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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 28, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pack a la pm roup. In q la k m Orn n g journal. Thur olay. June 2h, 19 h. Of measuring Arizona streams p a a a a a 1 my reclamation engineers have strenuous experiences. Gathering data for future irrigation projects Phoenix re putt ii. S. Heed tee Lam at ton a ural a in a Traat a is i tinted a few Day a in the Northern Jar of Ainee the Middle of a Ali a mc11> on t to install no i f ii. Gamp in looking after it it a. Gathering of d. T i r three of to a Ordinary sport for the to Moil sure o n to of to Wale rat act a v like the Ort he. If it Hova a s f s. A i Simoff it. To Mac a in a a that i at j in a class i Only i it j num Krol s testimonials or m in nou tii Oritis us. Dols Tiik m Kuiti a All i i k at v of Wmk famous Shawhan whiskey classified advertisements of Alit Classi tip and v krtt8km Lints Paya blk in a Eva nok personal property Loans. Money to loan it keets Oji t a j to i c Coo d Watrons amt or chattel Jiff Ahton try it try it quid a hoi he of Zeigler a cafe and dote in a tent a f him White elephant Lex ii ii. Alefs Ray goods amp Robarts co. Whom Salis Dis i Ici it tors i As Veras. N. Of salaries Mill War Chounet fete in to. As Low a i mid a Inch a $200.00. Loins Are quickly Reade and a strict la i private. Time Olio Mouth to one Given. Ponds to remain in your Doane Hatzik. Our rates Al. Reason Mola. I i ill and see us before borrowing. It Rufua eur 1,1 l vt8 a to us front Alluh of Lim world the Hoosier of loan co. Ito on n it net 4. Iii int lids. I i at offices. It 11 in evenings. A Jii Wpm i to i. Road Ai on be. Poi is Stomal. Roil a i i. Discharge the Ashman Cook with Gas gift in Salk new and is Omil a id it Vav. D. It la Yan Malk ii wan Tai 1. W ant i i i flier to t plans ii att or at a ii 1 a it restaurant unit a Savoy i. If wanted labourers Tia Iive and White and All trades supplied with help on Short notice. Mao Dottie St in servants. Abrahams employment of lice 12 1 Vav Silver ave., at flite re to ii rant phone it 9. Vbk Hin tvs. Quot ref tors i a 11 ave. Vav. Master household rood.1 10 19 no. With ru4 carry in. No gel burned anyway. Much haste. Comfort saves time and lessens Tabor. No cont to to carry out saves dirt a great Deal of Coal Jan t to married away by the Usu Ian and that s just sift i Salk n night ii St. I 1 i Kalk Ieti tie driving hours Bushy and harness cheap if taken t Unco. <102 s. First at. Attorney at Law. 130 quot find Nat iou Bank build if. Ling. Albuquerque. N. M. Foh Salk by Anil harm four horses one Hun one Phaeton and hat physicians. Do. It. I. I it St rot in fi-8. N. T. Aram Leo bldg. i of Rutht Ert a la Hll a Fie. I do to 1 rvs and to Erin 1 id., men to Given from 8 a. In to 1 both phones Lurae in a a dance. U by Hunter Corner Broadway of. J. Ii. Wroth Al Arp of iter on stalled of. The Mac e i adult speculation Wileys appointment suprise to his friends Burn Gas instead of Cash a my Popper or Call at a i urn i Tun Star physician and surgeon. Albuquerque. N. M. Ohs Mon it a. Don t hav a it adv in a Jiff done to have to a a waste it in getting up hint. It s wast. Cash a Ftp it tin cooking Tilon Itas you to with Eoal. Turn off the. Mas Aud you turn off the haste. Las is tatter la every wit saves time dirt work worry and Money in s i. Giving a Woad Raul amount of Comfort which folks never dreamed of before. Bangos on exhibition it the electric building. A a a it Bales handsome buggy and harness for $50. 