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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 28, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Vase four Albuquerque morning journal Tine 2, 1922 mine it manager los is troubles Penns i. Vani a a new woman politician working to elect Pinchot governor 9-5 Cie from of Torii tigers go into tic for third place in the american league three Home runs feature of co test Mullig in 7 a la Ort per of. To i of. Falk if. % to i 1 la in it a i4 2$ a in i 0 Ile Bluell. Rot la Foj if. I % a i Haney. A. I i vim calf i. 3 i 0 i Kink-1 l a of 4 12 1 a 0 blk i ass. I 0 Bassit a. 4 o i f cd 0 Ruhmke. Tool. A. Exc Lark a i Quot i q 0 total 3 s 6 j b 9 to a batted for bin pc in fourth Zzz batted for Itaf to i loth. By innings. Hic a Ca. Ii so 011�?�9 Detroit. .401 too Bummer two a base pita a lilt it Falk Schalk Johnson. Three base hit Chalk Home a Flag Stead most it chs in. Is Ciletti line Mott Tel. It it Iii i Lins to Johnson to Anergy. Bas on Battay off Schup p 2 to ii cps a 4 . I too. 2. Struck out by la Rake 2 to Ole i to t. Hits off hupp3 in i i in 4 off Llong a 6 in 8 Fol ? in 5. Winning Pitcher a Hodge. Losing Pitcher easy one from or Barclay h. Warburton who a become the tronge to woman political Quot boast in Pennsylvania is in the interest of Gifford Pinchot g. 0. P. Candidate for governor. Or. Warburton la rallying the support of the women voter takes contest 7 to i in six to the Pinchot Standard. So la innings second game is rodent of the emergency Aid prevented by a Down by ton Uta and Avie chairman of the Pennsylvania Stata re pour of rain. Publican committee. Mrs. War liar ton has rapidly become the Irater of the feminine Wing of the Republican r arty in Pennsylvania. It hmm Miller hugging. Bab Ruth a childish disposition the sulking Spir t of several other members of the team and a general wrecking of the moral of the l am have Given Miler Huggins Yankee manager the toughest problem he has fared in his hectic career As Leader of the club. I a intoning v a n a by 2 i it o a o a 0 it it 0 it 0 p 1 it 0 0 Taio 2 now a Erk. A we it prise la mens i kit a. Of of. A. F. I it i 1 3 i 0 0 i 1 it it 0 2 0 it 2 i to 0 it 0 7 2 0 2 2 1 it 0 d 1 2 3 it 0 0 2 0 0 m Mem _. 7 to is to 0 Chick Evans is coif me Oneist j time a amp Bolen medallist with a splendid Gam Quot cutting one from i la matk As a result of a 47 acor j Par 79. Ii started out like a whirl in today a is Hobs which mashed j wind his Terry ii driving overcoming every known re the to i to real course. Following dose to Hind Evans a a re Harrison Johnson of St Paul tenth i thre Iii a to yesterday and Tho r in to a do Fred a Light it of bes Angeles with 75-70-145 Liny outlet of a onus pity mo., 71-72-1 is. Nim men got under the 160 Mark Evans great game has a score of 67 in 18 f v1 urdu and ii i Tan. I i i or of a. A under Gar for holes which smashes to tied the ,. Re virtually every known Rajz record for the course i 1 Flynn it by Chr brokes a i a new Mark of 33 for a he fir i t of the a to haled for re a i ill la Reet Countis Chil i us Iii City to june 27 thy the a Sod i where h lied Presa a qualifying round in drive a it the weal in Amateur Ooi to Quot in and Gull int doted tonight with Quot Chirk a Hill Wmk , pre tent title Holder a i Ais Harris Pup Leighan Moat Brilliant on the to Yard 16th p Ade an Eagle s. Dis 01 Yards Mer a Hill and p t of by up Mother conceal the Green i Johnson Alco played a re for big rather erratic putting at the i atari. Alexander Graham Kansas elate i Champion played with Johnaton arid Iii Long Shote i pm la toll i Quot to i mate title Holder working All la time. Fred Wright Hay Ouima to George von Elm of Silt Lake City is s. Tuttle of Kai City Dexter cd nun i ii go of Chicago j. A. Kit by if rills a Herron of it Heago and formerly of Bitts Burgh and Ira Couch. Or. Tho 17-venr.fjld Cal Negoan who tied with. Of Piton for Low medal acor yesterday. Nil played a Gam whirl indicates that Evans will have to out Quot to at a form to raptors