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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 20, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal Twenty eighth Yea Albuquerque new Mexico sunday May 20, 1906. By chitin. Floe a Man Ali. Do i pc c pc to by mall a year. A quot it 0 Lunio flames sweep Over five counties in Michigan ii t i full Spanish capital Gay 4 i u if la u with preparations for wedding of Alfonso florists order tons of Flowers and the innkeepers Advance prices to top notch. Hundreds homeless burned area Over too Square Miles. Four known dead and Over a score missing in awful catastrophe in lumber regions. In Patch to by ti., by Milwaukee m y j the. Sentinel from in a Duff correspondent not it a a our known dead a con or Moi Persona missing Hundred of a i lie Home it a a Verai million of dollars of property Bur Netfour town wiped rut entirely rut a dozen in no partially deft toyed i a lug Nyks lev a via of and one Hundred Squire Miles of territory swept. Till ii the dreadful pm. Tin that the Northern Millgan Peninsula present today after the urn rat Forest fire a to Ltd a the Peshtigo disaster in 171 has spent itself general sup. Erin pendent a. K. We us of Theka it a Natia a Lark Superior Railroad Lions Whone right of Way the greatest log. Urged. Returned tonight from a Tup of inspection Over the Ore Trie ban area and atty that the Tiame have gone Down Aud for the time being the danger in Ovar Uncle a new Sale arises to again fan the Ember into harm. Tin following summary briefly tells the Story la in to. Peth it la it , a Cook Mother. Re in . Trop not Ai Katun Bod found tonight. The i we unknown Chi i Oft in. Ii i at Quinnesec no h. Sepal ated from to limit Parent w bile the diag eau burning and perished h ores of homesteader Ami woodsmen Are missing and have probably perished in 11.�?� Dami be t Liui Ille Zeihm Myril territory devastated five. Menominee or it Aiger mid Dickinson. Tile territory tire swept Square towns totally burned mi<h., Umi population Bonne standing. Quilt user Midi Tao Only one House remains Saunders Ira of out. Niagara wls., 3�0 population All w ipod but Tow us partially Northland cot hell Almoite Spring Valley Kingsley Woodlawn Foster Lily. Kula. And metropolitan detail of the fit Are gradually coming out a of the burned territory. Aida Long refugee a i trainmen pave ire n coming the. Telling Lales of miser and a a uttering As Well As heroism and Brave deed that were enacted while the fire was at ii height. Immense Urrih of Itu Nii a dam red. The report is All How i ii at the fir a fully a set iou As aim reported the burned Over District i. . From Point ten Miles out of is Anabo to Talbot to the South to and Quinnesec on the West Sands an the North and tank to the flames were Are. Est along the Escanaba a labs dupe Loi line. It is in this diet or t that a thousand or More of the Moll tires Tien smoulder my for weeks. Nothing w is thought of these fire hotel use they Low Miles Talbot Only of Populis Ion w i Ped were not dangerous a w Iii. I to fan Rhein t of flames. This win afternoon. Toward noon the wit blow from the West to the to Union hour i 2 o Lotty was forty Miles an a o clock the Small hic have United into one Btl a hooded Over a fifty Nab swept along with i fur Man hand could stay seemed to t enter from a Northland end from then toward by Ansis to. Territory hundreds of we. Up to work to Stop a a uld not be fought hut it univ ii Dei mighty she be on Friday a i began to rate of thir Nick the veil our and by seems i to be one that stretch and bit no he the Ham a a place called swept Down us bout the woodsmen we a the fire but it u Mal bed Oil arid it was Only bad it citing its paths that some of the towns went saved first to be driven out were he woodsmen in Camps arid tilt homesteaders hundreds of Small my prosperous Farmers live in the ism toil Aud the of. Up it pts of the farms hut i led to the near aet towns for he i let cattle and atm k and House Aud barns and their contents Weir for the flu in Wagon were hurriedly loaded with personal cite to and the rate against the flames begin. Iii some instant whole families democrats tue loses approve of trick Keet com seeks pulpit and t worst fire state has known in thirty years Madrid. May City is rapidly putting one gala attire in anted Patton of the marriage of King Alfonso to Princess Ena of May 31. The erection of the Superb Street decorations has begun and the Parks and other Public places Are being transformed into luxurious gardens