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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 22, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico 102.1 Albuquerque morning journal Pat five a a a Vern i. A Large and Lovely affair of thursday bringing to i it ther More than forty of the Young girls and Ymang matrons of society was the luncheon at which mrs. C. If. T Onner Mien lined at i r Home 400 North twelfth it re Etas a pretty Portial Tribotte to miss Grace Winfree who has announced wednesday of next week As the Date of her marriage to or. Frank Tierney. The Bride table at which were seated miss Winfrey a girl friends was the renter of the beautifully arranged dining room i Here luncheon was nerved at i of clock. Markets of huge Pink roses tie. Wih Perky Bown of White Lull Quot adorned the various tables. Place cards earned out the chosen color of Pink heated with the hostess and Honor guest wore miss Marcella Madison miss Winfrey a bridesmaid misses Margaret Kelley Anita Hubbell Flora Chinn. Ann wat son. Margaret Chadwick Ruth Tompkins Ruby Peele. Al Ayme Tierney. Mes f. A. Ramer Ray me Canna Joe Mccanns i. Son Sam Pollock A. Foley i rank shut Fly Burger. Fred Ward Well Walton . Hand a. J. Otero l. P. Briggs c. A. Schumaker Mien Bruce Lyman Porter Kart Porterfield it sri my Iky f. O. M Ester Field. K. T. , Albert Clancy Walter Hatch James Davidson Lester Cooper Arthur Sisk t. J o. Winfrey it. E. Yerkes and e. B. Booth. Husbands and no n friends of the guests were invited later Iii the afternoon an informal dancing party being enjoyed Between four and six of clock. Punch was served to the dancers. \ Urx it Iii. Sri ski St must him ton til i Sis i it. A Batt h. White of eighth at has. Prot Usu i aah heart and Home problems no Vins i Ditth Tiaa Orsoni a Puritan wife is Jim Pawl pm 4 to r Al thin nil i i it it i ii Iii. Cd it of h of i my x m xxx Rill mix imm nut unix min chapter Zimt v re a life if he bet he App of oui leg a Lark or. I it it into m. It unto i of George Ruoff ani1 Edith �?�?.niton nr<1 mint i x i <.111 x xvii m. In in Iii i i rom i i i v Iff i limn m Vitug hts a ii ? f i House warm Flag Par a wed Day right la a n number of i her friends Anil neighbors to to Are. It Biri of or a t i a Lam and Tho i xxx i in n i flub. A picnic Quot Ippu a Sim Tab jut # i Lvov i i by auction Brid hot Ria Ming my pit be Fork wat i to Fuji ii Hided mine Hilly fac Purilar Loose sad akm a a a Ronn Sot s. Ii. Deal is my twit will til Man a the shit get stir it or a robs. The Matern rim to Bari As no a Quot oar s. M my 4d Terhes Bast Mee eurs. Size Joti pm per a 3 Yard of a it it in i \ it it of Runar in Rev r v a trial with us verde of by Rotor pm a Cor up at and 2 Rorri. Of a fume Price is. A by. We a i a end it thursday to up a com coins . A a inc affair a a in sprite. I a j off. A Ord r a ail it run by in Tel or it Al t 1 Ltd. A v t Tupper Diliert to lit Hon in a Quot part met i min to rum my Ming i miss St pm i Osti is Jee Rool 30 Welt strut Tiongo i int i x i Rimm s. Tit Rul it meeting for the s a a a a a. A. I tint re n Oum it it w Ltd held Thun or I Anna in Tyne entertaining a a a a to f b ii tied r i carpet in Hep Igot Hava Ca Sal their of Ca fill i on has a then 1 Faith in Hick it grasp it Quot a a f Alf to had new or Rte War Darer u4 to a j a ant fait re heir tried to win it a glance to Ber and i to whim it team my dream other i All Ami by k to of a Pew a Pate Carl or of Quot by so Mma f i Quot Laird t diag a Fel to in tank i he Ira his i s pm by she want d to 1 Wiyati Hugh you Hor Way wha hah heard id vent Vic tint ten ii i wife Quot Thorn an t att id h a a to in a Pic Kos j Ashi Tho Ltd my i on Aho has him awk in that of rain-1 paid and i Bel now. He in by Vole a tame bark to brr know. Pivo a hive von it a a avg to make me of Foj a he levee to it tig in a Marri id it or 1 were Tarrh ii i �1 in it of thank god Quot years ago. She i Quot lid it r aloud then try to i teacher