f1&Quot title fur the or nah t d of f plough ids run to n to in Hong to us i s.001 000 ois 201�?7 i end sixth inning two Hase hit Lyell. Hit fit Angel. Home run Oit ble play a Parkinson j of Frisch in a we Day. A trick out a by by Hubbell i. It Lew in of. To no t Quot Iii. 7. Cleveland Ohio. June a Ltd a run rally in the eighth inning Ber j today in which the indians drove j both a right Ami from j than null. Enabled Cleveland to defeat by Lous 9 to 7 in the Nee j end game of Tho Eri a. The Leat j three inning were played to Al drenching rain. With Cleveland j two runs behind in the eighth Jamieson tripled with the bats full. Before is. Foul Al it. Ii. To a e .�?~.111 a a t i 4 i i 4 1 4 a d till Romon poll add i Haiti a Quot it in in i p 101 of fill i i. F. I i by. I onto. In it incl Nanti a St. Font. June 27.�?tieing the Ore in the ninth after Hargrave my run had put thru i on in ahead Tho Page Donal today Dot ated Cincinnati in 12 inning. Town Rinnard. Mrs. Barclay u. An a Bur ton. Tho 80ys league is club in Neer of one e n a Hon id l l d p 0 i Robin of. Lier Ber in. Hitler la. Mcmanus 2b Jacobson of William of. 4 i 2 Severeid c4 0 0 Ellerbe 3ba a 0 Wright p2 fit t Van hid a p it it 0 0 t in Forth to 0 o a could. 0 0 0 3 1 i 1 0 3 o n 0 0 0 i 0 i 0 a la. It. Of a e. Rums of. A 2 i it a i and it 1b. 6 4 i i i 0 dunes n. Of 6 a i 3 a 0 Harp r. Of. 6 it 2 i it i i arg a \ it 3 4 i i 2 0 Bohnet 2b6 it 1 2 it ton in eyes. 4 0 it i 0 pin la 3 a 6 it 0 4 it i by irs a it. P a it it 0 it 0 0 m irks a p a. 6 0 0 i 2 0 to. I. Ret a w York a. 4ft .63n it louis., 2 8 a a it Brooklyn. 36 so .64ft Cincinnati 33 33 .600 Pittsburgh St .500 Chicago. .31 3# .4m Patina up heft. 24 3? .393 i lost on. .23 39 .371 Tii los to to 3 s. A. Tigers win from Little til Dillos by one run. Total x twi a fired40 St sex 17 0 it alien winning run hit. I Mil. A it h. To. A. E. I 2 0 0 i 1 la 0 3 it 0 total Xiba t d for Danforth t Ieval my. It o 0 0 0 to i 0 0 0 a a 24 10 i in 9th to a. E. S it 1 i it 2 0 0 by Noha a i bit own. I lit new Indian in the big to w j a a big of Albert Youngblood is his no i 14 0 the club fondly Jue boys be More i having real la my need it one a ump Quot the boy Are Ami rut an la \ i i 0 Quot xxx. I 0 0 by i Ouis. 40 29 a 0 Mew York a St 0 let Trott .3r> 32 0 0 i Chicago ,.85 92 4 0 Washington .32 3 i 0 o Cleveland.32 by 0 o Philadelphia 2� ."4 ton to is p he h chief Clark r and is i us now thai i it on Caid t g it Karf not p h of of off or p How i to Porter be Zub Hopfen Ila Tii i i Vav h 4 3 2 0 0 i 0 it i it it 0 0 0 i i 1 0 i Jamieson of warn Bogans speaker of a Jardner 2b it j. Pew la. A a clams Lawood of it Quot Neill c Shine ult e. Mafia okeefe p Lindsey p Fri Graney. A Stephen on total i 9 12 27 la it a batted for Lindsay in St. Zzz ran for of Neill in St by innings St. Lou.s0o4 021 Fotofi Cleveland. Oil 200 06x summary two-1 hits Avii hams. Speaker. The. A base hits i Jamieson. Mails. Bad on balls diff Wright i off int 3 off i. Lindsey. I off Toto 2 ult a off i Batt a pal m 0 0 2 i it it it i 2 too ooh 9 of 36 is Smith in 7th Din in 10th. I 0 it it o it 0 it him then ii Gate. I Bee Ujj Pron d Riff to h appeared or Date. Iii Ila ii r by he it it ii Snow n let four or 200 yester a Days Muhs com innate 102 112 oot Ftp a is by. Louis. 400 too 301 001�?9 summary two base hits i i in. I. Liar or in pc. I. Van. Schultz gainer. Home runs Dau i m National Lea Gil. Pert hut grave Finlen Bose Dau new Orke Lula Gelbwa i. Ber double play Stock. mute second game Post. And Fournier. Base on balls off pin it <1 i a us Quot spic i off Markle 3 off a Brooklyn. 7, Boston. 3. Foot. I. Struck out by foal Quot i Pittsburgh. 6-7 Chicago 1-6. By Markle in by in Jeff. A 7 lists St Louis la tonic innate h. A off Deakin 2 1-9 innings off Twe be innings Barf not 7 in 4 innings off proffer. The three i leagues need at i urn the leagues Ai bail three games More than the Pri to deliver the goo not grabber. I Hong i the May put i up a Battle for their rights like any league players. 