature s own Polaris submarine. There arc sections on fishing for fun cons and deep sea fishes inc Inke and Stream dwellers warm in tar curiosities aquarium fishes even to pointers on set thib in an ice fishing fish Conser vation and others there Are More than 400 illustrations 371 of them in color in this Book which tells about 340 species of fishes found in and around North America and in will. And in line with National goo graphic s manner of the subject when it publishes a Hook there s even n Section a guide to fish plus n list of my Jar Noti Helums. Wondrous rending. Avnell Uhle Only by direct order from the National Geo graphic society. P. G. Albuquerque Best Sellers compiled from new i Ico Book. Store and Plaza Book inc. Fiction up the Down Stair. Case by Bel Kaufman Castle keep by William Eastlake by Arthur hailed the ambassador by Morris West legend of the seventh Virgin by Victoria Holt non fiction my Shadow ran fast by Bill Sands Catherine the great by Zoe Oldenbourg How to be a jewish Mother by Dan Green Burg markings by Dag Ham Harskjold the life and death of col. Albert Jennings f o u n t a i a by a. Gibson the great War at sea by a. A. Hoehling. Thomas y. Crowell co., a. A. Hoehling is a successful author who lakes history an event or series of them and dresses it up into a readable report. Among his works the last voyage of the Lii Silan who destroyed the the week before Pearl the great War at sea is a history of naval action from 1914 to 1913. Or. Hoehling does a great Deal of research and c o r responding to make his works come alive and alive they do come in this one with such stories As the Battle of Jutland the u boat menace Germany s naval Mutiny end the in credible spectacle of t h e sculling of 70 ships of the German High seas Fleet within two hours at Scapa flow. Major naval engagements then were sort of Loe to toe slug it Oul Bailies As vicious As hand to hand combat in the trenches and u boat commanders in contrast in some instances gave Crews time to abandon the ship they were about to sink or towed life boats to with in sight of land after a merchantman had been sunk. Tied in with the Over a i 1 picture of world War 1, it is Good Reading. P. G. The Apache Gold mys Tery by Eileen Thomp son. Abelard Schuman Ltd. Danny Collins 12, meets up with Matthew an Apache boy about the same see As they trudge across the mountains near Phoe Nix. Danny is there because he is Hunting the real Rea son for his father s death police said liquor was involved in his father s one car wreck in the mountains.1 but Danny knew that his treasure Hunting father did t drink so there must be More behind the Acci Dent. Mall hew is there because he is running Back to his reservation Home even be fore he arrives Al boarding school. The Well matched pair hits it off Well relying on Matthew s Forest lore to keep them Safe. Then they find Tom o Rourke injured when his plane crashes while searching for the boys. They get help f o r o Rourke and soon find out what really happened to Danny s fall or. The s u r prise ending has a Good moral. This is a pleasant juvenile adventure will writ ten with natural dialogue. Wholesome Reading. Mrs. Thompson has lived at los Alamos for 17 years with her chemist husband and four children. P. G. T. G. Wode1ioiise selects the Best of humor. Grossl Dunlap. Fifty selections of Proie poetry and cur loons have been combined Inlo an anthology of Good fun by Wodehouse and Scott More dish. In the Parade of the great Cal arc Thurber d n m o n Runyon Moss Hart Ogden Nash 11. Allen Smith Ben Natl corf and Many More. Nol nil live up to Hook s claim to the of but hallo Smith s Little chapter on Halij adventures with mediums " and is mus info. Max shul Man one of his Rooney College episodes included called love is n thur i bar tries to Divide his Ings into five categories and exp Nln them of All thl Ngi -mahc1ie Taylor

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