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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 27, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico A Exico saying a paper Albuquerque morning journal to Riith x ear ,. Iwo no. R>7. Albuquerque new Mexico wednesday May 27, 1s25. New Mexico a leading advertising medium Price five Cen i retinue silence from Frozen Arctic Region causes apprehension for safety of explorer my his comrades who left Kings Bay six it ays ago in air plane flight for pole Washington government will not Send dirigible sew York May 26 apr the North american Nessier Alliance announced through the associated press of clock tonight that it was still without word from the Mundsen Ellsworth North pole expedition. It is now Days since the two planes started from Kings Bay it Bergen headed for the pole. I i on am i k in ans to sem semm Anes is Angeles 11fmay 26 a plans for a seaplane expert a to search for Roald Amund Arctic explorer which Are go i Forward Here and in san Diego in outlined tonight by Haakon ii la ii n or. It tiler a of. Ire of Mundsen. Who is organizing the Rosed dash by air into the or regions. I or two Albuquerque Bok puts Bulle through Beau in flight from Justice John Crocker wanted in connection with robbery of White Star drive less car co., commits suicide on Road near Alameda after exchanging shots with sheriff Felipe Zamora John Crocker 21-year-old Albuquerque boy shot himself through the head with a 18-caliber revolver a mile and a halt North of Alameda at i tuesday morning As sheriff Felipe Zamora was bringing him to Albuquerque from a Aba to answer a charge of aiding in the robbery of i the White Star drive less a company office Early Sun Day morning. A coroners jury returned a verdict tuesday evening that Crocker had come to his death by a self inflicted wound. Sheriff Zamora arrested Crocker rant for crockery Arret late Mon at Cuba about la p. In. Monday Day afternoon after Wray 81m Moni employee of the Driver. Car company had confessed that he and Crocker faked a robbery car company driving the no party sunday morning which re a equipped with pontoons for mrs. Pearl Hill who left .�?~lsuorfromo01. Husband and children in in k eii1 Quot a quote u r o pc an a lid a. Be Iowa to join another Man Harry thaw cry if it could deliver two such kills herself to Rotterdam Holland by _ to. He pointed out that Alamogordo. N. M. May 26. A Ile in All likelihood Amundsen. At were damaged in or Perl in a lung on to. A Quot Rinh in of the Quot uie id. Here sunday Mya ii a. A or n. To a i Lief up. Dif Ion ing rare lie a id she w i Rudi <1 i a lived it Elj a Ahi to m Toming Down safely since by time. She had been Here Only ten j end of june or Early in july. Day employed at the Oasis cafe summer thaw would have As yer Ernest vorholt. D wide stretches of water in werholtz was put under arrest i Vicinity of the pole. J by sheriff ii. M. Denny last night Start july i and in jail confessed be had a wife the plane can be landed at and four children at Eldorado i Perdu by june in lie mid. Jowa and or. Hill Coan be trans shipped to King a and t children at fort Dodge Spitsbergen. Amundsen j j Ping or f i o a in .1 in in and it pm Titi Iii of the. Orer before july i. A i a i a d. With him sufficient supplies list his party for a full month. Tho course followed by Roald Amundsen in his dash to the n Rill pole is shown in the map. He Ami his party went through the Arctic ire to King s Ray Spitsbergen by boat and then the two planes carrying six men. Jumped off for the goal. The explorer i seen on skis in his latest picture from the North. Back in White Light s Glare la Bonaire who slew and suffered for is deed returns to scenes in new York Duray drives --------113 Miles an hour in racer de Nev wired the girls bul John Hiu who telegraphed i hold vorholt and Send the git body to him at fort Dodge. T sheriff at Eldorado. Iowa a wired Denney to hold the Man a charge of desertion of wife a children. Or. Hill bad told waitresses the cafe she was unhappy a would kill herself it is said. A Hetio letter to her Mother m Pearl Good peed fort pod