Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1922, Page 1

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - September 1, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Chy edition a l by que e Rod e 510 riving journal. City edition ill to i Ullin a Fah. No a i i xxi is. O Albuquerque new Mexico Friday september i 1922 Miff la Iii ii to seyfred who me arrested by officials aboard Santa be Fri Complete bomb manufacturing Plant said to a Lave been discovered in room occupied i Lere by president new Mexico federation labor other arrests May follow. Hundreds c Rcw Ore drowned when French dread no ugh i sinks a hint be u cd % Pic �?�a1 Nib a h i the i Lins to blow up a Section the Santa be rail j y the Tunnel is believed by official1 in tie Bud Bot night by the arrest at a a a Ltd president by vie it , a in Andrew Bruno i he conf Scalion three Marjre it a the two men were carrying n on the train severed is engaged in this City. I drip re a a Derat i a and fires nit Ca bit a in in mum a mss Corum he is sit democrats is under Way burned bombed More Thun 600 delegates an Allred pint to War trains is disclosed tracks Arn Greaser anil1 sever to workers stunned motor car ditched by pile debris wholesale arrests terrorists a promised Federal agents Are Active in the Central wet but a g. Haydon Las vegas is temporary chairman and delivers keynote speech Telegram is read from mrs. W. C. Mcdonald widow the first governor. A i fun ii Milt Aln i j s i adj. Lilin apis a # i i nay he v Fin Job it a to a n nit <1. T1 a in up Pfefer it t by no Poi it t a it recommend on who ill i i to i i dreadnought a France j to i in Bonus Bill amp Senate passes j 0 ii n till m pm act pre Clit �1 a hot. T into w in Ltd rom pm franc la in r then i a w ii St vice i i ii tie word Iii a a ii a ail a d a it Quot a More build it rid t Effii Risi Riff v porno Len girl train ? measure As a to ended by or note would become effective january i. 23 land settlement Aid. Pm Rill i a i la. A i Lohf or it a a i. To \ in Quot s the to Quot ice 11 re it n w in in it plot aft attempt i wow tip a t 1 a to i x do Nam Ting Quot a. T Briskea and other railway to Quot up erty. Al track a i int King a work i and other not a jaw viol Nee Mark 1 the a Trike the Railroad showmen throughout j the country today. A pile Deliria heaped in Tho a it la a in m i 1 Quot fan expect d Wen go train j or thu it a inst it i r. Urine take to w a reported a in in a a a suited in the death a Ujj Ulm one Man in la injury the Eother when amp nor Handcart w hich they Weremy in Advance d a a j the train a truck. Obstruct t ?4 i an attempt to blow Tiff hic la in i do k ill Oiin in n doff o t i Ell la a i Only Opp a were tin a r it r -1 til cd Prev i xxx i ten. Auk. 31. A a i Tartt Tif j by Tail be nit the 11 the i j a Bill Wuu to Guitry i 1939and unlit Ort Atli h in three optic Ini puns int Iff a r the wet i War i fit no i i a ban i la it a whose adj. I i cum. I hit i sunk b id r a i it Ltd Dot j to in it i i 0 i he h. lip Iff a j a to sir View in w by. Is it a soot. R eat a i i a i i and Quot a taint k bum pro \ ,. A id St the Al i i. U int a. To a total a to t Bervie o a t t my the suit to Pur a my i m or a to i a men. T it Thad i i a i a v i a i the my a y a re advanced Eccl fins. N a to us p. F cd t the a l us. With Beath vote by ii mine it Filiai Bill Fob l p full Volt in train near Alton a i in bin a i a Bridge in Wal ass Del and the burning sex1 a on the a a Cotton it run i adj j vet i aft i i Euf involves an expenditure chs Clark indicted. About four a Ilion dollars Harding probably will veto it. Landed in jail in connection with riots in Herrin Coal Field in july. Is House disposes Meas-1 ure and sends it to the Senate. Where leaders expect Quick action. Ere ret Ort a a in til tank Odd to nil Tho a treat three men to. J Thien go charged with a plot to i dynamite mid wreck Tho new. J Yirk a a Casro we Stern sex pres a i then w Yolk Central Tine. I the late Serest