1102 8. Edith St. For kale a five horse gasoline i engine ail Complete. J. F. Palmer i a of i n first St. Of t or j. E. B Honson homeopathic. I Hys Elan and surgeon. Room it Whiting bigot. For open buggy. Walnut at. For Sale horse buggy and Barie is Fin a. 702 Vav. Coal ave. Twit in Indk m e a it Idun let a flowing a the i a the or and 4 f my White Moun Vav uterine Ii Uther a to pm quot few. Ii d a f5p in Nii l a Rife River. To in in re i be Seq Alp a for k so a cd urn is re. To a most a r Iii i him Liatti into the you m i la. Tail Whill ant a in a so Registe Riik mat Sun. Oar it a a Hydl in a Aion Fork a Oft 11 plan a in the Wisht both i inning into the lit to Tolor ado a vent us Vav 1ns Low is it up Fly p quot int Foi the a la us Ltd tack Utai Ion. One of Tho a the i new ablation in Clit the fat the col Midi 8t. John a Ria j the Cit he r two a re it a 811 Var or k. A in Cher Intuit. T y t if the Vijh i Rah Ira it la Trot n Holt. A of 811 Var Creek runs through a Canyon fit a Snowflake to a Point near Woodruff. Tine of that a. Station is near Snow h Lake and the other is near the lower j end of a a Canyon a few Miles trom . Quot the Valley of she r Creek or rather a the s tries of Little valleys from the Tinner end of the it at ii Yon by Snow leak. Taylor Sumii ii and Sno Ivlow i Nick to till the appointment quot i Venuti unit i stare marshal John m Wiley to i postman Der at Silver City made be ten a by the president came As a it prise to or Wiley s friends in Albe que que Jeu Ltd of n Wert a War that he was a candidate for the position. There has been to Little Conte to for this position thu h is now held by mrs j. E gallon Ai. Who was a can didst for reappointment. Ii la bet being la other candidate. Pitts Hadj the Ca Dors meal of a Glt it id Many of i tin More prorate tit a it publicans of is i a City and i Friend in re Eon fid a n of his Nuj done 1 a swept Over housetops Deputy United states marshal for Tho i past Twoy ars under mat shul fora a r his Horn has be n Iii Silver City i but he has spent most of i time eth ? re nth Road on official lius tics i a in to marshal s office Here. Of Trad a i c. A quoth it gone a 08 but in italic 237 do. W. U. Shadrach practice limited 777-,�? be ear. Nose. Throat. La Oculi St Ami Aurist for Santa be coast hues. Office 313 w. Railroad a. Hours e to 12 a. In. 1.30 to 6 p. M. Dentists. It or. J. E. In Haft _ dental surgeon. Booms 15 and 16 Grant Block Over for Sale $2,700 will buy a nine loom Brick House Bath cellar Clee tim lights lot 71x1 of in Highlands. I the Golde n Hulen Bra Cood Dan three men seen huge meteor. Declare great Ball of firl a the Albuquerque Gas electric Light and Power company Corner fourth Aud cold. Ida poll tile la most it Nan w ii it r 12 ii lid ext Nln to the it ten ill Alii let is of Jet fringe or on the South f chair across t s it of to hot it. I i he attention unknown i Etc itch Are in no people a use Diamond ice a i is in. Cement walk Shade. A quot a 218. I it it Kali two a quot a Saddle 111 1"�?T Inq Ulric of Wallace Burke. F for Sale soda Fountain. T. To Phi no for Sale now and Ltd. It and ii and 11 Boc iks at Aipuu Uruu t Arr us eco. Tim him flt in rent nicely furnish <1 Wooin a Ltd. Lion neighbourhood rent i in inquire 603 s Amo i or rent�?100-foot store room on Vav i St Gold Avenue. Eddita i3n City if for rent rooms for Botek j i 4 i or ii r of sixth Rood to. A i Blini Ubibi to in o. Automatic phone 22 color do 164. E. J. Alger. In i. of flees a Riml to Block. On donate gel Dyn Hill. Office hours. 8 30 a m. To _ 12 30 a. In i 20 to 6 In. Auto j in re to Telephone 462. Appointments of v mall. Do. A. L. Ervin dentist. Auto phone 691. Rooms >0 Arni 22. Whiting Block Ever Kearnard and Lundemann. A full Iti its. F. Vav. Spencer a. O. W a i i ing Ford a in. Anh Letec is. Kooms Ltd it quot vol Ltd a men building. Both phones. To the Point where so Terji Silver Creek i the be a a in Ley in Anona in is or. Reed the Large one. Ream Fth hit k from reek near Eastern it county snit i Spring t Hough of Coli tilt other Fork or a i la Little Ltd Dorado sex Fen in it Junction with Silver Woodi Ufa i quot a general Cotton to St Johns the of Apache county and i it Ville thirty five Miles there is