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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 27, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Men and women who Are doing things a Vista Muni general find new alphabet. Tor the Extension of rom in injection of radio land a no and rabies Baa bees opened with the announcement of la a in a of a new Contrer Sal alphabet by m a 1 o r it e n. Georgo 8quf#r, the chief signal of a a firer of the a v \ the now alphabet. Hailed a the greatest Advance la the science of Coro Muni ration in Many years to 2.65 time faster than the in tem atonal Morse George o. Smiler now nil Wersal in us cd. It la de a signed to supplant the latter which was invented eighty years ago. The Morse code. Cen. Hauler said is entirely out of Date and unsuited to telegraphy As known and practice to Day. The principle upon which the new alphabet la based it that the dots and dashes occupy equal lengths of time and no consecutive signals Are of the same alga and the limit of legibility for each letter of the alphabet is practically uniform. Gen. Stu Tori other lines of research have developed results of profound importance in a technical non spectacular Way. And other nations have recognised his scientific Eminence with a bundle of honors and decorations. He is a fellow of the Phr etral society of Tendon and a member of the Royal Institute of great Britain a Knight commander of the order of St. Michael and St. George and. At Home a member of the National Academy of sciences a distinguished service medallist and a frequent Winner of the Franklin medal. Tell of girl scouts. Mins Juliette Low. Founder of the girl scouts in the United states. Was the chief speaker at the recent convention of that organization held in Washington. Her topic v As the healthy and unexpected growth of the girl scout movement and the reason for this development. She pointed out that there Are now in aah members in the United states with upward of 200 outdoor Camps. There Are More than 10,000 girl scout leaders and during the last year fifty five colleges have included in their cur rec diem the girl scout training course. This Means that at the close of the present College year College girls will have completed their course in scout leadership. Miss Low declared that despite the High standards of Tho organization she believed that within a Short time there would be More than a million girl scouts in the United Staten. A photostatic expert. The one woman in the government service who is in charter of a Complete division of photo stating mime graphing and Multi graphing is miss Helen Manning of the United states Post office department although miss Manning is attached to the general accounting office she handles the entire work of seven bureaus of the government and at Rush times is often seen with her sleeves rolled up accounting for her share of the output. There la Little about the machine Abe oversees that miss Manning does not know and she is frequently called upon to perform some mechanical Miracle upon them. Miss in Licette Low. Miss Helen Manning. Mrs. Bayard Taylor. For Butine research. Off mex is mid in Buston is for a bet ter appreciation of the function of re Earch. Lille some industries have gone far in introducing scientific inquiry into their Busl Nesse. While n few of them Are resting their whole operations on a research foundation most of our industries a not beyond the singe of crude these views were expressed by de t wrr<1 j Melbren in Edwrd j. Me Hren. M ad<jr#1mi a errant vat the College of engineering of the University of Illinois at Urbana Iii. The Ocee Lon being the induction info offic of Dean Milo s. Ketchum. Or. Veh ten it editor of engineering acc a record a Job that is considered one of the highest honors to the civil engineering profession. I Smulo t dorm Alo Torrigiani. Start solar dispute. 11th in or. Char g. Abbot Secretary of the National Academy of sciences announced that the heat of the Sun was gradually diminishing and had decreased from .1 to 4 per cent during the last fifteen months he started a controversy which promises to rage indefinitely. If or. Abbots statement is proved to he Correct it Means cold summer. A spoiling of the crops and in unusually severe Winter. Or. Abbot should speak with authority since he has been continuously engaged in the study of ardor radiation since 189ft, when he joined the stiff of the smithsonian astronomical Observatory. During this period he has conducted several expeditions to study solor eclipses and has made frequent journeys abroad to Confer with foreign scientists. He a Horn in Wilton. N. In in 1872. Or. Charles g. Abbot. Grand Muster arrive. Vong the pm t distinguished of the v ent visitors to the United states grand