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Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1920, Page 1

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Albuquerque, New Mexico City r edition Albuquerque morning journal. City edition forty it rat or a vol. I a i. Ltd or it. Ten Page Albuquerque new Mexico thursday september 23, 1920. Ten Page fall by Dorr Lar or mall. My a moot gov cots train wrecked Bov Frehr will arrive epidemic of bomb threats sported democratic candidate City at 6 35 p. M. L governor James m. Cox democratic candidate for president is new Mexico a guest today Wal cities candidate and his party will reach Albuquerque More than hour late As result of derailment of special train near Phoenix welcoming committee to go to san Marcial to meet governor s party. Governor James m. Cox democratic nominee for the presidency of the United states will arrive Albuquerque Tho Santa be train from Elpaso scheduled to reach Here at 6 30 o clock this evening according to a Telegram to the morning journal from. L. Barnum democratic National committeeman for Arizona governor Cox will make Only one speech Here the message Albuquerque today is the Mecca <1 new Mexico democracy representatives of which began Arm my Gerdav to join the citizens of Albuquerque Wal comm governor a of who is swinging Back East his Campaign tour of the country. Party affiliations will not affect the warmth of the Welcome for the democratic candidate. Interest him As a distinguished citizen has been enough to Jsu a a Hearty reception and Central Avenue Wilt by it Corat l. With american flags along the entire length of the burners a strict. Web ome at san Man Ial governor Cox a party will probe a Ely arrive without the x j committee of ten men and women i of the mate who were Gallup last i it to w Otto me Hun and ii s i party to new me us it it a the wreck i Aud Conte it Pien Detour Tonk ii Cox party around to Deming and made it impossible for the welcoming comr Nettei to meet the train there of they ret Moi Blet night they will to to san Marcial today to meet the governors party. Throughout the Day delegation a expected Tim hmm adjoin lug town from All the arg r Tow a of the mate. Preparation Hai e been made for it any who Are expected to arrive automobile Bdrm la at Hla Lott. Albuquerque regardless of party of Follat ions will it and to Wernor Fox a rousing new my co Welcome Tho Charger details of the reception have appoint official commit meet the governor Tram at station Quot it Runoff t nil 01 tee of Thouman la of men. W and children of Albuquerque other towns will undoubted. Waiting at the Santa be station Fin the firm glimpse of the democratic a of rung to the inti gov. Cox and party expected to arrive Here at six thirty Phoenix. Ari. Sept. 22. Arranka my Nta Luau o have the governor Ana Nisi party taken from Here to Albuquerque. N m whore to was to a Peak tomorrow night by a different route leaving Here at 3,. Not and travelling the Arizona Eastern line to Laming m. The change caused cancellation of engagements tomorrow night several Kona and new Mexico towns the governor was Able to u e of i private sir Anto so one of the Compart int cars for other members the party. The Jetti m apartment cur however was too badly wrecked to it it proceed and extra 1 a per is is engaged. It was a miraculous is said tii governor a Ami a understand How there o few injured. It a i a wet i i be i a Blo City. Ari u. Of scats for visitors to it Cement for that candidate Ami to h. Address la City which i ii Osmor Fox Given immediately after a 1 a of Quot a noon the West Side or the Alvarado hoj yesterday. Berne i i it tee Iii charge of those unable to see the governor Sellers. Crept to i by the com sided Mer by Ai party Swen up not seriously injured Hie inn i Cleveland Boston new Bedford. Trenton and new York receive mysterious word of Radical plots. Accident May have caused. Y. Blast special route from Phoenix to Prescott goes into the ditch spreading rails Are assigned by Railroad men As the cause of the Accident Engineer sustains a broken leg jumping from his cab four cars ditched. But the governors private car remains upright future itinerary is Dis arranged. By morning journal special leaned wire. Phoenix adz., sept. 22.�?governor Cox a special train Tho Way to Prescott adz., from Phoenix Over the Santa be was wrecked one mile North of Peoria 16 a l i from Phoenix about 4 of clock this afternoon. Wagon which is supposed i governor Cox nor any member of his personal to have been carrying the party was injured although All were badly shaken up. Explosive May have been one engine Man is reported badly Hurt and several hit by automobile. Passengers sustained slight injuries. 