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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 24, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Jane 24, 1928 Albuquerque morning journal Fofi sewn radio Chrysler buys More Stock in j Maxwell company in i id. In a. I tent Fielt let c station to a install no tidal Point i. a a he a ,. A j of wire in All tis which in to ferry Captain Dor hmm hrs Riffle or and the Ether Day that i. Ctm Rater ii largely it i holding in the Maxwell mater i of portion end that a trill he Pennant Nelp end Eliv Lar a it dated the or oration from ref to ii tins Forward. V on ii non in Jagt Quot Quot no by ii i \ a s it san to fms j a oar that he Bren it. A i. \. Printer should be jerked up. And Terr. Ell the lights a hound in he term a mod from the burned for about two hour while of and moisture that Bare the car in Eta Din Idle. And Hyvo about the ear making it Preethi to Idle enet owl that there a a Ito Lieten for the sound of an a danger of a Stefl Harg farm Niter throw out the clutch when apr to Litten for the sound of an a _ proc Henf in Railroad crossing. J probing train. In coasting. To reduce an overcharged hat tag we a eliminate All nol a a however do not allow the engine journal want Ada for result Walt a gathered of mad Ald b. Maxima on Hie trip to it this Autmer. Ron ring item ult Rhonda inbuilt i loan mag am in the be manent magnate la City year no a a a on la paid to a a Iii i i a a til i i a Len a Colon in which the High Curran i it played in them move. Tho or ii poll around the rim have a ratable soaked in Between the 11nt and the head of the tire. Glueing rust on the rim. This i ast has a damaging effect on the Bead. Tire should be removed when dry weather arrive and this rust removed. The output of the Generator reduced. I Worth knowing the 42 pin i and Rifi r is Cor tiered Good for Short wave work. It it a see bits i for the Tong ave a sumo to Alii inst another a net Over a wit he it i allowed i remain in to circuit when -,1ns for the broadcasting Eta old Cadillac car is still chugging oos Renorra it is s Good plan to Olean the commutator when it become. La 1 a a 11 gummed. Crocus cloth can be or. In a pm a a a it a of it his to Elj ave a a a a a a a a the. Cop a y Tare Tara ego a chairman of been known to have rusted solid. My. Of director. Of . Loth. Rim. No Hith. Us a a a a Quot Quot it i. Tin Develor ment a i to Hull dins of been removed portion of a with the cloth. Ner us Emerth debtor r of n i up. Willing of stuck to the rim. Or band paper. Tbs eng Wei chimera properties but did not relinquish i o?b#��?�?1�?11 -1----- a a a important activities or enter into j off a off a at Bicker wire Copp Quot wire not larger than o. Or if a 8. Gaug is Ideal of at who a a re on Crystal detectors. Is or or tire. Silver and gelt i Eire make is remedy sen sit in the cat Aktiv Maul of r to urea and Ooups i Adirondack tit Unaite to car is the title year ild Horsek for Thor to it chugging it through the it it re elate Enne errand. You May ase hide this Tun an exclusive arrangement or Agre to a permanent association. Or. Chrysler is looked tip on1 within the motor oar Industry As one f f the half dorm great exec j i it Lea whose Siw month a a1 a i ways of consider by . I Lefors associating himself witha a a j Maxwell he was pre old it tit in log in i Era manager of the Buick motor bust Omps my and later a Lee preen j d it of Ltd to r in motors la a deft the Anor. Va-1 nits germane it identification with Cadillac Maxwell Chalmers is expected to of the Gas a Birned to it r Tony Hill i responsible it with it buggy top its air c is j arouse widespread interact among Ion Spring and Ila rear deck j aut Oriolt men Tot commercial purpose sturdily j or. Chrysler de Islon to Asse i met amp a higher and higher into elate himself permanently with the j the allege Enieda the the Whit i Maxwell pub Mere management in of the scorer a which Ltd Mac Pointe mss Ana Copper it a a it. A. A a �?��?��?T-�?T1, w e will he found wish suited for b ins or peacefully rolling Alog the property Baa re geared in solid Contact with is Ucon. Galena and a Mohawk Valley. For its value during the Leat two years. In or rates. A owner covers All of the Terr i both from the standpoint of the _ tory and his profession Calls for banker and the manufacture the _ _ _ anew Lohla a Sar it a a. F fit it vex i w with a a a i Ltd a i # is so i i a i. Iai proper Parr met of Art 1a Orit i not known by the majority _ 1 or Mil a exp mentors that thow a radio is la placed with re i. A 4 _ the Aerial the better Willis a a the Uret or by of i oho i ventral Lori of trick no Keller fac Turr the property has literally he a Solidi f de from it so or a i up. The highly creditable financial condition of the company la but a re Flection of Batt rent Little Short revelations