1 the Quot re must ii dozens of Fellows i in we would fill the Bill coach Addison Moore of the j j High school win has charge of the i league play can be found aft i in Racon at Yvo a Hingott Park and i will be in i in it i t a sign up As Many umpires As Annite application. High school Phi Ved a Snappy a a j game with til til Tilos y Ohte Rilay j a i trimming them to to the til 72 i Linos started so eng the first in j a Aning. Toil fall i to put another runner a roes the mate until the fifth the High a Hool boy i in practically every inning. Browns will meet the Juke City i Whites this afternoon in Benioh i b Agie play. The r Ime will totalled at 6 o it Lork at Washington i i Park. Junior Loami. Try a seen of to a the c a. I tigers nosed out the Little tilde la it a i yesterday afternoon. The tigers started Well Ami Al Heil far ahead. But a batting rally in Tho ninth j a Rought in four runs for the Little i Tibt ill it a and almost forced the i game to extra innings. Hig and play midgets a his aft a Quot of i let 6 o cd k at wait int Quot Park. The Piggy league fatted to Plav yesterday but the wildcats Are hooked to m it the Quot Barelas Tiger this afternoon at 2 sch pet .41 .471 j Frame .43�?T. ,494 Man stabbed in neck in fight at vegas i in fat 2-3 innings off Gillespie 4 in a a a third inn a off Markle la sell 1-3 nning a winning Pitcher of off. Losing Pitcher Markle. Aah Huan Lea i e. Phi Adelphia 4-6 Boston 2-1. Cleveland 9 St. Louis 7. Chicago 9 Detroit 6. Ii no up off Uhle. 2. Hits off a and ? Wright 7 in 7 innings none but i he a in eighth off Yanul Lder 3 in one i police Hird inning off Danforth 2 in Fror two third toiling off mails 2 in 2 2-3 inning off Keefe i in 2 a f which was rec at a dance Hall on min so Padilla is a n the wielder of Ordung to the the weapon penetrated the. Ros Throat a using an internal Haemorrhage. The cause of the fight was not a told. In. Pitt Hurb. 0-7 Chloe go i. It ii i Ina dint 27.�? Pittsburgh won both games of a double head a or from Quot a Tobago today by sour of 6 to i and 7 to 6, the visitors bunched their hits in Tho first game off Ltd Beeves chasing him from the Mound and in the second game they continued to Hunch their blows behind errors by the cubs. Score first came to. Ii. E. Pittsburgh Loo of room get i Chi to Oft 000�?i 12 2 Batter Cooper and Gooch cheers Jones and of Arrell. Second game it it. E. Pittsburgh co 111 poo�?7 i2 i Chicago .000 0.60 100�?6 12 batteries Gooch Alexander Kaufmann and a Iris. Ami Bican association. St. Paul 7 Milwaukee 6 Minot a nuke to Kansas City 8. I other games postponed rain. Western be Agi e. Tulsa 6 St Joseph 3. Wichita. A Oklahoma City 3. Omaha 8 Sioux City 4. Denver 5 Des Moines 2. Coast league. Alt Lake City i a Ernon f. Sacramento 3 Oakland 4. Sui Iii in is Ltd Luton. Chatt Algoga 5 Little Rock 6. Chattanooga 0 Little Bock 9, Gbur Ier Carlson am i and game. Atlanta 4 new Orleans 5. Birmingham 2 Mobile 7. Others postponed. We done to consider a Sale Complete no matter How trivial the items we done to consider a Sale Complete until both you and me Are satisfied. We know that satisfied customers Are the Only ones Worth having. We be made a lot of new friends this season with the summer suits we Are Selling. Everything from the conventional Cream Palm beaches to your fax Orite patterns in summer weaves. And at prices which Range from $15 to $45. In. Or w Quot in w nrww1#, Cwm in v Hayden amp Kellmer he ast. M a amp is % in Brooklyn 7 Roxton. S. Boston june 27.�?Brooklyn or Boston 7 to 3 today the lat tar s ninth straight defeat. True there a pitching and Brooklyn heavy Hilting against Oeschger and Fillingim were features. Score to. To. E. Brooklyn ,.010 Oil so#�?7 13 1 Bouton 100 001 001�?3 7 2 batteries Luether and Deberry Osschger Fillingim Mcnamara and Gowdy. A Days cames a i in Mill late. Pittsburgh at Chicago. Philadelphia at new York. Brooklyn at Boston. 