by planting of thousands of Palm and Rose Hughes. The streets through which Tho wedding cortege will pass will be literally Trp eted with Flowers. The florists in fh1 Canary islands have been ordered to Supply 1.200 tons of Flowers for the Plaza Del Torres and other centers will be similarly strewn with Flowers. Tin government has requisitioned the principal hotels for the visiting primes and envoys and the remaining hotels Are demanding $2.", i Illy. The Cost of everything has advanced to exorbitant prices. The envoys of Norway China Austria Hungary Denmark and Russia have arrived. The Royal Palace in Tho sine of the constant reception of arriving delegations Many of them bringing elaborate presents. The govt a Tine in. Many however reported that some of the members had been separated and behind. Some of the Tow ii Wen hemmed in on All sides Talbot and Quintic it. The most notable examples. At both i hard tight a put up. But in the end la places had to to abandoned. There w is Little that human car i t oui>1 do to the k the flame. Water a scarce Aud even when it was plentiful it was of no Avail in combating the flames. Hundreds of woodsmen fought ill spots throughout the districts step by step they would Back up to Yang at each step to Hack fire the ii Ime. Clearings were burned Over with flies that could not in cont oiled. Then when the flames reached there they found nothing More to consume. In this manner Many of the towns in the path of the conflagration were saved. While Sianes of horror Ami despair Wile being , ted Iii the Hie Atli Ken territory there was a panic in neighbouring Itie. Miles from the fire line. Most of the refugees Are taken i tack today when it was apposed that the tires bad lied Down. But most of them found nothing when they reached the spot where their Homes had stood. Gradually the wind died Down Ami this morning it tufted and the flames began to lose their fury hut the lire ire not out they still smoulder Ami although they a not spreading it will out need a fresh wind to Start them gain in .11 their fury. To hot fought hard to Ward off the Ila rues hut it failed. A score of houses Ami a Emir logging train were Bur tied. Daggett had ent a fire engine to Talbot hut even this was burned it Daggett managed to save itself because of hic shifting of the wind. Quinnesec i till isolated Trout this end melt Annot he reached. Train men a a it the entire town is gone. Helium Iii by flame. Milwaukee wia., May 1 evening Wigt ii to pedal from Wau a Utt Kec ays a Wausaukee is hemmed in with Forest fires which a slowly creeping up to the City from both the North hid Outh another special from i a Anabo a the in in North ii Al his i Nave almost swept Blank att area of 10ft mile big thou my people Are homeless it is estimated. Up to present the situation May to edit Etnix d a Foi lows Ralph town it of too. Almost wiped out Alfred pop every House and hug burned a Lovoie. Population my Houe id hug pile burned Quinell population strove. Hell. Iii but on Buim d 300 homeless Northu hid to House but net Many population of Moo homeless. House Ami on lumber and but a few of the lion homeless u s. R Stead ill that Section lire lie i p Ira Detroit May to the Forest fir in upper Peninsula compelled the Duluth b Ilith since a at into i ill Road in it am i its Duluth train l it night. Tim Oso in fire i Broa ii it Sti mated at on too. Numer in tillage destroyed Marquette. Mat till. Forest Lites Iii this distil t have Dom Many thousand of dollars damage Ami last night i Ile were Stilt Bur ult. G fief Civ Home Farmers in who. Law township Nave been burned out losing the North of the Al eminent # presents already till three Lagic salons of the Palace. Princess present to King Alfonso is an exquisite jewelled sword especially designed at Toledo. Frederick w. W hit Ridge the american envoy. Is expected May 24. The countess Pino Hermosa hag placed her handsome Palace at the disposal of the american party. The american minister or. Collier is giving a series of Brilliant banquets. The Bride will arrive in France on Board a British warship May 24. Ami will proceed by special train to the Spanish Frontier where King Alfonso i Tenter Morel mid the foreign minister. The Duke of Almodovar will receive the princes my accompany her to the Pardo Palace. To the hour up pointed for the marriage the. Bride will enter the ruinous Tortoise Shell coach drawn by eight White hours with gilded harness Ani while domes. The Bride s party will join the bridegroom s cortege on the