follow. T i hold Ink four other men Acca a j wrecking the a million i my lure j1 j exp Rcd a on the Michigan Central 11,1 i Pear Cary ind., a lit to More than j la we k in Iio by removing thirty Ulm As a t pm 11 Miji la i >41 a i i ii is Opp nit ampa mime Imo tig the a ii iir4 m e t he first i t h to made on tin floor j4 Piton in i a Iii it a the j r i Tho adj out my m j w How be d to Etie i nation a. A ii be int tor. A Tun Tot it it Cill Reat Dupion ii r i a i i to it Oft pm to it to lot i was urged by those who i let it adjourn no Tinli Dould to it a name i before he p provided with a plat lot tit mph i it stand Lief Ort the pub to. I nmn it was taken on a polled by a. Largo majority shortly Tho it a it Moi ii i Ltd tatted d adjournment 1>> Viva Voce ring nerd Fie it apr i or j or foe Renhult Ntim Quot a a Milf a a it Iii inc to i id to ret in to i. J it. Rind judge or a a a county j tin . Jiing j though surprised w a i id Vav Asj Dell v clo am it. Erv it ohs., i 5 till us Iraq fleeced it i not a id a it <1 a v t k Lull a to in 11�?� a s. Tiling to Convy it Ion got a a h when1 Cam teat Arm i port in Yule bit zip h i it 11 i gets a a i a a it oui lit lid i nomination be a a a a to a differ a i p it Ard pm. Tog in to a in the in. Del Betti ill a. Re i in riot it Vaing and the tax Tat i Glen. Aug a Quot i Bill i ton i a a i ii Ratt aporta <1 a Row. A the n�1 control and mat Ion e iring the min j it it. Re in a n emergency t a pork u riven a Pike from the rail causing the death to eng Nemen and efforts were being made by Ltd ral and Date officials to determine whether the re War a. Con Nec Flori bet Cen the two group. La Alif on d dote it Ives posing to str Kerr. It mined the first lit for it men Topflight Oso Tecc til nut order w he Fyhad and Daies for i j5 a my j Ort i it pint a the 11 11 Alit o county do a a 1 l"1�?T was i i Parent when to n. Mar a moved that the convention amb the rep get to a Muir bit a i wow Ort thirds to be i to r a Niu Tii no to it it and Clyo Tang try just Vii ii it St in Opp i in is a change or. Marron contended usage it det Noracy Tai Miu to d. Jut Nae a pay lid in a it it a he g it the my jus in fir in nor it Marl aft run Vav Vav. Tan 1�?Tidicte i its Gat in the Twenty two i ii i Iai i id it Gnu is Arov i s rut shed today i y the Hotree 214 to 1.1, Iii i -1 it to Tho Senate i a ratty i at y Cran a Mora lion a ply on a ii aage made in tin a asure a a originally framed an Inte dment providing that the life till la w a id end january i 112 4, or a w week after the fit t flu Tih Shin fisc cot Gross. La re j the i i the i h e a be calf inn Crnin the inv a fir-1 a Dpi t11 so a v pc it liar a p Igustor a i to Hafl it he a four men in Conn try out rag the plot a re it i or d it Lle that Champa the nor Nim or talc pan had been s a i j night la. Lulu $1 n Day for do tie to j 1 w it % Ali Stottl Xvi. E Arni i ass a Day for i it to. I Al Al i i nil i nut Here i v a a i a to a pm t t 4 a. A a at Tir a Iuta. Nta us it to i Tang but Iii no cd a Etc a i the i fid a it fur. ,. A i into by a a to. Man. 1 m Hou ill to perform a i 1 t ii a pc d to cd i a a Lenin i corp red b to. It i $500 i my till a us. It a fun i in Fth i r. I ? a i c Veteran who per pm Omi. Pow Der is a i Rcd any it it it i it a Evje i sex i l 41 for i with Emi i i. 11� f Ain ii ii far a u hic s w a 1�<unbid a i to. J Hift raid 1 cd i a2a. V i ill to id a a adjusted Derat incr is i v in a it a a cd Vau up service credit t it ared by 2. P. I in at a a a tvr the Cut i i my ,1 Cut a to sax he Paine Paul la Tai id in i merest the on for s w a Aly i n in i Fem j re Poi ted the Back j it w a by a Al t1 a i it it i per tided Annua by. Tent a i a it a i Fie ors flirt la a sri that i in til j my a try y a a la pee a i Hall Ltd i j min nil a sit or any Batik tit i rust ii Quot sex Jet earn theoc it Quot up 1 a in to pot ated undo r its,., i heir ice. I b it Quot. #. In ? w a by i Date Sci Eltory p 0##ea i i to i. T to 1 g 11 Foi Wing