of or. Conoho the most contented Motorist in six states apr to to the Aerial tie a ter Willi us jul no. Iwu ruin a Lune in on the result with an Antenna your a and Piny to of Rowohl Flonary Erst Hon the plants i est off the Earth the be i arc within a jars in bus of j the Wrelve. Lits ate obtained if thie 1 , it in do a a along by decision today Eiver la located on the Street i a Ofa i or Chry a ,., or instead of in the attic. Len Quot re a a a a emf f la i a he motor ear a i ass xxx High truth Lish Sud been absolute and my con i users of distort big Isle t it Bine a arid i v5ri0n a a vol a of the Max distortion of message coining Thor it in Yarup Vernalta of b a w a a properties a grown greater of soph a any is due t piled i tidy Hein other red 11 pm no Nan twi re a guv or 5 n july if in a Hunt of broken diaphragm of that u tic is his arrive i in a a poorly designed or thin re Etc f>3rjy a a a a do tia a. Mil Wager Cap. B a loud up her la us for n r.,. A a or just be be. No of too Gas nth a prof. But of. Ltd that Cater a quoth a Tiwu mtr a n a 00nrlv Quot a Battery potential poorly designed Horn Bent or broken diaphragm or a Horn that is made of non Rifle Materia. And my con the Max per Isis grown greater during Tho p red several year that 11 about All there la to be said about my permanent association with Maxwell that it appeals to Mosa a great pro arty capable of Cor ensling and increasing indefinitely the Aplon did development now being to a b Matt Erie in test log a a bad a for it i tags do not leave the on the str manaia soy longer or use up , q a a same thing holds True of any test no with either Atar or Ammeter. Always feet the at Oreg artery with a hydrometer for i e beat remits to Hen the Solomon read below 1150, it Talim Jirvil to recharge Aud when the read. Irp. Ltd log reach 121# or 1800 it is thee h it e to atop the charge to Orn by things than Ben ring begin to Wear they Are soon knocked Pally the Ca r Hee undergone some changes lie a removed the Tonneau Ani replaced it with a Flat deck to ferry i Alae properties. Over the front seat he has placed a buggy top and some tim Ako the Springs wore a Quot in it pm a lopsided. Hared by a act of or upon the thrust of Hie a for the engine pans he 8ya engaging member. Even Tho hah i Ehson utly Necea eary. Tin that thew at for the to amount it Weir will de Short circuit and will. A a. Xlyn of the vent it a Knock which Greasy Battery in a hurry. J car much of which shows but j i Asteria Tho end of the bearing. Little. A. R i spite of it Many i a t fur Ive. A Ibn it i a might to the r r ish ors has Ltd of the common causes of a number of mode1 a a a Lilac ignition trouble is that of defectors one it the factory and Ive cont ret Point which Are others bar wised tor Echt Felton among la main part of a Tilg a distributors. Ohs of Netlon system. It la a pro a their 0 car old huskies last condition that the a trap the of Thyr a mad Tho 7s-mii# run in High tension Sparks to the from Detroit to Der depends. New t t k. Carrying a Mesan go j a from the t it Ltd or of j a a rot ? to the i Promise Ito Maior of the larger metropol is Randy applied to it his Friend a and commemorating the Twe Fitt a scotch ban Lier to gov Hie son a coh birthday of the company j Job in til Bank. To. Banker pro de a to test the boy in mental wit Linnet in. Quot How Many a two Iti a two a he demanded. Quot of Vlf Quot snapped the boy. Quot food Good Quot said the father enthusiastically Quot be Only i it by a in a aul. In a it Ndon wre crier to or. A perfect re up thu. P. A i it in. A Ery receiving set a Valr a a or talk amount of Ca Pac a a represented by co Dena s. Thee Monde non a Arfre que Sally designed and built in aug h a Way that the pressure of the fingers when handling them t Hanges the capacity by Presa Long the leaves of tinfoil closer Togsta of time a cond Nurr old in the j i a of that i.�?T. H a capacity of Hoos Mfd. Ii rot Lity produce v a a a ate or. Under run con 11,o it in Best to test a Eon. Denser before buying it Presa it Etc men the fingers i Thor in a decided Quot five Quot reject it and of Ceasar -. Pay Mer Money for a better one tor tile notebook rebuilt tube Ere Short lived. Indoor Eer Iala do not require Anc lightning Arreater. When or thing else has Bein inspected for or Ulie try a new Grid leak. A re line raft is receiver la id o 15 time As a be Lttie a on that is not regenerative. Nearly and re diet troubles come from rot knowing How to Tun. Turning the or at random la Only a hit a miss �.v�?T, i the Short v a Are owl so cold not be Over la feel hug. Whitlo a fir Trana k into Waves May bras Long As 400 feet the radio f in Quot to intends to go away for a x pc a lion this sue. Mer should not fail to take his Bilo set along. In fact Wilt a and Paul incs the aver air a Vidio set can be packed safely n a a tease