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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 22, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Fags font Albuquerque morning journal May to. Ims Hartnett subs senators with in or Hgt Johnson in Bok Brooklyn inns def fat Detroit baseball Calendar National league american league ten years ago in sport in ton. Being to <1 out of second l>1nr>#� by two Point out of Possis Blo thousand. The t Fri rat of get. Dated Tho University of 1111 not 74 1-3 to is 2-3, in a dual meet. Hou tin t Ai Imi cubs Catcher after making Washington s Mound Ace his 12th horse run of season. Fans with in he tying run on second twirls Superb Ball and his team wins from tigers final count 62 Row Iii y stand Philadelphia. W 7 Washington. .21 10 Chicago ,. 2 n i i Cleveland ,. I 12 St. Louis. .13 to new York. A it ii Detroit. Ii 24 b 22 a t to Oti a at Aff if Mert a it and Tho Dukes to i stepping a k of in Tho Law la heat Al Taw hat roue but a Van and j to gab and Call Annapolis Defeated Georgetown University in track. 7 4 to i. Fire destroys storme punt. Harvard won the Oraw to from Cornell for the f i rot Tim in the history of the Cav hey in k rent u Iii i. I Iii v pm i oui at b a b ago at Brooklyn w Iii re i i v plan Colorado milers won the Rocky. Arft. F to i paso 17 to Rno Titta in conferee e Trade it i a arming Little Gulf to of i with 42 1-2 Point Colorado Una and Phoenix Defeated j pc Reify a a of Otto with 34 2-3 i Point and Utah third with 22 s-8 tin to. Ice House of the Denver and Rio Grande Western rapidity Over the Hue at Utu. Hot Ufler ii too Tona of in. To fir v is Hayend it Intro by a 1 it of til Ltd or it Art moot arrive to i and the Flat fighter Effort we i limited to Ravine surrounding poll j of now to and lumber. All four Wall of the pm crashed to the ground leaving til in standing ruffled said an j fort would to mad to save the ii i Vaud at by Irrol Fridla erection of temporary Wall Arnut it. In Johm filipino a re it rift you think doctor you railway at Pueblo is in tvr it re a i n \ i a u Jimmy when to had the Quot Measle jul rums origin not known i n Date Al Hutu Tarqu and a York were round bout at is to till m s Milfs i to i i h to Day s hire its in Eland. 3 new York a. Min h a i the new i of track and find Mujib a a such i \ i a Toledo 3 Indiana poll a. Columbua Loilit Llla. Rain. By haul i Kansas Cit Milwaukee. Minneapolis. I r to n n Quot Yeti Tiro inc. Pueblo Colo. May 21 Cir of to visit/1 unknown origin Lata this afternoon j of d Petro a thic at no a Plant Mali a her of the Denver and Rio hand went Arn Hallford company Canning an estimated dam 1 a of its,<160, according to i. ,1 t. Nedwil dbl general super Ini not that remember. Of to if Clud to it it roil fore a infer ti1 w hoi a Al Ondof Vilt a a to Playa athe of. In in of a Omega Rhos defeat Kappa Sigmas 32-16 in intramural game try journal want ads tic t f a it or a military inst in third place in a Mort at wish west1 in league Lincoln to he Moines 7. Oklahoma City 8 it. To Eph 7. Pendent of the Rio Grande i u Over. 13 Omaha. I. Whipped by a High wind the Tulsa. 14 Wichita flame spread with lightning like to x is r Beaumont a Dalles 3 pan Antonio. 