1__ the Accident is supposed to have been caused by a broken Raj the three Forward cars were overturned litter do Vole pm up tax today the. And went into the ditch As did the second engine and the i investigation of Wail Street s exp tender of the first engine Losion pointed to Accident. As a result of the wreck the governor and his party rather than a plot news dispatch will return to Phoenix tonight being unable to fulfil a is for m other it its indicated the it pea it pm engagement at Prescott tonight. It also will a a mild Eilt Zernic of Point Thi necessary to re route his itinerary which will be done Fml broken out us country. It later. T lev Eland. I Oston new i a it if it a a. A Quot Quot Trenton Ami new yuck a Vic no or cites which report i spreading Ruis t inc to his feet. To be thrown heal i am by mows warnings of dire my 4 Oak to Ritch by across the car into a steel Wall. Fortune although authorities pro-1 he a shaken rugged out fessed to regard there messages a. Phoenix Ariz sept 82, to assist the injured and soon was the work of some practical joker nor it of s presidential Campaign nonchalantly viewing the wrecking Crank nevertheless every j train weft wrecked about 4 30 i age. Smoking his pipe and w it or tame extra precautions to pre o clock Torlay fourteen Miles North i fur a wrecking train to Ai live Ami vent of i tees were Bike. The of Here while route to Prescott take turn Back to Phoenix. Net that new York s custom House Uriona. I it of a a a passengers including a a atoll stands unshaken after Rhea to i democratic presidential can Cral of the local reception commit warning of explosion to have to Ligate i his party were badly tee Quot of Prescott and Phoenix. Juda j recurred yesterday did not cause shaken up when engine and e. E. Bollinger Kingman. Aru i Ephor Federal or local officials to four cars of the special train wer a a a ditched hut All escaped serious jury. The most seriously injured j h was Arles a. Nichols Engineer upon his arrival a nod Ltd go Limhi a a Munim arrival. Quot Al Avenue the route of a it a a ,.n,. Whistles will blow when the Parade w hich will i or. Odi t i f a of Olla faring the governor town and thence hit a a and bin Natty null into main Artie it run re 1 1 the a input t ant. Men it of to v i a of governor Cox will of course. His address a the. Armory Send used for # of clock. It if exp a u that the numb r seeking admission the armory to hear govern u cos will be greater Titan the a Patty of the Hall hut this vent is Range mints have been made Roll overflow meeting to that out of town guests will no i he at a Dis advantage obtaining a a it by Bein a de i a Range k it. Hellers. Chairman mute arrangements to t ii Lone negro holds convention of of of of of is Keynoter and audience too by morning journal hartal Ira a Ixl w . Fth Ramento. Calif. Rcpt l after to . ,.,.,led John a k Weer of a a Aklai a Colr-1 order the Ion legit pro or candidate a i to Hie appointment of commute numbly Man irom the. Thirty ninth j it to Lucions committee District held a state progressive of. A. Candidates already men invention -11 by lulus i i to t,.d Iii. Convention then tuesday us to Only person Winto a til. Unai As party Del the Gate at the. August Prim to paint form .usc.l Harding. a lid h ii a a it i 1 s e 1 Fri k f my i appears to a pro Ive i it to of the state of it All that la is t. To e at int t of the i plea of til it intr St to. That thee be i. Cled it ton chairman win a Tai a it i net t self address it it nah t the progressive party. This is the remnants of the pro Dove party Quot to chairman Fowler official key note do Etui a i Jugal son. Yyi hav it f i the to mild j i 1. to t w i .111 ii l weather r i a by a it a i St at Tun i. 14 Xii \8t Iii tit Cit Titu t my. Via their Day fat i it \ i i lit i of till join t of the try of u Tut now tile front porch w i Iko and 4�?Tootids a wait i to Welcome i prodigal son. It a fatted calf ii. Law to kilted am i. I pm it rejoice g the oth r a nay it i Home. Is Hamu i huot Ridge t Republican candidate flt i United tates senator and we u say to him. Just As was said to u a muons Mirs tiled of a Rod by it v it w the to of . Y hopi ire act f to leaned tit i rpt Tuat . The ii open letter to governor Cox dear sir All new Mexico without Kern Raj to party affiliations