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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 20, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico leading newspaper i i i i i Kwh a i \ a i v \ jul a Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico Friday june 20, 1924. New Mexico s leading advertising medium pitied five texts threat is made to murder to unless s10.000 one most direct the other finance presidential Campaign of Coolidge been erected in gom re Hill v i v dominant note among democrats who have arrived in new York is one of almost Universal speculation Over the out come of coming contest Over men and measures some predict nomination of dark horse will break Long and spectacular deadlock new York Lune 19. The mane vering Ain co git Lions of tin a sem Blud leaders of he democratic party Are entering upon he usual pre convention tag i Verish conjecture bewildering claims and general i it a . With the two dominating candidate for the president r Active Etwaru of Timeir convention for Quot and Aith other first Rater n party councils arriving hourly he dominant note Dill in of almost Universal speculation Over the outcome of the coming contest Over men and measures to t it k it n a the i it t 19 of Thom it to w i v q f h tin of o n i i i s. La pm i r youth was playmate of Robert Franks ten new fires in forests of Ito hop off on this District coast to coast Daylight flight George h. Cook sent to Holbrook As special disbursing agent for Blaze on sitgreaves Quot Iii leave Mitchell Field. Nyx a this morning of the weather conditions Are favourable ten new for fires re-1 ported Utti District Forest office thursday Ona of them of Burh Iralou proportion that George la. A nok of the Gist i of of fir. V in brr 9-� Quot Rny it to Hin. Of to up it it to Oil plane is in perfect Burse i St it i in tin of. In to hit Ihm us it Steo of to a fighting of a i i or in v log us i i i full flu 5 i i l i by to originating on Tho Apache South of Lam Burro Baa spread to the of mtg Ltd pc forint tin fro i being fought by Indian refer i to a and Forest no Loo Felt re but a iming by thursday. The report did not state Tho arca d by Tho fir. Ona fir wag re port it in the _. Morrano Forest. Our in the car Matchet it id is. T. Duns i son another in Tbs Rook two in i Only an unfavourable ohs or in tub Tho aug a Fot est anti two others i weather is i la prot it Utu Tenan on Thap Tchi a reservation our of Russell i. from exert let than Throat oiling Tho bit Greaves j at 2 22 a. No 4 Eastern stand fro. It it of Tho ton n of ukr. Tim tomorrow on his third at Side. The other threatening the tempt to Span the continent be Ai it Hgt for St Twe a Dawn Ani dusk of on Dath Menno format 11 Brut. Nant Cauthan announced expects to average ire Miles an hour or the 2,670 Miles slops secured to ten minutes i to t the in of ton in. Holly i Iii an Nojir a tent a is mad of a a it i William a Butler left i and Roy o. Of Baroi a chairman of the g. O i National rom Mitt a and Wegt succeed Fred Vav. Upham a treasurer of la party. Bur Imreh Maatta. And Rev o. Brest of lican Chicago a Bunny engaged in arty i making Batt i plan. Muller Pic convention manager for Coolidge. It of a p Teeth a my. Dark Hor m it Volt far to Long and e rising int. He threat of i Bande no ant is a lot Jan it Iiona i g it he a or eel Ara tuna on in Oihi r. F a policy anti Thaku Iii a Elf Aline i fld. It outward in at least to f a spot Jar to a to a1, am no of f it i Nib of a a Roth Ling freight Gars cd Eek eastbound l Mitch trains Are detoured by Belen cutoff when track is blocked near Fulton f a1 a it Fosters life threatened if he is released Rovt i v i. Vitino Sun official torn Tun to ii hoi a number of Anonymous totter threatening la life of lather in Tho event Tho jury Slio ital bring in a Geril Etc my guilty in i favor he re t reek Ami Iii deputies Imp made Prem Rallon to porn i. 1 the 1 fondant a and Odd to waver. They a re Eluting Iii i in it tent Ion to. The letter Quot. Intensely hot weather Hanin to Tho ea.