play. A or ionic and they will proceed together to the Church of Han Jeronimo. All arrangements for the pro sessions. Ceremonies and festivals Are on a scale of the greatest splendor. Williams efforts to hurry three records broken in will probably 6rant amnesty Pope strongly disapproves statehood endorsed. House refuses to pass the anti graft measure big event at Cambridge. A i. California Tennis Champion carries off honors in Boston Bill Defeated because conferees miss May in ton on her Way to to political prisoners of gentler sex in politics. Mummy desire to avoid conflict heartily approves of becoming evident women doctors Ano lawyers would include congressman within its scope. England it two fir t Prizer at the Hub. Policy of government is to Force on parliament responsibility for internal peace of country Washington. >1 by 19 a democratic i Cambridge May. May pm he. Member. Of the time. A of re prot sent. -1 Vard won the annual Dun track no. To. Were to Day Elzaim Ltd endorse film Tai relay by the or. Of 57�?T Merit of the action of minority b Ader ,l"1. 1-4 dire do i be re. _. Urls were by it Ken the two mile run William in Illi Host i a n the Hon no \.m, ii a ii for the purpose of by lying action on Broad jump. Hume of Harvard Coy the statehood Bill. Toe endorsement retd quot two Mil i to Nim minute. A drawn by repro n?.hive Henry. Of Texas Aud circa ted by iter recoil of i t state. It a a it. Wiliams to continue to demand Roll Calls on every motion which t an be made in the passage of Bill or the idol thou of Resolution and to mat the Point of a no quorum whenever possible. The dilatory tactics Practised thi a Ltd a have delayed business to a considerable extent and the minority Leader is requested to increase his vigilance so that advantage May be taken of every Opportunity for delay and still further a Dav will result. 53 3-5 seconds three fifth of a second better than that mad by Kins. Of Harvard two year ago Hiu it of Val got a splendid Art in the 12"-Yard hurdles and was never headed breaking the tape in 15 3-5 of a second faster than the time made by Hallow Ell of Harvard. In i Moi. Three men Bruke the record t a running Broad jump. Sheffield of Yah the Winner jumping 23 feet 7�?T finches the former dual was established in i i by a i in. Or on of Harvard with a jump of 22 feet to inches Cotton m a till i Fah s of a \ i Washington May in by i vol it mis. Sitton Iii i i Georgia capital shows Fairbanks Royal time 107 to a a a the hour t Mila v refusal i to i pans t he anti grit Bill. So Ca i id. Darling v Ith Cotton teams and 01 Shel matter 1 of a confide a tial Chara. Ter i a Mph should i the 1 become Publ la in i k now n. Might have a tendency to Ai j feet m Irkes. Beau e the. O if i had re it urn me my 1 to rat meal was 1 of i Congreve a be ill. Id. To a within the scope i of the Bill. Thop kid Tittl was led try met All of a. H use its. A ast quot ted by Crumps. Kit or of i mils a. Grot i nor. Of Ohio anti it r Dii. R. Of mass Ltd Hulett s w his a the for lends it the Bdl by by of Tex. It iou 200, a of log too. Boar i of or too de. One store Bland Mill of the Anton Burto a too Populis of Bome Horn in. Milt Atlanta. Ua., Mav is vue be a Dent and mrs. Charles w. Fairbanks on their return from Birmingham to Washington Apalit twelve strenuous Horn today in the hand of then Al Init. Friends. From noon until Midnight hut into. Time a allowed them to is pc from a round of entertainment tendered by personal and official friends. The pail arrived few moment before noon to Greet them were cd Al. Robert j. Dowry an intimate Friand of Hovi it Ltd president god Iii Host luring i Atlanta visit and major a w Alai food. I Hgt program of entertainment included a Lum hem to the Vin president at the Capitol City club and a reception at limb club Ari automobile drive ended at fort met 1�?~herson. Where to vie. Presidential . A fired and where a review of the troop took i condition of Impi Pii t la is a Peri min it Lon i Moline it Ai id d Vav lilt v Tere Aud drug Pietil Vila i. Of oui Rome m a a 14 v Bouge tile i edition of the Pope i not grave appt i is Iota is Felt Al the frequency of the gouty attack the ought exposure to told disordered digestion h i fit Ign gout. With. Ii previously Iliad Only Attak i his foot. Has now Tea to i la. Left knee Winch is t ii Ider my awol i leu Sud give him a Ute pain. Able intl., in mat Ion in temperature of i Holmes Coda extreme Heit kills two i As. And pc Nikiti a of who eos lain. Early in the. Day the demo a made the or last stand again it the a i Bill and Helm completely outvoted desisted front f nether Filipu. To a ring. I consideration a if the a ant leak quot by i taking up the t ext of ii d 1 f ii i no iams Holton a rn., May 19 hint in of a at Lens 1�?Ta1., fwd in the i Lair Fri 8. For a a j 11 Girt to to Al to , a the b 1 Lush 11 fill i 4111 re tilth it it Mal Champion. T 1 tot la it with Prises to a lion min in 10 to r to u nit r singles in i. Morning b i ism Mario it no if the draughts t vat Hlll Kiv Illg rent a Gari it to 1 the fir a a lit i i., in 4 the a 1 ii in c a i Man Xiv c Ahi it 14 a to it the 0fme play a a. .