up t in making Forward a Ault from new to Happy fun ure for she a is honest an d my both Rig Over would disturb child re no 1 Hon i of a he in. ?.Ike Ell five else in. How Artri Fig women Abb. S it it it the kind Quot it a Ever As sin a the a flirt .Ike him Ceka of what sad i Tippet. Lee i believe Var c unto ii. The Hook make fue had heard from Grace. Really attend to i a Busy with the picture hut of pick to sine ruffled v us Kellogg the ii i Quot to Impi a yrs i or recall e a of the Small part to n her. She spoke a min Stan to liked b men tying it i Only pull that in reply Quot by it he her he to Airt. That k�1 .Ort to fall for inuit 1�o in lore a us her or with such a wife Grace i would have had it. Quot Ann. Is i re. We to Busy a it write Many a a no Hie \ aha re. And a a a Quot a that Dick and in her a. R. A go a riven her love. He is Aliso it Date or i a one with India and a r. Bite knot m tee of up financial on so ii Nana ranch a Awe May trav 111 v. Homa x i i of tits x i pm Xixi in i i Ira isl til in i i Sis a mix k right a i r h i 1,1 i a i Chilsi i Elf i my Mars k Rumor of Tel it of. ton Iii., is Tho Guert of w v j or. In or in k. Slu punch i. I to Date Las Imi kill i x id it i my Lull i Quot is j i re. Wie i a Hoit Lovard. Entertain in j i a Manly it dinner a it to let i sex in i a at their Home in during Tho Ever i a. A. Wen or and mis. Urn punch in or and or ii. O. Youngmi Teg Marjorie my Bult s. To ii Tao Horton Dor it i in Olaon. Late and Mary Dix. Ngy ton Irnia Klein Wop Johannn and Ixia y. Tut i ruin me in. Xxx Ooi Worth a ton Archit w Aldie Dame of Lipan Jack Mill Carl i tin.-. Pober Lier xxx la Xvi shop at d hoi d Park Cir. Siiss in it. \rf7r i t i in 4 . Ii i la let Ilnick fight by Quot veer ,1 Nith raining Mille will n Surdick Silt be hone pie is framed lid if to preserve Tho rom a it i Moreau n my a of Hay mix Iii x Pri i prix xxx i xxi Quot i excl in i Vrr ii ii in m it York curds have been received a term in non neb the marriage of cd Mary i Iosel Ai Atli to daughter of tits id a a. And mrs. Is. E math. To or. I pan Harrison Puller in no v tor k on june. They will boat ii c a a a ii n Hong Kvek Alani. After n november i where or Fuller 1 a a in Resby Terlan move Ion Ary. I Fuller in Wen ton own to a a bisque a i a we re she hve-1 far eve re i 3 ear be e Morfi Ai arte.-. 1 v 1 in try it $ a a 1# in of Mere than Ordina y Ahi i t Jar id up of on. A Aeo i a of v yeas # a on the Chautauqua a or Coit in the a a member of organza urn i Ripe x i t in Saco Towel \ table cover which Quot in my y my a a milk Chino Alit shed but 1 of bes a Tifful de i it in it in Quot a Cist and had beg to n t u Fra j in 11 la by egg hot a a i a Quot a i a t. Ii rh.,j a to Quot. Oks jux r by ton it j., to in Quot Tat Cee muted All the Cut it i if we Wing tim i aul t huh 1 re Ranee 1 heavy stitch g or padd a go it j re. La ilk till result that could Rii in r j washed and the pie 0 a a Tjai blk Brj. In 1 .Ike it Ith iceman i a Well a effective ii liked Potat of radish roses a hiring v a feta Quot in Stew d i eau Livelong to a dinner serve fat this a to mat of ant lettuce time of Yutz. Rad a re a Are Ari v it 1 to led Rabid i or Wing i attractive g it Rnic a for a planked Prille 1 with to Quot to it ird j duct Steak Quot i for a or yen it ibid. A s Tea soon a tiny Are props Rod. Put Ann a no it lip a tire Elt a it a it it when tie a to read ire a top to Hep. The an casing top Odeyme of the irl a1 Way Nel Ontoh to her the Lack of Del Leaf her. So mid Tutlo of thin to a suit sex of though i Tot or aha know Aho Ai a Iii liked Orace i my i Iso new a a cd wife and aft i a. Ref tax a. If wan t i Van ,"�?oij1"1&Quot ode to decry one member of a i family to another indeed he a a i Dom Over Nail a Hanh word of in double anyone who remembered that her item father never crib i died the i Mon be Well it altho Gli in Oft n did the notion. Ton lit in a and Gnu had ism brought up not to g it my h cd Bee told from a child