�?T, which i Quot Dow extending into Tho third week a Trout hardship on Ihu it a a dirt jury a no la Urf eff locals of t a i the i 1ti fumes so Strong that it is impossible to stay in Senate chamber at Providence Rhode Island i eng it in Oil Ion rum n it to leu f. To ii a a i t Don ,1 adopt new Bird Fli Lii Trrry til Lii a i the Van a i per Vasi. Do i for a the a Una Thi Odin on . Lit to ran. Ins Der shop Dot Leal Irry it Minini Lei meet sturd Winn a Tiki n m id to leave for Post in Texas immigration official is named inspector in charge of big Bend District quits cavalry troop a a i yrs i d a a meet of Tho fur Bec. In grog i it ramp Anda rec Tator a son a i Shat por Rbt Gitya a men work to begin today 8oos to be placed in fir to Ward school during building operations struck in in ii v h lid i ii Iti the up left i four known to have perish in n. D. Storm later reports May increase list of dead property damage estimated at i More thanj>500,000 a i Fargo. N. Fat Juno by the is elated pre in a it ring Tho i Brunt of on of Tho most Nevern wind. Hall and Loc trim i term sin t Iii a tabulate yesterday and urn -1. Morth i Ink n to loan a counted the toll four live Leat in estimated property Ltd a go of morn than , and Una set Foj damage to Tab Phon Aud Valr hid Railroad a Lin pipe that the storm. Which i Tornado proportions in to a is a of Dickinson i intending for radius of about to Monty min. I have us i Draths Ere expressed late to to when a in is increased to a i or a r Deal ii Oil of two to four. A wan i in d that of j. Univ High fir i i la Ink p untie Northeast of Bia Marc. And Lames Osterloth if a she Frd r. Cart of cd Olin had Bren i Row tied when they is or is unlit Gay Rushing torrents. The two other fatalities occur. Dickinson we it Njo a a a a for. I i of 1 Joseph f a <1. War killed a it the to Svan itch of building v a a a a favorite food will of. Served for delegates new York chefs plan to prepare favorite dishes for those attending democratic convention a w v irk. Jars i of town id i at the convention a pact to up lid considerable time hers after it open next Tua sri in Many say they look for a new record in ballots before a it and. Data for president la nominated. The Premont record of 4� hollow a aet at Baltimore in 1912 when Woodrow Wilson broke # deadlock a cd won the nomination. Tha next hour Man i i Vin Ideo win a James Al of Wamo Lee lad ii Kin i Ai cd Tares tin tin 44th covered 7i-aer# a lands a tied by tin-., .��?�., reported under control a re Elpet of a Telegram from Hijo Aday night and i aty of Seph mo., Tatlong that be Mun or on hand to patrol it in i rip i aviation Field there could by could p. Extinguished thu Dos a Landing pm cd. Than ted at the Brothers new removed All hesitation on the Iii about fifteen Tulles North-1 part of lieutenant Laughan who of Mountainair possibly be had up to then been informed the att a i. A by spite kit a from the the Stormy earlier in a by confined to Thoro i week had the of flip co operative into a no Rah. Ire bring protected Quot Iti take a Chance on the a of try the Forest service. I spots and Hay stacks a the aviator first fire of any con Quot lid after a had re cd the Telee thu r. To Forest Gram warning Hutn to look out Fop j these obstacles in Landing at it. Lift Iii 4 Joseph. Or a i Libl thurs a after frisking two fest flights. Concerning tit three lieutenant Mug Hon this evening a a on Forest look j declare the pm in aass in Perfec t outs in the Bant be Forest sped condition them my notified it a ipe a Sor announcement aaa mad thin at s Mitt l it it As Well i the arson a Avenir that the aviator would a Ltd supervisor it Taos. On is near Uduc his stops to ten minutes act. Al Rito in the Amarilla division its had originally planned half Ltd a no til a it Rio Pueblo and one pour stops at Dayton t fun j a Barbara Grant. Seph my f Hejne Wye Ani r reported in the Crook a go Quorn Utah. This decision wish Forest is about thirty tulle Quot West of a reached in order to allow the fixer Safford. The message dbl not re that Niue additional tim for pm ii in covered but i Tih handling emerged Lea. Allowing Iii Ltd to it a pretty in. Fir. Forty minutes for rest. Jimi Henap a i St pm la. I. A 4 a. A a. A Iii la a a cd it it big Mill. It a Kelly lands whirl i agreement from fir this is the Nene # if Iii season i Bree no detail Day night fir a in the i tim Santa the fir to fires in the Apache for have been brought under control us Ord ii g to the report of super visor jul. Sizer Ai Springerville a fir that stat ted Lac Anesdi mat Ihnn thinks it will have 2 2 i hours. It minutes flying time. Starting at Dawn �.22 no finishing at dual. 9 41 p m. The twelve Cylinder 31 a horse a Ini t waive <,v4iii a a the Apache reservation is seriously j reactor of los ten it it Mug threatening lands of he Apache Uang a Curtis Pursuit plan pm #. I i i la d r a a i to on Hwu i la of a. Or. Of a a ii f it part of the fore la fir report. Bise i or it lug ii by according to Jai graphic re port from supervisor Robert at Holbrook the big fir which crossed from the Apache reservation sitgreaves Forest tuesday la still Pursuit plan of drive it at a maximum Speed of 112 Miles an hour. He expect Howe or to average 10 it we Quot on Hie 2,s7o mile from Mitchell Field Lou it in a a fit Urf. The Amy he of Rem a the Presidio St Frans cie.