a Tea a some ii Iti a in i i plier in Avha a of the or urn hear St. Johns Ami Springe i a. Lint it inks to by St Johns Aud is in dry weather a m dry led for a Long i limn e. Clear re. Mentioned Bot inters the lit tis it Oiin Rad in six Miles r in of wine 1 Low. Though tin in in i often dry from near that Point for a Long distance. Bul Clear re Ahi ays Star i vier soon water air is in a lines a lot 1 of it. Tho construction of the new Auto i Muu it station a of tier Creek is or t Mil of i to notice for ii rear Ehens i o it of work Alid f a in Money and is a Iii ii to its inaccessibility and yet i its Pronior a of permanence and use t Putnes. Dear it i Elk for fifty or sex i mite run Chr Gogh a throw. An Yon w .11, sheer Walls an i cat a i Rny ii ii in bul one or two i t is during that distance Anith have been mad possible stockmen who have built and out of the Deco c it re oui a tui grand Canyon a a Asp Stingly miniature i in plan it is Huim red of in Iii sle it to a of the up a to Grig station or. I of Iii where the a Nixon i to Tell Soo feet deep mid proration for tip select in of to Point he la it a let himself Down i a f Over Iii Miff by a rope the inv Huting instrument is Phi lift it a a a feet above Iii bed of t a at Joir a int about 2 a feet i a a. Tiro the him not for mat the biggest met of the work Wax t building of m Trail i Bori oui of Thim i Kus it a vol a insist partly a a what lie .-a1 re put hails id it a path eat in i in a with a my running through Ling on la upper my of non posts to which the Ngin a or i i of cling Ai lie sea in la Walls. Eton the rim die Ani sixty feet i of tin. Then follows ii Ladd Man woman and to opened to be out of do of k last l ight the Snow bands Wert compact a do Al land Ai Al apparently almost on the i its Felt it a ii taller til brings a id from them to ban up a let i in of sight. I it ii it Boul and in latter a do i Iii it from i i a i a meteor Ltd licht there Are in to d it to Anth Olaui a cd a he cholera an i diarrhoea remedy with splendid a sult i. But ii to Are unknown bet Alii they 11 a i hot Sita ted about Glim a t��-11monta of thir exp Ortence Foi publication. These people however Are none the i he i Fri. Ads Fri remedy. They Hale done much toward making it a household word by their personal recommendations t a friends Aud i neighbors. It la a Good Medicine a have in the Home amt is w Ith in know o for its cures of diarrhoea and All forms Ivil i Gil Krs. R a a 1,1 j. It. Farwell div i Engineer. I in in ii. A inn halon a a a Opl in. T. Arti Jinq building i to Hin thin. Or. Of i by Sun Al in Kil veterinarian. Office <24 North a in i Street Phons Lulu ill. Auto 747 kit rent of Hui mar. Gas Bath Ami Electol Ilg its i Intuit in a. Wright. Ai Vara do curb building to Colorado phone. Blk 93 flu int 5�?~2�?Tj. Automatic phone 292 Colorado in one 57 la a rpm i it it tic. Ill 1-313 West Silver ironic. It. Liv cry and boarding stables Light Albuquerque new Alexic. Slivered to it Ding Elk guaranteed. H k a it i 1 i a nigh d far in do at ii it had Hap Ila lire hit g Ising til to h id d to be a f a d a it him 11 by roots a i ids. Iii a a Speed do it i a f men Ahu Womer i ill r to mature Fie Arri inti it Mulhim Zirri utom quot to i a. A hoi. A i Iii in i. U a i l l in he hindi a or i rot a Uiti Mold i i nits isl r Emta a a it a Urs not a y a it prot Al Rankin amp co. Nile insurance Hilal i int at Loans la. Mitchell City scavenger automat in Mwasi room to. If. T. A pm i to build dog id and i Auto cd a i Roe in a quot Lily but t rails into m t it i 9i a Imi not it a either forfeit i i a a a for the d Cho in a it a a appt 0x1 j in the x a a t that to a on auction of rate ii fee Ito it twi it us. R ladder so feel a next f Ltd Ai to i Pinill about aft feet i ii Bra it want it Tea i i Inu ova a id go i it ii a i 2v to of ��-1 Low i to i i Igie i not Fiat 1 it three feta Long till Nevi of a f a Iii St pc Here the Lee in in i la Iii la tined re k from that j int to the of site cult Imi a i Attal it pm me Iii i t Vii ii quot a it rial the Gaul tem to 1 it a i pistil dial Glt si3veohst Stern the Railroad Avenue Clothier adv. a i�?fer.1 Iii Gui ii it i Fri it n,.