on or the 1 a urn t a a a to in Tisa -1 tags la to ip<4 Anil tax a Auld by aul in riot d to loan 1 n any i i i Ltd d that i in gift it a. W tiv it Loran upon i Iii Prima a \ not that to i been by cd cd by h it and jut to aet vie i tax a Ftp it t v a a her in Beale Abs a pc r cd Art Loutit not in tit the total a or the pied by an the Fop St pled. Ilia j to Gore Vin. Stands where he Lav that in from i ll1 it i Tho s Rte. D Cit. Unti at i i the Ilia \ or it la i pied up t a rip mind officials a t a Oleuir six de nut i ill huh. J killed two thut a t ult one 1k kill sat it w and it in fro Tail being paused. 122 t in that a net t t soldiers Bona Hill posed attention a oat legislation the s s Poi Al had in i a was Tun Horaho Ere being Chi Salon itt tempt to i. I in i erne 1 w pm a a i Tojo to find the Quot a it ass j the dynamite which was been used. Wholesale the to Yon were promised lls-1 Chica co police and i Dos t n a a i had and i ii a red tide for week Cri Chil j la is. Loft i ii i i at i with loss Iliili the hoi Bill passed last rating a fact finding cot a i tig i a Ken to p tvs u hour however showed the in y St action ors the matter to tic Mel Ell. Fri p j today and it want ova v far a tit Tho i is r j consideration tomorrow who h i it Itig Tiht Iii House i Uricher Ileta not i it y. D i a. Us Eye. At the a Nus Vav on by the to doted be Hor i in get 11 i to a i Porter la claim i temp Ira to. a he need t. It i in part Euln a ii ii to the that n the Jin it a adjusted get there a Ert Licate id Pur in d at the rat arc in credit plut ii from tile Date i a tie Date the 4% per cent Theta u loan. Joti your these 11 pm Imi ceded. I Nib but lust ii to h d 11 a. D a i. a a to t the. So i i g id i inv a i i that i d in the the itch i an a i in n in 0 Trinity and. Seyfi have pm k 1 Lak it a a Vav Fin Vav ski i nil a in tic coach i to a u men can Quot i Iii o we and Ca re a a a nit a a i w the Tutti. By i ii i in. Vav Iio j a St on plot and Ilia deputies Pew Vav s w Frh Hay it tip aft a Rind t g them Ami a a in i t ii it arrest might this morning so on Al Titi a pits Elpi loan within Matin try. The a Veteran my to pay i and interest the fix Stout after its Govi i lineup Vav ii id raps with St nit the i pm a ii Pari Oil pm Ila. Iii old a it d Presa i a i a i a wed. Be be has i is miners i \ or id. The old a numbed a mini see tim by g Rig i in he ohm i Lay a in a lion i to ii t on Trot my Dis to i Ion me it Aire w i n h. Tvs the p Ltd Tad Tho a ight a a Cut is Sun Nee ,. Per Tai Lent it Pieh i n i a n it Iii do re in the pro it i or Sicney t to Chi i Nee to in a j a aim i 5. A a a i. Nee i it nit in r Urb re pm i Gen a a w it Luck aft no in a but Sonere it Ria it a ill w i Tavo cd out p j til con ii Iti a tin w i Ltd or to 15, a t but wit la h a Hill a i Ilia Taen i pm t to 1 v to put be in the he r i proper. Ii ii nmn in in s . Ute i enter la. A i nine re it e i in Mil few the leu i mgt i t. A to Iamb e i rid fit tin 20. J tire. Or i \ Oto a tilt i the Tel Ion on i a ret a in d list o 1 t. Tie i Tipre t Tati pc i Law i. Urn to x i Tobun Era in t be r the tor lie i. Ural West. I be spic the wide a a to to div a a out Bren k m and to t i. Pert v ins.�, few injure. Reported. At up Jap a t Railroad kit were heat thug the. W Hnin on bombing disabled a Pennsylvania Nill Rou Ridge and that Farad window for blk is around hut did not i Repar Abii damage the Bride an it erupt to blow up a Ridge a per it in Innanti to. Was report cd to have done Little damage St Pun cd 1 w in it woe Thi and the c i Fui Jai i in t to Man ., Jor. To on or act Init Ilion in irs la n i i \ 1 Thoi id it i is i�>�?T6ju#bod by i to 61 cometh in v ii Iron h Ting Fey. Ii to arts it it and a �pt1 d he Moi Hen Vlf was wot duals vide a i Cia re w Ouid Tun j he nation v in i a a 12, ii a lordy a Adlei it to t Orrin at. I have i Oit bed the party by Ivy in i 5 siic1 co City a a i Iti Sera Jfhn Tat us in in i it All i by the As Mort in i Imp a put was rho killed