#. La a Hyp d a w Usu la a Vav i i plan a i in cd Iii Iii Tiki Jiuu it it to a. Licu i. I. A. I. By in to i of. A wit it to in my. A he ii Usu of . Titi pet ufos hic put. Lot it to .iu.Ai. A ult Dot Liisu it j Tot i to nut i City Piuck Ca a a in it a i no Okuhi at two it no. Cut it la usow Light it tics Aud the enter turnip it Prog to to j Ope Tov to Ilia a wild ii plus cuu a Ilion Lulu in on to Ai i it Tux Uci Galva. Oru ii jail Cnair Inton to i til a a a to i. I i. i i. Mijiu a a a Ltd. put ii, uni a a i tap it Jill , Don us a a it of in w York Vav of Iii. V Iii by is ii a it. It the a a a 5 Mcalpin Cha Mal us win updo i Louy a a to j son mum a wham Cut up native in ii it to has Cucit he no in new i irk up to present. Eua undid it nov it Noi just ii Al. Lav is of Kansu the Hea Uruu a is unit it i Hilum qui Liu is a const a i i St Ream of ran a a Aud a Etc v it tipi phut it i i piss and a it of Mutton 11boui the governor. Mcadoo support re Halo adopted the Claxon with which they boomed the Thim of Cir Catn. Titi the got Lien Pat a Quot Aii ii timing held in control. Tho a fire originating on the to Hon. However a Erose Ltd the est Boundary near i Burros con take it in is of a mesh la Valle rom a Rya for and it did b in u i no Iii a i id vie ther Ico la of the Loci to d a a ii Aid ii senator ii 1st in. Dark horse i-3 sing tar a Hoosier Home a to id he no Pale and will remain in during Tho convention i lava Mintier Frederick Van of who is a to working to nit r a nomination. Will total about 900 cars which is 300 cars More than last year Start moving july 20 the production of cantaloupes in the. Mesilla Valley will i shout Soh car larger than that of last year it was St ated by la a West superintendent of the Rio grand division of la Sarita be railway thursday evening. Bevent Hun dred a res have been planted to j cantaloupes which Means tim inbuilt iou. A r loll d of no Ion Wilt by produced. The cantaloupes will i begin to move to the Eastern mar j get on july 20, the Peak of the j movement will be reached about a August us the Ilia vilify will i raise considerable cabbage this a it d i c. To a i Vav is i and will ship it it it bout fifty Carload i prospects for All sorts of Zirri i gated crops in the Southern parti of the state were never better or. J j West said. Dry farm crops mid the i Stock ranges Eire hemp Bur to i i some extent by the dry weather. Hut of i in com i in Mere will i be no extensive damage. Negotiations with Firpo broken off demands impossible Buenos Aires. Tun 19.�?-Juan horns. To Rickards representative in Argentina announced tor univ that he had definite broke Uff negotiation with Kula firm for an engagement to Vuht in the United state end that he a Oduj sail for new York on Kab next be Ihde weeks hence Hun s add that Al Fps had put Forth impossible demand. Not York. June it s Rickard tonight refused to Cornin it on in announcement Trona Buenos Aire the Juan Horn. Agent of the promoter Honl broken negotiation with huts i Ripoff a heavyweight Buttle with Harry wills which had been tentatively a greed upon for some time in aum St Boyle thirty acre in Jersey City. Heat wave in Ohio kills two persons Cleveland Ohio june 19.�?tw4 persons were dead and another v it n in a serious condition tor night the or Alc of the hat wave whirl Struci Cleveland today. I of a Godson 32, Mill worker was the fir to heat victim Coly lapsing while St work. Knny x Swearingen. 22. A drowned Iff b Rie. Where he sough ref Lief. I wit Kili i i by Tuvin \ Sacramento Calif june 19.�?a co,.rye la Smith nod hts daughter Esther 9. Were killed and mrs Smith and another daughter probably fatally injured when % Southern Pacific train Attu k a automobile near Dixon Toda n another daughter was a so Hurt. D for c a p t i n i Captain h in and of t l a i Iff Ive visor Der Al infill o help nil to it rth fir Iii District attorney to file complaint today to restrain a a arid e ranch from operating 13 i w e a t h e r he King to to about a Artho use Aird closed i filed in <11 Gist thu 4 he v uric i 9.�?n portion a i Fri in v a Kihl i Iii a Quot in i d p i y try h. A i Quot i the Rin so against b in me a cd Kelly the i Tiai. Berkl Iii it i to Umi i Vav i i i it. I Jiff pne a. Id a i Railroad a announce. If of a fare and a half on h a run t Ion fur the round to the St to nun vent t attorney in plaint is Murphy Garcia and larges the s a i / 30 and a thereto t Nan cd a i to House committee of the hotel menus association gives out the follow k g informal Iii in so nit what disappointed r is a in or of 200,000 and 2 .