�t a i t Oia pure our pro a amt to Iii or Bai. Lion a a Tia Rizig in and Fri red it. Illy in pm did. I a Iken a hell both d Aye he a Aorta the Iii a i. Bank by and full Wail. F,.om to be i a a Al i i to a i Mii remarkable that not. In i employed had any sort luring the whole work the get a registering device la rather a a. In Pound though it a been described Befurt May pol prove unit resting to refer to it again. It a merely a Prole ted it lit it ii or Box after the m t tit a cub Ort in a Avreet running from he St Ream to a waft pit Eta the or Ai the it Vit it the Canyon this i connected with a a Are Hollo wooden Shaft of Ordinary constr running perpendicularly to a automatic Reg i me to Rig device la to station above. In this Sii aft a pro 1 a lout on die surface of tim water and it in turn a on Fie. Till with tile do Eek work in vie at the up of the Shaft who Ceil leg Der the Rie arid fall of a water Iii the Shaft the float rising Gad fading with lha in no at roam. The device is a Cylinder with g clock at on a nil a both moves a Lead 15 1 la a Roux its length Alee in six of drug str Day. Tile rising and falling of the i in v is cur float turn the by fun r under the pen j Louse it. It u Back and of not is the cd so May i the Varia dons of thay Bud dept ii the Ipa Truin Meek by ghost of a a a. That ave thing is working Moab. But Thole is Nisi cold. Ii is. Us Vii is Mil % it Thoi blk. Thi at von fifty five feet ,.iot t a of mob Tiona Mik la he i which Isa Cai tim do Siatan i awk. Wmk Ark Konjit Arnee la Tun of to i pushing do Lex in Wmk blot a Mer t i i. Tag i Milts Iai by Irvin Lor a ism Lefcik Hilt t. C. M w id a of a it Mark on the in i Iii if you St.,. I conclude that til great Many hav cured by Imlej i lube i Gin my h you do not i care for to permanent. Stoma h an i m Sample at Ive tie in a it Jai. I pit top and Buji m inv i by i i Roi i ass Vav Iid be fair to Yogi self in hot weather nip Del fit a Kic Cep Iona Iii Well raid t a tit i i la c Ai of till fancy Long by x or trousers ii Vrh i t Matt Pru it ii m it or. Copyright 106 by Hart Schalf car or Mirk Pur Outing suits but from $8.50 to $20.00 i of rent she 1 Ltd h As t Tun cl.1-i failing water Pat lit uni jux it i in be 11 a to tidily. A d Cess a c. Miller. J ii los hoi a it. Net j Mist. Of a Hll Hent a to t sin inquire by. J and old my for rent fur i shed room n second St. Filiti Bent two co unit b , �16 Vav foal of a i Lent fun 1 is had my darn in use also Foini lied rooms. Louii Ltd a r. Al la Vav t a to la Ren t t i 11 Rico for Houske. Ping no la 2� be lid is for rent s to i a room for wind furniture Ute. Large budding i Vav a i 62 s. Be. Olid is. Egr rent 2-room and 4-Rooni utne it i to Ais mod Iii quot a on lion. In. A We nit a s. Arn sir it. I it Ren i Motte to findish j i room Stihi South a come to Ute Stair Vav v i or. Iii i for i n idea Aid in i ii i rooms at 816 s. Third m. A i $2 i on i o rent i urn so of rooms by 1 11 do Day a Ltd of rooms of non for licht Hon co omit. Mrs. La i Init it. 113 West lend ave. I i Vivi i la i i i Vav \ \ i i a Vav anted Ai the Reutt Otisi i ii Mal ii out a a pm Elk Andi Muil i Vilks a. Border City undertaker. Quot Black be Vvhs quot in its. Is no. Ooin of Mer. Ill 11 ,1, i to i id i in Auto of a la lion in. A it. So muoi do Lei Ija Luqu Rule new my Xii ill Vuk i Lull k. Filiti a11. Eli and i Anks lip. M v i. In the. 11v. Wad a Vilt i lit Sut Sfa Tum it n Balling Imo Nekr i 1 per is eel a. Fleischer focal estate and Loans. Fire insurance surety Bonds. Of f i veil a i#,�?T11 j Jami $ pal till i t. Wanted general Lions homa a Vav anted Anoil lat nov n Enlil Gill for Ltd wok. App Ai in Wani Khz w i Eli. I in a Kho a ,.