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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 6, 1919, Albuquerque, New Mexico Quot i 11 til in \ 11 \ a i it i \ i a i Litten pages Mibu Querques new Mexico tuesday May 6, 1919 ten pages let ugly let a Carrier or mail 70c a month single copies so ital y a gain Par Titipa Ting in the Deuber a hons of peace Council Belgium agrees at Crown Council to sign treaty As is written printed draft of pact expected to be handed huns wednesday a los Lett Bilu Lili to i to ii i l i is u Peden Rilance by in n i k l rat of. Jump est buit tukes up before supreme court it u. S. An Arain t its heard Tai i Alit of the Burleson and Railroad com ook it Issi Oti to increase Intra state tariffs planes remain aloft cases from Many fifty five minutes states combined Achi i n to taken for ens in Bot ii Cas is made rides As had been expect i t it lines that fixing of of visitors a e pertained rates interferes Wilt state at Tea and dance police pow ors. A i in of get into the drive put Over loan five the Price of Victory must to paid. W hat sacrifices have you made it looks impossible. Some people say it can to be done. Bernalillo county must sell $250,000 in seven hours be two n 8 a. In. And i p. In. Thursday May 8. The quota for the count is $725,000. Bonds to the about of $175,000 have already been sold. This leaves a Quarter of a million dollars in Bond subscript ions yet to be secured. C chairman Hick last night issued a fervent Appeal to the people of the county to get in behind the loan and put it Over. The Campaign has lagged and dragged Long enough he said. Team captains team workers everybody must get into the game again thursday and stay in the game until t be Job is done. People who have subscribed for \ Victory Bonds will be seen again. They must subscribe again. It is imperative that they do so. People who have not yet subscribed must Strain every financial nerve anti muscle. They must subscribe unless the Are so poor that they Are All ready to go to the poor House. And there in t a poor House in All the St the of new Mexico be read to sign up when the Bond Sellers Call. Done to be a slacker by i Uncle same a Backer Standard Oil of Ladda Zolo asks ii to Willt Orlando leaves Rome to to omit peace 0ytjes Fly a Huan ambassador at London is filling place Call for plenary session of Council to Lay terms before entente planned for tuesday Daste is Aaroe wireless picked lip at i Ondon says that delegates of recalled will Etui i when allies a ready Berlin indicates two have departed i. Semi official Annona be n e ii t says negotiations will not be affected by i caving of two delegates i m to a \ in anti ii to Nult Villi ii no a from Ltd of Fili ii a Quint i Unn a in a i n i Tiff lil t the to i p. A i it hum Quot in a a no ultimatum i Quot la attend Allen Rte in i nil i or a a in la la it five in k Miil i v aft Muon in a ill a. Lift lit Rod t Ila i tiny it i Quot a would in optimal to a urn to leu in in thet Mitt in i f u to in i a i a y austrian delegation has met at Vienna and will probably reach Paris soon after germans have received printed copy of the treaty coming of the austrians probably had bearing on decisions of italians to return Belgium not satisfied with reparation and financial terms of treaty. Blit agrees to sign As Best thing to do under the circumstances. Of mothers Day i to it Murii Ifica iou a i so ii i in it wire Bir Liiv 5 Tho announcement that Premier Orlando and no foreign minister sum to the leading italian delegates to the bad left Home for Paris and tin further do f rom 1 Vav scan Ai tile j., mgt 11#, h i cos la i Quot ii. It i. I a i l l Condon. Max thy the \ h Tao . A a Der Man w Irttie to in. 11 a i him a von i or