today in the Green room in Chambor a put s Martin a an h dependent member is Ped with to shooting which Vav re a dispute Over Tate pm a credentials the two men unities from the state Mienhoa pay to the Bank the amount ids l it in. I a it and interest Aud take Over 1 the certificate. Thus on Hibo rest or d to the Veteran at any time prior to its maturity up it re a sin from him the amount paid by Trio go pc in in tit to tin Bank Pius Tho i interest Oil that a myth a a a he rat a 4 1 j per cent a year compound annually. Lint int a rot. The in in test i i it in i 1 Veteran by the bunk could nut sex loll by Mot than two per rent a year to a Rte it charged a the Efti i tile loan for the discount n in Ercius paper by the Deral a verve Bank for tin serve District in wit was located. a Veteran died maturity the loan Merit would pay principal and int a a i numb e a t h r Satis Coal i hid a x v i. R. Cob. Aug Fri Ney i a net a i by far i Ridgy a to i y saturday not much in temperature Elzona generally fair Friday 11 in temperature i taxi Al pout in it ions for Tho Twenty four tided at it p. In. Yesterday by d by the univ. I sit it St i it in pent Ture. 0.1 a fit 02 to sit is11 a i a h11111 ii i o i a i it ii. Ii flit y a t to lid it v it to i Pitat iou Etoi it y it on v. To i tor Dini to u Fly Federal Felt the Bank he for the the govern to the Funk the re get and to the i beneficiary named by or to the. Estate the Veteran tie fire value the certificate less the in out i lid to Tho i a lib Tater january i i so Ufi veterans holding i it Lento could make direct a lip Quot a inn t through pet a Mast cry for government loan. such blam were Jet Vic at ans 111i4 nov More than tin a the Date Lite it Cate it could not exceed 50 per cent the sum the adjusted service credit the Veteran pin interest at 4�?Tj per cent a year from the Date the certificate to the Date the loan. the loan were made at any titties More than three years after and not no or it than six years it it a the Date Tate the sum could not Exroad or. A r cent the adjusted service credit plus interest at i to per cent from the Date Tho certificate to the Date Tho loan the Loup we re made at any time no ice than a is years after the Flat the o Trifi ate the rum i eat Lull i ill Bilge i nud Moi t a to i Gocr no tit experts 1 tfx la the la i a. To i by Bol it 4 >.1 a 0,4 Al a a he bad 75 j a the v a it i a Slee i a Lite Cert Al eat pm. A i 2 per i a it tim fat a a look Aid us $ cent 11 a to. At Al training to a in would d Hided an t alb in i o w me 7 a x to j 7 7,7 2 i1 11 26, $ 7 i 111&Quot Quot. I juju n u t Tita a s to 1 2 7, t i a a a 2 21 a in 2 tax x i i Lak i 294 i 2 a t a no. So 2 $ 8 to i 1,11 ? ,17 2,9 19 St x 2 5 11. I i i Quot i. 77t i it n. F i v bos i 2 a i 934, a i s is i 37 1 03 a a Fth n a it. . I a 3 to. $ 19 is del1 Fri $2 i 0 5,210. I a a 27 Tat 7 a u. 19 it $2 4� Ato i 04<i i i 99 1.61 Ai >4 i i 7,1 8 0 i i m2, aint 198,203. Total 11 it big Ali a a 7 t 1,6 7 0. Total ii 3 to 19 16, i j. "x.fut, x i i total. S to 8 4 5,059 i a 1 this toll i i xxv 111 a a and a in pie in caused a s Imp at. D a him Low Utility i a iou til at Vins the a i is i rid he indict g in flit w ii ii a Stencil i a a i upped. 11 w Hick by it i a torn it Tau declared e i >11 id. Nee i flt Iurii Ilion on his i Cov ted Ami d fur All i jurors cd Mil. Vav ii Licin information was broadcast by cite Commerce him att a offered lha motion to strike it out. Ai d in Vivus r p port by chairman Marlin the a Propf Iati a its Toni met a d a . In to i u in a to grit in i by a original Vav a s tee. 1�?Tt eve to sought til a to lid i to give cum a an emerged y a Nai a Ling end r it toot n to t a treated through la 1 i is Vav in w Ere pm a Eton would go a bunion i or. Llu Burn i nut for the Purut the clause to a apr in or. Winslow a i the provision so lie right to in i v 11 cd in til Quot 11 Rand Vav or a but a a Foet v As do votes Mem i fide it the entire hit Ile eel i i Roll to to re com