that on i Small minds en-1 aged Tome elves with the Effait of other. Intimate in Che a f till Bern e Pii Atlee they Lori it hoi Ped hut talked of the Book they Vertre Reading the household affairs of their respective Home their Plena for improving them. H High Morton had brought Young doctor Ftp Yawnn of a a Ltd to it a ii. And after Tho first Elmr Rosemont at rein mooting the Mon who had race flaunted it in and while i it he fellow it i human it. On a Eoo Quot a Dick pm a a of C. Viol a . % g a d do Reft and Thi go a i r died p i us sex. X xxx in x isl ifs i i i Iii ride. And or p. R. P. Him ii xxx s i a \ i la i Lisp Xxxi is ult Lull xxi ii will in hrs of is a Ile on k eve t. Maps Ive diver or. I i x ii a it i Paul Sloe Mer Mexico pm widely known violinist xvii., Isle pc a a cd to a Coneen ii Jan of 2 under Tho auspices of to ngut in fortnightly club xviii have to who i rivals for on the Exen . It. Tho woman Cis cd and air. George clerk Inonu a up i a 0 pm Ven .Ort a on 1 11&Quot., in cd a position non pc a Toor in api sch it a. M i Middau Shier or Una a 4 in Ems j it to Foj a Queroli tub to.Ike i will i c l attempt to Kali herself had xxx in of in water. Off. Ann and Dick both welcomed lice for the Hope c Heirty a a Good the Young Phye Ciatu a an add bet for Tho Hope Cheetie a fed ton to their Small Circle Low hex Dot Towel mix Glace doctor , .Ike Slugh a Lowers. Nine Koch to hand Towel at once intrigued with Ann. In hath Tow i. Us Linen or guest had been sorry for her puled her Towel Wash cd tit two dish Beau so of what had happened loth whiter two rink cloth whap he my her at by wife but Gray two stove clothe Blacki now she wag her Gay Bright Elf three White . With a full Ltd fun Happy he maid to Doxen napkins to Quot i watch each. Three Fuehs lift a fast or luncheon set act of Quot i can hardly believe she i the or rarer for Tho Buffe China earn a woman t Eon Quot at 1�?Trentlcocloset id it table Library table Atid he l picked heart broken oru who. Piano two each Between now Cho so Detig Hefu Quot Center piece cover or bowing Quot that Edmund girl wee a machine Cabinet or other article fiend it ugh Wofton . Quot a of furniture two each Els Sheet a a household juggle to it Roi a of fur i tim. Alai xxx i or it Chi Xii Quot xxx i Quot i i. Ski in i \ Ihm Quot i xxx x xxi in. Mrs. Inc xxx. Strike. I ii recent ? in a it pos a Var new Home to i St Adim Quot i i x Iii i i \. Is or a a or \ i xxx x his or Ard mrs a o. Strong and. Daughter my Fay Strong of xxx. A i tile is Avenue arc x jetting a it Xgo p to a two week vie at grand Karld. Mich Niagara fall x. A and Washington i Quot it Hauk i r tide Tess a i a a is. I x i x Mio 5 Greco Parker entertained a of her j Ouirt Friend at i u. Dan. Lug in Rev Ether Home a Ere. A the River xxx do Dax night i Parker smother mrs to s. Parked of South ninth Street Chepo ror de. Punch was served or. axe King the 11 ted in Tho feature or musical season. Tho c-.ii-.ort Hlll be Given it Tho Freeby to an Church. Or. Jedi Lambeth Bradford is in charge of use a Oman club chorus. M a. St a a a a a will leave con. In route West. Pm to fill a number of Cairn hitch a occur Accord silk Cape comes in Noti sum of r and arrive hero prior to his i nightly club in a a a re id a a and predict a i sex cuing of july to put on Sale i c. Logo plans sculls Ruhr Valley Supply of food runs Short in tin i it n i. .Ort a inner. Have made a of Tho so at cede hied Bouse for th3 3. The beat will at to downtown of does lunch amt fwd you wondering what to Eaty no Hen appetites grow hard to please in this warmer weather its a hint to lighten your dict. Make it More appetizing too. Here s Crisp delicately toasted shredded eth cat Light Cool and delicious and yet As full of nourishment As a double handful of xxx heat kernels plus Cream and fruits. Does t it taste just .Ike the food you arc looking for Iii a m u it m \ isl i ii i r in url is Iii 111 or. Aud mrs. A Ulto a Block of Oral to n. At., Are sex pc Tod Rev. Week to visit Ber Parent. Or gild or gel Weiner of a Wen Tijeras Avenue. Or. Zulfu Matt Todl and Fao ily of Sis North twelfth Street have gone to Jemez Spring for about two week. My Quot i Vii i x err h is m x rih i 11 la i Iii the marriage of min Jennie Headrick and att. Prod at Smith a solemn Sod at Home of or. And mrs to. S. I�?