welcomes you to the state. We Are proud of our privilege to do Honor to so distinguished a guest. The journal extends a most cordial Welcome and promises As the Only paper of general circulation the state that you will have no occasion to criticize the fairness accuracy or fullness of its reports of your doings and sayings while you Are our guest or at any other time. But you Are not Here for recreation. You ape Here to be seen and heard by our people that Thi y May form a first hand impression of your personality and policies As a candidate for the highest office within their gift. That your attention May be directed toward a few questions of Especial interest to our people arriving at a conclusion we Are presuming to address courteously a few interrogations to you the Hope that you May see fit publicly to answer them. Question no. I is there a precedent the history of the United states for submitting to the nation by a solemn referendum a a treaty or a piece legislation the completed form which it will be put into effect if adopted at that referendum question no. 2 View of the fact that there Are so Many other issues this Campaign could you and would you regard your Elevon As a favourable referendum vote upon the league of nations the exact form which president Wilson brought it from Paris question no. 3 if not what modifications will you understand that the peo ple mean shall be made by their referendum vote question no. 4 does not submitting to the people a a word for word document by a a solemn referendum a effect introduce into our established representative form of government the methods of a pure democracy wherein the people directly and not through their chosen representatives enact the Laws thereby setting the precedent of substantially changing by informal collateral procedure our constitutional form of government regulating Federal treaties without the formality of a constitutional amendment ? question no. 5 do you regard the rank and file of us everyday americans intent upon earning our daily and a sufficiently versed International Laws International diplomacy and the dangers of International entanglements to be Able to pass intelligent judgment a referendum upon the of a i dotted Quot a it crossed piece of detailed International legislation which is to be put into effect that form if we vote yes question no. 6 of we can not thoroughly understand and know the full import and effect upon our country of what we Are doing should we vote a yes relax thir Vik filanc of kor foil it Wilt i Lues. While various inv Btij Ramig he a a re tracking Tiu sail or a pm York new Jersey it it a j -1bn employed by a bout vat the rom w Al Kiln ill 1. Cauca i Dihua to. Mort4 St than Muiir pal building that ten minutes item the Wall Street blast thy Hal been talking with tin Driver of the death Wagon which i let it moved either to have cart a bomb into Wall Street or to have hit by automobile there while conveying exp omit a the workers s lid that the Driver had rushed up to them and declared his Wagon had been bar Van a while he was telephoning his pm Plover of a or he add he to which had been ordered to take Nom building materials. Then he was said to Liiv did Hal Ca i de Kuiz my Iii i a Loshe Muir As instant District attorney Talley indicated tonight that los a tember grand jury investigating the disaster would be interested the Cory of tiles tour men at the jurors had been charged to look for criminal negligence As Well As conspiracy a f Hie Mojave county court suffered a bruised leg several oth is i cuts and Bruise s and torn a i g. Arsenal effects of All a when Bis hint of the former was the workmen so Quot Rte sat Collie a otitis tors Fie i att a egg Dosiia 111 i wit it a permit the grit nil i a Tenas a per int a a Ltd panics be i any sort Bel tug to of Prescott who had jumping from b s engine i i it of r. Spica Liny rails tin t air. Lipreading rails were i a undo try Railroad non As th1 cause of the wreck Whilt h com died the governor and his Pirty to return Here i night and cancel ii evening dress at pies Ott. Lim future itinerary ale was upset the Accident occurred a half mile oui of la Ltd a Ria a Village a to Ham. Be Railroad fourteen Miles North of Phoenix after delivering acc bes her the train Coil Wisting of Hix cars and drawn by two heavy engines needed to rth up Grade at Prescott left 4 o clock. About a half later while sunni at a Speed Cost a i at let Iii t ii i by f i pc and forty Mil a a aah Quot a it to Jarrell Suddin luf As if