so eliminating vent i u t on tit faculty members Arf arriving at College tit to Iima Taj Tribil state 111 o it t s. aug a flu us w by elect d in Erdem tim in ult the new m. Vie Olta go Nghieu tor and Mechanic ans one beginning to arrive to act to Flint themselves with the Dull positions. Incl 4 Grad to mis a a m. A ill a i a a varsity ,.f Missouri place Burns a professor Anima husband Bur n a Arias nutty id that Woodrow Wilson. G Ley i to opposing t tacit. A ibid that in the Pri a n Dorily i ides and t ii it Rule in 11 e a invention i in to l conv nation has up Hie Alcove Quot Seal or. In vote the amendment be con Pittee report a y g Largo majority Unin hat Uati 2 ated by Poniti Ai observer that the move to require a major r two thirds w ,4 made in an Effort to forestall a possible nomination for governor for a. T ii mint to Gallup who a the a tap it the labor a ennant in to convention Atid River whose mid Dacy the Bernalillo county Deb g i Tion fins been spit Sunnett has i on id in i to strength and the con Rev at Ive w int Tho party is to fear to the May receive a majority on the first ballot. A n who know Bennett Hest d c or 11v�t he really Good gubernatorial Timber but Tho conservative Clement seems Bur that it would be hard Toa Enfin a the conservative voter that Bis Devotion to the Jabot i cause would rot make hint a too i one sided candidate i a h. Vaught i it ending was Recs their carded last night As a Strong candidate. Even though to has oppose the Silt on at Home. Old time my tie i rats who favor a Candida Tak Quot the j is Cap aids cd making k it sirtaut and who h is Blit Are pulling lord Ider Quot in which he assailed publicans in no a w Medico for so m Vietra Loeft which had Quot in cease a the Quot. Rpm Altures Fol a a a i i to Vern Merit 2 i i per cent a since stat Hood a the report the committee on Rule Quot and order by no a. Oft r n fire fight on the provision re a Tardier number vote require d to nominate candidate a adopt cd. As follows order Buri no Leport credentials commit in report a a tic committee on rub a and Ord Ltd by Sirius report committee permanent report commit on platform and resolutions report advisory com i it tee Nom i not loll for frilled pit att s a tor nomination for rep react Nilve in engr a n in inc Don for governor nomination foe lieutenant governor nomination for Secretary Tate nomination for state treasurer nomination for attorney general Minai on for superintend in Public instruction nomination for commission Public lands Nomen not it a for Tat auditor nomination fat state ration comma Alonzor. A a a ,._ a majority vote Arete. Or it. Furez Quot i a 14� to Tom a uni rom my Fin film att no Mem mme a <1 i a Ltd Ball i bound i a the nit Rule except by imm pm to us a oni it the delegation 1 Ciega been ions the several counties Shad a boti.<1 Fuji Atrens thus Quot to Forth i in re a Call the county delegation shall name four members the a let Central committee and o on n Iii a i it lib i Convell j county j visors the Cal i pc to j the tile a a Al r.1 to in Geek to the University to. Ila i chum a i Hac it w read in or 1 1enn to a Lorn Ina i d in Ere to to Difan i ted his wot free takes to i has a. R i i a s j professor i. Met i pro left in Chemis Grad run p to do met lur1 r Lei Al to talk graduate i not no work at i a sird be University. By c no fess or 11 it to a i has had Cintli Drubi experience As a Chomi to and an an assistant Irish Lictor a he Filver i. Ilk j a i i it in it w in v v a -G.