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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 26, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Faire two jul ii in the Oil Field Public invited to attend exercises in auditorium this morning students to picnic this afternoon Albuquerque morning journal tray 20, 1020 she challenges pastor to bout Juli 4 Ohe of sigh school orning. An been pret f s of i a the no re h Nuth annual senior excises of Albisu Erst a a ii be held in the h duo rim St loj 5 Fri in borate program i pared a i win be Oner to and friends of the or latin Dis. A class Picolo Quot i be held this a item "or., it err. I a a a of the scan i it sch t Hon to 4 o clock end div tag to to terns Canyon. The girl will provide ii.nob., the h Quot ill furnish 1 in r sport at Ion. The r incl overs Quot Iii return to town about 8 of clock. The Day or Strain follows the spirit of 3ricff c Blu Egem he aids Tel i Tabi end Ethel i a Ltd More of Hauser Soppy senior boys quartet Boh Fisher. Andrew Sutherland. It. Ii Cobb Donald Hubbell. Mum of history Robert Bot j Mure of Poyo Glady Dorris i Standard dearer Russell Gere. President of r Nior Olms. Tout it Hen welter Bellman presid it it of Lunier rift a Bec re r of gifts from class Chi i v Hue. education a or ii. A a it. I Quot Fidden of the b sri of j re a r Wolf and a k a i Fai land. Mosses in Virginia Mains. Hit ii sages Richard a riels and Diego Abeita. The decree of class of a j Donkey towers. Farewell souk chass of 1925. Adios Dorothy Sci aught in. Shooter stores 600 quarts of Nitro on Mesa and comes in City Case of Agapito Sanchez is. George Armijo starts in District court manslaughter trial to follow Albuquerque in i Fly entered a i history. Sunday goo quarts of Nitro hav it v Phi it on pairs. That High Oil d of am Unknow a is of its in when Fine were of the x Thorn drove his for re Mit with the e Bloomfield he plans on re the Wells b in the the lat it Trep a Mons it shoot map in i la n j the $ damage suit of Aga a Pito Sanches is. George Armijo i crowing out of the death of dome-1 Ilia Sanchez when struck by an j automobile on the Candelaria Road on october 5. 1024. Began in District court monday. The prosecution did not finish its Case monday and will probably require at. Least the morning session today to Complete it. The 16-year-old girl was killed instantly on the afternoon of sunday october 6. 1924, when an automobile struck her As she was bought in during i walking along the Road with her or in pan e. Godmother mrs. Max Gutierrez of Fjeld los Candelaria. George Armijo blends Here charged with driving the car that d to come into i struck her. Was arrested and bound l to his Gincer Over to the grand jury on a Ryan hot hts assistant i a la tighter charge. Placido Padillo the Glycerine on Tho and Juan Chavora. Who were rid of the City. Thorn 11 with Armijo when the Accident Gin the Bloom occurred were held to the grand jury on a charge of Riding with ii Drunken Driver. Agapito Sanchez of Pintada n. M., father of the girl who was i killed brought the damage action against Armijo. He will be tried on Tho manslaughter charge when j the damage suit is finished. Mrs. Max Gutierrez was the Prin j Cipal witness for the prosecution monday. So testified that she and Dom tills were walking along the i it Road Side by Eldo on i afternoon of october it. The a i Oil come any of it Ali form first knowledge she had that a cur the St Iff of the j1 v Pri idling she said. Was s Truf to company according when Armijo s automobile travel Uno Cement of c. E. , at a a up a of 35 or 40 Miles an hour whisked the girl away from her Side. Tho next so saw of Dometilia was when the car dropped the girl after carrying her about 40 Steps. When she reached Dometilia. The girl was dead according to mrs. Gutierrez. She called to Felipe Gutierrez and Garcia who were Riding on a Load of Hay nearby and they came to the scene of the Accident. In the meantime Armijo had stopped his car. They placed the girls body in the car. Keelips Gutierrez got in the car Ami Rod to the presbyterian Hospital another disastrous Forest fire sweeping along big dry Creek menus furnishings to be sold at Cost Muster test Iii United Sims Coolidge rejects War department proposal for armistice Day says earlier Date is appropriate efforts Arel made to Speed up machinery preparation of plans and instructions already is under Way nation wide co operation planned b. Marcus 210 West Central Avenue will soon conduct a Sale to dispose of his entire Stock of menus furnishings at Cost and in Many instances below Cost. This Stock consists of the highest Quality merchandise a style plus suits More than 5.000 acres have been Keith and Stetson Silver City. N. May 25 of. A another disastrous Forest fire today is sweeping through the timbered District along big dry Creek sixty Miles Northwest of Here. The Large volume of Busine ladies furnishings he will Elf these departments and will have the most exclusive lat ready to Wear shop in new Leo. To do this he must have space now occupied by the no . Burned Over. According to reports received Here hundreds of men Are being pressed into service to fight the Blaze. The Plack Range fire in the Gila National Forest has been brought