12 fort Bolth i Waco 12 Wichita fall. I. Her Erport 6 Houston 4. A Xvi Xvi journal want Ada never ret j by f fun it i Ugron 4 la >4 i a a a vent h ninth Aru i in. It Al i to e i nit Brooklyn Ilpo. A r 0 Lino 1 tilt. 0 w ing it it Iril it it in ult Vibha .23 3 a i t a in atom tits of a a hit pc ref i Fiat. The re Horn r in a a mate for i Piaras me to of trim i tribe re Pratt Ai Ilsc of. A of. \ i 4 i a of. Ii la i 0 a it of a a 2 1 it it a re 2b. 4 4 2 of. 4 i 1 a to. I i3 it Al 7 i it i i laugh is 4 0 t a ,. ,. A 4 it i a 1 an p. 4 0 4 Iii. .84 Detroit 12f lab. La. In. A. She 2 gift it a n it a if a 4 ii it 1 ii of. A. 4 ii i n Ann of 4 n it 1 it la 2 i i % 0 or is a % i i 4 of nil c. La i to ii 2 i to t 1 t a a p a 2 0 t n p a a a a 0 a o it it \ p a a. It a ii it 0 ish. I 0 0 ii it a. In la. ,. To 2 7 7 10 infer s o cd i iou it Clef Adam and i y a cd. A dam wed \ ,1 til is it of i f v f t a ii a off Van . I struck out a Ftp tan i it Conner 2 hit a off Conner. A a in a Pratt. # in ?. Paar a balls to Berry. To Vang Pitcher Cooper. Re batted for Collin in a Venth. By inning Wash Langton 116 nut in no a Detroit nod 020 000�?3 summary Tuo Baa hit is. Liar la. Kneeler Tavener. Stolen him on Baar a Bluege Haney doubt pal a x Ork it White Burgh 4 Playa Bluege to s. Harrole to i hat Ria Bice to in a. A hand l Rock Lapaugh to j. Liar re to Ruel to Neon to Peckinpaugh to j. Far a o Rourke to Tavener to bum 2. Tavener to of Rourke to bin 2, i i a or to o Rourke liar on off John on 5 Colline 3 new York hey 21.�?new Beng f. Took and Van a of Pittsburgh or Stoner i. Struck out by i to and we the eerie babe Adam won the opening game us a run. A Colline. 2 Stoner i. -3 to 4. Today. It Collin. 7 in it Vav rile. 3 in 0. Starting in the to Stoner. 2 in 2. Loang Pitcher for the pirate a driven to t Over in the fifth inning and John Morrison fan tailed the Conte. Score Cimfl Burgh a. La. H. To. A. E oiling a arty of. I a ii i or if Moor. 2b a a Barnhart of tray nor b. Wright a ,. Grantham la Bolth madams pm rris4>n, p. . 2 0 0 totals x .31 4 i 24 better form Rridon in ninth now x Ork am. Ii h. To. A. E Philadelphia 20 St. Loula 4 St. Loula. May 21.�?gordon 8. Cochrane Philadelphia athletic Catcher tied the modern major league record by Poling three a Home run. I i Pitcher Sam Gray hurled almost 0 air tight Ball until forced out by n an injury to bus thumb in the 1 seventh and the athletic Defeated u i the St. Lout Browns today 20 to i 4. It was the eighth Start of the 0 season for orgy and be had lasted 0 through and won each previous 0 game. He to credited with today Victory. Score 4 Philadelphia a. It. It. To. A. A Southworth of Young of Terry 1b ,.kelly 2bt Nett rom. So Wilson of Jackson est. Dowdy Eif Oft up v 0 Bishop 2b3 Dykes 3b 4 i Lamar of ii Simmons of 0 j Miller of p Poole la 0 Galloway a i Cochrane c a Perkins c. 0 n Gray p totals. Try innings Pittsburgh. New York summary Tirry. Barnhart. Wilton Smith w Filbert p French 0 i totals i .1, of in in v m v 3 a Albuquerque 6�?big nights�?6 starting monday May 25 o o 45 20 1� 27anti Taft Ftp to i .010 211 �ox�?5 hits Horn runs envied stolen a a Hun for Gray in seventh. St. Lout or it Ltd a Carey. Sacrifices Wright. Grantham Morrison put it ume plays a a Moore and Grantham Jackson f unassisted it. Batea on Bailey s of to. 3 Adams. 2 Morrison i. Struck out a dims. 2 Morrison i Scott i hit a off Adams. 