master of the italian masons v to has just arrived in America at the invitation of la grand i swigs of new k Quot or York state. He will i it i a a Quot a it of the country visiting vat it j Rlyons Ami Dis cussing the development of masonry in hts Owji dec Gentry. Although he Baa been a member of the order for Many yeas and has trav else extensively throughout Europe this is its first visit to the United states he is at the head of the same masonic it Odgen Italy which vat founded by Garibaldi. Convicts pottery men. David l. Podell who a been retained by the government As trial cop use i to conduct the prosecution of the building combines in the Federal courts recently tried the Case against a Potter Combine and after a trin lasting four weeks the jury returned a verdict of gut Ltd a to forty five defendants in less than one half hour. And jail sentences were imposed on eight of the defendants. Or. Odell likewise presented the Case for the government against the tile and Terra Cotta combines who subsequently pleaded guilty. Jail sentences in the tile Rase were Imp so for the first time in the history of the Sherman Law. The verdict of guilty in the pottery Case wan the first of its kind returned by a jury in this District. Or. Loden is a graduate of the new York Public schools. Columbia College and Law school. He worked his Way through the College course by teaching evenings in the Public schools and doing Odd jolts in Tho summer vacations. For the last fifteen years he has been in Active practice at the new York bar. David l. Podell. Kemal conducts propaganda in the old town meeting style he now Mustpha Kemal Pasha seconded by hts actively feminist wife is conducting a successful Campaign of propaganda in a country w Here there Are few newspapers and Only slender moans of influencing Public opinion is the Story brought Back to this country by William f. Redfield an american business Man who recently returned after spending several months in the near East. A Kemal realize Quot or. Redfield said Quot that for the first time in the history of the country Turkey is being ruled by Public opinion. That is the Only Force be Thorn answer any questions they May put to him. Some of these meetings continue for hour Quot and they All Are conducted in an extremely informal and democratic manner. When they Are concluded the audience go s away satisfied every Man in it has had the Opportunity to get any grievance he May be harbouring a off his cd it to put to the festive head of the government any question he pleases and obtain an answer. A it a a a remarkable fart that Kemal never Dodges nor fences with opponents. Tie gives any one who watches him the impression of i eng thoroughly straightforward a i sincere his Mauner is a a real student. Although Aho has Bren married eighteen years and in keeping House mrs. Canard Taylor of West Jefferson Ohio arises at 4 4o each morning in order to attend Ohio state University fifteen Miles away but As one Reward she b8s Tho distinction of leading All of the 8,000 students in scholarship at the University. This record was announced by Ohio Batto officials with their annual list of selections for Phi Beta Kappa National honorary Scholastic fraternity. Mrs. Taylor has a perfect Scholastic record. Much of mrs Taylor a studying is done on the cars while travel lug Between j Elf Ere on and the University. Interest in outdoor life impelled mrs. Taylor to enrol at the University As a special student where is in Bas specialized in science chiefly botany. She expects to be n graduate stud it next year. By enrolling As a special student mrs. Taylor was enabled to take advantage of advanced courses but Only by getting Rue highest poise la grades was she Able to omit certain preparatory courses. Hind the Congress at Angora and that la the Only warrant of authority be himself possesses. J is by successfully interpreting the new National spirit of Turkey that he has risen to Power and it is Only by influencing and following Public opinion that he can remain at Hie Helm. A if is easy enough for our Over neut or the government in any Well developed country to put its Ca a before the people. Of the state department wishes to explain its position on for instance the Buhr situation Secretary Hughes eau Call the Washington correspondents together and the next morning a wry literate person in the country will know nations attitude and the reasons behind it. Quot Kemal docs not posts Izreo Adan tags. There Ore comparatively few papers in Turkey and their circulation is Small though they posses considerable influence. But if he is to get his my Sage to the Massas he must adopt other Means. A the is therefore forced to go Back to the old town meeting Only those he holds Are bigger than any our