under control after burning 4,00 1 acre of Timber reports received Here indicate. Hats. Van Heusen collars shirt Craft shirts and other Standard brands of merchandise. A the very latest styles and materials. As this department was installed Only a few months ago. Or. Marcus states that due to the flapper s line for Brilliant conversation she a never at a loss. In any situation she murmurs Quot apples act although you a like to slap she get to Hor stuff across. You cannot Jar the flapper nor can her a applesauce. A Louisville courier Jour 25. Of a defense test when or. Fun Elrod member of Illinois House of a tar be held on army voted for a Bill legalizing boxing. A Len. Washington. May the second National will be held july 4. President Coolidge today rejected the War department proposal Wile Thornton Hope while in the Northwest Are Ltd. I and 2, Coal Creek Oil Wells no. I 2 and in Field Well no. I. The Rev. Thorns r. Quayle of Oswego 111., called her. She was told a Quot political Sapphire the female counterpart of Ananias Quot incl cussing her stand. Now. She Avert she wants to engage in a boxing bout with him and make at his word. Becker joins staff of Lynes Trust company c the Becker formerly up Rin tender to of development Foi to kill Tennessee is Field superintendent of the organization monday evening. My. Becker will have drilling operations Pany. Or Lynes. C. P full office staff j arrive in the City at the t charge of the of the com Thomas and a ire expected to june 5, he said. Operations in will be announced. Union Oil company said to be making Survey of new Mexico John Thomas Scopes is indicted by grand jury for violation of Law against teaching certain theories Side pained i her terribly after childbirth women should take Lydia e. Pinkham a vegetable compound to restore Normal condition St. Louis Missouri. A a after my first child was bom i was bothered with a pain in my Side which became More severe the longer i let it go. It was terrible. I often had to lie Down to get any Relief. I was in a weak and rundown condition and my Side seemed to be the Point for All the pain. I was this j by id in Way for three months then i read your a Trust Lon already i u Litton Booklet and the testimonials it s ortutary j contained and started taking Lydia by nut sex j. Pinkham8 vegetable compound. I could feel Relief after the first bottle and i have found it to do All you claim for it. I had to repeat it again after my second child was bom. I sure will recommend the vegetable compound to my . Layton 272ba University St., St. Louis to if you arc Superino from any weakness which causes such symptom As Ains in the Side and Back and nervous give Lydia e. Pinkham a tire Day november la suggesting Independence Day Quot As a More appropriate and preparation were immediately lie j gun to comply with his preference do spice the limited time remaining in which to arrange the demonstration. Acceptance of the earlier Date Calls for extraordinary efforts to i Speed up tile test machinery so that the Muster will show the maximum results possible and the preparation of in i letter to acting Davis the president did Plain his reason for rejecting the armistice Day suggestion saying merely Quot i do not approve your proposal that it be held on armistice Day Quot the president action opened the question whether the need for a test this year justified an Effort to prepare of Quot a it by july 4. Or. Davis and his military adviser have it that such a limited period for preparation would be insufficient for laying the ground ram in t reeling. R the Tyr a Tenning 25 Apt. K for a is it vegetable i impound a trial now was intended to hold if the armistice Day Date had been approved question of evolution a but they decided immediately that there is hardly a Man. Woman or child in the land who does no to know and love a Peter pan Quot the boy who grow up. For the past Twenty year this j. M Barrie play a been nothing Short of a sensation on the legitimate stage. It has become an institution. In fart an institution that shows no sign of decay. Barrie the Man with the most colourful imagination of All England s i Liers has put into this classic scene which could Only be hinted at in the stage production of the piece. But on the screen it is an entirely different matter. In the Herbert Brenon production for Paramount of the Barrie master piece with forty Bronson Ernest torrent. Cyril Chadwick. Virginia Brown Faire Anna May Wong and other in the 11 Star cast. The under ground Home of the Little lost boy never never land it a a a of the indians fairies and pirates the Darling Home dog nurse and All have been reproduced with amazing Fidelity on the screen. Quot Peter ran Quot which opens at the Sunshine theater today is a seen for scene pict urination of the Story a the author wrote it. Herbert Brenon was selected to direct the plea been us he vat the producer of the first two fantasies the screen re Quot Roy Pomeroy. A in handled the Tai Finical end of the Cecil r i a a Mille super production a eth ten commandments which stood the end try on end is responsible for the Many weird effects in Quot Peter pan Quot. Esther Ralston. George Alt Mary Brian Philippe de Lacey and Jack Murphy Complete the Ca of players. Quot