#11 Hie Mill event at i pm veils r or a in my Ikhi of a ii in 11�#i i a played wit Champion. The. Vav Nile this Lait r rate decided in mis suit. W ill a for. Iii for hug a 1. Leat wet need Oki Xii oxi \ quot in in wot i it quot i i i raided. The gov does not who # we intend to vial i la menu hut filet 1# Berun the d he Dei 11 ten n mands of a i to avoid cot Inglr elder it Seema to i a to no fit. Vav h ice col y of the g a to the min mum Den rom in Loel purim met Point i Ith nor Hart a Doub no my Pon Sibtay lot a fresh hostile lid Virkin May la ave no no a i a i he new York. May 13.�?the times to Day a report have become cd rent it of apparently Good authority financial Quarter thin . W i Kins will not Bren minuted As trustee of the new York Ute Insu company names it the k. T. Jal it i ii e i a a Lur Milligan. Squabble latest Trade deals with foreign companies in Turkey it t of n i \ n i win quot limit is ski Iii la i i \ i i in. I la new York May it before a crowd of pc Mons Harry Brown s a ambassadors i iss to joint note of prote t Anil Abi idl i t v climb Down kill him la to twill Xii. I turf Alk a. A 13 ii win 7 Vesuvius floods Complete havoc wrought by Volcano Stream of m i a tics and cinders Oversh is everything in its path. Loudon i Faaiui 5 dead in boat Accident new York May in to Ary Coriou pm ration were reported Here today i Tai in. At during the aft. Quoon. Bull a from the d i. Lag. Have i Mil if limb ii very thin n u men id by fir have be. Nigh n Lite it i. U t ii Ming f tax Mer nth is and line of i Jake duper tor Boundary of up dotted w us lot eel Hie to est i in at the Al figured on he ii Al lion probably in Dollar Worth of or strayed the loan m i to pm i hum let y aver 250 Miles a in new Berry on an the wast Aud Ween the Shore my the Southern i i Lenin Ula. Is s. It i in pass. Ii Mim la to but is it local Conli Hundred thou Saint Perty a been i in of Quintie. Aud ii the Menominee Iron auge a. Reported wiped out North a Al of Marquette the. Tow it of bin a Iii the Northern lumber As fully Worth of r threatened with destructs rain Falls soon. My h ill in wrought As the Ary i. Coin Pany property Ion. In. More havoc Woods Are cd in to Diplomat dead la Kin May la col Latini i or lean Hitu Lidor to China who we lured during in recent typhoon dead. I to xxx lit i \ Dix Imi i it i awl nor age in i. Gallon pm Strong run map ln.%%11 unit Mii r i a to i quot ii a hmm Minim London May 13 a retorted by forty no Nib re of nearly tub women suffragists re pies filing organisation from ii i of the country interview cd Premier a amp i a ii ii a to. Rut nut it the foreign it Hee today and per enied then. I.�brith., t w Omen in allowed to it it to. Jniya no tub. Of the. Turn. Iou Dut Lions were allowed to speak aril. A Ach a find ted to five moult. But i in the aggregate forty minute the Premier heard about ail there was to hear in favor of suffer age the speaker in demanded immediate suffrage the Premier replied and asked the visitors to be patient unfit the government Bec,.nu More United Oil the Uaje. I he s us Hie cause had in Ole i immense stride in late years and concluded by saying he i. Ii veil it would not be Many years before the desire it Flange would brought about. In reference to years w to met by i storm of hisses and the deputation apparently Al D xxx it i rim. Xxi a or i in Xiv i i / i rid Lido i quot it. Main Itam pm d Aud -<1111 to i it to life in lad. La xxx i i i i. I i \ i Tell a Ink on a quot i it in i mall. Sulla us cd Xii a wire gel Iii xxx Icli i0011-1 an i i latino o join i. Clerie a May la v Ken timid Manga. A cow d of Fugit or amen i pox idly a r lit Al 01 i it i to 11 i i Lio Uri i by a to i i i i xxii a. 1 in in i. Aru id let no to Iii to Offner i luring a i ii. .1 co Washington a. The Baw de 1 i t i n in re. A Ini of further v ii ctn ii p 111 me it a Lunt do arming Cam smash. The rider and the Ira to a stands . Is 