&Gtv. Mer Kos id Bis iou by in we i go a fore the Tina. Horn a Tai a rata you it in predict ids nomination. Ate Onui r lat night or. Ii where he . Vaught to us Opp e i r the i ome i i by Felix it far in piece the party for an t j in a a .1 ii a i. 11 Tok prof. Or wll has Many support or Cru latins that would Boma do under the $3500 ,<m>6 land reclamation provision but under that provision t e finally would Rover these Cost til total the certificate plan b placed at a so i a Ltd p.481j farm and Horny a eld 2.425.00u vocational training s52,325,000 and Cash pay Mentz to veterans receiving $50 or less $ 10,000,goo. Be underground method Atter to s or reported in open Bate today judge Hartwell announced that a xxx. Kerr rip sunni for the Illinois Aline work a , had filed a petition for the n to Aso fill on Bat. The data Fop hearing Villi Fie agreed i n a Ween attorney general Brand Jui Nois states attorney duty id or. Ketr judge i. Mall sex i p aimed. Bro a i our a it i Lee. Xxx bile or. In. T r a Tai a Hio inti a out that irk to Limtao a ii a a . 11- my red. It r he bad it Artia j to w inflicted fro murder to it Tautiu nov duty re crated by ii a Jot Tai t dark a preparing hit fee and the the indictment a Vutz d to apprehend and de Ain him i fore this purpose could be accomplished. I Price flu org d for goal arid uth it fuel and Pron ote the a Twal Vevi fare a was rejected without a it rec lord vote thre Republic in from xxx Ixo or Glia opposed the bib. A care tentative to. Odd Loon tax. Tail Tut d daring that in the Hon debate operators had been i # d whil6 to n Kef o n % \ a it Jaq it i a lifted cry % Tot As a a it spy Indiana member the inert j . I 4>t the a us. I College or. 11 most Las time instruction. My m Oei Aliased in an assist in the stat v it or. Course in training offered agricultural College i Ibi s dam Agi o Khi do is Texarkana. Ack. Aug. Bridge or the by. Outs South Western Cotton Belt railway a a a Ivy Cen this Ltd a 11 a1 St a a is a re a it ii tan cd Quot i Nill w a i. Nan a cd last night in a crier fires 4 Are killed when a state College n. M., , course in busiest training col legs Grade is to tie offered for Tho first time this year by the now Mexico College agriculture and Mechanic arts i. D. Comer a graduate the College Commerce the University Alinne to a i in i it d 11/ co a i Ith Taha i a n a feted to head tin train strikes a i u Row it Portra or. Comer in add a edition to having taken his College Oakland. Calif., avg i Avo work in Bindics training at one Ina w Milan and an infant w it pc it to Best tools in the Middle West killed Ai san foremen Soili a i j Lias had considerable experience in today w Hen an Automa 1 a it he business Field two years Vav High they were Riding was Trucl lids business Crien was As pro by the a ass tuck ton flyer the j Val never tar to Tho vie1 prel Maui Tern Bacini i alive to m Ite idea one tim Large Railroad machine was Cut in half and Otic the Rountry. Ile was also enia get cont Ming the two n a a a. Pin to for some Tarn in Pic i ii a or As carried More Thlin i a n. Yurtis. A not Dot part Pant the i a Ltd a he tax Nax making i1 uses. Mica in May ibis a cd Mot a tim ii a War business cd a Quot to Iowa ret i u n r. Or returns t lab nor n -j.ring. The her own Mist by depart tins a gr.,.uate state agricultural or no i will devote a to to e in a open. , who has in Lyta Al work will de Che mics office Sui and til j fid. John to kit Quot a a. A fit Impieri us liter-1 pry. Is mentioned at a Strong c it a didst. In Case h Dt-adlo1 k. I steel tug Omni it e working. In View the Mary candidacies for placet on the. Ticket the in j i delusion in the convention s list cup. N i t i i advisory St. A committee lend to the belief Flint a Ibec ruined furl will i"1 made cur., conflicting claims and on tim a or omitted a Ftp a the Ion Ltd to by led by the Central Commett is the and �-.? in Ltd a i report a a i the chairman the Ion. Aion Zion Buinn furl a Congro Ilon ii nomination is a feature the convention that May have and effect on the Guber a Tori a i nomination As some Trad a Irig i reported to he under was among the Delegate 1 indication Are that the convention Tony i n i sit it work int Toto get though it May run or into Hutu Day. The Democrat tic state convention i was called to Ord r be Trad a morning at to clock by g for go a Hunker in a a chairman o. T to democratic at at Central committee Rev. Father a. . Alandz Biri s. J., tils Cit