Peter pan Quot a adapt a for the screen by Willis god . Judge Britti holding court at Carlsbad Boswell. A m. May 9 Charing it Brice Aud i Torpey in ills id Wyatt a a gone to Carlsbad a hers today judge Brice opened a special term of Eddy county District court. A number of important Erin Inal rates Are to be tried at this term of court. Judge Brice announced before leaving Here thai he would pass sentence on w c Massey convicted by a jury in Chaves county of manslaughter on monday. June i. The i nun Oil company of Call-1 a a a a a .7 a a a a form has Geol giving parties in car u let. Armijo driving to new Mexico according to informs-1 Tion from a reliable Oil source Here. Monday evening. The company la raid to he making a study of the Emir paying particular attend territory Southeast Ulm of Albuquerque. Felipe Gutierrez and Luei Garcia told approximately the same Story As mrs. Gutierrez told about the Accident. They did not see tile Tat also Mike the girl but heard the n to the Impact a j looked around in time Southwest to be her fall after timing dragged for a me distance. All three testified that both Armijo and paddle appeared to be intoxicated and that they smelled an odor of liquor about the men. Patrolman Thomas Hogan testified that he had been called to the presbyterian Hospital had seen the of lenses i girl dead body in Armijos automobile. And had Ridden to the company pee ablation with Armijo and Baile said there a a Strong smell of liquor about the men. Patrolman Romulo Sula t of led that he had seen Arr Padillo in jail on the he educational value of the Dent a a on stration in promoting Public undemanding of the new military i policy which requires nation wide civilian co operation warranted of for to hold a creditable Muster i july 4. O not continue to feel All run Down and half Bick when Relief it at hand. Sold by druggists everywhere. I Ohio Oil company in third big Deal purchases 400 acres another Block of acreage which includes the i sections 4 and b-18b-28e has been closed by the Ohio Oil according to information from the Dill Artesia Field. The property was held by the new states Oil company. In addition to the acreage included in the Deal which totals tragedy and that both it chs to 400 . The property has to in flanking. Ii one Good prod it to Barr daily on the Sand a a it drilling equipment. The involved in the to Ansu non according to an authentic report from the Field will Call Money expended to tile Huck hold it a i Pun baser must further develop the property and Divide the profits on a 60-40 Baals with the Ohio Oil company on the Large end. Thrown into the courts of the state today when Jhn Thomas Stop a indicted by n grand jury on a charge of violating the Tennessee Law against teaching in the Public it hods certain theories that deny the Story of divine creation of Man a us visiting Day Ati in Fth circuit court was a viol i much i hider a to Convene july to for the trial of the school teacher. The grand jury occupied approximate ret urn St. Mary a school Public is invited one hour in agreeing to True Bill. Nine of the 13 of the grand jury Are i r in i pea. R White so and seven b i of biology i classes testified. Of superin is. Who Wert general Sci taught by rime of the a making about r learn and no of a eared said it to rotted Juan Chavora in a remit try n witnesses said they told the n that or Scopes told them believed in evolution but did bet lev # that mans origin was tuesday is visiting Day at St. Mary s school. Parent of pupils. Friends of the school end the general Public a invited the tip a hour will but Gin at 1 30 in the afternoon when there will he an Opportunity to visit All departments of the school. There will be a demonstration of chemistry work by High school department Pupil on the big new Laboratory Talde. A Brief program will to Given by Pupil. The school is about to Complete a successful year. Tho commencement exercises will be held on Jure ?. And another Well Hail Anu Thal Chaveria la As considerable stewed or. W. H. Woolston testified that he examined Dometilia Sanchez e body at Ilia Hospital and found her her left leg broken to for the returning 01 two places below tile knee the. J Ftp. _ right thigh broken several rib the Ohio Oil company. The trogan a nth h pj00 by Floth on is lips indicating that a lung had been punctured lie said that he smelled liquor in the car Ami that. ,. Armijo appeared unconcerned Ait the Deal is the third major Pur ung in tha car a Piiru it a met asleep and lolling. Armijo did not i reply to several questions he asked him. Or. Woolston said the trial will open again at nine of clock this morning to us \ \ s i i i Hagerman. X. La. May 25.