6 in 4 non out in fifth Morrison 2 or 4. Hit by Pitcher by Morrison up Lott. Lasing Pitcher moral on. Philadelphia 0. Cincinnati t Philadelphia. May Delphi took the opening Gam it of Tho St lies from Cincinnati today St to i. Jackie May # inability to Stop Chi Ken Hawks wild Bitting was mainly responsible for Ilia being riven from the to. Hawk s i Omi run with on on in the 1 Ruth and single with two on in the fifth accounted for four run Elm Mack also had a Home run. Score to. I. E Cincinnati. Toft Ooi Oft Ftp i 0 2 Phil Atoo 233 ftftx�?0 13 j batteries May Bimuller and Quot Wingo Douglas Carlson and Wil an. A b. R. Ilpo. A. La. Robertson 3b. It i j o i ii Bennett of. 3 0 0 0 ii 0 Evans of.2 q 0 i a 0 Birler la. 4 0 0 11 i la Williams of 4 i 2 it 0 0 Mcmanus Kab. 4 i i a x 1. Jacobson of. 4 1 2 0 it several c. 3 0 0 6 i Gerber is. 4 0 i n 6 it Gaston p0 i ii 2 it Grant p0 la o 0 till , a. 0 0 0 0 ii i Falk p0 i 0 i it stauffer p0 0 0 0 0 ii Rice. 0 0 0 0 0 Zzz Bush. 0 0 0 it 0 totals. 4 8 j i 14 i Boston 13 St. I oui s Boston May 21.�?itoston pounded Stuart Gavar by after by relieved Sothoron in the first inning for St. Louis today and Tim Brave won the Fisit Gam of the to Erle 22 to sgt. Homely Cardinal end baseman. Hit i ninth Home run i f the Ltd top. A mighty Fly that Ai most lilt Tim Center Tidd wad. L and Felix were the Brave a heaviest hitters. Score to. La k by. Lout 101 too 010�? 3 8 4 Benton 202 042 la �?12 15 i batteries a the or on smart nn3 Gonzales Cooney and of Neil in butted for Gaston in . Zzz batted for Tita Uffer in ninth. By innings Philadelphia. 003 125 450�?20 St. Loui too Loo Suot 4 summary. Two Bat hits�?wh-1 Llama Poole Walburg. Thu Eek but a hits Lamar a Jacobson. Home runs Robertson Cochrane 3, Sam Nons Sykes. Sacrifices Dykes. Bases on Bull a gum on 2 Wal Beig i Grunt i Bluehs ddts i i Alk 2. Struck out by Walker. 2 Grunt i Gaston 2. Hip off Gray 4 in to Walberg 4 in 3 Gaston 8 in by giant 3 in 1-3 Blue Holder 3 in i Falk 4 in i 1-3 stauffer i in i 1-3. Winning pin Lier a Gray. Losing Pitcher Gaut in. Now York to Cleveland a Cle Eland Ala 21.�?bob so held the indians to five hat a it i the Tyg Kaas won 6 to j to be of the hits was speaker i one run in the third inning Iii u scored Jamb a a he. I of him. Score r. H. E new y Ork 003 Ooi 002�?0 la 3 Cleveland 002 too ooo�?3 5 3 batteries Shawkey and s a Ftp Uhle and my att. Smiling today i Tom Moore is in town that Means plenty of really Good fresh cigars a big Tom Moore cigars mild and Mellon a with an aromatic fragrance that is typically Tom Moore. Today is indeed a gala occasion for men who appreciate Good cigars and know Cigar Quality. Ask for Tom Moore at your favorite Cigar store. Americas favorite distributors Rothenberg Al Schloss Cigar co. Vetr. Colorado Monarch 10cepicure Ioc Cabinet 2 for 25c invincible foil 15c yesterdays Puzzle solved Refton a Chicago 7 chit ago May 21.�? Boston deft ated Chicago 9 to 7. In a Long drawn out game her today. The visitors scored five runs on Faber ii. The first inning. Chicago came from behind and tied the score but when Blankenship blew up in Radi c a Lac of Thi seventh inning the visitor. Bro of jump o u r Iseff in Wem ahead and were never. Headed after that. Score a. H. E in Mon 510 too 300�?s 12 ? i Chicago 132 too old�?7 s ii batteries Lucey Ross a of j Tiffin and Heying Mack. Faber j Cvet Groa by a Kensli it Mangun and Orchowski six Halk Crouse. Bringing up f Ather copyright 1925, by the International news service registered u. S. Patent office by George Mcmanu coast ii Vernon 6 ban Francisco 8. Ii Akland. 8 los Angeles 2. Seattle la bait Lake to. Portland 9 Sacramento is. Another Puzzle tomorrow an unsolved Cross word Puzzle j ailed the Phat Stu. More than 2,-000 years old is now in Johns Hopkins museum at Baltimore

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