new England forefathers knew. What he does is in effect to go from town to town Cal the people together add re. J them and Oscar King Davis or. Charles s. Macfarland. Pie direct and military for first of in he is a Soldier. Yet i am convinced that there no danger of a military dictatorship in Turkey and that Kemal is re solved that the government must to conducted in accordance with the will of the people democratically expressed Quot a after the mating Kemal and i wife lint i tied their names in a guest a wok Kemal expressed the desire to visit America As soon As conditions in Turkey would permit his absence and i Ani certain that this was not Moro politeness on i pact As he is intensely interested in and in our country to which be la ver it favourably inclined to a Pessimist. A int i in Uke a cheery room Var with id and Gold with la Gin in Iron coloured Are its furnishings a Bonfire i flaming in the night i d like to share my mind with you but you would make it seem Lese Gay tour words would fall on Bright things there like powdery Dum and turn them Gray a s Raser. Organizes Trade my pm. \ great share of the credit for the f in com of the recent Contention of the National foreign to it i cetane 11 in new Orleans is due to the efforts of Oscar King Davis Secretary of that organization who arranged this year program which included addresses from important a banker Man Ufa lures merchant end shipping men and was enthusiast a a oily approved by hundreds of delegates or. Darts ii a re is papa a Man he was a special correspondent for tor he a at Manila during the Spanish american War and the philippine insurrection and in Rhine during the disorders of 1900. As correspondent of tar in w yoga line sin he was with the first Japan a army daring the russian or. I afer he became a Washington correspondent and Secretary of the progressive National committee in 1912. He was bom in Baldwinsville. By. Is a graduate of Holgate and in the author of a number of Hooks on diverse topics. To make books for Blind. The permanent Blind belief War fund. Of which or. Charles h Macfarland is a director has perfected plaits to it Supply books printed in the Brail a Point system St the rate of 30,000 annually to the War Blind of the United states. Great Britain France Belgium Italy r a Manla Serbia and Poland. The fund go a has already raised More than >2 000.000 i. Jul wbk and has the support of 75,000 persons. The intention of the organization la to concent rate All its efforts on the production of books and expects that 600.000 will be printed within a few years. Or. Macfarland is from Boston and to a graduate of Yale lie started a bus. Ness career but after senior some time with the Melrose y. A c. A. Ana or damned a congregational minister. Ile became general Secretary of the Federal cd Rouneil of the thumbs of Christ in America in 1912 and still occupies that position. He is also a lecturer St the Yale divinity Babool. Urges drug suppression. A Jav trs Hamilton v right one of the three International members of the opium advisory committee of Tho league of nations has returned from Europe with the declaration that International cooperation alone can solve the drug problem. A no Cox rom it Quot she says a has passed More drastic drug legislation than the United states. Vet it is officially stated m that leg per cent of r a. Drugs entering the Hamilton Wright country come through illicit channels. There will always he illicit channels so Long As the overproduction of opium persists. A the question Wear then facing is How to prevent overproduction. The recent Porter Resolution asking the opium producing countries to restrict their poppy cultivation to the medicinal need of the world approaches the question from the right Angle it represents How. A re but a request and Rte sir on the part of the United elate Aud entails no obligations w inf in or in the part of the a tier s addressed to accede to the Long before her appointment is a member of the opium committee or Wright Hod studied the drug problem in the United states and has written Many authoritative articles on the Ruble t. So a was bom in Minneapolis. Globe Trotter returns. Fiut mod recent Globe encircling tour of Frank g. Carpenter lecturer and writer i fled the other Day at the White House when this Veteran trav Eler pre sentry a copy of i alaskan adventures to pre Ideal Harding or in Pinter has by in inking Little jaunts As far As the euphrates or the chins sea since about 1880. In the intervening years be Lins proved himself one of the most restless of mortals As there is no Quarter of the wot id w Binh he has hot visited mob of them several times. He is a native of Mansfield Ohio w he i a he Pas born in js55, he began a journalistic career As political correspondent