and t a ii application of the Mergi Jicy i rakes Utun Jutizi rails and Tbs and car told passengers their Story i oar Forward 4 Ara re trawl Kin by tin four Forward ears were that a ditched the governor s private is car la Federal at the rear and of pc the adjoining compartment it at of obtain newspaper non except for its of i Ward truck Only remaining nth a Oken i members of the train were sat i broken came. Most fling of it ars i a i the jury to ail sued for ii Lff Eiph ret u Mabl a a i is at i Tull of i Quot a Tai h. Old Man Equinox original fall Guy Ushers ant limn la Mali i eel Tiki Hill this Iii Orniti a it its not air sign of a plur na-111 agag w of # tlirtxi411 to Loki merely Meg thai 41,1 a juju Lei is with los again. It will is Rem a hoax the Quot Ila of to Jonal Sii go a t a i i tic it the Gray lava re Ort car i a. Ant Aam titty i it i it it or Al i 29 lids riling. Moui Natii Lim. i train i our Well Alnio Tistl trap or. A it a Hanx us it to vol my a tint min i . Milit Jaunt cel Adlai equal Ami Mark it tit Liaf Wiy boo i a own w Oiler and Quinoa a Rug tilts Ornim Day. A Anil alg Star of dial a ii Gill to w Oral. Rut Iii world it to new Ai 4 srem log to do Al of i tis had Nimi Iai alien la ii a pm Wiki Attal ainu a Ign a a a baggage coach track about fifteen f Over its Side two passenger coaches Aud another compartment rat behind a slowed ten feet Quot of i is from a lie track Ai j partly Tup i a i Over. The first engine of the doubleheader Engineer f it Hutton Al present Hind left hit ail firs amt then jumped again t second engine topple t Over a Cloud of escaping Strum t Ndeki of the for we i digit or while the first pin oat is i t he i us the Quot of t i Tieti baggage Caf and j i i Iii or a did panh angers Rad broken. Hath hos the Engineer. Was Talon to Phoenix c parsing Nuto Sublie Ana fit St Aid was Van to several other Philip Aho a. I Tescott the train brakeman who was alone the baggage or w sen it turned Over buffeted Scalp Serrations the fit Quot Nan the legend engine was unable to jump end Craw i out from the wreckage without a scratch that governor Cox escaped injury a due. It we said to delay a conference with the Prescott reception com if i tis. J. I. Hine Ott representing the democratic nest tonal com nut a Lac sum turn hour i trip. And chairman non i of Tho Prescott i irs a scr rout to the tar to it the govt train t nor to go Forward to la fut i list . where he recept i ii co bait tee a rid la 3. Who la rash of Tho a Brulee or Cut f word coach the Railroad a k was Orn up for a flints Nef to from six a to a fed. With a Dot rails broken ties Aud Glass strayed Al out a m adjacent not Ion to Field Railroad officials a re to Nanom uts declaring that % up a tip a t ill Uncur two Bevy Lor Omotta. And unus a Illy heavy steal qty pm a caused the the Wren a i. The line i net a mein my turned j artery l it a Bra a a of of a system end the rail it a Tea. Not of Tho heaviest Type. A not w is current a not a a the a rut .,a,4 ethers win gather after the wreck that a Man j a. A seen running Aion 1,1 i Road Hule the track just before Ilia to Ain left the track but a r it the i dior was entirely with Quot i amid i inst and was r of credited Elliot co members of his l or r rat �?T1 a a Al Ratlae among prominent local a Otis who were the governor ran to attend the itch Ott meet wer dotted Kates he a j i. A he and w i. Har St a a National c Mouth Duan. Jumped Werth Iii a k f y the truck a re Ril. Us i her a nun window fib to Luibl. Vii Quot Calls i i u. Over a a a \riz., acpt Tat auction of a f have bed Anno \ a Lodge tit Ive tit ret stories St i used for Dane floor and for room for a Vav plan. To Imi dub iced Quot Era i t it <1 nth first tub room to second Bachelor limited number of i be maintained i i unit to f i urn w Quot of i. I j Hove few a trill commit. Be j Josh it utter appoint .19 Fowler k convey the gee Huu til weal i the drug resolve of invention Quot Ady up Ubu Kab win cut.-. La lid fruit Worth $500,000 rots of of of of a materials intended peaches being Ted to hogs for service War Are Given to state it morning a Witrual a a dal ii to irs 11 of Al it ult ii did shortage Idle the neg to i Arni Roni Miston me Quot j is contracts mad h the grow Era. Iii 4 it Iii to so a Bushel Ara Don Harbor Marie ii 25, and Tho it the be apes a or no til fit., Otis who re t i i a Bushel it been Auld Ben ton yours respect fun by Albuquerque morning journal. Is the a1. Law it i a i Gaul it the i

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