~rant., i in. To i St Avenue i in aah. A Guy Reading the services. Or and airs. Smith v ill he at Home to friends after june 53 at 112 East Centi Avenue. Mrs to. C. Peacock a a a we. Oppor a. Inn. H s As Hor no. A a Ber bist a i i hit a o Connor of a a Ano. State dental Board examines candidates _ strawberries and shredded Prat in in whole the St is Beard of de a miners held is annual a Tion for prospective Dent to Timonere yesterday after the chamber or Commerce room Tho re who to a the a a. In i. Were s. S. Kit in of sri la i Lames m. Can or of Al Bun it ret u and Al. M of Thorp Xvi Onson and collared in ? Tina. Members of the. Hoard of feted for the j examiner we re pres tit tit y Geau a car i of. Ltd a a. A Quot r i it l Xxiii x i Iii a la l Cru i my or. Charlet a. Idler of Al ,.>� la la Htiu re due. The two me do Ber.4.44., re a. Of la Quot 1 it or a a a a a sri i it let ill. Of Tucumcari and or i. J a ref a a i of Artesia in a >0lieu a sponge i of throw but the a Pong i. A n a Barde cd a 1 a her it cold water a Teu spoonful of Borax and fur one minute in a clean but. Remove the sponge Ami dry Borax into it rinse in water and it Wall he of soft i ten 1 Tow Ieese by tis housewives say that f Silt Val improve 1 soiled window shed a and you will double monuments memorials of the better kind a we Tux the freight g. E. Fletcher Monument works Quot ibo won to know How really Good a cup of Coffee can be until you be t x ted z0 a i Gerts oat Offe amp freckles High chairs a Cape of Cocoa coloured crap embroidered in bands of silk timid i Hob it Quot and collared in Platinum Fox ii of Lune Bride Trout it i hem xxx nil i veil item Quot a Rhein xxx by it Yah inc rouble strength. Lion for Tho treat a in usually amp i tig of a a. O j yesterday on j to Toby t Rte i will be til to it p i ii a r Ani to refund Thorn one i fails i done to hide your Freek Lea in re f la Tea leave Prtt liked Over on june it it was Uin Miu a Quot land Rem ova it it. M Tho carpet be fur Quot sweeping xviii Day by repro Quot nut m 5 la prevent the duet from flying Btl i Anderson of Mign Orot Over Tho furniture or in Council. A a it hat of Cocoa is i Cairn Well just to t the Lunod a .�?~i-.-Tai. Imro Sui for derides will prevent any mediately he said. Let the Amin-1th double scum from forming when a a Quot ii would a Gin Fino an this that is Buhl in yell get an Vundee it Uthene Jam i a treat to any child. Our it of Romr Tva Hind la Vrh t Hari a it it A. A. Pm the kiddies Lovell x Ute thick a Uco of our bread covered with Creamery butter or and remove them. Even Tho first Broad m wholesome for the Chi i j Lew Appici Nehms should show amp Drent give them plenty of it. It a a <1 j wonderful improve Ira it s Ane ofi3 in Ltd in a Ord a such a i to Bah ter Freob s Iii i dog in 1 a up or the a Leige me Onia j e4, lir a a a it. More kind. T v a loaf today. J Pioneer bakery a fill s. Of it 1 1 rut Hir it to Leia san boys and girls Barefoot sandals nothing .Ike these Bard foot Sandal to give i real foot Comfort this hot weather these Are nicely made of Brown Elk and calf in two strap style. They Are on display in our main floor Hoe department. Sizes 5 2 to 8, a .45 size 8u toll a .75 i sizes ll1 a to 2, $1.95 1 sturdy scout style shoes jul Abs. A h a to uracil v4i Hoe you an get Tot or bul Hsu sturdy a Luarty 1 i Tho i a Priow ii its Crun Nan net ii 1 they arc of Pearl Ell tilde to mined in Brown a by Tahoe Pap or Quot min he sizes 9 to 13, $.15 2 sizes 131 2 to 2, $.75 2 sin. 21 j to 5 $2 95 shoe department whets. A. Green Stamps add to your savings

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