1 aggie the Cor Anteri ans bom att i. I. Befit thas again ii a r aided in. I f w Hon lured Over ame the a. W handed Over to this leg Pic a air 1 Mug at a Civ a Utenart a 4 i4#u tells ii r a quot Bdl or the to it. To Day t Dell Marl Iii bbl i i ii i no Mahini a lovin Iii i a 1 in i n 1 a i #llm1g Oil i a it to i Xii i can in unit in i Bambi i l a 4vd i i and Al i Ion i t in he Fen by. Petersburg May 19�?the wok closes with suspense Over what the next few will bring Forth but t air Illy is certain that emperor Nicholas and the government do not r Gard the address of the lower Houe in reply a it the speech from the throne As an ultimatum the demand for amnesty which the emperor will a cd to satisfy partial Pardon for Pou Tiest offenders will be granted and the other demands of the address wifi by considered de. I rations of Opin a upon which the emperor is not cat to pass until it hey Bud. by legislative enactment. The trip of Mourot set to Peter of today a had been anti i put a. Was productive of no hang in the slut Altori though the Leader of the Houe receive i the utmost cold. Ration and was singled out by the emperor or Perial attentions the. Subject Fth t is try tacit under Lamlin i his holiness commends work of women teachers and Calls them natural instructors of humanity by Paul Vinier Paris May 19.�?7 Hough considerably More Liberal Ami modern in his View than his pred Ecseki. Pope plus x draws the line on women Polit 1 Cir i no a women have no political ability and wherever they have entered the Field they have made themselves a general nuisance a said to Fraulein Thuemer a Leader of the feminist movement in Austria. I do not want to disparage the ability of women he it continued. A and women should rather consider my words a Prats when i say that they in k the 1 oui judgment and heartless it a filiation which must Ever be a pc dominant trait in the character of the successful politician. Feelings Are en-11 rely oui of place in politics and i a he a thank god. That the woman without feeling is vet to be it r Lite in Thiemer asked his Holl Ness i View of women s Billville in the tra it is Aud professions. Fraulein Thiemer asked the Pope if he approved of the feminist move rent. Quot certainly quot he replied quot Whit. Ever it Doe not a on ii. T with Christian nun it i i gee no reason Why any a a to ration should be put upon la idies pursued by women. Apart from theology. I think women should Mpr everything. Lawyer and Doc toi i think it i quite proper for women to to it. Esp quot tally doctors. No one an mind ter to a sick child air woman a her own be i ii-., believe in women teachers. I t get a in education of a hit should by entrusted to a woman. Or not women through their infill Hildien Pope of the duties Job id p strut tors of Frank Alsap Mil Rind the i i. N in rid Prou cout Riel in the n a started Thev he ear Here he Pul la. Bree ii Mike a Harn Way mom. And p Only to sry body a rips no e of w .�m-.xiet. Make a bad s is it 1# without to i i and make St he leaders of who a aped from after h ring been of it a Euty com 1 dime show 1 a Gill a a tire a. I hit cd a room in la i a sign outside in i the i net Ara a try for in hour by a Ion a and if h lungs a its 1# the so Rishi my see the. Is aped min l a a i u h i heir t try Lur nit a n from Paris f u i w or v were flit w spa pet against the i in Ever without a tied. A mix i i. D b the municipal Thane c Outing in 1 pts Vest re it uld make More a and making t m n 1 i notified r of Public. I net in Hon t i mov Hifa olt an graph Dom ti.>11 with the Aqua and dependencies o the often h capital be housed at a build purpose in the Rue i the Prince of mgt a 1 urn of 4 i 06.od e. Is valued St Over ten a f a i a a All. S pea of queer Marie Antoinette -0 Many stirring novels a ten a on e tiros Fig men. H courts the Nek a Pic a. Of Don Jaime the aril of the pretender a r jew Lei Gre suing Don a commission of he ale of the. Glace. Nevis Oak Pis doll to Jay saving filet in i turf with the would be e Tutu obliged to pay a to to redeem the be kit e Lim Uke a store where it a d by a thief representing red in Jain n Secretary ave a a a vet gov Ell then de Jean of Milo who is evident it admit. 1 of the United Slatten Iii the Petit parisian Regar it a ilk Fin a lab rations i in e no a Felitan is for Between f ame 1 quot ired rotate the Soi Dartt its and ii rent which # v Eon 1 he two a lobs guar a r Pott Ai Union quot 1 a n the number of am 5 Why Utah and Tbs nut

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