show her remorse and sacs i loves her husband and Childr vorholt stated they left Low. F doubt that the Amundsen was ago and spent a month Elta so. I of new York. May 26 Lead a Harry k. Thaw who re entry into the night life of Manhattan for the first time since the evening a killed Stanford White is the present sensation of the White Light District Stid today he might re Washington. May 26 Iai. A main in the City a half att hour or reports were current her today three weeks he was found Quot a i that Clem chaver of West Vir be succeeded by Oldfield of Arkansas says Rumor Fox in conference a with careful rationing. I i. I a a i Quot a. A. A. I i two flying boats would provide party of six with shelter Turner plans to follow the Able direction taken by Nudsen after leaving King a proceeding to the ice Border searching All territory in the hotel Cosey his identity. A i m simply Hen i m Gobi so to Atte Ness and leave. A wha a it d admit n bima. Was preparing to resign ase and chairman of the democratic tis t Bual Lon a committee and that representative William a i a 11 f Lei ii. Of the a pm 0 you want to complained 1 pm Here if i 1 ii let you 1 Ari led y would attempt to March to Inland if their flying a been damaged since tile Only Ible me a of travel Over the in id would be on skiis and two hers of the expedition. Kiu Mechanic Are not ski run toes not i aver dirigible i Mility of Relief by dirigible practical assistance for the u Misc ii Patty could in est Abed Only by Landing and a Dirrigl told not land without a Toor Laet manned by a competent in Iamb id a ii i j ill i i Iai Nana m xxv my i mix i mix Iii dad to lending or the i 26 ,.�? red today be a Remote any Chance in dirigible ens Ange Shenandoah into the Rich of the Amundsen in Stute get u. S. Approval will be designated As official United states roads state Highway Engineer at conference t a x ii Roan ported Over i among Well or i eve a ked ered us ii panic in i. D at i the d by d n t when hive. A again i lights it worn g. Inch Meetra lid to i is bore be d Iii d fit do d at Anse had been agreed upon its successor. Party leaders Are Ming to have a meeting of the in it tee probably within Hie formation that a Compromise been reached on the Democrat National chairmanship leaked coincident with announcement or. Oldfield of preliminary u for the 1926 congressional t. Or Shaver was said to have red committee members a a month ago he would not remit ii a Harmony candidate had it found. 0 the end that it he found e a place i tween Repei of or. Shaver xxii Ila in ii Ai and governor Smith and it a ars to Leader Here that a it Over the chairmanship Tan 1 voided. Or. Shaver a chairman of the Unitive and manager for John Davis in the democratic Rand a a in Patten for the preside a i a a made the target of count from within the party on Tai occasion. Toe of the democratic wheel i co Phat get met with eight Cylinder machine Speed Demon turns in new to Cord for ten Miles at Indi Anapolis Indianapolis hid. Mair 26 ape a Leon i Birny driving an eight Cylinder ear today est t Bindi a new record for the or Diana poll motor Speedway for ten n Lites w hen., in qualifying for Mattir Days too Mil race he negotiate d the Dis Lance it an average to f 113.196 mile per hour lits drive for the ten Miles was 6 1tt 02�? us 32-100 of a second faster Thor i the my made by Peter de Paob it earlier in the Day. To us Paolo however went the record for one trip Ai round the 3 i-2-mll# Oval at a average of lit 2k& Miles an hour Tim Ald retard for one Lap of soft Miles per hour established by ton i Fri v 111ti i in 1923, earlier in the also had been broken ii a order by twirl Cooper with an i ii Uit of not Miles per hour. And Harry i fart with 113.43 toilet i per hour. Duray was the fourth Driver to better the old Mark. Eighteen Drivers qua lifted their care for the thirteenth annus re newel of the automobile it classic by turning ten Miles in to or then in Miles per hour a but three Drav better than too mile Fri defense tikes Sund in suit with Charles if. Morehead pro Praetor of the White slur Driver it to Mobile. He was bringing a Rocker Hack to