was if living con to title to \ a it t. I i it it 11 to i to t a a a i ii. If i it a i tin will r. Ii to a. i. Pat n thence to a. onix 1. i. \. T new that to a belgian Crown noun ii had Given its assent to the 1 Quot Hon . I . Sitting of the Are treats have resulted in relieving the Mota in Reinl Ltd in Kot la Tot Burras Smend 01 the peace conferees. V i 1 a i Yvo us ii in i. I by it. \ Titi. These developments bad the effect of producing a Call for a my a id i bin be l. M. In no. , a Shin of the c inference to be held tomorrow for the to Tim i Quot a Quot i in a in. To i porno of laying tin peace treat be for All the participating the in t a 11 nu1, of a <j, in my Quot a it . Ski ii. I y Ami ii not rih from Nail olm in in the meant in it had but i n announced that Marquis Leper. Ali the italian ambassador at Bondon Hail been designated to Nilal t i in lit nut ii of if Tim ii t a a to ret Seivi d a. ,.,? ii v i at ., i,.m in the no a parti late for Italy in the meeting thin afternoon of the exec n i xxx i. Ii. I in i a it a i ii i nil. Ii Jive committee of the league of nation. I o. 11 a i r i it 1111 f ii in vex a i in i ii. N 11 it la i it o it i a . A a,.a it ,. In form Nymn re Gam my Premier i Ishio and foreign dad Dimp a i u Aliner mini Ter on Niino Arm from Tho italian minister in Paris la a ba1rcr no Mil Vvs Ute transmit. To. Or. Rich i win i Immor Siamy in i Lealun a Neivi Ivial to form Quot tilt Load of tin1 Allied Ami a a a a Ltd Ute a i government. Che sustained by court italian re i edit native will reach Paris wednesday morning it i in it. <1 and <1 re two do a a a a a a a. Was stated. V. I vet i Ltd of Pari May it the time Foi handing Over the peace treaty to i in i of h his a Jor Maii v. Aset i of a tor a Quot a 5 of Loek w one slav aft ii Ink f Filiti in tit alls a a Lam a a jigs if Ujj a a i. A Ltd a xxx in. I or Nofiu \ i. In i. I k l Quot As editor. We mus a a a in i lax i a 0j, Irh to of Ltd in i a i of id Ivio s. I. \ ii Viv \ Ami i xxi i Dof Lou Xvi Lim 11 la la a i to. A 1 l l i Laa a t . I i u Hui k it. I ii a 11111a i a for i lilt i in i la uht Alf a i in la i a 111 la. Still a it i Ai ii Ltd i a in so. Ora i h Fruiht hat Haut no i but h i f. Lahmon i it to i t the f. a Quot lilt. <1 he x oho Ltd rumours of Battle at Jimenez doubted Lait in Tell Xith of i j,., to ii to. Nun a i a x ten ii Luau if Al i it i . <1 of a i in the in a this Hill of v 11 Houk . Is r bin it 1 i. I ii s. Iii Lull lilt i Hii i a Jim a a a a a it ill a xxx a. I i his allies agree on disarming Bulgari German men seek soap women Candy when party reaches French quarters \ la to . Ai Tun a .Rit ii a in. Quot it to i Quot a Ltha i xxx i need is imperative for injection of a Pep Quot into the Victor y loan drive. Hot ii a la la will Wullus Ula at i a. I in t Ila Fiill. The weather i it if i it it f a f i la i Itta i v a a Thapa i film Ami Tho Tiothy la 11 ooh it ii it \ i. I \ ii a mild i Kilt lout Hith n n i rift of Haw two Ila Kin tit a ethic h is i dial net air a a1 t gtd it k actuation is very discouraging ii ,i.hmm<�?� Quot till i Quot a his ii Tali mediately h a Mitaly hair rid he his a it the thre at in i fu1111, to of the loan in Thi cd it ral Dliiriit re. F. The xxx Thi it Aghili a l u to Fhaid is Quot ill in to i. 1.1 to Ion. I it i a min ache a1. La is til., Tot la will Deal . I Ohio la i. La ii k Tho Olf Venth xxx a i it it i to r a Ilia a it an xxx or a oui a a 11, a in the xxx full Xxiii t Ollit ii of a Ca ital Loho to us c a i in Tho it. I Lex a a i la i Lech the foal o ii a i ii Ian ii a no Pill. 1 c eat i xxx 1 ii ratification. A. A to ill i h of the k to i Harin it nor it a mat fun will a Ahau Luta Couoh mkt Ltd a i we

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