exiled Duc plots to gain throne the sign that guarantees genuine parts Only through the use of genuine Buick factory made parts can the mechanical excellence of Buick cars be maintained these parts Are identical with those originally used in building the car. The same materials the same workmanship Are employed. The infrequency with which Buick requires such service is proved by the experience of every Buick owner. If however for any reason such service is necessary Buick authorized service is available everywhere. Oder Buick company fifth and Gold phone 1200 Albuquerque n. M. Beddow Buick company Gallup n. M. Magdalena n. M. Cooke a garage Socorro n. M. Stendel Brunson Buick company when better automobiles Are built Buick will build them radio Gram it j. Estimated that no fewer than 2, Dod. Goop Nons in the metropolitan <1i#tri> t of new Tori car Broil a to mormon it it sunday. The chief wireless in a franc is now that of Rte. and Cor i of two relations. On for european traffic every 1 Alia i on m. Louis Phillip Robert due a Orleans. M. Louis Phillip Robert Doe do Orleans and a member of the famous House of Bourbon which once ruled France now an exile in Belgium is reported to be plotting to regain the throne of his forefathers. He plans to become King Phillip Chi of France according to information now in Tho hands of the French government. Hobbs Quality cars a Good investment at any time Ford touring 1922 Buick touring 1920 Chandler t o u ring 1918 Ford touring 1921 Ford touring 1920 Ford Coupe 1922 Buick touring e45 Chevrolet f. A Packard twin six Cadillac touring Haynes touring Franklin touring Oakland touring Grant Sedan Buick d-45 and Many others. You can try Mem and buy Mem at Hobbs my tar company 515 West Central Avenue Albuquerque two weeks clearance Sale of tires and accessories 80x3 Goodyear Pathfinder. A Mem Tram 30x31 2 Goodyear Pathfinder $ 8.50 30x31 Goodyear Pathfinder Cord 9-75 30x312 Ajax. Paragon. Goodyear tube repair kit 50c Biz Goodyear tube repair kit $1.00 size guaranteed tire pump. Ajax red base lacks Ford size us i. A a a a a a a a Ajax red base Jack Large Champion x plugs. A a a Al us a a a a a Champion x Plugh porcelain a. C., Carbon proof. $ -55 2-gallon Canvas water bags. Ford timer arid holler. L Ord timer and roller Milwaukee Globe tool boxes with key and bolts All other accessories tires and oils at equally Low prices viaduct garage 8.00 9.75 .$11.00 .40 .75 1.00 $ 1.25 1.50 .50 .25 .55 1.50 .75 1.50 $ 2.50 Soo South second Street phone 243 a far be it from me to boost about the Quick pick up and Mileaf in a getting these Days. Naturally think pretty Well of my car but Candor comp me to hand a fair share of credit to the Gas pm using. A if you Haven to tried conc of Well your car Bant a had the Chance to show itself that Sall a a Conoho has a constant hoi St Dower equivalent that you can Ray on it gets the full Power year meter was designed to give. What s More it docs All the other things you expect of a Good gasoline instant Start Quick pick up and the full quota of Miles per gallon. No fancy frills about Conoho other just Dean dependable nicely balanced hid that keeps the carte Retro Happy even on a thin mixture. A a one Point particularly that i appreciate about Conoho is that ifs available in practically every town and City in these Mountain the Continental Oil company a costars to corp retire mar Ettac in Complete bae of urk rods Petroleum products to Colorado. Wyon no new Mexico Utah Idaho and Montana olm it ii r Continental Serif it Siati eem Ami my amp pit by dealer generally Conoho week. V in pea to. Skua i the Well managed Home the manager of a household is the purchasing agent for a Large proportion of the family needs. In order to do a Good Job she must know what when and where to buy. She must study goods and the concerns which make goods and have them to sell. She must put her borne on a business basis and run it on business principles in order to make the most of the family income. Information is the Only basis for intelligent purchasing. And the right Way to get the greatest amount of necessary information is to read the advertisements. Advertisements Tell you what is new and Good in merchandise. They reveal improvements and inventions that make your Home life easier More comfortable and More convenient. They give you information about a thousand and one things that Are Setu and interesting. Every manager of a household every member of the household who shares the responsibility for the family 9 welfare should make a practice of Reading the advertisements they Are daily lessons in Economy. Read the advertisements in order to buy wisely buy from the merchants that advertise in the morning journal and Tell you the kind of goods they have for Sale and the prices

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