in Leveland and later served in the same capacity in Washington but the lure of the Road was so Strong in him that he became a free Lance writer and Bas since spent most of bus life in foreign countries. His Home is in Washington. Frank g. Carpenter House was built an Asylum tor int \ and that it in t and the a. A. To St i Buber to boys or Char b. Or of Fain Harry fathead is that thinks thine Over ilk that on s lost or and not pious or Gin. I tract a. Ii tan a i air Flo or d. Whoever the an put Anvil and Tell him baby adoption spreads among actors awful picture of results if mrs. Fisk cd a example is widely followed by Dorothy Richardson. A left a if the the Florica manager did no to hut trouble enough Whit will i Ever preset danger of running afoul the asters equity association Side stepping walking delegates from the musicians Union and the ancient and honorable order of stage hands juggling with the ticket speculators acting Nice and polite to the Good ladies of the drama league even when politeness craves to be a virtue holding of Tongue about what i really thin Aud feels about All dramatic critics lighting Bow Iby ism and keeping his Eye co Sod on the threatening menace of censorship these Are troubles but the Vort la yet to come listen what is he going to do about the babies meaning this maternal instinct Complex that is sensing upon our leading actor and actresses and which already numbers among its victim two such eminent artists a mrs. Minnie madder a Fisk and or. Al Jolson. And miss Marie dressier showing symptoms every minute. Now of All sounded very pretty indeed. When we read a Short time ego in the new a per that or Fisk the it Een of american aet re a had adopted s baby the news dispatch was dated from somewhere in the provinces Here the heiress was playing and baby a grouping with the show among the one week stands with Cradle and go cart hauled from town to town along with the scenery it amended too eminently right a i proper that mrs. Flak should do just this thing. And so Public meetings were called immediately by All sorts of organizations interested in child welfare and occasion made to commend mrs. Fisk a philanthropic action and to urge other childless persons to go and do likewise. At one of the meetings miss out Reft Taylor Ralz up and said that there was Only one thing in the world More admirable and Noble than adopting a baby and that win adopting two babies. Which was very Good though miss Taylor might Hare said with considerable wit and truth a and that is having a Only As Mise Taylor does happen to have Tiro of her very own Don lit Ess she would have despised the suggestion to throw bouquets at herself. Be that us it May what mrs Fisk did in the Way of satisfying her instinct for mothering and what miss Laurette Tay. Tor said about it went like a House afire. Mrs fake located in the wilds of the West we interviewed and baby proudly displayed by her suddenly acquired famous Mother As she Lay oyling in her Cradle in Tho Star s dressing room Hack stage. A ooh. Be mrs. Fisk assured Ell her eager questioners. A yes. Indeed baby will travel with Roe always i think of leaving Lier behind in the hands of hired attendants beside Quot a baby place i with its Mother and a mothers pin. A is with her baby my baby needs Rny and i need Ber. We need each fiber. We in id lonely thes be stage Folk loneliest of All when or a baby is wonderful company a baby fill the House one never Gas lonely with a baby around. Certainly not. Or. Al join on is convinced that a Bay is company. Now or. Jolton in the loneliness of i dressing room read about mrs. Flakes baby. A Fay that Dame says a Mouthful he does said the blackface comedian or words to that effect when he had finished Reading. And then we ran imagine the monologue that ensued a we Lead lonely lives. U in in in Vin t ii the truth. ,. A baby wonderful company. A baby fills de House. Wonder what miss Fisk mean by Daf ,.fills de House. Huc Cumbs dolls de hours. What so Means Yackly ,.but Shu us. A dus a hour. Howe a it seems that after deep rumination or. To or on dismissed this faint suspicion of possible mercenary motive. At least we must that he did is the far of what was to happen. Or Felton and hts show hit Young town Ohio or May be it was Chillicothe. Anyway they hit some town and some hotel where a bouncing baby boy had been left in a suit cae Only the night be fore and or Jolson adopted it right off the Bat so to speak. He hired the Best i Urs to be found in the town bought what in Ohio is still called a baby buggy and a Cradle which he had installed in i Quot dressing room St the local theater cd when the show left the town the who a caboodle of the in want along baby Tolson and nurse in the. Pullman with the company Aud