�.-"de, $7�?T."" per Moil n $3 to 11 i Day. Of a i i la m i a Alit huh a Acy 120 Vav Sill Ivan a n t i in lion users in k Edith is. Vav v note i i to m i a i i Vav i nip my h �?�71 i i Ai j. W and. I o k Gen in Vav a n j a in journal of ii Ada i a i a t by. N a t it ton i a is it rut i an i i a hip a try it. Ii pm books i i Sci i i Nill ii i. ,�? i it u in in in Rul d i quot a a. H. My i off. W k in ii quot Nev i to a kill a a la up up us Jour i i a p. I id Blank ii Slit Hunt a i. A ind journal l Sij Solidi a a on i Smet. in ii Oil six. I or s \ la. I i Kuo no i.1 ii a in tile a a i <2, ii 11 lab and it. Quot log it lag it it quot a Bun. In. A edit ii it of it age Wii n i a id it a i i go quot i i quot my a 5 lots i in j. A i in o Iii or lieu a i quot i 11 n St i �a1. A to on in Atli a Wail Loo 1 i l j. Large grounds. Good outbuilding or Etui wad Shrub i cry Olith w it i a a in in o tory Cam Ani flu. A in i in Ben it. Just in. A a a a a quot Oil Fie Iii. Dwelling on a a 1 in. Lot 76x142, find Iliade tries v e a a of . Property for a a. A a a fan ii fur it in in lox to City i a quot loom Bra g co Tagg Bath. A a 1 i Iii b in. Quot Mer lot Box 142, 2, he Tad hire 1 in 4-i a in flume new barn it ii a i. It Ity a Are High Loca Tion. I room to Irno cottage Bath. It i s. A Roo St in it ii of i i m a cottage Bath a ii ctr gets. It i Iii 16,500�?4 double House clo a in id quot in i per month a Good investment. La f i Ash. us till at s per get $ 3<mi or in. 2-�tiry Brick suits by f. R i oiling or boarding boils on ii Fhi Aidt a 6 in Frame Bath a Lect to Light to a blubber int 7fcxl 2, Furth Ward. $t,3 �0 in m Frame near a hops. A j quot quot in i to my i quot Mug Model a Odd Ltd a i to Tiai a at rub bely Garner lot. 50x142 j a be o pro k a la Hgt my Lorn w i ii built Large a a Len goo barn. Re 1 i Lawn lie boat Ion. West Tijeras Road. 12. 0��?� a room Frame dwelling with Model ii loll Chi ii s. Will 1�?~ulit, k Amo it. Olio in v to i a tit it in i Xiu Reg pm St at laity i la Iez of Iii in a. Vin. By milk of. Blume blk j. Thi London club Lively co Mai v la v till vering Sim los i i a bund in a i2 x s. My is Small holding Blini no i ii .1 no be i a by lib ii no Dot part to it of the Intel tor Uhrt stat i it i a i office Santa be A Juno i in. Nolo a in hereby that to billow tog Nanny claimant has lib d not of his inn quot Hon to make final proof i i support of his claim under Kec Tjogia or Aud 17 it til a t of March 3, 1895 26 stair1,4as am aided by Iii a t of february 2l i 893 27 slats Iii i Uil that said Plain wit be mad before i tilted states oui t commis Init. I it san Hula i n Aon the 16th 1 in of july. 1998, in Matu Ltd Onlia for thins 11 adding claim no 16/1, situated Iii set it25, t the n., r. I Vav. Iii a tin the folios my who messes to pro it a i i t continuous advert pose a on of said Ira t for a is in it pre cd in g flit Survey at the township Vul Gaud Leeds of la gull., n Al j Osel to Roku of Fig gun a. Al Willigan Paisano of Laguna n of and Alai tin Juth or of Laguit M. Any pers ii who desire to protest against the allowance of said proof i who knows of any substantial a it a in under the Laws and regulations of the nil nor department in it sult ii pro it of m. A Conde la Dora yarn a. A Iolj a Floa Gross Kelly amp go wholesale # merchants Wool. Hales a Delta in specially Amu ukr it in us y id Aff Tira St. Elmo Sam pit aul club roams Druid not a allow d will he give a i Opportunity at the ubut mention i time and place to Eros aaa Saitia to. Fitiles of said claimant and to of or it video e in rebuttal of that nub i tied by la might Mandi it in Rio re of t r 4b Mao in while away tin Mart i hours. All the Hope Lur <5 am in. Keno a very a Lominy i thursday and saturday nights. Joseph Barm to i fit w it Allond ate pro Afif Lri

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