&Quot.0,000 per Sui a coming to new York is nonsense we found out to is Many people usually go to dry 0 Raie convention Quot by consulting or or nod records these show that 10,000 people went to Baltimore 1 i o St. Louis and 17,000 to san Francisco of new York Gat twice amp a Many we will a doing a a re it indeed be Nuny gov. Smith sends Roosevelt on Holiday in country then slips off to sister s Home for swim Mew Yuri Jurer go. Al of the eau Side corned beef has a Fred t Smith of new York today i and Coffee. Demonstrated to the oomph sat escorted by his body guard and timidity Ftp . U mid try it i p a a a us in 11 r is Ham will in 2 3 Marfa. 1f. In1 pee i to Ici will stir f in or. Fra g if i i i i Jiaa her. W will re. He and m a it Ali a mar Garer Gar a la. Be Murphys were a for Many at the i. The Sompin int a place where lewd Ness a is i g Ria t lot and i som Tuioi were carried on re he Gar. A a. A gamed As owners of the proper the complaint a a for Tho ii Pale and nauseated in Roc in m Aud a a a a i would no Cpd it a four stricken sense a in v their us cd. D f a to n i of the tis n �?�1 e of a e m i Orsary in Junco u Ras j Clos g the r Ace Tad for a a i upon a Der Camp a in g the a of Ltd fonts Sham a a a x at # a r v t w i r. E uni Nuotio r a h c a ii i d tio t Tift no Honor Perr be in est i m o r pm y and Bill m Ara in the pm v were Bro tight into court of e thames the re weeks a g o each Cher in i n at fun it i f1 sell Lar t in Jour end with it Vard cars Fain be a Hou a if Prest it it t0 Titi Ieth we a big the h an and a r to after a prolonged study of favorite dishes Joseph Burger i evident of the United restaurant owners association announced to Day to it Arian in Sta had Bein mad to serve in Cli Delegate the food to which he has been a custom cd or to afford him a com Pinta switch in diet Quot fat r dub v ii int i run inc Southeast to mites a a a i i or. Re a Quot there Wall be filial Chicken Virginia Ham and old fa.-,in med Southern Woff. Roe the dec Gate from i Jyh Ani and to in r. Arba states there who he Creole Airhea for the her will be Maxi tan ape Claties such As hot Lamai i and chill con i ,.-i. N the e f t r w pc Rne or Vav 11 get Turk Quot with Chry sauce boil Al onion1, e of Tye i Ewe j p Tintoi s i butt r Scot h pie the re will by Weiner scan Lexol with Unpi i it not to s end acc too lies Tith be a it tale fiction of his staff Huw a drive motorcycle police patrol Ani or. Cd every half bloc it by Arlieen ase group and cries of a Hurrah for Al fur president he motored o the Waldorf Astoria general Fop Tho democratic presidential i nomination St Auld be executed. He be it Franklin d. Roosevelt his National Campaign manager on a Holiday to the country chatted / for a i at is for Corr a of / t into. Prueti i ,. _ a a Battery of or a and motifs for couple of hours with Olu picture cameras had been aet up town v y leads i i delegates j the Entrance where the exec l old Vii Iii to men and women then slipped off to the Homo of a sister at be a a to for a swim and a peaceful evening a a Ber this bathing suit to said to i. Id Aff and two r of a newspaper men As he tucked it under his Irno and closed ills desk. Of anybody Calls with Good news or bad new a a Tell hint Fin this in a comfortable and can to be bothered. Tell them that tomorrow another the governor in his gubernatorial suite at the hotel Biltmore was up Early but even so the philippine relegation calling to pre went compliments and shake hands caught hint napping he Brcak of it cd in their he knee and to their awed astonishment lie with apparent Reb a jus such a meal a hts. Late her used to set b is. A . Entrance where the exe Etu to a car awaited governor Smith e exit. Hts appearance was the sic Nal for a demonstration and a Rush which police were called to restrain. After numerous picture hid been taken the governor a motored to the newly established Plant of Frederick w. Engr Lohf likening bulletin the first edition of which came out today. Governor Smith was to have guided the edition through the presses hut he Arr de a Long past the dead line me he said. A for the head a but the Foreman did no to bawl Pressman was an sex patrolman i appointed years ago and he fixed it up the evening bulletin Tannou Verj it would support the Democrat <5 party and the candidacy of Gen i pm or Ami h fee the presidential

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