Albuquerque. About a i mile an d a half North of Alameda Crocker linked permission to get out of the car for a minute which was granted. He stepped out of the car then wheeled and covered the sheriff and Morehead with a revolver ordering the sheriff not to move and commanding Morehead to drive on. Zamora retorted. Done to move. Hell Drew i own revolver and jumped out of the car toward a Rocker. Quot Rocker keeled and fired the Bullet passing Over the sheriff and close to Morehead Quot Rocker ran and the Herl of fired two shots at him. Attempting to strike the fleeing Man in the legs he said. Fugitive Falls Crocker ran through a ditch full of mud and water at the Side of. The Road stopped a1 is attempting to show that Dometilia Sanchez ran into path of automobile which killed her the defense in the damage suit of Aga pit o ranches is George Armijo got Toto action shot i in before noon tuesday the defense is attempting to show thai Dometilia 8 inches. 16 year old daughter of the plaintiff who was killed on october amp. 192 4. When from the car fired a and fell. The sheriff head could Hardy diet out Tinea of his form t darkness of Dawn the sheriff and his found a spot where Crofts the ditch St the thou Watt in Ker shot d More a its the nigh the a i d in car instead o Edge of the i so w iter Ai ered to gun Ai my a or rut win it Al or had it saw h bsh to to up to p d Hall i hoi in i urdu at it the lira to to it la Santa be. N. My highways in new to pm minded to Hod it j a United states High a a Ling the plan of the. Interstate highways at of stats Highway offic Western states and Glne ers St san franc state Highway in a. French represented at Tho meeting six expedition. 11 a i to Awalt the departure of the 3 Millen expedition to the North t month and of the explorer not reported by that Tim to what can be done by a Outing it the air plane of that party. Two idea. However was that the Amundsen party had been fed Down there would he Little turned pee for the aviator to find in. Fth party of work is re the Civ i i the rail of i claim upon i respect to or rent offi Coolidge <1 Ide Rahle int Liny the or i favor am funds a of it Citable but ced that the Sider it. Opposes a ending birr Felt retry Wilbur declared a i v not enthusiastic Over the aug-1 lion for sending lighter thin Craft into the Arctic. I r fir irs a go he recalled the Navy Al red against sending a lighter set mall it b jury Quot fixing Quot charge to be i h the joint Hoard High was a which i in be found and state an d govern a Tevesi nov he de i metals i it ii meet will be disposed on i. 1 i�?T., recent to. Although be for the naming a Manlov there a i cont i tier ital High he United state i know n in this the expedition nil no r Sal. Reg . From Prosl i i thin fid owe the of an have shown i loth c Cliv. Est in Hie under Essye Ras and for id tit is inclined i Al Usu roue anti i in Relief for i the ought has Cru is necessary and i Texas he is not Eon i the r ext is the Lime has come n i w est Jill ii was ii i i Mino r Cal at All Ling in raft Stre Tihe a from i w James Callam. Accused of work in behalf of Shepherd to make answer today one juror fired he i a insist i i during the that the Lut lion committee a nixed Anc i or. Shaver re but the a h ii Matt ajar Hoe to bid a his titties until that the thi restarted rumpus he election of % t nil i filial to m i. I Osti t it infer As pc fit ups that de of the i a hi04%i fit yes Der plans it t rotary Vin a a former teas it was described time As put Cly personal but felted Here with m i. 1 to. Usurer of t ii pre convention go a int veal r. Ani with Dan a a ret a in Dura i in u f morn it in hew icon Okel he his i i d it. Speedboat is red in the Dis Appen Ranee of Iii.45 from the Cash drawer of the company. Simmon reported to the police shortly after i o clock sunday morning that a Man had entered the office where la a working while he Sac checking up i Cash and had forced him to hand Over All the Money in the do except pome Nickels. Simmon to Ninfi a six it Evhen questioned closely by folks Captain Pat o Orady monday sir Nunns admitted that the Holdup was a fake engineered