�?the Hagerman drug company of this City lies been sold to the Mcadoo Muesli drug company of Carlsbad the new firm will continue to operate the store. _ till i ii is i p pure Chase to be made by the of company in Tho at pad Field in the past in us tit. Iii new state no. 1 tests 125 barrels the new stats Vav Ell no i recently purchased by the Ohio Oil company in a Large acreage transaction in till Artesia Field is reported As producing 125 Berret w Hen placed in ast hour text Tat last week. The Well was pumped in the walking beam with til a a. I eing sent through a two inn chosen director of immigration the to Grande i up about is Inch it aaa plated m it nday by j c. Init a River come a Nile Toner. The Rise it attributed to Rains in Colorado. Thera to Prat tidally no a now to the mountains my there will be no fiord Mage in the River this year at wording to >1 r. Smith a to regain strength at in one of the counsel for the mate expected to take part in the it a has found the trial Date satisfactory. Hick and Hicks of the spec ii i prosecution counsel announced tonight receipt of a Telegram from William Jennings it Van. Who i to appear in Hie ranks of the prosecution at Toteve a Nav my the july Date met his approval. Statement a eth impression has gone out that the prose ution of this ens was nothing Mote than a a mock Altair originated in the minds of in ten people for Public Peres. A nothing is further for the defendant a l was a Nav her in to i of Rhea county. The passage ofis w til a a tins Law. Tea a it of Dayton Ani win and Otlia uti Ltd accords of some of Tim Tang tit tha is a Small one a Hist in the re t Man a Aru f i Iii it before he w re on this a Hai his teaching n discussed Public the people so fun to expire a h a condition t warrant for tin a r scope Vav a us nor a brings Joy to you and u to ii your friends. R Hie i is off very Man woman and chill us wants to have Stag the and Correct weight. It Means the Joy of living to to minus tire Cath and Duodv weight often proves Low fighting Power in Tho to it Ody. It often moans you Aru minus nerve Power minus red Ceils to your blood minus health minus vitality it is serious to to minus but the moment you increase the number of your red blood cells you begin to become plus. Tysl a w by g a 8. Since i pc. Has meant to thousands of underweight men and women a Pius in their strength. Your body fills to the Point of Power your flesh Tea omits Turner the ago hues that coma from thinness disappear. You look younger firmer happier and you feel a too All Over your _ Quot body. 1 Quot Mora red blood cells ass Sld turns right out no Urata building the a by the i til lid jul 11 Sci million Tbs a Sra theories about bib the St Lent Ifie results of each of its purely Vega tabla medicinal ingredients ars Ai mittaud by authority. Beg a taking lbs today. It will give you More Energy vitality and vigor Sod a in Ore up and going appearance. Of i ii �j4 St All j Toa rvs a a a is to a a to uhf a a a to is a Vav Savages in Ai the perils of not paving j Jow can you be sure that Tho improvements you make on property facing an unpaved Street will be permanent when you build a retaining Wall for your Lawn when you have a sidewalk Laid when you Plant a hedge How do you know that they wont he ten feet above or below the Street level after your Street is paved and the permanent Street level established ? boost for the paving of your Street. A boost for paving is a boost for greater Community health for a urge civic Pride for enhanced values. Rate Midi Larrv cute bit lithic new Mexico construction co. Mph pm Streit for instance a grand Canyon nations Park the nov hopi motor trip into colourful Indian country a Yosemite and the big Tri a Mesa verde National Park a Sequoia and general Grant a Yellowstone Glacier and Roc Mountain a Rainier. Crater Lake and it nations Parks a you will see the Scenic gems Tho work National Par a Hurston in this summer St a v la feed Harvey Wryce a1 the Quot All the wan Quot via the Santa be. It a. 1 4 5 i . New Mexico flu no 201 a. Ill it r a a los. A Haslet a Al l. T a it Wurf a a a dirt the i Tuens i v Mure la Uati tet no ii. Nut a our. Fun Are. It. Mim to t is a up a t outgrow in the the tender san Arna ath the to not penetrate he Iii to or re Nat i r night. Atty j red Arm Eta Torch or into buy out a tiny b , utile Akee you Feci Jar Yourn if it Yalu in bring your roofing troubles to Raabe amp Maugery to or Telephone 305. We will build a limited number of Homes in country club pc have arranged to build in limited number of borne in the co uni of tub addition for of people who Cen me we in reasonable Down payment and who Auh to pay the Balant Uke rent. It will carry out your owe idea a to a Iliili Niuro Aud arrangement Sud Nui Urt your Home you it Iii irate your v Bolt a of some of it Elo Bon tear tee to the it entry club addition. It invite v o in in Aloe Mon from late Reecd people. W. J. Leverett k t a l t o r help the y. W. C. A. We will give to la y pc u Vii it i i \ lilt v it f Wilt today and tomorrow May 26 and 27 also monday tuesday and wednesday Lune 1st, 2nd and 3rd to b re a. It. We e l it h Itten it f you Iota �?�1 a a a i it a fill Dot Uhle won Blanket each Gle Wool blankets each Able Cotton Blanket Gle Cotton Blanket each each .35c .20c 25c 15c kit brie Ai of i thin i a very i fret in will Alee be cents per pour i i we bed t the. Ain be re on Are ached in ii abundance of put it it a bed a r i do <1. Get behind the y. W. C. A. And at the game time come and Cee How clothe Are washed in pure soft water phone they a c. A. For further inform Tio exc Els Iott the soft water laundry phone 177 or Marr of Laundr Yuirai National Ahi Mim in i a a it it Mill tip urn. Lit of la it oar of a Tim and in the Laudi it barium

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