218 West Central phone 335 i pm w is Aati rican league. Seveland at Detroit. Boston at Philadelphia. New Quot York at Washington. Will surely help others the condition of the human body is reflected by the condition of the kidney and blood of the kidneys Are not functioning properly waste products and poisons cannot be eliminated. Rheumatic pains swollen aching and stiff joints and Muscles dizziness and blurred vision Are symptoms of kidney trouble. Mrs. A. A cheer 1129 main ave., Clifton n. J., writes a a Foley kidney pills have helped a Don to use this testimonial of Tong journal for Best they xxx Al surely bold every West Tex As league. Score r. H. E. Amarillo .13 is i Ranger. 5 12 7 batteries Hill and Byers Quot wat son Dockery and Clayton. First game score p. Of. E. Amarillo. 6 8 2 Ranger. G 2 to batteries Maples Fitzgerald an it i Byers Lybrand and Clayton cd re r. Of. A Sweetwater. O i 4 Stamford 14 22 i batteries Brooks word Quot and Curren Knadler and Edwards. First game score r. H. E. Sweetwater. 3 s 0 Stamford. 1 3 q batteries Gre Soctt and White Dinsmore and Schmidt. Second game score r. H. E Abilene. 2 ii 1 4 to vie. O 12 2 batteries swy Naen and Burch Sewell and Erwin. R score r. H. E. Lubbock. 2 6 3 san Angelo. 315 0 batteries Green and Ernshaw Howell and Alexander. First game j r. H. E i or Bjork a a a a a a a a o 4 san g j j batteries would bldg and Ken Shaw Muna and Alexander. Second game thee is still room f or several teams in the p army Lea me. The players a limited 0 mighty pounds each. A new Toun to now being organized in old album her our it Wutoh we Proba Fly Start league play late this we a. Is Enrix is. Senior league. W i pct St Alary. .2 a 1.000 de motor. 2 0 1,00ft High school. 2 it til Dillos. .1 1 .500 Duke Quot Ity white.0 2 too giants. .0 2 .000 Browne. .0 i .000 firefighters. .0 i too Junior league Wim ret. St. A. To. .3 it i too Highland to addles .,2 t .66 7 til Dillos. I i .25ft midgets. .0 2 too Piggy league. W. A pet. Barelas Tiger .0 it .00ft athletes. .0 i too wildcats. I 0 1.000 Schooner missing nine months found in siberian River by rite press Nome Alaska Jupe 27.�?�?mishin. Nearly eight months and believed lost Tho Schooner Teddy Bear to Frozen in at tool River 12 mile South of Emma a Village on East Cape Siberia. All on Board Are Well and waiting for the ice to a dear out of the River before re turning to Nome this information was received by Captain Ross of the local con i guard unit today from Captain j Cochran of the touted states coast guard Cutter Bear which is cruising along the siberian const. The Teddy Bear failed from Nome last october with a Crew of five men under command of Captain Joe Bernard in a trading and Hunting voyage. Captain Joe Bernard is a Veteran skipper in alaskan Waters. Advertise in the morn Why exercise on a strop get the Quick ready shave a afew to prov <5> pm ii is my a Airov Kaz of Texaco gasoline e Ofiu we i urn my Gas i old a Utility the readiness with which gasoline gives up its Power your motor was designed it has Power possibility into it. Texaco gasoline Brines it out. Right. Built run it with Texaco gasoline save it with Texaco motor Oil Texaco motor oils Are h envy body lubricants and Are Dot Tinpui hed by their Clear Golden color. Light medium Healand extra a Caw they fit All ear and All condition. You will find them wherever >00 see the Texaco red Star. Texaco gasoline Texaco motor oils the tfx Ai crime tank v. S. 4. Texas Petroleum product mail your want and get Quick and sure results no matter what you want to buy sell rent or Trade write your want and on this Blank tear out and mail to the morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico. Name classification Street. Number of a Postoff seamount enclosed. Classified advertisements one 1> cont pc very insertion no advertisement lops than 25c. Each initial on group of word. Advertisers must furnish own addresses or Supply mail. A lid for each and i with order. Ires to count As one imps for forwarding largest circulation prints three times the number of want ads of any other paper in this territory gets Best result

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