pronouns a who in Van Ion and prayed divine guidance might he Given Tii i Delegate to the end that the should select at candidates for pub i in office people who will regard their office a n sacred Trust and a administer it efficiently and jul chairman Xvi Iton. the Cit com Mission made a neatly phrased speech Welcome offering the j democrats t he hospitality the icily. A May you build a platform planks free from Knothole and in a my Nail it together with i the nails minority said or Walton in conclusion j Alvan n. Albite Silver Fhy i formerly state superintendent j nil min Larue Toh. Tad Chat Albe i a is the great Center tim great a Tate and re a called having participated in a several meeting the state a duo i i Ion a i Asse sat Loti at which the in nit Ike the City Quot i give n to it heart1 by. Hosni i the conv Pitlon j must nominate it Pablo officer. 1 venture to say our governor can j make a better a Lect Ion a a Perinac dept for the state pen a t Varv Plum the present Gavel or. Be said nip Init i in edged letter a rend from the men and women a joint democratic c a it i Ltd i Laten expressing fest wish fur the Success a it Tho convention my pledging its support to the demo i b who �?�1 Rong i in my for i Hall to re an j i hereby j in the in j mince ice i by at i i w to r. As gift lie col j to vt1 to u i a Stenston work in i were hot is this year to t Tam rhe j election in Luna. -1 ii a sin 1to a Kythe ice or Al commit. Imari who r. Gtd. La sir it Aeh \ t i gov a nor one Case Scarlet pos Simy a on i Cut ii this Al in the ii it so closely avoid hitter fights n flour. X rom Al was found Nee convention in a i the die Gay is divided ast. The fever in Valencia co. Luna. N. Al., aug. I. Tho health department reports the existence a Ca a Scarlet fever in Valencia county but it is hoped that an epidemic May Fie Avo b l. Tilts disease is Hig Lily contain a and Carris a ii git cd in cd Biddy and mortality. To Ere. Re no Imam prevention by in inoculation unfortunately but it people vital co operate with Tho local phys a a tans and health d Pur Tinita by promptly reporting ail snap Tad cases and obeying tip Antin a till Hon to the i tier an pitl mama j be avoided Ca Adit it fat a some a important is if1 i at this convention Tau n a partial agreement on and representative rain h time Wall be a a Aud bad fueling avoided to ,. Atit,., Harmony in the Caw a Asp. Tho. On Mitt include Otic t Ici Iller ii no it a i Cunt Dele i Hon and it was noticeable that Strong men were placed in the Ste. Ring committee. The report the committee on credentials la night showed that,03 accredited delegates the number specified in the a Aik a a i Tho convention and there we e nut contesting b a Quot i tata i uis. A ill follow by w t i pct Nancut Hoer a a a. Mock in Hull county Cha in n or. Hard a in. Harding Nundy View chair Man Ignacio n. Vigil a Moi count View Cli tis maw ticket 1  1 be Nom. Golf cd a to a to in was read from or data mgt i a in Ald. Widow the i ret state gov pm it a expressing her Reg Etc being Tii Obj to be present tip eats Tho a arime. Do i leg tons appeared to he filled and was tired that Over heft w it re per it. this number Over seventy Fise women had registered 3�?T Iii tim. Tho convention opened. Xxii. Tit a Dan. I it Vega atom a Ney and banker was introduced a tempura i v a i Firmun Alc. Hay Dor began Bis address by Reading a . Do Patch from xxx Ashington stating to it v. A Jones new Mexico a become the recognised in Ider the democrats in the Senate a a the tacit Tad other Matt a first Impo a Anre to the n it nit. A Tel cry Democrat Aud a number Ai it up a is voted.&Quot Bis in do it to the Ferd to a. Ai. A. A lift it vat Hlf id. Ted would t Iki the Tariff in politic the amendment a ii to by a in \ a de a the try add cot to Unes no Tindal a fair or Haydon devoted a it pm he a deem to atonal affair he. Id that the Democrat la party t a up Nuta a to pit is

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