by him and Crocker. Simmon will be Given a preliminary hearing in the court of Justice of the peace George Roddy at f pm today the stories told by and Morehead at the inquest were cub stand Illy the same. They arrived a Cuba about la of clock found a a Rocker at the homa of John f a Young arrested him and started for Albuquerque. They stoppe4 once to change a tire before they arrived at the scene of the suicide. Sheriff Amora said he did nog examine cry a Ker for weapon when he arrested the boy As Crocker was in his shirt sleeves and a y unarmed. Ile wore a eave Ieese sweater treat a id not have sheltered a from View. After being adar arrest Quot Rocker in i House and got Hie Cap me out and got in the car a Riff maid Crocker offered naive whatever head i Quot stifled thai he could flame from the gun barrel pm Ker end sex i shots bul that he Dante when t Rocker fired it that killed him theft. Was somewhat i a dusting in other be Caid i in i or it if of revolver used by Crock a a Hie at the inv that a brother in Law xxx Pam District pattern a. A kit petted to in the pre a Tif re an t found it a staid empty att. La an i to i Neth so Riff is a re so Shote had been fired by r during the effete that rein Hie death Del Stern embalmer Teeth Tat the Ody had been t to the mortuary about St Art that he had found a wound it a a butter i tie i he i Bra Lay could of the id d to the so ii defer Etc sign t h Al after voting belief in Virgin birth necessary general Assembly names commission to investigate express Irwin Gar Wood beats twentieth Century limited from Albany to be York by 3d minutes elapsed time % Cwi i to Gallup it it a i uss on to Holb xxx on in tee weather the other proper Highway Are from Cloit via paso. Texas. Prom Cruces ii. To i Ord shun. Ari a for its Oire and to use. Ari Mihm x s i Enver May 26�?n cities wednesday probably local Tim r North portion Mer extreme sol Adf mesday. Gloria generally f and thursday except no it portion a Ruer wednesday South i in i i poll i condition for the two is ended at 6 p. In. Y tided by the University Hest tempera in e Vest temperature Iii id it y at 6 a Nii Dity at 6 p a ill tation d velocity. From Houn i Mexico. Nil no real i i he pc thurs Burg w Here it cot r storms in is t Dun Niew hat from rat on. O portion real to Cia ton Hilo texan. Where a venues the High a v ent t unset Leo East of Lovis Omen hat twelve Ira East por enter the Reg Ion n Western state of these tap new he North at Rato Sty flt or Foht in Foi it bees Este Day i the other East off the to United .26 i rut Mea Tor i to Copper i xxx. 63 new York a a a a a a a Cayanee coax t .34 equal toll a Cloudy i licit of 1155, % in a 3 l a St and cd Fri the re and t tin i the and sir Oldfield an radars la her Toda i United i Tate ii h a resulted in la men Teing j by the deaths of Roswell i Loel three events in the court k >i<1 i i rep Mic it a Presa tit he a a no it on the it i Mino it a of. A a i. In a h a i Moro be or my on to Dun i Harold pillar the baby of the i in Brief it fit to tip my s on fit i it at t int to it in a a a Bis a j Quot it a Riel a he Sih gust i on a tour h us for the 19� at to i Viotet. J dig a ohm he i la homa. Iowa Neier Eig and a us to toi Al in the t d on to Ama i r to it e during the i in v i. A i dlr Iti Iati 4 ojof46l l Tah. Quot Al form. F Rob la w re 5 Sath a or. 14 Man. Did him St i d i tit x xxx ii Long a m w f i Vera i ask i my sup fur Cadi mid in Eta pad Val Tiv been advanced toe adv c Valla it a fat a i to i a amp Olori Iii Las Ion of Tref mice it a Chare the direct Twa the he Comida r Jobu of be v i it nod of new to v erring of met t or f i. Is wed it i in us a m to it a a in dec i r # 1 i his my 4 v c-1 Amhi ae-1 Tim a go m-m4 to i m -.1 a to #,4 sat Mick us Haw a by m id cd is. A be j in in we it in Cftger-4 a to a a a Quot Tov v # 11j my inks i a la g ii it a a a met umm 9 a i rein c to a la 4 to Fea car a ii ii i i a it i i in he car it 0mtmm or i he a ohs us % Hgt a cd eat a a a v Quot i 4 3aa.c� his in a a .4 t of Idoft to Ai til the a hot m it to Omi j t a to to g by amp a

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