buggy and Cradle a in the baggage car ahead a to quote that once popular song. That too sounds very pretty. Prettier almost than what mrs. Fisk did. Bachelor baby stuff something so quaint and appealing about a Carefree Bachelor Sud doing he Skelf with All Tho res cd Nam Terne tand men such helpless creatures at that sort of to Taler. A everybody knows. Of yes it sounds pretty it listens Good As or. Jolson himself might tiny. Or. Jolson a managers Uke mrs. Fiske s must have thought it listened mighty Good when they saw the newspapers and ave May assume that there was no member of the producing managers association that would hoi have agreed with them then. Cor Riga. T. ,\ it leu a Ria and the the a t a railroading fancy Tho occasions when the a. A. Imply cannot get Tate room accommodation it fir segregating the Nursery unit. And baby a t a he tucked into a lower Aion with a Pullman full of weary the piss with non a you know stretched tight As fled Ostringa however this w ill be Only on More drop in the company manager Over flowing bucket. That up to in i it what he paid for no use in the a m trying to work off his feelings by sending any Savage Telegram Back to Broadway. What Are the poor Little sorrow of a of m. Anyway of Tricart i a a ti-1 a rubber a at the Home office. Take let tis a the it inter Garden a it hero if r Lino i miss Marie or her Blair adj asked i r an enlargement of her dressing room end the cutting of an extra window against the. A it not far off n w w. Hire to a i adopt a foundling t in the to in in ment refuse to do for min drafter what the a hav done for or j Don a or Good. Inflation end Hygiene any More important for or Jolson s baby than for miss dressier and a to ads dressier a inalienable right to Horn in on Ila Mother Tuff could any in nag Mer dare in Don that a lady maternal i a arc not nutty a worthy re Ped o a gent torn us we i i a Bod w to know miss dressier i5 it you see that the Way it i by and before the Stone in ions and the carpenters Are finished Messing with miss dressier Nursery nil the re t of Ilia Winter Garden stars will ii raising Ria dons. Thee my needs crash into tile sews too with their foundling children. Oven though it meat that the Intra a of management has to Annex a slice of the adjoining real estate at a million dollars per foot front. And the very ran a thing is Likely to happen to Morris Gist at the Century theater or to or. Dillingham at the hippodrome. It May happen any place and every place. But How about those real mothers and fathers of the stage Folk like mis Ethel Barrymore or miss Blanche Bates or miss Billie Burke or or. John Burro More All the actors and actresses who have had progeny visited upon them by nature so to speak How about it emf the thro Little i olt or the George a reel kids or Patricia Ziegfeld or brother John s Nursling Why they be never upset and of this complicated theatrical machinery you be been talking about i True True but that. Xvi cd is a different pair of shoes it Little do you understand Tho Denpei and morn obscure work to Kab of the maternal Complex in Ayu Blo tin. Of like Lik it religion or education. Or Bible manners. Or like most anything else that you get hit with ail of a sudden or a bit later than other folks of you be been going to Church All your life or you be been brought up to use the Broad Quot a Quot and Finger bowls you take Mem All As a matter of course and Arn pretty carries its the Little stranger literally the la four it r who r the dangerous thing run v a a. But not no v la m now it mater sex i rout ply it spreading among rot a in too Many of our hading actors and act reset Nei to be outdone by mrs. Fisk and or. Jol Tofi they Are adopting babies hand Over fit. And if All the Man a or it have to do h r All the Foster mothers and father what mrs. Flakes and or. Jolson n pert it a manager Are having to do for them and their Bable a Ell it s going to Airt thing up quite a bit tor the managers. How Jam thing up Well that Quot How ? How Little you know about the theatrical bust not. Of allow in Little you pm it a of the infinite ramifications of life Hack tags of the difficult problem a a etting the Mage manager and the company manager and when the show is on the Road of the Advance agent heaven help the poor Advance Man when he puts it up to the Bouse manager of the theater who a the show i it hooked Quot and now if you done to mind i d Jum like to give your Star dressing room the once Over. Hope to god i s a tiny Large airy place or there la be hell to pay. The Madam s All for Hygiene Sec or she Sanny cd a Bab and baby a but that As far As hell a Var get for right Here the la. M. Era she in with a Tot of unprintable languor to the effect that

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